Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College Pimpri Pune by zhouwenjuan


									                                                         Compliance verification inspection for increase in MBBS seats from 150 ‐ 250 
                                                                            MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA

                                                                                    ASSESSMENT FORM

Type of Assessment   (U/S 10A‐                           :   Compliance verification inspection for Increase in intake capacity of MBBS Course from 150 to 250 
                                                              seats per year reference no. MCI‐37(1)/2011‐Med./3962 dated 27‐05‐2011.
Name of Institution                                      :    Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre,
Address                                                  :    Sant Tukaram Nagar, Pimpri, Pune ‐ 411 018 (Maharashtra)
Telephone No                                             :    020‐27420605/27420307
E‐mail                                                   :
Fax                                                      :    020‐27420439
Website                                                  :
Management                                               :    Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth Society, Pimpri, Pune (Maharashtra)
Applicant's Regn. No.                                    :    F‐23808 (Pune)
Assessment Date                                          :    30th May 2011
Last Assessment Date                                     :    30th & 31st March 2011
                                                                                        Particulars of Assesors
Name                                                   Correspondence Address                                                   Ph No.            E‐mail Address
Dr. Rajeev Sen                                         Professor & HOD of Pathology                                           9416129129
Co‐ordinator                                           Pt. B. D. Sharma PGIMS,
                                                       Rohtak (Haryana)
Prof. (Dr). Jasbinder Kaur                             Professor & HOD of Biochemistry                                        9646121532
                                                       Government Medical College,
Dr. O. P. Mishra                                       Professor of Paediatrics,                                              9415251328
                                                       Institute of Medical Sciences,
                                                       Banaras Hindu University,

Letters of Consent from Univ.                            :   No. DYPV/920/10 dated 09‐09‐2010    Annexure 1
Affiliating Univ. Code                                   :   Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune
Academic Year                                            :   2011‐2012
Essentiality Certificate                                 :   No. MED‐1010/CR‐291/10/EDU‐2 dated 29th September 2010                            Annexure 2
No. of seats as per Essentiality                         :   250 seats per year 

Plot of Land      (a)                                    :   The applicant college is located at Pimpri, Pune, Maharashtra State
                         (b)                             :   It is in possession of the following plots of land:
                                                                         #               Survey No.              Place          Area                   Remarks if any 
                                                                         1                   4867            Pimpri,  Pune 12 Hecter 4 ‐ 1/2

                          (c)                            :   The campus is unitary, some residential quarters are situated accorss the road in the same campus.
                          (d)                            :   The proof of ownership & possession is verified from revenue records: Yes
                          (e)                            :   Land use conversion to N.A. is verified: Not applicable Annexure 3
Building plan approval from the 
competent authority                                      :            Yes           Annexure 4        Extension of building plan.
Nearest Airport                                          :            15            kms.              Lohegaon Airport.
Nearest Railway Station                                  :             2            kms.              Pimpri
Construction                              :   Approved by           Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation
                                              Order No:             BP/Pimpri/703D‐13/06/03              Dated          10/09/2003 & 16/05/2007
Water Supply                              :   Through Municipal Coporation and Borewells
Electric Supply                           :   Sanctioned load: 1195 kVA
Generators                                :   Available, 3                          Available Load:      500, 380 and 180 KVA= Total 1060
Drainage & Sewage Disposal                :   Yes
Administrative Block & Dean/              :   Available                                                  Date :
Principal office                                                                                                        30/05/2011 & 31/05/2011

                                                   Pre-requisite for admission to MBBS course (Yes/No):
1) Eligibility Criterion as per Graduate Medical College as per Section 4 & 5 complied with?                                 Yes
2) Any Admission after cut‐off date?                               No
3)  Any Admission made over & above the sanctioned seats? No

                                                              Method of selection of candidates:
Strictly on the basis of performance at the qualifying public examination                                      
                                           On the basis of All India Common Entrance Test conducted by Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune.
                                           held at National level on merit.

Competitive entrance exam.            :       Name of the qualifying Examination :
                                              AICET (All India Common Entrance Test)

                                                               Medical Education Unit (MEU)
Available as per regulations              :   Yes
Name of Incharge                          :   Dr. J. S. Bhawalkar, Prof. & HOD, Community Medicine
No. of affiliated faculty                 :   10
Regional Training Centre                  :   MUHS, Nashik Regional Centre located at Pune
No. of teachers trained by                :
Regional Centre                               22                     NTTC : 08         Regional : 14
No. of training courses held in           :
previous academic year                        7                                        Annexure 5
No. of times the College Council          :
meets per year                                36
Facility for Biostatistical work is       :
available in the Deptt. Of                    Yes, in the Department of Community Medicine

Number                                    :   12
Total available floor area                :   62000           College : 29000                    Hospital : 33000 sq. mt.
Area of college in                  :   29000 sq. mt.          Location of Pre & Para Clinical Deptts: 2nd, 4th and 5th  floors
Hospital Area                             :   Inpatient :            19000 sq.m.                              Outpatient:    14000
Area added since last Assessment          :   ‐‐
(if any)   
Are the staff facilities and space        :
adequate (Y/N)                                Yes, adequate
Comments                                  :   Adequate for start of 250 admissions in an Institution recognized for 150 admissions.

                                                                                             Lecture theatres
                                                                                                        College                           Hospital
                                                              Number                                   5 (gallery)                    2 (non‐gallery)
                                                              Capacity                                 300 each                       1 for 350 seats 
                                                                                                                                      1 for 650 seats 
                                                              A.V.Aids                                 Available                         Available
Lecture Theatres as per norms                 :    Yes                    The Hospital LTs are provided with 3 & 6 e‐screens respectively. 
Available AV aids  as per norms               :    Yes
Auditorium                                    :    Available capacity 250 seats located on the first floor of the College. The trust is having its own
                                                   auditorium having 700 capacity.
                                                                           Common room Adequate
Boys                                          :    Available on 4th floor. Toilet available adjoning ‐ Adequate
Girls                                         :    Available on 5th floor. Toilet available adjoning ‐ Adequate
                                                                           Animal House: Available
Comments                                      :    Space, infrastructure and staff are adequate. It houses rats, rabbits, mice and guinea pigs.
                                                   Facilities for experimental work are available.                                                                   Annexure 6
                                                                         Central Library
Available as per norms                        : Yes, adequate
                                                   The number of seats available for the reading rooms are as under:‐
                                                                                                       Rooms                                                    Capacity
                                       a. Students : UG                                                   2                                                       350
                                       b. Interns /Residents                                              1                                                       150
                                       c. Staff Members                                                   1                                                        50
                                          Total                                                           4                                                       550
                                            The infrastructure and reading facilities are adequate. The College has online membership of digital 
                                            library through subscribed to MUHS, Nashik. Access to 3000 online journals and 50 e‐text books through
                                            knowledge genie provided to NPIL. Member of British Library, Pune.
No. of Available staff in library             :              12
Librarian                                     :              1               Deputy/Assistant Librarian :                1       Others :                                   10
Working hours of library                      :    7am to 12 midnight                         Reading room round the clock.
Books and Journals available as               :    Books : 16055             Text : 8830      Reference:7225      Journals : 160 Indian : 70                         Foreign ‐ 90
per norms

No. of computer terminals               : 25
Internet Facilities Available           : Yes                     If Yes, no. of stations on which internet facility is available:25
As per the MCI Notification dtd. 16‐10‐2010, the College requires 20000 books for 250 admissions to be proportionately divided
on yearly basis in 5 years. This College has alreadly been recognized for 150 admissions that requires 10000 books as per MSR 1999.   Annexure 7
meaning thereby that for 100 additional admissions on top of 150 admissions 10000 additional books would be required over a 5 year period.
Proportionately calculating additional requirement the Institution should have 10000+2000=12000 books at the time of admission of the first batch of 250 students.
The Institution has augmented the number of books from 13055 to 16055 since the last inspection carried on 30th & 31st March 2011
making a number of books adequate for admission of 250 students, the Institution has further placed the order for 4000 books.
(Letter from Supplier is attached as  Annexure 8)
Arrangement for making                    Yes, available & adequate
slides/photography of patients 
wherever required                      :
Central photography cum audio‐         : Yes, available & adequate
visual units 
Central Workshop available             : Yes, adequate
Hostels                                       :    Yes, available and adequate.
Hostels                                      No.           Rooms                     Total              Furnished(Y/N)           Mess(Y/N)
UG Hotel :       Boys                         3        84X2+50X3+15X3                 363                     Yes                  Yes
                         Girls                1             101x3                     303                     Yes                  Yes
                                    Total                                             669
Residents :      Boys                         2              50X3                     150                    Yes                    Yes
                          Girls               1              50x3                     150                    Yes                    Yes
Senior Resident                               1              40x2                     80                     Yes                    Yes
                                    Total                                             380
Nurses                                        2              72x2                     144                    Yes                    Yes
Interns      :       Boys                     2              72x2                     144                    Yes                    Yes
                           Girls              1              32x3                     96                     Yes                    Yes
                                    Total                                             384
Staff Quarters : Teaching                     5           12 flats x 5                60                     Yes                     --
Staff Quarters : Non‐teaching                 1                ‐‐                     36                     Yes                    Yes
Capacity as per norms                 :   Yes, adequate
Location                              :   within campus 
Comments                              :
                                           There is one ladies hostel of 183 rooms for UG, PG & Interns in the campus.
                                          The Undergraduate, interns, postgraduates, sr. residents, nurses , teaching and non‐teaching staff accoommodation 
                                          are adequate for start of 250 admissions in an insititution recognized for 150  MBBS admissions.

