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					DIANETICS 55!

   By L. Ron Hubbard
DIANETICS 55!                             2                            L. RON HUBBARD

                                  Important Note

      In studying Dianetics and Scientology be very, very certain you never go past
a word you do not fully understand.
       The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to
learn is that he or she has gone past a word or phrase that was not understood.
        Trying to read past a misunderstood word results in mental „fogginess“ and
difficulty in comprehending the passages which follow. If you find yourself experienc-
ing this, return to the last portion you understood easily, locate the misunderstood
word and get it defined correctly – and then go on.
        Most of the terms used in this book are defined as they occur. For additional
definitions see the Glossary starting at the end of the book.
DIANETICS 55!                                                3                                         L. RON HUBBARD

                                              Table of Contents

DIANETICS 55! ...........................................................................................................1
   Important Note .........................................................................................................2
Table of Contents ........................................................................................................3
      CHAPTER I ......................................................................................................... 8
      CHAPTER II ...................................................................................................... 12
   THE FUNDAMENTALS OF LIFE ...........................................................................12
      CHAPTER III ..................................................................................................... 17
   THE AWARENESS OF AWARENESS UNIT .........................................................17
      CHAPTER IV..................................................................................................... 26
   ACCENT ON ABILITY............................................................................................26
      CHAPTER V...................................................................................................... 32
   THE AUDITOR’S CODE ........................................................................................32
      THE AUDITOR’S CODE, 1954.......................................................................... 33
      CHAPTER VI..................................................................................................... 36
   TRAPPED ..............................................................................................................36
      CHAPTER VII.................................................................................................... 41
   COMMUNICATION ................................................................................................41
      CHAPTER VIII................................................................................................... 47
   THE APPLICATION OF COMMUNICATION .........................................................47
      CHAPTER IX..................................................................................................... 51
   TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION .............................................................................51
      CHAPTER X...................................................................................................... 54
   COMMUNICATION LAG........................................................................................54
      CHAPTER XI..................................................................................................... 60
   PAN-DETERMINISM .............................................................................................60
      CHAPTER XII.................................................................................................... 65
   THE SIX BASIC PROCESSES ..............................................................................65
      CHART OF PROCESSES................................................................................. 65
      CHAPTER XIII................................................................................................... 74
   THE PROCESSING OF COMMUNICATION .........................................................74
      CHAPTER XIV .................................................................................................. 79
DIANETICS 55!                                             4                                        L. RON HUBBARD

  THE ONE-SHOT CLEAR .......................................................................................79
     CHAPTER XV ................................................................................................... 82
  ARC PROCESSING...............................................................................................82
     CHAPTER XVI .................................................................................................. 85
  GLOSSARY ...........................................................................................................87
 DIANETICS 55!                                    5                               L. RON HUBBARD

               FOREWORD                               DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF
                                                      MENTAL . It moved with violence although
                                                      its message was peace. A half a million
       SECRET! Secrets, secrets SE-
                                                      Americans read it, many, many of these
CRETS! Ah, the endless quest, the far, far
                                                      acted upon it and are still acting upon it,
search, the codes, the vias, the symbols,
                                                      and every year it sells still more copies –
the complications, the compilations, the
                                                      more copies than the average „best seller.“
mathematicity and abstractacity of secrets,
secrets, secrets.                                             Dianetics was an adventure into the
                                                      dark realms of the secret to accumulate
         And truth. TRUTH! From Keats to
                                                      knowledge and to establish the truth. Until
Johnny Jones, we all have traffic with the
                                                      Dianetics these commodities have been
truth, truth, TRUTH! The professors have a
                                                      owned by philosophy of either the esoteric
truth, the religionists have a truth, the stars
                                                      or the monotony schools or had been used
and almost anything but government have a
                                                      by the charlatan – with or without surplice –
truth, truth, TRUTH.
                                                      to lure and ensnare.
        Knowledge! Endeared as a precious
                                                               Dianetics moved into a Dark Age of
torch, abhorred as a neurotic’s nightmare, it
                                                      Reason where only a physical universe fact
is all knowledge, knowledge, Knowledge!
                                                      was given credence. When Dianetics was
You get diplomas for it and buy books full of
                                                      born every free thinker Man had known had
it, you perish for the lack of it or triumph in
                                                      long since been burned or poisoned or
the absence of it, but whatever it might be,
                                                      dust-binned into the curriculums of „univer-
knowledge is precious, dangerous, value-
                                                      sities.“ It was an age where renown awaited
less and horrible and craved.
                                                      only the manufacturer – not the inventor –
      And what is knowledge? And what is              of the new can opener, where sanity was
the SECRET? and what is TRUTH?                        adjusted with electrodes and philosophy
         Pontius Pilate asked the question            was made with Univacs. Knowledge and
when he washed his hands. Alexander exe-              the SECRET being the total assets of
cuted messengers when the Truth was un-               vested interest, Dianetics was hit with vio-
palatable. The Chaldean priest corralled a            lence from many quarters. Medicine, en-
bit of truth and ruled Chaldea into yesterday         tirely cognizant that it could not cure nor
and Babylon into dust motes. And rulers               even alleviate the majority of Man’s ills, yet
and men, scholars and generals have con-              like a prima donna who can but croak yet
demned with it, dedicated their lives to it,          resists the incoming next act, bluntly and
fought for it and denied it and – have never          viciously condemned in leading weekly
defined it.                                           magazines, any further glance towards
                                                      knowledge and truth. The government,
       What is TRUTH? What is KNOWL-                  fighting a war at the time, entirely cognizant
EDGE? What is the SECRET? Are they s                  that its pilot supply was old and slow, yet
from a shaman’s dream? Are they con-                  could not communicate on any subject
nected with science? Do they belong to                which might remedy the matter. The Better
philosophy? What are they, whence do they             Business Bureaus of the U.S., an organiza-
come? Do they exist? Are they owned?                  tion solidly behind anything good and solid,
Have they ever been written or spoken or              upheld the objection of capital to this new
guessed? And would one go mad if he                   idea; the Communist Party, being solidly
knew them?                                            against any alteration of the mind since that
       Dianetics moved into the world on              would undoubtedly alter devotion, went to
May 9, 1950, with the publication of a book,          considerable lengths to assist the stand of
                                                      capital. To anyone who wanted a monopoly
DIANETICS 55!                                    6                              L. RON HUBBARD

on knowledge and truth Dianetics was an              studied and competent auditor in a rela-
enemy. To them it was a degraded, wicked,            tively short length of time.
fraudulent hoax – or so they said. However,
                                                             This book contains processes which
there happens to be a principle that any-
                                                     were the forerunners of the clearing proc-
thing which is thoroughly understood
                                                     esses in use today. This means that audi-
ceases. Their opinion of Dianetics could not
                                                     tors do have to be trained – we have found
have been correct because Dianetics is still
                                                     definitely that they do. It also means that an
                                                     auditor who has been trained and proc-
       During the ensuing four years of              essed can now take these newer processes
commotion, much happened. The only or-               and run them as directed and can achieve
derly and progressive thing which hap-               the result of Clear.
pened was that Dianetics went on en-
                                                             Thus, in DIANETICS 55! we have,
croaching into the territory of the SECRET
                                                     actually, the SECOND BOOK of Dianetics.
along the roadway of KNOWLEDGE to dis-
                                                     Everyone has assigned the title First Book
cover nearer TRUTH.
                                                     to DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE
        The primary assault of Dianetics             OF MENTAL HEALTH. But nobody , pub-
was upon reverence and forms. The first              lished in 1951, as the Second Book. They
book was written as a javelin directed into          haven’t because it obviously wasn’t. SCI-
the doubtlessly sacrosanct vitals of philoso-        ENCE OF SURVIVAL was a first book in its
phical departments and literature. It was            own right.
carefully careless with its commas in the
                                                            It was the first book of and under
belief that commas, contrary to the prevail-
                                                     Plan C on page 401 of the real First Book.
ing mode, have little power to disturb an
                                                     SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL adventured into
ultimate truth. The first book was written to
                                                     causation, not into the resolution of prob-
be read and understood, and it was written
                                                     lems outlined in the First Book.
to upset and override and warn off those
who would give it the fate of being rever-                   Thus there has never been a Sec-
able. And the first book was written to be           ond Book of Dianetics. Such a book would
used by anyone who could understand it –             have to take the exact problems of the First
and the way it was written, this of course           Book and in the terms and reference of the
could not include the extant mental charla-          First Book resolve these problems.
tan nor the professional dabbler in abilities.                Well, as one looks over fiction nov-
As one had learned these could not be                els and technical volumes in general he
trained and if they could have been,                 finds that a four year – almost five – lag
wouldn’t have been interested in the pro-            between an author’s first and second vol-
posed goals, it was necessary that a new             ume would discover his public to have
breed of feline come into being – the audi-          waned. But when we take up a subject of
tor – and the auditor did.                           the status of Dianetics and when we realize
       Now this adventure along the road             that it is condensing into a few years some
of knowledge towards truth was very shiny            thousands of years of doing, we see that a
new in 1950. It was not quite so new but             lag of four or five years between volumes
much shinier in 1954. Certain promises               isn’t so very bad.
were made in 1950 on page 401. And these                     What happened in those four or five
promises have now been kept.                         years? Many things. Somehow, for one
       Man can be cleared. He can be                 thing, research and development was fi-
cleared – brought to the condition described         nanced and the basic organization, after
in Chapter Two of the first book – by a well-        many limpings, survived. A lot of petty
                                                     things happened which in another decade
                                                     will be bone dust – for none of these things,
DIANETICS 55!                                    7   L. RON HUBBARD

none of the tales of terror, the attacks, the
financing, the business advances, were
permitted to interrupt the only thing that
CAN mean any difference – the product of
years of steady gain on the road of knowl-
edge towards the goal of ultimate truth.
        Knowledge, Truth, Secrets – they
are the guts and anatomy of life. They must
not then be owned. They must not then be
hidden or bent. They must be permitted to
stand out in the bold sunlight for all to see
for only when they are to be seen are they
safe things to have, to hold, to know.
        This is the Second Book of Dianet-
ics. It could mean a new Earth, it could
mean a new freedom. But whatever it
means it cannot mean nothing in the sense
Man uses that word – for you cannot unveil
the SECRET and have it ever be quite so
secret ever again.
        Note: Much of what in this book was
termed Dianetics is, in today’s technical
lineup, Scientology technology. The two
fields are as follows:
        DIANETICS: From the Greek dia
(through) and noos (soul), thus „through the
soul“; a system for the analysis, control and
development of human thought which also
provides techniques for increased ability,
rationality, and freedom from the discovered
single source of aberrations and psycho-
somatic ills. Introduced May, 1950, with
publication of Dianetics: The Modern Sci-
ence of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard.
        SCIENTOLOGY: is an applied reli-
gious philosophy and technology resolving
problems of the spirit, Life and thought; dis-
covered, developed and organized by L.
Ron Hubbard as a result of his earlier
Dianetic discoveries. Coming from the
Latin, scio (knowing) and the Greek logos
(study), Scientology means „knowing how
to know“ or „the study of wisdom.“
DIANETICS 55!                                    8                               L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER I                            ease and death. One can say alike of the
                                                     arthritic and the neurotic that the basic
                                                     cause of disturbance, physical or mental,
                                                     germinated in efforts to reduce the freedom
                                                     of the individual, the group, or Mankind.
        Why should anyone want to know
                                                             Dianetics is an effort towards the at-
anything about the human mind? And, for
                                                     tainment by Man of a level of freedom
that matter, why should anyone believe that
                                                     where decency and happiness can prevail,
knowledge of the human mind is either un-
                                                     and where knowledge of the mind itself
obtainable or undesirable? Why should men
                                                     would prevent the unscrupulous use of the
ostensibly seeking answers to the mind
                                                     mechanisms of slavery. Dianetics can be
stray so far from it as to examine rats and
                                                     contested, it can be vilified, its founder and
entirely avoid looking at human beings?
                                                     practitioners can be publicly pilloried, but
And why should anyone pretending to treat
                                                     Dianetics cannot be ignored. It could nei-
the mind stray so far afield as electric
                                                     ther be drowned in praise, nor burned in
                                                     some purge to its total eradication, for it is a
         The answers are relatively simple.          wonderfully observable fact that the one
Anyone who knows the structure, function,            impulse in Man which cannot be erased is
and dynamics of the human mind is very               his impulse towards freedom, his impulse
difficult to control. The only way a mind can        towards sanity, towards higher levels of
be controlled is by enforcing upon it igno-          attainment in all of his endeavors. This is
rance of itself. As far as study and treat-          Man’s one saving grace, and because
ment is concerned, a mind which has been             Dianetics is such an impulse, and because
made ignorant of itself would have to have           its basic purpose, from the moment of its
restored to it awareness of its fundamentals         conception, have been dedicated un-
before it could be considered to be recov-           swervably to the attainment of even greater
ered. And when one restores full awareness           freedom it cannot perish – a fact which will
to a mind one is no longer able to victimize         become doubtlessly more annoying to the
it. And a profession or a society would have         slave-masters as the years roll on.
to move out of slave orientation into action
                                                             There is much argument upon which
by freedom and consent, were it to be effec-
                                                     we could adventure concerning whether
                                                     Dianetics is an art or a science, whether it
        Just as you do not want people to            is a humanity or a hoax, but all this would
control you, so you should want knowledge            avail us very little for we would only be
of yourself and others. Just as you fight            quibbling with words. Dianetics is what it is,
away from knowingness concerning self, so            and the totality of it can best be summed by
you will be controlled.                              the description, ‘an understanding of Man.’
        A simple and conclusive science of           We do not care whether or not it is a sci-
mind is a vital necessity in any society             ence. We do not care whether or not it is
which desires to become free and remain              more properly catalogued under Adventure
free. The only elements in a society which           or Mystery. We do care whether or not it is
would combat, or contest, or dispute an              promulgated and known, for everywhere it
effort to attain such a science would be             walks slavery ceases. That mind which un-
those interests which desired, by ignorance,         derstands itself is the mind of a free man. It
to maintain their control of a slavery. Each         is no longer prone to obsessive behavior,
and every impulse of freedom is an impulse           unthinking compliances, covert innuendoes.
towards sanity, towards health, towards              It is at home in an environment, not a
happiness. Every impulse towards slavery             stranger. It is the solver of problems and the
is an impulse in the direction of misery, dis-       maker of games. A mind that is enslaved is
DIANETICS 55!                                     9                              L. RON HUBBARD

weak. A mind that is free is powerful, and all        which we have worked, everything for which
the power there is, is defined by and con-            we have hoped. This is what happens when
tained in freedom.                                    the machine runs wild, and when Man, be-
                                                      comes a machine, runs wild. Man can only
         Why should you know something
                                                      become a machine when he is no longer
about your mind? A question of a similar
                                                      capable of understanding his own being-
magnitude would be: „Why should you
                                                      ness and has lost his contact with it. Thus it
live?“ A science fiction writer once con-
                                                      is of enormous importance that we under-
ceived a world composed entirely of ma-
                                                      stand something about the mind, that we
chines, composed to a point where the ma-
                                                      understand we are minds, that we are not
chines were repaired by other machines,
                                                      machines, and it is of enormous importance
which, in turn, were repaired by yet other
                                                      that Man attain at once to some higher level
machines, and so the circle went ‘round
                                                      of freedom where the machine reaction of
and the machines survived. He wrote this
                                                      destruction may be controlled, and where
story from the fondest belief of nuclear
                                                      Man himself can enjoy some of the happi-
physicists that there is only a machine, that
                                                      ness to which he is entitled.
man derives from some spontaneous com-
bustion of mud, that the soul does not exist,                 “Dianetics: The Modern Science of
that freedom is impossible, that all behavior         Mental Health“ was written into a world
is stimulus-response, that causative thought          where atomic fission was yet in its early
cannot exist. What a world this would be!             stages. But „Dianetics 55!“ is being written
And yet this world, this pattern, is the goal         in a world where bombs exist of such fury
of the slave makers. If every man could be            that a continent could be laid waste. The
depressed from his freedom to a point                 recent declaration of the Secretary of War
where he believed himself but a cog in an             of the United States of America that such
enormous machine, then all things would be            weapons exist, and are capable of being
enslaved. But who would there be to enjoy             used, and his assumption that men exist
them? Who would there be to profit? Not               with such insufficiency of humanity that they
the slave-maker, for he is the first to suc-          would use such weapons, tells us that it is
cumb. He succumbs to his own mecha-                   time someone, somewhere, took a hand in
nisms. He receives the full jolt of his own           this game. The intimacy of his promises
endeavors to entrap. What would be the                cannot be escaped. You would think any-
purpose of this world of machines? There              one a madman who essayed to destroy
could be no purpose worth contemplating               every book in every library in the United
which does not include happiness and ex-              States and Russia. You would think a man
perience. When a man is no longer able to             quite insane if he insisted upon the destruc-
envision happiness as a part of his future,           tion of all your personal possessions. You
that man is dead. He has become nothing               would know he was mad when he insisted
but an animated robot, without understand-            that the only course for the future was the
ing, without humanity, perfectly willing then         destruction of your body and any future
to compose missiles of such desolating                race to remember it. Only a raving, drooling
quality that an entire civilization can perish,       madman could contemplate the ending of
and that the happiness of all can be de-              all goals everywhere on earth. And only an
stroyed in the experience of radiation – an           apathetic fool would stand by motionless
experience which might be considered di-              before the inevitable destruction of his most
gestible by an atomic pile, but not by a hu-          intimate dreams, his fondest hopes, his
man being. Thus as we depart from the                 possessions – even on down to his identifi-
concepts of freedom, we depart into a dark-           cation cards and the money in his wallet.
ness where the will, the fear, or the brutal-         Such destruction permits no inheritance. It
ity, of one or a few, no matter how well edu-         means an end of everything for which we
cated, may yet obliterate everything for              have all hoped, for which we and our an-
DIANETICS 55!                                     10                              L. RON HUBBARD

cestors have striven, and it is my belief that         anyone in a top-secret or confidential clas-
an individual who can contemplate this with            sification in government is not supposed to
equanimity and without an impulse to act is            impart any information of his calling. And it
so lost to the race and lost to himself, to his        is the fear of governments that some of this
family, and to his friends, that he must per-          information might be imparted to someone
sonally believe there is no hope for any-              practising in the field of mental healing. And
thing, anywhere, at any time. Such deprav-             thus, if anyone connected with nuclear fis-
ity is difficult to envision. We know, defi-           sion is discovered to be undergoing proc-
nitely, that the wrong thing to do is nothing.         essing of any kind, he would be immedi-
Whenever any situation may develop, we                 ately relieved of his post and his top-secret
always have that answer. It is wrong to do             classification would be cancelled. But this is
nothing. The only time anyone has ever                 not a hopeless picture. Supposing one
gotten into serious trouble was when he                processed them all and had all their top-
decided he could do nothing about some-                secret classifications cancelled, who would
thing.                                                 be left? Or supposing one pointed out this
                                                       idiocy with sufficient conviction to those in
        This was the entering threshold to-
                                                       charge of (but who are not responsible for)
wards death. When one knew, at last, that
                                                       the destinies of Man, and made it manda-
he was powerless in the face of all fates, or
                                                       tory that the sanity of anyone connected
of any one particular fate, he was, to that
                                                       with the creation or use of atomic fission be
degree, a slave of those fates. Thus, the
                                                       required to have a sanity passport. Only the
wrong thing to do in this world, at this time,
                                                       insane will destroy. Remember that! Only
is nothing. No matter what fantastic or in-
                                                       the insane would bring about the end of
credible plan we adventure upon, no matter
                                                       earth. One of these men, fumbling forward,
how we put it forward, it would still be better
                                                       uncomprehending, a mere machine, given
than the abandonment of all plans and all
                                                       processing begins to realize that he is not
action. It may be that we have better plans
                                                       without responsibility for the safety of hu-
than fantastic plans. It may be that we, pos-
                                                       manity. Only when he is a slave could he be
sessed of a knowledge of the mind and of
                                                       forced to use such weapons against man-
Man, can yet restrain this dreadful crime of
                                                       kind. There is no argument on earth of suf-
oblivion from occurring.
                                                       ficient emergency or violence to require
         Dianetics, then, is a weapon. It is a         war, much less war by atomic fission with
timely weapon. It is the only weapon of de-            the consequence of the destruction of at
fense in existence which can confront with             least one continent, and within a few years,
equanimity nuclear fission. Dianetics can              the destruction of the planet earth.
fail only if it is not used, only if those who
                                                                Who would believe that anyone
know about it do not use it to its fullest ex-
                                                       could wipe a continent clean of life without
tent. Were you to take the technologies of
                                                       at once so polluting the atmosphere of
Dianetics this day, and seeking out anyone
                                                       earth as to endanger or eradicate all further
even remotely connected with the responsi-
                                                       life-forms on this planet? What argument
bility for waging atomic war, apply these
                                                       could there be amongst men which could
techniques to them, you would soon have
                                                       occasion such a fate for earth? There is no
the man into a sufficiently high stratum of
                                                       such argument amongst men. Such an ar-
humanity that he would recognize some of
                                                       gument could arise amongst machines
his responsibility to the human race. Your
                                                       which, conscientiously, might push buttons,
task would be made hard, for all those who
                                                       reach conclusions for which they had no
are connected with the waging of war with
atomic fission are restricted by law from
receiving any psychotherapy. If this seems                    There are many ways in which a
incredible to you, you should realize that             higher state of security could be attained for
DIANETICS 55!                                    11   L. RON HUBBARD

earth. None of these ways include violence
or revolution, and all of them include a
greater freedom for Mankind. Dianetics is
the key technology necessary for the con-
trol of atomic fission. Remember that, and
remember also that Dianetics is a precision
science, that it works only when it is used
as a precision science. That if you are to
accomplish anything with it, whether the
rescue of a relative from the pain of contin-
ued psychosomatic illness, of a group, a
nation, or a world, it works exactly along the
lines it is designed. It does not work with
innovations. It is a precision science. It has
a precision mission. It contains more an-
swers than Man has ever had before, and it
contains enough answers to make Man
free – if it is used!
DIANETICS 55!                                     12                               L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER II                             or not, this is workable and is our primary
                                                       assumption. We have a word for mechanics
                                                       compounded from matter, energy, space,
                                                       and time which is MEST. By MEST we
  THE FUNDAMENTALS OF LIFE                             mean any or all arrangements of energy of
                                                       whatever kind, whether in fluid or object
       Much more broadly covered in Sci-               form, in space or spaces. We do not con-
entology, the fundamentals of life yet differ          ceive life to have an energy, and therefore,
in no way for Man.                                     any energy, even if directly produced by life,
                                                       can be found to be embraced under the
        The basic subdivision in life is be-
                                                       quantitative term „MEST.“
tween ability and mechanics. This could
also be described as a subdivision of qual-                    Life itself has quality and ability. The
ity and quantity, but less accurately.                 products of quality and ability are mechan-
                                                       ics. Ability is demonstrated by the handling
         Where mechanics have ability, the
                                                       of matter, energy, space and time. Quality
ability is only apparent and has been en-
                                                       means simply „valued,“ or „having a value.“
dowed into the mechanics by life. It is all
                                                       No values, that is to say opinions, exist in
right to suppose that an electronic brain is
                                                       the absence of life. In the matter of such a
capable of thought as long as one realizes
                                                       thing as an automatic switch we might con-
that life itself must necessarily be present in
                                                       sider that the switch is capable of making a
order to give cause, and quality, or direc-
                                                       decision whether to be off or on. However,
tion, to such a brain. An electronic brain will
                                                       we must remember that the original deci-
sit all day and do nothing unless life starts
                                                       sion that a switch was to be made, and that
the machine running. It will give millions of
                                                       „off“ and „on“ could be accomplished, and
answers, but none of these, no matter how
                                                       indeed, the design of a switch itself de-
sharp, have any meaning until they are
                                                       pended entirely upon life – quality.
viewed by life. The machine is never any-
thing more than a servo-mechanism to life.                     In the field of mechanics we do not
Indeed, a machine cannot even exist in the             discover creativeness. We discover varying
absence of life.                                       conditions, varying arrangements, deterio-
                                                       ration and destruction of one or another
        By mechanics we mean any and all
                                                       form, but we do not discover any alteration
of the objects, motions, or spaces which
                                                       in quantity. Indeed, the entire science of
exist. Foremost of these, and foremost in
                                                       physics is predicated upon the assumption
any mechanical scheme, is space. Next is
                                                       of „conservation of energy,“ which is to say
energy. Next is condensed or solidified en-
                                                       that energy, itself, cannot be created or
ergy, called matter. And finally, always pre-
                                                       destroyed but can only alter its form. To this
sent in any mechanical arrangement or me-
                                                       we might add „conservation of space,“
chanic, that relative change of position of
                                                       „conservation of matter,“ and „conservation
particles or objects known as time. Thus we
                                                       of time.“ None of these things are capable,
have space, energy, matter, and time.
                                                       in themselves, of altering. They are not ca-
Whether we are considering a body running
                                                       pable of more than change of position or
on any energy, an automobile or a moun-
                                                       alteration of form. The physicist is very fond
tain, we are still dealing with what we call
                                                       of demonstrating that the breaking of a vase
here mechanics. Mechanics are always
                                                       does no more than the altering of the rela-
quantitative. There is always just so much
                                                       tive positions of the particles of the form,
distance, or so much mass, or so many
                                                       and that the burning of a piece of coal does
hours. The quality of space, energy, matter,
                                                       not change the basic particles of matter,
and time has value only when viewed,
                                                       since if you were to collect all the smoke,
used, or monitored by life, and, indeed,
                                                       and the ash, and the particles which radi-
cannot exist in the absence of life. Correct
DIANETICS 55!                                      13                              L. RON HUBBARD

ated from the burning and weigh them you                the mind from the orientation of physics,
would have the same weight as before the                and with the application of all the principles
coal was burned. In other words, the quan-              known in chemistry, physics, and mathe-
tity of matter does not change, and, as                 matics (items with which the nineteenth
above, it does not create to itself or add to           century psychologist was entirely unfamiliar,
itself in any way.                                      and which the twentieth century psycholo-
                                                        gist utterly disdains), it was only then possi-
        Life, it has been adequately estab-
                                                        ble to produce some comprehension of this
lished, can, however, create. It can create
                                                        thing we call life in this place we call the
particles and it can add to mass. The dem-
                                                        physical universe.
onstration of this on a man is an easily ac-
complished thing and is quite conclusive. A                     Thus, that thing which considers,
process known as „the remedy of having-                 that thing which has opinions, that thing
ness“ is capable of altering the weight of a            which creates, that thing which monitors,
man upwards of twenty to thirty-five pounds             that thing which has goals, desires, and
even though there is no change whatsoever               which can experience, is Life. What we call
in the diet or the living habits of that person.        space, time, energy, matter, forms of any
In other words, the life which is in the body           kind, are the by-products of, and are moni-
of the man, and which is actually the man,              tored by, Life. Energy, whether in the form
can, by a certain process, increase the                 of a mental image, a body, a tree, or a rock,
amount of mass of this man. Another proc-               are alike the by-products of life. There is no
ess known as „perfect duplication“ can re-              faintest difference, save only density and
verse this, and, again without change of                wavelength, between the space you behold
diet or the living habits of the man, de-               around you with your physical eyes and the
crease the amount of mass of a man with-                spaces and forms you see when you close
out the complications of heat or waste-                 them and behold a mental image. These
products being present. Thus, forthrightly              things, alike, are energies, and obey the
and directly, in the same frame of reference            various laws of energy.
as that used by the physicist, it is easily
                                                               Here, then, we have a unit or a qual-
demonstrated that life does create mass
                                                        ity capable of bringing into being quantities
and can cause mass to disappear.
                                                        such as spaces, energies, masses, and
         As long ago as fifty years, as repre-          time, capable of changing and controlling
sented by an article in the Encyclopedia                these masses and energies, capable of
Britannica, it was fairly well understood that          adding to them or subtracting from them.
the study of physics should have begun
                                                                There is considerable dissertation in
with an examination of the mind. This arti-
                                                        „Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental
cle, under the heading of time and space,
                                                        Health“ concerning the „awareness of
states that as space and time are mental
                                                        awareness unit.“ When this subject was first
phenomena their proper delineation and
                                                        under investigation it was established that
study begins in the field of the mind. Nine-
                                                        all was not a machine. Somewhere, in trac-
teenth century „mental sciences“ were in-
                                                        ing back the various lines, it was necessary
sufficiently schooled in science to compre-
                                                        to strike a cause point, either simply to as-
hend this, and the physicist, unaware in
                                                        sume that there was a cause point or to
general of such facts, did not consider that
                                                        discover one. Two words were used in con-
his proper province was the mind. Thus a
                                                        nection with this causative agent. One of
misunderstanding existed in the Humanities
                                                        them was „analytical mind,“ and the other,
and in the Sciences where one was de-
                                                        much more properly, the „awareness of
pending upon the other, and the result
                                                        awareness unit.“ The awareness of aware-
came about that neither knew his proper
                                                        ness unit, as its name implies, is aware of
field of endeavor. By undertaking a study of
                                                        being aware, or aware of being alive. When
DIANETICS 55!                                   14                              L. RON HUBBARD

one was looking at or discussing the ana-            stimulus-response behavior of the individ-
lytical mind, one was aware of something             ual.
else: that the awareness of awareness unit
                                                              Here we were confronting three
became connected in some fashion with
                                                     kinds of mind. One was the causative
computers, or analyzers, in order to handle
                                                     agent, the awareness of awareness unit,
and control the remainder of the physical
                                                     which did not appear to have any by-
being. The term „analytical mind“ then
                                                     products but which was impinged upon an-
meant the awareness of awareness unit
                                                     other mind called the analytical mind, which
plus some evaluative circuit or circuits, or
                                                     on a machine basis analyzed situations
machinery, to make the handling of the
                                                     rationally, when sane and rational, and a
body possible.
                                                     third kind of mind even further remote from
        The other item discussed broadly in          the awareness of awareness unit, which
„Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental             acted without the consent of the causative
Health,“ was the „reactive mind.“ This mind          agent and did not in any way consult it. Now
was a stimulus-response mind which de-               on a very careful review of this we see that
pended for exterior direction upon its action        the analytical mind and the reactive mind,
and reaction. The reactive mind was con-             alike, are by-product mechanical minds.
ceived to be a collection of records, in pic-        Alike, they depend upon energy, spaces,
ture form, so arranged as to make a com-             storage, and other quantitative things. The
plete pattern of experience, capable by its          awareness of awareness unit, however, is
pattern alone of evaluating the conduct or           itself decision, is itself knowingness. It de-
behavior of the individual. The pictures con-        livers into the analytical mind and its system
tained in the reactive minds are now called          various knowingnesses to be handled on a
„facsimiles,“ for they are no more and no            mechanical basis, and unwittingly delivers
less than pictures, like photographs, taken          into the hands of the reactive mind – which
of the universe around the individual and            is totally a mechanical thing – the right to
retained by him. A specialized kind of fac-          alter and correct the analytical mind. Ap-
simile was the „engram.“ This differed from          parently, then, we have here a causative
other mental pictures because it contained,          agent and two machines. We might as well,
as part of its content, unconsciousness and          then, take the obvious conclusion that there
physical pain. The definition of an engram           is the awareness of awareness unit, and
is: a picture of „a moment of pain and un-           that this in some fashion handles machin-
consciousness.“ The reactive mind was                ery, and that the analytical mind, the reac-
conceived to have more of these engrams              tive mind, and even the body and the envi-
than the analyzer. But the analyzer was              ronment are mechanical. One item here is
seen to have some of these, too, except              qualitative and decisional – the awareness
they were a lighter form and were a lock on          of awareness unit. All other items are sub-
the engram in the reactive memory bank.              ordinate to it and depend for their conclu-
Indeed, when one considered the reactive             sions either upon it or upon the environ-
mind he was actually considering what is, in         ment. Here again we have quality versus
the electronic brain, a memory bank. In-             quantity.
stead of cards or a card-file system the re-
                                                             A further demonstration of this
active mind contained pictures. These pic-
                                                     awareness of awareness unit in action is
tures were filed and were drawn out of the
                                                     quite convincing. A machine, a meter, which
files by the environment, which contained
                                                     is built in every tradition of physics and
restimulators.* The presence of these pic-
                                                     electronics, and which is composed of noth-
tures could alter form and could alter be-
                                                     ing more or less than the usual meters and
havior. The eradication of one of these en-
                                                     gauges and electrodes, can detect the pro-
grams by one of the earlier erasure tech-
                                                     duction of energy by the analytical mind.
niques of Dianetics was found to alter the
DIANETICS 55!                                      15                               L. RON HUBBARD

