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					         Welcome S.H.S. Parents!
        Spring Guidance Workshop

                 For Parents of
          Incoming 12th grade students
I.     Welcome & Overview of Evening
II.    Middle College Presentation
III.   What’s New at SHS?
IV.    Course Offerings
V.     Online Registration
VI.    Next Steps
    Middle College Program - Benefits

1. Opportunity for juniors and seniors to become more self-
2. Complete high school graduation requirements and begin
   accumulating college credit
3. Offers a smoother transition from high school to college
4. Opportunity to save up to 2 years of tuition fees
5. Variety of class selection in a challenging and supportive
6. Flexible schedule

    Students who succeed in Middle
•   Independent
                College are:
•   Proactive
•   Responsible
•   Mature
•   Self Disciplined
•   Organized
•   Enthusiastic about learning
•   Students take high school classes--English and social studies in addition to 6-
    11 college units.
•   Students must maintain a C or better in ALL courses.
•   College courses vs. AP courses-- The only sure way to receive college credit is
    to take the transferable college course. West Valley courses designated as UC
    or CSU transferable transfer directly to 4 year colleges. Colleges like this!
•   Middle College students are involved in the West Valley Community—student
    government, clubs, music, drama, honor society, etc.
•   Middle College Club--social and service opportunities
     Middle College Program - Facts

Minimum required GPA for incoming students: 2.8
 Average Middle College student has a 3.5-3.7 GPA
100% of all graduating students over the past 2 years
have continued to pursue-post secondary education
across the country such as Dartmouth, UC Berkeley,
Lewis and Clark, UC San Diego, San Diego State,
UCLA, Brown, and NYU and more!
College classes are free—students pay for college
texts* and class fees.
*Financial aid available for qualified students.

Middle College – Important Dates

  Student Info Session: during tutorial
   Location: SHS Faculty Lounge—late
  February, early March—check
  Parent/Student Information Night:
  Thursday, March 6
   Location: WV Theatre, 6:00-8:00pm

  Middle College Program – Contact
      Annie Blank, Middle College Teacher
      Josh Hancock, Middle College Teacher
      Jeff Anderson, Middle College Administrator
      Cheryl Hodgin-Marshall, Middle College Counselor
      Claire Linstrom, Administrative Assistant

If interested in applying, please see your high school counselor or visit
      the district website at
          Course Registration Timeline
Grade in    9       10          11            12
Parent      2/12    2/12        2/6           2/4
Student     2/11    2/14        2/10          2/7
Registration N.A.   2/24        2/24          2/24
Class       3/11    3/3 - 3/5   2/27 - 2/28   2/25 – 2/26
   New Offerings for Seniors

A.P. Computer Science (Blended)
A.P. Government/(P) Economics
Physics Honors
Principles of Engineering

Non-Academic: Service Learning! Contact
Service Learning Coordinator, Tim Galleher
New Approach to Course Planning

New Approach to Course Planning

New Approach to Course Planning

                                                           • 4 years for graduation
                                                             and college

                          English courses
         (P) English 12                                (P) English 12 MAP
                                              Completion of Eng 11 MAP Honors or Eng
                                                 11 MAP. Concurrent enrollment in
                                                        US Gov/Econ MAP or
(P*) English Language Composition AP                   US Gov AP/ Econ MAP
 Course Requirements: English 9, 10, 11.
 Recommended: B+ average in English 10       (P*) English Language Composition AP
                and 11.                                         MAP
                                             Completion of Eng 11 MAP Honors or Eng 11
                                                   MAP. Concurrent enrollment in
(P*) English Literature Composition AP        US Gov/Econ MAP or US Gov AP/Econ MAP
 Course Requirements: English 9, 10, 11. A
  Recommended: B+ average in English 10
                 and 11.

            English course electives
                                     + (P) Journalism 1
 English Language                        Grades 9-12
Development (ELD)
    Grades 9-12
                        ♦+ (P) Journalism 2   ♦+ (P) Journalism 2
                          -3 and 4 Honors       -3 and 4 Honors
+ (P) Introduction to       (Yearbook)           (Newspaper)
      Rhetoric              Completion of         Completion of
     Grades 9-12            previous level        previous level

                             + (P) Journalism/Multimedia 2-4
                                       Grades 10-12

                                                       • 3.5 years for graduation
                                                       • 2 years for college

         Social Studies Courses
   (P) U.S. Government/                       (P) U.S. Government/
         Economics                                Economics MAP
          Grade 12                       Grade 12. Concurrent enrollment in
                                             any English 12 MAP course.

