An association of Amtelco
                  users dedicated to education,

        packet   networking, and development of
                 best practices among members.

                     To be an indispensable
                  resource to all Amtelco users.
     contents and welcome letter

                     Welcome NAEO Member,                       How Much Can Membership Save You?
                                                                Case Study ................................................................................ 3
                    It is my pleasure to welcome you
                    to the National Amtelco Equipment
                    Owners Association (NAEO). Whether          Member Benefits
                    you are a long time member or               Supervisor Training Program ..................................................5
                    just joined NAEO, we value your
                    membership. It is because of                Annual Conference ...................................................................5
    members like you that NAEO is able to provide               NAEO Listserv ...........................................................................5
    resources, best practices, continuous education,            Amtelco Service Contract Discount Program.........................5
    and an extensive network of call center and
    telecommunication industry professionals.                   Ambassador Program ..............................................................6
                                                                Infinity Operator Training Program..........................................6
    As Executive Director for NAEO I sincerely hope that
    you take advantage of everything membership has             Errors & Omissions Insurance ...............................................6
    to offer. The volunteer board of directors, committee       Webinars ...................................................................................7
    members, member volunteers, and staff work hard             Newslinks .................................................................................7
    to bring you benefits and resources that help your
    business succeed. In addition, we know that NAEO            Scholarships .............................................................................7
    benefits will also help you and your staff’s professional
                                                                Meet the Board .........................................................................8
    This membership packet outlines the benefits NAEO           Meet Some NAEO Members ............................................... 9-10
    offers. I sincerely hope that you use this information
    to ensure you and your company take advantage of all
    NAEO benefits. Should you have any questions please         Ways to Get Involved in NAEO
    don’t hesitate to contact the NAEO Office.                  Listservs .................................................................................11
                                                                Webinars .................................................................................11
    Once again, thank you for your NAEO membership,
                                                                Conference Participation .......................................................11
                                                                Committee Membership ........................................................11
                                                                Board of Directors ..................................................................11

                                                                Board Committees
    Andrew Shelp                                                Annual Conference Committee .............................................11
    Executive Director                                          Membership Committee ........................................................11
    National Amtelco Equipment Owners
                                                                Education Committee ............................................................11
                                                                Technical Committee .............................................................11

                                                                NAEO History ...........................................................................12
                                                                Past Presidents ......................................................................12
                                                                NAEO Bylaws ...........................................................................13
                                                                Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices .....17

                                 how much can membership save you?

The following case study is based on estimates for a Call Center’s operations and is intended to provide information on the
benefits of NAEO membership. NAEO understands that these estimates may vary depending on your individual corporate
size and scope of business and operation. This case study is intended to assist NAEO members in identifying cost savings
by utilizing the member benefits offered through NAEO membership. JOIN TODAY!

NAEO Operator Training Program                                   Business Continuity
a. If No Training Program Used (average 3 weeks to train and     Average Monthly Revenue (28 day billing cycle): $100k
work independently):
Trainee:                                                         48 hours of lost service (hurricane/snow storm/etc.):
$9.50/hr x 40 hrs x 3 wks = $1,150.00 ($1,140.00 actual)         $100k/2 days of lost service = (roughly) $3,500.00/day x 2
Trainer:                                                         = $7,000.00 lost
Week 1: $12.00/hr x 24 hrs = $290.00 ($288.00 actual)
Week 2: $12.00/hr x 40 hrs = $500.00 ($480.00 actual)            Business Continuity routes calls to another center and
Week 3: $12.00/hr x 40 hrs = $500.00 ($480.00 actual)            outage is minimized to an estimated 4 hours: $3,500.00/24
                                                                 = $150.00/hour x 4 hours = $600.00 lost
Total cost of training an employee without Program =
$2,440.00                                                        Total savings by creating and executing disaster plan
                                                                 through NAEO’s Business Continuity Program= $6,300.00.
b. With Training Program (average 2 weeks to train using the     Access to NAEO Business Continuity is free to NAEO Members.
NAEO Program):
Week 1, Days 1 & 2: $9.50 x 16 hours on Program = $150.00        Summary
($152.00 actual)
                                                                 Four Benefits Total Savings to NAEO member: $1,300.00-
Days 3-5: 24 hrs x 9.50 = $230.00 (228.00 Trainee)               $3,300.00. You can save even more if you experience a
          24 hrs x 12.00 = $290.00 (288.00 Trainer)              disaster and are prepared through NAEO Business Continuity
                                                                 Benefits. See below for details.
Week 2: 40 x 9.50 = $400.00 (380.00) (Trainee)
        40 x 12.00 = $500.00 (480.00) (Trainer)                  Total savings if benefits are utilized without Service Interruption/
Total Cost with NAEO Training Program = $1,600.00                Operator Training Program               $840.00 (per employee)
($1,570.00 actual)                                               NAEO Service Contract Discount:         $500.00
                                                                 E&O Insurance*:                         $1000.00
Total savings with NAEO training program:                        Total Value of Benefits:                $2,340.00
$840.00 (35%) per employee trained
                                                                 NAEO Membership Cost:                 $765.00
                                                                 Estimated Net Value:                  $1,575.00
NAEO Amtelco Service Contract Discount:
Annual Service Contact (appx): $5,000.00                         Total Savings with benefits including the utilization of Business
10% Discount = $500.00                                           continuity plan during a Interruption/Disaster:
                                                                 Operator Training Program:            $840.00
Total Savings utilizing the NAEO discount: $500.00               Amtelco FSC Discount:                 $500.00
                                                                 E&O Insurance*:                       $1,000.00
E&O Insurance                                                    Business Continuity:                  $6,300.00
Old Policy: $3,700.00 (plus $1,200.00 for membership             Total Value of Benefits:              $8,640.00
access to policy)
New Policy: $2,700.00                                            NAEO Membership Cost:                 $765.00
Savings: $1,000.00 (policy alone)                                Estimated Net Value:                  $7,875.00

Total savings from old policy: appx. $2,000.00 (including
membership access)

     national amtelco equipment owners orientation

    What is NAEO?
                                                                       - Richard Press,
    NAEO is a non-profit association comprised of users of
    Amtelco telecommunications equipment that is dedicated              All Voice Communications
    to serving its members by providing an opportunity
    to network, educate, and provide a unified voice to the
    industry. Members include both small and large call centers,
    based in the United States and around the world.

