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                                                                       DAILY WRAP UP
                                                                                                                                  CLOS   %            OI (in
MONTH      OPEN      HIGH        LOW   CLOSE        % CHG      OI (in Lots)   VOL     MONTH       OPEN     HIGH        LOW                                      VOL
                                                                                                                                   E   CHANGE         lots)

                                   DHANIYA                                                                            CASTORSEED

  SEP       11815     11946       11803     11882     +0.35        22750      17320     SEP       4166      4220       4140       4189      +0.67    117660    130430

           SUPPORT    SUPP. 1     SUPP. 2                                                                  SUPP. 1    SUPP. 2
                       11808       11734                                                                    4146       4103
                                                     Dhaniya short term trend is                                                           Castorseed Short term trend
 INTRA-                                                                               INTRA-                                      PIVOT
                                            PIVOT      down, and furthermore           DAY                                                is down. Price expected to go
                                            11877    down is expected in coming       LEVELS                                      4183
   ELS                                                                                                                                        down in coming days.
           RESIS-     RES. 1      RES. 2                                                                   RES. 1     RES. 2
                                                               days.                             RESIS-
           TANCE       11951       12020                                                         TANCE      4226       4263

                                  TURMERIC                                                                             GUARGUM

  SEP        6528       6664       6484     6570       +1.67        13195     10200     OCT       16050      16400       15970      16240    +0.31     10483     9868

                       SUPP. 1    SUPP. 2                                                                   SUPP. 1     SUPP. 2
           SUPPORT                                                                               SUPPORT
                        6384        6318                                                                     15990       15790
                                                      Turmeric price is in down                                                             Guargum Short term trend
 INTRA-                                     PIVOT
DAY LEV-                                              trend and may continue in       INTRADAY                                      PIVOT   is down, Expecting price
   ELS                                       6460                                       LEVELS                                      16330    may go down in coming
                                                           upcoming days.
                       RES. 1      RES. 2                                                         RESIS-     RES. 1      RES. 2
            TANCE                                                                                 TANCE      16530       16870
                        6526        6602

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                                                    FUNDAMENTAL AND MANDI REPORT

                                TOP LOSERS                                                    NCDEX INDICES

                             EXPIRY        CURRENT        CHANGE                   Index          Value   Pre. Close % Change
        SYMBOL                                     CHANGE
                              DATE          PRICE           %

   COTTON SEED OIL                                                             CASTORSEED          4189     4161          0.67
                            19-09-2014       1766.00       -9.00      -0.51%

   SUGAR M GRADE            19-09-2014       3035.00       -9.00      -0.30%
                                                                                  CHANA            2840     2826          0.50
                            19-09-2014       5727.00       -3.00      -0.05%
                                                                                CORIANDER         11903    11841          0.52
                               TOP GAINERS
                              EXPIRY       CURRENT       CHANG      CHANGE
                               DATE         PRICE          E          %
                                                                               COTTON SEED         1767     1775          -0.45
       TURMERIC              19-09-2014      6606.00      144.00      2.23%

                             19-09-2014      3567.00       36.00      1.02%       JEERA           11195    11185          0.09

   CASTOR SEED NEW           19-09-2014      4200.00       39.00      0.94%
                                                                               MUSTARD SEED        3565     3531          0.96
         CHANA               19-09-2014      2848.00       22.00      0.78%

       CORIANDER             19-09-2014      11926.00      85.00      0.72%     SOYABEAN           3360     3335          0.75

         BARLEY              19-09-2014      1481.50       10.00      0.68%
                                                                                TURMERIC           6570     6462          1.67
       SOYABEAN              20-10-2014      3356.00       21.00      0.63%

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                                                    COMMODITIES IN NEWS
                                                                                                   ECONOMIC NEWS
                                                                                    Russia's Agriculture Ministry forecasts the country's
   Continuing its rising streak for the third day, cardamom prices added            grain exports in the 2014-2015 agricultural year to hit a
    0.31% to Rs 950.90 per kg in futures trade today as speculators enlarged         record of 27.5-30 million tonnes, during a ministry meet-
    positions, supported by rising demand in the spot market. from rising            ing on the grain market and interventions Tuesday. On
    demand in the spot markets, restricted arrivals from producing regions,          August 22, Agriculture Minister Nikolai said the minis-
    mainly influenced cardamom prices at futures trade.                              try adjusted the country's grain export potential to no
                                                                                     less than 25-27 million tonnes, while earlier he said the
   Coriander prices rose by 0.35 per cent on NCDEX as a result of the lim-          harvest will amount to no less than 100 million tonnes of
    ited stocks on account of restricted arrivals from the major growing             grain this year. Previous record for the country's grain
    belts. Sentiment improved further as the investors enlarged their hold-          exports was registered in the 2011-2012 agricultural
    ings tracking the surge in the demand for the commodity. Coriander is            year, when Russia exported 27.02 million tonnes of
    common in South Asian, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Indian, Latin              grain.
    American Chinese, and Scandinavian cuisine..
                                                                                    Even as the stand-off between the Uttar Pradesh govern-
                                                                                     ment and private sugar mills on the cane pricing contin-
   Turmeric prices surged over 1 per cent to Rs 6,570 per quintal in futures
                                                                                     ues, the cane department on Wednesday announced dates
    trade today after speculators enlarged positions amidst rising exports de-
                                                                                     for the annual cane reservation meetings next month.
    mand. At the. Speculators enlarged positions, taking positive cues from
                                                                                     These come before the crushing season and are used to
    the spot market on rising exports demand mainly led to the rise in tur-
                                                                                     allocate cane areas to mills on the basis of demand. But
    meric prices at futures trade.
                                                                                     the mills had told the government about the suspension
   Chana prices fell further by 0.53% in futures trade today as speculators         of operations in the coming season till the resolution of
                                                                                     demands, including the linking of cane price to sugar
    indulged in reducing holdings on higher output hopes. At the NCDEX
                                                                                     one. These meetings are attended by representatives of
    Chana for delivery in September declined by Rs 10, or 0.35% The fall in
                                                                                     mills and cane societies..Under the law, if mills fail to
    Chana futures to increased supplies in the markets on expectations of
                                                                                     provide their cane demands, the government has the
    higher output at major producing belts
                                                                                     power to allocate cane area based on past year's demand.