 (P) U.S. Government AP/                      (P) U.S. Government AP/
          Economics                              Economics MAP
  Grade 12. Recommended B+                       (semester course)
average in World and US History          Grade 12. Concurrent enrollment in
                                             any English 12 MAP course.

  Social Studies Electives Courses
        (P) History in Film                   (P) European History AP
                #                                  Grades 11-12
           Grades 11-12            Prerequisites: World Geography, World History.
                                  Recommended: B+ average in World Geography,
                                            World History and English 10.
                                                                                                    • 2 yrs req for graduation
      Math Courses                                                                                  • 3 yrs req for college
   (P) Sequential           (P) Algebra 1             (P) Geometry                       (P) Geometry                  (P) Geometry
Algebra 1 Geometry
                                                    C- or higher in Alg 1            C- or higher in Alg 1 (B-           Enriched
 Completion of Alg 1
                                                  taken in 8th grade) C- or           recommended if Alg 1             B+ or higher in
 or Sequential Alg 1
                                                     higher in Seq Alg               taken in 8th grade) C- or           Algebra 2
                                                          1/Geom                     high in Seq Alg 1/Geom

              (P) Geometry                             (P) Algebra 2                                 (P) Algebra 2 Honors
          C- or higher in Alg 1 (B-                    C- or higher in                         B- or higher in Geom Enriched. B+
      recommended if Alg 1 taken in                 Geometry/Geometry                            or higher in Geometry and B or
       8th grade) C- or higher in Seq              Enriched taken in high                       higher in Alg 1 (grades based on
                Alg 1/Geom                                 school                                  both 1st and 2nd semester)

                                                   ~(P) Trigonometry/
            (P) Algebra 2                                                                            (P*) Trigonometry/
                                                     Pre-Calculus **
            C- or higher in                                                                        Pre-Calculcus Honors **
                                                  C- or higher in Algebra 2
      Geometry/Geometry Enriched                                                                    B- or higher in Algebra 2
                                                         (B- strongly
         taken in high school.                                                                               Honors
                                                  recommended in Alg 2)

     (P) Trigonometry/Math 4 **                     (P) Calculus AB AP                                (P*)Calculus BC AP
        C- or higher in Algebra 2                    Trig/Pre-Calculus (B-                       B- or higher n Trig/Pre-Calculus
                                                   strongly recommended)                                      Honors

•     Summer school Algebra 1 is NOT recommended for acceleration to Geometry.
•     For admission to honors and AP math courses, all prerequisite coursework is recommended to be completed during the regular
    school year with the exception of Geometry.
•     For left and middle lanes, students are recommended to maintain C- prerequisites to move onto the next course. For right lane,
    students are recommended to maintain B- prerequisite to move to the next course.
•     # Summer school Geometry does not guarantee admittance into Algebra 2 Honors.
•     ** Summer school Algebra 2 is NOT recommended for acceleration to Trig/Math 4 or Trig/Pre-Calculus.
         Math course electives

        (P*) Statistics AP             (P*) + Computer Science A AP
B- or higher in Algebra 2 Honors, or     B- or higher in Algebra 2 H or
  C- or higher in any Trig course.      A- or higher in Algebra 2 or prior
 (Priority is given to seniors, then        programming experience

      (P) + Introduction to                   ~(P) + Principles of
       Engineering Design                         Engineering
(For Grades 9 & 10) B- or higher in      (For Grades 10-12) Concurrent
  Alg 1. Concurrent enrollment in       enrollment in Algebra 2 or higher
 Geometry or higher college prep          college prep math course and
           math course.                Chemistry or higher science course.

                                                       • 2 years for graduation
                                                       • 2 years for college

                      Science courses
                             (P) Earth Science
 Recommended for 9th graders enrolling in Algebra 1 or who have earned a B+ or
                 below in 8th grade science or math classes.

            (P) Biology                              (P) Chemistry
Intended for students in grade 10 or          Course requirements: Biology,
               above.                                   Algebra 1
 Recommended only for 9th graders
 who have earned an A- or higher in
8th grade science and math courses.             (P*) Chemistry Honors
                                          Course requirements: Biology, Algebra
                                           1, English 9. Recommended: B+ or
                                           higher in Biology and B+ or higher in
                                                Algebra 1 and most recent
                                                    mathematics class.
                                          Concurrent enrollment in Algebra 2 or
                                                   above recommended.

