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                             The Word of God1 to the Patriarch Teoctist2
                                         (Translated by I.A.)

      God is speaking on earth. Let the word of God be heard and his plans fulfilled! Who is this
who thwarts My plans? Let him come to judge between Me and My vineyard.

        The Spirits of the Lord speak to the churches. Take heed, ruler of the church, stand up and
take heed! Behold, I am coming to make a new thing, a new people, a new and eternal church.
I come to establish Jerusalem and to even the paths. Take heed that I establish you once again
to sit on My church in order to know to fulfill My plan. I come with those written in the book; I
come to sanctify Myself; I come to cleanse the church from idols and to take the desolation of
abomination out of My most holy place, for My plans are not like your plans, and who is this who
stands against. Let him come to fight against Me, for woe to those who thwarts the plans of the
Lord. Woe to those who make plans without Me!

        Take heed for look, I make My plan known to you. Get up and speak to the church; speak
to the teachers of the law and to the shepherds of My flock: here, My sheep are wondering astray
like sheep without a shepherd; My sheep are scattered through all mountains and hills. Their shep-
herds have shepherded themselves and have not been walking in My law anymore. Here, I come
to ask from them My sheep so that they may no longer be a pray to tear. I come to graze My flock;
I come to do it justice and to place it in the cowshed; I come to make a fence around it so that My
sheep may no longer be torn by wolves and wild beast. And I also come to fulfill.

        Take heed and get up to do My will, for you will sit in the midst of the teachers of the law,
in the midst of the shepherds of My flock, and the Lord will make his councils come down so that
those prophesied may be fulfilled, as I will establish the seventh anointed one and he will sit and
fulfill My plan to establish the times and holy days back to their places. (See selection topic: “The
changing of the holidays – renunciation of faith”, r.n.) And I will come down among My servants,
the prophets, and I will come towards him and command him to do My will. That one is from Me,
and let no one seek to thwart My plan, for I am God and not man. I will let My Spirit come down
on him and clothe him with power from above and put him on the throne of David and we will
make a living and incorruptible church. We will water the thirsty wilderness and make straight
paths and a clean and holy way that the saved ones will walk on. Even those without understanding
will walk on it. Then the deaf will hear and open the eyes of the blind and the poor shall rejoice
with the Lord and see the work of My hand in their midst, and those astray in their spirit will
receive understanding.

        Behold, I come to the shepherds to call them into account for the shepherds of My flock
do not want to listen to the Lord’s law and I will ask the blood of the prophets and seers from their
hands, for they despised their word and told them: “Do not prophesy!” Behold, I will come and
give them as food the bread of affliction and anxiety, and you, the people of Zion, do no cry any-
more, for those who teach you will no longer hide and their ears will hear the words: “Behold the

         God’s Word in Romania
         Teoctist (Romanian pronunciation: [te.okˈtist], born Toader Arăpașu; February 7, 1915 – July 30, 2007) was
the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church from 1986 to 2007, red. note.


way!” I will let the good rain come down and a new and rich grass (Spiritual grass, r.n.) will grow
again on earth and rivers and wells will be on all mountains and the towers will fall down because
of the terror that is coming; and I will bind your wound, Zion, and the sun will shine then seven
times more.

        Oh, woe to the ones who make covenants without My Spirit that transgression may be
multiplied! Woe to those who defile the place of My glory! Behold, I will take them away from
Me and establish shepherds after My heart and they will shepherd in justice and love and My sheep
will feed on good pasture and live in safety, and the priest and prophet will sit next to Me at My
table as before, and I will again raise the church to the rock; and when the church speaks, there
will be new heavens and a new earth. Here, I come to make a new people, a heavenly and in-
corruptible nation, a holy people that will live by My laws, for Romania is the place of My
glory; it is the Jerusalem of My glory and I come to sanctify Myself in its midst and to estab-
lish in it those written in the book. (See selection topic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The
New Canaan3”, r.n.)

        Take heed to the word of the Lord, ruler of the church, for a man from the church is strug-
gling and wants to sit on the seat of the church. Woe to those who make plans that are not from
My Spirit! Woe to those who say to the prophets: “Do not prophesy!” Does it not to do My church
to ask of its God? Oh, My altars are defiled and the power of life does not spring out of them.
There is no more understanding, for the whole body is full of wounds; from top to toe it is full of
sores and no one cares for the wound of My people. The shepherds have been shepherding them-
selves and make an unfair earning; they love silver and commit fornication with My Body and
Blood. Behold that I will make an establishment on My seat after My will, as My thoughts are not
your thoughts. I cannot be one with Herod; I cannot be one with Anna and Caiaphas; I can no
longer sit at the table with Judas; rather I am coming to cleanse My church of idols and immorality,
for the house of My father is not a den of thieves. I come to clean the earth; I come to take the
desolation of abomination out of the church and to raise the seventh anointed of mine. And you,
ruler of the church, will come and establish a council and then you will rise to anoint My anointed
one from Me with the oil of the holiness, for this is from Me not from you. By this I will conclude
a living covenant and establish Jerusalem again and will make it the glory and light of the nations.
Get up and fulfill yourself into Me and come to do My will, for I will blot the disobedience of Zion
out from My face and no longer remember their wrong way, for look, this is the time to give My
church its first appearance and to put My times and holy days back into their places. Let all
body of the faithful Israel come back to the Lord and listen to God’s voice, for the king David
received Nathan and Rebecca asked of the Lord, but My Jerusalem has been killing My prophets
and messengers with stones, so that I may not bring together my scattered ones.

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        Here, I set a man to fulfill My plan. The one who is struggling to sit at the head of My table
will not succeed for I will set on My chair the one pleased to Me, the one with a humble spirit,
who walks in My ways and straightens the crooked ways, who puts aside the decaying ones and
raise the strong ones. I will allow no one to cast him out and to you, ruler of the church, I command
to keep close to you until the day when you are to establish him. That one is from Me and I put
into your mind to call and raise him, as I took him to the Jerusalem of My passions and I carried
him on My back so that he may know and testify about Me; and I also called him back to be for
the Jerusalem of My glory and to fulfill My will. I will break the hardness of the hearts and work
with power, for the Holy Spirit is the God Who triples the threefold work of the Most Holy Trinity,
and all come to rest and eternal celebration.

        Romania is My loved city. It is the country of the brightness and I come to establish Je-
rusalem once again. I do nothing without discovering to My servants, the prophets, and let no one
dare to get out of My power.

        The Lord comes to give power upon the sons of obedience, they who do not defile My
fasting and resting days. The Lord comes to strengthen those that are weak and to put to shame the
strong ones.

       Take heed, ruler of the church, and speak into My church and proclaim My word, for here
I come to fulfill. Be strong and raise to do My will and you will be at My right and I will heal the
wound of Zion. Let no one fight against Me for who can change what I want?

       God speaks to the churches. I come soon and My reward is with Me. Amen, amen, amen.

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Description: Romania is My loved city. It is the country of the brightness and I come to estab-lish Jerusalem once again. I do nothing without discovering to My servants, the prophets, and let no one dare to get out of My power.