; Apps Mav Introduces Free Facebook Coupon App For Businesses
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Apps Mav Introduces Free Facebook Coupon App For Businesses


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									Apps Mav Introduces Free Facebook Coupon App For Businesses

Apps Mav’s latest Social Commerce offering helps businesses on Facebook acquire more fans, more leads,
and more customers.

Online PR News – 29-August-2014 – In the wake of the 21st Century, social media has emerged as the latest
promotion and campaign tool for brands and businesses alike. Word of mouth has become word of mouse;
where every click sets the brand in constant motion towards publicity! Banners and billboards have been
effectively replaced by social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. out of which, Facebook
stands out as the most visited place on Earth with over more than a billion users worldwide!

Today, no business is untouched by the ‘new’ wave of media. Business marketing strategies now have an
added extension under Facebook marketing management. Setting up a Facebook business page is
considered to be the first step towards market penetration via Facebook, and for this reason businesses are
developing more social media and Facebook-centric business strategies for the best possible value for their
advertising money. But a mere online presence is not enough to grab attention on the world’s largest social
media platforms. Businesses that stand out and are unique due to their creatively conceptualized and
executed Facebook marketing strategies are the only ones who get to taste the bittersweet fruit of success.

Businesses on Facebook grow when visitors are attracted and converted into fans and finally into customers.
An interesting survey suggests that the average time any visitor is likely to spend on a business fan page is
less than 6 seconds! Thus, catching attention on Facebook is not only a tricky task but also a challenging

Recently, Apps Mav launched a Free Facebook Coupon app along with a suite of 8 other highly innovative
free apps. The Facebook Coupons app is based on the concept of fan gating and action gating, meaning that
when an offer coupon is promoted, anyone interesting in acquiring it will have to first become a Fan of their
page and submit their contact details.

One of the primary reasons why visitors “Like” a brand is to get access to their exclusive deals. Using this
app, the businesses can giveaway exciting deals to visitor-converted-fans to spread the word of their brands.
With each fan registering on the brand’s fan page, their email ids can be collected to generate leads. The
social sharing feature allows brands to tap into their customer’s social network. Thereby, the app not only
enables brands to win customers but also gives them the opportunity to promote themselves to a wider and
larger audience.

Social media has revolutionized the way marketing was earlier perceived. With technology on an all time high
and the evolution of such highly modern and ROI drive apps, the term Facebook marketing has been
redefined and refurbished. Users can simply sign up for any of these apps by clicking on the Free Apps tab
on Apps Mav’s Facebook page.

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Uvika Wahi
New South Wales


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