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        The Parish Magazine
   Masham, Healey, West Tanfield,
   North Stainley, Snape and Well

          August 2013
                                 PARISH MAGAZINE
                            Masham, Healey, West Tanfield,
                            North Stainley, Snape and Well
                                      August 2013
Volume 29 Number 8

Vicar:     The Revd. David Cleeves, The Vicarage, Rodney Terrace, Masham,
           HG4 4JA (01765 689255) email:
Associate Priest:     The Reverend Marjorie Warner (01765 606961)
Children & Youth Worker: Sam Woodgate 07885500848.

Masham                                           Healey
Jim Dalton 01765 689201                          Anne Ramsay 01765 689278
Susan Johnson 01765 689821                       Delia Richmond 01765 658765
Pat Watts
Judy Wall                                        North Stainley
                                                 Scilla Kealy 01765 635253.
                                                 Pat Sutcliffe 01765 635479

West Tanfield                                    Well with Snape
Christopher Bourne-Arton 01677 470385            David Webster 01677 470480
David Bryant 01765 635206                        John Knopp 01677 470204

Methodist Church:

Masham:                                   West Tanfield
Ian Lamb (01765 689179 )                  Mr. Simon Abel - 01677 470297
Kevin Charlesworth (01765 688203)
Steve Laugher (01765 689559)              Snape
Joy Rayden (01765 689310)                 Peter Ashford (01677 470276)
Jennifer Peacock (01677 460215)

Magazine Editor: Miss Christine Greensit. 5 Chapman Lane, Masham HG4 4EE
Telephone: 01765 689711. Email:

Material should either be posted or emailed to the editor. Articles may be in the form of
notes, short advertisements, stories or anything of general interest. The editor reserves
the right not to include items if space is limited.

Closing Date for material for the September magazine is 10th August 2013

Donations are always welcome. There is a collection box situated at the Mashamshire
Community Office, West Tanfield Village Shop and Carricks of Snape. Cheques should be
made payable to “St Mary Masham PCC” and sent to the editor. Thank you.

Large print edition available from the Editor.
Civil war in Syria, violence in Egypt and Iraq, and, as I write this, rioting in Northern
Ireland – the world seems full of trouble and hatred, much of it (seemingly) caused
by religion. “I’m angry with God,” someone said to me the other day, “We’re told
God’s loving and look what’s happening. He shouldn’t allow it.”
From this perspective, whatever is wrong must in the end be God’s fault. Our
present western society has become so centred on ourselves and our own likes and
dislikes that the reality of the goodness of Almighty God has not only been
questioned but lost. Centring on ourselves and what we want rather than on God,
we have shrunk God into a pretty mean individual – a rather nasty person of
unlimited power but no conscience or emotional involvement with us. It’s partly
because we are so muddled about morality. We have turned it into a matter of
opinion. In an effort to widen our horizons we have mot our bearings. Oddly enough
we dislike evil so much that we have pretended it isn’t there and that we don’t need
any restraints on ourselves. Everyone else ought to be disciplined as severely as
possible, of course, preferably in prison; hence the demand for longer sentences.
So we are angry with God for not managing us better while we resolutely refuse to
be managed!
Self-expression and personal fulfilment are the goals of now. Along with youth,
beauty, money and comfort. So maybe we had better have another look at life and
what is actually true rather than the fantasies of our era.
First, good and evil are constants in our world, like black and white, have always
been there. They are wrestled with by all religions in their writings and by all people
in their lives. But as far as evil is concerned now, we glamorise it, and give more time
and space to it in our TV’s, books, films, papers and conversation than ‘that which is
good’. We have a habit of looking for it in other people and then contrast it with
ourselves, adding a few extra criticisms for our own shortcomings, which we don’t
even notice. We need to hear Jesus’ comments about ‘planks and splinters’ in our
eyes. We need to do the hard work of accepting that evil exists at all times and
places, including ourselves, and we need to be honest about it. It has consequences
and it can kill personality, twist up families and ruin lives. It is time to stop
pretending. Quite a bit if educational well-meaning freedom-theory needs to be
challenged. We all need boundaries, adults and children alike, and it’s time we
imposed them on ourselves, recognising that we have all got out of hand, not just the
young ones.
A quick run through the Ten Commandments leaves me with a sense of their
relevance here and now. We pride ourselves in being civilised and better than our
predecessors, but flush toilets and digital televisions do not mean we have arrived at
any real understanding of ourselves or of the needs of others. What do we really
value? We no longer believe there is absolute right and wrong; it’s gone along with
good and evil. We have personalised so much that right is whatever we like and do
because we say it is right for us. Wrong is mostly located in other people.
We need to stop pretending that we ourselves or as a society don’t need any
restraints or discipline, for without them we are not going to achieve any lasting
contentment or serenity.