             Science course electives
Students must be in grade 11 or 12 to be eligible for all science electives.
     (P) Anatomy and               (P*) Chemistry AP                 (P*) Biology AP
         Physiology               Course requirements:        Course requirements: Biology,
  Completion of Biology and       Chemistry, English 10.          Chemistry, English 10.
   Chemistry, or concurrent        Recommended: A in          Recommended: B+ or higher
   enrollment in Chemistry     Chemistry, or B+ or higher     in Biology, A- in Chemistry, or
                              in Chemistry Honors. B+ or         B or higher in Chemistry
                               higher in Algebra 2 Honors,       Honors. B+ or higher in
    (P) Marine Biology                                        Algebra 2 Honors. B or higher
                              or B+ in current higher-level
    Completion of Biology,                                          in English 9 and 10
                               math class. B or higher in
  Algebra 1, and Chemistry.
                                     English 9 and 10
                                                                  (P*) Physics Honors
      (P) Astronomy                                             Prerequisites: Geometry,
    Required: Chemistry.                                                English 10.
Recommended: C or higher in                                           Recommended:
   Biology and Algebra 1          (P*) Environmental
                                                                       Enrollment in
                                       Science AP
                                                               Trig/Precalculus Honors or
                                  Prerequisites: Biology,
        (P) Physics                                            higher and B+ or higher in
                                  Chemistry, Algebra 1.
     Required: Chemistry                                        Chemistry or B- or higher
                              Recommended: B or higher in
    Recommended: C or                                           in Chemistry Honors. B+
                                 Biology, Chemistry, and
   higher in Algebra 1 and                                        or higher in Physics, if
                                        Algebra 2
          Geometry                                                 taken. If req not met,
                                                                 teacher approval needed

                                                                • 1 year of WL or VPA for
                                                                • 2 years for college
       World Language courses
   (P) Chinese 1                    (P) French 1                 (P) Spanish 1

    (P) Chinese 2                    (P) French 2                     (P) Spanish 2
     C or higher in          C or higher in French 1. Final   C or higher in Spanish 1. Final
       Chinese 1              grade of B or higher if two       grade of B or higher if two
                                years of French taken in         years of Spanish taken in
                                     middle school.                   middle school.
     (P) Chinese 3
 C or higher in Chinese 2            (P) French 3                  (P) Spanish 3
                                C or higher in French 2.       C or higher in Spanish 2
(P¨) Chinese 4 Honors
B- or higher in Chinese 3      (P*) French 4 Honors
                               B- or higher in French 3.          (P*) Spanish 4 Honors
                                                                  B- or higher in Spanish 3
    (P*) Chinese 5
        Honors                (P*) French Language AP
                               B or higher in French 4H or     (P*) Spanish Language
 B or higher in Chinese
                                    teacher approval                and Culture AP
 4H or teacher approval
                                                              B or higher in Spanish 4H or
                                                                    teacher approval
(P*) Chinese Language
                            Summer School or Community         (P*) Spanish Literature AP
    and Culture AP
B or higher in Chinese 5H   College classes or outside          Completion of Span Lang AP
   or teacher approval.     language programs may not be
                            used for advancement.             (P*) Spanish and Latin American
                                                               Completion of Spanish Language AP
                                                                           • 1 year of WL or VPA for graduation
                                                                           • 2 years for college

                      (P#) Ceramics 1-3                (P#) Digital                  (P#) Film Making
(P#) Art 1-4             Grades 9-12                   Photography                       Grades 11-12
                                                       Grades 10-12           Completion of Art, Ceramics, Drama,
                                                                                       or Media Arts 1.
 (P#) Advanced Digital Animation
            Grades 11-12                        ~(P#) Media Arts 2 (MA2)
Completion of Animated Web Graphics,                      Grades 11
    Art, Ceramics or Media Arts 1.            Concurrent enrollment required in
                                              English 11 MAP section and a US
                                                    History MAP section..