Residential Quarters available as per norms                                :         Yes, adequte 
Sports & recreation facilities        :   Adequate, play ground is available for outdoor games.  Facilities are available for indoor games.  
                                          Gymnasium facilities  are also available.

                                                                       Teaching Hospital
Name of Hospital                      :   Dr. D. Y. Patil Hospital & Research Centre, Pimpri, Pune
No.of Teaching beds in Hospital       :   1230
Name of Med. Supdt.                   :   Dr. B. D. Mahajan,
Qualification                         :   MBBS, M.S.(Surgery)                       Yrs. of administrative experience: 27 years 

                                                                   Distribution of beds

                                                      Speciality                      Present Beds/Units                      Deficiency (if any)
                                    Medicine & Allied Specialities
                                    General Medicine                                          240/8                                  Nil
                                    Paediatrics                                               160/4                                  Nil
                                    TB & Chest                                                 50/2                                  Nil
                                    Skin & VD                                                  80/2                                  Nil
                                    Psychiatry                                                 40/1                                  Nil
                                    Total                                                    570/17                                  Nil
                                    Surgery & Allied Specialities                                                                    Nil
                                    General Surgery                                           240/8                                  Nil
                                    Orthopaedics                                              150/5                                  Nil
                                    Ophthalmology                                              80/2                                  Nil
                                    ENT                                                        40/1                                  Nil
                                    Total                                                    510/16                                  Nil
                                    Obstetrics & Gynaecology                                                                         Nil
                                    Obstetrics & ANC                                          90/3                                   Nil
                                    Gynaecology                                               60/2                                   Nil
                                    Total                                                    150/5
                                                    Grand Total                             1230/38                                   NIL
                                                              Teaching & Other facilities
OPD Timings                           :   9am and 4 pm
                                          Separate computerized registration counters for male and female and spacious waiting area available & adequate.
Availability of separate Reg. 
Counters for male/ female 
patients & waiting area available 
near these counters (Yes/No)            :
No. of rooms for examination of             Adequate numbers available in each OPD
patients & for doctors 
accommodation                           :
Capacity of teaching area               : Adequate
Facilities like separate injection room for male and female, dressing room, plaster room, plaster cutting room, E.C.G. room, central clinical laboratory, 
audiometry room (soundproof & Air‐conditioned), immunization room, family welfare clinic, dark room refraction room, minor O.T. adequate/ 
Comments                                : OPD block is located in the new building located adjacent to the old building on the ground 
                                            floor. Allied specialities are located in the new building. It has adequate space, infrastructure
                                            and equipments available. Teaching facilities are adequate.
                                                                                In Wards
Clinical demonstration areas     :         Adequate at present.
Capacity                               :   Adequate
Comments                               :   All the medical and surgical wards are distributed in old and new buildings.

                                                        Clinical Material 10                          Annexure 9
                                                                        Daily Average
                                                                                               Day of Assessment                           Deficiencies, if any
O.P.D. attendance                                                             1631                           1761                                 Nil
Casualty attendance                                                            82                              86                                 Nil
No. of admissions/discharge                                                   152                             182                                 Nil
Bed occupancy%                                                                86%                             87%                                 Nil
Operative work                                                                                                                                    Nil
No. of operations                                                                 74                                  73                          Nil
No. of normal deliveries                                                          11                                  10                          Nil
No.of caesarian Sections                                                          05                                   6                          Nil
Radiological Investigations                                            O.P.            I.P.   O.P.                  I.P.                          Nil
X‐ray                                                                  393      255/138       405           263/142                               Nil
Ultrasonography                                                        224        139/85      229             136/93                              Nil
Special Investigations                                                 29             11/18   29                 11/18                            Nil
MRI                                                                    25           14/11     26                 15/11                            Nil
C.T. Scan                                                              27            15/12    30                 16/14                            Nil
Mammography                                                            27            21/06    31                 24/07                            Nil
Laboratory Investigations                                                                                                                         Nil
Biochemistry                                                                  994                        995                                      Nil
Microbiology                                                                  270                        275                                      Nil
Serology                                                                       65                        67                                       Nil
Parasitology                                                                   52                        51                                       Nil
Haematology                                                                   2250                      2254                                      Nil
Histopathology                                                                 48                        49                                       Nil
Cytopathology                                                                  40                        41                                       Nil
Others                                                                        197                        221                                      Nil

Comments                               :   Adequate clinical materials available for all the specialities.

Registration and Medical Records       :
Section (Yes/No):                          Yes
Separate registration counter for      :
OPD/Indoor available                       Yes
Are they computerized/not              :
computerized                               Yes                         Computerized services are available for inpatients since 23rd May 2011.
Adequate staff available               :
Is ICD X Classification of diseases    :
followed for indexing                      Yes

                                                                    Central Casualty Service
Available no. of beds                  :   30, Adequate
No. of Doctors & nurses                :   6 Doctors and 2 nurses, Adequate
Specialists available, on call         :   Yes, Adequate

Separate casualty for Obstetrics &     :   One room with facilities for the emergency of obstetrics & gynaecology patients is created after last inspection. Adequate
Facilities like Central oxygen 
supply, central suction, de‐
fibrillator, pulse oximeter, ambu      :   Available, Adequate
bag, patient trolley, etc. 
Emergency theatre fully equipped       :    Yes
with required equipments:

                                                                   Clinical Laboratories
Under control of Deptt. Of             :    Pathology, Microbiology and Biochemistry
Separate sections available for 
Pathology, Microbiology &              :    Yes, adequate
Technical staff available              :    Yes, adequate

                                                                   Operation theatre unit
No. of operation theatres              :    Major : 13 and Minor : 5
No. of Tables                          :    19
Air conditioned O.T                    :    Yes, adequate
Facilities such as central oxygen &    :    Available, adequate
nitrous oxide supply & central 
                                                       No. of equipments available in O.T. block
Multiparameter Monitor (with           :
capnograph)                                 Available & adequate
Respiratory Gas Monitor                :    Available & adequate
Respiratory Gas Monitor with           :
Pulse oximeter                              Available & adequate
Defibrillators                         :    Available & adequate
Ventilator                             :    Available & adequate
Boyles’ apparatus                      :    Available & adequate
Infusion Pump                          :    Available & adequate
Drip Infusion Pump                     :    Available & adequate
                                                                       Distribution of OT
a) Major                               13
                                            Department                   Surgery             Obst. & Gynae    Orthopaedics

                                            Number                           5                    2                  2

                                            Department              Ophthalmology                ENT           Casualty +
                                            Number                           1                    1                 2

b) Minor                               5 In OPD                                          5                   One each in dept. of Surgery, Obst. & Gynae., Orthopaedics, 
                                                                                                             Ophthalmology & ENT
                                        Intensive care: The following intensive care areas are available:-
                                                                       No of patients         Central AC     Central 
                                                                       on the day of                         Oxygen/            List of specialized equipments 
Type                                              No. of Beds           Assessment                           Suction            available. 
ICCU                                                   5                     5                    Yes              Yes            Ventilator, defibrillator, syringe 
                                                                                                                                  pumps, cardiac monitor, central 
                                                                                                                                     console, emergency trolley

MICU                                                  7                      5                    Yes               Yes                     ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐do‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
SICU                                                 10                      9                    Yes               Yes                     ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐do‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
NICU                                                 10                      7                    Yes               Yes                        Incubator
PICU                                                  8                      7                    Yes               Yes
Facilities & equipment in ICUs         :    Yes, adequate
No. of beds available in ICCU and 
other types as per norms                 :   Yes, adequate
Dialysis Unit is having 5 machines

                                                                           Labour room
No. of Labour Rooms available            :
(a) clean cases                          :   3 beds, adequate
(b) septic                               :   1 bed, adequate
(c) eclamsia                             :   1 beds, adequate
room                                     :   Adequate
                                             Facilities and equipment in labour room are adequately available.
                                                                 Radiological facilities
No. & range of static units 
available (in mA)                        :   800mA‐1, 500mA‐1, 300mA‐1, 100mA‐1
No. and range of mobile units 
available (in mA)                        :   6 units ‐ 100 mA
Ultrasound machines                      :   7
                                             Available & adequate
Facilities for special investigations    :
Comments                                 :   Special investigations like 16 slice CT scan , 2 MRI and Doppler facilities are available.
                                              Protective measure as per BARC specification are provided. 

                                                                           Blood Bank
Available and functional                 :   Yes, adequate
Space & equipment                        :   Adequate
Licensed upto                            :   31st Dec. 2012
                                             Component separation facility is available. 
Pharmacists/Staff available              :   Yes, adequate
No. of sub‐stores located in             :
different parts of hospital                  Two, adequate
No. of patients given drugs              :   All outdoor patients charged at subsidized rate and  indoor patients are given free drugs.

