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					     Join us at the 16th Annual                                       What Role Will Your Company Play in
        Multifamily Housing                                             the Annual Multifamily Housing
                                                                           Brainstorming Sessions™ ?
    Brainstorming Sessions™ East

      or sixteen years now, we've been producing one of the
      most impactful national events that our industry has to
      offer. The Brainstorming event agenda includes three
                                                                                 You choose
days and offers you, the leading vendors and service                  the level of participation
providers that support our industry, the opportunity to meet
and network face-to-face with our audience of property
                                                                        that’s right for you!
management decision-makers. Because your company
provides the level of support that we desire to share with                The Brainstorming Sessions™ are a three-day event
our very forward-thinking attendees, I'd like to personally          featuring one day of exhibits and seminars framed by two
                                                                     days of creative idea generation. All three days offer
invite you to join us as an Exhibitor, Sponsor, or Multi-
                                                                     opportunities for your company to strategically capitalize
sponsoring Patron, to the one national apartment industry            on the creative nature of the event. We won't just bring
event that you can't afford to miss!                                 you our industry's most influential professionals—we'll
     As an Exhibitor, your company would join with others            bring them to you in a unique frame of mind—excep-
who provide only the finest products and services to our             tionally open to the solutions that you have to offer! The
industry to exhibit in our "Resource Room" on Thursday, May          first and third day (Wednesday and Friday) of the event
                                                                     revolves around idea generation. Attendees put their
19, 2005. Beyond exhibiting, we also offer a wide variety of
                                                                     heads together in a series of facilitated groups to develop
flexible sponsorship opportunities that allow you to decide          innovative solutions to the top challenges that our
how to best place your company's name and message in the             industry faces today. Brainstorming is tough work, so
spotlight on all three days of the event. You may even               Brainstormers receive a day of rest on day two
combine sponsorship opportunities in such a way that your            (Thursday) of the event to be educated by our industry's
level of support earns your company complimentary registra-          most renowned experts, and to explore our "Resource
                                                                     Room" exhibits where you'll join in displaying the
tions, and even complimentary exhibit space! Whether you
                                                                     solutions that your company offers to make their new
simply exhibit, or choose to sponsor several portions of the         ideas a reality. You'll design your own level of partici-
event in order to raise your company's profile head and              pation by choosing one or more of the available opportu-
shoulders above the rest, the benefits that you receive will         nities. The more valuable opportunities you choose, and
never be confined to only your participation in Orlando. You         the more thought you put into your strategy, the more
will find that the hundreds of companies who have elected to         impactful your exposure will be to our audience of
participate in Brainstorming have become part of an                  hundreds of industry decision-makers and the more
                                                                     benefits you'll receive!
exclusive circle of providers, with a time-honored reputation
for outstanding quality, that Brainstormers turn to (and tell
others about!) not just for a few days or weeks, but 365 days

                                                                     Continued Success
a year, for years!
     Please take a moment to review the opportunities that
follow, and feel free to contact us for additional information. To
                                                                     for Exhibitors and Sponsors!
join us in Orlando, complete the enclosed agreement and return       We've taken measures to ensure that your company
it with your payment without delay. Many forward-thinking            doesn't have to share our audiences' attention with
companies are invited to participate, but only a limited number      other industry supporting vendors and suppliers who
will respond in time to join the one national apartment industry     have not earned the right to access our audience by
event that you can't afford to miss. Don't wait! Secure your         securing an exhibit or sponsorship. The following
place today!                                                         policy has been added to our attendee registration
                                                                     and to our exhibitor materials: Please note that all
                                                                     Brainstorming attendee registrations are subject to
                               Tami L. Siewruk
                                                                     qualificaton and verificaton. Representatives from
                             Chief Imagination Officer               industry supporting vendor and supplier companies may
                             Sales & Marketing Magic                 not register as Brainstorming attendees unless their
                                  Multifamilypro                     company is a contracted Exhibitor (and has abided by
                                                                     the terms and conditions of that contract).
                            Exhibitors Testimonials
“Brainstorming provides a fun and relaxing atmosphere where I can             “The Vegas Resources Room provided me with more business
meet with clients, learn about their needs, and discuss how I can             contacts and requests for follow-up than any show I've
better serve them!”                                                           attended in a long time. Thank you Sales & Marketing Magic
Mark Lacey, Regional/National Sales Director                                          for making this event and opportunity possible to so
RENTNET TM                                                                                    many of us!”
                                                                                                                     Terri Norvell, President
                                                                                                                             The Inner Prize
“Of all the trade shows we've attended
this was hands down the best event
                                               “Brainstorming is an excellent event to learn                 “The excitement was conta-
I've been a part of in years! Aaron
rents will absolutely be coming            about industry trends and successful ideas being used               gious! I continue to learn more
back year after year!”                       by leading apartment communities. It is a very fun                  and more from all those
Don Lange                                networking opportunity as well. As a key sponsor, it is an               wonderful attendees. The
National Sales                            ideal way for For Rent Magazine to spend time with our                   Resource Room was great!
Aaron Rents                              valuable clients and give back to the industry we serve!”                 The traffic was almost
                                                                                                                    more than we could
                                                 Jack J. Ross, Vice President/General Manager
                                                                                                                    handle. Thanks for a
                                                              For Rent Magazine®
                                                                                                                    wonderful experience.”
“Brainstorming gave me the
                                                                                                                            Nan Cavarretta
opportunity to meet with
more high-level decision-           “We’ve been exhibiting at the Brainstorming Sessions for the last four         The Property Management
makers than any other show
                                     years. You’d think we’d be seeing the same people year after year...                Education Institute
that I have been to in the last
                                       but that’s not the case at all. Each year we’re surprised at the
Jennifer Cyphers
                                      draw the show has and the influx of new attendees. Every year
                                         we walk away saying ‘this was our best show ever’ but                  “This is the only show where
National Sales
                                                                                                            the attendees actually stop at
CreditRetriever                           somehow it just keeps getting better. We applaud the
                                                                                                          your booth and ask you to tell them
                                         staff and support that continues to make this event a
                                                                                                        about your service. At most shows
                                                 win win opportunity. Thank you all.”                 they just walk by trying not to make
“As an exhibitor, I really appreciate           Michael Strelser, Apartment Cards                  eye contact.”
the attendees enthusiasm and just                                                                                          Terri Nicholson
plain common sense approach when                                                                                   Regional Vice President
it comes to identifying a product or                                                                        LeasingDesk Insurance Services
service that can really help improve
their daily lives. There is no ego
involved, just a great desire to                                              “The attendees at Brainstorming are seeking new and creative
attach themselves to cutting-edge                                             ideas for solving their specific property management
thinking. Brainstorming brings                                                challenges. As a vendor, the opportunity to solve those
out the best in creative juices and                                           challenges is everywhere! Through networking receptions,
we are lucky to be a participant.”                                            participation in the Brainstorming process & the trade show,
Rick Rundles
                                                                              (just to name a few) you have multiple contacts with decision
                                                                              makers! This event is looked forward to throughout the
Executive Vice President
                                                                              industry and an absolute must for industry partners that want
CXC Services, Inc.
                                                                              ‘real face time’ with their current & potential customers.”
                                                                                                                              Tammy Chivers