Solutions to the world’s problems at large are not within the grasp of any one of us
but getting on with a few small improvements to our own small part of the world is.
We may have let God be no more than a distant echo, but it is now up to us to be
better transmitters and turn up the volume.
David Cleeves

Sunday 4th August  8.00 a.m. Masham          Holy Communion
Tenth Sunday       9.15 a.m. West Tanfield   Holy Communion
after Trinity      9.15 a.m.. Healey         Holy Communion
                   10.45 a.m. Well           Holy Communion
                   10.45 a.m. Masham         Family Service
                   10.45 a.m. North Stainley Holy Communion

Sunday 11th August     8.00 a.m.    Masham           Holy Communion
Eleventh Sunday        10.45 a.m.   Snape            Holy Communion
after Trinity          10.45 a.m.   West Tanfield    Family Service
                       10.45 a.m.   Masham           Holy Communion
                       10.45 a.m.   North Stainley   Holy Communion
                       6.30 p.m.    Healey           Evensong

Sunday 18th August     9.15 am.     Healey           Holy Communion
Twelfth Sunday         11.00 a.m.   West Tanfield    Riverside Service
after Trinity          10.45 a.m.   Masham           Holy Communion
                       10.45 a.m.   Snape            Open Air Service on the Village

Sunday 25th August     8.00 a.m.    Masham           Holy Communion
Thirteenth Sunday      10.45 a.m.   West Tanfield    Holy Communion
after Trinity          10.45 a.m.   Masham           Holy Communion
                       10.45 a.m.   North Stainley   Holy Communion
                       6.30p.m.     Healey           Evensong
                       6.30 p.m.    Snape            Evensong

                              LINDISFARNE GOSPELS
There will be a benefice-wide visit to see the Lindisfarne Gospels on Thursday 15th
August, at a cost of £20. The coach will leave Masham Market Place at 9.00 a.m. In
the morning there will be a visit to view the Gospels and associated exhibition,
followed by a talk. People will be free to arrange lunch and spend the afternoon in
Durham, although there is the option to visit the cathedral (suggested donation (£5).
There is an option to request a guided tour (if this can be arranged). We will then
meet at the cathedral for Evensong at 5.15 p.m. and we will leave Durham at about
6.45 p.m. and return to Masham at about 8.00 p.m. Those wishing to come on the
trip are asked to contact David Cleeves (01765 689255) as soon as possible.
                        METHODIST CHURCH SERVICES

Sunday 4th August      10.30 am    West Tanfield    Mrs Joan Bailey
                       10.30 am    Masham           Mr John Bailey
                       10.30 am    Snape            Mrs Rachel Duck
                       6.30 p.m.   Maple Creek      Summer Songs of Praise
                       6.30 pm     Snape            Rev. Pat Malham

Sunday 11th August     10.30 am    West Tanfield    Mr Peter Fenwick
                       10.30 am    Masham           Rev. Pat Malham
                       10.30 am    Snape            David Hoyle from Harrogate
                       6.30 p.m.   Ellington        Jennifer Peacock
                       6.30 p.m.   Snape            Rev. Maurice Jennet-Harrogate

Sunday 18th August     10.30 am West Tanfield       United Riverside Service
                       10.30 am Masham              Linda Blackburn
                       10.45 am Snape               Open Air Service on the Village
                       6.30 p.m. Masham             NO KINGS PRAISE
                       6.30 pm   Snape              Rev. R. Parry

