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									Total Artificial Heart
        By:Jessica Blandin

     Heart Failure
(Congestive Heart Failure)

        S It is estimated that about 5 million
          Americans have congestive heart failure.
          There are about 550,000 new cases each

        S It occurs when the heart is unable to provide
          sufficient pump action to distribute blood
          flow to meet the needs of the body.

        S Treatments for it includes: dietary changes,
          exercise, medication. And sometimes it
          needs to be treated with a heart transplant.
                Heart Transplant

S   Due to the increase of patients needing a heart transplant
    and the limited amount of organ donors it is difficult to
    obtain a heart transplant right away.

S For patients with really critical conditions waiting for a
    heart donator is hard because they can die during that time

S A total artificial heart can be a good option for them in
    while they wait for a heart donor.
           What is a TAH?

The TAH is used to bridge the time to a heart transplant.

              SynCardia CardioWest TAH
How does it work?
How does it work? (cont.)
            How effective is it?

S    Statistics of post TAH transplant show that 75% of the
    patients are able to walk or move about and about 60%
    are able to walk a 100ft after two weeks following the
    implantation. In a study the overall survival to
    transplantation was achieved in 79% of patients
    receiving the TAH in contrast to 46% of the control
    group (control group had these qualifications: patients
    eligible for transplant, NYHA CHF Class IV, BSA
    range 1.7-2.5 , and hemodynamic insufficiency).
                  Cost Effective

S It is estimated that the cost of an artificial heart includes: are
   the surgical procedure, device and console , and continued
   medical surveillance. The estimated amount ranges from a
   low $100,000 to a high $300,000

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