                                                              Central sterilization department
Timings & Shifts                         :   Round the clock
No. of equipments                        :   Horizontal autoclaves ‐2, Vertical ‐1, Ultrasonic washer‐1, Dryer‐1, ETO‐1, Flash autoclave‐1

Sterilization facilities & staff         :   Adequate
No. of racks, trays & mixers             :   Racks : 03, Trays : 15, Mixers‐1
Receiving & distribution points          :   Separate‐Yes, adequate
Available                                :   Yes, adequate
If Intercom available                    :   No. of incoming & extension lines: 16 & 150
                                             All the wards, O.T., O.I.D., offices and departments are connected.

                                                       Central laundry/ Alternative Arrangements
Equipments                               :   Adequate
No. of staff available                   :   26

                                                             Kitchen/ Alternative Arrangements
Vegetarian food free of charge           :   Yes, adequate
Provision of special diet                :   Yes, adequate
Per capita expenditure per day           :   Rs.36/‐
Total no. of canteens                    :             3,           For staff ‐                  1,     For students ‐                    2
                                             Vegetarian food is supplied to patients free of cost.
                                             There is provision to supply special diet as recommended by Physician.  
                                           Incinerator/ Arrangements for Biomedical Waste Management
Number of Incinerators                 :     The College has entered into an agreement with Local Municipal Corporation 
                                             Municipal Corporation) for disposal of bio‐medical waste vide letter no.
                                             (Pimpri Chinchwad  Med/1212/sw/200 dated  24‐03‐2000.
Diesel ‐ capacity                      :     64 kg/hr, adequate
Electric‐ capacity                     :     ‐‐
Para medical staff (No.)               :     Lab Technicians: 49,  Lab Assistants:25,  Lab Attendants:27,  Others:9

                                                Nursing Supdt.         Deputy Nursing         Asstt. Nursing                        Staff nurses         Total
Nursing Staff Available                :                                  Supdt.                 Supdt.           Nursing Sisters
                                                        9                    9                      26                 310              480              834
Nursing staff available as per 
norms                                  :     9 Nursing Superintendent and 9 Dy. Nursing Superintendent have been appointed. 
                                             They were physically verified. Their qualification and experience are as per norms. Annexure 10
                                             List of total nursing staff : Annexure 11
Comments                               :     The Biomedical Waste is being sent to Pimpri Chichwad Municipal Corporation for incineration
                                             and final disposal.  Annexure 12

                                                                      MEDICAL COLLEGE
Teaching Programme                     :     It consists of lectures, demonstration, clinical postings & seminar                                   Yes
Organized                              :     As per Council recommendations                                                                        Yes

                                     Teaching Facilities in Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry Department
A.V. Aids                              :     Adequate
Number of                              :     Demonstration rooms 4 each & seats‐60, Dissection halls available‐1. Storage tanks for cadavers ‐ 4
Other facilities                       :     like (exhaust/museum/light/MRI/CT etc.) : Adequate
Comments                               :     The three departments are located on the 4th floor of the building.
                                             The space and infrastructure is adequate. Teaching Programme: consists of lectures, 
                                             demonstration and seminar.  It is organized as per Council recommendations.
                                             Spacious museums are available.
               Teaching staff & facilities in Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology & Forensic Medicine Department
Comments                               :     The Pharmacology, PSM and Forensice Medicine Departments are located on the 5th floor of 
                                             the old building. Pathology and Microbiology Departments are located on the 3rd floor. The 
                                             space and infrastructure is adequate. Teaching programme consists of lectures, practicals, 
                                             demonstrations, tutorials and autopsy study.  It is organized as per council requirement. 
                                             Spacious museums are available.
                                                             Community Medicine Department
No. & area of Laboratories as per 
norms                                  :     Yes, adequate
Central Research Laboratory            :     Functional

                                                         General Remarks
1. Following teaching staff could not be counted due to reasons provided there under
                 Name                            Designation                     Department                                            Remarks
                  NIL                                 NIL                            NIL                                                 NIL
                  NIL                                 NIL                            NIL                                                 NIL
                  NIL                                 NIL                            NIL                                                 NIL
Teaching Faculty shortage              :     ____% (i.e. ____ out of _____) as under
                                             Professor Nil        Assoc. Professor(1) 2% Asst. Professor (1) 1 %                    Tutor NIL
Shortage of Residents                  :     ____% (i.e. ____ out of _____) as under
                                             Sr. Resident : NIL                   Jr. Resident NIL
The deficiency has been calculated as per the handout of the MSR given to the Assessor's Team i.e. is for recognition of 250 admissions. 
However, this assessment was carried out for starting of 250 MBBS admissions in College which is already recognized for 150 MBBS students.
Principal has given undertaking that college will admit the students only after getting LOP & all clearances from Govt. of India.
Annexure 13

                                                         Status of verification of the website: Annexure 14
                  S. No                                                     Detail information                                               Provided or not
                     1                       Dean, Principal and Medical Superintendent                                                            Provided
                     2                       Staff: Teaching and Non‐Teaching                                                                      Provided
                     3                       CME, conference, academic activity conducted by institution                                           Provided
                     4                       Awards, Achievements received by the faculty.                                                         Provided
                     5                       Affiliated university and its vice chancellor and Registrar                                           Provided
                     6                       Details of clinical material in the hospital.                                                         Provided

                                             Measures undertaken to curb the menace of ragging in terms of Prevention 
                     7                       and Prohibition of Ragging in Medical Colleges/Institutions Regulations, 2009.                        Provided
                     8                       pdf of project report (Application form)                                                              Provided
                     9                       List of admitted students for academic year 2010‐11                                                   Provided
Specific observations and overall impressions on the MSR as well as quality of facilities:
This compliance verfication assessment was restricted to one day assessment. 
After the last inpsection the faculty and residents have been  recruited. Presently the deficiency of faculty is 2% (3/171) only i.e. 
 1Associate Professor and 2 Assitant Professors 
There is no shortage of tutors and residents.

There is no shortage of Senior Residents.

Seven Lecture Theatres of required capacity have been verified on physical verification. These are available and adequate as per MCI norms ; no shortage. 

The total hostel capacity for Junior and Sr. Residents inclusive of accommodation for boys and girls is 381. These are available and adequate 
as per MCI Norms ; no shortage.  Accommodation for Interns is separate and adequate as per MCI norms.

The books have been augmented in Central Library from 13055 to 16055 since the last inspection. The number of copies of books is adequate as per MCI norms.
for start of 250 admissions in a College recognized for 150 MBBS students ; since the  number of books required for additional 100 admissions
is to be distributed over a period of 5 years as per  Gazette dtd. 16‐04‐2010.
The common rooms for boys and girls have toilet facilities available adjoining the room. These are available and adequate as per MCI norms.
Adequate beds have been added and distributed in the units as per MCI norms for 250 admissions ; deficiency rectified. 
These are available and adequate as per MCI norms.
Shortage of Nursing Superintendents and Dy. Nursing Superintendenst have been covered by appointing 9 persons in each category.
Registration counter for indoor patients has been computerized. Adequate as per MCI norms.
Separate Casualty for Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department has been provided. Adequate as per MCI norms.
The deficiency in Central Sterilization Department has been rectified. Adequate as per MCI norms.
Pharmacovigilance undertaking Annexure 15. Checklist enclosed.
                                                       MEDICAL COLLEGE‐ STAFF STRENGTH
               Annual Admissions: 150 (LOP)                                                                                         Date: 30‐05‐2011
Department                                   Designation                                       Available             Shortage                    Remarks
Anatomy                                      Professor                                               2                    nil
                                             Assoc. Prof.                                            1                    1
                                             Asstt. Prof.                                            4                    nil                Non-medical-1
                                             Tutor                                                   7                    nil
Physiology                                   Professor                                               3                    nil
                                             Assoc. Prof.                                            2                    nil                Non-medical-1
                                             Asstt. Prof.                                            4                    nil
                                             Tutor                                                   9                    nil
Biochemistry                                 Professor                                               2                    nil                Non-medial-1
                                             Assoc. Prof.                                            2                    nil                Non-medical-2
                                             Asstt. Prof.                                            3                    nil
                                             Tutor                                                   7                    nil
Pharmacology                                 Professor                                               4                    nil
                                             Assoc. Prof.                                            2                    nil                Non-medical-2
                                             Asstt. Prof.                                            2                    nil
                                             Tutor                                                   7                    nil
Pathology                                    Professor                                               7                    nil
                            Assoc. Prof.          2            nil
                            Asstt. Prof.          3            nil
                            Tutor                 8            nil

Microbiology                Professor             3            nil
                            Assoc. Prof.          1            nil   Non-medical-2
                            Asstt. Prof.          5            nil
                            Tutor                 6            nil
Forensic Medicine           Professor             2            nil
                            Assoc. Prof.          1            nil
                            Asstt. Prof.          0            2
                            Tutor                 6            nil