Sunday 25th August     10.30 am    West Tanfield    United Service at Masham
                       10.30 am    Masham           David Mortimer
                       10.30 am    Snape            Rev. Roy Newell
                       6.30 pm     Ellington        Peter Fenwick
                       6.30 pm     Snape            Mr L Barnes


Methodist Church

                        Saturday 31st August at 2.00pm
                           Masham Methodist Church
             A welcome service for our new minister, Rev. David Wood

Fancy some company? Or a cuppa?
Coffee is served at the Wednesday Drop-in from 10.30am to 12 noon each week.
There is a Coffee morning in the chapel School Room each Saturday from 10.30am
to 12noon. There will be no bring & buy or produce stalls on the first Saturday this

Rev. David Richardson is now moving to his new appointment in Sunderland, and
our new minister, Rev. David Wood will be taking up his duties from 1st September. If
you need a minister in the meantime, please contact the Circuit office on (01765)
Hope Community Project
The Knitting Group meets every Tuesday afternoon in the Methodist School room.
Novice or expert, or just wanting a chat, you are welcome any time between 2pm
and 4pm. The Afternoon Tea Club will be taking a break during August.

News from Mashamshire Community Office
Kathryn Holland is exhibiting her photographs for the month of August at the Blue
Light Gallery at the Community Office. Her striking and sometimes quirky
photographs of local signs and scenes around Masham are very reasonably priced.
Pop into the gallery in the Community Office, 7 Little Market Place between 10am
and 3pm, Monday-Saturday. The Blue Light Gallery offers a 3m square gallery
space with display cabinets, shelving and a professional hanging system. It is
supervised during the Community Office opening hours and attracts a high number
of visitors. The gallery offers an excellent opportunity to artists or makers wishing to
exhibit and sell work for short, flexible periods or established artists to trial new work.
Art or craft groups can showcase the work of their members or charities can sell
items to raise funds. If you would like to exhibit either on the walls or in the cabinets,
please get in touch with Tessa Klemz at the Community Office for hire rates and
availability. Tel: 01765 680 200 or email: .

The Reading Agency and Libraries present Creepy House Summer Reading
Challenge at Mashamshire Community Library. A spine-tingling adventure is in store
when you take part in the summer reading challenge 2013. Join the adventurers, Liv,
Ollie, Rhys, Saeed, Tilda and Zoe, as you explore the creepy house by reading six
books from the library. Along the way you’ll uncover the secrets of the creepy house
and meet some of the hair-raising residents! Are you brave enough to explore the
awful upstairs, the gruesome ground floor and the spine-tingling cellar? The
challenge is aimed at children of between 4 and 11 years. Join the challenge at
Mashamshire Community Library, 7 Little Market Place, Masham HG4 4DY. For
more information, call 01765 680 204. Library opening hours: Monday-Saturday,
10am-3pm, late closing 7pm on Wednesdays.
Linked with the Summer Reading Challenge, we are asking the children of Masham
to create a creepy creature with the chance of winning a prize. Make a model or
paint a picture of the creepiest creature you can think of, real or imaginary and take
to Mashamshire Community Library between 13th July and 24th August. All of the
submitted work will be displayed and the public will be invited to vote for their
favourite creature to decide who wins the competition. There will be a prize for the
winner in 2 categories, 0-7 year olds and 8-11 year olds. You’ve got to be in it to win

The Gallery at 24 Market Place, Masham has a new exhibition running until 25th
August. It’s a Wonderful Life is a joyous celebration of the world from artists Claire
West, Rachel McEwan and Sharon Winter. The Gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday
10am - 5pm and on Sundays from 1pm - 5pm.
Jamesons Country Store is offering their pressure washer free to any local charity
who wants to offer a car wash as a fundraising event during the weekends in August.
For more information, please speak to Mike Dennis on 01765 680 215 or email: The shop is open for country clothes, footwear, wild
bird and pet foods, household and DIY essentials, gardening and seeds and
fabulous country gifts. Opening hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-
4pm and Sunday 10am-4pm.