“Brainstorming is recognized                                                  “The Brainstorming conferences provide us a unique way to get
as a ‘must attend’ event for                                                  in front of our audience and increase exposure about our products
‘forward thinking’ industry                                                   and services to an extremely targeted audience. Thanks for the
professionals. Way to go!”                                                    great opportunities and see you at the next show!”
Don Reeve, Sales Manager                                                                         Maureen Boyle, Trade Marketing Manager
Creative Laundry Systems                                                                                      

                    Become a Brainstorming Exhibitor
                                                 Thursday, May 19, 2005

        If you elect to exhibit your company's products and services at our event by purchasing either a Tabletop or
    10’x6' Exhibit area, you'll receive a value-priced means of reaching our audience throughout the second day,
    (Thursday) of the event. Brainstormers will visit our "Resource Room" to peruse cutting-edge goods and services at
    their leisure; get in touch with the latest products and services that are defining the future of our industry; and make
    the valuable contacts that they'll rely on for years to come. It's a tried-and-true opportunity for you and your
    company to foster established relationships, show our industry what you have to offer, and create the relationships
    that will ensure your success!

     Exhibitor benefits and options
    ALL Exhibitors at Brainstorming receive the following benefits:
      Participation in the "Resource Room Wrap-Up" reception at the end of the day so that you can conclude the day's
     business in a relaxing environment.
      Several exclusive opportunities on Thursday, during which there are no competing events to distract our Brainstormers,
     so that you may network face-to-face with our audience of decision-makers.

    TABLETOP EXHIBITS (6’ x 2’, skirted table)                                                                 $1,500
    Tabletop exhibitors may only use space from the top of the table up to 8 feet. No floor space is permitted as part of the display.

    BOOTH EXHIBITS                                                                                             $2,500
    10’ x 6’ Exhibit Area (with or without a 6’ x 2’, skirted table)

    Designing Your Own Brainstorming Experience is Easy
    1. Select your exhibit size from the options available.
    2. If you're seeking a greater level of exposure, supplement your exhibit selection with one or several sponsorships!
    3. If you'd like to maximize your exposure to our audience, plus receive complimentary registrations and exhibit
       space, strategically choose from the available sponsorship opportunities until you've achieved the desired
       patron level.
    4. Call Jennifer James at 662-890-9294 if we can provide additional information or assistance—we're at your service.
    5. Simply complete the Exhibitor/Sponsor Agreement according to your selections, and return it to us at your
       earliest convenience, accompanied by payment, as directed.

    If you have questions about exhibiting, rules and regulations, advertising or sponsorships please contact:
    Jennifer James, Director of National Sales,, 662-890-9294
    If you have questions about billing or exhibitor order forms and registration please contact:
    Barbie Figueroa, Director of Order, Reason and Reality,, 727-784-9469

    For all other inquiries:
    Sales & Marketing Magic/Multifamilypro
    36431 U.S. Highway 19 North, Palm Harbor, Florida 34684
    website: email:
    phone: 727-784-9469      fax: 727-784-7978

                    Become a Brainstorming Patron
If you would like to receive even more attention for your company at Brainstorming then you should consider
becoming a Brainstorming Patron by strategically choosing Sponsorship opportunities that will best meet your
company's needs. Once you've determined what individual opportunities you would like, total their cost to determine
your Patron level. This level of support is for those discerning organizations that wish to receive the greatest access
to our audience of decision-makers. The higher the value of your total sponsorship, the greater the value of the
benefits you'll receive; and as always, results are guaranteed. Patrons receive all of the benefits associated with
Exhibiting and Sponsoring, and more!

Patron Level benefits and options
ALL Patron Level Sponsorships include:
 The opportunity to present a one-minute "commercial message" to our entire Brainstorming audience about your company.
 Preferred placement of your Exhibit in our Resource Room on Thursday, May 19, 2005.
 Inclusion of your company's marketing materials in the Brainstorming Welcome Package.
 Special mention of your Patron level in our pre-event marketing, including: pertinent email announcements and on our
 website; on all printed materials produced after sponsorship is elected; and in all appropriate signage and on-screen
 presentations at the event.
 Our Networking Directory featuring complete attendee contact information emailed to you to spare you the expense of
 data entry.
 Complimentary Brainstorming registration(s), allowing one or several representatives from your company to participate
 in the entire three-day program* where they'll be seated with changing groups of industry professionals throughout each
 day of Brainstorming, and receive invaluable insight into the needs and direction of the industry! (*Attendee-optional
 programs not included.)

DIAMOND PATRON (only one opportunity available)                                                              $50,000
Sold to For Rent Magazine® and

PLATINUM PATRON                                                                                              $30,000
In addition to the benefits that all Patrons receive, and the unique benefits associated with each elected sponsorship,
Platinum patrons are entitled to:
   Six complimentary Brainstorming registrations.*
   Complimentary Resource Room 10'x6' Exhibit (with or without a 6'x2' skirted table).

