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Existing products.
• From Housatonic Valley Regional High school ( – commemorative pens are made from special white oak tree that grew on the site. They are 24 karat gold plated & engraved with words ‘white oak’ and the year ‘2006’. Presented in blue velvet gift case with gold trim (school colours) priced $25.00 + $4.00 postage • Other fountain pens cost as much as $700 for 3D pens with tennis racquets on (real silver) • Novelty pens priced around £4.95 (rocket pens etc. which shoot into the air at the touch of a button) • Lancaster University also sells a retractable black ink biro. White barrel with university logo on clip. 95p. • Pens that have been printed on can be found everywhere – they are given out free by charities, hotels, banks etc. Most businesses will have their own specially designed pen.

Possible suppliers
• • • • Most pens will arrive from between 3-5 working days after the order is placed. • We already have permission to use the school logo for this project.

Researching costs
• I worked out some possible sale prices using my model spreadsheets. • Cheap and cheerful pens 30p ish • Mid quality £2.50 ish • Higher quality £12 ish. • We will never be able to buy them in for less than around £10 because there just aren’t enough people in a year group to bulk buy thousands of pens • Expensive Parker pens could be sold for between £20 and £60, but this is probably too much for students.

Comments from a possible market
• A pen doesn’t really provide that many memories • So people are more likely to buy them for general use throughout school life (not as memorabilia) • My mum pointed out that it is easy to loose pens, so expensive pens will never sell to school kids. • The focus group also commented that there are so many free pens given out all the time that nobody would buy the really cheap ones. • People need pens to be identifiable when they are working together or they get mixed up, so using lots of different colours could be a good idea; or even writing names on pens individually. • However, this would prevent large bulk orders that would make the pens cheaper for our company to buy in the first place. • Cheap and cheerful pens have to be bought in larger quantities so have to be sold to more people. That would mean that you wouldn’t be able to write the year on it because the pen would have to be sold in several year groups. • High quality pens would have to be really special.

Who would they sell to?
• Small first schools: (around 30 students per year)
• Could find cheap and cheerful pens to give away appealing because the children aren’t used to so many freebies. • Pencils would be a possibility as many children are still writing with pencil not pen. • A small profit could be used to buy extra facilities

• Middle schools: (with 4/5 classes per year group)
• They could sell ‘approved’ handwriting pens eg the berol handwriting pens. • As it is a bigger school, pupils loose more pens, so would be more likely to buy lots from the school

• Larger schools:
• •

(Like this one with about 500 people in a year group)

Would provide a market for both cheap and higher quality pens. Expensive pens would probably be more popular with 6th formers (£5/£10) as they wouldn’t have to walk into town to get them.

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