There are nearly 300 lost sheep in and around Masham and the Dales, all wearing a
yellow jersey! Spot 3 different sheep and register where you found them at between 5th July and 5th September. Enter as often as you
like and all correct entries will go into a prize draw – there’s a star prize for the
person who spots the most!
The Bivouac are holding a Car Boot Sale on Saturday 17th August. Get in touch to
confirm your spot in advance by calling 01765 535 020 or email: £5 per car park pitch, £10 per courtyard stalls

A night of Operetta presented by ClassicFest on Saturday 17th August at Masham
Town Hall at 7.30pm. Featuring principal soloists from the world famous Ferenc
Liszt University of Music, Hungary. Some of Hungary’s leading Operetta singers will
take you on a musical journey across Europe. Tickets £10 for adults and £8 for
children (under 18) available from
Mashamshire Community Office. Tel 01765 680200 or e-mail or online at

Masham Horticultural Society schedules are now available from the Community
Office and Rogers Butchers. The closing date for entries is Sunday 1st September.
The 45th Annual Show is to be held at Masham Town Hall on Saturday 14th
September from 1.30-4.30pm.

The Community Office has taken delivery of some fabulous new Masham tea towels,
designed by Rob Blades. Rob’s work is becoming recognised around Masham as he
designed the town and walks maps in the market square, numerous postcards and
the Sheep Fair tea towels. The Masham tea towel costs £5 – a perfect present!

Sam Gabriel – adventures part one
On 12th June 2012 at 7am, Sam and his bike were ready for the first leg of his
adventure to cycle around the world. All Sam needed for however long he is away

from Masham was on his bike, two panniers on the back and two on the front, a
backpack and a bar bag.
By 6.30pm that night he was at Immingham Docks waiting to catch a freight ferry to
Norway. As coincidence would have it, Kevin Proctor of Proctors Coaches in
Leeming Bar was rallying in Trondheim, Norway and the wagon that was transporting
his vehicles to the race was actually spotted by Sam but when they drove past him
and offered a lift, he declined but met up with them at the rally a day later. Whilst in
Sweden he took the opportunity of cycling up to the Arctic Circle.
Scandinavia was proving expensive so he moved onto The Baltic – Estonia, Latvia,
Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bratislava, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania,
Macedonia and Bosnia. Whilst visiting the Baltic, Sam went to Budapest to join a
friend who was there for a music festival. Whilst at the festival his phone and wallet
was taken but thankfully not his passport or debit card. A phone was kindly donated
to Sam and Martin, Sam’s father, took it out to him when he joined him to cycle
through the Balkans. Their adventures included being chased by street dogs and
camping near a fishing club but people were friendly and helpful.
Now into October, Turkey was a happy time for Sam who was meeting plenty of
people of different nationalities. He even grabbed a lose rope from a slow moving
truck and got pulled up a hill much to the amusement of other drivers. Having
crossed the boarder from Turkey to Georgia he was very fortunate one day whilst sat
at a road junction hoping for a lift to some caves that he was offered a lift by a
Russian speaking Serbian who was on a BMW touring motorbike and he took Sam
to the caves whilst the bicycle was look after by a nearby household.
Sally Gabriel To be continued.

                             VICARAGE BARBECUE
                              Saturday 17th August
                                    6.00 p.m.
                     The Vicarage, Rodney Terrace, Masham.

Masham WI ~ July 2013
We were incredibly fortunate to have the most glorious sunny evening so far this
year as we gathered by the picnic tables in the park at Masham for our ground-
breaking idea of an outdoor meeting!!
Seventeen of our members and four visitors arrived with picnic baskets and teddy
bears [for the competition] in hand ready for an entertaining evening. Our President,
Jill, gave a very brief introduction and we launched straight away into the
demonstration of Tai Chi by our speaker Mrs Ching. It was not so much
demonstration as participation as we stumbled across the lumpy grass and practised
breathing in the right places – many of us were using muscles that we had long
forgotten we possessed.
After the vote of thanks the ladies were ready to sit down for the picnic however
there was a surprise in store. One of our members had celebrated her 90th birthday
the previous week so a cake and bottles of bubbly were produced for a toast. The
lady in question, who by the way had done all the movements in the Tai Chi, was

delighted with the surprise. The four visitors thoroughly enjoyed their evening and
commented how welcoming we had been.
For our August meeting we are back to Masham Town Hall on August 12th when we
will meet A Bright Spark and discover what the meter reader saw. If you like the
sound of Masham WI please contact Jill Davis 01765 688298.