GOLD PATRON                                                                                                   $20,000
In addition to the benefits that all Patrons receive, and the unique benefits associated with each elected sponsorship,
Gold patrons are entitled to:
  Four complimentary Brainstorming registrations.*
  Complimentary Resource Room 10'x6' Exhibit (with or without a 6'x2' skirted table).

SILVER PATRON                                                                                                 $15,000
In addition to the benefits that all Patrons receive, and the unique benefits associated with each elected sponsorship,
Silver patrons are entitled to:
   Two complimentary Brainstorming registrations.*
   Complimentary Resource Room Tabletop Exhibit (6'x2' skirted table)

BRONZE PATRON                                                                                                $10,000
In addition to the benefits that all Patrons receive, and the unique benefits associated with each elected sponsorship,
Bronze patrons are entitled to:
   One complimentary Brainstorming registration.*
   Complimentary Resource Room Tabletop Exhibit (6'x2' skirted table)

                      Become a Brainstorming Sponsor
         If you've chosen to participate as a Brainstorming Exhibitor, and also want to raise your company's profile at the event
    in such a way that your presence is unmistakable, then Sponsorship is for you! Several opportunities are available for your
    company to host specific components of each event, and each has its own unique benefits. Sponsorship opportunities may
    be elected on the Exhibitor/Sponsor Agreement and are priced from $3,500-$6,000. The costs and benefits of available
    sponsorships are detailed on pages 5-7. Some sponsorships are secured a year in advance and those that have already
    been secured will not appear on the list. Sponsorship opportunities may be elected independently of each other, or
    combined as part of your strategy to create a more memorable and impactful level of participation.

      Sponsorship benefits and options
     ALL Sponsorships include:
       Inclusion of your logo in our on-screen presentations throughout the event.
       Mention of your sponsorship(s) whenever appropriate in general session.
       Full-color signage announcing your sponsorship for those activities that physically occur at the event.
       Announcement of your sponsorship on our website and in promotional messages, as we deem appropriate, from the
       time that your contract is secured until the event.
       Inclusion of your logo on table tent cards for any sponsored activity that involves seating of attendees and on tickets
       for any sponsored activity that require them.

     The Opening Day Keynote Presentation, Presented by Tom Connellan, Wednesday                                    $ 5,000
     The Closing Day Keynote Presentation, Presented by Tom DeLuca, Friday                                          $ 5,000
     “H2O TO GO” Bottled Water Sponsorship                                                                          $ 3,500
     The Meet & Greet Welcoming Reception, Tuesday                                                                  $ 5,000
     The Brainstorming Club, Featuring the Tools, Forms & Ideas Exchange™, Post-Event for One Year                  $ 4,500
     The Resource Room Bagged Lunch, (maximum of two), one opportunity left, Thursday                               $ 5,500 ea.
     The Networking Breakfast, Thursday                                                                             $ 6,000

     Add an Item to the Brainstorming Welcome Package Totes!                                                        Only $450!

                                 Sponsorship Opportunities
         All of our sponsorship opportunities are designed to offer     much as 133 percent of target, reduced costs by 18 percent,
    room to glow! We're available to help you Brainstorm ways to        rescued slumping performance, and taken team
    tailor a sponsorship to your company's unique image                 performance to a whole new level. Walk away with practical
    message, for a few of our suggestions or “impact ideas”, log        leadership tools you can use to markedly boost performance
    on to our web site. Feel free to call us anytime to discuss ideas   within only 30-60 days. In addition to the benefits that all
    and possibilities that will make your company really shine!         Sponsors receive, unique benefits include:
                                                                          The opportunity to present a three-minute commercial
    The Opening Day Keynote Presentation                                  message leading into your introduction of the keynote
    “High Performance Leadership: People, Productivity,                   presenters.
    and Profits” Presented by Tom Connellan                               Your company's logo projected on screen in the general
    Wednesday, May 18, 2005 - $5,000                                      session area throughout the keynote presentation.
    What do two-thirds of all the people listed in Who's Who: 21
    of the first 23 astronauts; 45 percent of female world leaders      The Closing Day Keynote
    between 1960 and 1999; and 55 percent of U.S. Supreme               “Theatre of the Imagination”
    Court justices all share in common? All these high                  Presented by Tom DeLuca
    performers share three environmental factors. Because the           Friday, November 12, 2005 - $5,000
    factors are environmental, the skills to create them can be         Innovation can only come from imagination, and Tom
    learned! Join New York Times Best-Selling Author, Tom               DeLuca's “Theatre of the Imagination” demonstrates how
    Connellan, and learn how to craft a high-performance                remarkably innovative people can be when they're relaxed
    climate within your company that delivers energy,                   and completely free of pressure. Tom's show will feature
    commitment, and accomplishment. Previous participants               volunteer Brainstormers who will break through mental
    have improved sales productivity from 80 percent to as              barriers and fuel the show with their own amazing

