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									PLANNING COMMITTEE                      EPS/01/0091                                   ITEM 7
29 NOVEMBER 2001                        EPS/01/0092 (LBC)

Thorn Villa, St Ebbas Hospital, Hook Road, Epsom
Demolition of existing extensions and outbuildings; construction of extensions, internal
and external alterations.

 COURT                              Listed building                            (27.02.2001)
                              St Ebbas Conservation Area
                                      Green Belt


Permit subject to conditions previously recommended.


The previous report for Thorn Villa is attached. An amendment is proposed which involves
relocating parking spaces from the front of the East Wing (detail awaited).

The application has been deferred at previous meetings pending the outcome of an Inquiry
into three appeals (Application References EPS/00/424, 430 and 1062), a consultation
exercise on the planning brief and a statement of intent from the applicant. It was reported at
the previous Committee meeting that the appeals had now been determined, and the
applications relating to Walnut and Lime Villas had been withdrawn.

Following a recent meeting between the Surrey Oaklands Trust, the Chairman, Ward Member
and Officers, the applicant tabled indicative plans re future development of the Village
Campus. These have yet to be finalised but, when they are, will involve the submission of a
number of further planning applications. Mindful of Members’ concerns that future
development on St Ebbas should be guided by a brief, the following is proposed as a way

   1. Thorn Villa – this application (amended) previously deferred provides in-patient
      services in the form of 10 bedsits with ancillary accommodation. It is considered this
      would not affect future development elsewhere on St Ebbas, and therefore can be
      determined in advance of a planning brief.

   2. Walnut and Lime Villas – the applicant proposes to submit new proposals for Walnut
      and Lime Villas. Like the previous now withdrawn applications, these are likely to
      involve conversion and small extensions. It is felt these could be determined at the
      stage a brief has been agreed by the Environment Committee for public consultation
      purposes, and

   3. Other proposals – it is considered proposals elsewhere within the site should only be
      determined once a brief for the whole of St Ebbas has been finally agreed by Council.

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PLANNING COMMITTEE                    EPS/01/0091                               ITEM 7
29 NOVEMBER 2001                      EPS/01/0092 (LBC)

On this basis, it is recommended that the Thorn Villas proposal be permitted.

Contact   Nick Ide/Jacy Yates

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