Reagans Popularity by zhouwenjuan


									        Reagan’s Popularity
§ Optimism and Hope
  “Stand Tall in the World”
§ Charismatic
§ Great public speaker
§ Skilled at media relations
§ Belief in greatness of
§ Ability to articulate the
  beliefs of many Americans
§ Quick recovery after
  assassination attempt
      Reagan on Government
  “High taxes and excess
  spending growth created our
  present economic
  mess…..The answer to a
  government that’s too big is
  to stop feeding its growth.
  Government spending has
  been growing faster than the
  economy itself. The massive
  national debt which we
  accumulated is the result of
  the government’s high
  spending diet.”
- Pres. Reagan addressing
  Congress in April 1981
- Video of Reagan
§ Compare Supply Side &
  Keynesian Economics:
§ tax cuts vs. government spending
  to spur the economy
§ Reaganomics
§ debates
§ supply side economics
§ Tax cuts
§ Spending cuts for social welfare
§ Deregulation of Business
§ “Trickle-Down Economics”
       Era of Prosperity
§ The Economy Boomed in 1980s…
   §   Volcker’s policies reduced inflation
   §   Tax cuts à Businesses & GNP grew
   §   Sustained period of Economic Growth
   §   Unemployment & Interest rates fell
§ However…
   § Budget Deficits skyrocketed (due to tax
     cuts & increased military spending)
   § Growing Gap between rich & poor (rich
     got richer, but more people in poverty)
   § 1989 Savings & Loan Crisis
   § Deregulation allowed risky and fraudulent
   § 1000 banks failed à $200 billion taxpayer
   § Derivatives were also deregulated….
   § Recession in early 1990s
§ Question: Were Reagan’s economic
  policies good or bad for the country?
     Reagan and the Cold War
§ Massive Cold War military build-up
  § Massive Deficit spending to Outspend the Soviets
  § Peace through Strength
  § Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”)
     § Network of land and space-based lasers to destroy missiles
     § Never fully developed; basis for some missile defense systems
                Cold War Ends…
§ Causes?: Economy, Solidarity & Eastern European resistance,
  USSR overextended, Afghanistan, Gorbachev, Military Buildup
§ Gorbachev & Reagan met 4 times from 1985 to 1989
§ 1987 – Reagan’s Speech in Berlin
§ 1989 - Fall of the Berlin Wall
§ 1989 – Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, Bulgaria,
§ 1991 – Yeltsin rallies supporters to defend Gorbachev against a
  coup; Soviet Union dissolves & Yeltsin becomes President
    Iran-Contra Affair
§       1979: Sandinistas control Nicaragua
§       1984: Congress outlaws aid to Nicaraguan rebels
        (Contras) “Boland Amendments”
§       US covertly sells arms to Iran for help with hostages
        in Lebanon
    §       Violates Arms Embargo and Reagan’s policy against
            negotiating with terrorists
§       Profits used to fund Contras in hopes of
        overthrowing Sandinista govt.
§       How much did Reagan know?
    §       Ordered support for Contras
    §       Knew about arms-for-hostages deal with Iran
    §       Unclear whether knew of $ diversion to Contras
§       11 people Convicted
§       Pres. George HW Bush pardoned 6 of them (before his
        diary could be scrutinized by courts; ended the
        investigations into his & Reagan’s involvement)                       Col. Oliver North
§       North & Poindexter’s convictions overturned on                        testifying before
        technicalities                                                           Congress

§       SOURCE: The National Security Archive, George Washington University
    Iran-Contra Questions
§ Should there be limits on the President’s ability to direct
  covert operations without the approval of Congress, or in
  direct violation of laws of Congress?
§ Should Bush have pardoned the 6? Do you believe the
  Founding Fathers intended for pardons to be used this
§ Should Reagan have been impeached?
§ Should people associated with the scandal be able to
  serve in public office again?
   § Elliott Abrams: Pres. George W Bush’s National Security Advisor on
     “Global Democracy Strategy”
   § Poindexter: Directed Pentagon’s Total Information Awareness
     Program under Pres. George W Bush
   § Negroponte: U.S. Rep. to United Nations in 2002, Ambassador to Iraq
     in 2004; first Director of National Intelligence in 2005
§ In conclusion, was the Iran Contra Scandal a testament to
  our Constitution and our system of checks & balances?
    Cold War Coups & Covert Activities
§   1953 – Iran (Eisenhower)
§   1954 – Guatemala (Eisenhower)
§   1963 – Vietnam (Kennedy)
§   1964 – Vietnam (Johnson)
§   1969 & ‘73 – Cambodia & Chile (Nixon)
§   1970s – Carter – focus on Human Rights
§   1980s – Iran-Contra, Iraq, Afghanistan,
    Nicaragua (Reagan)
§   Source: The National Security Archive,
§ 1) In each instance, what should the U.S.
  have done?
§ 2) In each instance, should Congress have
  been consulted?
§ 3) What impacts have these events had? On    Saddam Hussein greets Donald
  taxpayer $? On trust in government? On the   Rumsfeld, then special envoy of Pres.
  Cold War? On democracy? On international     Reagan, in Baghdad in 1983

  human rights? On terrorism?
As you watch The Century
 § What major issues developed as part of
   the Cold War in the 1980s?
 § How were those issues resolved?
 § To what extent were Reagan’s Cold War
   policies/decisions responsible for the end
   of the Cold War?
 § To what extent were additional factors
   responsible for the end of the Cold War?

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