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					 Ellen G White Statements on Fund Raising
   Get priorities right
   Questionable Fund-Raising Methods
   People Needed No Urging
   People Needed No Urging
   Questionable Fund-Raising Methods
   Forbidden Money-Raising Methods
   Raising of money has been carried to extremes
   Speculating
   Better Ways Than Public Appeals for Means.
   Solicit pledges
   Financial loans
   Sale of books to raise funds
   All to play a part
   We are stewards of God's money
   God's means are to serve a holy purpose
   Freewill gifts
   Joint efforts
   Individual fund-raising initiatives
   I ask the children to show an unselfish interest in the work in the south. Will they
    not give their mites to help in this work?
   Selfishness and materialism hindering the work
   Ellen White's sacrificial giving
   Avoid Cultivating Expensive Tastes
   Contribution day

Get priorities right
   Our greatest burden should be, not the raising of money, but the salvation of souls;
and to this end we should do all in our power to teach students how to lead souls to a
knowledge of the third angel's message. When we are successful in the work of soulsaving,
those who are added to the faith will, in turn, use their ability in giving the truth to others.
When we labor diligently for the salvation of our fellow men, God will prosper our every
effort.--9T 85, 86.
                                                                 The Publishing Ministry PG- 289
                                                      Testimonies for the Church Volume Three
                                                                                            PG- 510
People Needed No Urging
After the children of Israel had left Egypt, when there was but a step back from freedom to
slavery, God commanded the tabernacle to be built from their scanty means. Their own tents
were small, but they did not plead to enlarge their own tabernacles. God's house must first
be built. God gave them the design he wished them to follow in building the tabernacle.
They needed no urging. Gifts and free-will offerings came in abundance. Their
ornaments and jewelry were taken from their person and cast into the treasury, to be used to
beautify and enrich the house for God. Materials of gold, silver, brass, and ornamental work,
were gladly given, each soul being anxious to have an interest in the tabernacle which
was being erected for God. More than a million of dollars was expended in erecting that
tabernacle. Moses did not need to urge the people, but he had to proclaim to them that they
had enough, and their cheerful, willing labors and offerings must cease, for they could not
appropriate all that they had already brought.

                                                                          Free-will Offerings
                                                                       The Signs of the Times
                                                                               DT- 08-05-75

Questionable Fund-Raising Methods
Professed Christians reject the Lord's plan of raising means for his work; and to what do they
resort to supply the lack? God sees the wickedness of the methods they adopt. Places of
worship are defiled by all manner of idolatrous dissipation, that a little money may be
won from selfish pleasure-lovers to pay church debts or to sustain the work of the church.
Many of these persons would not of their own accord pay one shilling for religious purposes.
Where, in God's directions for the support of his work, do we find any mention of bazaars,
concerts, fancy fairs, and similar entertainments? Must the Lord's cause be dependent upon
the very things he has forbidden in his word--upon those things that turn the mind away from
God, from sobriety, from piety and holiness? And what impression is made upon the minds
of unbelievers? The holy standard of the word of God is lowered into the dust. Contempt is
cast upon God and upon the Christian name.

The most corrupt principles are strengthened by this unscriptural way of raising means. And
this is as Satan would have it. Men are repeating the sin of Nadab and Abihu. They are using
common instead of sacred fire in the service of God. The Lord accepts no such offerings. All
these methods for bringing money into his treasury are an abomination to him. It is a spurious
devotion that prompts all such devising. O what blindness, what infatuation, is upon many
who claim to be Christians! Church members are doing as did the inhabitants of the world in
the days of Noah, when the imagination of their hearts was only evil continually. All who
fear God will abhor such practises as a misrepresentation of the religion of Jesus Christ.
                                                            Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
                                                                                  DT- 12-08-96
                                                                         God's Claim Upon Us
                                                                      Counsels on Stewardship
                                                                    Popular Methods of Appeal
                                                                                       PG- 204
Forbidden Money-Raising Methods
Lust of Appetite and Love of Pleasure the Wrong Money-raising Appeal. We see the
churches of our day encouraging feasting, gluttony, and dissipation, by the suppers, fairs,
dances, and festivals gotten up for the purpose of gathering means into the church
treasury. Here is a method invented by carnal minds to secure means without sacrificing.
                                                                      Welfare Ministry PG- 289