This machine demonstrates conclusively                  tion of the print by the physical environment
that the awareness of awareness unit can                cannot reactivate the print independently. In
predict and cause an energy reaction to                 other words, when the awareness of
occur at will. It goes further and demon-               awareness unit puts away and does not
strates that the awareness of awareness                 want to look again at such a facsimile, the
unit can bring about, without further contact,          facsimile itself begins to have a power over
an energy flow in a body at a distance. This            the awareness of awareness unit. The col-
is a very startling demonstration, and is one           lected files of these non-survival experi-
of the more significant electrical discoveries          ences come together and are the reactive
of recent times. The conditions of the ex-              mind. The awareness of awareness unit
periment are sufficiently rigorous to dispel            could be conscious of these, but chooses
any doubt in the mind of a physicist con-               not to be. Thus the environment can res-
cerning the authenticity of occurrence.                 timulate this reactive mind and can cause
                                                        changes of behavior and bodily form such
       If there were no energy being cre-
                                                        as over-weight, psychosomatic ills, or even
ated by the awareness of awareness unit,
                                                        fixed expressions or gestures.
then one would be at a loss to account for
mental energy pictures, for these things,                       The essence of time is change.
being made at a tremendously rapid rate,                Where there is no change there is no time.
have considerable mass in them – mass                   Thus, something which is unchanging is
which is measurable on a thing which is as              enduring. If a thing has no change in it, it
common and everyday as a pair of bath-                  will then „float“ in all time, since it does not
room scales.                                            assign itself to any changingness, being a
                                                        thing of no-change. Thus we discover that
         As soon as it was discovered how
                                                        silences and no-motions „float“ in time and
facsimiles (these mental energy pictures)
                                                        we discover that every place on the time
came into being it was also discovered that
                                                        track where the awareness of awareness
they were actual energy and not „an idea of
                                                        unit has taken a picture of silence, has re-
energy“ as they had been supposed to be in
                                                        sented or restrained silence, it then has an
the past. The facsimile and the engram
                                                        energy mass which will „float“ or stay with it,
come into action by resistance. The aware-
                                                        whatever time it assigns to itself, and we
ness of awareness unit resists a scene in
                                                        get the composition of the physical uni-
the physical universe, either resisting its
                                                        verse. The physical universe is composed
approach or departure, and thus by this
                                                        of „floating“ or forever energy. If this did not
resistance makes a print. This print is made
                                                        work out in processing and if it were not a
in a moving fashion, like a motion picture,
                                                        usable principle it would not be included in
and is complete in every detail. Later on the
                                                        this text.
individual can call back this print and take a
look at it, and will find it to have in it the                  In view of the fact that these facsimi-
exact forces which were in the original ver-            les, particularly those of silence, can „stay
sion in the physical universe. The aware-               with“ the individual, then we get the entire
ness of awareness unit does this so easily              mechanism we call „restimulation“ where
that it has been completely unaware of what             the environment reactivates a facsimile,
it was doing. Now, when the awareness of                which then acts back against the body or
awareness unit makes a print, trying to re-             awareness of awareness unit of the person.
strain something from going away, or trying             This is a very simple system of stimulus-
to restrain it from approaching, and consid-            response. We discover then that engrams,
ers that the survival of its body is being vio-         or facsimiles in general, have a tendency to
lated or threatened, it files this print in such        hang up on all of their silent or motionless
a way that it will not have to look at it again.        spots. Thus a facsimile may contain con-
But this does not mean that an approxima-               siderable action and yet be stuck at one
DIANETICS 55!                                   16   L. RON HUBBARD

point of no-motion. Here we have a no-
motion on either side of which there is mo-
tion. The no-motion point hangs up and is
not contacted by the awareness of aware-
ness unit, since the awareness of aware-
ness unit is looking, in general, for motion.
Thus we get a phenomenon known as
„stuck on the time track“ where an individual
can believe himself to be at some distant
point in the past. The facsimile or engram in
which he is „caught“ has almost as much
reality to him as a condition of existence as
his present-time environment. When he
becomes entirely psychotic the facsimile or
engram has far more reality to him than his
present-time environment. Thus we have
aberration and psychosomatic illness.
        In early Dianetics, the way this con-
dition was alleviated was by addressing the
pictures themselves and persuading the
awareness of awareness unit to erase them
by recounting them and re-experiencing
them. Because this took a long time, and
because auditors had a tendency to aban-
don half-erased incidents, the technology –
while workable – was not conclusive. Thus,
more research and investigation had to be
entered upon in order to establish the best
way to handle this situation.
DIANETICS 55!                                    17                              L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER III                                    The difference of approach is this:
                                                      instead of erasing all the things with which
                                                      the awareness of awareness unit is in con-
                                                      flict, we make the awareness of awareness
  THE AWARENESS OF AWARE-                             unit capable of besting and controlling all
         NESS UNIT                                    those things with which he thought he had
                                                      to be in conflict. In other words, we raise
        In examining the individuality and            the determinism of an individual up to a
identity of the individual one discovers that         point where he is capable of controlling his
the individual if himself, and not his by-            mental pictures and the various by-products
products. The individual is not his analytical        of life. When he is capable, so far as his
mind, he is not his reactive mind, he is not          ability is concerned, of controlling and de-
his body any more than he is his house or             termining the action of these things, he is
car. He might consider himself to be asso-            no longer aberrated. He can recall anything
ciated with his analytical mind, his reactive         he wants to recall without the aid and assis-
mind, his house, his body, his car, but he is         tance of energy masses. He can be what he
not these things. He is himself. The individ-         wants to be. He has had restored to himself
ual, the personality, is the awareness of             a considerable freedom.
awareness unit, and the awareness of                          About the only difficulty we have in
awareness unit is the person. As this                 accomplishing this state of Clear, with all
awareness of awareness unit confuses it-              the power and ability appended thereto, is
self further and further with the pictures it         the fact that individuals come to believe that
has made of its surroundings it conceives             they have to have certain things in order to
itself more and more to be an object, until at        go on surviving. Actually, an awareness of
last when it has gone entirely down the tone          awareness unit cannot do anything else but
scale* it has arrived at the point where its          survive. He is unkillable, yet his by-products
fondest belief is that it is an object.               are destroyable, and confusing himself with
       Just as you would not say that John            his by-products he begins to believe that he
Jones was his car, so must you also say –             has to have or do certain things in order to
when you perceive this clearly – that John            survive. His anxiety becomes so great on
Jones is not his analytical mind or his reac-         this that he will even believe that he has to
tive mind, his body, or his clothes. John             have problems in order to survive. An
Jones is an awareness of awareness unit,              awareness of awareness unit is very un-
and all there is of him that is capable of            happy unless it has some mass or space of
knowing and of being aware is John Jones,             some kind and if it does not have various
an awareness of awareness unit.                       problems to solve.

        When we have arrived at a state                        For a very long time in Dianetics we
where John Jones himself knows that he is             looked far for the „One-Shot Clear.“ Such a
an awareness of awareness unit and not                thing has come into existence and is
his analytical mind, his reactive mind, his           workable on over fifty percent of the current
body, his clothes, his house, his car, his            populace of mankind. The One-Shot Clear
wife or his grandparents, we have what is             depends, of course, upon getting the
called in Dianetics, a „Clear.“ A Clear is            awareness of awareness unit at a distance
simply an awareness of awareness unit                 from and in control of its various by-
which knows it is an awareness of aware-              products so that it no longer confuses itself
ness unit, can create energy at will, and can         with its by-products. The astonishing speed
handle and control, erase or re-create an             with which fifty per cent of the human race
analytical mind or reactive mind.                     can be cleared is believable only when you
                                                      put it into action. The magic words are: „Be
DIANETICS 55!                                    18                              L. RON HUBBARD

three feet back of your head.“ This is the            one gets into an immediate argument with
One-Shot Clear. If the existence of a One-            such people, and they wish to go into the
Shot Clear, or a process is indigestible to           various deeper significances. If these peo-
people it is because they have so long con-           ple were lost to us with current Dianetic
templated objects and have their attention            processes, we would still have gained many
so thoroughly fixed upon objects that they            percentile over any past effort to do some-
can no longer view space. And the idea of             thing for the race or about the mind.
viewing space, the idea of being without
                                                               In the past, even when we locked as
objects is so antipathetic to them that they
                                                      short a time ago as 1949, we discovered
feel they must condemn any effort which
                                                      that Man in general did not possess the
might take from them the proximity of some
                                                      ability to get a recovery percentage in pa-
of their fondest possessions.
                                                      tients higher than twenty-two percent. Oddly
        It is so strongly antipathetic to Man         enough, whether it was a witch doctor at
to look at space that one of the basic proc-          work, a psychoanalyst, psychologist, a
esses of Dianetics – causing him to look at           medical doctor, or any other practitioner,
spots in space – will cause a rather low-             simple assurance and a pat on the back yet
toned individual to become quite violently ill        brought about twenty-two percent cured.
at his stomach. The nausea resulting simply           This fact, not looked at very carefully by
from contemplating empty space is discov-             practitioners, caused people to believe that
erable only in those who have a great deal            the only thing that was wrong with the mind
of trouble with possessions and who are               was that people thought something was
unable to have things. From having to have            wrong with the mind and all people needed
things they have gotten to a point where              was a cheering word and it would be all
they do not believe they can have anything            right. Twenty-two percent of a population
any more. Thus, being asked to contem-                will recover if anything is done for them.
plate an emptiness of any kind is enough to           The remaining 78 percent are not quite so
cause a violent physical reaction. Hence,             lucky. When we can raise the percentages
this whole subject of „Clear“ and exterioriza-        even to 30 percent we are doing more than
tion, as it is technically termed, is very an-        has ever been done before. When any
tipathetic to the remaining fifty percent of          practice gets less than 22 percent recovery,
the human race who cannot be hit instantly            then that practice is actually definitely harm-
with this one-shot button.                            ing people, for if all the practitioner did was
                                                      be at home in his office and give cheery
        Fifty percent of the people you walk
                                                      reassurance to his patients he would get
up to, if you do not pre-select your pre-
                                                      this 22 percent. He would have to be very
clears – a person on the road to being
                                                      active and depressive in order to decrease
Clear – will immediately exteriorize, be a
                                                      this amount of recoveries. Now, when we
distance from their body, and behold them-
                                                      suddenly vault to the figure of 50 percent
selves as capable of handling a great many
                                                      we know that we are closing with the an-
things they before considered impossible to
                                                      swer. Thus, we could relax at this very
control the moment you say „Be three feet
                                                      point, confident that we have done more in
back of your head.“ The remaining fifty per-
                                                      this field than has ever before been done.
cent will look at you with varying puzzle-
ment. These know they are a body. These                       However, it is not good enough
know they are an object, and these know               within our framework. In the first place, if we
(most of them) that they would get sick at            wish to help people involved with the gov-
their stomachs if they contemplated being             ernment, people involved with ruling, people
all by themselves in space. They would                involved with the material sciences – such
believe it would be impossible to control a           as physicists and chemists – we are dealing
body while being three feet behind it. Thus           with almost entirely the remaining „resistive“
DIANETICS 55!                                     19                               L. RON HUBBARD

50 percent. This does not mean that a per-             Clears which led forward into the tech-
son, simply by exteriorizing, is weaker. It            niques we have now. It was found that
means that a person with continuous con-               many of them were simply wide-open cases
tact with the physical universe and continu-           which had become rather able to read their
ous harassment and concern over the state              own facsimiles. Several had simply in-
of objects or energy is apt to get what we             creased their ability to a point so senior to
call „interiorized.“                                   other people’s ability that everyone agreed
                                                       they should be called „Clear.“ And then
         A recent series of cases undertaken
                                                       there was the actual Clear. The actual
to demonstrate how far we had to go and
                                                       Clear, on close questioning, even though
what we had to do in order to bring results
                                                       he himself had not always noticed it, con-
in this remaining 50 percent has now con-
                                                       ceived himself now to be some distance
cluded successfully. With modern tech-
                                                       from the body. Those Clears which re-
niques, very, very closely followed, auditors
                                                       mained stable and continued to perform
trained by the central organization have
                                                       and function despite the convulsions of life
been successfully clearing cases which
                                                       were these who had been stably exterior-
were resistive and did not improve on all
                                                       ized. This may be a datum which is very
earlier processes as of 1951, ‘52, ‘53 and
                                                       hard for some Dianeticists to assimilate, but
the bulk of ‘54. The certainty of clearing the
                                                       again the difficulty would stem only from the
first 50 percent simply with the magic words
                                                       fact that these would be unwilling to look at
has been followed now with a certainty of
                                                       space or would be afraid of being disen-
handling the remaining 50 percent. This
                                                       franchised. Such people are very frightened
presents a rather different scene and atti-
                                                       of losing their bodies. But this is a fact with
tude than in 1950 when an auditor had to
                                                       which we cannot argue, that so far as psy-
be „intuitive“ and had to work endlessly, it
                                                       chosomatic illness is concerned it is best
seemed, to produce gains on cases, much
                                                       resolved by exteriorization. One has the
less clearing. My own percentages in clear-
                                                       individual step back from his body, look at
ing people do not count, and I learned early
                                                       it, and patch it up, and that is about all there
(with some puzzlement) that what I did with
                                                       is to psychosomatic illness. There is, of
a preclear and the results I obtained with a
                                                       course, an electronic structure of the body
preclear were not the results which would
                                                       which one can direct a person’s attention
be obtained by another auditor. It was this
                                                       to, but I have seen the shape of a face
fact alone which caused research and in-
                                                       change in a moment, I have seen psycho-
vestigation to be continued at such lengths,
                                                       somatic illnesses disappear in seconds,
and processes to be codified so closely. For
                                                       and as long as there was any physical
first we had to know processes, and then
                                                       structure left to work with at all I have seen
we had to know how to train auditors, and
                                                       the problem of psychosomatic illness
finally we are obtaining these clearing re-
                                                       pushed so far into the background, as a
                                                       problem, that we no longer think in these
        Any Clear earlier obtained was                 terms, and we do not consider Dianetics
known to be Clear simply by the fact that he           well used when it is only addressed to psy-
could recall at will by pictures, or could per-        chosomatic illness and aberrations.
form certain other feats. Actually, a person
                                                               Our emphasis today is upon ability.
was only able to stay Clear when he was
                                                       We have found that the more we increase
not immediately involved with either his
                                                       the ability of a person the better the by-
analytical or his reactive mind. And those
                                                       products around him become. Simply by
Clears which remained stable had been put
                                                       increasing an individual’s ability to walk or
unwittingly into a much more advanced
                                                       to talk we can change his physical being-
stage than had been supposed, even by the
                                                       ness and his mental outlook.
auditor. It was an investigation of these
DIANETICS 55!                                       20                              L. RON HUBBARD

         By this theory it would be enough to            mind, the body, the environment, they seek
have somebody learn how to make pottery,                 very markedly to withdraw from the neces-
or drive a car, or speak in public, to in-               sity to control. This is downward ability, and
crease his mental and physical health. And               while I might be accused of maligning these
indeed, on investigation we discover that                fields, I can only look at the people I have
these things are therapeutic, but we dis-                known in these fields and add the fact that
cover that they are limited in their therapy             I, myself have studied in these fields in the
because the talents which an individual                  East and know their limitations. People are
learns in this fashion are talents involved              apt to confuse exteriorization with astral
entirely with the handling and orientation of            walking. As you sit there reading this book
the body, and he is not being entirely influ-            you are definitely and positively aware of
enced merely by his body. He is being in-                sitting there, and of this book. There is no
fluenced as well by the computing machin-                question about whether or not you are look-
ery which he calls his analytical mind and               ing at a book. You don’t believe yourself to
by the more insidious and less obvious ma-               be projected, and you don’t have to guess
chinery called his reactive mind. Further-               where you are, and you don’t think you
more, by these increases in ability he is not            have to create some sort of an image in
brought up to a point where he can control               order to look at anything. You are simply
or handle his entire environment. Such an                sitting there reading a book. This is exterior-
ability can be developed only by and in the              ization. If you were cleared, and, with your
awareness of awareness unit itself. When it              body at home you were in a library, you
is learning to do something via the body it is           could read in the library just as well, with
not learning to do something directly, it is             the limitation that you might not have as
learning to do something with help – the                 good a grasp on pages. You would certainly
help of arms and legs, face, voice, and thus             know you were in the library. There would
hobby therapy is limited even though it is               be no question about this. There would be
quite positive.                                          no question about the text on the periodi-
                                                         cals on the table. There would be no ques-
         Looking a little further along this line
                                                         tion about the quality and personality of the
one discovers that the awareness of
                                                         librarian and other people sitting there. Be-
awareness unit has peculiar abilities. First
                                                         ing Clear does not enter into guesswork.
and foremost of its abilities is to be where it
                                                         You would not be concerned with telepathy,
likes to be, and look. It does not need eyes.
                                                         with the reading of people’s minds, and
It does not need a vehicle in which to travel.
                                                         other such bric-a-brac. You would simply
All it needs to do is to postulate its exis-
                                                         know what you wanted to know. Further,
tence in a certain location and then look
                                                         you wouldn’t have to use a system for find-
from that point of existence. In order to do
                                                         ing out what you know. You would simply
this it has to be willing to be cause. It has to
                                                         know it.
be willing to be an effect. But if it can do this
it can go much further – it can create and                      If Man cannot face what he is, then
change space. Furthermore, it can erase at               Man cannot be free. For an awareness of
a glance facsimiles and engrams.                         awareness unit surrounded entirely by en-
                                                         ergy masses, and believing that it itself is
        Now when we get into such capabili-
                                                         completely these masses, is in a difficult
ties people are liable to believe that we
                                                         and desperate state. It believes, for in-
have entered the field of mysticism and
                                                         stance, that in order to go from one address
spiritualism. But an inspection of these
                                                         to another it has to take the energy mass
fields demonstrates the people in them not
                                                         along with it. This is not true. One might
to be very able. Mysticism and other such
                                                         carry a body around in order to speed up
practices are reverse practices. Rather than
                                                         one’s conversation, in order to have a prob-
controlling the reactive bank, the analytical
                                                         lem, in order to get some attention and in-
DIANETICS 55!                                        21                             L. RON HUBBARD

terest from people, but one would not carry               because they are afraid. People are ethical
a body around because one had to have a                   only when they are strong. One could say
body.                                                     that the criminals of earth are those upon
                                                          whom moral codes have been too forcefully
        The general attitude of a person who
                                                          enforced. (As an example of this take the
is cleared is the most interesting thing to
                                                          cliche object, the minister’s son.) Ethical
observe. Only a cleared person has a very
                                                          conduct does not mean promiscuous aban-
definite tolerance for the behavior of others.
                                                          don or lawless conduct. It means conduct
People before they are cleared are in vary-
                                                          undertaken and followed because one has
ing degrees of distrust of other people.
                                                          a sense of ethics, a sense of justice, and a
They are hiding, or protecting, or owning
                                                          sense of power. This is self-determined
things to such a degree that they do not
                                                          morality. A Clear has this to a very marked
dare separate themselves from them.
                                                          degree. By actual check of many such
        There is a certain fear of an exterior-           cases their moral behavior is intensely su-
ized person. There is a belief that he might              perior to that of people who pride them-
do them wrong. Actually one is done wrong                 selves on „being good.“ The point arises
by the weaklings of this world, not the                   because law and order depends for its exis-
strong men. One does not have to enslave                  tence upon its necessity in the field of mor-
and control by force those whose conduct                  als, and it looks with a sort of horror on
he does not fear. When you find an individ-               somebody who would be good without re-
ual who is bent entirely upon a course of                 course to or threat from the forces of law
the arduously controlled emotions of others               and order. Such a person would be rather
you are looking at an individual who is                   hard to have around. He would cut down
afraid. By their fear you shall know them.                the number on the police force quite mark-
         Another slight difficulty in the state of        edly.
exteriorization is that one has a tendency to                    The state of Clear, then, is attain-
let things be more or less as they are. Up to             able and is desirable, and now that we can
a certain point one is content to let the                 accomplish it with greater positiveness than
game run and take part in it and have fun                 in 1950 is found to be superior to that de-
with it. The point, of course, is the destruc-            scribed in the second chapter of „Dianetics:
tion of the playing field. Life, to a Clear, is           The Modern Science of Mental Health.“
no more and no less than a game, and the
                                                                  The way one goes about being
only thing which he would consider some-
                                                          Clear, or creating a Clear, is simple, but
what unpardonable in behavior would be
                                                          requires a certain code of conduct called
the wiping out of the playing field. But if he
                                                          The Auditor’s Code, and requires, we have
were even higher in such a state he should,
                                                          discovered, a considerable amount of train-
theoretically, make his own playing field.
                                                          ing. Clearing another person is a highly
However, if he did this he would find diffi-
                                                          specialized ability. This ability must be
culty getting into communication with other
                                                          raised in individuals before they can easily
live beings, unless, of course, he made
                                                          and successfully undertake such a project.
them, which is rather an unsatisfactory state
                                                          Witnessing this is the fact that while many
of affairs since one never quite forgets that,
                                                          of the processes involved in clearing have
he did so.
                                                          been available for a very, very long time,
         Moral conduct is conduct by a code               very few people have successfully used
of arbitrary laws. Ethical conduct is conduct             them. The discovery of why this was was
out of one’s own sense of justice and hon-                quite as important as the state of Clear it-
esty. When you enforce a moral code upon                  self. The remedy of this disability lies in
people you depart considerably from any-                  training and processing. The activity of cre-
thing like ethics. People obey a moral code               ating a Clear is known as „processing“ and
DIANETICS 55!                                      22                               L. RON HUBBARD

is undertaken by one individual on behalf of            tively at rest. The glass is at rest in relation-
another individual. „Self-clearing“ has not             ship to the table, but this is not the physical
been found possible where the individual                definition.
was badly mired in his own case.
                                                                 The definition of a static discloses
        Enormously subordinate to the goal              something else of interest. There was a
of Clear, but enormously senior to Man’s                missing definition in the field of mathemat-
various healing activities in the mind, spirit,         ics, and that was the definition of zero. The
and body, the very processes which lead up              mathematician for ages has been using in
to Clear resolve, whether one wants them                all his formulas a wild variable without sus-
to or not, a great many of the physical and             pecting it was there. He did not really en-
mental aberrations of the individual. One               counter it until he got into the higher fields
can take one of these processes and run it              of nuclear physics. At this time he encoun-
all by itself, and accomplish more with                 tered it so forcefully and knew it so little that
Dianetics than Man has previously accom-                he had to alter most of his mathematical
plished in any of the fields that deal with             conceptions in order to work with nuclear
human aberration. When one has the an-                  physics at all.
swer, of course applying these answers to
                                                                This wild variable was no less than
minor psychosomatic difficulties, or aberra-
                                                        zero. Zero, put down as a goose egg in
tions, or spiritual unrest is elementary. But
                                                        many mathematical formulas, would intro-
again we have discovered that there is no
                                                        duce many interesting variables. In the first
real substitute for training either at the
                                                        place an absolute zero has never been ob-
hands of an already trained and skilled
                                                        tained in this universe. It has only been ap-
auditor, or best, from a central organization.
                                                        proached. That is in terms of chemistry.
          The awareness of awareness unit               That is in terms of non-existence. We can
was not readily discoverable in the field of            say there is zero of apples, but that is still a
physics because physics is entirely con-                qualified zero. We call say there were no
cerned with mechanics. Physics starts with              apples, but that is further qualified as being
the assumption of the conservation of en-               in the past. It is a past zero. We can say
ergy and the existence of space and goes                there will be no apples, and again we will
on into further complexities from there. The            have the zero qualified as being in the fu-
awareness of awareness unit is one step                 ture. Zero was an absence of a thing, and
earlier than all this, and its existence was            this immediately violated the definition of
unsuspected by a misdefinition in the field             zero being no thing. The absoluteness of no
of physics. That was the definition of a                thing had to be examined while we were
static. A static, in physics, is called some-           examining the field of the mind and actually
thing which is „an equilibrium of forces.“              led to some very astonishing discoveries
This object at rest in an equilibrium of                with regard to Life itself and immediately
forces is an interesting semantic puzzle. If            pin-pointed the existence of the awareness
we put a glass upon a table and then say                of awareness unit.
that it is a static, we are telling a very bad
                                                                 The proper and correct definition of
lie. It is not in an equilibrium of forces. That
                                                        zero would be: „Something which had no
glass happens to be traveling at 1,000
                                                        mass, which had no wave length, which had
miles an hour just by reason of the fact that
                                                        no location in space, which had no position
the earth is turning. It has seven other di-
                                                        or relationship in time.“ This would be a
rections and speeds by reason of being part
                                                        zero. One could state it more shortly, if a
of the planet earth, the solar system, and
                                                        little less correctly as: „something without
this galaxy. It cannot, then, be considered
                                                        mass, meaning, or mobility.“
at rest. Thus no object can be considered at
rest unless one considers something rela-
DIANETICS 55!                                     23                              L. RON HUBBARD

         It would be almost impossible to de-          assigned meanings, and that we have an
tach a dyed-in-the-wool physicist from the             essential difference between the awareness
concept that everything was a „something-              of awareness unit and its by-products.
ness“ and that there was actually a „noth-             These by-products we categorize as sym-
ingness.“ However, there is a nothingness              bols. When we say „mechanics“ we actually
which has quality. It has potentials, it has           mean to some degree „symbols.“ A symbol
ability. It has the ability to perceive, it has        is something that has mass, meaning, and
the ability to create, the ability to under-           mobility – three M’s. That is the technical
stand, and the ability to appear and disap-            definition of a symbol. An orientation point
pear to its own satisfaction in various posi-          is something that controls symbols. The
tions in space. Furthermore, this thing                difference in ability of an awareness of
could, we have demonstrated conclusively,              awareness unit is how much it is an orienta-
manufacture or cause to vanish space, en-              tion point in relationship to how much it be-
ergy and masses, and could, quite addi-                lieves itself to be a symbol, or to have
tionally, reposition time.                             mass, meaning and mobility. Reduction
                                                       from the state of awareness is into the con-
       These new concepts are actually
                                                       dition of the symbol – mass, meaning and
advances in the field of physics and
                                                       mobility. To get a clear idea of this, you see
mathematics, and from the viewpoint of the
                                                       the word „a“ on this page. That has mass,
physicist and the mathematician would only
                                                       even if very slight mass. It has meaning,
incidentally apply to the mind.
                                                       since it conveys an idea when glanced at,
         From this data we get the basic               and it certainly has mobility, since you can
definition of a static, which is: „An actuality        move the book around. Now you, looking at
of no mass, no wave-length, no position in             this book, have the role of an orientation
space or relation in time, but with the quality        point to the degree that you do not conceive
of creating or destroying mass or energy,              yourself to have a fixed identity, a fixed po-
locating itself or creating space, and of re-          sition, a fixed mass. If you, looking at the
relating time.“ And thus we have the defini-           book, have no real mass, if your name is
tion of an awareness of awareness unit. It is          not a tremendously fixed idea with you, and
the definition of a static. It does not have           if you know you can move your body
quantity, it has quality. It does not have me-         around without having to move with it, then
chanics, it can produce mechanics, and it              you would very clearly and decisively be an
does have ability.                                     orientation point. But if you think you have
        The foremost ability of the aware-             mass and are mass, and if you think you
ness of awareness unit is to have an idea,             are your name, and if you think you have to
and to continue that idea, and to perceive             move around only by moving the body
the idea in its continuance in the form of             around, then of course somebody else,
mass, energy, objects and time. In the field           something else, can be your orientation
of Scientology the fact that this awareness            point. It may be your mother. It may be your
of awareness unit can also control and                 home town, or, if you are a mystic, it might
even make physical bodies is almost inci-              even be some spirit. You would think of
dental. That is only a specialized branch of           yourself as a symbol. Similarly, a symbol
the game. In Dianetics this is a very impor-           does not remember anything more than it
tant function, for one in Dianetics is working         symbolizes, and thus your memory to a
with Man.                                              large degree might be the memory of past
                                                       allies – people who took care of you and to
         A static could also be called an ori-         whom you were attached affectionately –
entation point. It would be from that point            and if you were in a lecture you would
that it made and directed space, energy and            probably take notes rather than remember
objects. It would be from that point that it           what is being said. An orientation point has
DIANETICS 55!                                     24                              L. RON HUBBARD

the power of memory without record. A                  Well, then (as now) we were only interested
symbol has the power of memory only to                 in results. What can we do with this tech-
the degree that it is a record.                        nology? If we can demonstrate with this
                                                       technology that we can better the lives, tol-
        Thus we see that it is desirable that
                                                       erances, abilities of those around us, then
an individual does not identify himself with
                                                       certainly we will have done something. We
masses, but that he retain his ability to
                                                       have no place for philosophical argument
handle masses and objects and energies,
                                                       concerning this material. It is simply worka-
to remember at will, without the need of
                                                       ble material. You do not argue with the di-
records such as those in the reactive bank,
                                                       rections on how to open a vacuum packed
or facsimile machines such as those in the
                                                       can. If you don’t follow them you don’t get
analytical mind’s bank.
                                                       the can open. Or, not following them, and
        In any good, thorough investigation,           still being insistent upon it, you smash the
one investigates to see what he will dis-              can and ruin the contents. One would not
cover and to find better ways to do things.            go into a philosophic dissertation about the
In any reliable investigation report one tells         directions of opening a can. Obviously they
what he discovered and reports its charac-             are written by somebody who knows how to
ter and nature. In this science we are doing           open cans, and any hours spent on getting
just that. When we talk of the awareness of            this person to demonstrate that he really
awareness unit we are not talking to be                could open cans would be wasted time. The
pleasing, to win friends or influence profes-          thing to do is simply read the directions,
sors, we are simply telling you what has               follow them very closely, and see whether
been discovered after twenty-five years of             or not the can is opened. Although this
research and investigation in the field of the         seems to be a very common sort of exam-
mind that has taken off from the platform of           ple to apply to that noble creature, Man, it is
physics and mathematics rather than phi-               nevertheless, the bluntest statement that
losophy. The awareness of awareness unit               could be made about the status of Dianetics
is a fact. It is a demonstrable fact, and the          and Scientology and their uses and pur-
best way to demonstrate it is to use the               poses.
processes which accomplish this, and then
                                                                Dianetics has as its goal the repair-
discover that the individual is more well, has
                                                       ing and patching up of this thing called by
a better memory, is better oriented, more
                                                       the uninitiated, this civilization, taking its
capable, is more ethical, happier, has better
                                                       destiny out of the hands of madmen who
command of time, can communicate better,
                                                       think that the entire organism is simply a
is more willing to have friends, is less anti-
                                                       machine, and putting it in the hands of the
social than the average person, and has a
                                                       same people, only this time with the ingre-
greater zest for living and getting things
                                                       dient of sanity added. There isn’t even any
done. All these things can be accomplished
                                                       point in trying to categorize Dianetics or say
by test.
                                                       that it compares to psychology or mathe-
        In 1950 we often had occasion to               matics or engineering, or any other activity,
demonstrate the existence of the engram. It            because it is obviously senior to all these
seemed to be highly in question amongst                activities and doesn’t have to take any of
those people who were extremely special-               these activities into account to work. All
ized – it said on their diplomas – in the field        Dianetics needs to work is a trained auditor,
of the mind. To be accomplished in the field           a preclear, and a little time in which to ac-
of the mind and yet not know anything                  complish its processes. If these ingredi-
about engrams or facsimiles would be an                ents – the auditor, the preclear, and a little
idiotic state indeed, because the mind is              time – were not available, then there would
composed of facsimiles and engrams, if one             be no purpose in having any Dianetics at
wishes to examine it – or energy products.             all, since there wouldn’t be any human race.
DIANETICS 55!                                    25   L. RON HUBBARD