creativity! You will be astounded by the incredible ideas that        Brainstormers from companies and communities nationwide, in
come from your peers! The New York Post calls Theatre of the          exchange for contributing only one idea in return (many
Imagination “fascinating, hilarious, even poignant.” Rolling          Brainstormers have called this benefit alone well worth the cost
Stone calls it “…joy and happiness on stage.” In addition to the      of attendance)! In addition to the benefits that all Sponsors
benefits that all Sponsors receive, unique benefits include:          receive, unique benefits include:
  The opportunity to present a two-minute commercial message            Exclusive linked banner advertising in the Club section of our
  (usually available to Patrons only) leading into your intro-          web site for one year.
  duction of the keynote presenter.                                     The opportunity to post announcements and articles of interest
  Your company's logo projected on screen in the general session        in the Club section of our web site for one year.
  area throughout the keynote presentation.                             Mention of your sponsorship in all communications to Club
“H2O TO GO” Bottled Water Sponsorship                                   Periodic opportunities to address a message to the member-
Thursday, May 19, 2005 - $3,500                                         ship via e-mail broadcast.
Brainstorming is thirsty business, and attendees always appre-          A year-long company profile in BrainBuzz™, including linked
ciate a chance to re-hydrate their busy brains. While supplies          contact information.
last, Brainstormers will receive complimentary bottles of spring        A thank you announcement from Tami Siewruk with your logo
water featuring your company's logo. Bottles will be located in         on screen in the main Brainstorming room on opening day.
a number of areas including: the attendee totebags; the                 Your logo and a reminder of your sponsorship on the Club
Resource Room exhibit area; and the event registration area.            Membership Card that each attendee receives and holds on to
                                                                        (because it includes the Club password!).
The Meet & Greet Welcoming Reception                                     Full-color signage throughout the event announcing your
Tuesday, May 17, 2005 - $5,000                                          sponsorship and directing attendees to the Club section of our
Choose this sponsorship to make the very first impression at            web site.
Brainstorming! Before Brainstorming kicks off on Day One,
attendees will begin to arrive at the hotel the afternoon before,     The Resource Room Bagged Lunch
and they'll be ready and raring to find out more about the event      Thursday, May 19, 2005 - $5,500
and meet their fellow Brainstormers! This portion of the event        (maximum of two) only one opportunity left!
provides our guests the opportunity to visit the Brainstorming        Go a little further to make YOUR presence known on exhibit
registration desk, check-in at the event well before the next         day, when everyone gathers for a casual, complimentary
morning's marvelous madness, get their networking efforts off         “bagged” lunch. If you're looking for an opportunity stand out in
to a fun start, and get ready for the three days of excitement that   the crowd while earning the appreciation of our attendees, this
are still to come! Two complimentary drinks are provided to           sponsorship is “in the bag”! In addition to the benefits that all
each attendee courtesy of the sponsor. In addition to the             Sponsors receive, unique benefits include:
benefits that all Sponsors receive, unique benefits include:            Your one color company logo screened onto a great thermal
  The opportunity to hang banners in the reception area as              lunch bag that attendees can take home and use again and
  décor allows.                                                         again.
  Your company's logo prominently placed on tabletops through-          A reminder of your sponsorship in each of the day's educa-
  out the reception area, and included on the drink tickets that        tional sessions that are scheduled just prior to the lunch period.
  each attendee will receive.                                           Signage announcing your sponsorship at the bag pickup areas.
  The opportunity to create a memorable and impactful                   Opportunity to place something a little extra in the lunch bag.
  presence at this first component of the event by providing            Your company's logo prominently placed on tables in the
  representatives from your company to meet & greet our guests.         luncheon area.
  A thank you announcement from Tami Siewruk with your logo
  on screen in the main Brainstorming room on opening day.            The Networking Breakfast
  One skirted table for display of your company's marketing           Thursday, May 19, 2005 - $6,000
  materials throughout the evening.                                   It's the most important meal of the day, and it's a great way to
                                                                      celebrate the grand opening of our Resource Room! We'll entice
The Brainstorming Club                                                Brainstormers out of their beds with a delicious breakfast,
Featuring the Tools, Forms & Ideas Exchange™                          served courtesy of our sponsor, right in our Resource Room
Post-Event for One Year - $4,500                                      area! It's an outstanding opportunity for your company to
Brainstormers make important connections during the event,            capture our Brainstormers' attention first thing in the morning;
and automatic membership in the Brainstorming Club allows             make that supremely valuable first impression; stand head and
them to continue to experience the benefits of Brainstorming          shoulders above the crowd of your fellow exhibitors; and get
after the event. This special area of serves       our attendees off to their best possible start. In addition to the
as the club's “meeting place” with Brainstormer access to: digital    benefits that all Sponsors receive, unique benefits include:
versions of the ideas that are generated at the event; presenta-         One skirted display table for your marketing materials in the
tions and supporting materials from the Brainstorming                    breakfast area, as well as the exclusive opportunity to place
Educational Sessions; a free bulletin board for ongoing idea             marketing materials on tables throughout the breakfast area.
sharing; the BrainBuzz™ newsletter with tips and tools for               The exclusive opportunity to reward a prize during the
enhancing creativity and more! Also, included is the famous              breakfast period.
Tools, Forms & Ideas Exchange where attendees receive special            Your logo (one color) imprinted on the napkins and cup sleeves
access to hundreds of tried-and-true ideas contributed by                to be used during breakfast service.

                                Sponsorship Opportunities
    Your logo (full color) and a reminder of your sponsorship on       best values of Brainstorming for our Vendors and Sponsors!
    every table in the breakfast area.                                 Upon arrival at the event, each Brainstormer receives a high
    Fifteen seconds to use as you wish in the recording of the voice   quality tote bag stuffed full of goodies and information
    mail messages that will be sent to attendees' rooms the night      including brochures; flyers; portfolios; info-kits; video and
    before your sponsored breakfast. Participate in the recording,     audiotapes; logo-imprinted premiums of all kinds, shapes, and
    or provide us a script and we'll deliver the message for you!      sizes; and other fun and informative items provided by the
                                                                       vendors and sponsors who elect to take part in this valuable
Add an Item to the Brainstorming Welcome                               opportunity. Our attendees simply love it, and you will too—for
Package Totes!                                                         only $450 in addition to your Sponsorship or Exhibitor fee, you
Only $450!                                                             can include information or other give-a-ways from your
Include Your Company's Marketing Materials in our Welcome              company—it's marketing that's truly “in the bag”! (Note:
Package! This opportunity is available to every vendor partic-         Participants will be required to submit approximately 900
ipant—Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Patrons alike—regardless of            promotional items prior to the event. Additional details will be
your level of participation! It's one of the extras that makes         provided to all companies who elect to participate).
Brainstorming special for everyone, and it represents one of the

                                                   Sponsorships Sold

                                                                               The Brainstorming Educational Sessions
                                                                          Co-Sponsorship of The Resource Room Bagged Lunch
                                                                                               Gold Patron

                The Opening Day General Sessions
             The Brainstorming Idea Design Center™
          The Brainstorming Information Access Center™
                           Diamond Patron
                                                                                  The Resource Room Wrap-Up Reception
                                                                                   The Attendee Nametag Neck Wallets
                                                                                               Bronze Patron

              The Attendee-Optional Trends Luncheon
                            Bronze Patron

                                                                                      The Costume Creation Center
                                                                          The Creative Costume Contest with Keepsake Photos

                 The Brainstorming Facilitator Team

                                                                                           The BrainAid™ Center

       The Brainstorming Facilitator & Attendee Totes                                      The Brainstorming Agenda

