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					COLORADO GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE Adoption Contract NOTICE: PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING IT. IT CONTAINS IMPORTANT PROVISIONS REGARDING YOUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. This Agreement is entered into on the _____ day of _________________, ________ by and between Colorado German Shepherd Rescue, (hereinafter "COGSR Rescue") and __________________________ (hereinafter "Adopter"). In consideration for my/our receiving the dog described herein, I/we expressly covenant and agree to the following: 1) I/We have never been charged with cruelty to animals. 2) I/We agree that the pet will be housed strictly indoors and will receive all care and attention necessary to ensure it's health and well being. This includes the provision at all times of sufficient food, water, exercise and medical care, including, but not limited to, heartworm preventative, vaccinations and worming. Adopter also agrees that the property where the dog will reside is fenced and if you move, the new property will be fenced prior to the dog entering the property. 3) Adopter understands and agrees that under no circumstances will the dog be off lead except when inside a house, building, etc., or in a fenced area. 4) I/We agree that copies all medical records will be mailed to COGSR within seven (7) days of Veterinarian visit for a period of one (1) year. 5) I/We agree that the pet will not be abused in any manner. The pet will not be chained, roped or otherwise tethered at any time, nor will it be permitted off the property of the Adopter unless accompanied by a mature individual. The pet will not be trained or used for attack or for guarding property, and will never be used in any aspect of dog/animal fighting. 6) Adopter recognizes that, although COGSR has made every possible effort to provide a pet that is compatible with the Adopter's home environment, the COGSR Rescue does not warrant the temperament or behavior of the pet, and will not be liable for any acts of the pet while living with the Adopter, nor for any costs, expenses or damages incurred as a result of the pet's conduct. 7) Adopter will keep the pet for so long as it shall live and will not transfer the ownership or custody of the pet to any other person or to any business or organization other than the COGSR except for the purposes of veterinary treatment and/or temporary lodging of the animal while Adopter is away from home. If the Adopter no longer wishes to keep this dog he/she agrees to contact


the Colorado German Shepherd Rescue to see if they are able to take the dog back. All charges for the return trip will be paid by the Adopter. 8) Adopter will notify COGSR at least one (1) week prior to any change of address, phone number, etc., of the Adopter for a period of one year. 9) Adopter agrees to comply with all state and local laws and ordinances related to the keeping of this dog, including licensing and leash laws. 10) At no time will the pet be allowed to ride in the open bed of a pickup truck. 11) Adopter will see that this pet wears a collar and ID tags at all times. 12) This pet is presumed to be in healthy condition. We require that you have your pet checked by a veterinarian within 10 days of adoption. If your vet diagnoses a major health problem at that time, you may return the pet, and adopt another pet upon COGSR approval, or you may receive a refund. This is the only case in which a refund will be given. The COGSR will not be responsible for any conditions for which clinical symptoms are not in evidence at the time of adoption or within this 10 day window from the date of adoption and a vet check. 13) The adoption donation of _______________ is non-refundable unless a medical condition documented in a letter by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is presented to COGSR. 14) Adopter agrees to spay/neuter the dog as soon as possible, but not later than 7 months of age or within 2 months of accepting the animal if the animal is older than 7 months and has never been spayed/neutered. 15) Adopter accepts possession of the animal described below at Adopter's own risk and hereby expressly releases and waives any claim or cause of action against COGSR that Adopter may have now or in the future for any damages to person or property caused by said animal. ADOPTER SIGNATURE: _________________________ DATE:_____________ This contract constitutes the full agreement of both parties. Wherefore, the above-named Adopter has executed the foregoing contract of adoption at COLORADO GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE, FALCON, COLORADO on this ______ day of _______________________, __________.

Sharyn Baker COLORADO GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE 4625 Slocum Road Falcon, Colorado 80831


INFORMATION ABOUT THE DOG Name:_________________________________ AGE:___________ Address:______________________________ Phone (H):________________ Phone (W):____________________________ Type of fenced yard:_________ Breed:_____________________Color/markings:_________________________ Shots: DATE: ___________________________________________ Spayed/Neutered:____________DATE:__________ Date of last worming:______________________ Heartworm check:_____________Date:__________ Medications:________________________________ Feeding instructions:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Additional information or comments:_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________________________