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									Increase Your Rank and Visibility in Local Organic Search Results
Eighty percent of local customers click on organic listings, as opposed to paid ads, making it more important than ever
for your business to have a highly visible and accurate organic local presence.

Customers use hundreds of different online sites for local information. Each local search portal has its own database
of listings that stores your business information. This means there are hundreds of databases, and they are all
disconnected from each other. If changes occur such as a new location opens or
closes, or business hours change, individual local portals don’t make these updates
unless you contact them directly and tell them to make the change. To make things
worse, search engines crawl Internet data and can find incorrect information and serve it to a searcher on another site,
growing inaccuracy exponentially. As a result, your brand and business information becomes incorrect across various
sites, creating frustrated customers who click and land on inaccurate information as they search for your products and

Marquette Group offers PowerListings, a powerful technology platform to help you achieve and maintain listing
accuracy; increase overall local organic visibility; improve rank to drive lead generation: and monitor your online
reputation. PowerListings connects directly with the database of each network partner to automatically monitor and
correct each listing.

Partner Network
Yahoo! • Bing • Facebook • MapQuest • Superpages • Yellowbook • CitySearch • Whitepages • Local • Foursquare •
MerchantCircle • EZlocal • GetFave • Local Database •ShowMeLocal • Topix • ZipLocal • CitySquares • LocalPages •
MojoPages • Yellowise • YellowMoxie • Tupalo • YellowBot • Avantar • Co-Pilot • Cricket • HopStop • MetroPCS •
Navmii • Where To? • Manta • Factual • YellowPageCity • AmercicanTowns • CliqSearch • • Chamber of
Commerce • 8Coupons • Alike • 411 • BestOfTheWeb • eLocal • Patch • PhoneNumber • Switchboard • YaSabe •
PennySaver • Pocketly

The PowerListings interface with Facebook allows users to:
    :       Update location information across pages on Facebook.
    :       Create custom page tabs for product lists, staff bios, menus, events, etc.
    :       Publish reviews from other sources as Facebook status updates.

Maximize Your Volume of Search Impressions with a Verified Presence
We make sure your listings are present with the correct information on the top local search sites on desktop, mobile
and navigation devices. PowerListings automatically adds missing listings and updates critical fields like name,

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address, phone number and categories across the partner network. As your business information changes, we can
update across the partner network immediately through PowerListings.

Stand Out and Increase Conversions with Enhanced Listings
It's not enough to simply show up in searches. Accurate listings with optimized keywords, descriptions and categories
maximize your impressions and improve your rank. In order to increase your click-thru rate, a 50-character line of
customizable text can be used for brand or seasonal messaging, allowing you to respond to market conditions,
competitors and local events. PowerListings can customize this information all the way down to the local level, so you
can run store-specific promotions. We increase conversions by enhancing your listings with photos, videos,
promotions, new product information and announcements, making them attractive and enticing to searchers.

Your enhanced listings appearing throughout the PowerListings network of partners are also crawled by other search
engines, including Google, as they look for the best and most relevant results.

Monitor Your Online Reputation
PowerListings scans for reviews across the network of local partner sites and returns results in the dashboard. The
review information is pulled directly from each of the sites versus crawling the Web, meaning the system is robust and
accurate. You can search by keyword, date, rating, partner site and location. Reputation monitoring gives you an
accurate picture of what consumers are saying about your business.

Track Performance with Full Analytics
PowerListings track impressions and profile views at the location level with full analytics to give visibility into your local
search performance. You can also see and evaluate the performance of special messages that you run based on
traffic and the positive impact generated from adding rich content to a listing. Statistics can be organized by day and
time, by partner site and by location.

Add the Power of Plus
PowerListings+ is new content lists to add to your local business listings that tell your customers what makes up your
business. Add Staff Bios, Event Calendars, Menus and Products/Services directly to your business listing. Adding
content to your listings gives your customers a reason why they should visit, by showing them what’s interesting inside
your business. The links to these lists appear not only on your listing, but also in search engine results to differentiate
your business. Associating your business with products and brands helps customers find you.

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Why Marquette Group?

    :    Expertise — We ensure your listings are set-up correctly and your content is accurate and robust, so you can
         increase your visibility and get the most out of organic searches. We monitor and scrutinize each listing and
         ensure it is integrated and live within 24 hours, and remains accurate.

    :    Intelligent Optimization — Marquette Group identifies opportunities to improve your performance across all
         partner sites based on the analytics and performance metrics exclusively available on the PowerListings platform.
         We optimize profile keywords, descriptions, categories and enhanced content like the customizable promotional
         text that appears with your listing in the search results.

    :    Multi-Location Management — Marquette Group can set-up and maintain your business listings for all your
         locations. You don't have to spend hours managing dozens of individual accounts for each site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are PowerListings a must for my business?
Because of the tremendous value of the top position in organic
ranking. Four out of five people make a decision via the organic
results versus paid advertisements on the search engine results
pages (SERP). Your business listing, not just a paid ad, must
appear near the top of the SERP to capture those searchers. How
near? There is an abundance of research on click-thru rate (CTR)
as determined by organic position. In a 2011 study conducted by
Slingshot SEO, the average CTR for a listing in first position is 18.2
percent, while the rate for second position falls by nearly half to
10.05 percent. Appear in the fifth position and you can expect a
mere 3.09 percent CTR. PowerListings help you achieve higher
rank by ensuring your listings are accurate, optimized and most relevant.

How will I know PowerListings is working?
Each partner site offers traffic analytics including clicks and impressions by day and time, and business listings audits,
updates, feeds and reviews.

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How much will highlighting my listings with PowerListings increase my business?
The PowerListings customizable text allows you to highlight promotions, photos, video, special hours or services,
qualifications and more. The customer response ratio can increase as much as 40 percent.

How does PowerListings manage my brand?
Managing multiple listings across local search sites and ensuring your brand message and differentiation is executed
both nationally and locally is a complex, complicated and time consuming activity. Marquette Group will make sure
your information is up-to-date and robust for every listing, so that your brand communicates credibility to current and
potential customers.

What can this product do for my business if I already have business listings
Having accurate and optimized information online for your business is one of many variables of a local search
strategy. A comprehensive local search campaign uses an integrated strategy involving map listings, pay-per-click
advertising, search engine optimization and social media efforts to convert these solid leads into new customers.
Overall, this new product offers your business a local search solution that for the first time ever, gives you access and
control over what shows up across the Internet.

Who should use PowerListing+?
The Products and Services enhanced content list allows businesses to digitize circulars to show weekly deals;
highlight seasonal items; showcase what’s available or new arrivals; build out featured product catalogs with full
descriptions; and include prices, specifics, and photos for each item. Businesses that have scheduled events will
benefit from the Calendar of Events content list. Promote the experience and knowledge of your team in the Staff Bios
list; and include calorie counts, nutritional information, photos, menus and seasonal promotions in the Menu enhanced
content list.

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