3Plus, LLC
                                     Who Attends
                                  Draper & Kramer                    Legacy Partners                   Southern Management Corp.
Accord Properties Assoc.          Dunlap & Magee                     Lend Lease                        SSR Realty Advisors
AF Evans Property Management      Eagle Realty Group                 Lewis Operating Corp.             Standard Enterprises
AIMCO                             Edward Rose Companies              Lexford Property Management       State Street Companies, Inc.
A.J. Dwoskin & Assoc, Inc.        Edwards Communities                Lincoln Property Company          Sterling American Property, Inc.
Alvin J. Wolff Management Co.     Ellis Property Mgmt. Services      Lozier Corporation                Sterling Properties
Alliance Residential Mgmt.        EPT Management Company             LumaCorp, Inc.                    Steven D. Bell & Company
Altman Management                 Equity Residential                 Lyon Management Companies         Steven Scott Management
Ambling Management                ERC Properties, Inc.               M.D. Atkinson Co., Inc.           Stewart Properties
AMLI Residential                  E&S Ring Management                Manco Abbott, Inc.                Stonemark Management
AMS Management, LLC               Essex Property Trust               Mark-Taylor Residential           Summit Properties
Anterra Management                Eugene Burger Management Corp.     Maxwell Homes                     Tarragon Management
Archon Residential                Evans Property Management          McKinley Properties               Templeton Realty
Archstone-Smith                   Fairfield Residential              McKinney Properties               The Benchmark Group
Arlington Properties              Fiduciary Real Estate Dev.         Medallion Management              The Grupe Company
Arnel Management Company          Fifteen Asset Management           Merit Texas Properties            The Hanover Company
Aspen Square Management           FirstWorthing                      Metric Property Management        The Holladay Corporation
Associated Estates Realty         Florsheim Properties               MG Properties                     The J.C. Hart Company, Inc.
Associated Management Co.         Flournoy Properties                Mid-America Apt. Communities      The Liberty Group
AvalonBay Communities, Inc.       Fogelman Management Group          Miles Properties, Inc.            The Lipton Group
Baird & Warner Mgmt. Group        Forest City Enterprises            Moss & Company                    The Lund Company
Baron Property Services           FPI Management                     Mullenix Apartment Homes          The Medve Group
Bascom Group                      Friedkin-Becker Management         MWS Properties                    The P.B. Bell Companies
Beacon Property Management        G&K Management Company Inc.        National Church Residences        The Ross Management Group
Benchmark Management              Gables Residential Trust           National Realty Management        The Sterling Companies
Benjamin E. Sherman & Sons        Gannon Management                  Nevins/Lewbel Management          The Whitney Group
Berkshire Realty Holdings, L.P.   Gaston & Wilkerson Mgmnt. Group    Nolan Real Estate Services        The William Lyon Prop. Mgmt. Co.
BH Management Services, Inc.      Gates, Hudson & Associates, Inc.   NP Dodge Management Co., Inc.     The Wilson Company
Bielinski Properties              Gateway Management                 Omni Apartment Communities        The Worthing Companies
BNP Residential Properties        GCI Residential                    Orion Real Estate Services        The Y.F. Group
Bozzuto Management Company        Gene B. Glick Company              Ovation Property Management       Timberland Partners
BRE Properties                    Gerson Bakar & Associates          Overland Dev. & Mgmt. Co.         Town & Country Management Co
Buckingham Companies              Goldberg Companies                 Pace Realty Corporation           Towne Properties
Builders, Inc.                    Greystar                           Paramount Realty Advisers         Trammel Crow Residential Svcs.
Camden Property Trust             Griffis-Blessing                   Parkview Properties, Inc.         Triangle Real Estate Services
Cannon Properties                 Griswold Real Estate Management    Penobscot Management, LLC         Tri-United Management Inc.
CAPREIT                           Gross Management                   Picerne Real Estate Group         United Dominion Realty Trust
Capstone Management               Grubb Properties                   Pier Management Hawaii            United Residential Properties
Carefree Senior Living            Hagenuk, CPS, Inc.                 Pinnacle Realty Management Co.    University Place Properties
Carmel Partners                   HAL Real Estate Investors          Post Properties                   USA Multifamily Mgmt., Inc.
Centra Asset Partners, LLC        Harbor Group Management Co.        Preferred Real Estate, Inc.       USIWest
Coast Management Co., Inc.        Healey Ramme Co.                   Premier Management                Ventana Property Services
College Park Communities          Heartland Realty Investors         Prime Residential                 Venterra Realty Management
Comet Management Svcs. Inc.       Hercules Real Estate Services      Princeton Properties              Village Green Companies
ConAm Management                  High Associates                    R. W. Day & Associates            VIP Management
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Continental Communities           Home Properties                    Real Estate Equities              Wasatch Premier Communities
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The 16th Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming SessionsTM East                                                                        May 18-20, 2005
Exhibitor and Sponsor Agreement                                                                                       Hilton at Walt Disney World® Resort
                                                                                                                                           Orlando, Florida
Company (As you wish it to appear in all promotional materials) _______________________________________________________________
Primary Contact (Primary contact receives all event information) _____________________________________________________________
Title _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
City_____________________________________________________________ State______________ Zip Code__________________
Phone ____________________________________ Ext: ___________ Fax: (__________)____________________________________
E-Mail (Will be used by Brainstorming management only)____________________________________________________________________
Description of products/services to be displayed_______________________________________________________________________

SPONSORSHIPS (If you’ve elected a Sponsorship opportunity that’s already been reserved by someone else, we’ll contact you personally.)
     Sponsorship of ____________________________________________________________________________                                                  $___________
     Sponsorship of ____________________________________________________________________________                                                  $___________
     Sponsorship of ____________________________________________________________________________                                                  $___________

EXHIBITS (Please check the appropriate boxes below — even if you're entitled to the benefit free of charge.)
$1,500        Tabletop Exhibit - 6’x2’ skirted table (no charge with sponsorship values of $10,000 or more)                                        $___________
$2,500        10x6' Exhibit area       with a 6’ table or       without a 6’ table                                                                 $___________
              (no charge with sponsorship values of $20,000 or more)
$1,000        Based on Sponsorship value, I'm entitled to a Tabletop, but please upgrade me to a 10’x6’                                            $___________
$ 450         Welcome Package (no charge with sponsorship values of $10,000 or more)                                                               $___________

                                                                                Total Amount of Agreement                           $___________
Signature on the agreement signifies the company representative has read, understands and agrees to the terms and conditions of The 16th Annual
Multifamily Housing Brainstorming SessionsTM EAST (on page two of the agreement).