Raising of money has been carried to extremes
    Sin will rest upon us as a people if we do not make most earnest efforts to ascertain those
who have donated to the different enterprises who are too poor to give anything. All that they,
in the liberality of their souls, have given should be returned to them with an additional gift to
relieve their necessities. The raising of money has been carried to extremes. It has left a bad
impression on many minds. Making urgent calls is not the best plan of raising means.
There has been manifested an indifference to investigate the cases of the poor and make
returns to them, that they should not suffer for the necessaries of life. A neglect of our duty in
this respect, of becoming acquainted with the necessities of the needy and of relieving their
pressing wants by returning means which has been given to advance the cause of God,
would be on our part a neglect of our Saviour in the persons of His saints.
                                                  TI- Testimonies for the Church Volume Three
                                                                                  Calls for Means
                                                                                          PG- 510
The Unwise Use of Money and the Spirit of Speculation
    The Lord has shown me that your religious experience is becoming a matter of chance. It
savors of gambling. I beseech you that you let this experience go no farther. You are
educating church-members to think it a virtue to obtain money in a way that should not be
admitted among us. The methods you are advocating for the raising of means should never
come into our ranks at all, much less be carried to the lengths to which you and your
associates have taken them.
                                                                                           PG- 35

Better Ways Than Public Appeals for Means.
I was shown that there have been unhappy results from making urgent calls for means at
our camp meetings. This matter has been pressed too hard. Many men of means would not
have done anything had not their hearts been softened and melted under the influence of the
testimonies borne to them. But the poor have been deeply affected and, in the sincerity of
their souls, have pledged means which they had a heart to give, but which they were unable
to pay. In most instances urgent calls for means have left a wrong impression upon some
minds. Some have thought that money was the burden of our message.
                                                                      The Publishing Ministry
                                                                    Sales Promotion of Books
                                                                                      PG- 343

Many have gone to their homes blessed because they had donated to the cause of God. But
there are better methods of raising means, by freewill offerings, than by urgent calls at
our large gatherings. If all come up to the plan of systematic benevolence, and if our tract
and missionary workers are faithful in their department of the work, the treasury will be
well supplied without these urgent calls at our large gatherings.--
                                                                                      3T 510.

Solicit pledges
   I would like to inquire what progress has been made in the raising of means for the
purchase of the land. My investment was not made in order to lessen the responsibility of
others who should help. Do what you can to encourage those who have money that they
can use in the cause, to use it wisely and not let it slip away into speculation. Secure
pledges from those who have not money in sight. We need special wisdom to move out at
the right time. I thank the Lord that He encouraged me to walk by faith, and I pray that He
will help you to show others their privilege in this matter.
                                                                            Loma Linda Messages
                                                                                           PG- 574
Financial loans
My mind is settled in regard to the purchase of the land in front of the Loma Linda
Sanitarium. We must have that piece of land. I will pledge myself to be depended upon for
one thousand dollars. I hope to be favored with an opportunity to hire some money soon;
but I shall not worry in regard to this, or I shall not be able to do anything. The effort of
speaking on Sabbath and of reading my letters today is all I have been able to do to the
present time. But as soon as I can I will make some movement concerning the raising of the
one thousand dollars. The piece of land we must have; for it will never do to have buildings
crowded in there. Do not fail to carry through the purchase of it. Do your best, and I will do
my best. The money from me you may depend upon. We shall be able to send it soon.
                                                The Paulson Collection of Ellen G. White Letters
                                                                                            PR- 04
                                                                                           PG- 310

Sale of books to raise funds
    The opportunity we have of doing good by striving to carry out the Lord's plan for the
relief of our schools and sanitariums has been presented to me over and over again in
connection with the Southern California Conference. The conditions there are unusually
favorable for a long-continued effort to push the sale of Christ's Object Lessons and
Ministry of Healing . Our brethren and sisters in Southern California should never weary of
this plan for raising money to meet the debts that have accumulated. The students of the
Fernando school, and the nurses of the three sanitariums that have been established, can ill
afford to lose the precious experiences in missionary work that come to those who handle the
relief books. And the conference can ill afford to lose the results, spiritual as well as
financial, that would accompany a continued effort of this sort.
                                                                         The Publishing Ministry
                                           Christ's Object Lessons and the Ministry of Healing
                                                                                          PG- 362

All to play a part
   My brethren and sisters, let us all take part in sharing the burden of this College debt. The
Review and Herald needs the portion that is due to it. I entreat you not to find fault. Many
sacrifices have been made by those who have striven to lessen this debt. I ask you to show a
decided and practical interest in this matter. If all enter heartily into the plan of raising
money to cancel this debt by means of the Missionary Acre Fund, it will soon be swept
away, and relief will be brought to many who are carrying heavy burdens.
                                                             Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
                                                                                    DT- 12-03-03