        The spirit in which these conclusions
are advanced is intensely practical, and
now that some nitwits who probably don’t
get along with their wives and hate dogs,
but who have worked themselves into the
position of being able to, can knock a cou-
ple of atoms together, either by orders or by
actual skill, and so tear up a very nice play-
ing field, the presence of Dianetics in this
world is not simply a practicality, but an
DIANETICS 55!                                     26                               L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER IV                             what he is saying to his doctor and family,
                                                       that he is going to get better. He has no
                                                       understanding of that state of non-
                                                       understandingness called death. One can
         ACCENT ON ABILITY                             understand the understandable. One can-
                                                       not understand the comprehensible be-
        Almost anyone realizes that he can             cause the definition of incomprehensibility
be better than he is, that he can do things            is non-understandability. As I said, this is an
better than he has been doing them. It is an           almost idiotically simple situation.
entirely different thing to ask someone to                     Life in its highest state is under-
realize that he is ill, aberrated, or stupid.          standing. Life in its lower states is in a lower
Why is it that a man can understand that he            level of understanding, and where life has
can be more capable and very often cannot              ceased to function and has arrived at what
understand that he is incapable? It would              one might call total incapability, there is no
seem to follow that if a man realized that he          understanding at all.
could be more capable, then he would real-
ize at once that he was, to some degree,                      In Dianetics and Scientology we
less capable than he could be. For various             have a great deal to do with this subject
reasons, however, this does not follow. One            called understanding. Understanding has
is confronted many times too often by his              very specific component parts. These com-
insistence upon brilliance of a very stupid            ponent parts are: Affinity, Reality, and
man. It could be said with some truth that             Communication.
the person who asserts he needs to know                         Affinity, Reality, and Communication
no more to be fully as bright as his fellows,          form an interdependent triangle. It is easily
would, upon examination, be discovered to              discovered on some inspection that one
be quite deficient in capability and under-            cannot communicate in the absence of Re-
standing.                                              ality and Affinity. Further, one cannot have
        Earth has had many examples of                 a reality on something with which he cannot
this. The Fascist is probably best described           communicate and for which he feels no
as a very stupid man who insists upon a                affinity. And similarly, one has no affinity for
status quo which is intolerable for all others,        something on which he has no reality and
yet who believes himself to be brighter than           with which he cannot communicate. Even
all others. But even a Fascist of the most             more narrowly, one does not have affinity
modern sort – the Fission Fascist – would              for those things on which he has no reality
be the first to admit that both he and others          and on which he cannot communicate, and
could do a better job of being fascistic.              one has no reality on things which he has
                                                       no affinity for and cannot communicate
        The basic reason for this is a simple          upon, and one cannot communicate upon
one, almost idiotically simple. One can un-            things which have no reality to him and for
derstand understanding, and can see that               which he has no affinity.
understanding can increase. Stupidity, igno-
rance, illness, aberration, incapability are                  A graphic example of this would be
only a fall away from understanding and                anger. One becomes angry and what one
are, themselves, less understanding and so             says does not then communicate to the
are less understandable. One does not un-              person at whom one might be angry. Even
derstand that he might get worse, and so               more crudely, the fastest way to go out of
does not have any great communication                  communication with a machine would be to
with people who tell him that he will get              cease to feel any affinity for it, and to refuse
worse. The dying man believes right up to              to have any reality upon it.
the moment of his last breath, no matter
DIANETICS 55!                                     27                               L. RON HUBBARD

       We call this triangle the ARC trian-                    It is a truism that if we could under-
gle. The precision definitions of these three          stand all Life we would then tolerate all Life.
items are as follows:                                  Further, and more germane to ability, if one
                                                       could occupy the position of any part of
        1. COMMUNICATION is the inter-
                                                       Life, one would feel a sufficient affinity for
change of ideas or particles between two
                                                       Life to be able to merge with it or separate
points. More precisely, the definition of
                                                       from it at will.
Communication is: Cause, Distance, Effect
with Intention and Attention and a duplica-                   When we say „Life“ all of us know
tion at Effect of what emanates from Cause.            more or less what we are talking about, but
                                                       when we use this word „Life“ practically, we
        2. REALITY is the degree of agree-
                                                       must examine the purposes and behavior,
ment reached by two ends of a communica-
                                                       and in particular the formulas evolved by life
tion line. In essence, it is the degree of du-
                                                       in order to have the game called „Life.“
plication achieved between Cause and Ef-
fect. That which is real is real simply be-                     When we say „Life“ we mean Un-
cause it is agreed upon, and for no other              derstanding, and when we say „Under-
reason.                                                standing“ we mean Affinity, Reality, and
                                                       Communication. To understand all would be
        3. AFFINITY is the relative distance
                                                       to live at the highest level of potential action
and similarity of the two ends of a commu-
                                                       and ability. The quality of Life exists in the
nication line. Affinity has in it a mass conno-
                                                       presence of Understanding – in the pres-
tation. The word itself implies that the
                                                       ence, * See full list of Dynamics in Chapter
greatest affinity there could be would be the
                                                       XI. then, of Affinity, Reality, and Communi-
occupation of the same space, and this, by
                                                       cation. Life would exist to a far less active
experiment, has become demonstrated.
                                                       degree in the levels of misunderstanding,
Where things do not occupy the same
                                                       incomprehensibility, psychosomatic illness,
space their affinity is delineated by the rela-
                                                       and physical and mental incapabilities. Be-
tive distance and the degree of duplication.
                                                       cause Life is Understanding it attempts to
        These three items, Affinity, Reality           understand. When it turns and faces the
and Communication, can be demonstrated                 incomprehensible it feels balked and baf-
to equate into Understanding. Above Un-                fled. It feels there is a secret, and feels that
derstanding is Knowingness without formula             the secret is a threat to existence.
or design, and this might be considered to
                                                               A secret is antipathetic to Life, and
be a unit activity. Dropping down from a
                                                       therefore Life, in searching for those things
complete Knowingness we would arrive into
                                                       which would seem to reduce it, will hit upon
the realm of Understanding, for this is a
                                                       various secrets it must discover. The basic
Third Dynamic* manifestation peculiar to
                                                       secret is that a secret is an absence of Life,
two or more individuals. Were you to be a
                                                       and a total secret would be a total unliving-
clever mathematician, you could discover
by Symbolic Logic how all mathematical
formulas could be derived from this princi-                   Now let us look at this formula of
ple that Understanding is composed of Af-              Communication and discover that we must
finity, Reality, and Communication. No                 have a duplication at Effect of what ema-
mathematics falling outside this triangle is           nates from Cause. The classic example
valid mathematics to man. There is no addi-            here is a telegram sent from New York City
tional factor in Understanding except Sig-             to San Francisco which says „I love you.“
nificance, but this, of course, is the idea or         When it arrives in San Francisco the ma-
consideration mentioned in the Communi-                chinery of communication has delivered it
cation Formula (1., above).                            so that it says „I loathe you.“ This failure of
                                                       duplication is looked upon as an error, and
DIANETICS 55!                                      28                              L. RON HUBBARD

would cause considerable problems and                   prehensible has made it endure, for Life
trouble. It could not be considered to be a             feels challenged by this thing which, pre-
very good communication. There was noth-                tending to be understanding, is yet an in-
ing wrong with the basic intention. There               comprehensibility. This is the grave into
was nothing wrong with the Attention which              which so many philosophers walk. This is
would be given the wire in San Francisco.               the coffin into which the mathematician,
The only thing that was wrong was a failure             seeking by mathematics the secrets of the
to duplicate at Effect what emanated from               universe, eventually nails himself. But there
Cause.                                                  is no reason why everyone should suffer
                                                        simply because he looks at a few secrets.
         Now if Life is Understanding it would
                                                        The test here is whether or not an individual
find it very hard to communicate with some-
                                                        possesses the power to Be at his own de-
thing which was not Understanding. In other
                                                        terminism. If one can determine himself to
words, Life, faced with a non-understanding
                                                        be incomprehensible at will, he can of
thing, would feel itself balked, for Life, being
                                                        course, then, determine himself to be com-
Understanding, could not then become non-
                                                        prehensible again. But if he is obsessively,
understanding without assuming the role of
                                                        and without understanding, being deter-
being omprehensible. Thus it is that the
                                                        mined into incomprehensibility, then of
seeker after secrets is trapped into being a
                                                        course he is lost. Thus we discover that the
secret himself.
                                                        only trap into which Life could fall is to do
         Where one has an effect point which            things without knowing it is doing them.
is an incomprehensible thing, and where                 Thus we get to a further delineation of the
one is occupying a cause point, in order to             secret and we discover that the secret, or
get any communication through to the effect             any secret, could exist only when Life de-
point at all, it would be necessary for the             termined to face it without knowing and
one at cause point to somehow or another                without understanding that it had so deter-
reduce his understandingness down to-                   mined this action. The very best grade se-
wards incomprehensibility. The salesman                 cret, then, would be something which made
knows this trick very well. He looks at his             Life also tend to forget that it was looking at
customer, recognizes his customer is inter-             a secret.
ested in golf, and pretends to be interested
                                                                One can always understand that his
in golf himself in order to have his customer
                                                        ability can increase, because in the direc-
listen to his sales-talk. The salesman estab-
                                                        tion of an increase in ability is further un-
lishes points of agreement and potential
                                                        derstanding. Ability is dependent entirely
duplication, and then proceeds into a com-
                                                        upon a greater and better understanding of
munication. Thus searchers after truth have
                                                        that field or area in which one cares to be
often walked only into labyrinths of untruth –
                                                        more able. When one attempts to under-
secrets – and have themselves become
                                                        stand inability he is of course looking at less
incomprehensible, with conclusions of in-
                                                        comprehensibility, less understanding, and
comprehensibility. Thus we have the state
                                                        so does not then understand lessening abil-
of beingness of the philosophical textbooks
                                                        ity anywhere near as well as he under-
of Earth. A wonderful example of this is
                                                        stands increasing ability. In the absence of
Immanuel Kant, the Great Chinaman of
                                                        understanding of ability we get a fear of
Koenigsburg, whose German participial
                                                        loss of ability, which is simply the fear of an
phrases and adverbial clauses, and whose
                                                        unknown, or a thought-to-be-unknowable
entire reversal of opinion between his first
                                                        thing, for there is less knowness and less
and second books balks all our understand-
                                                        understanding in less ability.
ing as it has the understanding of philoso-
phic students since the late Eighteenth                        Because Life does not want to face
Century. But the very fact that it is incom-            things which are less Life-like, it has a ten-
DIANETICS 55!                                       29                              L. RON HUBBARD

dency to resist and restrain itself from con-            We have an example in poliomyelitis, which
fronting the less comprehensible. It is the              was at one time an extremely minor and
resistance alone which brings about the                  unheard-of illness. By various publications,
dwindling spiral, the descent into less abil-            by a great deal of advertising, by many invi-
ity. Life does not will this descent into less           tations to combat this illness, it is made to
ability unless Life is cognizant of the princi-          take prominence and manifest itself in this
ples involved. Life exists itself into this less-        society. The only life, actually, which polio-
ability. There is a primary rule working here:           myelitis has is the amount of life which can
that which one fears, one becomes. When                  be invested in poliomyelitis. Yet, poliomyeli-
one refuses to duplicate something, and yet              tis, one thinks, would exist and continue its
remains in its environment, his very resis-              way if it were ignored. If one were to go on
tance to the thing he refuses to duplicate               ignoring poliomyelitis, now that one knows
will cause him eventually to become pos-                 about poliomyelitis, yes, this would be the
sessed of so many energy pictures of that                case. It indeed would continue to exist even
thing which he refuses to duplicate that he              though everyone was studiously ignoring it.
will, to have any mass at all, find himself in           As a matter of fact it would get worse. If,
possession of those energy pictures, and                 however, it were to be completely under-
without actually noticing when it happened,              stood, and if an ability on the part of indi-
is very likely to accept, at their level, those          viduals existed by which they could face it
things which he refused to duplicate earlier.            without having to resist it, then the matter
Thus we get the riddle of the engram, the                would be solved.
facsimile, if we understand, at the same
                                                                 One wonders why all the nurses and
time, that Life does not necessarily find it
                                                         doctors in contagious wards do not immedi-
bad to have masses of energy around, and
                                                         ately pick up the illness, and here we have
is, indeed, unhappy unless it does have
                                                         another factor which is the same factor as
some energy. For if there is no energy, then
                                                         understanding, but couched in a different
there is no game. Life has a motto: that any
                                                         way. People do not acquire obsessively
game is better than no game. And it has
                                                         those things which they do not fear. An in-
another motto: any havingness is better
                                                         dividual has to resist something, has to be
than no havingness. Thus we find individu-
                                                         afraid of something, has to be afraid of the
als clutching to them the most complex and
                                                         consequences of something before it could
destructive of facsimiles imaginable. They
                                                         have any adverse obsessive effect upon
do not necessarily want these complexities,
                                                         him. At any time he could have a self-
and yet they want the energy or the game
                                                         determined duplication of it, but this, not
which these complexities would seem to
                                                         being obsessive, not being against his will,
offer them.
                                                         would not produce any ill symptom beyond
         If you would make anyone well, you              the length of time he determined it.
must then concentrate upon an increase of
                                                                  Part of understanding and ability is
ability, an increase of understanding. The
                                                         control. Of course, it is not necessary to
only reason bad things come to Life is be-
                                                         control everything everywhere if one totally
cause understanding has impressed further
                                                         understands them. However, in a lesser
life into them. When an individual faces
                                                         understanding of things, and of course in
some secret, the fact that he is facing it and
                                                         the spirit of having a game, control be-
injecting life into it alone causes the secret
                                                         comes a necessary factor. The anatomy of
to activate and have force in action. The
                                                         control is Start, Stop and Change, and this
only way a bad situation in existence can
                                                         is fully as important to know as Understand-
continue to have life is by taking life from
                                                         ing itself, and as the triangle which com-
nearby sources of communication. The bad
                                                         poses Understanding, Affinity, Reality, and
things of life, then, have life only to that de-
gree that understanding is invested in them.
DIANETICS 55!                                     30                              L. RON HUBBARD

        The doctors and nurses in a conta-             such institutions merely meant „quieter.“
gious ward have some degree of control                 The natural course of existence would lead
over the illnesses which they see before               them to think in terms of euthanasia, and so
them. It is only when they begin to recog-             they have – that it would be best to kill the
nize their inability to handle these ills or           patient rather than to have his insanity con-
these patients that they, themselves, suc-             tinue. And they have even accomplished
cumb to this. In view of the fact that of re-          this at the rate of two thousand mental pa-
cent centuries we have been very success-              tients a year dead under electric shock ma-
ful in handling contagious diseases, doctors           chines. And they have accomplished it by a
and nurses, then, can walk with impunity               very high percentage dead under brain op-
through contagious wards.                              erations. The only effectiveness of electric
                                                       shock and brain operations would be to
        The fighters of disease, having
                                                       render the patient less alive and more dead,
some measure of control over the disease,
                                                       and the end-product we see so many times
are then no longer afraid of the disease,
                                                       of death, which would be the only way to
and so it cannot affect them. Of course,
                                                       stop the insanity. These people, of course,
there would be a level of body understand-
                                                       could not envision the fact of immortality
ing on this which might yet still mirror fear,
                                                       and that the insanity would crop up as a
but we would have the same statement
                                                       problem in future generations. They had to
obtaining. People who are able to control
                                                       conceive that if they killed the patient, or if
something do not need to be afraid of it,
                                                       they simply made him much quieter, they
and do not suffer ill effects from it. People
                                                       had then triumphed to some degree. In view
who cannot control things can receive bad
                                                       of the fact that Man, sane or insane, is not
effects from these things.
                                                       to be destroyed according to law waives
         Here we have an example of what               against this „solution.“
might happen in the realm of disease. How
                                                                With Dianetics, to use the study in a
about human aberration? We discover that
                                                       relatively narrow field of application, we
the sanitariums of the world are all too often
                                                       have assumed some control over insanity,
inhabited, in addition to patients, by these
                                                       neurosis, aberrations, and can actually
persons who were formerly at work in these
                                                       start, stop and change aberration. In the
institutions. It is a rather shocking thing to
                                                       first book, „Dianetics: The Modern Science
discover in Ward Nine the nurse who was
                                                       of Mental Health,“ techniques were present
once supervisor of a mental hospital. Now
                                                       which would place in view, and then van-
here we have a condition where there was
                                                       quish them, almost any mental manifesta-
no control or understanding. People do not
                                                       tion known in the field of insanity and aber-
understand mental illness, aberration, in-
                                                       ration. Where an auditor was unable to do
sanity, neurosis. The first actual effort along
                                                       anything for the insane or the neurotic, the
this line which cut down the tally was Freu-
                                                       fault (if fault there was) generally lay in the
dian Analysis, and yet this, requiring much
                                                       fact that the auditor was actually afraid. His
too long, was not an effective weapon.
                                                       fear was borne entirely out of his insecurity
These doctors and nurses in institutions
                                                       in starting, stopping and changing the con-
who, then, are themselves patients in the
same institutions knew definitely that they
did not have any real control over insanity.                   In modern instruction at Academies
Thus, having no control over it, they be-              of Scientology, there is little or no emphasis
came subject to it. They could not start,              placed upon the case of the student, and
stop and change insanity. The franticness              yet when the student graduates he is dis-
of this state is represented by the medieval           covered to be in a very high tone. The en-
torture which has been utilized in such insti-         tire concentration is upon giving the student
tutions as „cures.“ By „cured“ the people in           the ability to handle any and all types of
DIANETICS 55!                                     31                              L. RON HUBBARD

case, and he becomes sufficiently secure in            which has a high incidence of these is re-
his ability – if he is graduated – to walk             duced in production, and is reduced in lon-
without any fear and considerable calm                 gevity.
through any and all areas of human aberra-
                                                               And what does he do about „how
tion. He has been given the technologies by
                                                       bad it is“? Well, if one depends for a long
which these misbehaviors of Life can be
                                                       time upon others to do something about it,
controlled. In view of the fact that he can
                                                       or depends upon force, he will fail. From his
start, stop and change them he need no
                                                       viewpoint the only one who can put more
longer fear them, and could with impunity
                                                       Life, more Understanding, more Tolerance
work around the insane if this were his mis-
                                                       and more Capability into the environment is
                                                       himself, just by existing in a state of higher
         The handling of psychosis, neurosis,          Understanding. Without even being active
and psychosomatic illness do not happen to             in the field of auditing, just by being more
be the mission of the auditor. Indeed, these           capable, an individual could resolve for
things get well only if they are more or less          those around him many of their problems
ignored. As long as the accent is upon abil-           and difficulties.
ity any malfunction will eventually vanish.
                                                              The accent is on ability.
The mission of the auditor is in the direction
of ability. If he increases the general ability               * Amongst the unable is the
of the preclear in any and all fields then, of         criminal, who is unable to think
course, any misability such as those repre-            of the other fellow, unable to fol-
sented by psychosis, neurosis, and psy-
                                                       low orders, unable to make things
chosomatic illness will vanish. The auditor,
however, is not even covertly interested in            grow, is unable to determine the
these manifestations. Around him he sees a             difference between good and evil
world which could be far more able. It is his          is unable to think at all on the
business to make it so. While business, in
                                                       future –    Anybody        has     some    of
general, does not recognize that there is
anything wrong with its abilities, it can rec-         these. The criminal has all of
ognize that its abilities can be better. One           them – LRH
well-trained auditor working with group
processing in the United States Air Force
could treble the number of pilots success-
fully graduated from a school, and could
reduce the crash toll of high-speed planes
by fully three-quarters. This is not a wild
statement. It is simply an application of the
research data already to hand. The mission
is greater ability, not an eradication of in-
        Just to give more understanding to
those around him could be said to be a suf-
ficient mission for a well-trained auditor, for
by doing so he would certainly increase
their ability. By increasing that ability he
would be able to increase their Life.
       The common denominator of all
neurosis, psychosis, aberration and psy-
chosomatic ills is „can’t work.“ Any nation
DIANETICS 55!                                    32                               L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER V                                      In education, which is in itself a
                                                      therapy, we discover an almost total ab-
                                                      sence of codified conduct beyond that laid
                                                      down by school boards to regulate the so-
       THE AUDITOR’S CODE                             cial attitude of, and restrain possible cruelty
                                                      in educators. Although education is very
        There are several codes in Scientol-          widespread, and indeed is the practice best
ogy and Dianetics. The only one that has to           accepted by this society for the betterment
be obeyed if we wish to obtain results upon           of individuals, it yet lacks any tightly agreed-
a preclear is The Auditor’s Code, 1954. In            upon method or conduct-codification for the
the first book, „Dianetics: The Modern Sci-           relaying of data to the student. Custom has
ence of Mental Health,“ we had an Auditor’s           dictated a certain politeness on the part of
Code which was derived more or less from              the professor, or teacher. It is generally
an ideal rather than from practical experi-           believed to be necessary to examine with
ence. In the ensuing years a great deal of            rigor and thoroughness. Students are not
auditing has been done and a great many               supposed to whisper or chew gum, but
errors have been made by auditors. And                education in general has no code designed
when we have taken the common denomi-                 to oil the flow of data from the rostrum to
nator of what has caused preclears to make            the student bench. On the contrary, a great
small or negative progress, we discover that          many students would declare that any exist-
these can be codified so as to inform the             ing code was designed to stop any flow
auditor who wishes to get results what to             whatever.
avoid in his processing.                                      Dianetics is in an interesting position
        When a psychoanalyst or psycholo-             in that it is itself, and although people may
gist uses Dianetics he is very prone to be            try to classify it with mental therapy, it is
operating in his own frame of conduct. It is          closer to the level of education so far as the
the conduct of the practitioner almost as             society itself is concerned. Its goal is the
much as the processes which makes                     improvement of the mind on a self-
Dianetics work. In psychoanalysis, for in-            determined basis, and its intended use is
stance, we discover that the basic failure of         upon individuals and groups. Because it is
Freud’s work in practice and as used by               an accumulation of data which is apparently
analysts failed chiefly because of two things         the agreed-upon factors from which exis-
done by the analyst in a consultation room.           tence is constructed, and although the sim-
Whatever the value of Freud’s libido theory,          ple perusal of this data very often frees an
the effectiveness was reduced by the ana-             individual, it is also disseminated on an in-
lyst’s evaluation for the patient. The patient        dividual and group basis directly to indi-
is not allowed to work out his own problem,           viduals and groups, and is a form of self-
or to come to his own conclusions. He is              recognition.
given ready-made interpretations. In psy-                      If you were to make the best pro-
chology there is no operating code, for               gress along any highway you would do well
clinical psychology is not much practiced             to follow the signs. In this Auditor’s Code of
and is, indeed, outlawed in many states.              1954 we have a number of sign-posts, and
While psychiatry might have a modus oper-             if their directions are pursued a maximum of
andi, none of those conversant with this              result will result. If they are not pursued,
handling of the insane – the function of              one is liable to find the preclear over in the
psychiatry – would call it a code intended to         ditch in need of a tow-truck in the form of a
induce a better state of beingness in a pa-           better auditor. Quite in addition to the com-
tient.                                                mand of the processes themselves, the
                                                      difference between the Book Auditor and
DIANETICS 55!                                    33                                  L. RON HUBBARD

the professional Auditor lies in the obser-           14. Be willing to grant beingness to the
vance of this code. A very great deal of time             preclear.
is invested in the auditor at Academies of
                                                      15. Never mix the process of Dianetics
Scientology in demonstrating to him the
                                                          with these of various other practices.
effects of disobedience of this code and
obedience of it, and in leading him to prac-          16. Maintain two-way communication with
tice it closely. This supervision in the Acad-            the preclear.
emies is relatively simple. One takes a look                 This is actually The Auditor’s Code,
at the class and finds somebody who is not            1954, Amended, since it has one additional
in good shape. One discovers who audited              clause from the original release of this
him, and one then knows what auditor is not           code – number 16: „Maintain two-way
following the Auditor’s Code. The offending           communication with the preclear.“
student is then taken aside and briefed
once more. A graduating auditor has to                         If one were to sort out these provi-
know this code by heart, and more impor-              sos he would discover that all of them were
tantly has to be able to practice it with the         important, but that three of them were more
same unconscious ease as a pilot flies a              vitally concerned with processing than the
plane.                                                others, and that these three, if overlooked,
                                                      would inevitably and always result in case
                                                      failure. These three are the differences be-
      THE AUDITOR’S CODE, 1954                        tween a good auditor and a bad auditor.
                                                      They are numbers 12, 13 and 16.*
1.   Do not evaluate for the preclear.
                                                              In 12 we discover that the auditor
2.   Do not invalidate or correct the pre-
                                                      should reduce every communication lag
     clear’s data.
                                                      encountered by continued use of the same
3.   Use the processes which improve the              question or process. Almost every case
     preclear’s case.                                 failure contains some of this. The difference
                                                      between a professional Auditor and a Book
4.   Keep all appointments once made.
                                                      Auditor is most visible in this and the other
5.   Do not process a preclear after 10.00            two provisos mentioned. A good auditor
     p.m.                                             would understand what a communication
6.   Do not process a preclear who is im-             lag is – the length of time intervening be-
     properly fed.                                    tween the asking of a question and the re-
                                                      ceiving of a direct answer to that question,
7.   Do not permit a frequent change of               regardless of what takes place in the inter-
     auditors.                                        val – and he would be very careful to use
8.   Do not sympathize with the preclear.             only those processes on a preclear which
                                                      the preclear could reasonably answer up to,
9.   Never permit the preclear to end the             and he would be quite certain not to walk
     session on his own independent deci-
     sion.                                            *
                                                          This code (replaced in 1968) was extended to in-
10. Never walk off from a preclear during a                  clude:
    session.                                          17. Never use Scientology to obtain personal and
                                                          unusual favors or unusual compliance from the
11. Never get angry with a preclear.                      preclear for the auditors own personal profit.
12. Always reduce every communication                 18. Estimate the current case of your preclear with
    lag encountered by continued use of                    reality and do not process another imagined
    the same question or process.
                                                      19. Do not explain, justify or make excuses for any
13. Always continue a process as long as                   auditor mistakes whether real or imagined.
    it produces change, and no longer.
DIANETICS 55!                                     34                              L. RON HUBBARD

off from a communication lag into which the            change which the preclear thinks he should
session had entered. A bad auditor would               advise upon, the auditor ignores him. Ignor-
believe, when he had struck a communica-               ing the preclear at a time when he wishes to
tion lag, that he had simply found a blind             impart some vital information generally
alley, and would hastily change to some                sends the preclear directly into apathy. At
other question.                                        the same time, an auditor should not permit
                                                       the preclear to keep on talking forever, as in
         In number 13: „Always continue a
                                                       the case of a lady recently reported who
process as long as it produces change, and
                                                       talked to the auditor for three days and
no longer,“ we find the greatest frailty on the
                                                       three nights. The therapeutic value of this
part of auditors. An auditor who is not in
                                                       was zero, for the auditor was listening to a
good condition or who is not well trained will
                                                       machine, not to a preclear. One should un-
„Q and A“ with the preclear. When the pre-
                                                       derstand rather thoroughly the difference
clear starts to change, the auditor will
                                                       between an obsessive, or compulsive
change the process. (By „Q and A“ we
                                                       communication line and an actual commu-
mean that the answer to the question is the
                                                       nication. Listening to circuits* of course
question, and we indicate a duplication.)
                                                       validates circuits. The auditor should pay
Here we find an auditor possibly so much
                                                       attention to the rational, the usual, the
under the command of the preclear, rather
                                                       agreed-upon, and should leave very much
than the reverse, that the auditor simply
                                                       alone the bizarre, the freaky, the compul-
duplicates obsessively what the preclear is
                                                       sive and the obsessive manifestations of
doing. The preclear starts to change, there-
                                                       the preclear. The maintenance of two-way
fore the auditor changes. A process should
                                                       communication is actually a process in it-
be run as long as it produces change. If the
                                                       self, and is the first and most basic process
preclear is changing that is what the auditor
                                                       of Dianetics, and continues on through all
wants. If the auditor were to stop and
                                                       the remaining processes.
change off to some other process just be-
cause the preclear has shown some                               Simply because we have pin-pointed
change, we have discovered some very                   three of these there is no reason to ignore
sick preclears. Additionally, an auditor is            the others. Every time there has been a
liable to continue a process long after it has         „psychotic break“ by reason of or during
stopped producing change. He and the pre-              auditing, it has occurred when the preclear
clear get into a sort of a marathon, a ma-             was improperly fed, when the preclear had
chine-motivated grind, on Opening Proce-               had a frequent change of auditors, and
dure by Duplication, which probably after              when the two-way communication had not
ten hours produced no further alteration in            been maintained. The effort on the part of
the preclear. Yet this pair might go to 50             the preclear to impart a vital change to the
hours with the process and would be quite              auditor was ignored. All these „psychotic
disheartened to discover that for 40 hours             breaks“ were repaired, but because these
nothing had happened. This, however, is                factors were present the patching up was
much less harmful as an action than just               rather difficult. Audit them early, audit them
changing a process simply because it is                bright, listen to what they have to say about
producing change.                                      what’s happening, make sure they are eat-
                                                       ing regularly, and change auditors on a
        The maintenance of two-way com-
                                                       preclear as seldom as possible, and no
munication is the most touchy activity of
                                                       „psychotic breaks“ will occur.
auditing. An auditor being the auditor and
concentrating upon control of the preclear,                   If you are simply investigating
all too often forgets to listen when the pre-          Dianetics to discover whether or not it is
clear speaks. Many an auditor is so intent             workable, you should be aware of the fact
upon the process that when it produces a               that the Auditor’s Code, following of, is an
DIANETICS 55!                                     35                               L. RON HUBBARD

essential function of Dianetics. Dianetics             restimulative in any event, and many severe
functions very poorly in the absence of the            complications after accidents have been
Auditor’s Code. It is part of the process, not         traced immediately to this activity on the
simply a polite way to go about handling               part of the police. It might be very important
people. Thus, if Dianetics is tested in the            for some ledger somewhere to know exactly
absence of The Auditor’s Code, do not pre-             who caused this. It is more important that
tend that it has been tested at all.                   the people involved in it live and be happy
                                                       afterward. It is not that we do not like police.
        Another phrase might have been
                                                       This is not the case. We simply believe that
added to this code, but it would be more
                                                       the police should be civilized, too.
germane to living than to auditing, and that
phrase would be: „Maintain silence around                      Simply memorizing this code is not
unconscious or semi-conscious people.“                 enough. Memorizing it in order to practice it
The reason for this is contained in „Dianet-           is indicated, but it is the practice of this
ics: The Modern Science of Mental Health“              code which is important. Observance of it is
and in preventive Dianetics. Such state-               the hallmark of a good auditor, and it signal-
ments become „engramic.“ The addition of               izes the recovery of the case.
this to the Auditor’s Code, however, is not
                                                                If an auditor is going to raise the
practical, as an auditor often finds himself
                                                       ability of the preclear, his ability in the field
talking to a „groggy“ preclear. Because the
                                                       of auditing must be considerable. That abil-
auditor is reducing every communication lag
                                                       ity begins with the understanding and ob-
he encounters by a repetition of the ques-
                                                       servance of the Auditor’s Code, 1954,
tion, the asking of a question or giving of a
command to a semi-conscious preclear is
thus rendered relatively unaberrative, for
sooner or later the question imbedded in
the unconsciousness will work loose and
the communication lag will not flatten until
this occurs. Thus, simply the reduction of
the communication lag in itself eradicates
such phrases. Thus, this is not part of the
Auditor’s Code. However, when we encoun-
ter      unconsciousness          or     semi-
consciousness, as in moments immediately
after the injury of a child, a street accident,
an operation, we maintain silence when we
are not auditing a person. Mothers and fa-
thers would spare themselves a great deal
of later mental unrest on a child’s part if
they knew and would follow this injunction,
and in many other ways it is a very impor-
tant one. A man can be killed by too much
conversation around him while he is injured.
No matter how deeply unconscious he may
appear to be, something is always register-
ing. The questioning by the police at the
scene of an accident, where the person
being questioned is in a state of shock, or
where other accident victims are present, is
probably the most aberrative conduct in this
society. The questioning by police is quite
DIANETICS 55!                                     36                              L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER VI                             attain to something which cannot be fully
                                                       explained. If anyone talks about a „road to
                                                       Freedom“ he is talking about a linear line.
                                                       This, then, must have boundaries. If there
                TRAPPED                                are boundaries there is no freedom. This
                                                       brings the interesting proposition to mind
        In Greece, Rome, England, Colonial             that the very best process, by theory, would
America, France and Washington, a great                be to have an individual assume himself to
deal of conversation is made on the subject            be free, and then he would simply be asked
of Freedom. Freedom, apparently, is some-              to assume himself to be free again. Indeed,
thing that is very desirable. Indeed, Free-            upon many cases of a high toned variety
dom is seen to be the goal of a nation or a            this is a quite workable process. An individ-
people. Similarly, if we are restoring ability         ual is „sick,“ he is usually in very good tone,
to the preclear we must restore Freedom. If            the auditor simply asks him to assume that
we do not restore Freedom we cannot re-                he is free, and he will cease to be „sick.“
store ability. The muscle-bound wrestler,              The magic, however, is limited to those
the tense driver, the rocket jockey with a             people who have some concept of what
frozen reaction time alike are not able.               „free“ means. Talk to a person who works
Their ability lies in an increase of Freedom,          from eight o’clock until five with no goals,
a release of tension, and a better communi-            and no future, and no belief in the organiza-
cation to their environment.                           tion and its goals, who is being required by
                                                       time-payments, rent, and other barriers of
         The main trouble with Freedom is
                                                       an economic variety to invest all of his sal-
that it does not have an anatomy. Some-
                                                       ary as soon as it is paid, and we have an
thing that is free is free. It is not free with
                                                       individual who has lost the notion of Free-
wires, vias, by-passes, or dams, it is simply
                                                       dom. His concentration is so thoroughly
free. There is something else about Free-
                                                       fixed upon barriers that Freedom has to be
dom which is intensely interesting, it cannot
                                                       in terms of less barriers. Thus, in process-
be erased. In „Dianetics: The Modern Sci-
                                                       ing we have to audit in the direction of less
ence of Mental Health“ we learned that
                                                       and less barriers in order to attain Freedom.
pleasure moments were not erasable. The
only thing that was erasable was pain, dis-                     If Freedom is so very compelling
comfort, distortion, tenseness, agony, un-             and is so useful, and is in itself something
consciousness. In more modern Scien-                   like a synonym for ability – even if not en-
tological parlance, Freedom cannot be „as-             tirely – then it is our task to understand a
ised,“ it is something which is imperishable.          little more about Freedom as itself in order
You may be able to concentrate some-                   to accomplish its attainment, for unfortu-
body’s attention on something that is not              nately it is not enough for the bulk of the
free and thus bring him into a state of belief         human race simply to say „be free“ and
that Freedom does not exist, but this does             have an individual recover.
not mean that you have erased the individ-                     Life is prone to a stupidity in many
ual’s freedom. You have not. All the free-             cases in which it is not cognizant of a disas-
dom he ever had is still there. Furthermore            ter until the disaster has occurred. The
Freedom has no quantity, and by definition             middle-western farmer had a phrase for it:
it has no location in space or time. Thus we           „Lock the door after the horse is stolen.“ It
see the awareness of awareness unit as                 takes a disaster in order to educate people
potentially the freest thing there could be.           into the existence of such a disaster. This is
Thus man concentrates on Freedom.                      education by pain, by impact, by punish-
       But if Freedom has no anatomy,                  ment. Therefore, a population which is
then please explain how one is going to                faced with a one-shot disaster which will
DIANETICS 55!                                     37                              L. RON HUBBARD