Community Medicine          Professor             5            nil
                            Assoc. Prof.          0            nil   Non-medical-1
                            Asstt. Prof.          5            nil      LMO-2
                            Tutor                6+2           nil
General Medicine            Professor             12           nil
                            Assoc. Prof.           5           nil
                            Asstt. Prof.           9           nil
                            Tutor          18 S.R. & 24 J.R.   nil
Psychiatry                  Professor              4           nil
                            Assoc. Prof.           1           nil
                            Asstt. Prof.           2           nil
                            Tutor           3 S.R. & 4 J.R.    nil
TB & Chest                  Professor              2           nil
                            Assoc. Prof.           1           nil
                            Asstt. Prof.           0           nil
                            Tutor           3 S.R. & 6 J.R.    nil
Dermatology, venerology &   Professor              4           nil
Laprosy                     Assoc. Prof.           2           nil
                            Asstt. Prof.           2           nil
                            Tutor           3 S.R. & 6 J.R.    nil
Paediatrics                 Professor              7           nil
                            Assoc. Prof.           6           nil
                            Asstt. Prof.           6           nil
                            Tutor          8 S.R. & 12 J.R.    nil
General Surgery             Professor             11           nil
                            Assoc. Prof.           6           nil
                            Asstt. Prof.           9           nil
                            Tutor          15 S.R. & 24 J.R.   nil
Orthopaedics                Professor              6           nil
                            Assoc. Prof.           4           nil
                            Asstt. Prof.           5           nil
                            Tutor          10 S.R. & 15 J.R.   nil
Ophthalmology               Professor              5           nil
                            Assoc. Prof.           2           nil
                            Asstt. Prof.           2           nil
                            Tutor           3 S.R. & 6 J.R.    nil
Oto-Rhino-Laryngology       Professor              3           nil
                            Assoc. Prof.           1           nil
                            Asstt. Prof.           2           nil
                            Tutor           2 S.R. & 4 J.R.    nil
Obstetrics &Gynaecology                                       Professor                                                 8           nil
                                                              Assoc. Prof.                                              4           nil
                                                              Asstt. Prof.                                              6           nil
                                                              Tutor                                             8 S.R. & 15 J.R.    nil
Anaesthesiology                                               Professor                                                 7           nil
                                                              Assoc. Prof.                                              3           nil
                                                              Asstt. Prof.                                              6           nil
                                                              Sr. Resident                                             18           nil
Radio- Diagnosis                                              Professor                                                 6           nil
                                                              Assoc. Prof.                                              3           nil
                                                              Asstt. Prof.                                              3           nil
                                                              Sr. Resident                                              8           nil

Dentistry                                                     Professor                                                1            nil            The Trust has
                                                              Assoc. Prof.                                             2            nil           their own dental
                                                              Asstt. Prof.                                             2            nil                College
                                                              Tutor                                                    8            nil

Teaching Faculty shortage                               :     ____% (i.e. ____ out of _____) as under
                                                              Professor Nil                 Assoc. Professor(1) 2% Asst. Professor (1) 1 %    Tutor NIL
Shortage of Residents                                   :     ____% (i.e. ____ out of _____) as under
                                                              Sr. Resident : NIL                       Jr. Resident NIL

                                                              Distribution of beds: 150 - 250 Increase (LOP)
                        Speciality                                                                    Present Beds/Units                        Remarks
               Medicine & Allied Specialties
General Medicine                                                                                            240/8                                 Nil
Paediatrics                                                                                                 160/4                                 Nil
TB & Chest                                                                                                   50/2                                 Nil
Skin & VD                                                                                                    80/2                                 Nil
Psychiatry                                                                                                   40/1                                 Nil
                                                                                          Total            570/17                                 Nil
                          Surgery & Allied Specialties
General Surgery                                                                                             240/8                                 Nil
Orthopaedics                                                                                                150/5                                 Nil
Ophthalmology                                                                                                80/2                                 Nil
ENT                                                                                                          40/1                                 Nil
                                                                                          Total            510/16                                 Nil
                           Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Obstetrics & ANC
Gynaecology                                                                       Total                     150/5                                 Nil

                                      Grand Total                                                          1230/38

Comments                                                :     Adequate 

Name of the College                                     :     Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research                Dated :      30/05/2011
                                                              Centre, Pimpri, Pune
                                                                          TEACHING FACULTY
                     Deptt.wise names of faculty with their designation (Prof.,Assoc. Prof.,Asst. Prof.,Tutor/Resident)on the date of Assessment are:
                                 Dept of Anatomy
Sr.No Name of the Staff            Designation        Qualifications

     1 Dr.Mrs.Vasanti Arole        Professor & HOD    M.S(Anatomy)
     2 Dr.P.Vatsalaswamy           Professor          M.S(Anatomy)
     3 Dr. Manvikar P.Rao          Asso.Professor     M.D(Anatomy)
     4 Dr.Vaishali Paranjape       Lecturer           M.D(Anatomy)
     5 Dr.Vaishali Bharambe        Lecturer           M.D(Anatomy)
     6 Dr.Gyata Mehta              Lecturer           M.D(Anatomy)
     7 Mrs.Swapna Shevade          Lecturer           M.Sc(Med.Anat)
     8 Dr.Jasbir Garcha            Demonstrator       MBBS
     9 Dr.Preeti Sonje             Demonstrator       MBBS

    10 Dr.Leena D. Khobragade      Demonstrator       MBBS

    11 Dr.Shinde Amol              Demonstrator       MBBS
    12 Dr.Neelesh Kanaskar         Demonstrator       MBBS
    13 Dr.Smita Singh              Demonstrator       MBBS
    14 Dr.Satyajit Saha            Demonstrator       MBBS
                                Dept of Physiology
Sr.No Name of the Staff            Designation        Qualifications

     1 Dr.Mrs.N.G.Borade           Professor & HOD    M.D(Physiology)
     2 Dr.Mahesh Karandikar        Professor          Ph.D(Med.Physiology)
     3 Dr.Ginde R. A               Professor          M.D(Physiology)
     4 Dr.Nishant Bansod           Asso.Prof          M.D(Physiology)
     5 Dr.Archana Jadhav           Asso.Prof          M.D(Physiology)
     6 Ms.Neelam Bala Prasad       Lecturer           M.Sc(Med.Physiology)
     7 Dr.M.Chitra                 Lecturer           M.D(Physiology)
     8 Dr.Sood R.S                 Lecturer           M.D(Physiology)
     9 Dr.Mrs.Jadhav S.S           Lecturer           M.D(Physiology)
    10 Dr.Diddee A.                Demonstrator       MBBS
    11 Dr.Vandana Chiddarwar       Demonstrator       MBBS
    12 Dr.Rajashree Gupta          Demonstrator       MBBS
    13 Dr.Jyotsna Tirumalai        Demonstrator       MBBS
    14 Dr.Lata Patil               Demonstrator       MBBS
    15 Dr.Karan Arora              Demonstrator       MBBS
    16 Dr.Sonal Wagh               Demonstrator       MBBS
    17 Dr.Seema Mehtre             Demonstrator       MBBS
    18 Dr.Kiranmai V.              Demonstrator       MBBS
                               Dept of Biochemistry
Sr.No Name of the Staff            Designation        Qualifications

     1 Dr.Mrs.Mona A. Tilak        Prof & HOD         M.D(Biochemistry)
     2 Dr.Ranjana D. Naoley        Professor          Ph.D(Med.Biochemistry)
     3 Dr.More U. K                Asso.Professor     Ph.D(Med.Biochemistry)
     4 Mrs.Sarita Shinde           Asso.Professor     Ph.D(Med.Biochemistry)
     5 Dr.Pradnya Jay Phalak       Lecturer           M.D(Biochemistry)
     6 Dr.Anita Deshmukh           Lecturer           M.D(Biochemistry)
     7 Dr.Ipsita Choudhari         Lecturer           M.D(Biochemistry)
     8 Dr.Suryakar Vrushali        Demonstrator       MBBS
     9 Dr.Sharma Sandeep           Demonstrator       MBBS
    10 Dr.Abhijit Pratap           Demonstrator       MBBS
    11 Dr. Neha K. Dass            Demonstrator       MBBS
    12 Dr.Vishal Srivastava        Demonstrator       MBBS
    13 Dr.Kalpesh Kubavat          Demonstrator       MBBS
    14 Dr.Saima Mushtaq            Demonstrator       MBBS
                               Dept of Pharmacology
Sr.No Name of the Staff            Designation        Qualifications

     1 Dr.Worlikar Pratibha        Professor & HOD    M.D(Pharmacology)
     2 Dr.P.P.Shidore              Professor          M.D(Pharmacology)
     3 Dr.Dange S.V              Professor           M.D(Pharmacology)
     4 Dr.Tilak A. V             Professor           M.D(Pharmacology)
     5 Dr.Seema Bhalerao         Asso.Profesor       M.D(Pharmacology)
     6 Dr.Sarita Mulkalwar       Asso.Professor      M.D(Pharmacology)

     7 Mr.Rahul Bhalsinge        Lecturer            M.Sc(Med.Pharmacology)

     8 Mrs.Anita Barde           Lecturer            M.Sc(Med.Pharmacology)

     9 Dr.Rane B. T              Demonstrator        MBBS
    10 Dr.Dabhade Sanjay         Demonstrator        MBBS
    11 Dr.Ranjani Sen            Demonstrator        MBBS
    12 Dr.Jagtap Sandeep         Demonstrator        MBBS
    13 Dr.Mohini Raut            Demonstrator        MBBS
    14 Dr.Nikhil Vijay           Demonstrator        MBBS
    15 Dr.Amol Chaudhari         Demonstrator        MBBS

                               Dept of Pathology
Sr.No Name of the Staff          Designation         Qualifications