We are stewards of God's money
I appeal to our brethren to whom the Lord has entrusted the talent of means: Will you not
help the workers at Madison, who have been instrumental in raising means for many
enterprises? As the Lord's messenger, I ask you to help the Madison school now. This is its
time of need. The money which you possess is the Lord's entrusted capital. It should be
held in readiness to answer the calls in places where the Lord has need of it.
                                                           An Appeal for the Madison School
                                                                                      PG- 4

God's means are to serve a holy purpose
    Means is needed that we may do quickly the work that must be done in building up the
waste places and raising up the foundations of many generations. We are not to spend our
money on things that are not essential. God requires that every available dollar shall be
given to the work of opening new fields for the entrance of the gospel message and in
lessening the mountains of difficulty that seek to close up our missionary work. For
Christ's sake, I ask you to carry out God's purposes for the opening of missions in every city,
in every place. Satan is working with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that
perish. Is it not time that we awake out of sleep? Our apparent devotion to the things of this
life contradicts the faith we profess to hold.
                                                              Manuscript Releases Volume Ten
                                                                                       PG- 216

Freewill gifts
   Added to this was another report: Just before his stroke, in the protracted money-raising
meeting at Memphis, Michigan, at a late hour when the going was hard, James offered $10
and said Ellen would join him with another $10. Now much in want, he suggested that the
church in Memphis was in a position to return this amount. This fed the rumor mill.
                                 Ellen G. White Volume 2 The Progressive Years 1862-1876
                                                                                       PG- 170

Joint efforts
E. R. Palmer and C. B. Hughes, principal and business manager, respectively, planned for the
day what they thought to be appropriate--a morning service at which Ellen White was invited
to address students and faculty, and in the afternoon various recreational games, including
cricket for the boys and tennis for the girls. Faculty members and students joined in
raising money with which to purchase the equipment (DF 249e, C. B. Hughes to WCW,
July 22, 1912). Other games, as remembered by Ella White Robinson included three-legged
races; eating apples suspended from a string, with the players' arms tied behind them;
carrying eggs in a teaspoon in a knee race, et cetera (ibid ., E. M. Robinson to David Lee,
Nov. 9, 1967). Wrote Professor Hughes in his July 22 letter to W. C. White:
                                     Ellen G. White Volume 4 The Australian Years 1891-1900

Individual fund-raising initiatives
    I ask the children to show an unselfish interest in the work in the South. Will they
not give their mites to help in this work? There are many ways in which they might earn
money for this purpose. One of our brethren bought wall pockets, and sold them to our
sisters at cost price. Those who bought them sold them to their friends and neighbors at
an advance, and gave the proceeds to the Southern work. My son has often written me
how much the means thus raised helped in the first establishment of the work. Can not the
children make simple, useful household articles, and sell them, telling those to whom these
things are offered of the work to which the money thus raised is to be devoted?
                                                                      The Southern Missionary

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
-DT- 03-23-05
   A sanitarium building is to be erected at Takoma Park, that this work may be carried
forward. Will not those who have means feel it a privilege to give something toward this
work, that the needed fund may be raised soon? The Lord will certainly bless those who
will cheerfully return to him his own. Doors that were once fast closed are now opening wide
for the entrance of our workers. I call upon our people, while the way is open, to do earnest
work, to rally round the standard, to answer the call that has been made for the completion of
the One Hundred Thousand Dollar Fund. Come up to the help of the Lord against the mighty.
This work is the Lord's, and he calls upon those who have means to place it in the
treasury for the advancement of his work. Send in your offerings for the buildings to be
erected at Takoma Park. We are praying that the money buried in lands and houses may
now be called in, because it is the Lord's money, and he needs it. It is to our honor to
send in large and small sums, so that, when the next General Conference shall assemble, we
can say that the fund needed has been raised.