    Close communication is maintained by a strong email
    listserv, an electronic newsletter and an annual conference    The greatest member
    held in early spring. NAEO acts as a liaison between Amtelco
    and its equipment owners by providing education, sharing
    information among owners and giving feedback to Amtelco
                                                                   benefit we receive is the
    on ideas or problems that arise from members.
                                                                   exchange of information.
    NAEO is a strong, active and vibrant association because
    of dedicated volunteers on the Board and Committees as         Specifically, programming
    well as in members who share their knowledge daily on the
    listserv and in educational settings. These volunteers work
    with a staff of association professionals to enable NAEO to
                                                                   insight, account set-
    continue to thrive: educating and connecting members and
    continually improving its benefits and value for members.      up insight and general
                                                                   industry information
                                                                   that we would otherwise
                                                                   not be aware of. This
                                                                   has saved us money,
                                                                   aggravation, and has
                                                                   helped us to better serve
                                                                   our clients.

                                member benefits and how to use them

Amtelco Service Contract Discount Program
This members-only program trains technicians or managers                                     - Allan Fromm,
to maintain Amtelco equipment. After completing the
course, a passing grade on the test qualifies you for a 10                                   An-ser Services
percent discount on your service contract with Amtelco.
Depending on the size of your bureau, this Amtelco discount
could literally pay for your NAEO membership!

To access the test information, go to in the
members-only section.

NAEO Listserv                                                            The contact and friendships
This active listserv daily showcases postings from other
NAEO members, including their questions and comments                     with other NAEO members
about a variety of topics: hiring, scheduling, programming,
features, and an occasional joke or posting of industry                  is by far the most important
related information. By sharing their unique experiences,
members are able to use their Amtelco equipment to its                   resource available to my
full capacity and efficiency. You will also find that this
great resource offers a built-in community to ask industry
questions and that there is a genuine desire among our
                                                                         business. Don’t EVER
members to see members succeed and grow.
                                                                         miss the NAEO Annual
You may post questions of your own by sending an email to – please remember to include the system                    Conference – you will lose
you are on and applications that you use so members can
best answer your question. Please note that topics to avoid              a whole year’s worth of
include pricing or salary discussions and direct recruitment
efforts.                                                                 information!
If you are not already on the listserv, or if you want to add
colleagues, send an email to:

Annual Conference                                                those in similar business situations. A special reception for
NAEO call center conferences are comprehensive,                  first-time attendees allows them to easily meet others and
equipment-specific, information-packed, and affordable.          quickly become part of the NAEO community.
They are unique educational experiences that help you
achieve success in your call center. Past topics from NAEO’s     Find out information about the upcoming annual conference
annual conferences include: “Plunging Into eServices,”           at under Events.
“Infinity as a Collections Platform,” “Staffing,” “Upgrading
Client Satisfaction,” and “Skill-Based Call Routing.” Specific   Supervisor Training
Medical Breakout Sessions are also held. Management              NAEO provides equipment-specific training for supervisors
and staff from hospitals and university medical call             on important topics such as the tools available to
centers gather to share ideas and learn about new medical        supervisors in Infinity, information about call distribution,
applications.                                                    reports, greetings and coaching staff. These training events
                                                                 provide a unique atmosphere for supervisors to learn skills
In addition to the quality educational offerings at the Annual   using their Infinity equipment as well as to gain ideas from
Conference, NAEO members enjoy a variety of networking           colleagues. Find out more information about upcoming
opportunities that allow attendees to share ideas with           events at under Events.

      member benefits and how to use them

    Infinity Operator Training Program                              Ambassador Program
    This web-based program, available at no cost to members         The Ambassador Program was created to provide guidance,
    in good standing, enables new Infinity call center operators    expert opinion, and mentorship to both new Amtelco users
    to self-train using the interactive NAEO Operator Training      and existing NAEO Members in the areas of hardware,
    program. As an added bonus, the Administrator can test and      software, upgrades, and applications relating to their Infinity
    track the trainee’s progress through the course.                Call Center equipment. We can match you with someone
                                                                    in your region and you can benefit from their experience.
    Administrators are able to customize the training program       In many cases, site visits are arranged so you can see in
    to meet each site’s unique training requirements, as the        person how the new upgrade will look to you.
    ability to easily insert PowerPoint presentations throughout
    the program has been built in. The program also allows for
    custom keyboard settings, enabling the program to work
    even if the default keyboard settings have been changed.

                                                                                                 - Marie McGuire,

                                                                                                 AnswerTel of Athens

                                                                            One of the first programs I
                                                                            utilized for my staff was the
                                                                            Operator Training Program.
                                                                            New employee training time has
    To begin using this Operator Training program, simply go                been cut tremendously and I
    to and use your company login and
    password to begin. Please note that a quick start guide,
                                                                            don’t have to worry about ‘I
    frequently asked questions and equipment clarifications are             wasn’t told how to do that’!
    all on the Operator Training home page for easy reference
    and to make using this program problem-free.                            Our trainers can concentrate
    Errors & Omissions Insurance                                            on the Customer Service
    NAEO works with third party companies with expertise in
    the telecommunications industry, in order to save your                  aspects of training rather
    business money on insurance costs. The NAEO Program
    is designed to provide coverage for lawsuits as a result                than spending time teaching
    of unintentional errors in telecommunication response
    services, including defense costs, through national, toprated           functionality of the program.
    insurance companies. Find the most competitive
    rates at under Membership.                                 Thank you for making another
                                                                            part of my job so much easier!
                         member benefits and how to use them

                                       Newslinks is the association newsletter that offers
                                       practical industry and equipment-specific information to
                                       use in all areas of operations and management. It allows
                                       members to keep up to date on industry issues such as
                                       customer service, sales, operations and NAEO happenings.

                                       Past issues are available to members online at www. naeo.
                                       org and are always a good reference for tips, tricks, and
                                       educational articles.

                                       To submit an article to Newslinks, please contact the
                                       editor, Betty Bouchie, at
                                       Newslinks is published on the first of every month.

                                       NAEO members can participate in a free online training
                                       session that lasts from 30 to 60 minutes on a wide
                                       variety of topics, such as HIPAA, Call Distribution, Voice
                                       Mail, Scheduling, Voice Logger, and much more. Notices
                                       of upcoming webinars are emailed to the listserv with
                                       instructions on how to register, or you can check the
                                       schedule at the online calendar at www.