obliterate the sphere would not have a                 and knows everything about being in con-
chance to learn very much about the sphere             stant contact with the sensations of a body
before it was obliterated. Thus, if they in-           failing to grasp the idea of the freedom re-
sisted upon learning by experience in order            sulting from exteriorization. These people
to prevent such a disaster, they would                 do not even believe that exteriorization can
never have the opportunity. If no atomic               exist, and so combat it. They are so little
bomb of any kind had been dropped in                   experienced on the subject of Freedom that
World War II it is probable there would be             this type of Freedom is „known to be non-
no slightest concern about atomic fission,             existent“ to them.
although atomic fission might have devel-
                                                               The way to demonstrate the exis-
oped right on up to the planet-buster with-
                                                       tence of Freedom is to invite the individual
out ever being used against Man, and then
                                                       to experience Freedom, but if he does not
the planet-buster being used on Earth and
                                                       know what Freedom is, then he will not ex-
so destroying it.
                                                       teriorize. We have to hit some sort of gradi-
         If a person did not know what a tiger         ent scale on the matter, or make him turn
was, and we desired to demonstrate to him              around and look squarely at the opposite of
that no tigers were present, we would have             Freedom.
a difficult time of it. Here we have a freedom
                                                               But the opposite of Freedom is slav-
from tigers without knowing anything about
                                                       ery and everybody knows this – or is it? I do
tigers. Before he could understand an ab-
                                                       not think these two things are a dichotomy.
sence of tigers he would have to under-
                                                       Freedom is not the plus of a condition
stand the presence of tigers. This is the
                                                       where slavery is the minus unless we are
process of learning we know as „by experi-
                                                       dealing entirely with the political organism.
                                                       Where we are dealing with the individual
        In order to know anything, if we are           better terminology is necessary and more
going to use educational methods, it is nec-           understanding of the anatomy of minus-
essary then to know, as well, its opposite.            Freedom is required.
The opposite of tigers probably exists in
                                                                Minus-Freedom       is   entrapment.
Malayan jungles where tigers are so fre-
                                                       Freedom is the absence of barriers. Less
quent that the absence of tigers would be a
                                                       Freedom is the presence of barriers. En-
novelty, indeed. A country which was totally
                                                       tirely minus-Freedom would be the omni-
burdened by tigers might not understand at
                                                       presence of barriers. A barrier is matter or
all the idea that there were no tigers. In
                                                       energy or time or space. The more matter,
some parts of the world a great deal of ar-
                                                       energy, time or space assumes command
gument would have been entered into with
                                                       over the individual the less Freedom that
the populace of a tiger-burdened area to
                                                       individual has. This is best understood as
get them to get any inkling of what an ab-
                                                       entrapment since slavery connotes an in-
sence of tigers would be. Many cases in
                                                       tention, and entrapment might be consid-
processing have suddenly lost a somatic,*
                                                       ered almost without intention. A person who
to discover themselves in a new and novel
                                                       falls in a bear-pit might not have intended to
state. This somatic was so routine and so
                                                       fall into it at all, and a bear-pit might not
constant and so pervasive that they could
                                                       have intended a person to fall upon its
not intellectually conceive of what life would
                                                       stake. Nevertheless, an entrapment has
be like without that particular somatic.
                                                       occurred. The person is in the bear-pit.
        The understanding of Freedom,
                                                              If one wants to understand existence
then, is slightly complex if, then, individuals
                                                       and his unhappiness with it, he must under-
who do not have it are not likely to under-
                                                       stand entrapment and its mechanisms.
stand it, and thus we have an individual
who knows nothing about exteriorization
DIANETICS 55!                                   38                                L. RON HUBBARD

         In what can a person become en-             hopefully employed. The collapse of Ger-
trapped? Basically and foremost, he can              many in World War I was an instance of
become entrapped in ideas. In view of the            this. Its armies, its grand fleet were all flying
fact that freedom and ability can be seen to         the red flag. Although Allied pressure and
be somewhat synonymous, then ideas of                the conditions of starvation in Germany had
disability are first and foremost an entrap-         much to do with its defeat, nevertheless, it
ment. I dare say that amongst men the inci-          was keyed into being by the Communist
dent has occurred that a person has been             idea infiltrated into the minds of the men
sitting upon a bare plain in the total belief        who originally were armed and trained to
that he is entirely entrapped by a fence.            protect Germany. And Communism, just as
There is that incident mentioned in „Self-           an idea, traps the minds of men. They find
Analysis“ of fishing in Lake Tanganyika              themselves organized into cells, they find
where the sun’s rays, being equatorial,              their customs abandoned and are regi-
pierce burningly to the lake’s bottom. The           mented by a militant biological, soulless
natives there fish by tying a number of slats        tyranny, their master. Here is an idea be-
of wood on a long piece of line. They take           coming a sort of trap.
either end of this line and put it in canoes,
                                                             So, first and foremost, we have the
and then paddle the two canoes to shore,
                                                     idea. Then, themselves the product of
the slatted line stretching between. The sun
                                                     ideas, we have the more obvious mechan-
shining downward presses the shadows of
                                                     ics of entrapment in matter, energy, space
these bars down to the bottom of the lake
                                                     and time.
and thus a cage of shadows moves inward
towards the shallows. The fish, seeing this                   The most common barrier which
cage contract upon them, which is com-               man recognizes as such would be a wall.
posed of nothing but the absence of light,           This is so obviously a barrier that individu-
flounder frantically into the shallows where         als quite commonly suppose all barriers to
they cannot swim and are thus caught,                be composed of solid walls. However, al-
picked up in baskets and cooked. There is            most any object can be made into a barrier.
nothing to be afraid of but shadows.                 A less common use of an object as a barrier
                                                     would be one which inhibited, by some sort
       When we move out of mechanics
                                                     of suction or drag, a departure from it. A
man finds himself on unsure ground. The
                                                     solid lump of considerable magnetic proper-
idea that ideas could be so strong and per-
                                                     ties will hold to it a piece of steel. Gravity is,
vasive is foreign to most men. For instance,
                                                     then, a barrier of a kind. It holds the people
a government attacked by the Communists
                                                     or life units of Earth to Earth.
does not perceive that it is being attacked
only by ideas. It believes itself to be at-                  Another barrier would be energy. A
tacked by guns, bombs, armies and yet it             sheet of energy or something carrying en-
sees no guns, bombs, armies. It sees only            ergy, such as an electrical fence, can prove
men standing together exchanging ideas.              to be a formidable barrier. A cloud of radio-
Whether or not these ideas are sound or              active particles obstructing passage into
not is beside the point, they are at least           another space could also be a barrier. Trac-
penetrative. No 16-inch armor plate could            tor-type beams, as in the case of gravity,
possibly stop an idea. Thus a country can            could be seen to be a barrier of sorts, but in
be entrapped, taken and turned towards               the form of energy.
Communism simply by the spread of the                        Yet another barrier, easily under-
Communistic idea. A country that fails to            stood, is that of space. Too much space will
understand this arms itself, keeps its guns          always make a barrier. Space debars an
cocked, its armies alert, and then succumbs          individual from progressing into another part
at last to the idea now entered into the             of the galaxy. One of the finest prisons one
heads of the armed forces, which it so
DIANETICS 55!                                    39                              L. RON HUBBARD

could imagine would be one located on a                        Examining Freedom, then, we have
small piece of matter surrounded by such a            to examine why people do not attain it eas-
quantity of space that no-one could cross it.         ily or understand it. They do not attain
Space is such an efficient barrier that peo-          Freedom because their attention is fixed
ple in the Southwest of the United States,            upon barriers. They look at the wall, not the
committing crimes, discover their way eve-            space on either side of the wall. They have
rywhere blocked by the giganticness of                entities and demon-circuits* which demand
space. In New York City it would be very              their attention, and, indeed, the body itself
easy for them, after the commission of a              could be con sidered to be an attention-
crime, to vanish, but in attempting to cross          demanding organism. One might believe
a space of such size as the Southwest they            that its total function was to command inter-
become exposed everywhere to view, there              est and attention. It is so interesting that
being nothing else upon which the police              people do not conceive that behind them
can fix their attention.                              lies all the Freedom anybody ever desired.
                                                      They even go so far as to believe that free-
         Quite another barrier, less well un-
                                                      dom is not desirable and that if they could
derstood, but extremely thorough as a bar-
                                                      attain it they would not want it. One is re-
rier, is time. Time debars your passage into
                                                      minded of prisoners who occasionally go so
the year 1776 and prevents your reposses-
                                                      sufficiently „stir-crazy“ as to demand after
sion of things which you had in your youth.
                                                      their release from prison confining walls
It also prevents you from having things in
                                                      and restricted spaces. Manuel Komroff
the future. Time is an exceedingly effective
                                                      once wrote a very appealing story on this
barrier. The absence of time can also be a
                                                      subject, the story of an old man who had
barrier, for here an individual is unable to
                                                      served twenty-five years in prison, or some
execute his desires and is so constricted by
                                                      such time, and who on his release asked
the pressure of time itself.
                                                      for nothing more than the smallest room in
          Matter, energy, space and time can          his son’s house and was happiest when he
all, then, be barriers. An awareness of               could see someone on an opposite roof
awareness unit, however, which is the per-            who had the appearance of a guard, and
sonality and beingness unit of the person,            who actively put bars back on his window.
and which is composed of quality, not quan-           One could consider that a person who has
tity, can be anywhere it wishes to be. There          been for a long time in the body could have
is no wall thick enough, nor any space wide           such a fixation upon the barriers imposed
enough, to debar the reappearance at some             by the body, that once an auditor tries to
other point of an awareness of awareness              remove them the preclear puts them back
unit. In that this is the individual, and not         quickly. You might say that such a person is
some ghost of the individual, and as the              „stir-crazy,“ yet the condition is remediable.
individual is himself an awareness of
                                                              The anatomy of entrapment is an in-
awareness unit and not his machinery and
                                                      teresting one, and the reason why people
his body, we see that as soon as one un-
                                                      get entrapped, and, indeed, the total me-
derstands completely that he is an aware-
                                                      chanics of entrapment are now understood.
ness of awareness unit, he no longer is
                                                      In Scientology a great deal of experimenta-
restricted by barriers. And thus those who
                                                      tion was undertaken to determine the fac-
would seek entrapment for individuals are
                                                      tors which resulted in entrapment, and it
entirely antipathetic towards the idea of
                                                      was discovered that the answer to the en-
exteriorization, and the person who knows
                                                      tire problem was two-way communication.
nothing but barriers is apt to believe that a
condition of no-barriers could not exist. Yet                Roughly, the laws back of this are:
a condition of no-barriers can exist, and this        Fixation occurs only in the presence of one-
is itself Freedom.                                    way communication. Entrapment occurs
DIANETICS 55!                                     40                               L. RON HUBBARD

only when one has not given or received                less Freedom for the individual, himself.
answers to the things entrapping him. Thus             Thus, the criminal, in becoming immorally
we see the ARC Triangle itself, and most               free, harms the group and harms Mankind,
importantly the Communication factor of                and thus becomes less free himself. Thus
that triangle, looming up to give us Free-             there is no Freedom in the absence of Affin-
dom.                                                   ity, Agreement, and Communication. Where
                                                       an individual falls away from these his free-
       It could be said that all the entrap-
                                                       dom is sharply curtailed and he finds him-
ment there is is the waiting one does for an
                                                       self confronted with barriers of magnitude.
                                                               The component parts of Freedom,
         Here we find Man. Basically he is an
                                                       as we first gaze upon it, are then: Affinity,
awareness of awareness unit which is ca-
                                                       Reality, and Communication, which sum-
pable of, and active in, the production of
                                                       mate into Understanding. Once Under-
matter, energy, space and time as well as
                                                       standing is attained, Freedom is obtained.
ideas. We discover that he is more or less
                                                       For the individual who is thoroughly snarled
fixated upon ideas, matter, energy, space
                                                       in the mechanics of entrapment, it is neces-
and time and the processes and functions
                                                       sary to restore to him sufficient communica-
involving these. And we discover that these,
                                                       tion to permit his ascendance into a higher
being the products of the awareness of
                                                       state of understanding. Once this has been
awareness unit, do not supply answers to
                                                       accomplished his entrapment is ended.
the awareness of awareness unit, and thus
the awareness of awareness unit supplies                       None of this is actually a very diffi-
itself those answers.                                  cult problem. In the auditing done today this
                                                       is very simple, but where the auditing is
        Entrapment is the opposite of Free-
                                                       being done by a person who does not basi-
dom. A person who is not free is trapped.
                                                       cally desire the freedom of the individual a
He may be trapped by an idea, he may be
                                                       further entrapment is more likely to ensue
trapped by matter, he may be trapped by
                                                       than further freedom. The obsessively en-
energy, he may be trapped by space, he
                                                       trapped are then enemies of the preclear,
may be trapped by time, he may be trapped
                                                       for they will trap others.
by all of them. The more thoroughly a pre-
clear is trapped the less free he is. He can-                   A greater freedom can be attained
not change, he cannot move, he cannot                  by the individual. The individual does desire
communicate, he cannot feel affinity and               a greater freedom, once he has some ink-
reality. Death itself could be said to be              ling of it. And auditing according to the pre-
Man’s ultimate in entrapment, for when a               cision rules and codes of Dianetics and
man is totally entrapped he is dead.                   Scientology steers the individual out of the
                                                       first areas of entrapment to a point where
        It is our task in investigation and au-
                                                       he can gain higher levels of Freedom, either
diting to discover for the individual and the
                                                       by further auditing or by himself. The only
group a greater freedom, which is the
                                                       reason we need a regimen with which to
roadway to a greater ability.
                                                       begin is to start an individual out of a mirror-
        The processes the auditor uses to-             maze of such complexity that he himself, in
day are designed entirely to secure greater            attempting to wend his way, only gets lost.
freedom for the individual, for the group, for
                                                              This is Dianetics 55!
Mankind. Any process which leads to a
greater freedom for all Dynamics is a good
process. It should be remembered, how-
ever, that an individual functions on all Dy-
namics, and that suppression by an individ-
ual of the Third or Fourth Dynamic leads to
DIANETICS 55!                                    41                               L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER VII                           person being talked to is receiving commu-
                                                      nication from that person. Now, as the con-
                                                      versation changes, we find that the person
                                                      who has been talked to is now doing the
          COMMUNICATION                               talking, and is talking to the first person,
                                                      who is now receiving communication from
         Communication is so thoroughly im-           him.
portant today in Dianetics and Scientology,                    A conversation is the process of al-
as it always has been on the whole track,             ternating outflowing and inflowing commu-
that it could be said that if you would get a         nication, and right here exists the oddity
preclear into communication you would get             which makes aberration and entrapment.
him well. This factor is not new in psycho-           There is a basic rule here: He who would
therapy, but concentration upon it is new,            outflow must inflow – he who would inflow
and interpretation of ability as communica-           must outflow. When we find this rule over-
tion is entirely new.                                 balanced in either direction we discover
         If you were to be in thorough and            difficulty. A person who is only outflowing
complete communication with a car on a                communication is actually not communicat-
road, you would certainly have no difficulty          ing at all in the fullest sense of the word, for
driving that car. But if you were in only par-        in order to communicate entirely he would
tial communication with the car and in no             have to inflow as well as outflow. A person
communication with the road, it is fairly cer-        who is inflowing communication entirely is
tain that an accident would occur. Most ac-           again out of order, for if he would inflow he
cidents do occur when the driver is dis-              must then outflow. Any and all objections
tracted by an argument he has had, or by              anyone has to social and human relation-
an arrest, or by a cross alongside of the             ships is to be found basically in this rule of
road that says where some motorists got               communication, where it is disobeyed. Any-
killed, or by his own fears of accidents.             one who is talking, if he is not in a compul-
                                                      sive or obsessive state of beingness, is
         When we say that somebody should
                                                      dismayed when he does not get answers.
be in present time we mean he should be in
                                                      Similarly, anyone who is being talked to is
communication with his environment. We
                                                      dismayed when he is not given an opportu-
mean, further, that he should be in commu-
                                                      nity to give his reply.
nication with his environment as it exists,
not as it existed. And when we speak of                        Even hypnotism can be understood
prediction we mean that he should be in               by this rule of communication. Hypnotism is
communication with his environment as it              a continuing inflow without an opportunity
will exist, as well as as it exists.                  on the part of the subject to outflow. This is
                                                      carried on to such a degree in hypnotism
         If communication is so important,
                                                      that the individual is actually trapped in the
what is communication? It is best ex-
                                                      spot where he is being hypnotized, and will
pressed as its formula, which has been iso-
                                                      remain trapped in that spot to some degree
lated, and by use of which a great many
                                                      from there on. Thus, one might go so far as
interesting results can be brought about in
                                                      to say that a bullet’s arrival is a heavy sort
ability changes.
                                                      of hypnotism. The individual receiving a
        There are two kinds of communica-             bullet does not outflow a bullet, and thus he
tion, both depending upon the viewpoint               is injured. If he could outflow a bullet imme-
assumed. There is outflowing communica-               diately after receiving a bullet, we could
tion and inflowing communication. A person            introduce the interesting question, „Would
who is talking to somebody else is commu-             he be wounded?“ According to our rules he
nicating to that person (we trust), and the           would not be. Indeed, if he were in perfect
DIANETICS 55!                                     42                                 L. RON HUBBARD

communication with his environment he                          Now there is another factor which is
could not even receive a bullet injuriously,           very important. This is the factor of duplica-
but let us look at this from a highly practical        tion. We could express this as Reality, or
viewpoint.                                             we could express it as Agreement. The de-
                                                       gree of Agreement reached between „a“
       As we look at two life units in com-
                                                       and „b“ in this communication cycle be-
munication we can label one of them „a“
                                                       comes their Reality, and this is accom-
and the other one of them „b.“ In a good
                                                       plished mechanically by Duplication. In
state of communication „a“ would outflow
                                                       other words, the degree of Reality reached
and „b“ would receive, then „b“ would out-
                                                       in this communication cycle depends upon
flow and „a“ would receive. Then „a“ would
                                                       the amount of duplication. „B,“ as Effect,
outflow and „b“ would receive. In each case
                                                       must to some degree duplicate what ema-
both „a“ and „b“ would know that the com-
                                                       nated from „a,“ now as Effect, in order for
munication was being received and would
                                                       the first part of the cycle to take effect, and
know what and where was the source of the
                                                       then „a,“ now as Effect, must duplicate what
                                                       emanated from „b“ for the communication to
        All right, we have „a“ and „b“ facing          be concluded. If this is done there is no
each other in a communication. „A“ out-                aberrative consequence. If this duplication
flows. His message goes across a distance              does not take place at „b“ and then at „a“
to „b“ who inflows. In this phase of the               we get what amounts to an unfinished cycle
communication „a“ is Cause, „b“ is Effect,             of action. If, for instance, „b“ did not vaguely
and the intervening space we term the Dis-             duplicate what emanated from „a“ the first
tance. It is noteworthy that „a“ and „b“ are           part of the cycle of communication was not
both life units. A true communication is be-           achieved, and a great deal of randomity,
tween two life units, it is not between two            argument, explanation, might result. Then if
objects, or from one object to one life unit:          „a“ did not duplicate what emanated from
„a,“ a life unit, is Cause, the intervening            „b“ when „b“ was cause on the second cy-
space is Distance, „b,“ a life unit, is Effect.        cle, again an uncompleted cycle of commu-
Now a completion of this communication                 nication occurred with consequent unreality.
changes the roles. Replied to, „a“ is now              Now naturally, if we cut down Reality, we
the Effect, and „b“ is the Cause. Thus we              will cut down Affinity, so where duplication
have a cycle which completes a true com-               is absent Affinity is seen to drop. A com-
munication. The cycle is Cause, Distance,              plete cycle of communication will result in
Effect, with Effect then becoming Cause                high Affinity and will, in effect, erase itself. If
and communicating across a Distance to                 we disarrange any of these factors we get
the original source, which is now Effect, and          an incomplete cycle on communication and
this we call a two-way communication.                  we have either „a“ or „b“ or both waiting for
        As we examine this further we find             the end of cycle. In such a wise the com-
out that there are other factors involved.             munication becomes aberrative.
There is „a’s“ intention. This, at „b“ be-                     The word „aberrate“ means to make
comes attention, and for a true communica-             something diverge from a straight line. The
tion to take place, a duplication at „b“ must          word comes basically from optics. Aberra-
take place of what emanated from „a.“ „A“              tion is simply something which does not
of course, to emanate a communication,                 contain straight lines. A confusion is a bun-
must have given attention to „b,“ and „b“              dle of crooked lines. A mass is no more and
must have given to this communication                  no less than a confusion of mis-managed
some intention, at least to listen or receive,         communication. The energy masses and
so we have both Cause and Effect having                deposits, the facsimiles and engrams sur-
intention and attention.                               rounding the preclear are no more and no
                                                       less than unfinished cycles of communica-
DIANETICS 55!                                      43                              L. RON HUBBARD

tion which yet wait for their proper answer             catable in any degree, then, of course, his
at „a“ and „b.“                                         communication will not be received at „b,“
                                                        for „b,“ unable to duplicate „a,“ cannot re-
        An unfinished cycle of communica-
                                                        ceive the communication. As an example of
tion generates what might be called „an-
                                                        this, „a,“ let us say, speaks in Chinese,
swer hunger.“ An individual who is waiting
                                                        where „b“ can understand only French. It is
for a signal that his communication has
                                                        necessary for „a“ to make himself duplicat-
been received is prone to accept any inflow.
                                                        able by speaking French to „b“ who only
When an individual has, for a very long pe-
                                                        understands French. In a case where „a“
riod of time, consistently waited for answers
                                                        speaks one language, and „b“ another, and
which did not arrive, any sort of answer
                                                        they have no language in common, we
from anywhere will be pulled in to him, by
                                                        have the factor of mimicry possible and a
him, as an effort to remedy his scarcity of
                                                        communication can yet take place. „A,“
answers. Thus he will throw engramic
                                                        supposing he has a hand, could raise his
phrases in the bank into action and opera-
                                                        hand. „B,“ supposing he had one, could
tion against himself.
                                                        raise his hand. Then „b“ could raise his
        Uncompleted cycles of communica-                other hand, and „a“ could raise his other
tion bring about a scarcity of answers. It              hand, and we would have completed a cy-
does not much matter what the answers                   cle of communication by mimicry. Commu-
were or would be as long as they vaguely                nication by mimicry could also be called
approximate the subject at hand. It does                communication in terms of mass.
matter when some entirely unlooked for
                                                                 We see that Reality is the degree of
answer is given, as in compulsive or obses-
                                                        duplication between Cause and Effect. Af-
sive communication, or when no answer is
                                                        finity is monitored by intention and the parti-
given at all.
                                                        cle sizes involved, as well as the distance.
        Communication itself is aberrative              The greatest Affinity there is for anything is
only when the emanating communication at                to occupy its same space. As the distance
Cause was sudden and nonsequitur to the                 widens Affinity drops. Further, as the
environment. Here we have violation of at-              amount of mass or energy particles in-
tention and intention.                                  creases, so again does Affinity drop. Fur-
        The factor of interest also enters              ther, as the velocity departs from what „a“
here but is far less important, at least from           and „b“ have considered optimum velocity –
the standpoint of the auditor. Nevertheless             either greater or lesser velocity than what
it explains a great deal about human behav-             they consider to be the proper velocity –
ior, and explains considerable about cir-               Affinity drops.
cuits. „A“ has the intention of interesting „b.“             There is another fine point about
„B,“ to be talked to, becomes interesting.              communication, and that is expectancy.
Similarly „b,“ when he emanates a commu-
                                                               Basically, all things are considera-
nication, is interested and „a“ is interesting.
                                                        tions. We consider that things are, and so
Here we have, as pad of the communication
                                                        they are. The idea is always senior to the
formula (but as I said, a less important pad)
                                                        mechanics of energy, space, time, mass. It
a continuous shift from being interested to
                                                        would be possible to have entirely different
being interesting on the part of either of the
                                                        ideas about communication than these.
terminals, „a“ or „b.“ Cause is interested,
                                                        However, these happen to be the ideas of
Effect is interesting.
                                                        communication which are in common in this
        Of some greater importance is the               universe, and which are utilized by the life
fact that the intention to be received, on the          units of this universe. Here we have the
part of „a“ places upon „a“ the necessity of            basic agreement upon the subject of com-
being duplicatable. If „a“ cannot be dupli-             munication in the communication formula as
DIANETICS 55!                                    44                              L. RON HUBBARD

given here. Because ideas are senior to               itself unduplicatable by its readers. It is the
this, a thetan can get, in addition to the            responsibility of anyone who would com-
communication formula, a peculiar idea                municate that he speak with such vocabu-
concerning just exactly how communication             lary as can be understood. Thus philosophy
should be conducted, and if this is not gen-          could not even begin for some hundred and
erally agreed upon, can find himself defi-            fifty years a sound cycle of communication,
nitely out of communication. Let us take the          and thus is dead.
example of a modernistic writer who insists
                                                              Now let us take up the individual
that the first three letters of every word
                                                      who has become very „experienced“ in life.
should be dropped, or that no sentence
                                                      This individual has a time-track in particular.
should be finished, or that the description of
                                                      This time-track is his own time-track, it isn’t
characters should be held to a cubist rendi-
                                                      anyone else’s time-track. The basic indi-
tion. He will not attain agreement amongst
                                                      vidualities amongst men are based upon
his readers and so will become to some
                                                      the fact that they have different things hap-
degree an „only one.“ There is a continuous
                                                      pen to them and that they view these differ-
action of natural selection, one might say,
                                                      ent things from different points of view.
which weeds out strange or peculiar com-
                                                      Thus we have individualization and we have
munication ideas. People, to be in commu-
                                                      individual opinion, consideration and ex-
nication, adhere to the basic rules as given
                                                      perience. Two men walking down the street
here, and when anyone tries to depart too
                                                      witness an accident. Each one of them
widely from these rules, they simply do not
                                                      sees the accident from at least a slightly
duplicate him and so, in effect, he goes out
                                                      different point of view. Consulting twelve
of communication.
                                                      different witnesses to the same accident,
        We have seen an entire race of phi-           we are likely to find twelve different acci-
losophers go out of existence since 1790.             dents. Completely aside from the fact that
We have seen philosophy become a very                 witnesses like to tell you what they think
unimportant subject, where once it was a              they saw instead of what they saw, there
very common coin amongst the people. The              were actually twelve different points from
philosophers themselves put themselves                which the accident was viewed, and so
out of communication with the people by               twelve different aspects of the occurrences.
insisting upon using words of special defini-         If these twelve were brought together, and if
tions which could not be assimilated with             they were to communicate amongst them-
readiness by persons in general. The cur-             selves about this accident, they would then
rency of philosophy could not be duplicated           reach a point of agreement on what actually
readily by those with relatively limited vo-          happened. This might not have been the
cabularies. Take such jaw-cracking words              accident, but it certainly is the agreed-upon
as „telekinesis.“ While it probably means             accident, which then becomes the real ac-
something very interesting and very vital, if         cident. This is the way juries conduct them-
you will think back carefully no taxi-driver          selves. They might or might not be passing
mentioned this word to you while you were             upon the real crime, but they are certainly
paying your fare, or even during the more             passing upon the agreed-upon crime.
verbose moments of the ride. Probably the
                                                              In any war it takes two or three days
basic trouble with philosophy was that it
                                                      for enough agreement to occur to know
became Germanic in its grammar, an ex-
                                                      what took place in a battle. Whereas there
ample set by Immanuel Kant. And if you will
                                                      might have been a real battle, a real se-
recall that wonderful story by Saki, a man
                                                      quence of incidents and occurrences, the
was once trampled to death while trying to
                                                      fact that every man in the battle saw the
teach an elephant German irregular verbs.
                                                      battle from his own particular point of view,
Philosophy shed some of its responsibility
                                                      by which we mean severely „point from
for a cycle of communication by rendering
DIANETICS 55!                                     45                               L. RON HUBBARD

which he was looking,“ rather than his opin-           one, and after a while takes to reading the
ions – no one saw the battle in its entirety.          Bible, which is very hard on the eyesight.
Thus, time must intervene for enough
                                                               In view of the fact that all Cause is
communication on the subject of the battle
                                                       simply elected cause, and all Effect is sim-
to take place so that all have some sem-
                                                       ply elected effect, and that the primary
blance of agreement on what occurred. Of
                                                       echelon is the idea level of communication,
course, when the historians get to this bat-
                                                       that is Cause which we elect to be Cause,
tle and start writing different accounts of it,
                                                       that is Effect which elects to be Effect, and
out of the memoirs of generals who were
                                                       there is no more that can be said about it.
trying to explain away their defeats, we get
                                                       Cause in our dictionary here means only
a highly distorted account indeed. And yet
                                                       „source point.“ Effect means only „receipt
this becomes the agreed-upon battle, as far
as history is concerned. Reading the histo-
rians one realizes that one will never really                  We notice that the receipt point,
know what took place at Waterloo, at Ben-              midway in the cycle of communication,
nington, at Marathon. In that we can con-              shifts and becomes source point. We could
sider as a communication one soldier                   classify this shift in the center of the cycle of
shooting at another soldier, we see that we            communication in some other fashion, but it
are studying communications about com-                 is not necessary to do so. We would be
munication. This scholarly activity is all very        getting too complicated for our purposes.
nice, but does not carry us very far towards                   Now we come to the problem of
the resolution of human problems.                      what a life unit must be willing to experience
         We have seen these two words                  in order to communicate. In the first place
„Cause“ and „Effect“ playing a prominent               the primary cause point must be willing to
role in the communication formula. We have             be duplicatable. It must be able to give at
seen that First Cause became at the end of             least some attention to the receipt point.
the cycle Last Effect. Furthermore, at the             The primary receipt point must be willing to
intermediate point, First Effect immediately           duplicate, must be willing to receive, and
changed to Cause in order to have a good               must be willing to change into a source
communication cycle. What, then, do we                 point in order to send the communication, or
mean by „Cause“? Cause is simply the                   an answer to it, back. And the primary
point of emanation of the communication.               source point in its turn must be willing to be
What is „Effect“? Effect is the receipt point          a receipt point. As we are dealing basically
of the communication. In that we are only              with ideas and not mechanics, we see then
interested in life units, we see that we can           that a state of mind must exist between a
readily ascertain cause at any time. We are            cause and effect point whereby each one is
not interested in secondary or tertiary                willing to be Cause or Effect at will, and is
Cause. We are not interested in assisting              willing to duplicate at will, is willing to be
causes in any way. We are not interested in            duplicatable at will, is willing to change at
secondary or tertiary effects. We are not              will, is willing to experience the distance
interested in assisting effects in any way.            between, and, in short, willing to communi-
We consider any time that we look at a                 cate. Where we get these conditions in an
source point of a communication that we                individual or a group we have sane people.
are looking at Cause. In that the entire track         Where an unwillingness to send or receive
is composed of this pattern of Cause and               communications occurs, where people ob-
Effect, an individual is very prone, when-             sessively or compulsively send communica-
ever he sees a possible cause point, to look           tions without direction and without trying to
for an earlier cause point, and then an ear-           be duplicatable, where individuals in receipt
lier one, and an earlier one, and an earlier           of communications stand silent and do not
                                                       acknowledge or reply, we have aberrative
DIANETICS 55!                                     46                              L. RON HUBBARD