The great cities must be warned; and if you have not surplus means, then it is certainly the
duty of some of our brethren to sell and invest means in the different branches of the
work. "Lay up for yourselves a treasure in the heavens." Duty is plain; the selling time has
come if means is demanded to advance the cause and work of God and cannot be raised
without selling your land and your extra houses. Awaken, brethren, to the call of duty. I see
no other way that the light in Chicago and other places can be withdrawn from under the
bushel and placed on a candlestick. I appeal to every one in the ranks of Sabbath-keepers
to deny self for Christ's sake. There is earnest work to be done for the Master; and those
who have no houses and lands to turn into money, can deny self in various ways, and
save means which would have been needlessly expended. Practice temperance in all
things. Cut down selfish indulgences at your tables, and dress plainly, with the great
and grand object before you of having money to place in the treasury of God. You may
thus be the means of advancing his cause, enlightening those who are in the darkness of error.
                                                   Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
                                                                                  DT- 02-10-85

   I ask the children to show an unselfish interest in the work in the south. Will they not
give their mites to help in this work? There are many ways in which they might earn
money for this purpose. . . . Cannot the children make simple, useful household articles,
and sell them, telling those to whom these things are offered of the work to which the
money thus raised is to be devoted? . . .
                                                           Manuscript Releases Volume One
                               Excerpts From E. G. White Letter for an Article in Junior Guide
                                                                                      PG- 347

Tomorrow we have another meeting in behalf of the sanitarium to see or test what the people
will do to raise means. The Lord has money among His people. The three thousand dollars
raised, I understand, is to be apportioned to the most needy objects in the sanitarium interests.
Were the building now up and in running order, there would be no dearth of patronage. But
the Lord will devise and plan some way for us to get the money. We do have faith,
notwithstanding the prospect is so apparently without encouragement.
                                                     Manuscript Releases Volume Twenty-one
                                                  The Need for Faith, Love, and Christlikeness
                                                                                      PG- 154

A church must be built in Maitland as soon as the money for it can be raised. When all those
who are now convinced decide for the truth, an effort will be made to raise some money for
the church.
                                                                         The Kress Collection
                                                                                     PG- 129

Selfishness and materialism hindering the work
   I dreamed I was visiting those who believe the truth; and I saw in their houses trinkets and
ornaments. But while I felt like weeping like a little child, over the future prospects -- on
account of lack of means -- in regard to advancing the cause of Present Truth, the Spirit of the
Lord came upon me, and I said, "In this house are many idols." If these things that can do
your souls no good were sold, and the money put in the Lord's treasury, there would not be
the deprivation of any of your comforts, and the means would help advance the cause of
God." I went from house to house and pointed out the needless things that the Lord's
money entrusted to his stewards had bought. That very means could have been a great
blessing to help build our school buildings in the land, also our meetinghouses, that as
churches are raised up we must hire. There are many campmeetings to be held in new places,
and how to obtain the means is a problem.
                                                                 Spalding and Magan Collection
                                                                                            PG- 82

Ellen White's sacrificial giving
As funds were being raised in September, Ellen White, who had received a gift from friends
in California of $45 with which to buy a comfortable chair for use during her illness,
appropriated the money to aid in building the Parramatta church. She explained to her friends
who had given her the money that she wished them to have something invested in the
Australian missionary field (Letter 34, 1892).
                                    Ellen G. White Volume 4 The Australian Years 1891-1900
                                                                                       PG- 69

Even the church, which should be the pillar and ground of the truth, is found encouraging the
selfish love of pleasure. When money is to be raised for religious purposes, to what
means do many churches resort? To bazaars, suppers, fancy fairs, even to lotteries, and
like devices. Often the place set apart for God's worship is desecrated by feasting and
drinking, buying, selling, and merrymaking. Respect for the house of God and reverence
for His worship are lessened in the minds of the youth. The barriers of self-restraint are
weakened. Selfishness, appetite, the love of display, are appealed to, and they strengthen as
they are indulged.
                                                                        Christ's Object Lessons
                                                                 The Sower Went Forth to Sow
                                                                                         PG- 54
In professedly Christian gatherings, Satan throws a religious garment over delusive pleasures
and unholy revelings to give them the appearance of sanctity, and the consciences of many
are quieted because means are raised to defray church expenses. Men refuse to
give for the love of God; but for the love of pleasure, and the indulgence of appetite for
selfish considerations, they will part with their money.
                                                                     Counsels on Stewardship
                                                                  Popular Methods of Appeal
                                                                                     PG- 202

Avoid Cultivating Expensive Tastes
   The workers must arouse themselves to see afar off. With many self-denial and self-
sacrifice are dead, and these elements must be raised to life again. Men must
understand that the large wages which they demand are sapping the Lord's treasury. They are
binding up God's money in private interests, and by their actions are saying to the world,
"My lord delayeth his coming" (Matt. 24:48). Shall not this thing be changed? Who will
come up to the great example of the Master Worker?--Letter 120,1899.
                                                                   Selected Messages Book 2
                                        General Principles Governing Worker Remuneration
                                                                                    PG- 188