                                       Members can apply for the Curtin and Christina Collins
If I visit the members only            scholarships to offset professional development and
                                       training costs and to allow staff to grow along with you.
portal on the website, what will
                                       The Curtin scholarship recognizes the immense
I be able to access?                   contributions the Curtin Family has made to the
                                       messaging industry, and their lifelong mission to educate
                                       and inspire their valued customers. The winner of this
                                       $500 cash award can use it to attend a conference or for
• Online Member Directories            the development of an innovative approach to call center
                                       management in his or her office.
• Download Library
• Past Annual Reports                  The Christina Collins Educational Scholarship Fund was
                                       established in loving memory of Christina Collins, who
• Past Issues of Newslinks             was a great advocate of education. The winner of this
• Service Contract Discounts Test      scholarship is able to attend the annual NAEO, ATSI,
                                       or CAM-X conference or any other seminar or training
• Operator Training Program            sponsored by NAEO (registration fee, room and board)
• Site Certification                   within 16 months from the date awarded.
• Webinar Archives                     Both scholarships are awarded at the annual conference.
• Disaster Recovery Templates          More information on applying can be found at www.naeo.
                                       org or by emailing

    meet the board of directors

         President                   Technical Chair
         Trisha Stenberg             Kurt VanderScheer
         Appletree Answering         Answer United
                                                               How can I get involved
         Service                     Kalamazoo, MI
         Wilmington, DE        and stay connected?
                                                               Volunteering on an NAEO Committee
                                                               gives members the opportunity to
         Vice President/             Technical Co-Chair        help shape the organization’s work,
         President-Elect             Matt Crocker
         Billy Peppard               Crocker                   to enhance their leadership skills and
         Medical Connections, Inc.   Communications, Inc.      to become better acquainted with
         Dallas, TX                  Greenfield, MA            some fellow NAEO members. Most        of the committee’s work is done via
                                                               conference calls and email, so the time
                                                               commitment is usually limited and the
         Past President              Education Chair
         Kelli Harrigan
                                                               rewards are plentiful.
                                     Gerald R. Brosseau, II,
         Spectrum Communica-         B.S.B.A.
         tions                       Always On Call
                                                               If you are interested in joining a
         Brookfield, WI              Answering Service, LLC    committee or volunteering for NAEO
         kelli@spectrumcomm.         Concord, NH               in another manner, please contact
         com                       Executive Director Andy Shelp at
                                     Education Co-Chair
         Robin Bailey
                                     Lina Masri
         Tuscaloosa, AL
                                     Communications, Inc.
                                     Brantford, ON Canada
                                                               Join the National Amtelco Equipment
         Conference Chair
         Kelli Harrigan              Future Direction          Owners group on Facebook to keep up
         Spectrum Communica-                                   on event and conference discussions,
                                     Committee Chair
         tions                       Jim Wagner                industry updates, or simply to
         Brookfield, WI              Wagner                    network with fellow members of the
         kelli@spectrumcomm.         Communications, Inc.      organization.
         com                         Danville, IL
         Conference Co-Chair
         Gerald R. Brosseau, II,
         B.S.B.A.                    Board Member
         Always On Call Answering    Theran Mossholder
         Service, LLC                Newtown Answering
                                     Service                                    - Gail Russell,
         Concord, NH          Langhorne, PA
                                     tmossholder@newtown-                        Salina Regional
         Membership Chair  
         Laurie Blow
                                                                                Health Center
         Advanced Answering          Executive Director
         Center                      Andy Shelp
         Rutland, VT                 847-977-6153
                                                                NAEO is like a giant
         Membership Co-Chair                                    toolkit with tools,
         Billy Peppard
         Medical Connections, Inc.
                                                                knowledge and expertise
         Dallas, TX                                             that can be adapted
                                                                and used by every
                                                                        meet some naeo members

                                  Ron Waine                                 3. We have several Not-for-Profit customers that receive exceptional
                                  Vice President, Eastern Region            call volumes and donations during times of worldwide disasters such
                                  TigerTel                                  as the earthquake that devastated Haiti. TigerTel received many more
                                                                            calls than could be handled by our internal network of call centers.
                                                                            Thanks to the tremendous support of other NAEO member companies,
                                   TigerTel operates twelve call centers    we were able to quickly respond with a combined network to satisfy
located in most major cities coast to coast in Canada. Ten of our centers   call volumes and maximize donations for the benefit of our customers
utilize the Amtelco Infinity/eCreator platform and two other centers        and the citizens of Haiti.
operate with an Interactive Intelligence platform for seamless inbound
and outbound predictive dialing service capability. In addition to our      4. TigerTel continues to grow our “home based” customer service rep-
national centers, there is a head office for corporate, accounting,         resentative capability as a percentage of our total force. We have found
finance and human resources with no call center operation included.         that by equipping our staff at home, we are able to be more responsive
                                                                            during staffing challenges such as illness, snowstorms, and unexpect-
Of the ten centers operating with Infinity, seven have systems hard-        ed call spike periods. The basis of the Agreement we use for this home
ware residing in the office and three of the centers operate as satellite   based set-up with our employees was originally established by another
locations. The satellite operations are connected with dedicated            NAEO member and shared with TigerTel.
PRI and internet facilities to one of the seven hub systems. We are
licensed for a total of 326 Agent stations, 210 for Infinity and 116 for    At TigerTel we passionately believe that our involvement with NAEO,
Interactive Intelligence.                                                   beyond basic membership, has very much enhanced our ability to
                                                                            leverage our inter-member relationships and allow them to flourish. Ti-
TigerTel is actively testing the Amtelco IS platform from two locations.    gerTel has had representation on the NAEO Board of Directors, standing
Initial feedback from the test is positive and we anticipate that our       NAEO Committees and participation in Conference presentations and
future direction will be a migration towards an IS type platform and        panels. We would strongly promote active involvement to all members
continued evolution towards utilizing more satellite locations and fewer    for the mutual benefit of assisting the NAEO organization and helping
hub systems. At TigerTel, we are firm believers that local service repre-   themselves!
sentation is an important aspect towards customer service satisfaction
and competitive advantage. We have no plans to consolidate the total
number of centers.

TigerTel can track its NAEO membership back to at least the Year 2000.
However, it is possible that some of the independent call centers that
we have acquired over the years were members before 2000.
Without any doubt, the primary benefit that TigerTel has gained through                Michael Roveland
NAEO membership is the relationship that has formed with other mem-                    Call Center Interim Director
bers. These valuable and enjoyable relationships allow us to gather                    Bassett Healthcare Network, Bassett Medical Center
much feedback for important decision making based on the sharing
of successes and failures of various initiatives and strategies. We find    The Bassett Healthcare Network is an innovative and unique health
that the annual NAEO conference is the best vehicle to establish and        care system that connects comprehensive care and services to people
enhance our inter-member alliances. On a year over year basis, TigerTel     living throughout central New York. The Network has been ranked as
continues to send more and more attendees to the conference as a            one of the top 100 most integrated health systems in the nation. The
result of this benefit.                                                     hub of the network is Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown.

