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  1st SEPTEMBER-2014

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 1st SEPTEMBER-2014

                                 PRECIOUS METALS AND INDUSTRIAL METALS

   COMMODITY          UNITS              PRICE           CHANGE          % CHANGE           CONTRACT

   COMEX GOLD        USD/T OZ.           1287.8            0.40           0.03%              DEC-14

  COMEX SILVER       USD/T OZ.            19.50            0.01           0.05%              DEC-14

  COMEX COPPER       USD/LB.             3.1650           0.0030          0.08%              DEC-14

    PALTINUM         USD/T OZ.           1422.70          -1.80           -0.13%             OCT-14

                                      ENERGY COMMODITY FUTURES

   COMMODITY          UNITS               PRICE          CHANGE          % CHANGE           CONTRACT

  CRUDE OIL(WTI)     USD/BBL.             95.79           -0.17           -0.18%             OCT-14

CRUDE OIL(BRENT)     USD/BBL.            103.19            0.11           0.11%              OCT-14

 NY. NATURAL GAS    USD/MMBTU             4.040           -0.044          -1.10%             OCT-14

  NY. HEATING OIL   USD/GAL.              2.86             0.00           0.08%              OCT-14

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 1st SEPTEMBER-2014

     COMMODITY              SUPPORT-2          SUPPORT-1              PIVOT           RESISTANCE-1           RESISTANCE-2

    GOLD(DEC-14)              1286.97            1287.97             1287.97                1288.34             1288.97

    SILVER(DEC-14)              19.50             19.51                  19.51               19.52               19.53

 WTICRUDEOIL(OCT-14)            95.75             95.77                  95.78               95.80               95.81

 NATURALGAS(OCT-14)             4.035             4.037                  4.039               4.041               4.042

   COPPER(DEC-14)              3.1650            3.1670               3.1680                3.1690                   3.17


       METALS             PRICE ( $/MT )     CHANGE             % CHANGE           METALS             INVENTORY CHANGE (MT)

     ALUMINIUM               1857.00           -9.50             -0.51%           ALUMINIUM                   -6450

       COPPER                6936.50           46.00             0.67%             COPPER                     1050

        LEAD                 2140.50           1.00              0.05%              LEAD                      3475

        ZINC                 2180.00           10.50             0.48%              ZINC                      3075

       NICKEL               18625.00          345.00             1.89%             NICKEL                      456

         TIN                22425.00          -175.00            -0.77%              TIN                      -305

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1st SEPTEMBER-2014

 •   Gold prices rose in Asia on Monday after manufacturing data pointed to steady demand and on possible new sanctions on Russia and with
     markets in the U.S. and Canada closed for the Labor Day holiday. Gold for December delivery traded at $1,287.70 a troy ounce, up 0.02%,
     after ending last week at $1,288.20 a troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange .Gold futures rose 0.62% last
     week, but ended the month down 0.51%. The HSBC final manufacturing PMI came in at 50.2, just below the 50.3 expected. U.S. officials
     are working closely with the European Union to keep their Russia sanctions programs aligned in timing and severity. European Council
     President Herman Van Rompuy said the bloc wouldn't set out specific criteria for triggering fresh sanctions but said there was
     "determination" to ensure Russia paid an appropriate price for heightening tensions.
 •   Crude oil prices ended the month lower, despite posting their first weekly gain in five weeks on Friday bolstered by concerns over
     worsening tensions in Ukraine and as broadly upbeat U.S. data lifted the demand outlook. On the New York Mercantile Exchange, crude
     oil for delivery in October added 1.34% to end the week at $95.82 a barrel late Friday. Nymex oil futures rose 2.58% last week, but ended
     the month with losses of 2.11%. Crude oil moved higher after data showed that U.S. consumer sentiment rebounded to a seven year high
     in August, with the final reading of the University of Michigan’s consumer confidence index rising to 82.5 from 81.8 in June. Another
     report indicated that manufacturing activity in the Chicago region continued to expand in August, pointing to underlying strength in the
 •   Natural gas prices edged higher on Friday as updated weather-forecasting models called for warm temperatures for a good portion of the
     U.S. in the coming week, which should maintain demand for air conditioning. On the New York Mercantile Exchange, natural gas futures
     for delivery in October were up 0.28% at $4.056 per million British thermal units during U.S. trading. The commodity hit a session low of
     $4.012, and a high of $4.067.Natural gas futures were likely to find support at $3.932 per million British thermal units, Wednesday's low,
     and resistance at $4.101, Thursday's high. Weather-forecasting models have called for above-normal temperatures to settle over the
     eastern U.S., though intensity of the forecasts has fluctuated at times.

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  1st SEPTEMBER-2014
                                GOLD COMEX -DAILY CANDLESTICK CHART

                                                TRADING STRATEGY :

BUY GOLD ABOVE 1294 TGT 1299,1304 SL 1289

SELL GOLD BELOW 1285 TGT 1281,1277 SL 1290.50

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  1st SEPTEMBER-2014

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    1st SEPTEMBER-2014

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