Masham Indoor Bowls
The indoor bowls season will be soon with us, the season starts in early September
& Masham Indoor bowls club urgently needs new members. At the moment sessions
take place on a Monday afternoon 2pm-4pm & an evening session 7pm-9pm in
Masham Town Hall. The club had a very successful year last finishing 3rd in league,
it is a very friendly & social sport, all equipment is provided & is enjoyed by all age
groups, we have several members who travel from surrounding villages
At the moment we are looking at the possibility of playing in a new venue, in or out of
Masham, due a rent increase, we need a space about 14yds long 6ft wide to roll out
our playing mat & somewhere to store the mat & the bowls, anyone who think they
can help contact M Dyson 01765 689798 or Pauline Howard 01765 688649.
We were saddened to here of the recent death of Hilary Verity, George & Hilary were
both very active members, great fun to play with & were well respected throughout
the league

Celebrating Youth
At the close of the rugby season Wensleydale RU Club held their annual
Presentation Day at the clubhouse near Leyburn. Each age group had their own
awards with a coach giving details of the season’s play and achievements within
their own section. Stories of scrapes, bumps, bravery and daring tries were related
to a captive audience but above all the enthusiasm was infectious and a delight to
see. This vibrant club, so well supported by parents and family have great plans for
improving the facilities and building of a new clubhouse in the near future. The
youngsters of Masham and district did themselves proud with the under 11 awards
going to Lucy Verity (most improved player), Liam Langham (most enthusiastic
player), Will Kitching (best club member), Harry Hill (Club man of the year) and Dan
Birch (best club member overall). The under 9 prizewinners included Louis Banks
(best newcomer overall), Aaron Bell (most enthusiastic member), Henning Aitken
(players player) and Tom Stansfield (player of the year). Even the chairman who
presented all the awards hailed from Masham – David Broadley. All the mums had
been extremely busy producing a magnificent buffet which was much appreciated by
one and all and rounded off a memorable occasion.
Jennifer Stansfield.


Methodist news
07th August - 12.15pm - Wednesday lunch in Chapel Schoolroom
19th August - Homemakers meet for a walk. Details from Jackie Donaldson

West Tanfield Tennis Club
If you have been inspired by Andy Murray’s win at Wimbledon and feel the urge to
pick up your tennis racket again or begin to play then look no further than West
Tanfield. A friendly village club with 3 hard courts in the middle of the village. New
members and visitors welcome. Junior coaching has just finished and will resume
again in the Spring. Club night Tuesdays from 6.30 pm. Team play and social
events. Annual Membership Adults £55.00 Family £110.00 Juniors and Students
£25.00 or pay as you play. Details from 01765 690668

West Tanfield Cricket Club
The season has improved for both the 1Xl & 2Xl, the 1Xl have now won 2 games &
have moved of the bottom of div 2 & are in a tussle with four other teams to avoid
relegation. The 2Xl have moved up to fifth in div 8 after a good series of victories.
Congratulations to 2Xl captain James Abel who scored his first century for the club
away at Glasshouses. The Evening Lg team are 2nd in the Wensleydale Lg
On Sun Aug 4th we are holding the annual W Tanfield Trophy, the 4 teams taking
part are W Tanfield, Kirkby Malzeard, Wath & Melmerby & Rainton. The games start
at 11am, there will be a barbecue, teas & the bar will be open, everyone welcome,
we only hope for some better weather than last years downpour.
Aug Sat Home Fixtures
1Xl. 10th Pannal, 24th Galphay. 2Xl. 3rd Helperby 3, 17th Hampswaite 3, 31st
Killinghall 3 Wed Evening Lg Fixtures 7th Leyburn