     1 Dr.Harsh Kumar            Professor & HOD     M.D(Pathology)
     2 Dr.Panicker N. K          Professor           M.D(Pathology)
     3 Dr.Chandanwale S.S.       Professor           M.D(Pathology)
     4 Dr.Mrs.Gore C.R           Professor           M.D(Pathology)
     5 Dr.Archana Buch           Professor           M.D(Pathology)
     6 Dr.Mrs.H.K.Gill           Professor           M.D(Pathology)
     7 Dr.Satav V.H              Professor           M.D(Pathology)
     8 Dr.Pagaro P. M            Asso.Prof           M.D(Pathology)
     9 Dr.Pradeep Jadhav         Asso.Prof           M.D(Pathology)
    10 Dr.Harish Sarode          Lecturer            M.D(Pathology)
    11 Dr.Arpana Dharwadkar      Lecturer            M.D(Pathology)
    12 Dr.Shruti Vimal           Lecturer            M.D(Pathology)
    13 Dr.Raut W.C               Demonstrator        MBBS
    14 Dr.Nagarkar A. J          Demonstrator        MBBS
    15 Dr.Deshpande A .          Demonstrator        MBBS, DCP
    16 Dr.Sweta Sarawagi         Demonstrator        MBBS
    17 Dr.Anubha Purang          Demonstrator        MBBS
    18 Dr.Patel Saurinkumar      Demonstrator        MBBS
    19 Dr.Bikash K. Singh        Demonstrator        MBBS
    20 Dr.Sampada Anwekar        Demonstrator        MBBS

                              Dept of Microbiology
Sr.No Name of the Staff          Designation         Qualifications

     1 Dr.R.N.Misra              Professor & HOD     M.D(Microbiology)
     2 Dr.G.B.Mathnani           Professor           M.D(Microbiology)
     3 Dr.Gandham N. R           Professor           M.D(Microbiology)
     4 Dr.Kalpana Angadi         Asso.Prof           M.D(Microbiology)
     5 Mrs.Savita Jadhav         Lecturer            M.Sc(Med.Microbiology)
     6 Mr.Ujgare M.T             Lecturer            M.Sc(Med.Microbiology)
     7 Dr.Dipali S. Chavan       Lecturer            M.D(Microbiology)
     8 Dr.Anil S. Giri           Lecturer            M.D(Microbiology)
     9 Dr.Chanda Vyawahare       Lecturer            M.D(Microbiology)
    10 Dr.Neetu Gupta            Demonstrator        MBBS
    11 Dr.Purbasha Bhosh         Demonstrator        MBBS
    12 Dr.Mukesh Sharma          Demonstrator        MBBS
    13 Dr.Bhawal Saikat          Demonstrator        MBBS
    14 Dr.Ajay Kumar             Demonstrator        MBBS
    15 Dr.Moumita Sardar         Demonstrator        MBBS

                                 Dept of F.M.T
Sr.No Name of the Staff            Designation           Qualifications

     1 Dr.V.B.Gaur                 Professor & HOD       M.D(F.M.T)
     2 Dr.Ajay Ghangale            Professor             M.D(F.M.T)
     3 Dr.A.B.Sapate               Associate Professor   M.D(F.M.T)
     4 Dr.Abhishek A. Verma        Demonstrator          MBBS
     5 Dr.Yugam Chopra             Demonstrator          MBBS
     6 Dr.Srinath Kshirsagar       Demonstrator          MBBS
     7 Dr.Pavan Suryawanshi        Demonstrator          MBBS
     8 Dr.Pawar Rushikiran         Demonstrator          MBBS
     9 Dr.S.A.Kilaje               Demonstrator          MBBS
                                  Dept of P.S.M
Sr.No Name of the Staff            Designation           Qualifications

     1 Dr.J.S.Bhawalkar            Professor & HOD       M.D(P.S.M)
     2 Dr.Chitnis U.B              Professor             M.D(P.S.M)
     3 Dr.S.L.Jadhav               Professor             M.D(P.S.M)
     4 Dr.Amitav Banerjee          Professor             M.D(P.S.M)
     5 Dr.Ravi Gupta               Professor             M.D(P.S.M)
     6 Dr.Hetalben Rathod          Lecturer (Epdit)      M.D(P.S.M)
     7 Dr.K.S.Tadas                Lecturer              M.D(P.S.M)
     8 Dr.Devidas Khedkar          Lecturer              M.D(P.S.M)
     9 Dr.Leena Gupta              Lecturer              M.D(P.S.M)
    10 Mr.Dubey S. P               Lect in Statistic     M.Sc (Statistics)
    11 Dr.Kanade D. S              Demonstrator          MBBS
    12 Dr.Jha Ajaykumar            Demonstrator          MBBS
    13 Dr.Pankaj Bayan             Demonstrator          MBBS
    14 Dr.Adyanthaya Shachi        Demonstrator          MBBS
    15 Dr.Darade Sanjay            Demonstrator          MBBS
    16 Dr.Thorat R.J               Demonstrator          MBBS
    17 Dr.Dhone Anjali             L.M.O, Bhosari        MBBS
    18 Dr.Mrs.Pradnya Rothithor L.M.O, Alandi            MBBS

                               Dept of Gen.Medicine
Sr.No Name of the Staff            Designation           Qualifications

     1 Dr.A.L.Kakrani              Prof & HOD            M.D(Medicine)
     2 Dr.S.K.Sharma               Professor             M.D(Medicine)
     3 Dr.G.S.Shiddapur            Professor             M.D(Medicine)
     4 Dr.P.K.Satpathy             Professor             M.D(Medicine)
     5 Dr.Kanitkar S. A            Professor             M.D(Medicine)
     6 Dr.Chiddarwar V. A          Professor             M.D(Medicine)
     7 Dr.Gokhale S.S.             Professor             M.D(Medicine)
     8 Dr.Mrs.Gokhale V.S          Professor             M.D(Medicine)
     9 Dr.Vikaram Vikhe            Professor             M.D(Medicine)
    10 Dr.KPV Rao                  Professor             M.D(Medicine)
    11 Dr.Joshi R. S               Professor             M.D(Medicine)
    12 Dr.Anu Gaikwad              Professor             M.D(Medicine)
    13 Dr.Mrs.R.S.Vhora            Asso.Prof             M.D(Medicine)
    14 Dr.Diggikar Pradnya         Asso.Prof             M.D(Medicine)
    15 Dr.Amit Palange             Asso.Prof             M.D(Medicine)
    16 Dr.Abhijit Nikam            Asso.Prof             M.D(Medicine)
    17 Dr.Sanjeev R. Gambhir       Asso.Prof             M.D(Medicine)
    18 Dr.Jagannath Dhadwad        Lecturer              M.D(Medicine)
    19 Dr.Meenakshi Kalyan         Lecturer              M.D(Medicine)
    20 Dr.Prakash Shende           Lecturer              M.D(Medicine)
    21 Dr.Abhishek M. Karmalkar Lecturer                 M.D(Medicine)
    22 Dr.Sangram Mangudkar        Lecturer              DNB (Medicine)
    23 Dr.Tittu Oommen             Lecturer              M.D (Medicine)
    24 Dr.Pravin Vanjari           Lecturer              M.D (Medicine)
    25 Dr.Nitin Kesarkar                     Lecturer          M.D (Medicine)
    26 Dr.Sunil Agarwal                      Lecturer          M.D (Medicine)
    27 Dr.Qureshi Salaah                     Sr.Resident       MBBS
    28 Dr.John Robby P.                      Sr.Resident       MBBS
    29 Dr.Amrita Varma                       Sr.Resident       MBBS
    30 Dr.Charan B.B                         Sr.Resident       MBBS
    31 Dr.Apte Amit                          Sr.Resident       MBBS
    32 Dr.Saurabh Behl                       Sr.Resident       MBBS
    33 Dr.Santosh Kumar Ranga                Sr.Resident       MBBS
    34 Dr.Mathews Jose                       Sr.Resident       MBBS
    35 Dr.Wable Jagdish                      Sr.Resident       MBBS
    36 Dr.Abhishek Shrikande                 Sr.Resident       MBBS
    37 Dr.Akshay P Bhangale                  Sr.Resident       MBBS
    38 Dr.G.Girish                           Sr.Resident       MBBS
    39 Dr.Jesmy Chacko                       Sr.Resident       MBBS
    40 Dr.Ashraf Punnorath                   Sr.Resident       MBBS
    41 Dr.Sukanya Kumar                      Sr.Resident       MBBS
    42 Dr.Abhishek Dudhatra                  Sr.Resident       MBBS
    43 Dr.Ninad Auti                         Sr.Resident       MBBS
    44 Dr.Mehul Rathod                       Sr.Resident       MBBS
    45   Dr. Ravi Anand                      Jr. Resident      MBBS
    46   Dr. Vishal Sachdeva                 Jr. Resident      MBBS
    47   Dr. Vohra Karan Vinod               Jr. Resident      MBBS
    48   Dr. Wagh Kunal Haribhau             Jr. Resident      MBBS
    49   Dr. Mukesh Laddha                   Jr. Resident      MBBS
    50   Dr. Neeti Singh                     Jr. Resident      MBBS
    51   Dr. Phani Kumar L. V. Ravulapalli   Jr. Resident      MBBS
    52   Dr. Amit Suresh Bhate               Jr. Resident      MBBS
    53   Dr. Abhijit Baburao Gaikwad         Jr. Resident      MBBS
    54   Dr. Zubin Sharma                    Jr. Resident      MBBS
    55   Dr. Preeti Birasaheb Rupnar         Jr. Resident      MBBS
    56   Dr. Neha Chhagan Chaudhari          Jr. Resident      MBBS
    57   Dr. Kiran Dhananjay Shinde          Jr. Resident      MBBS
    58   Dr. Ankur Gupta                     Jr. Resident      MBBS
    59   Dr. Ram Ashok Bihade                Jr. Resident      MBBS
    60   Dr. Harmandeep Singh Chahal         Jr. Resident      MBBS
    61   Dr. Avinash Eknath Mundhe           Jr. Resident      MBBS
    62   Dr. Sunit Dharampal Lokwani         Jr. Resident      MBBS
    63   Dr. Jinendra Mohan Jain             Jr. Resident      MBBS
    64   Dr. Ajinkya Bansidhar Dhakane       Jr. Resident      MBBS
    65   Dr. Sahil Bhagat                    Jr. Resident      MBBS
    66   Dr. Ramdas Barure                   Jr. Resident      MBBS
    67   Dr. Krunal Takakuwala               Jr. Resident      MBBS
    68   Dr. Subodh Garg                     Jr. Resident      MBBS
                                         Dept of Paediatrics
Sr.No Name of the Staff                      Designation       Qualifications

