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Grad Transitions Word template - Cowichan Valley School


									Graduation Transitions
Graduation Transitions Checklist

       80 Hours Physical Activity
        Can be started at completion of PE 10
        Blue Record Sheet
        Complete question on the back

       30 Hours of Work or Volunteer Experience
        Pink Record Sheet can be started in Grade 10
        Complete questions on the back

       Transition Plan
        Who am I?
              Autobiographical Essay/Scholarship Cover Letter (or)
              Web Style Format (or)
              Powerpoint (or)
              Scrapbook
        Resume
        Employment Cover Letter
        Career Research Project
              Completed in Grade 10, 11 or 12
        Plans for After Graduation
               See package or
        Exit Interview/Conversation

       Requirement Met
Completion Date:

Transition Teacher Signature:


                                 PHYSICAL ACTIVITY LOG
  Student Name:                                                           Student Number:

              Date:                                                                    Grade:       Upon completion of PE 10

The following options qualify – Please check the appropriate box
 Log A                                                        Log B
         PE 11 or PE 12                                       Any other activity
         Dance 11 or Dance 12                                 (see FAQ)
         School Team
         Community Team
Log A

80 hours completed:                                   Date:
Contact Person:                                                                 Position:
Phone Number:           (   )     -                  Email:

Signature of Contact Person verifying Activity:

(***If unable to get signature, please attach evidence indicating completion; i.e., report card, team photo, etc.)
Log B

Date          Description of Physical Activity                          Hours         Contact Person Signature Phone #


    All students must complete the questions on the back of this page. 

Teacher Signature:                                                          Date:

Remember to submit for marking                                             Data entered into student records:

To be completed by the student:

How has my physical activity had an impact on my
personal health and lifestyle choices?


                            EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS LOG
  Student Name:                                                          Student Number:

              Date:                                                                    Grade:

The following options qualify – Please check the appropriate box
         Student Employment                Volunteer                                       Ace-It
         Work Experience 11/12                                                             Apprenticeship

Date of Placement:

Hours completed at Placement:

Placement (Name of Business):

Address:                                                                       City

Postal Code:                                             Phone:      (   )     -    

Contact Person:                                          Position:

Signature of Contact Person verifying Placement:

                                                                                  (   )     -    
                      Signature                                                       Phone Number

(***If unable to get signature, please attach evidence; i.e., pay stubs, work experience evaluation, etc)

    All students must complete the questions on the back of this page. 


Teacher Signature:                                                   Date:

Remember to submit for marking                                       Data entered into student records:

To be completed by the student (in point form or sentence):
1. Describe your job.

2.   What did you learn?

3    Thinking about your job or volunteer work, name some tasks or employability skills that
     you have developed that you can use again in future job/career occupations. Consider three
     or more that you have developed. (See FAQ for help).

4.   What employability skills do you still need to enhance or improve?

*Employment skills worksheet following.
Employability Skills:
Identify [] which of the following skills you use or are developing in your work/volunteer experience:

Provide the basic foundation to succeed in the workplace
          Reading: I read, understand and use written materials
          Writing: I write effectively and use the language needed on the job
          Speaking: I speak clearly and to the point
          Listening: I listen to others, understand and learn from the information given
               Mathematics: I understand and solve problems using math and apply the results to my work
               Creativity: I think creatively and produce innovative ideas
               Problem solving: I apply knowledge to solve problems effectively
               Processing information: I organize and process information efficiently
               Acquiring knowledge: I learn from working with others, doing research and making mistakes
               Learning for life: I plan to upgrade my work skills, techniques and knowledge throughout my life
               Computer literacy: I can work on a computer using a variety of software
               Equipment knowledge: I use technology, equipment and information systems effectively

Attitudes, behaviours and skills to get, keep and progress on a job
Attitudes and behaviours
            Positive outlook: I have a positive attitude toward learning, growing and personal health
            Honesty and integrity: I am truthful to my values and ethics
            Self-esteem: I believe in myself and my abilities
            Initiative: I am energetic, persistent, and get the job done
            Entrepreneurial outlook: I am willing to create work opportunities for myself by launching a business or
              developing job possibilities within a company
             Organization: I set goals and priorities in my work and private life
             Time management: I plan and manage my time, money and work effectively
             Reliability: I arrive at work on time, every working day
             Accountability: I take responsibility for all my actions
               Flexibility: I am open to change
               Diversity: I respect people's diversity and differences
               Global mindset: I understand the customs of different cultures and peoples

Skills needed to work effectively with others
           Respect: I respect the ideas, thoughts and opinions of other team members
           Planning: I plan and make decisions with others and support the outcomes
               Leading and following: I know when to initiate actions and when to follow directions
Work with others
           Team player: I understand a group's goals and contribute to reaching them
           Teaching and learning: I teach team members new skills and learn skills from them
           Negotiating: I bargain with team members to accomplish goals

        Transition Planning
Develop a comprehensive plan that indicates you
are prepared to successfully transition from
secondary school

 Who am I?

