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    Torrent to Acquire Merck’s
  US$ 2 Billion Generics Unit

               orrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd along with two global private equity majors placed
               among the four bidders to reached the final round to acquire the estimated US$
               2 billion sales global generics business of Merck spread across 60 countries. The
        other three contenders in the final round are supposed to be Teva, Mylan and Actavis.
             Torrent Pharma will have a minority stake while the other two big private equity
        players will have the majority stake as they will largely fund the acquisition according
        to sources.
             If the bid is won then Torrent Pharma will manage the entire generics business,
        while the private equity players will be financial investors. Unconfirmed reports suggest
        that the acquisition of Merck’s generics business could be in excess of Rs 22,500 crore
        (US$ 5 billion). With a projected turnover of over Rs 1,000 crore (US$ 23,185,717)
        for 2006–2007, Torrent Pharma has put a bid along with its other foreign partners to
        acquire Merck’s generics business with an estimated turnover of over Rs 10,000 crore
        (US$ 231,857,175)

        About Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd
        Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a dominant player in the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular
        (CV) and central nervous system (CNS) and has achieved significant presence in gastro-
        intestinal, diabetology, anti-infective and pain management segments.
             To cater to new niche segments and sharpen its focus among customers, Torrent
        Pharma has six marketing divisions, each catering to defined therapeutic segment.
        Torrent has a modern and well-equipped state-of-the-art R&D center, built with an
        investment of US $ 40 million. It is manned by more than 525 highly qualified scientists,
        with a combined experience of over 2500 scientific man-years in drug discovery and
        development. Torrent Pharma has earmarked 9% of sales year-after-year for R&D

                               Contact Details:
                               Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd
                               Address: Off. Ashram Road,
                                        Ahmedabad 380 009,
                                        Gujarat, India
                               Tel:     +91 0 79 26585090
                               Fax:     +91 0 79 26582100

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