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					Dell 1710 - Considering A New Printer? Consider This
Submitted by benpate Wed, 22 Jul 2009

The Dell 1710 Printer offers a great and affordable printing, in a very sleek and compact design. Dell has always been synonymous to quality printers, and it seems that it doesn\'t let its users down with the 1710 either. If you seek for a printer that can easily handle loads of print jobs, then you definitely need to check the 1710. You should also check out Dell 1710 Printer Toner Cartridge. Dell 1710 Printer is a durable and effective monochrome laser printer that produces really fast jobs; according to the specifications and tests, the 1710 can easily print 26 pages per minute, although the speed is seriously enhanced once the memory is upgraded. The original and standard model comes with 16MB of internal memory, which is expandable up to 144MB with a memory card. The Dell 1710 can deliver texts with crisp and clear details. All documents are sharp and absolutely readable, almost flawless. This comes as no surprise, as the Dell 1710 prints in 1200x1200 resolution. The printer is made so as to enable high printing volumes, meeting the needs and requirements of home users and small businesses. 1710 Printer comes in two different versions, the original standard one which costs around 150$ and the newer model which allows better network connections and faster printing. Both models though come with the impressive 15000 page duty cycle. 1710 comes with three connection choices: Ethernet 10/10000mbps, a typical parallel and a USB 2. In the case you are interested in wireless connectivity, you can install the wireless adapter which costs approximately 80$. Dell offers its clients the Use and Return program, according to which you can save some serious money, recycling your toner cartridges. That can save you up to 30-35$ per cartridge. The 1710 can also handle envelopes and cards and transparencies, since it comes equipped with a multipurpose feed tray. The 1710 is a high rated printer - and not accidentally. The printed documents are perfect and the graphics are sharp and well appointed. Pictures are not perfect, but that is something expected by a laser monochrome printer. The graphic and image quality is great though if you want to print some newsletters or small scale pictures.

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