 Identifying our strengths, areas of improvement,
 accomplishments and experiences are important as we
 move through life. As we explore all our paths through life,
 we need to reflect on what we have done.

 Choose one of the following formats to reflect on who you
          One page Autobiographical Essay/Scholarship
          Cover Letter

           A web (see FAQ’s)

           An album/binder/scrapbook with pictures,
           certificates, etc…

           Powerpoint (see FAQ’s)

Use one of the above formats, show the following:

        Personality
        School experiences
        Personal experiences
        Strengths
        Areas of improvement

        Here’s Something To Help
What to show?          Where to get this information?

                       Planning 10 assignments, on-line
Personality            personality surveys, Career
                       Cruising, etc…

                       Report cards, certificates,
School Experiences     awards, assignments, team/fine
                       art involvement, etc…

                       Certificates, awards, volunteer,
                       teams, hobbies, work experience,
Personal Experiences
                       resumes, driver’s license, pay-
                       stubs, travel, etc…

                       Any skills, passions, values,
Strengths              things you enjoy, beliefs, etc…
                       (see Strengths Checklist)

Areas of Improvement ???

I have body or kinesthetic strengths if I:                                 I have music strengths if I:
      like to play sports                                                         like listening to music
      am very coordinated                                                         like playing a musical instrument or singing
      learn a new sport or dance step easily                                      find myself humming
      like to play video games                                                    like to listen to music when I study
      use my hands when I am talking                                              notice sounds all around me
      like fixing things                                                          remember melodies and notice if something doesn’t sound right
                                                                                  keep rhythm or the beat when I listen to music
I have language or verbal strengths if I:
      like to read                                                         I have people strengths if I:
      like to write in a journal, stories, poetry or other writings               help friends with problems or talk about my problems
      like word puzzles or games                                                  would rather be with people than alone
      learn the words to songs I hear                                             like team sports
      like to listen to stories or plays                                          like being with a group or even a crowd people
      like to listen to jokes or comedians                                        have lots of friends
      like to talk                                                                get along with people easily
                                                                                  like watching people
I have visual strengths if I:
      like watching the images in music videos, movies or ads              I have personal strength if I:
      like to doodle or draw                                                      like to spend time alone doing sports, hobbies or just thinking
      like to see how websites and programs on the computer look                  know what I like to do
      can use maps, graphs and charts easily                                      make my plans and set my own goals
      like to plan how to decorate a room or put together fashions looks          have self-confidence to try new things
      like photographs or taking photographs                                      want to learn new things
      like colour                                                                 find that some of my ideas are different from those of my
                                                                                  parents or friends
I have logic strengths if I:                                                      believe I am a spiritual person or want to learn more about
      like math                                                                   different religions
      like to figure out how things work
      like to solve puzzles
      like to organize things
      like games that require strategy
      like to use computers
      like science courses

Career Research

Career Research is important as it has been shown that
we can change careers seven times in life.

       Include a Career Research project (possibly
       completed in Planning 10).


       Go to (see the Career
       Centre for Username and Password) and do
       the Career Matchmaker. Print out 5 jobs that
       come up for you and that interest you.


              Education and Career Planning
          Complete a Graduation Transition Plan
      For Post Secondary Education or Other Training
Student Name:
Student #:                                                         Grade:

Describe what your post-secondary plans are by answering the following questions:

Check off the Post-secondary program you are interested in. If you know, name the institution and
name the program you plan to pursue:

              Certificate   Diploma       Bachelors     Apprenticeship Masters         Doctorate




High School

List the prerequisites required to enter your chosen post-secondary program. See FAQ’s for help.

If you DON’T plan on attending post-secondary school immediately after graduation, please
indicate what you plan to do (i.e., Work: where, how long, describe…or Travel: where, how
long…or GAP, Katimavik, Exchange, etc.)