     1 Dr.S. R. Agarkhedkar                  Prof & HOD        M.D(Paediatrics)

     2 Dr.Mrs.Karambelkar G. R               Professor         M.D(Paediatrics)

     3 Dr.Pramod P.Jog                       Professor         M.D(Paediatrics)
     4 Dr.Deshpande N. S                     Professor         M.D(Paediatrics)
     5 Dr.Veenita Pande                      Professor         M.D(Paediatrics)
     6 Dr.Sanjay Chavan                      Professor         M.D(Paediatrics)
     7 Dr.D.S.Karwa                          Professor         M.D(Paediatrics)
     8 Dr.Karambelkar R.P                    Asso.Prof         M.D(Paediatrics)
     9 Dr.Deshpande S.V                      Asso.Prof         M.D(Paediatrics)
    10 Dr.A.D.Mishra                         Asso.Prof         M.D(Paediatrics)
    11 Dr.Mrs.R.S.Jadhav                     Asso.Prof         M.D(Paediatrics)
    12 Dr.Mrs.Mane S. V                      Asso.Prof         M.D(Paediatrics)
    13 Dr.S.A.Tambolkar                    Asso.Prof         M.D(Paediatrics)
    14 Dr.Manoj Matnani                    Lecturer          M.D(Paediatrics)
    15 Dr.Shiji K. S                       Lecturer          M.D(Paediatrics)
    16 Dr.Vijay K. Dhobale                 Lecturer          M.D(Paediatrics)
    17 Dr.Mukund Sangamnerkar Lecturer                       M.D(Paediatrics)
    18 Dr.Anuradha Mainkar                 Lecturer          M.D(Paediatrics)
    19 Dr.Barnali Bhattacharya             Lecturer          M.D(Paediatrics)
    20 Dr.Shradha Salunkhe                 Sr.Resident       DNB(Paediatrics)
    21 Dr.Mohit Poddar                     Sr.Resident       MBBS
    22 Dr.Chauhan Priya                    Sr.Resident       MBBS
    23 Dr.Anubhav Gupta                    Sr.Resident       MBBS
    24 Dr.Guruprakash V.K                  Sr.Resident       MBBS
    25 Dr.Siddharth Budhraja               Sr.Resident       MBBS
    26 Dr.Allan Pereira                    Sr.Resident       MBBS
    27 Dr.Rajneesh Sidhu                   Sr.Resident       MBBS
    28   Dr. Kadam Shashank Ravindra       Jr. Resident      MBBS
    29   Dr. Gopal Kumar Khemka            Jr. Resident      MBBS
    30   Dr. Manu Goel                     Jr. Resident      MBBS
    31   Dr. Supreet Nagpal                Jr. Resident      MBBS
    32   Dr. Preeti Arora                  Jr. Resident      MBBS
    33   Dr. Mehul Pravinchandra Modi      Jr. Resident      MBBS
    34   Dr. Deepak Mittal                 Jr. Resident      MBBS
    35   Dr. Neema Shrestha                Jr. Resident      MBBS
    36   Dr. Aliya Kachru                  Jr. Resident      MBBS
    37   Dr. Tej Narayan                   Jr. Resident      MBBS
    38   Dr. Suraj Pramod Bhagat           Jr. Resident      MBBS
    39   Dr. Bhaskar Sharma                Jr. Resident      MBBS

                                        Dept of T.B&Chest
Sr.No Name of the Staff                    Designation       Qualifications

     1 Dr.T.R.Sahasrabudhe                 Prof & HOD        M.D(T.B & Chest)
     2 Dr.N.S.Gaikwad                      Professor         M.D(T.B & Chest)
     3 Dr.Dharmadhikari Vinay              Asso.Professor    M.D(T.B & Chest)

     4 Dr.S.B.Meshram                      Sr.Resident       DTCD
     5 Dr.Kulkarni Ajit                    Sr.Resident       DNB(TB & Chest)
     6 Dr.Sandeep Garg                     Sr.Resident       MBBS
     7   Dr. Vipul Kalley                  Jr. Resident      MBBS
     8   Dr. Anish Kumar Khan              Jr. Resident      MBBS
     9   Dr. Vikas Oswal                   Jr. Resident      MBBS
    10   Dr. Tinku Joseph                  Jr. Resident      MBBS
    11   Dr, Vivian Wilson                 Jr. Resident      MBBS
    12   Dr. Madhur Joshi                  Jr. Resident      MBBS

                                        Dept of Skin & V.D
Sr.No Name of the Staff                    Designation       Qualifications

     1 Dr.Y.K.Sharma                       Prof & HOD        M.D(Skin & V.D)
     2 Dr.Kedarnath Dash                   Professor         M.D(Skin & V.D)
     3 Dr.Milind Patvekar                  Professor         M.D(Skin & V.D)
     4 Dr.Chaudhari N. D                   Professor         M.D(Skin & V.D)
     5 Dr.Rajiv Sule                       Asso.Prof         M.D(Skin & V.D)
     6 Dr.H.Talanikar                      Asso.Prof         M.D(Skin & V.D)
     7 Dr.Mrs.Kirti Deo                    Lecturer          M.D(Skin & V.D)
     8 Dr.Sanjeev Gupta                    Lecturer          M.D(Skin & V.D)
     9 Dr.Nishat Sood                      Sr.Resident       MBBS
    10 Dr.Neha Goyal                       Sr.Resident       MBBS
    11 Dr.Tushar Opneja                    Sr.Resident       MBBS
    12   Dr. Bhuvnesh Shah                 Jr. Resident      MBBS
    13   Dr. Priyanka Sehgal                    Jr. Resident      MBBS
    14   Dr. Poorva Dilip Shah                  Jr. Resident      MBBS
    15   Dr. Deshmukh Supriya Prabhakar         Jr. Resident      MBBS
    16   Dr. Virmani Neha Chandrajeet           Jr. Resident      MBBS
    17   Dr. (Mrs.) Radhika Kipikar (Trivedi)   Jr. Resident      MBBS

                                          Dept of Psychiatry
Sr.No Name of the Staff                         Designation       Qualifications

     1 Dr.L.Bhattacharya                        Prof & HOD        M.D(Psychiatry)
     2 Dr.Daniel Saldanha                       Professor         M.D(Psychiatry)
     3 Dr.Neha Pande                            Professor         M.D(Psychiatry)
     4 Dr.Javadekar R.                          Professor         M.D(Psychiatry)
     5 Dr.Suresh Mehta                          Asso.Prof         M.D(Psychiatry)
     6 Dr.Gujar Kishor                          Lecturer          M.D(Psychiatry)

     7 Dr.Bhushan L. Choudhari                  Lecturer          M.D(Psychiatry)

     8 Dr.Dejabjit Daw                          Sr.Resident       MBBS
     9 Dr.Summit Beniwal                        Sr.Resident       MBBS
    10 Dr.Anuja Kelkar                          Sr.Resident       MBBS
    11   Dr. Patel Vishalkumar Kantilal         Jr. Resident      MBBS
    12   Dr. Golwalkar Rujuta Sudhir            Jr. Resident      MBBS
    13   Dr. Ambarish Ghosh                     Jr. Resident      MBBS
    14   Dr. Vivek Goyal                        Jr. Resident      MBBS

                                          Dept of Gen.Surgery
Sr.No Name of the Staff                         Designation       Qualifications