                        WEST TANFIELD PARISH
                           VILLAGE WEEKEND
                      SPORTS DAY Sat 17th August 2013

2.00pm            Fancy dress competition (under 5's and 6+)
                  Theme – Fairytales
Stalls            Human Fruit Machine          Sponge throwing
              Hook-a-duck 'Milk the Cow'           balloons in a car
                   Coconut Shy          Football target shoot-out
                    Teas and food available in the field all day
  Tombola – please deliver prizes to Peter and Diane Outhwaite, Rose Cottage
                                 Races for all ages
 (open to children living in the Parish, attending West Tanfield School or whose
                        Grandparents live within the Parish)
                    The Louise Hogg Memorial Cross Country
                (open to all but trophy going to first in the Parish)
                                 Visitors races
3.30pm            It's a Knockout! (family teams of 4)
5.00pm            Prizegiving
6.30pm            BBQ at Village Hall (£1 each)
7.00pm            Family Laser Light disco
                  Fancy dress (prizes for the best adult outfit)
                 Adults £2 Children £1 Under 5's free
                                   LICENSED BAR

                           Sunday 18th August
                       11.00 a.m. RIVERSIDE SERVICE
                             Below the Marmion Tower
                       All welcome – no need to book for lunch

                     RAFT RACE at 12 noon (over 16's)
                (bring rafts to starting point before service)
                 Plus....DUCK your ducks at the
                       village shop and the Black Bull £1
                            12.30pm - HOG ROAST
 West Tanfield Parish Sports Committee accept no responsibility whatsoever for any injury
                           incurred whilst partaking in activities

Congratulations to Dawn Rafferty B.Sc. of West Tanfield for receiving first class
honours in Crime Scene Science. Four years of intense study well deserved.


Thank you to everyone who helped in any way with the Church’s together Lunch at
Snape. The amount raised for Martin House Hospice is £422-00.

Snape Under 5’s meet every Wednesday from 10.00 am until 12 noon in Snape
Methodist Church. Everyone welcome.

                            SNAPE OPEN AIR SERVICE
                                Sunday 18th August
                         10.45 a.m. On Snape Village Green
                                     All welcome
                         Please bring a garden chair or a rug
                  Followed by refreshments in the Methodist Chapel
          (In the event of wet weather the service will be held in the chapel)

Snape Annual Show
This will be held on Monday 26th August. Doors will be open at 1.30 p.m. with teas
from 3.30 p.m. Fancy dress at 3.00p.m.with children’s sports at 6.00 p.m. on the
green. Additional schedules from Linton Gaunt with raffle and tombola prizes to
John Knopp and Diane Hosking. Tables will be set up on Friday 23rd August at
6.00pm. Any additional help will be appreciated. All are welcome.

                        An Exhibition by Snape Textile Group
                      will be held on Monday 26th August 2013
       from 1pm until 5pm in The Joiner’s Old Workshop, Laurel Grove, Snape

                       Snape Local History Group Annual Exhibition
            On Bank Holiday Monday (August 26th 2013) from 1pm until 5pm
                          In The Workshop, Laurel Grove, Snape
       There will be no fixed admission charge, but donations will be appreciated.
 Work on the history of the village, by pupils of Snape Community Primary School, will also
                                        be on display.

At regular intervals during the afternoon, by kind permission of The Yorkshire Film Archive, a
               D.V.D. ‘Masham and Mashamshire (1948 -1953)’ wll be shown.

Snape Diary Dates
2nd Aug     S.L.H.G. Members’ Exhibition Preparation Evening- 7.30pm-Laurel Grove
10 th Aug   Snape Textile Group – 10am to 4pm – Snape Institute
            Diana Morrison – Nuno felting (Booked Places)
13 th Aug   Craft & Chat – 2pm to 4pm – Snape Methodist Schoolroom
26 th Aug   Snape Show – Snape Institute – Doors open to public at 1.30pm
            (Snape residents please see schedule for further details)
26 th Aug   S.L.H.G. Exhibition (Please see Snape News)
26th Aug    Snape Textile Group (Please see Snape News)
27 th Aug   Craft & Chat -2pm to 4pm – Snape Methodist Schoolroom
28 th Aug   ‘Ladies of Snape’ meet at Castle Arms from 7.15pm onwards
31 st Aug   Morning Coffee – 10am to 12 noon – Snape Methodist Schoolroom