There are many examples as to how TigerTel is a more effective busi-        The Bassett Regional Network also has four area community hospitals.
ness today because of NAEO member assistance in the past; following         Bassett physicians and other health professionals provide primary,
are just a few:                                                             preventive, and outpatient care at 26 health centers across eight coun-
                                                                            ties. They also provide care and treatment at 18 school-based health
1. Back in 2004, TigerTel only used Voice Logger capability at a couple     centers throughout the region.
of our locations and it was provided to our customers without cost.
Through the interaction with other NAEO members, we learned that            Our Call Center has 35 operator seats, and our institution has assigned
many were charging a monthly service fee for the Voice logger feature       another 25 ACD positions across key areas in our health centers. We
and the storage of the voice files. We quickly used this information to     are still working on converting all of our accounts to IS, but are current-
prepare a business case for the purchase of additional Voice Logger         ly operating in a hybrid environment between Infinity & IS accounts.
capability for all of our sites, which generated a 3 month return-on-       We have been a member of NAEO since March 5, 2004.
investment and great new revenues and profit for the future.
                                                                            We have used the NAEO list serve and website for both technical &
2. Much of the information that we used to initially set up our three       personnel matters that a Call Center encounters every day; including
satellite branches was gathered from other NAEO members who had             the operator training program on, and the many answers
already pioneered both technical and process success. This satellite        provided by fellow NAEO members on the list serve. It has proved to be
concept allowed us to service customers with local representation           a valuable resource on many occasions.
while reducing capital hardware and software costs.
        meet some naeo members (continued)

                                               Gary Blair                                                           Marci Imes
                                               President                                                            President
                                               Tele-Page                                                            Advantage Answering Plus, Inc.

     Tele-Page is located in Montreal, Quebec, the heart of French-speaking
     Canada. A little known fact outside of Canada is that Montreal is the         Advantage Answering Plus, Inc. is comprised of approximately forty
     second largest French-speaking city in the world. As such, our center         dedicated and talented folks who manage the messaging needs of
     is fully bilingual and one of our very strong niche markets is providing      hundreds of businesses across the nation, 24/7/365. Advantage
     French language services for other centers across Canada and the U.S.         will celebrate 20 years of service in May of 2012, and is proud of
      Tele-Page was started in 1970 under the name of Alert Answering              all who have made that possible – our wonderful past and present
     Service Ltd. by my grandmother Florence and my parents, Ron and               team members, the Service Department team at Amtelco, and most
     Audrey Blair. At the time, my grandmother had been working in the             especially our friends at NAEO. It has taken a great deal of dedication
     industry for some 30 years and – her words not mine – “at 64 years of         and perseverance to come this far, and to all who made it possible, we
     age it was either retire the following year and wait to die, or start her     are forever grateful.
     own service.” She decided on the latter, working full-time up until the
     age of 80, after which she enjoyed 20 years of very active retirement         We are a fully integrated IS call center, and we have been on the IS
     until she passed away in 2006 at the age of 100. The name Tele-Page           platform for several years. We continue to refine our processes and
     was adopted in 1980 after we became a licensed Paging Carrier.                find new ways to utilize the many capabilities of IS and are thrilled to be
                                                                                   able to accommodate the myriad of messaging needs of our clients, as
     I joined the firm full-time in 1977 after graduation but, being a family      a result.
     business, I had always been active in the business on one level or
     another. I think my first responsibilities included washing floors, folding   We have been NAEO member since 1992. Many moons have passed
     and stuffing invoices and anything no one else wanted to do.                  since the early days of PCMX , and all along we have been able to reach
                                                                                   out to other members for advice, assistance, and reassurance – always
     We installed our Infinity in 2008 and made the decision to go I.S. from       receiving the support that we needed. It is an honor to be part of this
     day one for each and every account and since then, there’s been no            giving group. In looking back on our story, being an NAEO member will
     looking back since we seem to have no more simple TAS accounts.               always stand out as a major part of our success story. Our company
     Actually, that’s not entirely true. We continue to serve a strong base        President also served on the NAEO Board and as NAEO President for
     of traditional TAS business that represents the gamut of the traditional      one term and she enjoyed the opportunity to lend her assistance to the
     users, but as time goes on, we have more and more special needs               group in this manner. She suggests that any and all NAEO members find
     business, much of it requiring more IT emphasis, customized reporting         a way to participate in order to strengthen the organization as a whole.
     and a more sophisticated level of agent. Our center operates with 16
     seats and for short term campaigns, which we do a fair bit of, we’ve          Our company has not sought out awards and recognition, although we
     rented licenses from Amtelco in order to handle the volume temporarily.       are highly confident in our abilities and in the high level of service that
     We’ve also moved our work force to an almost 50/50 split between              we are able to provide. Our progressive team tends to concentrate of
     “in-house” and “remote” agents. Being that Montreal is an island city and     the core of our business – which is to give our team members and our
     transportation is an issue for many staff living off island, remote has       clients the best that we have. We constantly look for ways to refine our
     made a major difference for the quality of work life and we’ve seen agent     processes in order to present a highly polished, professional service.
     turnover drop dramatically as a result.                                       This has allowed us to grow primarily via client referrals. Having said
                                                                                   that, we have also acquired three call centers over the years with a great
     When we selected Amtelco equipment we did so because of its                   deal of success, and have enjoyed adding to the Advantage Family each
     reputation for reliability and the company’s commitment to innovation.        time we have done so. It is a thrill to please those newly adopted clients
     We joined NAEO when we signed for our system in November of 2007 in           and staff members – and we get a real kick out of it.
     order to learn and share and hopefully, to be able to return the same to
     others – be they newcomers or some of the long-term Infinity operators        We would like to offer special thanks to all of those NAEO members who
     – as I’m of the firm belief that everyone has something to contribute and     have gone over and above with their assistance over the years – most
     should. NAEO has turned out to be an awesome resource. I remember             especially, Laurie Blow, Betty Bouchie, Mike Leibowitz, Allan Fromm,
     the great energy when I attended TUG (TASCOM User Group) meetings             Marie McGuire, Jamie Hopper, Maryanne Wetmore, Mari Osman, the
     many years ago when we first automated. In those days the movers              team at Ewald & Associates, John Ratliff, Joe Adam, as well as many,
     and shakers of the industry were mostly TASCOM users but I stopped            many others..
     attending the meetings after a dozen or so years when the users started
     to gravitate away and when the energy at meetings dissipated. So when         In addition, we would be remiss if not to mention our high regard and
     I walked into my first NAEO meeting in Newport Beach, California, and         appreciation for all in the Service Department at Amtelco headed by the
     rediscovered that I was back with the crowd of movers and shakers             wonderful and extremely dedicated Jody Laluzurne. Together this village
     again, I felt like I was home once again. The free flowing information and    of employees and competitors alike has all had a hand in our success
     assistance and the ability to develop meaningful business and personal        and we will never take that for granted.
     relationships has been overwhelmingly positive and adds so much more
     value to both the continued exploitation of our Infinity platform and our
     general business practices.