                                                                    Music courses
courses                                                (P#) Chamber
                                                        Singers 2-4
                                                                                  (P#) Band (Symphonic/Marching)
                                                                                        1-5 and 4-5 Honors ♦
                                                        Grades 10-12

(P#) Drama 1-4                                                                          (P#) Band (Wind
 and 4 Honors                                     (P#) Music Theory AP            Ensemble/Marching) 2-5 and 4-5
                                                 Teacher approval required                  Honors ♦

                               (P#) Soprano/Alto             Jazz Band 1           (P#) Advanced Jazz Ensemble +
                                   Choir 1-2

                                                            (P#) Concert
                                       (P#) Cantare                                 (P#) Orchestra 1-5 and 4-5
                                        Chorale 2-4
                                                                                            Honors ♦
                                        Grades 10-12
                                                                                      • 1 semester for

                                            Applied Arts

                                                    Health/Driver Education +
                                                             Grade 9

                                                                                  Media Arts 1 (MA1) +
                                   Animated Graphics +
                                                                                         Grade 10
                                                                      Concurrent enrollment required in English 10 MAP
                                                                                  and World History MAP
                                   (P) Child Psychology and
                                        Development +
                                         Grades 11-12                       (P) Multimedia Journalism 2-4 +
                                                                                         Grade 10-12
Courses listed under other
departments that fulfill the                                              C or higher in Journalism, Media Arts 1 or
Applied Arts Graduation                                                                   Filmmaking
Requirement:                       (P) Psychology, General +
                                          Grades 11-12
*Computer Science AP
                                                                     Stage Technology and Design-Independent
*Drama 3, 4 and 4 Honors
                                                                                       Study +
*Introduction to Computer               Sports                                  (2.5 credits/semester)
Science                              Medicine +
*Introduction to Rhetoric            Grades 10-12
                                                                                  Academic Tutor +
*Journalism 1, 2, 3 and 4 Honors                                           Grade 11-12 (10th upon approval)
                                                                     Teacher and counselor recommendation needed
*Advanced Jazz Ensemble

*Introduction to Engineering

*Principles of Engineering
                                                                         • 2 years for graduation

                Physical Education
                                Beginning Physical Fitness (Fall)
                               Beginning Physical Fitness (Spring)
                                            Grade 9

                                  Intermediate Physical Fitness
                                          Grades 10-12


PE/Fall Sport                           PE/Winter Sport                        PE/Spring Sport

        PE/Marching Band
Must be concurrently enrolled in Band                                Spirit
                                                                Try-out required
          Audition required                            PE/Independent Study (ISPE)
                                                 Approval required prior to semester requested –
                                                    application available in Guidance Office.
          Audition required                                                           25
Registering for Classes

     Procedure for course
   registration for Fall 2014

Log onto your account

 • Go to and click on “Aeries” in
   the top gray bar. Log into your student account.

Under student info, click on
 “Course Requests Entry”

   Under “Subject Area” click through each
           subject to add a class

- You can find math selections under the subject area “Math” & “Algebra”
- “Show all Courses” will display all subject areas

Using your Course Scheduling Worksheet,
    click on all the classes you need.

                         For science and
                         elective classes,
                         add alternate

    Course Request Forms
 You must complete BOTH sides of the form and turn
into your guidance counselor during your scheduling
appointment. You and your parent MUST SIGN THE
FORM. This signifies that you both:
 – approve the courses you have requested
 – have completed the “24 hours in a Falcon Day”
 – Initialed (if appropriate), that you understand that
   you may have not met the recommended
   prerequisites for your requested classes and/or are
   planning to take an A.P./Honors course

  Course Request Forms
You must bring your course request
   Battey’s classes: 2/25, 2/26
   Bohls’ classes: 2/25
   Herzman’s classes: 2/25
   Keys’ classes: 2/27
   Ritchie’s classes: 2/25, 2/26

 Important Spring Dates
Incoming Senior Parent Q&A
 - May 7 (tentative)
   2:40-4:00 pm, Library
College Essay Workshop
– May 16, 9:25 am (tutorial), RC
Private School Application/Scholarship
Workshop for Students
– May 23, 9:25 am (tutorial), McAfee

    College Talk

Getting ready for next fall and beyond

           Which colleges require which
                admission tests?
Community          UC’s          CSU’s        Private
 Colleges                                     Colleges
None           SAT            SAT           SAT
required       Reasoning      Reasoning     Reasoning
               Test or ACT    Test or ACT   Test or ACT
               plus Writing                 plus Writing
               SAT Subject                  SAT Subject
               Test                         Test (Check
               (optional)                   with the
                                            college to see
                                            if needed)
                                         UC/CSU Admission Requirements
                      Subject Requirements                                      SHS Courses Meeting CSU/UC Subject Requirements

a. History                                      2 years   World History
                                                          US History or US History AP (or MAP equivalent)
                                                          US Government ,US Government AP (or MAP equivalent) (1 sem)
                                                          World Geography (1 sem)
                                                          AP European History