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                                                             FUNDAMENTAL AND MANDI REPORT
                           National Market Report
                                                                                      STOCK POSITION AT NCDEX WAREHOUSES
     Market sentiments traded between firm to normal zone with price trend-
      ing up for the day.
                                                                                      CENTER         28-Aug-14 27-Aug-14           %Change
     A meeting for cane area allocation by U.P cane department has been
      scheduled for next month in September. Notably, the meeting will be at-
      tended by representative of mills and cane societies to discuss optimum
      distribution of cane area on the basis of demand.
                                                                                       DELHI           3260          3250            +10
     Three new variety sugarcane seed Co0403, Co06027, and Co06030 had
      been developed by the Sugarcane Breeding Institute (SBI), Coimbatore
      to enhance ane productivity in the area. The variety has been tested well
      across the nation and is found fruitful in almost all the regions.             DHAMPUR           3220          3215             +5

                             International Update                                     MUMBAI           3340          3340           UNCH
     Sugar prices rebounded as some commentators revived expectations of a
      boost from an early end to the Brazilian cane crushing season. Raw
      sugar futures for October gained 0.6% to 15.68 cents a pound in early
      deals in New York, while clawing their way back over the contract's 10-        KOLHAPUR          3050          3050           UNCH
      day moving average.
                                                                                           MARKET        20-Aug-14     19-Aug-14
     Total around 604000 bags of gur stored in cold storages till 25th August
      2014 lower compared to 649000 bags at same period last year.
                                                                                     GUHAWATI          3258          3258           UNCH
     London white sugar for October gained 0.5% to $428.50 a tonne.                       MADHYA
     Brazilian cane production estimate for center-south region declined 6%                               22000         20000
      from 580 million tons to 546 million tons for 2014-15. Fluctuating
      weather condition coupled with lengthening of intra-harvest period             VIJAYWADA         3540          3540           UNCH
      could be cited responsible for the change in estimation.
                                                                                       MAHARASTRA          3000             8000
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                                                            SPOT QUOTES

   COMMODITY NAME                      LOCATION              PRICE             COMMODITY NAME LOCATION                            PRICE

               Bajra                        Jaipur            1247.5               Crude Palm Oil            Kandla                 479.75

              Barley                        Jaipur            1490.85                 Guar Gum               Jodhpur              15794.95

            Castor Seed                     Disa              4202.5              Guar Seed 10 MT            Jodhpur               5728.85

                                                                                                             Jodhpur               5728.85
        Castor Seed 1 MT                    Disa              4202.5
                                                                                                             Bikaner                 5700
               Chana                       Bikaner             2800

                                                                                         Gur              Muzaffar Nagar            1134.1
               Chana                        Delhi             2923.1
                                                                                        Jeera                                       11150
               Chana                       Indore             2876.35
                                                                                Maize - Feed/Industrial
                                                                                                              Delhi                  1230
           Chana 1 MT                       Delhi             2923.1                    Grade
                                                                                     Mustardseed                                   3673.65
               Chilli                      Guntur             7463.65
                                                                                     Mustardseed                                     3713
            Chilli Teja                  Khammam              10453.3

                                                                                        Pepper                Kochi               72055.55
             Coriander                      Kota              11253.7

              Cotton                        Kadi              18883.6                Ref Soya Oil            Nagpur                 631.05

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                          DHANIYA (SEP.)                                                     GUARGUM (OCT.)

            BUY DHANIYA (SEP) BELOW 11975 TGT 12005-12055 SL 11925             SELL GUARGUM (OCT ) BELOW 16130 TGT 16080-15980 SL 16220

                        CASTORSEED (SEP.)                                                     TURMERIC(SEP.)

           SELL CASTORSEED (SEP) BELOW 4170 TGT 4140-4090 SL 4220                 BUY TERMERIC (SEP) ABOVE 6650 TGT 6700-6800 SL 6560

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