                                                                               board committees

ways to get involved in naeo                                            Annual Conference
                                                                        The Conference Committee’s mission is to ensure that
                                                                        the annual spring NAEO conference is successful in
Listserv                                                                terms of quality educational offerings and networking
Participate in this active community of NAEO members – you can          opportunities for attendees. The committee reviews
be an active participant or sit back, listen and learn. The listserv    past conference evaluation forms to prepare for the
is a great source of information on a variety of topics from the        next conference and plans social activities that are held
technical to the personnel to sports rivalries from across the U.S.     during the conference. Committee members are active
Members are genuinely interested in helping each other out, and         at the conference helping with registration and session
you will be amazed at what you learn about your equipment and           details as well as welcoming first-time attendees.
                                                                        Time commitment: monthly conference calls, listserv
Webinars                                                                discussions and availability during the annual
This free online training provides a quality learning experience from   conference.
the comfort of your own desk. In addition to the educational aspect,
webinars provide a way to interact with members in a smaller            Membership Committee
group. Consider sharing your expertise with other members – the         The Membership Committee’s mission is to retain
NAEO Education Committee is always looking for members to share         current members and to recruit new members by
with fellow members.                                                    promoting association benefits. The committee works
                                                                        on an ongoing membership recruitment drive, contacts
Conference Participation                                                new and current members about their membership and
The annual conference provides an annual opportunity to                 continuously assesses member needs and benefits to
meet colleagues who you “talk” to regularly on the listserv. The        keep the association strong and healthy.
conference is always hailed by members as an outstanding chance
to learn more about their equipment and business while enjoying         Time commitment: monthly conference calls, the
the company of others who have similar work experiences.                Membership Committee listserv discussions and
                                                                        occasional special projects.
Committee Membership
Volunteering on a NAEO Committee gives members the opportunity          Education Committee
to help shape the organization’s work, to enhance their leadership      The Education Committee’s mission is to provide quality
skills and to become better acquainted with some fellow NAEO            educational experiences for the members. The Education
members. Most of the committee’s work is done via conference            Committee surveys members to gather information on
calls and email, so the time commitment is usually limited and the      what educational experiences the members have found
rewards are plentiful.                                                  most beneficial and what they are looking for; they also
                                                                        plan the educational content for the annual conference,
                                                                        webinars, and other training experiences.
Board of Directors
Each year, three NAEO Board seats are up for election, and
                                                                        Time commitment: monthly conference calls, listserv
nominees agree to run for three-year terms on the Board. Board
                                                                        discussions and availability during the annual
meetings are held in person, three times a year, at different
locations across the country. Each Board member is expected to
participate on one or more committees or focus groups, which also
typically meet once or more a month via conference call.                Technical Committee
                                                                        The Technical Committee’s mission is to provide support
The NAEO Board is an active and engaged team who successfully           to the NAEO Board and its members in whatever
keep the organization vital and meaningful for members. Benefits        technical capacity is needed. Past areas of focus have
to Board volunteers include the opportunity to make a difference        included the NAEO web site, the online Operator Training
for Amtelco equipment owners, to shape NAEO’s direction and             Program and the Listserv.
goals and to grow as a leader in the field. To compensate Board
volunteers, travel expenses are paid to Board meetings and they         Time commitment: periodic conference calls and special
get half-price conference registration.                                 projects, as assigned.
       naeo history

     Amtelco installed its first Electronic Video Exchange (EVE) system
     at Spectrum Communications, located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin,
     in May 1983 and debuted its new product at the Associated
                                                                                  naeo presidents
     Telemessaging Services International (ATSI) meeting in June of
     that same year.                                                                Current President
                                                                           2011     Kelli Harrigan, Spectrum Communications
     The following year the number of EVE system installations                      President - Elect
     increased, and the new owners gathered in St. Louis, Missouri, to     2011     Trisha Stenberg, Appletree Answering Service
     network and discuss what additional features might be added to
     the EVE system to make it stronger. These discussions included                 Past Presidents
     John Morley, the original architect of the EVE system. As the         2010     Joe Adam, Act Teleservices
     group of owners had grown to 50 strong, at their next meeting in      2009     Cori Bartlett, Alliance Communications Center
     1984 it was decided to formalize the group and appoint a board of
     directors who included:                                               2008     John Ratliff, Appletree Answering Service
                                                                           2007     Jim Wagner, Wagner Communications
     • Mari Osmon             • Jim Marchbank
                                                                           2006     Joseph Miller, III, Checkpoint Communications Co.
     • Larry Gignac           • Todd Kamp
     • Sandy Arbuthnot        • Jan Cosby                                  2005     Marci Imes, Advantage Answering Plus, Inc.
     • Earl Kunz              • Jeanette Parent                            2004     Shane Burleson, Fairview Health Services
     The organization was officially named National Association of         2003     Allan Fromm, An-ser Services
     EVE Owners (NAEO) and volunteers handled all functions of the         2002     Michael Leibowitz, Professional Answering Service
     organization. Subsequent annual meetings included Amtelco
                                                                           2001     Jamey Hopper, Dexcomm
     representatives, and owner-members brought “Wish List” items
     to the meetings for consideration by Amtelco. Those wishes that       2000     Maryann Wetmore-Kodish, Network One
     were deemed possible were implemented – making the EVE                         Communications
     platform increasingly powerful.                                       1999     Stan Gardner, Personalized Communications, Inc.
                                                                           1997-98 Richard Maassen, All Pro Communications
     In 1988, Joe Everly and John Morley of Amtelco debuted a brand
     new concept in telemessaging, a PC-based open architecture            1996     Brenda Preston, Universal Teleresponse Corp.
     system called PCMX. This paperless messaging system included          1995     Angus Campbell, Harriet Campbell, Inc.
     an integrated voice mail system, allowing owners to enjoy the
     efficiencies of maintaining a single system. The users of both        1994     Todd Kamp, Business Centers of Missouri
     PCMX and EVE joined forces and renamed the organization               1993     Regis Crocker, Crocker Communications
     National Amtelco Equipment Owners, maintaining the NAEO name.
                                                                           1992     Theresa Haenn, Main Line Telephone Service
     In 1993, Amtelco introduced its new Infinity system, which            1991     Mark Herlache, Herlache Enterprises, Inc.
     integrated paperless messaging and voice processing with a            1990     C. Malcom Riggle, Message Plex/Accent On Offices
     significantly larger account capacity. It continues to be Amtelco’s
     premier product today.                                                1989     Paul Robbins, Teleplex, Inc.
                                                                           1988     Mari Osmon, Spectrum Communications
     In 2003, the Intelligent Series module was added to the Infinity
                                                                           1987     Dan Johnson, Airpage Capital Answering Service
     platform offering script-based message services – a major
     development in the industry. NAEO continues its tradition of          1986     Jim Marchbank, Available Communications
     working closely with Amtelco to make all of the Amtelco product       1985     Larry Gignac, Michigan Message Center
     offerings as strong and valuable to the industry as possible.