Exhibitor's/Sponsor's Signature ___________________________________________________________ Date: __________________

Accepted by Sales & Marketing Magic _____________________________________________________ Date: __________________

(A deposit of at least 50% must accompany this agreement in order to reserve your exhibit/sponsorship. Balances must be received no later than February 28, 2005.)

       Check Enclosed    Please make checks payable to Sales & Marketing Magic, Inc.

   Credit Card Orders:           Mastercard
   Credit Card Orders Amount to Charge $ Exp. Date:                         Mastercard Exp. Date       Visa Exp. Date:      Visa Exp. Date
  Credit Card Number (16 digits)
  Card Holder Name (please print)                                                                   Credit Card Billing Zip Code

     Card Holder Signature

Exhibit Space Location Preference
1st Choice _________________ 2nd Choice _________________ 3rd Choice _________________ 4th Choice _________________
(All preferences will be considered but not guaranteed. Management will notify you of your space assignment by return mail, fax, or email. Space will not be
assigned until payment is received in full. All assignments are made according to the order in which the contracts are received, after Patron Sponsors.)

              Please make checks payable to Sales & Marketing Magic, Inc. and mail or fax signed agreement with payment to
                                Sales & Marketing Magic 36431 U. S. Highway 19 North, Palm Harbor, Florida 34684
 9                   Fax 727-784-7978 Phone 727-784-9469 Email Website
                                 PLEASE RETURN BOTH PAGES OF THE AGREEMENT
BRAINSTORMING EAST - Terms and Conditions                                                                         exhibit or sponsor together. No Exhibitor/Sponsor shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any
                                                                                                                  portion of the allotted exhibit, nor exhibit therein any literature or display other than that produced or
1. Contract for Space. The Exhibit Space/Sponsorship Application, the formal notice of space
assignment Sales & Marketing Magic, hereinafter referred to as Management. These Rules and                        distributed by the Exhibitor/Sponsor in the regular course of his/her business. Exhibitor/Sponsor
Regulations and any subsequent rules and regulations adopted by Management with regard to the                     personnel must be representative(s) of the contracting company. Contracting company must be
Brainstorming East event constitute a contract for the right to exhibit/sponsor at the event. All matters         company exhibiting. Companies with separate divisions operating under different names must purchase
regarding these Rules and Regulations and exhibitor's compliance therewith shall be determined by                 separate exhibit space. No exhibitor or sponsor shall permit any other corporation or firm or its repre-
Management in its sole and absolute discretion. Each Exhibitor/Sponsor, for themselves and their                  sentatives to share in the benefits of his sponsorship. Co-participation by any other corporation or firm
employees, agrees to abide by these conditions, it being understood and agreed that the sole control of           or its representatives in space assigned to the original applicant is not allowed. Partner companies
the exhibit area rests with Management.                                                                           should purchase their own exhibits/sponsorships, and we will make every endeavor to locate exhibits
2. Sponsorships. Automatic first right of refusal for sponsorships is given to companies that sponsored           adjacent or nearby. Promotion of your company shall not extend beyond your entitlement as an Exhibitor
the same item or opportunity at the last event. Specific deadlines may apply. Management must                     or Sponsor, and is expressly prohibited while participants are engaged in Brainstorming. Facilitators are
approve all sponsorship recognition including, but not limited to, introductions, presentations, signage,         empowered to remove from any table of Brainstormers an Exhibitor or Sponsor representative who
handouts and giveaways. Management reserves the right to modify or cancel, at its discretion, any                 engages in overt product or service promotion. This may result in your company's inability to participate
sponsorship opportunity at any time. Management will not be liable for cancellations made by speakers             in future events. (g) Firms and representatives of firms not assigned exhibit space are prohibited from
or entertainment of a sponsored event. Management may, at its discretion, replace any speaker or                  soliciting business in any form, including but not limited to handing out business cards or promotional
entertainment with what it deems to be comparable talent. There will be no competitive company or                 material in the exhibition area. Violators of this prohibition will be promptly ejected from the show
category competitive company or category lockouts on any event. Unless expressly authorized by the                without refund. (h) Exhibits shall be shown only in the official Resource Room area or as allowed in
Management, the Sponsor will have no creative input into the production of any sponsored opportunity.             conjunction with your sponsorship(s). Neither exhibitors nor non-exhibitors who are affiliated in any
3. Service Provided. In exchange for payment in full for the exhibit space contracted by the exhibitor,           way with our industry shall be permitted to display or distribute articles, equipment, or information
Management will provide the following for each exhibit: a 10'x6' space or table top display as leased.            concerning products and/or services in the event hotel from the Monday prior to the Brainstorming
Table top displays will come with a skirted 6'x2'table. 10'x6' exhibit space may have a skirted 6'x2' table       event through the final day of the event. (i) The use of any public area outside of the exhibit area for the
at their option. All telephone, high-speed Internet, audio-visual, or electrical requirements relative to your    display of products and/or services or demonstrations or the distribution of circulars, samples or other
Exhibit or Sponsorship area must be arranged directly with the appropriate agent prior to the event, and          material is strictly prohibited (j) Exhibitor shall not use or permit the exhibit area to be used in conflict
will be charged to you directly. Contact information will be provided to you upon receipt of your                 with any law, ordinance, rule or regulation of any governmental authority; in any manner which consti-
agreement and deposit via our Exhibitor Kit.                                                                      tutes waste or nuisance; or any manner which causes injury to the Hotel. (k) Promotion of products and
4. Payment for Space/Sponsorship. A deposit of at least 50% of the total price must accompany this                services in relation to Brainstorming, including pre-event contact with participants and dissemination of
agreement in order to reserve your exhibit/sponsorship. We must receive the balance of your                       any item that promotes your company or any other during the event, shall be confined to the promo-
agreement fee no later than February 28, 2005. Reservations not paid in full by February 28, 2005 will            tional opportunities offered or expressly approved by Management or included with your sponsorship.
be canceled, and any deposit or partial payment will be forfeited. Agreements received after February             (l) In the interest of the success of the event, the exhibitor agrees not to extend invitations, call