b. English                                      4 years   English 9
                                                          English 10
                                                          English 11 or English 11 Honors (or MAP)
                                                          English 12 or English Language Composition AP or English Literature Composition AP (or MAP)

c. Mathematics                                  3 years   Algebra 1 or Sequential Algebra and Sequential Algebra/Geometry
                                                          Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 Honors

d. Lab Science                                  2 years   CSU: Biology and one science listed under “Electives” below
                                                          UC: Biology, Chemistry/Chemistry Honors , or Physics/ Physics Honors

e. Foreign Language                             2 years   2 years of the same language

f. Visual/Performing Arts                       1 year    Soprano/Alto Choir 1*, 2                         Chamber Singers 2, 3, 4
                                                          Adv. Jazz Ensemble                               Concert Choir 1*, 2, 3, 4
                                                          Art 1*, 2, 3 ,4                                  Digital Photography *
                                                          Band 1*, 2, 3, 4, 4H, 5, 5H                      Advanced Digital Animation
                                                          Cantare Chorale 1*, 2, 3, 4                      Film Making
                                                          Ceramics 1*, 2, 3                                Drama 1*, 2, 3, 4, 4H
                                                          History in Film*                                 Music Theory AP

g. Electives                                    1 year    Astronomy (semester)                             Marine Biology (semester)
(Do not use any courses you have used to meet             Biology AP                                       Physics
requirements of “a-f” above.)                             Calculus AB (AP)                                 Physics Honors
* May not be use for “g” elective credit.                 Calculus BC (AP)                                 Physiology
                                                          Chemistry                                        Principles of Engineering
                                                          Chemistry Honors                                 Psychology
                                                          Chemistry AP                                     Rhetoric
                                                          Child Psychology and Development                 Statistics AP
                                                          Computer Science (AP)                            Trigonometry/Math 4
                                                          Earth Science                                    Trigonometry/PreCalculus Honors
                                                          Economics (semester)                             Foreign Language – courses above the 2 years
                                                          Intro. To Engineering Design                     requirement
                                                          Journalism 1, 2, 3, 4, 4H                        Visual/Performing Arts listed in “f” above
Examples of Colleges In Other States – Entrance Requirements for
     Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado Colleges
High School       U of       Arizona        Northern     University   Washington    University   Oregon       Southern      Colorado     U of
Course            Arizona    State          Arizona      of           State         of Oregon    State        Oregon        State        Colorado
Requirements                 University     University   Washington   University                 University   University    University   Boulder

English           4          4              4            4            4             4            4            4             4            4

Math              4          4              4            3-4          3-4           3            3            3             3-4          3

Social            1          2              2            3-4          3             3            3            3             3            3.5
Studies/History              (Amer. Hist.

Science           3          3              3            2-3          2             2            2            2             2-3          3
                  (3 labs)   (3 labs)       (1 lab)      (1-2 labs)   (1 lab)       (1 lab)      (1 lab)                    (1 lab)      (2 labs)

Foreign           2          2              2            2-3          2             2            2            2             2            3

Academic          1                         1            0.5          1             2                                       1
Electives                                                                           (for                                    (Social
                                                                                    guaranteed                              Science or
                                                                                    admission)                              science)

Fine, Visual or   1          1              1            .5           1 or two
Performing                                                            additional
Arts                                                                  Acad. Elec.

SAT or ACT        Required   Required       Required     Required     Required      Required     Required     Required      Required     Required

 “Does Helping Out Help You?” (New
        York Times, 1/7/11)

  Approach to Community Service: Poll of
  Admissions Officers.

 Is it better to be consistently involved with?
One Cause ----- 60%
Many Causes ----- 12%
No Preference ----- 28%
         Advice to Parents:
Palo Alto Online, September 3, 2010

“Because of the frenzied world our teenagers live in-swollen with
   over-emphasis on external success- they more and more need
   the corrective of our caring. Rather than more grades and
   scores and achievements and playing time in sports…to tell
   them who they are, they need us to admire them for their
   humor, their strength of character, their trustworthiness,
   reliability and creativity. They need affirmation of their
   resourcefulness, idealism, patience, insight into themselves, and
   ability to care for others.”
From Anonymous Teacher, Gunn High School
    Common App 2013 Essay Prompts
      (Private College Applications)
•   Some students have a background or story that is so central to their
    identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without
    it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.
•   Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it
    affect you, and what lessons did you learn?
•   Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted
    you to act? Would you make the same decision again?
•   Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What
    do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you?
•   Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked
    your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture,
    community, or family.

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