factors. And it is very interesting to note            communicate. He is as alive as he can
from the standpoint of processing, that we             communicate. With countless tests in the
have all the aberrative factors there are. We          Hubbard Association of Scientologists In-
do not need to know anything further about             ternational department of writing and inves-
aberration than that it is a disarrangement            tigation, I have discovered to a degree
of the cycle of communication. But to know             which could be called conclusive, that the
that, of course, we have to know the com-              only remedy for livingness is further com-
ponent parts of communication and the ex-              municatingness. One must add to his ability
pected behavior.                                       to communicate.
         Some of the conditions which can                      Probably the only major error which
occur in an aberrated line are a failure to be         exists in Eastern Philosophy, and probably
duplicatable before one emanates a com-                the one at which I balked when I was
munication, an intention contrary to being             young, was this idea that one should with-
received, an unwillingness to receive or               draw from life. It seemed to me that every
duplicate a communication, an unwilling-               good friend I had amongst the priests and
ness to experience distance, an unwilling-             holy men was seeking to pull back and cut
ness to change, an unwillingness to give               off his communications with existence.
attention, an unwillingness to express inten-          Whatever the textbooks of Eastern philoso-
tion, an unwillingness to acknowledge, and,            phy may say, this was the practice of the
in general, an unwillingness to duplicate.             people who were best conversant with
We might go so far as to say that the rea-             Eastern mental and spiritual know-how.
son communication takes place instead of               Thus I saw individuals taking fourteen or
occupying the same space and knowing –                 eighteen years in order to get up to a high
the communication introduces the idea of               level of spiritualistic serenity. I saw a great
distance – is that one is unwilling to BE to           many men studying and very few arriving.
the degree necessary to be anything. One               To my impatient and possibly practical
would rather communicate than be. Thus                 Western viewpoint this was intolerable. For
we find that the inability to communicate is           a very great many years I asked this ques-
a gradient scale – it goes down along with             tion, „To communicate, or not to communi-
the inability to be. We get individuals wind-          cate?“ If one got himself into such thorough
ing up as only willing to be themselves,               trouble by communicating, then, of course,
whatever that is, and thus becoming „the               one should stop communicating. But this is
only one.“ To the degree that a person be-             not the case. If one gets himself into trouble
comes „the only one“ he is unwilling to                by communicating, he should further com-
communicate on the remaining dynamics.                 municate. More communication, not less, is
An individual who has become only himself              the answer, and I consider this riddle solved
is in the sad and sorry plight of being off the        after a quarter-century of investigation and
Second, Third, and Fourth Dynamics, at                 pondering.
        It might be seen by someone that
the solution to communication is not com-
municating. One might say that if he hadn’t
communicated in the first place he wouldn’t
be in trouble now. Perhaps there is some
truth in this, but there is more truth in the
fact that processing in the direction of mak-
ing communication unnecessary, or reduc-
ing communication, is not processing at all,
but murder. A man is as dead as he can’t
DIANETICS 55!                                    47                              L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER VIII                          some building bricks and we scratch on
                                                      them two plus two equals four and put them
                                                      on the table. Now we get four gallons of ink
                                                      and pour it over two plus two equals four,
 THE APPLICATION OF COMMU-                            and smear everything we’ve put on the ta-
          NICATION                                    ble. Now we take a bulldozer and push the
                                                      table out through the wall. We take a steam
        If you think we are talking about any-        roller and run over the debris. We take
thing very esoteric, or highly mathematical,          some concrete and pour it over the whole
kindly read the communication formula                 and let it dry, and we still have not altered
again. Just because we are speaking of the            the fact that two plus two equals four.
basic fundamentals of sanity, aberration,                     In other words, no matter what me-
freedom, ability, truth, knowledge, and se-           chanics we add to the communication for-
crets is no reason why we have to be com-             mula, no matter what form we use to com-
plicated. We expect the fundamentals of               municate, no matter how many types of
behavior to be complicated simply because             words and meanings we place into the
so many highly complicated people have                communication formula to become mes-
discussed the subject. If Immanuel Kant               sages, no matter how we scramble mean-
couldn’t, and if Adler addled communica-              ings, messages, cause points and effect
tion, there is no reason why we should.               points, we still have a communication for-
         As we speak of the applications of           mula.
communication we are looking at complexi-                     Here we have an individual. He has
ties of these fundamentals, and having iso-           been living for a many-evented lifetime. He
lated the fundamentals, we do not then see            began life, let us say, with a perfect grasp
any complexity in the product of the basics.          of the communication formula. His experi-
Let us say that we thoroughly understand              ence has been a consistent departure from
that two plus two equals four. Now we write           the communication formula only to the de-
this on a piece of paper and put it on a ta-          gree that he failed to emanate or failed to
ble. It is still understandable. Now we write         receive, twisted, perverted, or failed to re-
on another piece of paper that two plus two           turn communications, and at the end of that
equals four and put it on the same table.             lifetime all we have to do to put him into
Now on a third piece of paper we write two            excellent condition would be to restore in its
plus two equals four and add it to those on           complete clarity his ability to execute the
the table. We take four tablets full of paper         communication formula. The only thing
and on each sheet we write two plus two               which has happened to him has been viola-
equals four, and tearing each sheet out,              tion of the communication formula. He
add these. Now we get some blocks of                  emanated something that was not received;
wood, and we write two plus two equals                when it was received it was not acknowl-
four on these blocks of wood. We get some             edged; when it replied he did not receive it;
leather and charcoal and write two plus two           and thus he begins to look further and fur-
equals four, and add that to the table. Then          ther afield for communication and becomes
we get some blackboards, and on each one              more and more complicated in his view of
white two plus two equals four and put them           communication and becomes less and less
on the table. And we get some colored                 duplicatable, is less and less able to dupli-
chalk and write two plus two equals four in           cate, his intentions swerve further and fur-
various colors on another blackboard and              ther, his attention becomes more and more
put it on the table. Then we have two plus            altered, what should have been straight
two equals four bound in vellum and add               lines wind up in a ball, and we have our
that to the pile on the table. Then we get            preclear after a lifetime of living with homo
DIANETICS 55!                                    48                              L. RON HUBBARD

sapiens. All we have to do to get him into            to duplicate and be duplicatable. Move off
the most desirable clarity would be to re-            the communication formula in any direction
store his ability to perform the various parts        and a problem will result. A problem, by
of the communication formula and his ability          definition, is something without an answer,
to apply that formula to any thing in this or         not because the two words are similar, but
any universe. He would have to be willing to          because all of humanity has confused them.
duplicate anything. He would have to be               We find that answer to a communication
willing to make himself duplicatable. He              and answer to a problem can, for our pur-
would have to be able to tolerate distance            poses, be synonymous.
and velocities and masses. He would have
                                                              When one has failed to get answers
to be able to form his own intentions. He
                                                      consistently to his communications, he be-
would have to be able to give and receive
                                                      gins to run into a scarcity of answers, and
attention. He would have to be able to take
                                                      he will get problems in order to have solu-
or leave at will the intentions of others, and
                                                      tions, but he will not solve any of the prob-
more important, he would have to be able to
                                                      lems because he already has a scarcity of
be at any point and make it cause or receipt
                                                      answers. An auditor walks in on a preclear
point at will. If he were able to do this he
                                                      who has a scarcity of answers, finds the
could not possibly be trapped, for here we
                                                      preclear has a circuit of problems, tries to
are intimately walking into the deepest se-
                                                      resolve some of the problems of the pre-
cret of the trap.
                                                      clear, discovers that the preclear creates
        What is a secret? It is the answer            new problems faster than old ones can be
which was never given, and this is all a se-          resolved. One thing the preclear knows is
cret is. Thus knowledge and use of the                that there aren’t any answers – not for his
communication formula within the frame-               particular kind of problems. He knows this
work of Dianetics and Scientology resolves            is to such a degree that he is unable to
any and all secrets and even the belief in            conceive of answers, which means to him
secrets.                                              that he is unable to conceive of solutions.
                                                      He is like the old man in Manuel Komroff’s
        The only thing that could be said to
                                                      story who, after his release from prison, yet
aberrate communication would be restric-
                                                      created a cell of his own. He cannot look at
tion, or fear of restriction. A person who is
                                                      freedom. He does not believe freedom ex-
not communicating is one who is restricting
                                                      ists. He cannot envision a world without
communication. A person who is communi-
                                                      tigers. The remedy for this, of course, is to
cating compulsively is afraid of being re-
                                                      have him remedy his lack of answers by
stricted in his communication. A person who
                                                      having him mock up answers.
is talking on another subject than that to
which Cause was giving his attention has                      That confused look you see on a
been so restricted on the subject of com-             mathematician’s face is the task he has set
munication elsewhere, or has experienced              himself to procure symbolic answers to hy-
such a scarcity of communication else-                pothetical abstracts, none of which, of
where, that he is still involved with commu-          course, are human answers. The longer he
nication elsewhere. This is what we mean              symbolizes, the more formulas he creates,
by „not in present time.“                             the further he drifts from the human race.
                                                      Answers are answers only when they come
        When we look at problems without
                                                      from living units. All else is a glut on the
which humanity cannot seem to live we
                                                      market. No mathematical formula ever gave
discover that a problem is no more and no
                                                      anybody any answer to anything unless it
less than a confusion of communication
                                                      was to the problem of communication itself,
lines, missing cause or effect points, unde-
                                                      but this I’ll invite to your attention, was not
terminable distances, misread intentions,
                                                      involved with, and was not derived from,
missing attention, and failures in the ability
DIANETICS 55!                                        49                               L. RON HUBBARD

mathematics as we know them. The com-                     ment until he is at last entirely out of it. Only
munication formula was derived from an                    he is out of it in the wrong direction – dead.
observation of and working with life. It could
                                                                  Where you see aberration, where
be derived only because one had entirely
                                                          you would wish to detect aberration, you
abandoned the idea that energy could tell
                                                          must look for violations in the communica-
anyone anything. Life is not energy. Energy
                                                          tion formula. People who consistently and
is the by-product of Life.
                                                          continually violate portions of the communi-
        Your recluse is one who has be-                   cation formula can be suspected of being
come so thoroughly convinced that there                   just that dead. The further one departs from
are no obtainable answers from anyone that                the communication formula the more death
he does no longer believe that Life itself                exists for them. The more concentrated
exists. He is the only living thing alive, in his         they become on secrets, the more they
opinion. Why? Because he is the only thing                question intentions, the less they are likely
which communicates. I dare say every re-                  to assume the point of view called Cause or
cluse, every „only one,“ every obsessively                the point of view called Effect.
or compulsively communicating individual
                                                                  One should not go so far as to say
has so thoroughly associated with „life
                                                          that Life is communication. It is, however, a
units“ which were so dead that it became
                                                          native condition of Life to be able to com-
„very plain“ that no one else was alive. The
                                                          municate. Life, the awareness of awareness
attitude of a child towards the adult contains
                                                          unit, the ability to have unlimited quality with
the opinion that adults have very little Life in
                                                          no quantity, or do produce quantity, is ca-
them. A child, with his enthusiasms, is in his
                                                          pable of communication. And here again we
family everywhere surrounded by commu-
                                                          are consulting ability. Ability, first and fore-
nication blocks of greater or lesser magni-
                                                          most, could be conceived to be the ability to
tude. His questions do not get answers.
                                                          BE, and also the ability to vary being, and
The communications which are addressed
                                                          this means the ability to communicate. One
to him are not posed in a way which can be
                                                          has to be able to be in order to communi-
duplicated. In other words, the adult does
                                                          cate. One has to be able to vary one’s be-
not make himself duplicatable. Freud and
                                                          ingness in order to return communication.
his confreres were entirely in error in believ-
ing that the child is totally self-centered. It is                There is the manifestation, then,
not the child who is totally self-centered. He            known as the „stuck flow.“ This is one-way
believes that he is in communication with                 communication. The flow can be stuck in-
the total world. Investigation of children                coming or it can be stuck outgoing. The part
demonstrates that they are very heavy on                  of a communication cycle that goes from
the First, Second, Third and Fourth Dynam-                primary Cause to Effect may be the flow
ics. The child is so convinced of his ability             that is stuck, or it might be the other from
to communicate that he will touch a hot                   „b“ back to „a“ that is stuck. Here we have
stove. Life has no terrors for him. He has                several possible methods of achieving a
not yet learned by experience that he can-                stuck flow, and several conditions of flow,
not communicate. It’s the adult who is                    four to be exact. The flow can be stuck from
drawn back into the „only one“ and one be-                primary Cause to Effect, from the viewpoint
lieves that the inspiration of this continuous            of primary Cause. The flow can be stuck
belief on the part of a psychologist and psy-             from primary Cause to primary Effect from
choanalyst that the child is entirely self-               the viewpoint of primary Effect. The flow
centered and living in his own world must                 can be stuck from Effect-turned-Cause to
be the expression of an opinion held by the               final Effect, from the viewpoint of Effect-
psychoanalyst and psychologist out of his                 turned-Cause. The flow can be stuck from
own bank. As one grows one goes less and                  Effect-turned-Cause to primary Cause, from
less into communication with the environ-                 the viewpoint of primary Cause. These four
DIANETICS 55!                                        50                             L. RON HUBBARD

stuck flows can become – any of them or a                 him. But again this is theoretical, as very
combination of them – the anatomy of a                    little reason goes on in war, thus it has
communication lag of a case. A person can                 never been subjected to a clinical experi-
hear but cannot answer. A person can                      ment.
cause a communication to begin, but can-
                                                                  The resolution of any stuck flow is
not receive an acknowledgement. A primary
                                                          remedying the scarcity of that which stuck
Cause can be totally engrossed in keeping
                                                          the flow. This might be answers, it might be
the flow from arriving at primary Effect, etc.
                                                          original communication, it might be chances
         A failure to complete a cycle of                 to reply.
communication will leave some part of that
                                                                  The communication formula at work
communication in suspense. It will leave it,
                                                          is best understood through the „communi-
in other words, silent, and this will stick on
                                                          cation lag.“
the track. It will float in time. It will restimu-
late. It will attract and hold attention long
after it occurred.
         Unconsciousness itself results from
the receipt of too much, too heavy, commu-
nication. It can similarly, but less often, re-
sult from the emanation of too much, too
heavy, communication as in the case of
blowing up a large balloon, where one be-
comes dizzy after the expulsion of too much
breath. Theoretically, one sending a large
mass towards another might fall uncon-
scious as a result of sending too much
mass away from himself too suddenly, and
we find that this can be the case. This is
degradation because of loss. One gives
away too much, or loses too much, and the
departure of the mass, or even the idea,
can bring about a drop in consciousness. In
view of the fact that a thetan can create at
will this is not a very dangerous situation.
One can receive too much communication
too suddenly, such as a cannon ball. Un-
consciousness will result from this. Most
engrams are composed of too much incom-
ing mass and too much outgoing mass, so
as to make a confusion into which any an-
swer, any phrase interjected can then be
effective since there is a scarcity of phrases
and a plus in masses. One could even go
so far as to say that the only reason a mass
interchange is ever effective in the line of
unconsciousness is that it does not have
enough reasons with it. I suppose that if
one explained carefully enough to a soldier
why he had to be shot, the arrival of a bullet
would not make him unconscious or hurt
DIANETICS 55!                                       51                               L. RON HUBBARD

                 CHAPTER IX                              actually acknowledged by Bill’ with a nod or
                                                         some expression signifying receipt of the

   TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION                                         If both Joe and Bill are „strong, silent
                                                         men“ – highly aberrated – they would omit
                                                         some portion of these cycles. The most
        A cycle of communication and two-                flagrant omission and the one most often
way communication are actually two differ-               understood as „communication lag“ by the
ent things. If we examine closely the anat-              auditor would be for Joe in Graph „A“ to say
omy of communication we will discover that               „How are you?“ and for Bill to stand there
a cycle of communication is not a two-way                without speaking. Here we have Joe caus-
communication in its entirety.                           ing a communication, and Bill failing to con-
        If you will inspect Graph „A“ below,             tinue the cycle. We do not know or require,
you will see a cycle of communication:                   and we are not interested in, whether or not
                                                         Bill, as the receipt point, ever did hear it.
                                                         We can assume that he was at least pre-
                                                         sent, and that Joe spoke loudly enough to
                                                         be heard, and that Bill’s attention was
                                                         somewhere in Joe’s vicinity. Now instead of
                                                         getting on with the cycle of communication,
                                                         Joe is left there with an incompleted cycle
                                                         and never gets an opportunity to become
     Graph “A”                Graph “B”                  Joe’.
                                                                  There are several ways in which a
         Here we have Joe as the originator              cycle of communication could not be com-
of a communication. It is his primary im-                pleted, and these could be categorized as
pulse. This impulse is addressed to Bill. We             (1) Joe failing to emanate communication,
find Bill receiving it, and then Bill originating        (2) Bill failing to hear communication, (3)
an answer or acknowledgment as Bill’,                    Bill’ failing to reply to the communication
which acknowledgement is sent back to                    received by him, and (4) Joe’ failing to ac-
Joe’. Joe has said, for instance, „How are               knowledge by some sign or word that he
you?“ Bill has received this, and then Bill              has heard Bill’.
(becoming secondary Cause) has replied to                         We could assign various reasons to
it as Bill’, with „I’m O.K.,“ which goes back            all this, but our purpose here is not to as-
to Joe’, and thus ends the cycle.                        sign reasons why we do not complete a
     Now what we call a two-way cycle of                 communication cycle. Our entire purpose is
communication may ensue, as in Graph „B.“                involved with the non-completion of this
                                                         communication cycle.
        Here we have Bill originating a
communication. Bill says, „How’s tricks?“                       Now, as in Graph „A,“ let us say we
Joe receives this, and then as Joe’ or sec-              have in Joe a person who is compulsively
ondary Cause, answers „O.K., I guess,“                   and continually originating communication
which answer is then acknowledged in its                 whether he has anybody’s attention or not,
receipt by Bill’.                                        and whether or not these communications
                                                         are germane to any existing situation. We
        In both of these graphs we discover
                                                         discover that Joe is apt to be met, in his
that in Graph „A“ the acknowledgement of
                                                         communicating, with an inattentive Bill who
the secondary Cause was expressed by
                                                         does not hear him, and thus an absent Bill’
Joe’ as a nod or a look of satisfaction. And
again, in Graph „B,“ Joe’s’ „O.K., I guess“ is
DIANETICS 55!                                      52                              L. RON HUBBARD

who does not answer, and thus an absent                 less of what they were talking about, they
Joe’ who never acknowledges.                            would never become in an argument and
                                                        would eventually reach an agreement, even
        Let us examine this same situation
                                                        if they were hostile to one another. Their
in Graph „B.“ Here we have, in Bill, an origi-
                                                        difficulties and problems would be cleared
nation of a communication. We have the
                                                        up and they would be, in relationship to
same Joe with a compulsive outflow. Bill
                                                        each other, in good shape.
says, „How are you?“ and the cycle is not
completed because Joe, so intent upon his                        A two-way communication cycle
own compulsive line, does not become Joe’               breaks down when either terminal fails, in
and never gives Bill a chance to become                 its turn, to originate communication. We
Bill’ and acknowledge.                                  discover that the entire society has vast
                                                        difficulties along this line. They are so used
         Now let’s take another situation. We
                                                        to canned entertainment and so inhibited in
find Joe originating communications, and
                                                        originating communication by parents who
Bill a person who never originates commu-
                                                        couldn’t communicate, and by education
nications. Joe is not necessarily compulsive
                                                        and other causes, that people get very low
or obsessive in originating communications,
                                                        on communication origin. Communication
but Bill is aberratedly inhibited in originating
                                                        origin is necessary to have communication
communications. We find that Joe and Bill,
                                                        in the first place. Thus we find people talk-
working together, then get into this kind of
                                                        ing mainly about things which are forced
an activity: Joe originates a communication,
                                                        upon them by exterior causes. They see an
Bill hears it, becomes Bill’, replies to it, and
                                                        accident, they discuss it. They see a movie,
permits Joe a chance to become Joe’. This
                                                        they discuss it. They wait for an exterior
goes on quite well, but will sooner or later
                                                        source to give them the occasion for a con-
hit a jam on a two-way cycle, which is vio-
                                                        versation. But in view of the fact that both
lated because Bill never originates commu-
                                                        are low on the origin of communication –
                                                        which could also be stated as low on imagi-
         A two-way cycle of communication               nation – we discover that such people, de-
would work as follows: Joe, having origi-               pendent upon exterior primal impulses, are
nated a communication, and having com-                  more or less compulsive or inhibitive in
pleted it, may then wait for Bill to originate a        communication, and thus the conversation
communication to Joe, thus completing the               veers rapidly and markedly and may wind
remainder of the two-way cycle of commu-                up with some remarkable animosities or
nication. Bill does originate a communica-              mis-conclusions. Let us suppose that lack
tion, this is heard by Joe, answered by Joe’,           of prime cause impulse on Joe’s part has
and acknowledged by Bill’.                              brought him into obsessive or compulsive
         Thus we get the normal cycle of a              communication, and we find that he is so
communication between two terminals, for                busy outflowing that he never has a chance
in this case Joe is a terminal and Bill is a            to hear anyone who speaks to him, and if
terminal and communication can be seen to               he did hear them would not answer them.
flow between two terminals. The cycles                  Bill on the other hand, might be so very,
depend on Joe originating communication,                very, very low on primal cause (which is to
Bill hearing the communication, Bill becom-             say, low on communication origination) that
ing Bill’ and answering the communication,              he never even moves into Bill’, or if he
Joe’ acknowledging the communication,                   does, would never put forth his own opinion,
then Bill originating a communication, Joe              thus unbalancing Joe further and further
hearing the communication, Joe’ answering               into further and further compulsive commu-
the communication, and Bill’ acknowledging              nication.
the communication. If they did this, regard-
DIANETICS 55!                                    53                              L. RON HUBBARD

       As you can see by these graphs,                the end of two hours of Opening Procedure
some novel situations could originate.                of 8-C the preclear has benefited very little.
There would be the matter of obsessive                Then let us take „Auditor K.“ The auditor
answering as well as inhibitive answering.            does 15 minutes of Opening Procedure of
An individual could spend all of his time             8-C and gets very good results on the pre-
answering, justifying or explaining – all the         clear. The difference between Auditor G
same thing – no primal communication hav-             and Auditor K is only that Auditor G never
ing been originated at him. Another individ-          acknowledges any answer or statement, or
ual, as Joe’ in Graph „A“ or Bill’ in Graph           communication origin on the part of the pre-
„B,“ might spend all of his time acknowledg-          clear. He simply continues doggedly with
ing, even though nothing came his way to              the process. Auditor K. on the other hand,
acknowledge. The common and most no-                  is willing to let the preclear originate a
ticed manifestations, however, are obses-             communication and always acknowledges
sive and compulsive origin, and non-                  whenever the preclear concludes the action
answering      acceptance,       and    non-          called for in a command. or when the pre-
acknowledgement of answer. And at these               clear volunteers a verbal answer. In other
places we can discover stuck flows.                   words. G did not answer or acknowledge –
                                                      but ran the process with mechanical perfec-
        As the only crime in the universe
                                                      tion, and K both answered and acknowl-
seems to be to communicate, and as the
                                                      edged as well as originated orders. The fact
only saving grace of a thetan is to commu-
                                                      that the scarcest thing there is is the origin
nicate, we can readily understand that an
                                                      of orders or communications, and the fact
entanglement of communication is certain
                                                      that G was at least doing this, was enough
to result, but we can understand – and
                                                      to cause G to get some improvement in the
much more happily – that it can now be
                                                      preclear, but he would not get anything like
                                                      the improvement obtained by Auditor K.
       That which we are discussing here
                                                              Silence is nowhere desirable except
is minimally theory and maximally derived
                                                      in permitting another to communicate or
from observation. The main test of this is
                                                      waiting for another to acknowledge. The
whether or not it resolved cases. and be
                                                      auditing of silence will wind the preclear in a
assured that it does.
                                                      perfect fish-net of aberration. The total
        Flows become stuck on this twin cy-           process which remedies this is remedying
cle of communication where a scarcity oc-             the scarcity, by whatever means, of the four
curs in (1) origination of communication, (2)         parts of a two-way communication.
receipt of communication, (3) answering of
communication given, (4) acknowledging
answers. Thus it can be seen that there are
only four parts which can become aberrated
in both Graph „A“ and Graph „B,“ no matter
the number of peculiar manifestations which
can occur as a result thereof.
       These observations of communica-
tions are so vital that a considerable differ-
ence amongst case results comes about
between an auditor who does acknowledge
whatever his preclear answers and an audi-
tor who does not. Let us take „Auditor G“
and we discover that he is running Opening
Procedure of 8-C on a preclear, but that at
DIANETICS 55!                                    54                              L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER X                             on his head, went to the North Pole, gave a
                                                      dissertation on Botany, stood silent, an-
                                                      swered some other question, thought it
                                                      over, attacked the auditor, or began to
       COMMUNICATION LAG                              string beads. Any other action but answer-
                                                      ing, and the time taken up by that action, is
         Yesterday we used an instrument              communication lag. An auditor has to un-
called an E-Meter to register whether or not          derstand this very thoroughly. Usually he
the process was still getting results so that         interprets a communication lag as the
the auditor would know how long to con-               length of time it takes the preclear to an-
tinue it. While the E-Meter is an interesting         swer the question and loosely applies this
investigation instrument and has played its           as the length of time between the asking of
part in research, it is not today used by the         the question and the first moment the pre-
auditor except perhaps in testing the basal           clear starts to speak. This is not communi-
metabolism of the preclear. The E-Meter is            cation lag, for the preclear may start to
no longer used to determine „what is wrong            speak on some other subject, may desire
with the preclear.“ As we long ago sus-               information, may almost answer the ques-
pected, the intervention of a mechanical              tion, and still not actually answer the ques-
gadget between the auditor and the pre-               tion.
clear had a tendency to de-personalize the                     If you will look around at people you
session and also gave the auditor a de-               will find them possessed of a great many
pendence upon the physical universe and               communication lag mechanisms. In their
its meters which did not have to be there. I          effort not to be an effect, or in their effort
knew when we first began to use E-Meters              not to be cause, in their aberrations about
that sooner or later something would have             compulsive communication, and inhibitive
to be evolved, or that something would turn           communication, and in indulging in impul-
up which would dispense with them. I                  sive, compulsive and inhibitive communica-
worked along that line rather consistently            tion. They manage to assemble quite a
and about half a year before this writing             number of interesting mechanisms, but all
developed „communication lag“ as the only             these mechanisms are communication lag.
diagnostic instrument needed by the audi-
tor.*                                                         Here is an example of communica-
                                                      tion lag. Joe: „How are you, Bill?“ Bill: „You
        The exact definition of a communi-            look fine, Joe.“ Here the question was never
cation lag is: „the length of time intervening        answered at all and would go on as a com-
between the posing of a question, or origi-           munication lag from there until the end of
nation of a statement, and the exact mo-              the universe.
ment that question or original statement is
answered.“ *The Mark V E-Meter, though                        Here is another example: Joe: „How
not a diagnostic instrument, was developed            are you, Bill?“ Bill (after twenty seconds of
by L. Ron Hubbard since this writing for              study): „Oh, I guess I’m all right today.“ As
precision auditing. See book list in back of          this is the commonest form of communica-
this book for titles on this subject.                 tion lag it is the most readily observed.