     Current members of NAEO are comprised of EVE and Infinity
     users. The organization now includes a combination of owners,
     managers, IT specialists, and others who work closely with the
     Amtelco equipment to ensure a smooth-running call center.

                                                                                                   naeo bylaws

Article I - Organization, Name and Definition                        (1) Own, lease or use Amtelco equipment or software as a
                                                                     significant component of their telemessaging business and who
Section 1                                                            are the principal operators.
This corporation is a non-stock, non-profit corporation existing     (2) Are interested in advancing the purposes of the Association.
under the provisions of the laws of the State of Michigan. The       (3) Are willing and qualified to subscribe to the Bylaws and
name of this corporation is “National Amtelco Equipment Owners,      Policies of the Association, and
Inc.” (hereinafter referred to as the “Association” or “NAEO”).      (4) Agree that membership is by invitation only.

Section 2 - Definition                                               (b) Other Members:
(a) Association Member and Association Membership refer to,          (1) The Board may create and define other membership classes
respectively, a member of and the collective membership of the       as needed.
(b) Committees are organized groups of Association Members           Section 3 - Suspension, Cancellation and Resignation of
established by the Board of Directors or the President to promote    Membership
specific goals of the Association.                                   (a) Suspension or Cancellation: The membership may, at any
(c) Policies mean the policies of the Association as established     meeting, by a two-thirds vote of the quorum, or the Board, by
from time to time by the Board of Directors.                         unanimous vote, suspend the membership of any member
(d) Year shall mean the fiscal year of the corporation ending        who has violated the Bylaws or policies or whose conduct the
on the last day of the month, as determined by the Board of          membership deems detrimental to the best interests of the
Directors.                                                           Association, such suspension to be effective immediately. The
                                                                     member will be granted an opportunity to be heard prior to the
Article II - Purposes                                                action of termination.
                                                                     (b) Resignation: A member may resign at any time from
Section 1                                                            membership upon written notice to the Association office.
(a) The purposes of the Association are:                             (c) Non-payment of Dues: The nonpayment of, when due, any
(1) To serve as a clearinghouse of information, ideas, and jointly   membership dues or assessment levied by the Corporation
developed materials for the common good of the members.              on any member shall constitute cause for termination of such
(2) To collect information and ideas in order to provide a unified   individual’s membership in the corporation. The Board of Directors
voice and direction to Amtelco and other vendors to facilitate       of the corporation, at any regular or special meeting may
better products and systems, and report information back to the      terminate the membership of any member in this corporation for
Association members.                                                 such failure by a majority vote of the quorum of the directors at
(3) To share experiences, problems and solutions that are            any such meeting.
common to Amtelco users.
(4) To use the group’s collective buying power for cooperative       Section 4 - Membership Privileges and Voting Rights
ventures.                                                            (a) Elective Office: Only those regular members having voting
(5) To coordinate ideas that expand existing markets and create      rights pursuant to subsection b of this section 4 shall be eligible
new markets for the membership.                                      to hold elective office in this Association.
                                                                     (b) Voting Rights: Regular members of this Association shall be
Article III - Membership                                             entitled to one vote per membership held with respect to each
                                                                     matter submitted to a vote of the members of this Association.
Section 1 - General                                                  A vote may be cast orally or in writing, including by electronic
Membership of the Association shall be those organizations or        means, unless otherwise provided in these Bylaws, by an officer
persons duly admitted to one membership class in accordance          or agent, or by proxy appointed by an officer or agent or by some
with these Bylaws. Each member of the Association shall have         other person who, by action of the Board of Directors or other
rights and obligations equal to those granted to or imposed upon     governing body shall be appointed to cast such vote.
all members of each class in which membership is held.               (c) Membership: Shall be limited to one representation per
                                                                     organization or individual regardless of the number of Amtelco
Section 2 - Membership Classes                                       systems or business sites owned or leased.
(a) Regular Members shall mean organizations or individuals