28, 2005 must be accompanied by full payment providing exhibit space/sponsorships are still available.            meetings, or otherwise encourage or cause absence of attendees or exhibitors from the event or exhibit
All monies paid shall be retained by Management. In the event the Exhibitor/Sponsor fails to fulfill or           area during any activity affiliated with the event. Any group function involving Brainstorming partici-
violates its contract, or withdraws from the Brainstorming event, the respective exhibit space shall              pants must receive prior approval from Management. (m) Submission of this signed contract indicates
immediately revert to Management.                                                                                 your agreement to read and abide by the procedures expressed in the Brainstorming Exhibitor Kit that
5. Cancellation of Exhibit Space/Sponsorship. Cancellation or failure to exhibit/sponsor will not be              will be provided to you. Submission of this contract also indicates your agreement to inform all of your
cause for a refund, regardless of your contract date; and no part of any payment will be applied to any           participating employees of all of the above terms and conditions. (n) Representatives of industry
future agreement. Exhibiting companies that are part of a merger, acquisition, or no longer operating             supporting vendor and supplier companies may not register as Brainstorming attendees until their
after contracting exhibit space will not be refunded any part of exhibit fee, nor will any amount be              company is a contracted exhibitor (and has abided by the terms and conditions of this contract). We
applied toward another exhibiting company's exhibit or future year exhibit or outstanding obligation.             identify representatives of Industry Supporting Vendor companies as those who represent organizations
Exhibit space/sponsorship is non-transferable.                                                                    or partnerships of two or more persons that serve the industry beyond a purely consultative basis (i.e.
6. Exhibit Space Assignment/Confirmation. Space assignment will be made on a first-come, first-                   providing tangible goods or services, electronic advertising included). Individuals who serve the industry
serve basis. All spaces will be confirmed upon receipt by Management of a signed Exhibit Space                    primarily as independent consultants (but not secondarily to their role as an employee of an Industry
Application, payment in full, and written notification from Management to a company representative of             Supporting Vendor company) are considered exempt from this "Exhibitor's Only" rule for Brainstorming
actual exhibit assignment. Any concerns regarding competition or a specific type of exhibitor should be           registration. Brainstorming Management reserves the right to cancel attendee registrations associated
communicated to the Management at the time of application for exhibit space. The concerns are                     with your exhibitor status at any time should you fail to abide by the terms of this contract, and such
considered but cannot be guaranteed.                                                                              cancellation shall not be considered cause for a refund.
7. Adjust Exhibit Assignment. Management reserves the right to adjust exhibit assignments at its                  14. Default. If this contract is breached by the Exhibitor/Sponsor, they will not be permitted to partic-
discretion to ensure an even flow of traffic or due to floor alterations.                                         ipate and will be subject to eviction without refund. No waiver of any breach of these rules shall be held
8. Exhibitor/Sponsor Information. Management may use the information supplied by the                              to be a waiver of any subsequent breach.
Exhibitor/Sponsor on the Agreement as part of marketing, advertising and/or other promotional materials.          15. Union Rules. Exhibitors are expected to comply with the union requirements in effect for the
9. Move-in/Move-out. The specific requirements as to time for installation and dismantling of exhibits            location of the Brainstorming events. Additional information from the decorator will be included in the
is detailed in the Exhibitor Kit. All displays must be in place and set up by the time of the official Resource   Exhibitor Service Kit.
Room opening. Management reserves the right to reassign space not occupied or set-up by that time                 16. Labor. Exhibitors agree that labor used in erecting their exhibits shall not cause stoppage or injury
for other purposes, and such reassignment shall not be cause for a refund.                                        to the Sales & Marketing Magic Brainstorming event or any other visitor.
10. Exhibit Hours. Resource room hours will be on the second day of each Brainstorming event. Exact               17. Guard Service. Management will not assume responsibility for damage to, loss or theft of property
hours will be posted by Management prior to show date. (Hours may be changed at any time at                       of the exhibitor, the exhibitor's agents, employees or guests. If guard service is needed it should be
Management’s discretion.)                                                                                         provided by and at the cost of the exhibitor.
11. Character of Exhibits. Management reserves the right to reject any Resource Room exhibit that                 18. Americans with Disabilities Act. Exhibitor agrees to comply with all applicable provisions of the
we deem inappropriate or inconsistent with the goals of the Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming              Americans with Disabilities Act (the "ADA") and shall indemnify Management, their officers, and
Sessions™. This reservation concerns persons, things, conduct, printed matter, souvenirs, catalogs and            employees from and against any loss, damage, claim, liability and expense (including reasonable
all other things, which affect the character of the Show. Exhibitors have the right to distribute catalogs,       attorneys' fees) resulting from or arising out of exhibitor's failure to comply with the provisions of
souvenirs and all other matter from only the space occupied by them.                                              Management and allegations of exhibitor's failure to comply with provisions of the ADA.
12. Exhibit Specification. The height of display for 10'x6' booths shall be limited to the height of the          19. Force Majeure/Show Cancellation. In the event the Hotel or any part of the exhibit/sponsor area
8-foot curtain backdrop. Exhibitors shall limit the height of the display material at the sides to 36             thereof is unavailable whether for the entire event, or portion of the event as a result of wind, fire, flood,
inches, from the front of their exhibit to a depth of 6 feet. Management must approve in writing any              tempest or any other such cause or as a result of governmental intervention or regulation, military
display that exceeds these specifications. Table top displays are limited to the area of the 6'x2' skirted        activity, malicious damage, acts of war, strike, lockout, labor dispute, riot or any other cause or agency
table to a total height from the ground of 8'. Exhibit items may not extend beyond the area that you've           over which Management has no control, or should Management decide that because of any such cause
reserved. Failure to comply will result in removal of unauthorized items from the Exhibit floor, and will         it is necessary to cancel, postpone, or resite the Brainstorming event or reduce the exhibit/sponsor time,
not be cause for a refund.                                                                                        Management shall not be liable to indemnify or reimburse the Exhibitor/Sponsor in respect of any