         If you will look very closely at this                Less well known is the following
definition you will discover that nothing is          communication lag. Joe: „How are you,
said, whatever, about what goes on be-                Bill?“ Bill: „What do you want to know for?“
tween the asking of the question or the               Again, this question goes on unanswered
origination of a communication and its be-            until the end of the universe.
ing answered. What goes on in between is                    The most maddening kind of com-
lag. It does not matter if the preclear stood         munication lag is, Joe: „How are you Bill?“
DIANETICS 55!                                      55                               L. RON HUBBARD

Bill: _______ silence from there on out.                        Now let us look at a highly special-
This is dramatized when people anxiously                ized type of communication lag. Here we
inquire of an unconscious person how he is              have Joe to Bill to Bill’ to Joe’, as in Graph
and they become entirely frantic. They are              „A.“ Then we have Joe waiting for Bill, in
simply looking at a communication lag                   Graph „B,“ to originate a communication. If
which they believe will become total, and               Bill does not, and only silence ensues, Joe
their anxiety is simply their multiple suffer-          then originates another communication. In
ing on the subject of communication lag.                other words, we have no two-way commu-
         Here is another type of communica-
tion lag. Joe: „How are you, Bill? I was say-                    The two-way cycle of communica-
ing to Ezra the other day that I have seen a            tion is not quite as important in auditing as it
lot of sick men in my time, but you certainly           would be in Life, for in auditing the auditor
look pretty bad. Bill, now how are you? I’ve            perforce is originating communication in
been down to see the doctor and he was                  order to get the preclear up to the point
telling me there’s a lot of these colds and             where he can originate communication.
things going around…“ In other words, Joe               One does nod remedy Life by approximat-
never gives Bill an opportunity to reply, and           ing it exactly in the auditing room. The
this is the other side of communication lag.            process is so designed that it will accom-
                                                        plish a rehabilitation in Life without, to a
         An auditor’s understanding of the
                                                        marked degree, having to live it. As an ex-
subject of communication lag is brief if he
                                                        ample of this, the auditor does not expect
believes it is the lag between the originator
                                                        the preclear to turn around and originate
of the communication and the person to
                                                        some process to make the auditor well. But
whom it is addressed. On our Graph „A“ on
                                                        the auditor does expect to get audited by
an earlier page this would be from Joe to
                                                        somebody sooner or later, or expects to be
Bill’. There is a return lag, and that is from
                                                        at a level where he can rise above this need
Bill’ to Joe’, and, as above, there is a lag
                                                        of a communication interchange in order to
between Joe and Joe’ where Joe simply
keeps on talking without ascertaining if
there is any Bill’ there. You could also call                   The place auditors have the most
this return lag an „acknowledgement lag.“               trouble with the communication lag is the
Joe to Joe is not a communication at all.               retum lag. Auditors seldom acknowledge
Actually, Joe to Bill’ without the completion           the execution of commands on the part of
of the cycle is the same thing. Joe never               the preclear. As in Opening Procedure of 8-
acknowledges a communication and so the                 C, a process which is one of the six basic
return lag is actually Joe to Joe. The proper           processes, the auditor sends the preclear
sequence of such a communication is Bill’               over to touch the wall. When the preclear
to Joe’. In other words Joe, to make a com-             has touched the wall, the auditor is quite
plete cycle of communication, must ac-                  prone to give another command without
knowledge in some manner, verbal or ges-                acknowledging the fact that the preclear
ture, that Bill’ has said something.                    has touched the wall. It is an amazing thing
                                                        what the lack of acknowledgement will do to
          Joe to Joe, as a communication lag
                                                        slow down a case recovery. Many times
(which is to say, no acknowledgement) has
                                                        when an auditor is doing this acknowledg-
as its initial root an absence, for Joe, of Bill
                                                        ing, he is doing it in such a perfunctory
to Bill’ in Graph „B.“ In other words, Joe has
                                                        fashion that the preclear does not recognize
been called upon to originate communica-
                                                        it as an acknowledgement, but as a prelude
tion so consistently that he now does so
                                                        to a new command. A good auditor makes
compulsively and obsessively since there
                                                        very, very sure that the preclear knows the
has been an entire scarcity of other people
                                                        acknowledgement has occurred, As an ex-
originating communication.
DIANETICS 55!                                     56                              L. RON HUBBARD

ample, the auditor says: „Go over to the                        Now, of course, there is an opposite
wall and touch it.“ The preclear does so.              side of this where the auditor can give cre-
The auditor says: „Very good,“ and with a              dence to an obsessive or compulsive out-
definite pause after this acknowledgement              flow on the part of the preclear to such an
says: „Now go over to that wall and touch              extent that the auditing is entirely inter-
it.“ In other words, the auditor who is a good         rupted. An example of this occurred re-
auditor makes sure that the preclear knows             cently where a preclear outflowed at an
that a complete cycle of communication has             auditor three days and three nights without
occurred on this particular auditing com-              the auditor recognizing entirely that this,
mand.                                                  was simply obsessive communication in
                                                       action. But this is not communication. This
        Another failure on the part of audi-
                                                       is not pertinent to the situation, and the
tors is to fail to let the preclear originate a
                                                       definition of compulsive or obsessive com-
communication. The auditor tells the pre-
                                                       munication is „an outflow which is not perti-
clear: „Go over to that wall and touch it.“
                                                       nent to the surrounding terminals and situa-
The preclear does so but stops midway in
                                                       tion.“ In other words, compulsive or obses-
the gesture and gasps, then completes the
                                                       sive communication is an outflow which is
gesture. The bad auditor will fail to note and
                                                       not in reality with the existing reality.
inquire after this gasp. This is actually the
origin of a communication on the part of the                  We see, then, that an auditing ses-
preclear. He does not verbalize it. He does            sion really does include two-way cycle of
not express it any further than some physi-            communication, but it does not include it,
cal gesture or a look of dismay, and even              ever, unless the auditor invites the preclear
these might be slight, but this is usually as          to comment upon what is going on as he
far as he can go in originating a communi-             does processing.
cation. The auditor who fails to pick this up
                                                              Just as a side comment here, the
fails to inform the preclear thus that the
                                                       way to handle an obsessive or a compul-
preclear is permitted to originate a commu-
                                                       sive communication is to wait for a slight
nication. This gasp, this gesture, should at
                                                       break in the flow and interject an auditing
once be noted by the auditor with a „What’s
                                                       command. Remember that an obsessive
happening?“ or, „What’s the matter?“ or,
                                                       outflow is actually not a communication. A
„Something happen?“ This gives the pre-
                                                       communication is on the subject and is in
clear the opportunity to originate a second
                                                       agreement with the environment. It is also
cycle of communication. Remember that the
                                                       in agreement with what is occurring.
gesture or the gasp was actually a commu-
nication. The preclear probably will not ac-                   Now it doesn’t happen to matter
knowledge the auditors statement beyond                what process is being done, the basic of
starting out on the origin of a new commu-             that process is two-way communication. In
nication, but the fact that he does originate          auditing, as in living, communication is exis-
a statement on the subject of what is the              tence. In the absence of communication we
matter is, in itself, an acknowledgement of            have silence, and where we have silence
the fact that he has heard the auditor. This           we have no time. Time is manifested in
is so vital that many cases have stumbled,             communication lag to the extent that the
tripped, and bogged, simply because the                preclear has been subjected to silences, or
auditor did not encourage the preclear to              such a thing as an obsessive or compulsive
make a statement as to something which                 outflow which had nothing to do with com-
had occurred. Actually, the more often an              municating on the subject at hand. This is
auditor can do this the better auditor he is,          again a sort of silence. Somebody talking
and the more good will be done by auditing.            obsessively and continually about things
                                                       which might or might not exist, and to no
DIANETICS 55!                                           57                              L. RON HUBBARD

one in particular without expecting any cy-                          This is the mechanical formula of
cle of communication to take place.                          flattening communication lag. Give the or-
                                                             der, as in Opening Procedure of 8-C, or ask
         A communication lag is handled by
                                                             the question, as in Straightwire, and then
an auditor by repetition of a question or
                                                             continue to give that same order or ask that
command which elicited a communication
                                                             same question until the preclear executes it
lag. Here is an example. Bill: „How are you,
                                                             after a short interval three times the same.
Joe?“ Joe: silence; silence; silence – finally
a grunt. Bill: „How are you, Joe?“ Silence,                          There is an entirely different mani-
silence – “O.K., I guess.“ Bill: „How are you,               festation for a completely flattened commu-
Joe?“ „I’m all right, I tell you!“ Bill: „How are            nication lag. We get extroversion. The pre-
you, Joe?“ Joe: silence _______ „I’m O.K.“                   clear ceases to put his attention on his
Bill: „How are you Joe?“ Joe: „All right, I                  mind, but puts his attention on the environ-
guess.“ Bill; „How are you, Joe?“ Joe: „All                  ment. We see this happen often in the
right.“ Bill: „How are you Joe?“ Joe: „Oh, I’m               Opening Procedure of 8-C where the pre-
all right.“                                                  clear has the room suddenly become bright
                                                             to him. He has extroverted his attention. He
        This is an example of flattering a
                                                             has come free from one of these communi-
communication lag.* At first we have silence
                                                             cation tangles out of the past and has sud-
and no very intelligible reply, then we have
                                                             denly looked at the environment. This is all
silence and a reply, and then other manifes-
                                                             that has happened. On a thinkingness level
tations, each one of which demonstrates a
                                                             this happens quite often. The preclear is
changing interval of time until the last cou-
                                                             doing the process very well, and then be-
ple of commands – three, in actual auditing
                                                             gins to remember odds and ends of ap-
practice – where the same interval of time
                                                             pointments he has, or some such thing.
was present.
                                                             Just because he does this is no reason the
        Flattening a communication lag re-                   auditing session should be ended. It simply
quires only that the preclear answer after a                 demonstrates an extroversion. You have, in
uniform interval of time at least three times.               one way or another, pulled the preclear out
This uniform interval of time could, for prac-               of a communication tangle and put him into
tical purposes, be as long as 10 seconds.                    present time, when he extroverts
Thus we get lengths of time required to an-
                                                                      Communication lag as a subject
swer an auditing question as follows: an-
                                                             could be a very large one. We have all
swer requires 35 seconds; answer requires
                                                             manner of communication lags in evidence
20 seconds; answer requires 10 seconds;
                                                             around us. Probably the most interesting
answer requires 10 seconds; answer re-
                                                             one is the shock reaction after an accident,
quires 10 seconds. To all intents and pur-
                                                             which one occasionally sees. At times it
poses, with these three last 10 second in-
                                                             takes the body 36 hours to find out and re-
tervals the auditor could consider that he
                                                             ply to the fact that it has received an impact.
has to some degree flattened this particular
                                                             It is quite common for a body to suddenly
auditing command because he is getting a
                                                             manifest the impact half an hour after it.
consistent response. However, with such a
                                                             This is communication lag. There are many
long lag as 10 seconds, the auditor will dis-
                                                             humorous angles to communication lag.
cover that if he asked the question two or
                                                             Sometimes you ask somebody „How are
three more times he would recover a
                                                             you?“ and you get a reply from his social
changing interval once more.
                                                             machinery. He says, „I’m fine.“ Then, two or
                                                             three hours later, he is liable to say to you,
            Note that this is an example only, not an        „I feel terrible.“ This was the preclear, him-
actual process or question an auditor would use re-          self, answering. This was the awareness of
DIANETICS 55!                                    58                              L. RON HUBBARD

awareness unit awakening to this commu-               pulsive communication is just one grade
nication lag.                                         above silence. It is the last frantic effort to
                                                      keep things from going entirely quiet. It is
        This universe could be called a con-
                                                      not communication and is actually silence
sistent and continuous communication lag.
                                                      of a sort, particularly since very few people
One is trapped in it to the degree that he is
                                                      listen to it.
lagging. If there were no remedy for com-
munication lag I would never bring up the                     Now we are studying about commu-
subject. However, there is, and it is a rem-          nication, and we are communicating about
edy which is easily undertaken in auditing            communication, and you have every oppor-
today.                                                tunity here to get yourself beautifully
                                                      snarled, so I would ask you to look around
        Entrapment is actually communica-
                                                      your environment and check a number of
tion lag. One has waited for communication
                                                      manifestations of communication lag. You
which never arrived, expected something to
                                                      are not controlled by the subject. You can
answer so long and so often that he be-
                                                      easily control it. The dangerous thing is not
comes fixated upon something, or in some-
                                                      to know the answers and simply go on in
things, and so does not believe he can es-
                                                      these consistent and continual communica-
cape from it. The first and foremost factor in
                                                      tion lags imposed upon us by the lack of
communication lag, of course, is time, and
                                                      communication in this universe.
the next factor is waiting. This is also de-
pendent upon time.                                             It is of great interest to note that
                                                      imagination as a function of existence be-
         As has been commented earlier, the
                                                      comes drowned in an absence of communi-
only things which float on the time track are
                                                      cation origin. An individual can become so
the moments of silence when no communi-
                                                      dependent upon others for entertainment
cation occurred. These are „no time“ mo-
                                                      and originating communications that he
ments, and so have no time in which they
                                                      himself does not. Indeed, it is very unpopu-
can live, and so they float forward on the
                                                      lar in this society at this time to originate
time-track. It is an oddity that an engram
                                                      communications. One should always say
behaves in such a way as to put all its silent
                                                      that somebody else thought of it first, or that
moments in present time with the preclear
                                                      it goes back to the ancient Ugluks, or that
and leave its talking or action moments
                                                      it’s happened many times before, or that
back on the track. When we took a person
                                                      one has just dug up the information after it
back to birth and ran out birth, we took out
                                                      has been buried, or one is really taking di-
the action moments. If we did not take out,
                                                      rections from the Archangel Smearel, rather
as well, the silent moments in birth, we did
                                                      than stand up and plead guilty to originating
not take out the very things which pin them-
                                                      a communication. Unless one can originate
selves to the preclear in present time. In
                                                      communications one’s imagination is in bad
other words, the birth engram did not move
                                                      shape. The reverse does not happen to be
at all, but the silent moments in birth might
                                                      true. The imagination is not that thing which
have a tendency to come up into present
                                                      is first imperiled and then results in failure
time. These silent moments in engrams and
                                                      to originate communication. Failure of
facsimiles do, themselves, compose the
                                                      communication origin then results in failure
matter extant in the preclear. This matter is
                                                      of imagination, so the rehabilitation of com-
not so much composed of action moments
                                                      munication origin rehabilitates as well the
as silent moments. Thus we see that an
                                                      imagination. This is very good news, in-
individual, the longer he lives in this uni-
                                                      deed, for anyone in the creative arts, par-
verse, the more communication lag he runs
                                                      ticularly, but who is not in the creative arts?
into, the more upset he is about existence,
the greater his communication lag, the more                Examining the whole subject of
he is silent. Of course, obsessive or com-            communication one discovers that there are
DIANETICS 55!                                  59   L. RON HUBBARD

very few people around him in this day and
age who are actively communicating, and
there are a lot of people who think they are
communicating who are not.
DIANETICS 55!                                      60                              L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER XI                              Time, from which we derive the word
                                                               DYNAMIC SEVEN is the urge to-
          PAN-DETERMINISM                               wards survival through Spirit and would
                                                        include the manifestations or the totality of
                                                        awareness of awareness units, thetans,
      An entirely new concept in Dianetics              demons, ghosts, spirits, goblins, and so
and Scientology is that of Pan-Determinism.             forth.
        In Book One we talked about Self-                      DYNAMIC EIGHT is the urge to-
Determinism. Self-Determinism meant, in                 wards survival through a Supreme Being, or
essence, control by the awareness of                    more exactly, Infinity. It is called Dynamic
awareness unit of that which it conceived to            Eight because it is Infinity turned up on its
be its identity. Some effort was made in                side.
Book One to move Self-Determinism out
into the remaining Dynamics.                                    The urge towards survival through
                                                        self, sex, children, groups and mankind is
        Pan-Determinism is a word which                 the proper province of Dianetics.
describes determinism all along the Dynam-
ics. Actually, Self-Determinism attempted to                    Now let us examine the concept of
do this, and our earlier idea of Self-                  Pan-Determinism. Pan-Determinism would
Determinism was a sort of Pan-                          be the willingness to determine or control
Determinism.                                            self and dynamics, other than self, up to the
                                                        eight listed above. Like Self-Determinism,
       We have to remember here that the                Pan-Determinism is self-elected or self-
Dynamics involved in Dianetics are the first            determined, in that one does it knowingly
four. The Dynamics involved in Scientology              and directly, not from obsession, compul-
are the last four of the total set of eight. The        sion or inhibition. An undetermined individ-
Eight Dynamics are as follows:                          ual, of course, does not exist, but an other-
       DYNAMIC ONE is the urge towards                  determined individual definitely can exist.
survival of self.                                       Where we have Self-Determinism, and we
                                                        interpret Self-Determinism as determinism
        DYNAMIC TWO is the urge towards
                                                        on the First Dynamic, we have only willing-
survival through sex, or children, and em-
                                                        ness to control self and no willingness to
braces both the sexual act and the care and
                                                        control anything beyond self. If this is the
raising of children.
                                                        case, in Self-Determinism we have as
       DYNAMIC THREE is the urge to-                    other-determinism sex, children, groups,
wards survival through the group and as the             mankind, and going on into Scientology,
group.                                                  animal life, vegetation, the physical uni-
                                                        verse, spirits, and God – or whatever else
       DYNAMIC FOUR is the urge to-
                                                        might compose Infinity. In view of the fact
wards survival through all mankind and as
                                                        that Self-Determinism was interpreted in
all mankind.
                                                        this fashion it left an individual in the state
        DYNAMIC FIVE is the urge towards                of mind of being willing to be determined on
survival through life forms such as animals,            all other Dynamics and by all ether Dynam-
birds, insects, fish and vegetation, and is             ics except his own personal dynamic. In
the urge to survive as these.                           view of the fact that all auditing is the Third
       DYNAMIC SIX is the urge towards                  Dynamic, and in view of the fact that a per-
survival as the physical universe and has as            sonal dynamic cannot exist, and that an
its components Matter, Energy, Space and                individual as we see him, a man, is actually
                                                        a composite and is not a First Dynamic but
DIANETICS 55!                                      61                              L. RON HUBBARD

a Third Dynamic, we see we are in difficulty            or more groups, two or more planets, two or
with this definition of Self-Determinism and            more life-species, two or more universes,
continued use of Self-Determinism. It is                two or more spirits, whether or not opposed.
necessary, then, to investigate further and             This means that one would not necessarily
to assign more precision to this concept of             fight, he would not necessarily choose
willingness to control.                                 sides.
       When we say control we do not                            This is in total controversy to some
mean the „control case“ where control is                of the most cherished beliefs of Man, but
obsessive or other-determined, or where                 may I point out to you quickly that Man is
the individual is controlling things out of             not an entirely sane person, and thus some
compulsion or fear. We simply mean will-                of his beliefs must be somewhat aberrated.
ingness to start, stop and change. The                  There is such a thing as courage, but there
anatomy of control is just that – starting,             is not such a thing as sanity totally op-
stopping and changing things. Now it is not             posed.
necessary for a person to start, stop and
                                                                People who are afraid of control are
change things just to demonstrate that he
                                                        liable to be afraid of Pan-Determinism but if
can control them. He must, however, to be
                                                        they will see this as a willingness to start,
healthy and capable, be able to start, stop
                                                        change and stop any Dynamic they will see
and change things.
                                                        that a person must be assuming the re-
        Here we come immediately to what                sponsibility for any of the Dynamics. A con-
we mean by ability. It would be the ability to          queror, in his onslaught against society, is
start, change and stop things, and if we                fighting other-determinism. He is starting,
have an ability to start, stop and change               changing and stopping things because of
things, we of course must have a willing-               an unwillingness to associate with or sup-
ness to start, stop and change things.                  port other races or customs than his own.
Those people who are unwillingly behaving               Therefore, what he is doing can be inter-
in some direction so as to start, stop and              preted as „bad.“
change things are very sick people, and in
                                                                In support of this we get all of the
this last category we discover the bulk of
                                                        earlier religious teachings, but these have
the human race at this writing.
                                                        been grossly misinterpreted. These have
        The basic difference between aber-              been interpreted to mean that a person
ration and sanity, between inability and abil-          should not fight in any way, or defend any-
ity, between illness and health, is the know-           thing, or have anything, or own anything.
ingness of causation by self opposed to                 This is not true. A person who is willing to
unknown causation by others or other                    be other identities besides himself, other
things. An individual who knows he is doing             individualities besides himself, does not
it far more capable than one who is doing it            necessarily harm these other individualities.
but supposes something else is doing it.                Indeed, we cannot make the complete dis-
Psychosis is itself simply an inversion of              tinction of other than himself, since we are
determinism. A psychotic is entirely other-             saying in this that he clings to something he
determined, a sane man is in good measure               calls self and supports and defends it with-
Self-Determined. Pan-Determinism would                  out being willing to identify himself with oth-
mean a willingness to start, change and                 ers.
stop on any and all dynamics. That is its
                                                               One of the most maddening debat-
primary definition. A further definition, also a
                                                        ers is one who moves at will between the
precision definition, is: the willingness to
                                                        viewpoints of himself and those who have
start, change and stop two or more forces,
                                                        elected him as an enemy.
whether or not opposed, and this could be
interpreted as two or more individuals, two
DIANETICS 55!                                    62                              L. RON HUBBARD

        There is an important scale down              and above this level we discover an individ-
from Pan-Determinism. It does not lead                ual willing or able to be almost anything and
along a dwindling Dynamic path, but it                so may be at peace with things and does
could, of course. One could simply see as             not have to fight things. An individual at the
Pan-Determinism dwindling the falling off of          Pan-Determinism level can create. An indi-
one Dynamic after another until one is down           vidual at Association, as I have said, can
to First Dynamic, but that is not a particu-          only destroy. An individual at Repair or
larly workable picture and an auditor does            Must and Must Not Happen Again is making
not use it.                                           a very, very heavy effort – and I do mean
                                                      Effort – to survive.
        The Scale down from Pan-
Determinism is: Pan-Determinism, Fighting,                    Let us take for our example of Pan-
Must and Must Not Happen Again, Repair                Determinism the Second Dynamic. Here we
and Association. These are actually proc-             find such a thorough effort to have other-
esses. At the bottom we find an unwilling-            determinism that Freud picked this out as
ness to associate with anything. Just above           the only aberrative factor. It is not the only
this is an unwillingness to repair anything,          aberrative factor, but in view of the fact that
but a willingness to associate somewhat.              it is a desired inflow it can be considered
Above this is a willingness to associate and          with many other things to have some aber-
to repair somewhat, but no willingness to let         rative value. Let us look at it in terms of
certain things happen again. Above this is a          Self-Determinism and Pan-Determinism.
willingness to fight things, and above this is        Here we have an individual believing him-
Pan-Determinism. These are arranged in                self to be a man, who believes that his only
this fashion because this is the ladder a             sexual pleasure can be derived from re-
preclear climbs if he is run on a certain type        maining very solidly a man and having sex-
of process. This is something like the old            ual relationships with a woman, and being
Emotional Scale, which went: Apathy, Grief,           very sure that he is not the woman. On the
Fear, Anger, Antagonism, Boredom, Con-                other hand, we find a woman determined to
servatism, and Enthusiasm, only in this               be herself and experience as herself, and to
case it is a scale of behavior manifesta-             experience a sexual inflow from a man. In
tions. Where an individual who is unwilling           the case of the man, as in the case of the
to associate with various things is certainly         woman, we have an unwillingness to be the
a long way from being Pan-Determined and              other sex. This is considered natural but do
definitely is not even Self-Determined, he            you know that when this is entirely true,
has to come up a ways before he is willing            when we have complete determinism to be
to repair anything, but in this frame of mind         self and not to be to any slightest degree
he can repair quite generally but is unwilling        the other person, there is no sexual pleas-
or unable to create or destroy. An oddity             ure interchange of any kind whatsoever?
here is that a person who is unwilling to             We get the condition known as Satyrism
associate is only able to destroy, and a per-         and Nymphomania. We get a tremendous
son has to be very far up the scale before            anxiety to have a sexual flow.
he can create. In fact, he has to be up
                                                                Probably the only reason you can
around Pan-Determinism to adequately
                                                      see the universe at all is because you are
create. Above this level of repair we find an
                                                      still willing to be some part of it. Probably
individual frozen in many incidents which he
                                                      the only reason you can talk to people is
is preventing from occurring once more and
                                                      because you can be the other person you
is holding the facsimiles or engrams of
                                                      are talking to. Probably the only reason you
these incidents so that he will have a model
                                                      can really let people talk to you is because
and so know what mustn’t occur; and above
                                                      you are willing to let the other person be
this level we discover an individual fighting
                                                      you, somewhat, and he is willing to let you
and being willing to fight almost anything;
DIANETICS 55!                                      63                               L. RON HUBBARD

be him to some degree. In view of the fact              differently endowed, no matter what the
that space itself is a mock-up, is a state of           Communist Party would like to believe.
mind, it can be seen that individuality de-
                                                                 One of the most significant differ-
pends to some degree upon the law that no
                                                        ences from man to man is the degree to
two things must occupy the same space.
                                                        which he is willing to be Pan-Determined.
When we get this law in action we have a
                                                        The man who has to forcefully control eve-
universe. Until this law goes into action
                                                        rything in his vicinity, including his family, is
there is no universe, and one would be hard
                                                        not being Self-Determined, usually, much
put to differentiate entirely. Two things can
                                                        less Pan-Determined. He is not being his
occupy the same space to the degree that
                                                        family. If he were being his family, he would
you are willing to believe they can. It is a
                                                        understand why they are doing what they
very easy thing to talk to an audience if you
                                                        are doing and he would not feel that there
are perfectly willing to be an audience. It is
                                                        was any danger or menace in their going on
a very difficult thing to talk to an audience if
                                                        executing the motions or emanating the
you are unwilling to be an audience. Simi-
                                                        emotions which they do. But, anchored
larly, it is very difficult to be an audience if
                                                        down as one person, rather obsessed with
you are unwilling to be on the stage. One
                                                        the damage that can be done to him or
could conceive that a person who had a
                                                        those around him, an individual is apt to
considerable amount of stage-fright would
                                                        launch himself upon a course of heavy,
be incapable of enjoying a performance of
                                                        solid, super-control of others. Now let’s take
actors. And so it is. We discover the person
                                                        the person who is Self-Determined and
who is in the audience and has, himself,
                                                        Pan-Determined in the same situation, and
considerable stage-fright, writhing and feel-
                                                        we discover that he would have enough
ing embarrassed for every actor who makes
                                                        understanding in the vicinity of his family
the slightest slip on the stage. In other
                                                        and others’ families, and with this under-
words, we find this person compulsively
                                                        standing would be willing to be and experi-
being on the stage although he is in the
                                                        ence as the remainder of the family, and he
                                                        would find out that he actually could control
         Things of this nature have led more            the family with considerable ease. The odd-
than one philosopher to assume that we                  ity of it is that force can control down into
were all from the same mould, or that we                entheta – to enturbulation – but that a Pan-
were all the same thing. This is a very moot            Determinism controls upward into greater
question. Processing demonstrates rather                happiness and understanding since there is
adequately that we are all really individuals           more ARC present. You have seen indi-
and that we are not the same individual,                viduals around whom a great deal of peace
and indeed, people who believe we are all               and quiet obtained. Such individuals quite
the same individual have a very rough time              commonly hold into sanity and cheerfulness
of it. But evidently we could all be the same           many others in their environment who are
individual, at least if we were entirely sane.          not basically stable or Self-Determined at
                                                        all. The individual who is doing this is not
        The physical universe is a sort of
                                                        doing it out of obsession, he is doing it sim-
hypnotic trance where the individual be-
                                                        ply by knowing and being. He understands
lieves himself to be capable of viewing from
                                                        what people are talking about because he
various points. The illusion is rendered very
                                                        is perfectly willing to be these people. When
excellent by the fact that other individuals
                                                        he falls away from understanding what they
believe that they are viewing the same
                                                        are talking about he has also fallen away
things from the same points as they occupy.
                                                        from being willing to be them. The willing-
We are all, as awareness of awareness
                                                        ness to understand, the willingness to be
units, basically different. We are not the
                                                        are, for our purposes, synonymous.
same „pool of Life,“ and we are all evidently
DIANETICS 55!                                       64                               L. RON HUBBARD

      Now      how     does   this         Pan-          start, change and stop of another communi-
Determinism tie into communication?                      cation medium. And with further test and
                                                         experiment we discover that we can do this
        We have seen that difficulties arise
                                                         for all the Dynamics, and when we have
on the cycle of communication and on the
                                                         done this for all the Dynamics we have
two-way cycle of communication where ori-
                                                         brought our preclear up to a point where he
gins of communication, answers and ac-
                                                         is willing to monitor communications on all
knowledgements were scarce. It must be,
                                                         the Dynamics. And when he is willing to do
then, that the individual becoming aberrated
                                                         this, and get origins, answers, and ac-
through communication, must have con-
                                                         knowledgements along all the Dynamics,
ceived the necessity of another determin-
                                                         we find that we have a very serene person
ism. In other words, one has to fall away
                                                         who can do the most remarkable things.
from Pan-Determinism to get into any of the
                                                         Anything you have read concerning the
traps of communication at all.
                                                         potential abilities of the Clear, and a lot
         It is a very fortunate thing for us that        more, comes true when we follow this
Pan-Determinism exists, otherwise there                  course. So it is a very fortunate thing for us
would be absolutely no way whatsoever out                that Pan-Determinism exists. Otherwise
of this maze of mis-communication that a                 there would be no processing anybody.
person gets into. The only way out of it
                                                                 Remember, when you are explaining
would be to have other people come around
                                                         this to people, that it is willingness to control
and do enough talking and go to enough
                                                         on any and all Dynamics, and that it is not
movies, and seek out another Self-
                                                         an obsessive or compulsive control to own,
Determinism which could communicate and
                                                         protect, or hide on any Dynamic. All the ills
make it communicate until one were sane.
                                                         of Earth come from an obsession to own,
However, it doesn’t have to be worked out
                                                         control, protect and hide on other Dynamics
in an unlimited sense in this way. The odd-
                                                         than Self. The true enlightenment of this
ity is that it works out in „mock-up.“ Further,
                                                         world has come from Willingness to be
it works out best in mock-up, for in mock-up
                                                         along any of the Dynamics.
we introduce the idea of Pan- Determinism.
                                                                 One of the things which gives truth
        When we ask somebody to get the
                                                         to Pan-Determinism is the savageness with
idea that somebody else is present, who is
                                                         which the aberrated attempt to drive an
not, and then have him make this person
                                                         individual away from anything resembling
give him answers, we discover after a while
                                                         Pan-Determinism. This is simply an obses-
that some major aberrations have blown out
                                                         sive action on the part of people to climb up
of our preclear. In the first part the preclear
                                                         to Pan-Determinism by force. Pan-
is actually remedying the scarcity of an-
                                                         Determinism cannot be climbed by force.
swers – or, if these were being processed,
                                                         The ladder to that height is not made of
originals or acknowledgements – and is so
                                                         pikes and spears, spankings and police
disentangling communication lines. The
                                                         forces. It is made of Understanding, Affinity,
sense of what he would mock the person up
                                                         Reality and Communication.
as saying would have nothing to do with it.
The communication could be almost pure
gibberish as long as it was an answer. This
would straighten out the bank to a very
marked degree. The other factor which en-
ters into this is Pan-Determinism. We are
making the individual actually mock up
somebody else and make somebody else
say something. In other words, we are mak-
ing our preclear take over the control, the
DIANETICS 55!                                   65                              L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER XII                                 Where they are on the ARC Scale
                                                     Spot Spots in Space                      4.0
                                                     Spot Spots in Space                      3.6
                                                     Remedy of Havingness                     3.5
        Today’s auditor must be conversant
with six Basic Processes and must be able            Remedy of Havingness                     3.1
to get results with these processes before
                                                     Opening Procedure by Duplication.        3.0
he can expect to get results with higher
levels of auditing.                                  Opening Procedure by Duplication.        2.6
        These six processes form a roadway           Opening Procedure 8-C .                  2.5
for more than the auditor. We discover that          Opening Procedure 8-C .
they compose a tone-scale. This tone-scale
is as follows: at its lowest and highest             Elementary Straightwire                  1.8
reaches, whether by mimicry, words, or               Elementary Straightwire                  1.1
mock-up, we have two-way communication.
Next above this, occupying a position from           Two-way Communication .                  1.0
about 1.1 to 1.8 on the Chart of Human               Two-Way Communication .                  -8.0
Evaluation as given in „Science of Survival,“
                                                           “One-Shot Clear“                   4.0
we have Elementary Straightwire. Above
this we have, from 1.8 to 2.5, Opening Pro-                “One-Shot Clear“                   2.5
cedure. Above this, from 2.6 to 3.0, we
have Opening Procedure by Duplication.
Above this we have Remedy of Having-                        As covered much more fully in „The
ness, from 3.1 to 3.5, and above this, from          Creation of Human Ability,“ available from
3.6 to 4.0, Spotting Spots in Space.                 the Hubbard Scientology Organization,
                                                     these Six Basic Processes form the back-
        An auditor, in auditing these six ba-        ground to all processes. Through them we
sic processes, becomes sufficiently capable          find two-way communication everywhere. It
in observing and communicating that he               can be said with honesty that there is no
can handle (or, can bring the preclear up to         auditing without two-way communication.
the point where he can handle) the „subjec-
tive process“ which remedies communica-                      The process, Two-way Communica-
tion, or the other one which is the „One-            tion itself, could be subdivided into verbal
Shot Clear.“                                         and non-verbal processes. The verbal
                                                     processes would include questions about
        The problem of psychosis never               the present time environment and the pre-
rightly belonged in Dianetics but it has been        clear’s life, interests, and so forth, and
solved there. Opening Procedure of 8-C               would get a direct answer to every question,
and the Mimicry techniques as given in the           no matter how long the communication lag
PABs resolve psychosis. They resolve it              was. In other words, a two-way communica-
rapidly and care for it adequately, and we           tion would be entered upon so as to actu-
have no real worry on that score. The only           ally bring the preclear to talk to the auditor.
reason we would enter the field of psycho-           In the case of people who have great diffi-
sis at all would be to find out how far South        culties in this line, we have non-verbal
our techniques worked.                               techniques such as Mimicry, wherein the
                                                     auditor mimics the preclear and persuades
                                                     the preclear to mimic the auditor. Various
                                                     processes are used, such as passing a ball
DIANETICS 55!                                        66                              L. RON HUBBARD

back and forth between them, nodding,                     agreed-upon manifestation in the environ-
shaking hands, sitting down, standing up,                 ment, not the twisting of hands. If the audi-
walking across the room and back and sit-                 tor does this, the preclear will begin to nod
ting down, all of which are effective.                    more and twist his hands less. If the auditor
                                                          were to begin to mimic the psychotic by
        Much of this book, „Dianetics 55!“ is
                                                          twisting hands, he would discover that the
on the subject of two-way communication,
                                                          psychotic would probably stop twisting his
and the totality of auditing is bringing a pre-
                                                          hands, but would do something else more
clear into excellent two-way communication,
                                                          bizarre. And if the auditor mimics this much
and it is conceived a little difficult by instruc-
                                                          more bizarre thing, the psychotic will simply
tors to relay the „process“ called Two-way
                                                          go on to something even wilder or might
Communication. However, it is actually
                                                          become entirely motionless, for the one fear
simplicity itself, for all that is necessary is to
                                                          the psychotic has is becoming predictable.
get the preclear to actually volunteer com-
                                                          The psychotic is under the control of enti-
munication and answer the communications
                                                          ties, demon-circuits. He does have a grain
volunteered to him. There is always some-
                                                          of sanity present, otherwise he would not be
thing the preclear will talk about.
                                                          able to function at all. Therefore, those
        Mimicry, particularly when used on                things which he does which are sane must
psychotics, is a precision subject. Mimicry               be mimicked and so reinforced. If an auditor
is not a new process, it is almost as old as              knows this thoroughly and practices it
psycho-therapy, but it is spotty when used                smartly he will discover that psychotics can
without an intimate knowledge of validation.              be brought into two-way communication
It can be said that that which one validates              and moved immediately into Opening Pro-
comes true. The only force or strength Life               cedure of 8-C, the proper process for psy-
has is that which derives directly from the               chotics. 8-C, while not a psychotic process,
upper echelon of Understanding. When Life                 does work on psychotics. However, in work-
gets down to a point where it is incompre-                ing Opening Procedure of 8-C on the psy-
hensible it cannot relay any understanding.               chotic, the auditor must be very careful not
Understanding this is essential for an audi-              to go beyond part „a“ for a long, long time.
tor. He must realize that he gives power to
                                                                  From the process known as „Two-
everything he validates. We made some
                                                          way Communication“ we move on to the
thing important out of the engram, and by
                                                          process known as „Elementary Straight-
validating engrams, we actually, where they
                                                          wire.“ Elementary Straightwire has two ba-
were audited poorly, gave force and power
                                                          sic commands. One of these commands is
to engrams. Thus it is with the psychotic. To
                                                          used continually, over, and over, and over,
mimic the strange, peculiar, bizarre and
                                                          and over, until the communication lag is
unusual things he does is to give force and
                                                          entirely flat on it and then the other com-
strength to those things. It cannot be said
                                                          mand is used over, and over, and over until
with sufficient emphasis that the auditor
                                                          the communication lag is entirely flat, at
must never mimic the strange, bizarre and
                                                          which time it will be discovered that the first
unusual manifestations of the psychotic.
                                                          command will now give communication lag.
The only way that the auditor can make
                                                          And so it is used over, and over, and over,
mimicry work consistently and continually
                                                          and then the second one is used over, and
and rapidly, is by validating what the envi-
                                                          over, and over. In other words, what we do
ronment considers the agreed-upon, the
                                                          here is to use this process of Elementary
usual, the routine, the ordinary. Perhaps the
                                                          Straightwire with just two commands, con-
psychotic is twisting his hands madly, and
                                                          tinually, one command at a time, flattening
occasionally nodding slightly. The auditor,
                                                          each communication lag encountered.
to mimic him, would not twist his hands, but
                                                          While one is doing this, of course, one
would nod slightly, since a nod is the
                                                          maintains two-way communication. He ac-
DIANETICS 55!                                     67                              L. RON HUBBARD