Outline your options that you have considered related to career, educational and personal
goals by answering the following questions:

   Where do you hope to be in five years? Describe what work place you hope to be in or other
    education you may be pursuing.

   What personal life goals will your ultimate career goal help you achieve? (i.e., children, travel,
    money, living, fulfillment…)

   What is your educational or personal backup plan in case your initial plans don’t work out?

Complete the following financial plan for your fist year of post-secondary education. Check the
post-secondary’s websites for information about tuition fees, student fees and other expenses. For
student loan information, check

If you are choosing to travel or work, complete the SECOND table.

Post-Secondary Financial Plan (1st year college/university)

       Income                                                 Expenses

 Cash/Savings             $                    Tuition                                   $

 Part-time Earnings       $                    Books and Supplies                        $

 Student Loan             $                    Rent                                      $

 Scholarship              $                    Telephone/cell                            $

 Income Assistance        $                    Food                                      $

 Funding from Parents     $                    Transportation                            $

 Other Income             $                    Medical and Dental                        $

                                               Entertainment                             $

                                               Other                                     $

 Total Income         $                 Total Expenses                                $ $     $$

Travel or Working Financial Plan (1st year)

      Income                                           Expenses

 Cash/Savings           $             Rent (home)                               $

 Job #1 Earnings
 (Yearly)               $             Food                                      $

 Job #2 Earnings
 (Yearly)               $             Transportation Car/Insurance or Bus       $

 Other Income           $             Medical and Dental                        $

 Parent Support         $             Telephone                                 $

 Other Family Support   $             Cable/Internet                            $

                                      Entertainment                             $

                                      Clothing                                  $

                                      Airfare                                   $

                                      Transportation when traveling             $

                                      Passport                                  $

                                      Shelter & Food when travelling            $

                                      Spending money when traveling             $

 Total Income       $                 Total Expenses                        $

Having completed one of the above Financial Plans, is there anything that might prevent you from
achieving your post-secondary plans?

(**See your Counsellor or Career Centre for information about Student Loans, Bursaries and

Having completed your Graduation Transition Plan, describe how you feel about your plans. Are
you excited? Are you nervous? What worries you about the future? What do you look forward to?

  ***Attach a RESUME and employment cover letter to this
  package. See your Counsellor or Career Centre for help.***

Grad 2009: FAQ’s

Physical Activity:

 Q. What activities can I use for Log A?
 A. First, look at school courses: PE 11, PE 12, Dance 11, Dance
    12. Then, teams at school or outside of school (i.e., CVSA,
    CVMHA, Cowichan Field Hockey, Maple Bay Rowing,
    Duncan Junior Baseball, etc…)

 Q. What activities count for log B because I am not on any
    teams and won’t take the school courses?
 A. You could have a parent sign every time you are active (i.e.,
    Karate, swimming, walking, jogging, going to the gym,
    skate-boarding, hiking, mountain-biking, yoga, active clubs,
    etc…) See your PE teacher for ideas.

 Community Connections

 Q. What can I use to get the 30 hours?
 A. Any part-time job (i.e., Tim Horton’s, McDonalds,
    restaurant, summer employment, gas station, Canadian Tire,
    etc…) or volunteer work (i.e., Canvassing for Cancer
    Society/MS/Heart and Stroke, candy-striping, leadership
    activities, etc…) or Work Experience/ Ace-It/ Apprenticeship
    that can be set up by the school.

Transition Plan

Q. What does an Autobiographical Essay look like?
A. A one page typed essay that outlines your experiences, interests,
   strengths and future goals.
   Your essay will discuss who you are right now (as a Grade 12
   student). It should also talk about plans for the future (summer, next
   year and beyond). See the attached essay.

Q. What can the Web look like?
A. Get a piece of half-sized poster paper. Put your name in the middle
   with lines coming out. At the end of the lines, put the information all
   about you. Jazz up the whole thing with colour, designs, etc.

Q. A Powerpoint about me?
A. The Powerpoint should be at least 10 slides with pictures and words
   all about you. Be creative!!

Q. What does a resume look like?
A. See the attached sample resume.

Q. I know I want to go do some post-secondary education, but I have
   no clue what to do?
A. You are not alone!! At you can do a career
   survey that might peak your interest. Then, go to and search by first going to “Field of
   Study” then narrow it down by “Subject Search”. A list of programs
   will come up that you can explore. For out of province research go to

Q. Where do I get information about costs?
A. On-line is your best source of information. Colleges and universities
   have web-sites with information. As well, is excellent for finding this information.


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