       naeo bylaws

     Section 5 - Regular Membership Action                                 (c) A member who nominates himself/herself shall be required
     (a) Meeting Schedule: There will be an Annual Meeting of the          to submit two (2) written seconds by members in good standing
     Membership. Special Meetings may be called by the Board or by         prior to the time of the election.
     ten (10) percent of the Membership.                                   (d) With the exception of nominations from the floor, names of all
     (b) Notice of Meetings: Notice must be provided to all Members in     persons nominated shall appear on the ballot.
     good standing by mail or electronically no less than fifteen (15)     (e) The slate proposed by the Nominating Committee shall be
     days prior to the Meeting. The notice must state the purpose for      reported to the Membership by mail, at least 30 days prior to and
     which the meeting is called; date, time and venue of the meeting;     together with the date, time and place of the annual business
     and by whom it is called.                                             meeting. This slate will be presented to the Membership at
     (c) Quorum: Fifteen percent of the Members of Record,                 the actual business meeting, where a vote will be taken. The
     represented in person or by proxy, will constitute a quorum at        Directors duly elected shall assume their duties immediately.
     the Annual Meeting and at any Special Meeting. Any corporate          (f) All Directors shall be elected by a simple majority vote of those
     action, other than the election of Directors, the amendment of        members present at the Annual Meeting plus those members
     Bylaws, or as required by law or these Bylaws, may be authorized      voting by absentee ballot.
     by a majority of the votes cast at a meeting of Members where a
     quorum is present.                                                    Section 4 - Duties and Responsibilities of the Board
     (d) Procedures: All meetings of the Association will be conducted     Duties of the Board of Directors shall be: to establish policy for
     according to Robert’s Rules of Order where not inconsistent with      the operation of the Association; to develop and implement the
     these Bylaws.                                                         strategic plan including the action plans; to manage the fiscal
                                                                           operations of the Association; to represent the Association in its
     Article IV - Board of Directors                                       dealing with other associations; to review and approve proposals,
                                                                           reports and recommendations; and to perform other functions as
     Section 1 - General Powers                                            appropriate to the Board of Directors.
     The management of the business of the Association shall be
     vested in the Directors. It shall be the duty of the Board to carry   Section 5 - Assumption of Duties
     out the purpose of the Association, and to this end it may exercise   Elected Directors shall assume their duties co-incident with
     all powers of the Association.                                        the conclusion of the annual meeting and shall serve unless
                                                                           they resign, are removed, or are otherwise unable to fulfill an
     Section 2 - Composition and Terms                                     unexpired term.
     The Board of Directors shall consist of nine voting directors who
     shall be elected by the membership. All Directors shall serve         Section 6 - Board of Directors Meetings
     3-year terms. Three Directors shall be elected each year to           (a) Board of Directors Meetings: Meetings of the Board of
     facilitate transition and continuity on the Board, and may serve      Directors will be held at least four times a year, including one
     no more than 2 successive terms. There may be no more than            meeting in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. Meetings may
     one director from each member company on the Board at any             be called by a majority of the Board of Directors. .
     time.                                                                 (b) Notice of Meetings: Notice of a meeting of the Board,
                                                                           specifying the business to be conducted, shall be provided
     Section 3 - Nomination and Election                                   to Directors at least two (2) business days in advance of the
     Nomination and election of the members of the Board of Directors      meeting.
     shall be conducted in accordance with the following procedures:       (c) Quorum: A majority of the voting members of the Board of
     (a) Prior to the annual business meeting, the President shall         Directors shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board.
     appoint a Nominating Committee of at least three active               (d) Voting: A majority of votes carries any action, except where
     members. The Nominating Committee will review the current             provided otherwise by law or by these Bylaws. Each Director shall
     Association roster and contact potential candidates. Sixty (60)       have one vote. Voting by proxies shall be permitted.
     days prior to the annual meeting the Committee will present           (e) Meeting Format: At its discretion, the Board or any Committee
     a slate of at least one nominee for each Board position being         of the Board may conduct meetings by conference telephone
     vacated. All board nominees must be members in good standing          or other communications means that allows all persons
     with at least one year of membership in the organization.             participating in the meeting to communicate with each other at
     (b) At the annual business meeting, nominations for additional        the same time.
     candidates will be accepted from any member.                          (f) Actions of the Board: If taken outside of a regularly scheduled

                                                                                                    naeo bylaws
meeting, Board actions need to be in writing (may be electronic)      (b) Duties: The elected Officers perform those duties that are
signed by all Directors                                               usual to their position and described in the NAEO Board Policy
                                                                      Document. The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the
Section 7 - Resignation, Removal, and Vacancies                       Association and presides over meetings of the Board. The Vice
(a) Resignation:                                                      President/President-elect will assist the President in managing
1. Any member of the Board of Directors may resign by giving          the affairs of the Association. The Treasurer/Secretary is the Chief
written notice to the President.                                      Financial Officer with responsibility for oversight of revenues
2. A board member will immediately resign if they leave the           and expenditures and reporting on the financial affairs of the
company for which they were working at the time of their              Association to the Board. Additionally, he/she is the Recording
election.                                                             Officer of the Association with responsibility for minutes, records
3. Should there be an instance where there are two directors on       and notices.
the Board from the same member company, due to a merger or
acquisition, one of the directors will resign within 7 business       Section 2 - Terms
days.                                                                 A President-elect shall be elected each year to serve two
4. The decision of which director will resign will be made by the     successive one-year terms, the first year as Vice President/
principal owner of the member company, or by majority vote of         President-elect, and the second one-year term as President. The
the Board if there is no response from the principal owner within     immediate Past President shall serve one additional year on the
the 7 days.                                                           Board as a non-voting Director unless concurrent with the third
(b) Removal: Any Director may be removed from the Board by            year of his/her directorship. The Treasurer/Secretary position is a
the unanimous vote of the remaining voting Directors at any           one year term.
meeting called for that purpose for malfeasance, misfeasance or
conduct in violation of the Bylaws or Policies including unexcused    Section 3 - Removal from Office
absences from Board meetings. Any Director proposed to be             Officers may be removed from office with or without cause, if a
removed shall be entitled to at least five days notice in writing     minimum of two-thirds of all Directors vote in favor of removal.
of the Board of Directors meeting at which such removal is to be      Removing an Officer from office will not affect his/her status as a
voted upon and shall be entitled to appear before and participate     Director.
with the Board or Directors at such meeting. Should the vote be a
simple majority and not unanimous then it shall be deferred to a      Section 4 - Resignations
general membership vote with majority ruling.                         Any officer may resign at any time by giving written notice to the
(c) Vacancies: When a vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors,       Association. The resignation shall take effect as of the date the
the President shall, in consultation with the remaining officers      notice is received or at any later time specified in the notice.
and with the approval of the majority of the remaining Directors,
appoint a replacement for the balance of the term. The appointed      Section 5 - Vacancies
Director’s term of office shall begin upon approval by the Board      The Board of Directors fills any vacancies among the Officers.
of Directors. If the remaining term is longer than 18 months, it      Each Officer so elected shall hold office for the unexpired portion
counts as a term for that Director.                                   of the term of the Officer whose position becomes vacant, and
                                                                      until his or her successor shall have been duly elected and
Article V - Officers                                                  qualified.