13. General Restrictions. (a) Exhibitor shall not in any manner indicate that a Management                        damage or loss, direct or indirect, arising as a result thereof.
endorsement or approval of Exhibitor's product(s) or service(s) has been given by Management merely               20. Laws Applicable. This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida.
because Management has allowed such product(s) or service(s) or literature to be displayed in its                 21. Amendments. Management reserves the right to make reasonable changes in the foregoing
Brainstorming event; this includes but is not limited to the use of the Sales & Marketing Magic                   rules, exhibit hours, sponsorship times and move-in/move-out arrangements. All rules and regula-
Brainstorming Logo. (b) Exhibitors are solely responsible for any damage to hotel property or adjacent            tions are subject to the terms and conditions contained in any agreement with the Hotel and should
exhibits resulting from their display (including, but not limited to: paint, tape, nails, screws, staples,        be expressly incorporated into any such agreement. Any and all matters not specifically covered by
drilling, or tacking anything to the walls, columns, floor, ceiling, or adjoining displays). (c) No visual or     the preceding rules and regulations, and the policies and requirements set forth in the Exhibit Space
audio recording or transmission of the Sales & Marketing Magic Brainstorming events may be made by                Confirmation, invoice, notices, and Exhibitor Kit shall be determined by Management in conjunction
or on behalf of the exhibitor. (d) Exhibitors shall not perform or play/broadcast any music during the            with the event, in their sole discretion. Management shall have the full power to interpret, amend,
Sales & Marketing Magic Brainstorming events without written consent from Brainstorming                           and enforce these rules and regulations, provided any amendments, when made, are brought to the
Management and shall indemnify Management, their officers, employees, and agents from and against                 notice of the Exhibitor/Sponsor. Each Exhibitor/Sponsor, for itself and its employees, agrees to abide
any loss, damage, claim, liability and expense (including reasonable attorneys' fees) resulting from or           by the foregoing rules and regulations and by any amendments or additions thereto in conformance
arising out of Exhibitor's performance of music during the Sales & Marketing Magic Brainstorming                  with the preceding sentence.
events. (e) Management reserves the right to regulate the volume on any and all loudspeakers, radios,             22. Penalties. Failure to comply with any of these rules can result in ejection from the event,
television sets and/or musical instruments during exhibit hours. (f) Only one company is permitted to             or being prohibited from exhibiting/sponsoring in future Sales & Marketing Magic 10
sponsor and/or occupy each exhibit space. More than one company is not permitted to purchase an                   Brainstorming events. Penalty is at the sole discretion of Management and will not be cause
                                                                                                                  for a refund.
Previous Exhibitors                                                                     Exhibitor Agenda
                                                                                           Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Aaron Rents & Sells Furniture      HandyTrac Cos.                                                 6:00 p.m.
Allied/ResidentCheck               Hartmarx Consumer Apparel                                   Exhibitor Set-up
Amenity Services                   Home Partners Associates
American Pipe Lining, Inc.         Hope Through Housing Foundation                          Thursday, May 19, 2005
Apartment Cards                    Innovative Sign Group                                      8:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Apartment Dynamics                 IntelligentRisking                                        Networking Breakfast
Apartment Finder                   Interactive Call Center                                  Resource Room Exhibits
Apartment Guide                    Jumpstart Marketing                                           Treasure Hunt
Apartment Magazine                 Lead2Lease                                                Educational Sessions
Apartment Professional             LeasingDesk Insurance Services                          Resource Room Luncheon
Apartment Ventures                 Level One, Inc.                                            Wrap-up Reception           Madden Marketing & Design                     Mannington Mills                                     To view the Brainstormers Agenda
Audio Images                       Marketing Lane                                         visit
Back to Basics                     MessagePro
Caden Concepts                     Minol
CallMaX                            Move For Free
CallSource                         Movies & Games
Can You Imagine?         
Caven Marketing Group              NAHB
Consolidated Smart Systems         National Water & Power
Corporate Apparel        
Corporate Research International   NewsGraphics
Creative Laundry Systems Inc.      Olson Trng. & Prof. Growth Seminars
Creativity For Rent                On Sale Promos
CreditRetriever                    On-Site Solutions
CXC Services, Inc.                 Pacific Sun Casual Furniture
DogiPot                            Peachtree Business Products
eLeasing Solutions Inc.            Porsch Partners                       Resident Update
Electronic Funds Corporation       Promotional Partners Inc.             Resite Information Technology
Ellipse Group Inc.                 Promotions Plus Inc.                  Roadside America Auto Club        Voicecom Telecommunications
Ellis Property Management Srvcs.   Property Mgmnt. Ed. Institute         SafePak Corp.                     LLC
For Rent Magazine                  Quality Recovery Services Inc.        Saflok                            Warm Welcomes                        Ramstedt Enterprises Inc.             SatisFacts Research LLC           Web Rent Pro
G & G Advertising                  Real Estate Communications            SouthWood Corp.                   Welcome Home America
Grace Hill Inc.                    RealPage                                          Who's Calling Inc.
Granny's Goodies                   Realty DataTrust                      Star Trac Fitness                 Woodland Entertainment
Great American Business Products   Registry-SafeRent                     SureDeposit                       Yardi Systems
                                                       Talent Plus, Inc.                 Your Apartment Planner
                                   RENTNET                               The Call Center
Sales & Marketing Magic            RentPort                              The U.D. Registry
Multifamilypro                     Resident Data               
36431 US Highway 19 N                                                                                          Presorted Std
Palm Harbor, Florida 34684         Resident Impact                       Video Rental Services                 U.S. Postage
Voice: (800) 363-7384
Fax: (727) 784-7978                         Remember to Mark Your Calendars NOW                                   PAID
Email:                         for Brainstorming WEST                                       Clearwater, FL
Website:                 Coming November 9-11, 2005                                     Permit # 820
                                                     Las Vegas, Nevada

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