     1 Dr.B.M.Subnis                            Professor & HOD   M.S(Surgery)
     2 Dr.Gurjit Singh                          Professor         M.S(Surgery)
     3 Dr.R.N.Bharadwaj                         Professor         M.S(Surgery)
     4 Dr.S.G.Chavan                            Professor         M.S(Surgery)
     5 Dr.Mrs.D.S.Nirhale                       Professor         M.S(Surgery)
     6 Dr.Mrs.S.V.Nagane                        Professor         M.S(Surgery)
     7 Dr.KVS RANA                              Professor         M.S(Surgery)
     8 Dr.Dogra B. B                            Professor         M.S(Surgery)
     9 Dr.N.A.Deshpande                         Professor         M.S(Surgery)
    10 Dr.Sangram Jadhav                        Professor         M.S(Surgery)
    11 Dr.R.U.Mete                              Professor         M.S(Surgery)
    12 Dr.Dhiagude B.D                          Asso.Prof         M.S(Surgery)
    13 Dr.Siddharth Dubhashi                    Asso.Prof         M.S(Surgery)
    14 Dr.Iqbal Ali                             Asso.Prof         M.S(Surgery)
    15 Dr.V.S.Athawale                          Asso.Prof         M.S(Surgery)
    16 Dr.Amit Parasnis                         Asso.Prof         M.S(Surgery)
    17 Dr.Sable S.S                             Lecturer          M.S(Surgery)
    18 Dr.Amit Sardesai                         Lecturer          M.S(Surgery)
    19 Dr. Sulmit Vaidya                        Lecturer          M.S(Surgery)
    20 Dr.Trupti Tonape                         Lecturer          M.S(Surgery)
    21 Dr.Anuradha Dnyanmote                    Lecturer          M.S(Surgery)
    22 Dr.Prashant Kedari                       Lecturer          M.S(Surgery)
    23 Dr.Mahesh Sambhus                        Lecturer          M.S(Surgery)
    24 Dr.Shrikant D. Ankolikar                 Lecturer          M.S(Surgery)
    25 Dr.Yashwant Patil                        Lecturer          M.S(Surgery)
    26 Dr.Pankaj S. Deshpande                   Sr.Resident       D.N.B(Surgery)
    27 Dr.Nitin Patil                           Sr.Resident       M.S.(Gen.Surgery)
    28 Dr.Santosh Rejintal                      Sr.Resident       MBBS
    29 Dr.Prabhjot Singh Aulakh                 Sr.Resident       MBBS
    30 Dr.T.Trinath                             Sr.Resident       MBBS
    31 Dr.Sourabh Sharma                        Sr.Resident       MBBS
    32 Dr.Patel Himanshu                        Sr.Resident       MBBS
    33 Dr.Parneet Singh                     Sr.Resident         MBBS
    34 Dr.Tekade Sachin                     Sr.Resident         MBBS
    35 Dr.Ejaz Ahmed                        Sr.Resident         MBBS
    36 Dr.Apoorva Pandey                    Sr.Resident         MBBS
    37 Dr.Rajakumar M.                      Sr.Resident         MBBS
    38 Dr.Viju Kumar Bharatan               Sr.Resident         MBBS
    39 Dr.Rahul K. Hantodkar                Sr.Resident         MBBS
    40 Dr.Ruchita K. Gupta                  Sr.Resident         MBBS
    41   Dr. Charit Bora                    Jr. Resident        MBBS
    42   Dr. Sandeep R. Nath                Jr. Resident        MBBS
    43   Dr. Raghuveer Dudipala Reddy       Jr. Resident        MBBS
    44   Dr. Priyanka Malekar               Jr. Resident        MBBS
    45   Dr. Saurabh Mahamia                Jr. Resident        MBBS
    46   Dr. Sarang Shirish Gotecha         Jr. Resident        MBBS
    47   Dr. Amandeep Singh Banga           Jr. Resident        MBBS
    48   Dr. Sai Kalyan S.                  Jr. Resident        MBBS
    49   Dr. Bhupender Kadyan               Jr. Resident        MBBS
    50   Dr. Abhishek Kunal                 Jr. Resident        MBBS
    51   Dr. Prashant Punia                 Jr. Resident        MBBS
    52   Dr. Shreyas Kadappa Bhardanavar    Jr. Resident        MBBS
    53   Dr. Gurmohan Singh Sethi           Jr. Resident        MBBS
    54   Dr. Gaurav Gokulchandji Goena      Jr. Resident        MBBS
    55   Dr. Kundan Ashok Kharde            Jr. Resident        MBBS
    56   Dr. Kunal Kishore                  Jr. Resident        MBBS
    57   Dr. Manan Singh                    Jr. Resident        MBBS
    58   Dr. Rajat Sindwani                 Jr. Resident        MBBS
    59   Dr. Ketak Mahendra Nagare          Jr. Resident        MBBS
    60   Dr. Siddhartha Priyadarshi         Jr. Resident        MBBS
    61   Dr. Viswanath Muppa                Jr. Resident        MBBS
    62   Dr. Chandradip Santosh Patil       Jr. Resident        MBBS
    63   Dr. Aditya Ashok                   Jr. Resident        MBBS
    64   Dr. Aniruddha Arvind               Jr. Resident        MBBS

                                         Dept of Orthopaedics
Sr.No Name of the Staff                     Designation         Qualifications

     1 Dr.S.K.Biswas                        Prof & HOD          M.S(Orthopaedics)
     2 Dr.Suhas Kamble                      Professor           M.S(Orthopaedics)
     3 Dr.S.R.Puri                          Professor           M.S(Orthopaedics)
     4 Dr.Shreerang Joshi                   Professor           M.S(Orthopaedics)
     5 Dr.Anil Salgia                       Professor           M.S(Orthopaedics)
     6 Dr.Amit Swamy                        Professor           M.S(Orthopaedics)
     7 Dr.Sanjay Deo                        Asso.Prof           M.S(Orthopaedics)
     8 Dr. Ajit Swamy                       Asso.Prof           M.S(Orthopaedics)
     9 Dr.S.A.Limaye                        Asso.Prof           M.S(Orthopaedics)
    10 Dr.K.S.Maheshwari                    Asso.Prof           M.S(Orthopaedics)
    11 Dr.Kiran Shete                       Lecturer            M.S(Orthopaedics)
    12 Dr.Tushar Agarwal                    Lecturer            M.S(Orthopaedics)
    13 Dr.Abijit Shroff                     Lecturer            M.S(Orthopaedics)
    14 Dr.Rahul M. Salunkhe                 Lecturer            M.S(Orthopaedics)
    15 Dr.Samir P. Deshmukh                 Lecturer            M.S(Orthopaedics)
    16 Dr.Ganesh Reddy                      Sr.Resident         MBBS
    17 Dr.Mahendra Reddy                    Sr.Resident         MBBS
    18 Dr.Dhyan B. Patel                    Sr.Resident         MBBS
    19 Dr.Kilaru Praful                     Sr.Resident         MBBS
    20 Dr.Sharlin K. Maheshwari             Sr.Resident         MBBS
    21 Dr.Gaurav Sachdeva                   Sr.Resident         MBBS
    22 Dr.Faisal Qureshi                    Sr.Resident         MBBS
    23 Dr.Rajnikant Patel                     Sr.Resident        MBBS
    24 Dr.Abhimanu Virmani                    Sr.Resident        MBBS
    25 Dr.Arun Reddy                          Sr.Resident        MBBS
    26   Dr. Ashish Kohli                     Jr. Resident       MBBS
    27   Dr. Vikramkumar Tulshibhai Jasolia   Jr. Resident       MBBS
    28   Dr. Ramprasad Ralapalli              Jr. Resident       MBBS
    29   Dr. John Augustine                   Jr. Resident       MBBS
    30   Dr. Piyush Patil                     Jr. Resident       MBBS
    31   Dr. Ashwin Anil Deshmukh             Jr. Resident       MBBS
    32   Dr. Furqan Rasul Mir                 Jr. Resident       MBBS
    33   Dr. Raviraj Shindhe                  Jr. Resident       MBBS
    34   Dr. Rahul P. Mehta                   Jr. Resident       MBBS
    35   Dr. Ranat Vishnoi                    Jr. Resident       MBBS
    36   Dr. Faiyaz Khan                      Jr. Resident       MBBS
    37   Dr. Maulik Tulsibhai Patel           Jr. Resident       MBBS
    38   Dr. Saurabh Sahni                    Jr. Resident       MBBS
    39   Dr. Avkash Mangalbhai Patel          Jr. Resident       MBBS
    40   Dr. Sahil Sanghi                     Jr. Resident       MBBS

                                       Dept of Ophthalmology
Sr.No Name of the Staff                       Designation        Qualifications

     1 Dr.R.P.Gupta                           Prof & HOD         M.S(Ophthalmology)
     2 Dr.Sadanand Patra                      Professor          M.S(Ophthalmology)
     3 Dr.Sunita Jagtap                       Professor          M.S(Ophthalmology)
     4 Dr.Mrs.Renu Magdum                     Professor          M.S(Ophthalmology)
     5 Dr.O.K.Radhakrishnan                   Professor          M.S(Ophthalmology)
     6 Dr.Abhay Lune                          Asso.Prof          M.S(Ophthalmology)
     7 Dr.Kavita Bhatnagar                    Asso.Prof          M.S(Ophthalmology)
     8 Dr.Rupali Maheshgauri                  Lecturer           M.S(Ophthalmology)
     9 Dr.Aishwarya Thakre                    Lecturer           M.S(Ophthalmology)
    10 Dr.Suryawanshi M. V                    Sr.Resident        MBBS, D.O
    11 Dr.Nitin Mettal                        Sr.Resident        MBBS
    12 Dr.Milani Mary Paul                    Sr.Resident        MBBS
    13   Dr. Kanchan Bajirao Sawant           Jr. Resident       MBBS
    14   Dr. Ashis Ramesh Ghosh               Jr. Resident       MBBS
    15   Dr. Pranathi Kommineni.              Jr. Resident       MBBS
    16   Dr. Atreyee Pradhan                  Jr. Resident       MBBS
    17   Dr. Dhavt P.  Sukharamwala           Jr. Resident       MBBS
    18   Dr. Medha Rajyan                     Jr. Resident       MBBS