knowledges the fact that the preclear has              to bring a person into a completely relaxed
recalled something and is in general alert to          and Self-Determined state of mind regard-
receive from the preclear an originated                ing orders. Opening Procedure of 8-C is a
communication, answer it, and give further             precision process. Step „a“ of Opening Pro-
orders. The two commands of Elementary                 cedure of 8-C is „Do you see that object?“
Straightwire are: „Give me something you               the auditor pointing. When the preclear sig-
wouldn’t mind remembering,“ „Give me                   nifies that he does, the auditor says, „Walk
something you wouldn’t mind forgetting.“               over to it.“ When the preclear has walked
This can be varied with: „Tell me something            over to it, the auditor says, „Touch it.“ When
you wouldn’t mind remembering,“ „Tell me               the preclear does, the auditor says, „Let
something you wouldn’t mind forgetting.“               go,“ and designates another object – a wall,
This Elementary Straightwire is a standard             a lamp – calls it by name or not, and goes
form. If it is varied it should be varied to-          through the same procedure once more. It
wards simplicity. A simple form of straight-           is important that the auditor specifically ac-
wire is „Remember something,“ over and                 knowledge each time the preclear has exe-
over, again, and again, and again, and                 cuted the command given. When the pre-
again, and again. Do not use, however,                 clear has seen the object, when he has
„Forget something,“ since this is far too              walked over to it, when he has touched it,
rough for the preclear. Another even sim-              when he has let go – each time the auditor
pler form is to apply „Remember something“             signifies that he has perceived and does
to the Dynamics, such as „Remember a                   acknowledge this action on the part of the
man,“ „Remember a group.“ The only error               preclear. This Step „a“ is used until the pre-
that can be made in Elementary Straight-               clear does it easily, smoothly, without the
wire is to get too fancy, for one does not             slightest variation or introduction of any
believe that an auditor who has advanced               physical communication lag, and has dem-
this far in auditing would make an error in            onstrated completely that he has no upset
communication. There is an entire gamut                feeling about the auditor or objects in the
which we call „The next to the last list in            room.
Self-Analysis“ published in the original edi-
                                                               When „a“ has been run for a length
tion of „Self-Analysis“ which has many
                                                       of time necessary to bring the case up tone,
times been known to break a person from a
                                                       Part „b“ is run. Part „b“ introduces the idea
neurotic to a sane state. This is: „Can you
                                                       of decision. It is notable that the „One-Shot
recall a time that is really real to you?“ „Can
                                                       Clear“ must be very strong on this power of
you recall a time when you were communi-
                                                       decision. It is also notable that a person in
cating well to someone?“ „Can you recall a
                                                       extremely bad condition has no power of
time when someone was communicating
                                                       decision. The commands of Part „b“ are:
well to you?“ „Can you recall a time when
                                                       „Pick a spot in this room,“ and when the
you felt Affinity for someone?“ „Can you
                                                       preclear has: „Walk over to it,“ and when
recall a time when someone felt Affinity for
                                                       the preclear does: „Put your finger on it,“
you?“ By keeping this in the Understanding
                                                       and when the preclear has: „Let go.“ Each
or Affinity line a case advances more rap-
                                                       time, the auditor acknowledges the comple-
idly than if mis-emotion and other factors
                                                       tion of the command by the preclear, signi-
are addressed.
                                                       fying „All right,“ „O.K.,“ or „Fine,“ making it
       Opening Procedure of 8-C is one of              very plain that he has noticed and approves
the most effective and powerful processes              of and is acknowledging the preclear in fol-
ever developed and should be recognized                lowing each specific command. He ap-
and used as such. The main error which is              proves of these one at a time in this fash-
made in the Opening Procedure of 8-C is                ion. The preclear is run on this until he
not to do it long enough. It takes about 15            demonstrates no physical communication
hours of Opening Procedure of 8-C in order
DIANETICS 55!                                     68                               L. RON HUBBARD

lag of any kind in making up his mind what             past. A little time spent on this can be quite
to touch, how to touch it, and so forth.               beneficial.
        Part „c“ of Opening Procedure of 8-                       The auditor then begins what will
C introduces further decision. It goes as              become to the preclear before he is through
follows: the auditor says, „Pick a spot in this        with this some of the most hated phrases
room,“ and when the preclear has, the audi-            anyone could conceive, but which, by the
tor says „Walk over to it.“ When the preclear          time the preclear is finished with this, be-
does, the auditor says, „Make up your mind             come just like any other phrases. Many
when you are going to place your finger on             people believe that opening Procedure by
it, and do so.“ When the preclear has, the             Duplication induces hypnosis. This is be-
auditor says, „Make up your mind when you              cause in running it hypnotism runs off: the
are going to let go, and let go.“ The auditor          preclear, while the hypnotism is running off,
each time acknowledges the completion of               may feel quite hypnotized. It is the exact
one of these orders to the preclear.                   reverse of hypnotism. Hypnotism is an effort
                                                       to persuade the individual to do nothing, to
        In doing Opening Procedure of 8-C
                                                       sit still, and to accept fully the inflow. Open-
the preclear must not be permitted to exe-
                                                       ing Procedure by Duplication contains two-
cute a command before it is given, and a
                                                       way communication, and indeed does not
two-way communication must be main-
                                                       work unless two-way communication is
tained. As I have said, Opening Procedure
                                                       done with it. The main liability in doing two-
of 8-C is a very powerful process. If all audi-
                                                       way communication on Opening Procedure
tors knew how to do this Opening Proce-
                                                       by Duplication is that the auditor, in intro-
dure of 8-C and could do this very well, we
                                                       ducing two-way communication to it, may
would right there have psycho-therapy
                                                       stray considerably from the pattern laid
licked. But we are not trying to lick psycho-
                                                       down. He must not do this. Although he is
therapy. It has never been a major problem
                                                       maintaining two-way communication he
to us. We are trying to bring people a long
                                                       must adhere very sharply to the process.
way further North than psycho-therapy ever
                                                       He can make the preclear tell more about
dreamed of, and Dianetics and Scientology
                                                       them, he can make the preclear describe
are not psycho-therapies, they are proc-
                                                       various things which are manifesting them-
esses which increase the abilities of people.
                                                       selves to the preclear; he can be insistent
        Opening Procedure by Duplication               the preclear really knows he has just picked
has as its goal the separating of time, mo-            this up, but he must stay with this sequence
ment from moment. This is done by getting              of auditing commands, and may not vary
a preclear to duplicate the same action over           from them even vaguely. He can interject
and over again with two dissimilar objects.            other conversation, but not other auditing
In England this process is called „Book and            commands, into Opening Procedure by
Bottle,“ probably because these two familiar           Duplication.
objects are the most used in doing Opening
                                                               The auditing commands are: „Do
Procedure by Duplication.
                                                       you see that book?“ says the auditor, point-
        The first step in Opening Procedure            ing. When the preclear signifies that he has,
by Duplication is to familiarize the preclear          the auditor says, „Walk over to it.“ When the
with beth objects, as to their reality and his         preclear does, the auditor says, „Pick it up.“
ability to own them. One makes himself                 When the preclear does, the auditor says,
handle them, and feel them, and acquaint               „Look at it.“ When the preclear does (usu-
himself with them, makes him describe                  ally he was looking at it but now looks at it
them as objects he is experiencing in pre-             more closely) the auditor says, „Give me its
sent time, not as something related into the           color.“ When the preclear does, the auditor
                                                       says, „Give me its weight.“ When the pre-
DIANETICS 55!                                   69                              L. RON HUBBARD

clear does, the auditor says, „Give me its                   The Remedy of Havingness is an
temperature.“ When the preclear has, the             extremely effective process for it remedies
auditor says, „Put it back exactly as you            the ability of the preclear to have or not
found it.“ This action sequence having been          have at will. Sometimes auditors interpret
completed, the auditor points to the bottle.         this process as inflow, only. That is be-
„Do you see that bottle?“ When the preclear          cause the physical universe is an inflow
does, the auditor says, „Walk over to it.“           universe, and it is all too easy for an auditor
When the preclear does, the auditor says,            to assign to auditing and all other actions
„Pick it up.“ When the preclear has, the             inflow characteristics only.
auditor says, „Look at it.“ When the preclear
                                                             The modus operandi of the Remedy
does, the auditor says, „Give me its color.“
                                                     of Havingness is to have the preclear mock
When the preclear has, the auditor says,
                                                     up something, pull it in, or mock up some-
„Give me its weight.“ When the preclear
                                                     thing and throw it away. It does not matter
has, the auditor says, „Give me its tempera-
                                                     what you have him mock up. The item can
ture.“ When the preclear has, the auditor
                                                     have significance or not as the case may
says, „Put it back exactly as you found it.“
                                                     be. Preclears who are low in tone, if this is
Then the auditor says, pointing out the
                                                     run on them, have a tendency to make eve-
book, „Do you see that book?“ and so on,
                                                     rything they mock very significant. It is not
back and forth, using this exact sequence
                                                     the significance, it is the mass that counts.
of commands. The auditor can interject
                                                     However, to keep the preclear interested, or
„Describe it more fully.“ The auditor can
                                                     to assist his mocking up, an auditor may
sometimes, but not oftener than once every
                                                     designate specific things, and does so.
15 minutes, point to the book, have the pre-
clear go through the full sequence with the                 It will be found that the acceptance
book, and then point to the book again, and          level and expectance level of the preclear
have the preclear once more go through the           very definitely monitor what he mocks up,
full sequence with the book. This will break         and what he can pull in and what he can
down the automatic machinery a preclear is           throw away. As covered in the Professional
bound to set up to compensate for this               Auditor’s Bulletins, acceptance level proc-
process. We want to keep the preclear do-            esses can be combined with the Remedy of
ing it, not his machines. By asking the pre-         Havingness.
clear to describe the object, or describe its               The commands of Remedy of Hav-
temperature more fully in its proper se-             ingness are as follows: „Mock up a (planet,
quence in these commands, machines are               man, brick).“ „Make a copy of it.“ „Make a
also broken down and the alertness and the           copy of it.“ „Make a copy of it.“ And when
awareness of the preclear is increased.              the preclear has from five to 15 copies,
        The auditor must not omit letting the        „Push them all together.“ „Now pull them in
preclear give him the preclear’s reaction.           on you.“ When the preclear has done this
The preclear will pause, seem to be con-             for some time, the last command is varied
fused. It is up to the auditor at that moment        by saying, „Throw them away and have
to say, „What happened?“ and to find out             them disappear in the distance.“ In other
what happened, and then to continue with             words, we have the preclear mock up
the process, having acknowledged the                 something, and when he has we have him
communication of the preclear. An auditor            make a copy of it, make another copy, and
must never be afraid to let a preclear ema-          another copy, and another copy, one at a
nate a communication, and an auditor must            time, push them together and pull them in
never fail to acknowledge the completion of          or throw them away.
an auditing action, no matter how minute.                   We keep up this process for some
                                                     time until we are very certain that he can
DIANETICS 55!                                      70                              L. RON HUBBARD

actually throw things away or pull them in              ders. Preclears would pretend to follow an
on himself at will. This is the Remedy of               auditor’s orders but actually would not.
Havingness. Remedy of Havingness does
                                                                The process known as Spotting
not mean stuffing the preclear with energy.
                                                        Spots in Space is not to be attempted on
It means remedying his ability to have or
                                                        somebody who is having a difficult time,
not have energy. Run with particular signifi-
                                                        and when it is attempted it should be ac-
cances such as money, women, et cetera,
                                                        companied with Remedy of Havingness.
one could remedy specific scarcities on the
                                                        One makes a person spot spots in space
part of the preclear. But remember that at
                                                        for a short time, then remedies Havingness,
first they may be so scarce that at first he
                                                        makes them spot spots in space, then
may have to waste a large quantity of them
                                                        remedies Havingness, then spot spots in
before he can have one.
                                                        space. These two processes, Remedying
        On an awareness of awareness unit               Havingness and Spot Spots in Space actu-
exteriorized we run Remedy of Havingness,               ally belong together, however the preclear
but a little differently. We say, „Put up eight         eventually emerges up in a higher band
anchor points.“ We describe to him how we               where he can spot spots in space without
want these put up. We want them put up in               remedying Havingness.
such a way as to form the corners of a
                                                                The auditing commands are: „Spot a
cube. In other words, these eight anchor
                                                        spot in the space of this room.“ When the
points are not put in a group in front of or
                                                        preclear has, the auditor says, „Spot an-
behind the preclear, they are to be distrib-
                                                        other spot,“ etc. When the preclear gets
uted around him. When the preclear has
                                                        well into the process in this fashion we say,
done this we say, „Pull them into you.“ We
                                                        „Spot a spot in the space of this room.“
keep this up for a long time. We also have
                                                        „Walk over to it,“ and when he has, „Put
the preclear exteriorized mock up eight an-
                                                        your finger on it.“ When he does, „Let go.“
chor points and send them away from him.
A preclear exteriorized can be very un-                          The auditor should ask the preclear
happy about his lack of havingness and this             when he starts this process if the spot has
last process is used to remedy this upset.              any mass, color, temperature, or any other
                                                        characteristics, or „How big is it?“ The audi-
         Remedy of Havingness is an exteri-
                                                        tor asks this to make sure that the preclear
orization technique. If it is run on an individ-
                                                        is actually spotting a spot, a simple location,
ual long enough, say eight or ten hours, he
                                                        not a spot that has a mass, temperature, or
will probably exteriorize at the end of that
                                                        characteristics. A location is simply a loca-
time. If you kept on running it as an exterior-
                                                        tion, it does not have mass, it does not have
ized process, given in the second part
                                                        color, it does not have any temperature.
above, he would then have his visio clear
                                                        When we ask the preclear to spot a spot at
up, and he would finally get into very excel-
                                                        first his spots are liable to have mass and
lent condition. This is quite a process.
                                                        temperature. We do not object to this, we
However, remember this process depends
                                                        simply ask him frequently, once we have
upon the preclear following the auditor’s
                                                        discovered that his spots do have this, how
orders. Unless the auditor has guaranteed
                                                        his spots are getting along, and we remem-
this by Opening Procedure of 8-C and
                                                        ber, on such a preclear, that we must rem-
Opening Procedure by Duplication, the
                                                        edy havingness. Eventually he will move
chances of the preclear’s actually following
                                                        out to a point where he is simply spotting
his orders (although pretending to do so)
are very slim. We discovered in old-time
Dianetics that the breakdown was in the                        These are the Six Basic Processes
preclear failing to follow the auditor’s or-            that an auditor must know. They are all of
                                                        them very powerful processes, and each
DIANETICS 55!                                       71                               L. RON HUBBARD

and any one of them can accomplish the                   particular area simply because the area
goals which were envisioned in „Dianetics:               was taught nothing but communication lag
The Modern Science of Mental Health.“ The                and the Opening Procedure of 8-C and did
essence of these processes is to do them                 nothing thereafter but this. Out in the out-
as given, to do them „purely,“ all the while             skirts of this area a couple of auditors var-
maintaining a two-way communication with                 ied Opening Procedure by Duplication and
the preclear. Auditors get into minor varia-             were reported to be having very good luck
tions on this set of processes, but these                with the variation, but these two auditors
processes were evolved first in theory by                were not part of the crew who were taught
myself, were developed in practice by my-                Opening Procedure of 8-C and communica-
self, and were then given to many auditors               tion lag, and the results they are obtaining
to do, and many auditors were trained in                 are very junior to the results obtained by
them, and then these processes were re-                  their own fellows very close by.
fined and inspected until they represent a
                                                                  It could be said that the only real
very broad agreement, and we have found
                                                         danger in auditing was failure. Auditing is
that these commands, as you have them
                                                         the start, change and stop of aberration, or
here, are the best commands which can be
                                                         the creation of ability. Today creation of
used in processing a preclear. The failure of
                                                         ability takes prominence to a point where
an auditor to duplicate, his unwillingness to
                                                         aberration drops out of sight and is forgot-
duplicate, his upset about duplication in
                                                         ten. But the auditor who does not obtain
general will quite often lead him up the blind
                                                         results is demonstrating to himself that he
alley of varying a process compulsively or
                                                         cannot control human aberration and hu-
obsessively. When he does he can expect
                                                         man ability, and a demonstration of his fail-
to lessen the results. Auditing today, by the
                                                         ure to himself is sufficient to make him
experience of a very large number of audi-
                                                         slightly incapable in handling his own diffi-
tors, is a very severe discipline on the indi-
                                                         culties. Thus it is a tremendously important
vidual. It is not an art, and it never will be an
                                                         thing that we have processes which, when
art. It is a precision science. In the old days,
                                                         used exactly as given, and used with skill,
all this talk about art and intuition and in-
                                                         produce uniformly good results on pre-
stinctiveness cost a lot of preclears the
                                                         clears. An auditor using these on preclears
benefit of auditing. Auditing in the long ago
                                                         gets better, and better, and better, and bet-
was tremendously complicated but it was
                                                         ter even when he doesn’t have any auditing
none the less precise. Now that it is very
                                                         himself – a thing which was not the story in
simple it is still very precise.
                                                         1950. When you can control aberration in
        Amongst these processes an under-                others, when you can increase the ability of
standing of communication lag and Opening                others, you certainly do not worry about
Procedure of 8-C were chose as the two                   your own. An auditor who has consistent
processes to be taught to a very large area              failures will eventually drop back to self-
which contained a large number of auditors.              auditing, but these processes will cure even
This area had been noteworthy, heretofore,               that. Self-auditing, of course, is the mani-
for the strange results „obtained“ by audi-              festation of going around running concepts
tors and the strange techniques which were               or processes on one’s self. One is doing
used in it. A couple of auditors were sent               this because he has been made afraid,
into this area to teach everybody communi-               through his failure on others, of his ability to
cation lag and Opening Procedure of 8-C.                 control his own engrams, facsimiles,
Actually these two auditors were originally              thoughts and concepts, and he seeks to
from this area. They did so, and several                 control them through auditing. It is not nec-
lives have been reported saved to date, and              essary for an individual to audit himself in
a great many cases have been salvaged,                   order to control his own machinery.
and the entire science is looking up in that
DIANETICS 55!                                     72                               L. RON HUBBARD

        Before anyone should adventure in              He does not repeat the command on which
the direction of testing the „One-Shot-Clear“          the preclear got the lag. It is easier to do
or doing anything about exteriorizing the              this way, it is a more orderly process when
awareness of awareness unit and so mak-                it is done this way. By very close theory, the
ing a Clear, he should be entirely conver-             actual command on which the preclear
sant with these processes. Actually, any of            lagged should be repeated again, but this is
these processes run long enough would                  not done.
probably result in an exteriorization. There
                                                              These are the six basic processes
are faster ways to achieve an exteriorization
                                                       which we must know before we can consti-
than these processes, but these processes
                                                       tute ourselves auditors. These are the
are preliminary to them. The preclear who
                                                       processes which are getting results. These
cannot follow the auditor’s orders will not sit
                                                       are the processes which are making able
there and do a subjective – which is to say,
                                                       men and able women.
an out-of-sight, in his own mind – process
without varying it. The trouble with the pre-                  These processes can be varied into
clear is that he cannot duplicate, he cannot           specific uses where ability is concerned.
follow the orders of the auditor, and when             One of the uses of these, for instance,
the auditor tells him to run a concept or a            would be to raise the ability of a pilot to fly a
thought, the preclear probably pays token              plane, or a person to drive a car, simply by
nod to this and runs entirely something                having him approach, touch, and let go of
else. A very close E-Meter review of a                 various parts of the object to be controlled.
number of preclears who were not advanc-               The exact procedure as given above of
ing under „subjective processes“ disclosed             Opening Procedure is run, except that the
that each and every one of them had never              object to be controlled is used. Typists have
run what the auditor told them to run. They            learned to type better, people have learned
were afraid of obeying the auditor, they               to drive cars better, and many other abilities
were afraid of what the auditor was doing,             have been recovered simply by running 8-
they were afraid of his skill. Opening Proce-          C. One could envision a pianist who was
dure of 8-C remedies this fear and brings              getting tired, run-down, or upset by his mu-
the inability and unwillingness of the pre-            sic, coming into full awareness of it once
clear out into the open where it belongs.              more simply by running 8-C on his instru-
                                                       ment or instruments.
        In Opening Procedure by Duplica-
tion we very often get a preclear „blowing                    If we wanted to increase the ability
the session“ where the auditor has run an              of a salesman, it would only be necessary
insufficient quantity of Opening Procedure             to run any of the above processes in their
of 8-C. When a preclear „blows the session“            proper position on the tone scale to in-
on Opening Procedure by Duplication, the               crease his ability. Abilities increase, in gen-
auditor has missed. He has not run enough              eral, when these are run.
Opening Procedure of 8-C. How much is                          When does one run what process?
enough Opening Procedure of 8-C? Until                 One should have a copy of the Chart of
the person is in very good condition as                Human Evaluation from „Science of Sur-
homo sapiens.                                          vival“ and know that chart well in order to
       Remember that whether the com-                  understand exactly where one starts. In
mand is physical or mental, the auditor                general practice, however, an auditor sim-
must observe communication lag. In Open-               ply starts with two-way communication, and
ing Procedure of 8-C he simply repeats the             when he is getting answers to his questions
process command all the way through, and               and is taking rather freely with his preclear
then again, and again and again and in                 he goes into Elementary Straightwire, and
such a way flattens any lag that shows up.
DIANETICS 55!                                   73   L. RON HUBBARD

from Elementary Straightwire he goes into
Opening Procedure of 8-C.
        There is a variation on two-way
communication. If you have a difficulty in
getting a preclear started in two-way com-
munication it is a very easy thing to get him
talking on problems, and from problems to
run this one, „What problem could you be to
yourself?“ „What problem could you be to
others?“ running one and then the other
each time until the preclear understood he
could be an infinity of problems. Many peo-
ple are so thoroughly scarce on problems
that they will not let any go until they know
that they can create problems for them-
selves. When a case is stalling, he is gen-
erally finding it very hard to give up a pet
problem because he knows he can’t have
any more. Of course, all this is basically
situated on answers. He can’t have any
answers so he has to have problems, then
from problems he finally gets to a point
where he can’t even have these.
        Anyone desiring to be a good audi-
tor should follow this chapter very closely,
should provide himself with a copy of „The
Creation of Human Ability,“ and should also
procure „Science of Survival“ and study
them. The best way to become an auditor is
to be trained as an auditor. We have found
this so much the case that while we offered
an examination to anyone who wished to
take it to the grade of Hubbard Certified
Auditor, or Hubbard Dianetic Auditor, we
never expected them to pass it – for they
never had, even though it was on the most
simple elements as you see before you.
There is no substitute for good training.
DIANETICS 55!                                    74                               L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER XIII                          master. That which one fears becomes
                                                      one’s master. If an individual were willing to
                                                      communicate with anything and everything
                                                      in the entire universe he would then be free
 THE PROCESSING OF COMMU-                             in the entire universe. Additionally, he would
         NICATION                                     have an unlimited supply of distances and
                                                      terminals. A barrier, perforce, is something
        If you will examine the Six Basic             which an individual cannot communicate
Processes you will discover that they are             beyond. When we see space as a barrier,
communication processes. The efficacy of              its total operation as a barrier is the inability
8-C derives from the fact that it places into         of the individual to be at the other extreme
the realm of knowingness communication                end of that space or outside that space.
with the physical universe. The physical              When we see energy as a barrier, we sim-
universe does not give us back answers,               ply see it as something which will not permit
but the Opening Procedure of 8-C remedies             the egress or ingress of an individual. When
to a marked degree the liability of this no-          we see mass, walls or time as a barrier, we
answer situation by making the individual             mean „imagined impossibility of communi-
aware of the fact that walls are simply walls,        cation.“ If you do not imagine that you can-
that chairs are chairs, and floors floors, and        not communicate, then there cannot be a
ceilings ceilings. Opening Procedure by               barrier.
Duplication is processing another facet of                     At the same time we are placed up
communication: Terminals, the object (ter-            against this conundrum: in the absence of
minal) at Cause interchanging flow with the           communication, in the absence of inter-
object (terminal) at Effect. Elementary               changes of communication, in the absence
Straightwire is simply a communication with           of other terminals, flows, and terminals to
the past, and securing of answers from the            which others can communicate, an aware-
past, in other words, using the past as a             ness of awareness unit is not, by its own
terminal. Havingness, in itself, describes            consideration, living. Livingness is commu-
the mass at a terminal, or masses, and                nication. Communication is livingness. We
Spotting Spots in Space improves the toler-           add to this the variant degrees of Affinity.
ance of an absence of a communication                 We add to it Agreements and attain Reality,
terminal.                                             but still these are only significances entered
        These Six Basic Processes, as de-             into communication. Any and all types of
signed, bring an individual up a gradient             significances can be entered into communi-
scale of tolerance for more and more com-             cation in order to „give a reason for“ com-
munication. Once a preclear has been                  munication. These „reasons for“ are simply
pressed through these he is ready for the             reasons for a game, reasons to have com-
direct processing of communication. He is             munication.
not ready for the direct processing of com-                   In the light of the concept of Pan-
munication until he has been put through              Determinism we see that an individual has
these Six Basic Processes.                            to assume that he cannot know what an-
       The ability of an individual depends           other is talking about if he wishes to com-
upon his ability to communicate. The first            municate with and depend upon the com-
and foremost of mechanical abilities is this          munications of that other. In other words, he
communication ability. An individual who              has to pretend he cannot communicate. An
cannot communicate with something will                individual who has some sort of barrier
become the victim of that something. That             around him must pretend that he cannot
which a person withdraws from in this uni-            communicate beyond that barrier. Actually
verse becomes, to a marked degree, his                this is nothing more nor less than a pre-
DIANETICS 55!                                    75                              L. RON HUBBARD

tence. These barriers are the shadows                 answers or originated communications from
through which the fish would not move.                these „dead cells“ and we discover this so-
They could have swum through these shad-              matic-ridden area coming to life, waking up,
ows except for the fact that they did not             becoming active once more. This in itself is
believe they could penetrate beyond the               a specific for all types of somatics. All one
shadows. It could be said that belief alone           has to do is to have the preclear mock up
is the reason for any entrapment.                     answers in these dead cell areas. An ulti-
                                                      mate truth, which is studied to a far greater
        However, there are the mechanics
                                                      extent in „The Creation of Human Ability“, is
of entrapment and we discover that an en-
                                                      a Nothingness, but this ultimate truth is not
trapment must be a communication barrier.
                                                      Life. Life is composed of this pretence that
An individual becomes entrapped in some-
                                                      one cannot communicate, that one must
thing because he does not believe he can
                                                      communicate. It is composed of this intri-
communicate outside of it, or he becomes
                                                      cate tangle of communications and self-
fixated on a terminal as a terminal himself.
                                                      erected barriers which give us games.
        To be very precise, the reason why            When we get too deeply immersed in this
an individual is entrapped has to do with             game, when answers get entirely too
scarcity of communication. An individual is           scarce, we forget that we were the one who
still waiting, is still looking towards some-         interposed the idea that no answers were to
thing, expecting it to communicate to him. It         be given.
has not, and he has eventually turned his
                                                                Silences do not process. There is
attention slightly off of this onto something
                                                      entirely too much silence on the track. Re-
else which he expects to communicate to
                                                      member that: it does not process. You can
him. And when this does not, he expects
                                                      fill silence, but silence itself is death. When
communication and so finds it elsewhere,
                                                      you process silence you process the pre-
but each time he sets up one of these ex-
                                                      clear down towards death, not upward to-
pectancy lines he is to that tiny degree
                                                      wards life. The way to process him upward
trapped against the terminal from which he
                                                      towards life is by supplying abundance of
was expecting but did not get communica-
                                                      communication. We find the preclears who
tion. Thus, we have the entire bundle
                                                      are in the worst condition are the preclears
known as the reactive mind, the entire
                                                      who are the most silent, the most out of
anatomy of ridges, and any other enturbula-
                                                      communication. These are the closest to
tive mechanism, and even problems them-
                                                      death, closest to aberration. The way to get
selves, being a seemingly endless chain of
                                                      them alive again is to remedy some of the
communication scarcities.
                                                      scarcity of communication. For a preclear
        What are the specific scarcities in a         who is in very bad shape, or in common
communication line? There is no scarcity of           practice, any preclear you would encounter,
silence. Anyone has far too much silence.             you would use first the Six Basic Steps in
Silence might be conceived to be the native           order to bring the individual up to something
state of a thetan – an awareness of aware-            approaching a livable communication strata.
ness unit – but it is not, for obviously a            And then you would go immediately into the
thetan is alive only to the degree that he is         remedy of scarcity of communication by
communicating, is action – concentrated               having him mock up himself, even if just as
only to the degree that he is living. We dis-         ideas, the various parts of a two-way cycle
cover that the tiny cells of the body consider        of communication.
themselves to be the very mirrors of truth
                                                             The parts of a communication cycle
when they are the most silent. There is an
                                                      that have to be remedied are: (1) originated
interesting and peculiar test here where the
                                                      communications, (2) people to communi-
auditor has the preclear mock up in any
                                                      cate to, or other awareness of awareness
area which contains a somatic a great many
DIANETICS 55!                                       76                                L. RON HUBBARD