North Stainley Baby & Toddler Group News
In July we were very pleased to be voted one of the top three favourite toddler
groups in North Yorkshire on the national netmums website! Thanks to all of our
members who wrote a review about us!
We meet every Thursday at North Stainley Village Hall 10-11:30pm (The last
Thursday of each month we meet at West Tanfield Memorial Hall to use our soft play
equipment). Everybody is welcome, carers get a tea/coffee and the children have a
healthy snack time and juice. We have lots of toys including a bouncy castle! We
also try to do different activities each week. Cost is £2 for one child & carer + £1 per
extra child per family. We are always grateful for any toy donations or if you would
like to come and help out with an activity suitable for pre-school children, please get
in contact!
For any further information please see our Facebook Page or contact Amanda King – 01765 635188 – Amanda- or Emma Greyshon01765

North Stainley School News
We have had a very busy summer term with lots of exciting activities happening
within the school and by the time you read this we will be half way in to our summer
A team of our Year 6 children entered the Ripon Maths Challenge – Lewis O’Donnell,
Samuel Maddison, Charlotte Lowe and Chloe Robinson. They did very well coming
fourth out of thirteen teams. We are very proud of them!
A team of eight KS2 children attended the Kwik Cricket tournament at Markington.
Charlotte Lowe, Chloe Robinson, Samuel Maddison, Thomas Casey, Lewis
O’Donnell, Nicholas Taylor, Jordan Bentley and Joshua McKittrickcomprised the
team. They played wonderfully and their behaviour and sportsmanship was super.
They won the tournament so the trophy returns to North Stainley C of E School for
another year. Well done children!
We have said our sad farewells to our 2013 leavers who are starting their new
secondary schools in September and also to our Class 1 teacher, Mrs Ingham who
has returned back to her native Scotland, we wish them all the best on their new
adventures! Our end of year leavers Barbeque and Summer Raffle was held on
12th July to raise much needed funds for the school.

We restart school on Wednesday 4th September and we look forward to welcoming
all of our new pupils, and our new teacher Miss Sarah Lord, who will be teaching
EYFS/Y1 Class 1.

                 Grand De Party Successful fund raising secures a
                    Defibrillator for the North Stainley Village Hall
Sharron and Gill are proud to announce they raised in excess of £1000 on Sat
06/07/13 Grand De Party, The Staveley arms to buy a defibrillator.
Blessed with gorgeous weather, the party was both outside and inside and guests
had a thoroughly good time, they enjoyed copious amounts of delicious food and
plenty of good chat.
The highlights amongst the food was a giant platter in the shape of a bicycle, with a
cyclist sporting a yellow jersey made from yellow peppers, followed by typical French
cuisine; ending on a twist with yummy strawberry filled profiteroles served with candy
floss! Gill and Sharron would again, like to express thanks to the following people.
Matthew and Jill Holt of Holts Storage systems for sponsoring our reception drinks,
Sue for making our gorgeous sun flower table decorations, Jill and the WI team for
the fabulous bunting.
Thank you to our sponsored entertainment from Pandemonium and DJ Ronnie Scott,
and our auctioneer Simon Edward.
A special thanks to our auction prizes, these were sponsored by North Yorkshire
Energy, based in North Stainley, Piccadilly Motors of Ripon, Stef from The Staveley
Arms , Angry birds toy and season tickets from Lightwater valley.
We also were able to raffle off 20 raffle prizes from various local sponsors, again
thank you to all.

Well Walkers – The August walks will take place on Mondays 5th and 19th. Anyone
wanting to walk meet outside Orchard House, Church Street at 10.00 am or at the
start. Phone 470305 for more information and to be included in the email list.

Well Ladies Coffee – Wednesday 14th August, 10.30 am at Rawdon House,
Church Street, Antje Ream is the hostess. Everyone welcome

Wellies Craft Group – Tuesday 6th August, 7-9.00 pm at Julia Hamby’s, The Old
School House, Church Street. For more information tele 470657. Everyone is
welcome and you don’t have to be a whiz at any craft to come along, just come and
have a chat and a coffee or sometimes we even have wine!