                                              Dept of E.N.T
Sr.No Name of the Staff                       Designation        Qualifications

     1 Dr.James Thomas                        Professor & HOD    M.S(E.N.T)
     2 Dr.Deogaonkar S. C                     Professor          M.S(E.N.T)
     3 Dr.S.M.Latkar                          Professor          M.S(E.N.T)
     4 Dr.Nayana S. Karodpati                 Asso.Prof          M.S(E.N.T)
     5 Dr.Girija A. Ghate                     Lecturer           M.S(E.N.T)
     6 Dr.Vinod Shinde                        Lecturer           M.S(E.N.T)
     7 Dr.Navdeep Kaur Boporai                Sr.Resident        MBBS
     8 Dr.Rashmi Prashant                     Sr.Resident        M.S(E.N.T)
     9   Dr. Shashank Ojha                    Jr. Resident       MBBS
    10   Dr. Kushaldeep Singh                 Jr. Resident       MBBS
    11   Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma                Jr. Resident       MBBS
    12   Dr. Rishank Kishore                  Jr. Resident       MBBS

                                       Dept of Anaesthesiology
Sr.No Name of the Staff                       Designation        Qualifications
     1 Dr. M.M.Panditrao             Prof & HOD           M.D(Anaesthesiology)
     2 Dr.Mrs.M.M.Panditrao          Professor            M.D(Anaesthesiology)
     3 Dr.Velankar P.                Professor            M.D(Anaesthesiology)
     4 Dr.VRR Chari                  Professor            M.D(Anaesthesiology)
     5 Dr.Mrs.Thatte W.              Professor            M.D(Anaesthesiology)
     6 Dr.Chhaya Suryavanshi         Professor            M.D(Anaesthesiology)
     7 Dr.Mary Samuel                Professor            M.D(Anaesthesiology)
     8 Dr.Dhamesh Gandhi             Asso.Prof            M.D(Anaesthesiology)
     9 Dr.Anil Dhole                 Asso.Prof            M.D(Anaesthesiology)
    10 Dr.Sushma Kamat               Asso.Prof            M.D(Anaesthesiology)
    11 Dr.Bhavesh Seth               Lecturer             M.D(Anaesthesiology)
    12 Dr.Prashant Ghorpade          Lecturer             M.D(Anaesthesiology)
    13 Dr.Kshama Sirsath             Lecturer             M.D(Anaesthesiology)
    14 Dr.Kiran Khanvelkar           Lecturer             M.D(Anaesthesiology)
    15 Dr.Sumant Mahawan             Lecturer             M.D(Anaesthesiology)
    16 Dr.Venkatesh Dhat             Lecturer             D.N.B(Anaesthesiology)
    17 Dr.M.Khot                     Sr.Resident          D.A., MBBS

    18 Dr.Archana Shelmohakar        Sr.Resident          D.A., MBBS

    19 Dr. Manisha Sapate            Sr.Resident          D.A., MBBS
    20 Dr.Tupti Deshpande            Sr.Resident          D.N.B (Anaesthesiology)
    21 Dr.Chetan Kumar               Sr.Resident          MBBS
    22 Dr.Mahesh Kashyap             Sr.Resident          MBBS
    23 Dr.Vikas Singh                Sr.Resident          MBBS
    24 Dr.Karan Varma                Sr.Resident          MBBS
    25 Dr.Piyushkumar Sengar         Sr.Resident          MBBS
    26 Dr.Sandeep Singh Saini        Sr.Resident          MBBS
    27 Dr.Gurjewan Singh             Sr.Resident          MBBS
    28 Dr.Anuja A Goyal              Sr.Resident          MBBS
    29 Dr.Vaibhav Anand              Sr.Resident          MBBS
    30 Dr.Bisswadeep Kumar Das       Sr.Resident          MBBS
    31 Dr.Sweta Chandra              Sr.Resident          MBBS
    32 Dr.Adit Arora                 Sr.Resident          MBBS
    33 Dr.Arun George                Sr.Resident          MBBS
    34 Dr.Neeraj Aggarwal            Sr.Resident          MBBS
                                Dept of Radio-diagnosis
Sr.No Name of the Staff              Designation          Qualifications

     1 Dr.S.S.Thind                  Prof & HOD           M.D(Radio-diagnosis)
     2 Dr.Amarjit Singh              Professor            M.D(Radio-diagnosis)

     3 Dr.Sangameshwaran K. V        Professor            M.D(Radio-diagnosis)

     4 Dr.Satish S. Naware           Professor            M.D(Radio-diagnosis)
     5 Dr.V.M. Kulkarni              Professor            M.D(Radio-diagnosis)
     6 Dr.S.S.Shetty                 Professor            M.D(Radio-diagnosis)
     7 Dr.Rajesh Kuber               Asso.Professor       M.D(Radio-diagnosis)
     8 Dr.Khaladkar Sanjay           Asso.Professor       M.D(Radio-diagnosis)
     9 Dr.Sanjay Gosavi              Asso.Professor       M.D(Radio-diagnosis)
    10 Dr.Amit Kharat                Lecturer             DNB(Radio-diagnosis)
    11 Dr.Sachin S. Patil            Lecturer             DNB(Radio-diagnosis)
    12 Dr.Yogesh Chaudhari           Lecturer             M.D(Radio-diagnosis)
    13 Dr.Ruptakke M. D              Sr.Resident          MBBS

    14 Dr.Ashok Karamchandani        Sr.Resident          MBBS

    15 Dr.Drushi Patel               Sr.Resident          MBBS
    16 Dr.Abhijeet Patil             Sr.Resident          MBBS
    17 Dr.Vikam Singh                Sr.Resident          MBBS
    18 Dr.Bhavana Anand              Sr.Resident          MBBS
    19 Dr.Surupa Roy                 Sr.Resident          MBBS
    20 Dr.Dherange Sheetal B.        Sr.Resident          MBBS
                                                      Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
                   Sr.No Name of the Staff                     Designation           Qualifications

                        1 Dr.Deshpande H. G                    Prof & HOD            M.D(OBGY)
                        2 Dr.Mrs.V.D.Kamat                     Professor             M.D(OBGY)
                        3 Dr.Mrs.Gaikwad V. A                  Professor             M.D(OBGY)
                        4 Dr.Mrs.Mangal Puri                   Professor             M.D(OBGY)
                        5 Dr.Patwekar M.M                      Professor             M.D(OBGY)
                        6 Dr.Chaudhari S. N                    Professor             M.D(OBGY)
                        7 Dr.Shankar B Burute                  Professor             M.D(OBGY)
                        8 Dr.Sandeep Bhat                      Professor             M.D(OBGY)
                        9 Dr.C.S.Madkar                        Asso.Prof             M.D(OBGY)
                       10 Dr.Amit Kamat                        Asso.Prof             M.D(OBGY)
                       11 Dr.Shrimant B. Burute                Asso.Prof             M.D(OBGY)

                       12 Dr.Ravindra Shelmohakar              Asso.Prof             M.D(OBGY)

                       13 Dr.Patil Prashant                    Lecturer              M.D(OBGY)
                       14 Dr.Shilpa Mangudkar                  Lecturer              M.D(OBGY)
                       15 Dr.Madhukar Shinde                   Lecturer              M.D(OBGY)
                       16 Dr.Vikas S. Tambe                    Lecturer              M.D(OBGY)
                       17 Dr.Rajesh Bawaskar                   Lecturer              M.D(OBGY)
                       18 Dr.Jyoti V. Dhobale                  Lecturer              M.D(OBGY)
                       19 Dr.Abhijit Annadate                  Sr.Resident           DGO, MBBS
                       20 Dr.Bushra Khan                       Sr.Resident           MBBS
                       21 Dr.Kulkarni Vinita                   Sr.Resident           MBBS
                       22 Dr.Sanchita Karmakar                 Sr.Resident           MBBS
                       23 Dr.Chintan Chaudhari                 Sr.Resident           MBBS
                       24 Dr.Karuna Sharma                     Sr.Resident           MBBS
                       25 Dr.Priyanka Dahiya                   Sr.Resident           MBBS
                       26 Dr.Tarang Yadav                      Sr.Resident           MBBS
                       27   Dr. Rachita Munjal                 Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       28   Dr. Bamane Subhangi Satyawan       Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       29   Dr. Sonal Kumar                    Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       30   Dr. Akhil Deepak Lawande           Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       31   Dr. Pratima Agrawal                Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       32   Dr. Gazal Garg                     Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       33   Dr. Sugandha Kohli                 Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       34   Dr. Suparna Gupta                  Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       35   Dr. Poorva Niteen Deshpande        Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       36   Dr. Manisha Mann                   Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       37   Dr. Rajni Chaudhary                Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       38   Dr. Mahima Nath                    Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       39   Dr. Rochelle Heriona Gracias       Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       40   Dr. Rituparna Das                  Jr. Resident          MBBS
                       41   Dr. Parikh Kajal Pankaj            Jr. Resident          MBBS

                                                                                                           Signature with stamp 

(Dr. Rajeev Sen)                                                Prof. (Dr. Jasbinder Kaur                   Dr. O. P. Misra
   MCI Inspector                                                      MCI Inspector                         MCI Inspector

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