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									                         Wholesale Sales - What's All This About?
Wholesalers having sales sounds like something that does not exist. Clothing sales are normally things you would
expect to see in the B2C environment. The truth is wholesalers have just as much of a need, if not more of a need, to
sell their clothing at the lowest prices possible as your average high street store.

In this article, we are going to discuss why wholesalers launch clothing sales and how you can go about finding the
best sales.

The Sales

A wholesaler will launch special offers on businesses buying clothes wholesale for exactly the same reasons as any
clothing retailer.

1. They want to get rid of existing stock. This might be because they want to get rid of products that were not selling
well or they may simply want to get rid of last season's clothing.

2. They want to gain an advantage over their competitors. The fashion wholesale business is extremely competitive.

They work in exactly the same way as any other form of sale. You get a discount and a limited time to use it. These
sales may be promoted heavily or not. It depends entirely on the wholesaler and whether the goal is to bring in
different clientele or not.

An Ideal Business Strategy for You

One of the main advantages of buying wholesale clothes in this way is it reveals a great business strategy for you. It
is quite possible to buy clothes exclusively through wholesale sales. With so many wholesalers in the UK and
abroad, it is not uncommon to see businesses buying clothes only when there is a sale.

Of course, this is not viable for every business. If you are only selling a limited range of garments, a sale may not be
a viable option. The important thing is you do not compromise your strategy for the sake of a wholesale sale. Your
customers must still come first. A sale is pointless if the number of transactions go down.

Finding a Sale
Finding a sale is a matter of going out and finding them. Connect with local wholesalers and get an idea for when
they tend to launch sales. The fact is every wholesaler has a unique policy on sales.

For a start, some of them will opt for the festive approach. They will see that businesses are preparing for Christmas
or the start of a new fashion season and offer a discount to encourage more buying.

Some wholesalers will prefer to offer sales after busy periods in order to empty their stockrooms. Moreover, some
businesses will simply offer sales whenever they feel like offering sales.

Here are some strategies for finding a wholesaler that is currently or is planning a sale in the near

1. Sign up to any newsletters a wholesaler has. Subscribers will normally be the first to know about them.

2. Ask them when their next sale is. Some wholesalers will reveal when they will next have a sale simply when
someone asks.

3. Check when their last sale was. You can normally spot sales trends by looking at the past.

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