Well Inflated Cycling Group – several riders continue to meet every Tuesday
evening whilst ever the light holds, meet 7.00 pm at the crossroads by the bus
shelter to do around 12 miles or so, steady riding, cycling for pleasure, not pressure.
Those who haven’t cycled much for several years are now beginning to feel the
benefit of going out regularly. For more information telephone David Greaves on
470305 or just turn up

Well Parish Council – The next Parish Council Meeting will take place on Monday
5th August, 7.00 pm at the Institute. Everyone is welcome to attend. Note the
change of date to that previously notified. The Parish Council Accounts for 2012-
2013 are available to view on the village website, see the link below or contact the
clerk for a paper copy.

Well Parish Council Minutes of Meetings – these can be viewed on the Council
Page of the village website – or for a paper copy
contact the clerk on 470426.
The following is a message received recently from North Yorkshire Police via the
Safer Neighbourhood Partnership: North Yorkshire Police are investigating frauds

whereby persons are stating they are from the bank and are investigating a fraud,
these persons will ask for your bank cards as part of the enquiry, asking you to place
them in an envelope, later monies will be removed from these accounts. Residents
are urged not to hand over any cards, banks do not operate in this fashion and will
never ask for the card at your door, or ask for personal details over the phone
without security questions being answered. Any such incidents should be reported
immediately to North Yorkshire Police via the 101 system.
A big thank you to those in the village who selflessly clear up the rubbish left by
others on a regular basis and who keep the beck at the lower end of Church Street
clear and strim the Church Path as well, they know who they are and it is all very
much appreciated.

Congratulations to the Under-7 team who played in the inaugural Nidderdale League
Tournament at Spofforth during June and fantastically ended up as runners-up A
remarkable achievement, and special thanks to Gary Cockerill for organising the
team. With the league season nearly finished the Under-11 A team (in the Pairs
League) and the 11-A-Side team are both in prime position in their leagues whilst the
Under-15 team have won their division and qualify for the semi-finals.
Congratulations to all involved and we hope they continue to be successful in their
remaining games.
The Under-11s won the Procoach Tournament at Headingly in early June and are
now in the Junior Hawkes Cup at Masham in early July.
Special mention this month must go to Thomas Hinchcliffe for scoring his first
century, and for it to come in a Second-11 fixture at the age of only 14 is a brilliant
It is proposed to hold our end of season Presentation Evening on the 15th
September, and more details will follow in due course. The Girls have a tournament
at Richmond on the 28th July and an end of season tournament at Harrogate on the
22nd August, as well as a number of other matches over the remainder of the


Fearby and Healey WI – July 2013
We couldn’t have ordered a better day for the July outing as the weather was
glorious and 29 members and friends looked forward to visiting Alnwick Castle,
known as ‘the Windsor of the North’, home to the Dukes of Northumberland’s family
for over 700 years. There was something to suit everyone from the Castle itself, the
museum and, of course, the wonderful gardens and stunning views of the Capability
Brown landscape. The ornamental and rose gardens were at their best (we were
grateful of a shady corner from time to time) and it was intriguing to learn about the
plants in the Poison Garden and it certainly fired the imagination as the guide related
some shocking stories of the mis-use of these plants. Refreshments were enjoyed in
the Pavilion Café or Treehouse Restaurant and a spot of retail therapy was enjoyed
before the pleasant journey back to Masham with the sun still shining! A memorable
14th August will be an open meeting with Mr R Clarke will tell us about the
Wensleydale Dairy and the competition will be for a pretty cream jug.
Jennifer Stansfield

                                 Forgotten Wealth
                       How many times the scene has played
                          By the gate he stands watching
                           Balls of white bounce and run
                         While older greys cud and look on
                        At their offspring’s delinquent frolic.

                       Springtime surer than the city’s pound
                     Earned by millions who’s past generations
                            Led them to a different trade
                       Will never really feel a summer wind
                         Softer than the landscape it skims
                           Or autumn brown with furrows
                            Turning to the winter’s sleep
                        As another year catches its breath
                          To gather pace and flow again.

                            More sure than monies land
                     Bound to nature’s currency the seasons run
                      Those who follow to trade older than them
                        Underneath a sky broader than seen
                          By those herded by concrete tall

                            With every rising falling year
                             Fewer still understand that
                               of sail and hill and crop
                    Where the dirt is cleaner than a bankers draft
                     Or the value of a shepherd watching lambs
                    Is more than the monarch’s coin can obtain.


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