Section 1 - The Officers and Their Duties                             Article VI - Committees
(a) Officers: The Officers of the Association shall be President,
Vice President/President-elect and Treasurer/Secretary, all of        Section 1 - General
whom shall be elected by the Board of Directors at the annual         The Association’s Board of Directors shall establish standing
meeting of the Association and as soon as possible following the      and ad hoc committees for the Association as needed. The
election of new Directors by the membership. An officer must be       chairpersons and members shall be appointed by the President.
a director except that a director in the final year of his/her term
may be elected president-elect. In this case he/she would serve       Section 2 - Executive Committee
the third year of the term as president-elect, then the next year     The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the
as president he/she would be a member of the board but not a          management of the Association when the Board is not in session.
director.                                                             The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers of
                                                                      the Association.

       naeo bylaws

     Section 3 - Compensation & Expenses                                   days of the Board’s votes adopting the amendment.
     The members of any committee created by the Board of Directors        (d) Effective Date: Amendments shall be effective on the date
     shall receive no compensation for their services as such, but         ratified or on the date specified in the amendment.
     may, by resolution of the Board, be reimbursed in whole or in         (e) Publication: Notice of adopted changes in the Bylaws shall
     part for their travel or other expenses reasonably incurred in        be published in an Association publication distributed to all
     attending authorized committee meetings in accordance with            Association members as soon as practical but no later than one
     such reimbursement methodologies as the Board of Directors            hundred and eighty (180) days after the effective date.
     from time to time may establish.
                                                                           Section 4 - Non-Disclosure
     Article VII - Dues                                                    (a) The ideas and/or products developed or discussed by the
                                                                           Association may be proprietary and confidential in nature
     Section 1 - Dues                                                      and may only be disseminated to or used by members of the
     The Board of Directors will fix the annual dues and payment           Association.
     schedule for all members, and may establish late fees or              (b) Any information generated by the Association is for the
     discounts as it deems appropriate.                                    exclusive use of its regular members and others designated from
                                                                           time to time by the Board of Directors.
     Article VIII - Miscellaneous
                                                                           Article IX - Conflict of Interest
     Section 1 - Employees
     The Board may engage employees or outside consultants as              To foster the highest ethical standards of honesty, fairness, and
     necessary. The Board shall have the power to hire and remove          candor, no member, officer, or director shall use their position for
     the Executive Director.                                               purposes that are or appear to be motivated by desire for private
                                                                           financial gain for themselves, their families, their businesses, or
     Section 2 - Indemnification                                           others with whom they have relationships. The Board of Directors
     To the maximum extent permitted by the Michigan Nonprofit             shall institute guidelines and procedures to monitor and resolve
     Corporation Act as from time to time amended, the Association         existing or potential conflicts of interest of members, officers
     shall indemnify its currently acting and its former directors,        and/or directors regarding the performance of their official duties
     officers, agents and employees.                                       and their personal interests.

     Section 3 - Bylaw Amendments
     (a) Initiation of Amendments: The Board of Directors may propose      Amended by the members in Tempe, AZ, April 1993
     an amendment to the Bylaws by a two-thirds (2/3’s) vote of            Amended by the members by ballot, July 15, 1995
     the Board of Directors. Association members may propose an            Amended by the members by ballot, April 1998
     amendment by submitting a petition signed by ten percent (10%)        Amended by the members by ballot, February 23, 2001
     of the current Association membership. Such petition will be          Amended by the members in Carefree, AZ, February 26, 2003
     delivered to the President of the Board of Directors. Within sixty    Amended by the members in Savannah, GA, February 5, 2008
     (60) days of receipt by the Board, the signatures will be validated
     and the amendment placed on the agenda at the next general
     (b) Adoption of Amendments: Ballots for the proposed change(s)
     shall be distributed to all active members at least thirty
     (30) days prior to the next scheduled general meeting. Only
     ballots received by the date of the meeting will be counted.
     Amendments will be approved when passed by a two-thirds
     (2/3’s) affirmative vote of those voting.
     (c) Emergency Amendments by the Board: In an emergency, the
     Board may, by vote of eight/ninths (8/9’s) of the voting directors
     then in office, amend these Bylaws effective immediately, subject
     to the Association membership’s ratification pursuant to the
     procedures provided in this article, provided that the Board shall
     distribute ballots to the Association membership within ten (10)

  code of professional conduct and business practices

                                                            As a messaging professional, I perform an important function for
Still not sure?                                             my clients and my community. Because my knowledge and skills
                                                            are essential to the flow of messages and information, I commit
Try our membership for                                      myself to the highest standards of performance, ethical behavior,
                                                            and sound business practice.
two months - for FREE!                                      In my dealings with my clients:
                                                            • I will endeavor to perform my tasks with the utmost accuracy and
                                                            fidelity, so that my client receives accurate and timely messages.
Experience the benefits of NAEO for free for two
months.                                                     • I will be truthful about my qualifications and business practices
                                                            and will not accept any assignment for which I am not fully
Trial membership includes access to the members             qualified, without the express consent of my client.
only sections of the website, the Operator Training         • I will safeguard the interests of my clients as my own and divulge
program, and much more!                                     no confidential information.

To sign up for this free trial, visit the NAEO website at   • I will derive no personal profit or financial gain from confidential
                                                            information I receive in my professional capacity. and fill out the form.
                                                            • I will clarify all aspects of my contractual arrangement with my
                                                            client, preferably in writing, prior to performing an assignment, and

COME TOGETHER                                               will strictly adhere to the agreed terms.
                                                            • I will notify my client of any unresolved difficulties I may
                       [THE VALUE OF COOPERATION]           encounter in the performance of the assignment.
                                                            • I will use a client’s name as a reference only if I am given
                                                            • I will respect and refrain from interfering with the business
                                                            relationship that exists between my client and my client’s clients.
                                                            • I will refrain from unfair competitive practices.

                                                            In my dealings with my employees:
                                                            • I will clarify all aspects of their employment relationship.
                                                            • I will respect their legal and moral rights.
                                                            • I will endeavor to develop their skills as messaging professionals.

                                                            In my dealings with the community:
                                                            • I will be a good citizen and participate, where possible, in civic
                                                            • I will be charitable and provide services at reduced rates to needy
     Contact the Office                                     organizations.
      1000 WESTGATE DRIVE, SUITE 252
                                                            • I will conduct myself at all times in a manner that will reflect
      ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA 55114 USA                         positively on the messaging industry, my company, and myself.
            PHONE 651.265.7845
          TOLL FREE 800.809.6373
                                                            Adopted by the National Amtelco Equipment Owner’s Organization at
             FAX 651.290.2266                               the Board Meeting of September 25, 1998.


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