units to communicate to, (3) answers, (4)                nowledgements? The answer to this is
acknowledgements, and additionally, but                  „none.“ No variety is necessary whatsoever.
not as important, (5) arrivals, (6) depar-               Simply the idea of communication, with
tures.                                                   some sort of a specific idea being commu-
                                                         nicated, is all that is necessary. Having the
        It is not necessary that the preclear
                                                         preclear, silent himself, mock up before him
have the ability to mock up or put out and
                                                         something saying „Hello,“ and saying
hear back sound. In other words, sonic and
                                                         „Hello“ again, and saying „Hello“ again, and
visio are net necessary to this process. The
                                                         having him mock this up behind him saying
entirety necessary is the idea of communi-
                                                         „Hello,“ and saying „Hello,“ and saying
cation. You might say you have him mock
                                                         „Hello,“ would be quite adequate for an
up a „verbalizing idea.“
                                                         originated communication. Having the pre-
         A preclear will sort through, himself,          clear mock up any banality such as „All
pads (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) if the preclear          right,“ or „O.K.,“ serves very well for both
is simply told to „mock up some people                   answers and acknowledgements. We are
speaking.“ He will, in rotation, get people              not at all concerned with the significance of
answering, people acknowledging, people                  the communication. We do not want long
greeting him, and people saying goodby to                and involved communications. The preclear
him. Because the preclear is usually far                 will try to get off into them. He will also try to
down the Tone-Scale on origin and ideas,                 get into his prenatal bank, his early child-
and because „necessity level,“ other deter-              hood, and eight lives ago. We do not want
mined forces, have been necessary to get                 him to do this, we want him to go on mock-
him into communication, it is likely that he             ing up originated communications, answers,
will not, himself, spot the origination of               acknowledgements. We are validating abil-
communication, and the auditor will have to              ity, we are not trying to get rid of inabilities
call his attention to this.                              in his past. We are trying to increase his
        Remember this is not done on a                   ability to communicate in the present, and
preclear who has not first been put through              originate communications, and take a Pan-
his paces on the Six Basic Processes, for                Determinism out of all communicating ter-
an auditor sitting there asking the preclear             minals. We are not trying to get him to run
to mock up answers, or acknowledgements,                 out anything in the past. I know that an old
or originated communications could not                   Dianeticist is going to have a very hard time
otherwise be sure that the preclear is doing             restraining himself from running out the
this at all. Further, the preclear’s attention is        prenatal which immediately appears after
very likely to stray into various portions of            the preclear has made something say
his own bank, for his bank starts to come to             „Hello“ to him 15 or 20 times. It is the audi-
pieces under the impact of all these com-                tor’s job to make the preclear go on having
munications.                                             the preclear or something say „Hello“ or
                                                         „Okay,“ or „I did it,“ and to ignore that en-
       The preclear must be kept at his job.             gram. The number of engrams which will
His mocking up of communications must be                 blow into view and beg to be run are count-
kept at a simplicity and out of deep signifi-            less. The auditor is not interested in these.
cances, and if his attention seems to fixate             Of course, if the preclear wants to ten the
upon flows and he begins to „wrestle with                auditor about these, the auditor must permit
mass,“ the auditor should get him back into              the preclear to originate communication and
mocking up communication as fast as pos-                 must answer it simply to get the preclear to
sible.                                                   originate communication. He should not let
        What degree of originality is required           the preclear go on, and on, and on discuss-
of a preclear in mocking up any of these                 ing what has occurred, once the preclear
originative communications, answers, or                  has told him the essentials of it. The auditor
DIANETICS 55!                                     77                              L. RON HUBBARD

wants to get the preclear back onto mock-                       Another point immediately arises, as
ing up originating communications, answers             to whether or not Havingness has to be
and acknowledgements. The auditor is also              remedied on the preclear. It has not been
making the preclear mock up something to               found necessary to remedy havingness on
talk to while he is doing this, a point which          the preclear if one is actually remedying the
is cared for automatically and which is not            scarcity of communication. This is a great
addressed actually and actively in auditing.           oddity, for the preclear’s bank, being com-
Naturally, if there is a spot in the air out           posed of tangled and unfinished communi-
there saying „Hello,“ or „Okay,“ or „I did it,“        cation lines, starts to come apart the mo-
the preclear is assuming that there is some-           ment you begin to remedy the scarcity of
thing alive there that can say „Hello“ to him.         originated communications, answers, and
                                                       acknowledgements. Some of these black
        All manner of thinkingness ma-
                                                       masses which the preclear has fondly held
chines, large black masses, white and
                                                       before his face blow into forever, and yet
green fire, purple spheres, falling stars,
                                                       the preclear does not need his mass reme-
shotting rockets, may appear in the pre-
                                                       died. The reason why he had to have mass
clear’s bank while he is undergoing this
                                                       was to compensate for the lack of commu-
process. The auditor is not interested in this
                                                       nication. Where you have had a lack of
phenomenon, he is merely interested in
                                                       communication you are liable to have a
getting the preclear to mock up further
                                                       mass. As an example of this, an individual
                                                       loses an ally and then keeps close by him a
       It does not matter if the preclear              ring which belonged to that ally. The ring is
says these communications himself aloud                a substitute communication terminal for the
or simply does them quietly to himself. The            ally. After a while one begins to believe that
necessity here is not sound. Sound is a by-            he really has to have mass; he doesn’t have
product of communication. It is the carrier            to have mass at all. The remedy of the scar-
wave of communication and is not itself                city of communications cures a person of
communication.                                         having to have mass, having to eat obses-
       Some interesting variations can be              sively, or do anything else obsessively.
worked on this, but they are not advised,                      Along with the remedy of originated
and indeed they violate the terms of this              communications, the preclear’s imagination
process, but they demonstrate how much                 rises quite markedly, and thus he is able to
power this process has. One has the pre-               imagine new games and new ways of
clear say aloud, „Okay, Mamma,“ a few                  communication with sufficient rapidity to
hundred times. He will be amazed at the                compensate for the old games which you
amount of variation which will occur, the              are taking away from him. Actually the pre-
communication lags, the impatience, the                clear, being a preclear, is a game, perhaps
anger, the amount of data which will jump              even the last last-ditch game in which the
up about Mamma. But this data that is                  individual could engage.
jumping up is simply the bank which is trig-
                                                                When the auditor has the preclear
gered to agree with what the preclear is
                                                       run acknowledgements, the wording is: „I
doing at this moment. In other words, that is
                                                       did it.“ This will remedy responsibility diffi-
stimulus response. Restimulation is stimu-
                                                       culties. All automaticity comes about
lus-response and is covered in great detail
                                                       through lack of acknowledgements (absent
in „Dianetics: The Modern Science of Men-
                                                       players, secret players).
tal Health.“ We could clear away an ally, we
could do almost anything we wanted to do                      In view of the fact that Pan-
in Book One with this process of remedying             Determinism is control on all Dynamics, and
the scarcity of communications.                        in view of the fact that control is start,
                                                       change and stop, one can have the pre-
DIANETICS 55!                                       78   L. RON HUBBARD

clear stop making things communicate for a
moment, and then change the communica-
tion, and then start anew. This gives the
preclear practice in starting, changing and
        The auditing command which would
go with this is simply, „Mock up some an-
swers,“ „Mock up some original communi-
cations.“ „Mock up some acknowledge-
ments,“ with enough guiding talk to give the
preclear the idea that you do not want new,
startling, difficult action but only the simple
placing of communication ideas such as
„Hello“ in the vicinity of the preclear over,
and over, and over, and over.
       The exact auditing commands to
process communications are: Originated
Communications: Auditor: „Have somebody
out there,“ (indicating a spot in the air) „start
saying ‘Hello’ to you.“ The preclear does so,
is himself silent. When the process is long
run: Auditor: „Start saying ‘Hello’ to a live
spot out there.“ The preclear aloud, or as
himself, does so.
       Answers: Auditor: „Have a spot out
there start saying ‘Okay’ to you.“ The pre-
clear does this many times. Auditor: „Start
saying ‘Okay’ to a spot out there.“
        Acknowledgements: Auditor: „Have
a spot out there start saying ‘I did it’.“ When
the preclear has, many, many times: Audi-
tor: „Start saying ‘I did it’ to a spot out
        The command that turns on a so-
matic, repeated often enough, will turn it off.
        When in doubt, remedy havingness.
        This is the processing of communi-
cation directly. Remember that it is done
after one has already done the Six Basic
Processes. Remember that a two-way
communication is maintained with the pre-
clear while it is being done, and remember
that the preclear must be audited in full un-
derstanding and practice of the Auditor’s
Code, 1954.
DIANETICS 55!                                      79                              L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER XIV                             notable that one does not say, „Move three
                                                        feet back of your head,“ since an aware-
                                                        ness of awareness unit does not move, it
                                                        appears and disappears from locations.
                                                                If one uses this „One-Shot Clear“
                                                        technique, he should be advised that he
       The goal of the „One-Shot Clear“                 must not ask or expect of the newly exteri-
has been with us since the earliest days of             orized person a number of strange or im-
Dianetics. By „One-shot Clear“ we meant                 possible things. He must not ask him to go
one phrase or one action given once, or                 chasing around finding things. He must not
repeated, which would bring into being the              ask him to prove that he is exteriorized. The
Clear as described in „Dianetics: The Mod-              individual says so – that’s the end of it. In
ern Science of Mental Health,“ Chapter II.              Scientology, of course, on Route 1, as con-
         It should be understood by this time           tained in „The Creation of Human Ability,“
that the Clear described in „Dianetics: The             we go on to improve the ability of this exte-
Modern Science of Mental Health,“ Chapter               riorized awareness of awareness unit up to
II, is actually the thetan exterior of Scientol-        a point we call „Operating Thetan.“ We do
ogy. The way to clear somebody is to get                this by running many drills and exercises
him out of the influence of his reactive bank           which improve his perception. However, the
and his analytical machinery. When a per-               process of Answers, or even the Six Basic
son is so cleared, his level of knowingness             Processes could be run on the individual
is sufficient to overcome the need of ma-               after he is exteriorized and his exterioriza-
chinery, and the need of stimulus-response              tion will markedly increase, and he will get
mechanisms as contained in his reactive                 into even better condition as an exteriorized
mind.                                                   person. If you were to say „Be three feet
                                                        back of your head“ to somebody, and he
        Long since we have had a „One-
                                                        was, the next thing to do would be to go into
Shot Clear“ for 50 per cent of the human
                                                        Elementary Straightwire and then into
race. All we say to the individual is, „Be
                                                        Opening Procedure of 8-C, then Opening
three feet back of your head.“ If he is, he
                                                        Procedure by Duplication, then Remedy of
orients himself, he knows that he is not his
                                                        Havingness, then Spotting Spots in Space,
body, he knows he does not have to be up
                                                        and then Answers, or, as the last chapter
against his reactive mind, he has been got-
                                                        gives forth, „Remedy of Communication.“ If
ten out of the trap. Of course, there are
                                                        you did these things just as given in this
many other things which you could do to
                                                        book you would have something like a sta-
further increase his ability and orient him in
                                                        ble Clear. You would pay no attention to the
this position, but this is not immediately in
                                                        fact that he was Clear. As a matter of fact, if
our province in Dianetics. When an individ-
                                                        you were to run any of these Six Basic
ual is so exteriorized he also can look over
                                                        processes long enough, and certainly if you
the body and patch up pinched nerves,
                                                        were to run answers for any length of time
black areas, rearrange the anchor points
                                                        after you have run these Six Basic Proc-
which create and hold the space of the
                                                        esses, you would have somebody exterior-
body, and so repair a body quite excellently.
                                                        ized. It is a peculiar thing that there is no
However, it is not the purpose of exterior-
                                                        argument about exteriorization. Any argu-
ization simply to get a person to square
                                                        ment which has been in existence was born
away the machine known as the body.
                                                        out of the psychiatrist’s observation of
       “Be three feet back of your head“ is             „compulsive exteriorization“ by an individual
a strange and interesting combination of                who so detested his body that he stayed
words. Evidently this simple combination                outside of it. Psychiatrists have been known
has not been known before by Man. It is                 to give people electric shocks and other
DIANETICS 55!                                    80                                L. RON HUBBARD

„treatments“ to get them to get back inside           game will start again. When that hope is
their bodies. This level of punishment, trying        dead the token, the terminal, is hidden. And
to get a person to accept something under             it becomes an automaticity – a game going
duress, does not work. But then, nothing in           on below the level of knowingness. Truth-
psychiatry ever worked, except bank ac-               fully, one never stops playing any game
counts. This „compulsive exteriorization“ is          once started. He plays old games in se-
a manifestation which we call in Scientology          cret – even from himself – while playing or
„doing a bunk,“ in other words, „running              not playing new ones. The only real game
away.“ You will occasionally encounter this,          one can have is in present time. All others
but you will not encounter it if you run the          are in the past. Anxiety for a game takes
six Basic Processes before you go in for              one into the past.
                                                              The command is, „Invent a game“
         There is, astonishingly enough, a            and when the preclear has, again, „Invent a
„One-Command Clear“ for the remaining 50              game.“ Then: „Mock up somebody else
per cent, even if it has to be repeated many          inventing a game.“
times. I have been developing and testing
                                                             Having established the fact that an
this for some time, and have kept it back on
                                                      auditing session is in progress, and estab-
the shelf against a time when we had
                                                      lished some slight communication with the
enough competent auditors to use the
                                                      preclear, the auditor says, „Invent a game.“
process intelligently.
                                                      When the communication lag on this is flat
         This is a „One-Shot Clear“ technique         the auditor then uses the command, „Mock
in that one uses one command and so                   up somebody else inventing a game.“ This
achieves clearing, and after clearing to the          is the only phrase he utters, but he of
stage of exteriorization has been accom-              course engages in two-way communication
plished, one simply goes on using the same            with the preclear when the preclear has
type of command. It is a highly effective             something to say to him. An auditor has to
process, a very violent process. Theoreti-            be a good auditor in order to use this proc-
cally it should work on any level of case. In         ess. Just because it is a simple „one-
actual practice psychotic, neurotic cases, or         command“ process is no reason why it will
people badly out of communication receive             work for an auditor who is not cognizant of
it with considerable difficulty and it is not         the Auditor’s Code, cognizant of a two-way
recommended for them, but it would work               communication and has some experience in
on them if it could be communicated to                more basic levels of processing.
them. (On such people use Opening Proce-
                                                             We use this process as a remedy for
dure of 8-C, only.)
                                                      the scarcity of games and we use it in full
        The basis for this process is the ob-         awareness of the processes involved in
servation that the MEST universe is a                 two-way communication.
game. One can have a game and know it.
                                                             It is a murderous process and re-
He can be in a game and not know it. The
                                                      quires five or ten hours in rough cases to
difference is his determinism.
                                                      bring about an understanding of existence.
        Games require space and having-
                                                             This is not necessarily a recom-
ness. A game requires other players.
                                                      mended process. It is a workable process, it
Games also require skill and knowingness
                                                      does function, it is fast, but remember that it
that they are games.
                                                      has the frailty of the ability of the auditor
       Havingness is the need to have ter-            himself. It has the frailty of failing when a
minals and things to play for and on.                 two-way communication is not maintained
                                                      with the preclear, it will fail if the preclear in
      When a game is done the player
                                                      volunteering information finds no attention
keeps around tokens. These are hopes the
DIANETICS 55!                                   81   L. RON HUBBARD

from the auditor, it will fall if the auditor
does not acknowledge the fact that the pre-
clear has done this. But, if these things are
considered, it will work.
        This process can be abused by the
preclear. He can wander from it. He can sit
there in the auditing chair doing other
things, but we depend upon the skill of the
auditor to see that the preclear is not doing
other things, and that he is actually doing
the process.
       The preclear will „pick his bank
clean“ rather than invent, he will have
doubts that he is inventing. But we perse-
vere – and we win.
DIANETICS 55!                                     82                              L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER XV                             level in Scientology, but the essence of time
                                                       is that it is measured or marked by the mo-
                                                       tion of particles in space. Space and energy
                                                       particles are necessary to have mechanical
          ARC PROCESSING                               time, but what is time, basically? Time is
                                                       actually a consideration. There is time be-
        If we examine communication we                 cause one considers there is time.
will discover that all communication lag is                    You must examine the physical uni-
the introduction of Matter, Energy, Space              verse very closely to discover that the rea-
and Time into communication. The more                  son it is always here is because it is, each
time has been introduced into communica-               particle of it, each cubic inch of space of it,
tion, the less communication there is.                 in forever. The physical universe is not
          As an example of this let us say that        moving through time, it is stuck in time.
a star in some other galaxy explodes, and              Each and every part of it is fixed in a now
then let us trace the length of time neces-            which lasts forever. The only real changes
sary for a small amount of that explosion’s            which take place in the physical universe
particles to reach earth across great space.           are those introduced into it by Life. We can
Almost countless light-years elapse before             argue about this if we want to but we are
this communication line has been com-                  interested there in a concept which leads
pleted. This is a very, very long communica-           towards a workable process.
tion. Not necessarily a communication lag                       We discover that time exists for the
since the progress of the particles is not             individual to the degree that the individual
interrupted. There are no VIAs. Actually,              makes time. Time is an other-determined
MEST itself does not have a communication              thing to nearly everyone alive. He depends
lag, it is totally a communication lag.                on clocks, he depends on the rising and
       The more of this sort of thing enters           setting of the sun, he depends on all man-
into communication, the worse off is the               ner of mechanisms to tell him what is the
preclear. Thus we can see that the subject             time. Actually the more a person is told
of MEST itself is the aberrative factor.               what the time is, the more he gets into a
                                                       dependency upon some other considera-
         As we examine barriers, we find that
                                                       tion, and so he drops into forever. When he
they are Matter, Energy, Space and Time.
                                                       stops considering that he is making time,
We discover that we can overcome the bar-
                                                       when he stops making time by considera-
riers of Matter, we can climb walls or go
                                                       tions, he is dropping himself into a forever-
through them. We can somehow or other
                                                       ness. He has less and less motion, he has
brave or get on the other side of energy
                                                       less and less determinism. Time is a very
barriers. We discover that even space has
                                                       insidious barrier because its apparency
its limitations even when it appears as limit-
                                                       would tell an individual that time is created
less as the space of this universe (and the
                                                       by the movement of things. Actually it is not,
space of this universe appears as big as a
                                                       it is created by a consideration that things
person supposes it is big, whereas actually
                                                       are moving.
it is, to a thetan who can get outside of it,
about the size of a matchbox to a child).                      The remedy of the barrier of time
The one barrier which we discover difficult            produces an astonishing effect upon a pre-
to get around is Time.                                 clear. When the auditor is auditing one of
                                                       these two „One-Shot Clear“ commands (the
       The basic definition and understand-
                                                       one given in the last chapter and the one
ing of Matter, Energy, Space and Time are
                                                       given in this chapter) he will stumble across
not particularly germane in this place. They
                                                       quite a bit of complication on the subject of
are taken up on a much higher theoretical
                                                       time. An individual told to have some com-
DIANETICS 55!                                     83                              L. RON HUBBARD

plications by decisions will eventually move           clear. But these are barriers. Although a
out into the fact that the most complicated            game requires barriers, the preclear already
thing he can get into is time, and so this is a        has too many in the past, too few in the
very satisfactory game. We can process                 present.
this factor directly.
                                                              Barriers are not life.
         This process is the essence of sim-
                                                              We must use three cardinal rules in
plicity. It has one command. The command
                                                       processing: (1) Process towards truth; (2)
is „Make some time.“ This is all the com-
                                                       Process towards ability; (3) Process to-
mand there is. One does not advise or
                                                       wards life.
teach the preclear how to make some time.
One accepts whatever the preclear decides                      Auditing commands must empha-
makes time as the answer. One maintains                size truth, ability, life.
the two-way communication with the pre-                       Don’t process towards entheta,
clear, and answers comments which the                  chronic somatics, difficulties. Ignore them.
preclear has on it. One carefully does not
evaluate for the preclear and tell him how to                  The only thing wrong with the pre-
make some time. One does not set an ex-                clear is that his attention is fixed on barri-
ample in making time. One simply has the               ers – MEST. His freedom depends upon
preclear make some time.                               putting his attention on freedom or present
                                                       time. Here are two auditing commands.
      This process on some cases has to                Which is correct? (1) „Find some things you
be run many hours before the preclear                  can’t do.“ (2) „Find some things you can
comes into partial control of the barrier of           do.“
time. When he does this he of course
comes into some control of his engram                         The second is correct. The first will
bank and his considerations.                           almost spin a preclear. Why? Because it
                                                       concentrates on a lie. A preclear can do
      The making of time naturally puts                anything!
into motion all those silent or motionless
masses which are hanging to the preclear                      A preclear has a bad leg. Which is
and which actually pin together his reactive           the right process? (1) „Touch the back of
bank.                                                  your chair.“ (2) „Recall a time when some-
                                                       body hurt his leg.“
        This is an enormous joke upon the
preclear by himself and the universe that he                 The first is correct. It is faster. Why?
makes all the time he will ever perceive. He           Because it processes towards ability.
cannot possibly get out of phase with „for-                     We have a preclear who is apa-
ever“ if he is in contact with the foreverness         thetic. Which process is the right one? (1)
of the space and energy mass of which this             „Who used to have headaches?“ or (2)
universe is composed. When he starts to                „Feel the floor beneath your feet.“ The sec-
protest against the universe at large he               ond is correct because it processes towards
starts to protest against the foreverness              life, not illness.
which includes all time, and so he with-
                                                              That which the auditor concentrates
draws into earlier times when he was mak-
                                                       upon in auditing comes true. Hence, the
ing time in order to have some time himself.
                                                       processing of MEST gives us new barriers.
       “Make some time,“ is a process of               The processing of life gives new life.
astonishing ramifications.
                                                               Processing barriers gives us limited
       But remember, time is a barrier. One            processes. Processing life gives us unlim-
could also say, „Make some space,“ „Make               ited processes. Life is composed of Affinity,
some energy,“ „Make some objects,“ „Make               Reality, Communication. These make un-
some terminals,“ and have gains in a pre-
DIANETICS 55!                                  84   L. RON HUBBARD

derstanding. Modern ARC processing proc-
esses communication as given earlier in
this volume. ARC processing includes the
following powerful processes: (1) „Tell me
something you might communicate with.“
„Tell me something that would communi-
cate with you.“ (2) „What might you agree
with?“ „What might agree with you?“ (3)
„Tell me something you could like.“ „Tell me
something that might like you.“ These are
present time, not past or future processes.
They produce very strong reactions. They
solve very rough cases. They are summed
up in a simple process which does not dis-
pense with them: „Tell me something
(someone) you could understand.“ „Tell me
something (someone) who could under-
stand you.“
DIANETICS 55!                                     85                              L. RON HUBBARD

                CHAPTER XVI                            ing of gravity). This manifestation is equally
                                                               If a preclear has been given the
          EXTERIORIZATION                              command „Be three feet back of your head“
                                                       and if he „does a bunk,“ or if he „falls out of
                                                       his body upward,“ all the auditor has to do
        The auditor will be confronted with a          is to get into a two-way communication with
great many problems in exteriorization once            the preclear. Actually, he should have, as
he has exteriorized his preclear. The things           an auditor, an excellent command of the
not to do and to do are as follows:                    Chart of Human Evaluation and „Science of
   (1) Do not require the awareness of                 Survival.“ He would not then tell a preclear
       awareness unit to again put its atten-          below 2.0 on the Tone Scale to „Be three
       tion on the body.                               feet back of your head,“ for when they do,
                                                       at these lower levels of the Tone Scale, it is
   (2) Do not make the person prove that
                                                       on a compulsive or obsessive level, and all
       he is exteriorized.
                                                       the preclear can think of is to try and get
   (3) Do not make the newly exteriorized              away.
       person discover, find things, read the
                                                              Another remedy, if this untoward
       future, or do other nonsensical
                                                       and strange occurrence happens, is to ask
                                                       the preclear to „Reach from your position to
   (4) Maintain the Auditor’s Code more                your body,“ „Withdraw from the body,“
       severely than before.                           „Reach for the body,“ „Withdraw from the
                                                       body“ or „Decide to run away and run
   (5) Continue the process on which the
                                                       away,“ several times. Remember, such
       preclear exteriorized.
                                                       things as this occur only when the auditor
        If the auditor knows these things he           has not placed his preclear on the Tone
will not get the preclear and himself into             Scale before he began to audit him.
trouble. The auditing command „Be three
                                                                The way to get away from these en-
feet back of your head“ sometimes gets the
                                                       tirely is to audit the Six Basic Processes on
auditor into more trouble than he is
                                                       the preclear, and then audit either or both of
equipped to handle. The preclear may do a
                                                       the „One-Shot Clear“ processes of Reme-
compulsive exteriorization, „do a bunk,“ and
                                                       dying Communication and Time Processing
drop his body limp in the chair and give
                                                       until the preclear exteriorizes and then sim-
from that body no sign that he is hearing
                                                       ply go right on auditing the process which
any of the auditing commands given by the
                                                       exteriorized the preclear. Remember that a
auditor. One such case was pleaded with
                                                       preclear exteriorized is simply an aware-
for half an hour by an auditor along the
                                                       ness of awareness unit which has been
lines that the preclear should remember her
                                                       taken out of a trap, and the awareness of
husband, should think of her children,
                                                       awareness unit had not changed any from
should come back and live for the sake of
                                                       the basic individual, but now recognizes
her friends, and found no response from the
                                                       itself to be out of the trap and is quite happy
preclear. Finally the auditor said, „Think of
                                                       about it.
your poor auditor,“ at which moment the
preclear promptly returned.                                   A very funny manifestation occurs
                                                       on some very low-toned preclears when
         A limited „compulsive exteriorization“
                                                       they talk about exteriorization. They say,
is the preclear going out of the body and
                                                       „I’m over there.“ This, of course, is impossi-
getting plastered against the ceiling, or fal-
                                                       ble. An individual is always here. It is here
ling in terror upward into the sky (an invert-
                                                       where you are. Lord knows what this indi-
DIANETICS 55!                                      86                              L. RON HUBBARD

vidual who says „I’m over there“ has exteri-            orization work and any one of these clears
orized – a circuit, a mock-up, some such                would have suddenly found himself out in
thing. He himself definitely is not. Another            the room looking at the room directly with-
manifestation we have is „buttered all over             out the aid of his eyes.
the universe.“ A preclear who is buttered all
                                                               We wanted Clears in 1950. We still
over the universe is one who does not know
                                                        want Clears. We now have the way to make
where he is and if we ask him many, many
                                                        them, the way to make them stable, and the
times, over and over and over, each time
                                                        way to make anybody you process far more
making him get a spot with certainty, „Can
you find a spot where you are not?“ we will
gradually narrow down his area. What has                         The by-word on this is not to ad-
actually happened in such a case is that the            dress specific errors or difficulties, but to
preclear has used remote viewpoints, and                validate abilities and process immediately
has left remote viewpoints located all over             towards the acquisition of further and higher
everywhere to such a degree that the pre-               abilities. We are not in there to pay atten-
clear thinks he is any place rather than                tion to all of the bad things in the world,
where he is.                                            since these are composed only of the imag-
                                                        inings of the individual. Let us increase the
        The main thing one has to know
                                                        ability of the individual to create, to be, to
about exteriorization is that it takes place. If
                                                        perceive, and increase his ability to associ-
one uses the Six Basic Processes, remem-
                                                        ate all along the dynamics. If we could do
bers the Auditor’s Code, and the two „One-
                                                        this it would be a far, far better world.
Shot Clear“ processes, he is then quite safe
on exteriorization, for it will occur when it
occurs, and the thing to do after it occurs is
to do the same process one was doing
when it did occur. Of course, one should
acknowledge the fact of the preclear’s men-
tioning it and one should certainly permit
the preclear to discuss it, but one should
continue with the process which exterior-
ized him, unless, of course, one is very well
trained in exteriorization exercises.
          As exteriorization drilling, as an ac-
tivity, is most germane to the realm of Sci-
entology, further knowledge of it and about
it is written up in „The Creation of Human
Ability.“ Here are given the Route 1 steps
which should be run after an exteriorization
takes place.
        The creation of a Clear undertaken
in 1950 actually was this manifestation of
exteriorization happening at some random
moment and not being adequately cared for
after it occurred. Nobody remarked upon
the fact that he was a distance from the
body because most of the people who were
thus exteriorized had very good visio on
their own banks but very poor visio on the
immediate environment. A little more exteri-
DIANETICS 55!                                     87                              L. RON HUBBARD

                GLOSSARY                               tuality only engramic content. Word derives
                                                       by analogy from electronic technology. (See
                                                       also Demon-circuits.) CLEAR (noun):
                                                              Term originated in Dianetics by
        A person from whom sympathy
                                                       analogy to an adding machine from which
came when the preclear was ill or injured. If
                                                       old answers have been cleared (by pushing
the ally came to preclear’s defense or his
                                                       button marked „Clear“) so that new sensible
words and/or actions were aligned with the
                                                       answers can be obtained.
preclear’s survival, the reactive mind gives
that ally the status of always being right –                 (1) Dianetic Clear is today referred
especially if this ally was obtained during a          to more usually as Dianetic Case Comple-
highly painful engram.                                 tion.
        AS-IS (verb):                                          (2) The term Clear today normally
                                                       refers to Scientology Clear, resulting from
        To view anything as it is, without any
                                                       standard technology for levels up to and
distortions or lies; to duplicate; to perform
                                                       including the Clearing Course (at Advanced
an as-isness. The general rule of auditing is
                                                       Organizations): a being able to be at cause
that anything which is unwanted and yet
                                                       over mental matter, energy, space and time
persists must be thoroughly viewed (perfect
                                                       as regards the First Dynamic (survival for
duplication), at which time it will vanish. If
only partially viewed, its intensity, at least,
will decrease. (Ref.: Scientology Axiom 30,                    Note: In this book Clear refers in
and Axiom 11, which gives the four condi-              some instances to thetan exterior rather
tions of existence, of which as-isness is              than either Dianetic Clear or the full state of
one. See Scientology 0-8: The Book of Ba-              Scientology Clear.
sics by L. Ron Hubbard, listed in the back                    DEMON-CIRCUITS:
pages of this book.)
                                                              Stimulus-response mechanisms in
        AUDITING:                                      the bank which mirror the personalities of
        Processing.                                    persons antipathetic to the preclear and
                                                       which act very much as if they were actual
                                                       personalities; entities.
        A person trained and qualified in ap-
plying Dianetics and/or Scientology proc-
esses and procedures to individuals for                       Demon-circuits and similar phenom-
their betterment; called an auditor because            ena.
auditor means „one who listens“.                              ENGRAM:
        AWARENESS OF AWARENESS                                  A specialized kind of facsimile which
UNIT:                                                  differs from other mental image pictures in
        Thetan.                                        that it contains as part of its content uncon-
                                                       sciousness and physical pain.
        Reactive bank; reactive mind.
                                                                From „enturbulated theta“; espe-
        CHRONIC SOMATIC:                               cially, destructive communications.
        A somatic of long duration.
        CIRCUITS:                                             Mental energy pictures, mental im-
        Reactive patterns; apparent person-            age pictures, but distinct from mock-ups;
alities or communications which are in ac-             the contents of the reactive mind; continu-
DIANETICS 55!                                    88                              L. RON HUBBARD

ously made recordings in mental picture               ingly by the individual of the universe
form, unknowingly created by the individual           around him, which are not under his voli-
of his perceptions of the environment, done           tional control and which exert force and the
by an involuntary intention not within the            power of command over his awareness,
individual’s awareness or control.                    purposes, thoughts, body and actions. Re-
                                                      solved by processing, using standard
                                                      Dianetics and Scientology.
        Mental image picture of a non-
painful but disturbing experience, the force
of which is derived from an earlier engram                   Mechanism whereby the environ-
and secondary which the experience has                ment reactivates a facsimile, which then
restimulated.                                         acts back against the body or awareness of
                                                      awareness unit.
       MOCK-UP (noun):
         A knowingly created mental model,
construction or picture. (Distinct from fac-                  Any part of the environment suffi-
simile.)                                              ciently similar to a facsimile in the reactive
                                                      bank (specifically, in an engram, secondary
       MOCK UP (verb):
                                                      or lock) to bring that part of the bank into
       To produce a mock-up.                          con fusion with present time („drawn out of
       “ONE-SHOT CLEAR“:                              the files“), producing stimulus-response
                                                      behavior in the individual.
        Thetan exterior, when accomplished
by a single („one-shot“) command.                            SECONDARY:

       PRECLEAR:                                               Orig. „secondary engram“; a mental
                                                      image picture of a moment of severe and
       Pre Clear; a person not yet Clear, or          shocking loss or threat of loss which con-
a person being audited, who is thus on the            tains misemotion (anger, fear, grief, apathy,
road to Clear.                                        etc.). It is called a secondary because its
       PROCESS:                                       force depends upon an earlier engram,
                                                      which holds it in place.
        A question or set of questions or di-
rections used by an auditor in a session to                  SOMATIC:
help a person find out things about himself                   Noun taken from adjective, so-
and life. The many processes in Scientol-             matic – bodily; means essentially any body
ogy technology are used on a precise gra-             sensation, illness, pain or discomfort; espe-
dient which leads the person at each level            cially, those stemming from the reactive
easily to a specific major gain in freedom            mind.
and ability.
                                                             From Theta (Life Static), a word
        Auditing; the application of Dianetics        taken from the Greek letter, theta, tradition
and/or Scientology technology to individuals          symbol for thought or spirit. The thetan is
for their betterment.                                 the individual himself – not the body, the
       REACTIVE MIND:                                 mind, etc.; it is that which is aware of being
                                                      aware; awareness of awareness unit.
       Reactive bank; composed of en-
grams, secondaries and locks, the reactive                   THETAN EXTERIOR:
mind can be described as a collection of                     An awareness of awareness unit
facsimiles (recordings in mental energy               able knowingly to be at a distance from the
picture form) made and retained unknow-               body.
DIANETICS 55!                                   89   L. RON HUBBARD

        A gradation of the various factors of
behavior, thought, emotion, communication,
etc., plotted on a precise scale of levels of
survival potential; ARC Scale. (See espe-
cially „Science of Survival“ by L. Ron Hub-

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