An Appeal For Help

               Talk at the Meeting Where Money Was Raised for the Sanitarium

    When I read in the General Conference that twenty thousand dollars had been donated to
Australia, and that large donations had been made to the General Conference to help in other
places, a feeling of sadness came over me. I felt that if this donation came to our people in
this way, it would deprive them of a blessing, according to the eighth and ninth
chapters of II Corinthians, so that rich supplies of grace might flow in upon God's
people, because of their self-denial and self-sacrifice. Christ says: "He that will come after
Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me." You have read your Bibles,
and you know of the cross the Saviour bore when He laid aside His royal robe and kingly
crown and clothed His divinity with humanity. He did not come to take his position among
the wealthy, where He could have all the luxuries and conveniences of life. For our sakes He
became poor, that we, through His poverty, might become rich. He is our example. We can
deny ourselves, and we can do a great deal more of this than we have any idea of.
                                                       (Australasian) Union Conference Record

Regarding investment in bonds, I am instructed to say further, that if no voice were
raised against this arrangement, if our people should tie up their money in such
investment, when it became necessary to call for means for aggressive missionary work,
it would be found that there was a greater dearth of means among us than there is now.
Plans may be started that at the beginning seem very promising, but often the foresight would
be much more pleasant than the aftersight, were these plans carried out. I have been
commissioned to instruct our people to be economical, and always ready to give of their
means to the Lord's work. If you have a thousand dollars to spare, God wants it; it
belongs to him. If you have twenty dollars to spare, God wants it. His vineyard is
waiting to be worked.
                                                       Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
                                                                      The Work Before Us

   When we learned that we were not going to be able to secure the Sonoma property,
an assurance was given to me that a better place was provided for us, where we could
have many advantages over our first selection. ($60,000.00). $40,000.00 of this money has
been raised, and we hope the balance will soon be forthcoming. Our people see that this
property is much better than we hoped to be favored with. It is situated only six miles from
the Sanitarium where Dr. Rand is head physician. The leading workers of these two
institutions can cooperate in their work to carry forward the work of sanitarium and school
                                                             Manuscript Releases Volume One
                                                   Location and Work of Pacific Union College
                                                                                       PG- 340

   Brother Wessels writes that he has taken steps to secure the place of seventy acres . . . I
pledged one hundred pounds. I have hired the money, paying five percent interest. I
know I must pledge to the very extent of my powers in order to keep the donations as
large as possible. . . . We have walked out by faith, and we expect to buy this land.--
Letter 190, 1899, pp. 5, 6. (To Sister Gotzian, Nov. 1, 1899.)
                                                           Manuscript Releases Volume Three
                                                                              Concerning Debt
                                                                                       PG- 240

    Yesterday afternoon after speaking, I called for a contribution for foreign missions,
and nearly one hundred dollars was raised. This will be sent to Pastor [L. R.] Conradi. He
is pushing the work in Europe with all his power, and is opening up new fields. He needs
money. I have just given those in charge of the work in Europe permission to use one
thousand dollars of the royalty of my books for the payment of translations.--Letter 149,
1902, pp. 3, 4. (To G. B. Starr and wife, September 22, 1902.)
                                                            Manuscript Releases Volume Ten
                                                                                L. R. Conradi

                                                                                      -PG- 64

Contribution day
   I must now close this long letter. You will hear from your father soon, and then something
definite will be determined. We want Mabel to take right hold here. Ella May is to fill her lot
and place. You must both be of good courage in the Lord. Can you tell us how much money
was raised upon the contribution day?
                                                        Manuscript Releases Volume Fourteen
                  Ellen White Comments on Finding Water at the Paradise Valley Sanitarium:
                                                           A Collection of Source Documents
                                                                                     PG- 266

I have not seen Loma Linda since it first opened. We are to do all we can, and then tell the
Lord to open the way. I think the move we made for Loma Linda was in the right time, and
they have had no embarrassment thus far in meeting their obligations . . . the Lord has
favored us in the Loma Linda matter, by the hiring of money at five per cent interest and
paying in the five thousand before it was due. Two hundred dollars was allowed them on the
payments, and there is no reason why the whole can not be raised according to agreement.
But I must be thankful for the advantages we have had; and we will be thankful for these
three sanitariums; and the Fernando School is doing good work.
                                                              Spalding and Magan Collection
                                                                                       PG- 386

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