Dog Obedience Classes

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					Dog Obedience Classes
(Puppy, Beginners, Canine Good Citizen, Rally, Advanced, Competition)

Carolina Dog Training Club

Serving the community with over 75 years of training experience
Training for better relationships!

Tuesday evening sessions Lewis Recreation Center Greensboro, NC
For class information & registration form: (336) 273-8828
For rescued dogs, we offer a $25 discount on your first class. Please enclose the coupon on the back of this flyer, along with a copy of the adoption papers, to qualify for the discount.

(include coupon with your registration form and a copy of your adoption agreement – valid on first, beginner level class only.)

Carolina Dog Training Club Greensboro, NC
Rescue group name: _____________________________

Rescue group contact name: _____________________________ Rescue group phone #: _____________________________

Handler/owner’s name: _________________________ Dog’s name: Breed: Estimated age: Adoption date: _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________

Note: acceptance into classes subject to CDTC club approval. Discount is not available for advanced classes.