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									Incident Management Team In-Briefing For Hurricane Response Duke Field, Eglin AFB, Crestview, Florida July 19, 2005 Purpose and Need Type 1 Incident Management Teams (IMT’s) from throughout the nation are being tasked to assist FEMA with hurricane response. Type 1 IMT’s do not have the depth of experience with hurricane assignments that they have with wildland fire incidents. The purpose of this document is to facilitate establishment of response operations at Duke field, Eglin AFB by IMTs. Incident Commander/Deputy Incident Commander Duke Field is an Air Force Reserve working airfield located on Eglin Air Force Base. Incoming IMT’s need to be aware that Eglin AFB is the landlord for Duke, yet Duke has its own set of Officers and other personnel. At times there may be some conflicting instructions and direction given between the Elgin AFB (landlord) contacts and the Duke Field on the ground contacts. It is best to let the military conflicts settle themselves and as an IMT try to meet the needs of both parties. MSgt. Keith Free is the main contact for IMT’s using Duke. MSgt. Free is extremely helpful and is the “go-to” person for day-today issues, concerns and information. (I can’t stress enough how helpful and important MSgt. Free is to any team assigned here). Reference is made to specific individuals in this paper. However, the military is a “mobile” organization. Personnel frequently transfer, or work TDY details. The referenced individuals may not be on site at the time of team deployment. Working on any military base presents its own set of challenges and benefits. The benefits are round-the-clock security, an area that is not open to public scrutiny and typically enough space to run your operation. There is some lodging on the base that might be available. The base offers office space, hangers that may be used for warehousing and an area to set up a base camp, showers and catering contractor. Challenges to IMT management include employees coming and going and the bases own day-to-day operations, including active runways and air operations. Be prepared to host VIPs. Specifically, USAF leadership is interested in IMT operations on the base. Vice Commander Colonel Clemons is the landlord for Duke and he may make decisions on where you can locate and how he wants things to look. The current Commander of Duke Field is Colonel Mark Kyle (AF Reserve); he has deferred much decision making regarding use of the facility to MSgt. Free. The attached contact list will offer more contacts and phone numbers. You are encouraged to make contact well in advance of your IMT’s arrival. Southern Area Red Team

Expect to be collocated with a Florida DOF Type 2 IMT. The Southern Area Red Team has conducted unified incident management with the DOF team. The incident planning process is fully integrated. Expectation of the IMTs by FEMA include checking in and out loads of supplies, accounting for inventory, and management of the transport vehicles. The DOF team generally is responsible for the “Tracker” system and dispatch all out going truck and commodities. Federal orders use the “Tasker” system. Many agencies will be involved with hurricane response on the base. Recent experience has found FEMA, SERT (State Emergency Response Team), USACOE (Corps of Engineers), ESF 1, ESF 8, ESF 11, trucking representatives (Landstar, Lipsey, IAP, Garner) and DOT located on the site. The organized IMTs have attempted to bring all the agencies together to work toward the common goal of completing the mission. Don’t expect other agencies to take the lead on this. Two keys to making this happen are a unified Incident Action Plan and a “Leadership Huddle” that should be attended by all the agency heads involved in the response effort. At the huddle, issues and concerns are brought up for resolution. These could be as simple as getting the dumpsters emptied to allocating more space for truck parking or access to the bases fuel supply. A SERT representative has facilitated this meeting and often times agency reps will have to be reminded and chased down in order to have them there (it is worth the effort). Expect that your IMT will be scattered in various buildings. Building 3025 has been made available for IMT use. It has a boardroom, briefing room (50 person capacity), and office space. Building 3120 is the base clinic, and is utilized by the IMT medical Unit. Buildings 3055 and 3054 are dormitories, and 3053 and 3086 have been used as ICPs. (See attached base map) Establishment of a common operational “rhythm” is critical to unified operations. Shift periods, planning cycles and meeting times must be mutually agreed to. Complications to unified operations that have been experienced during 3 recent team deployments arise from reporting needs. The Florida state emergency agency orders relief supplies, and FEMA also orders relief supplies. Until FEMA (federal) supplies are released to the State, FEMA must account for the resources. Likewise, SERT must account for State supplies. State and federal reports are different. Data collection needs at the check in station are different for state versus federal supplies. The collocated teams have been unsuccessful in developing a single checkin/checkout form for use at the truck receiving gate. Attached to the end of this document is the checkin sheet utilized during the Hurricane Dennis Incident.

Operations Receiving First Critical Rule: Get there first, designated traffic flow plan with single check-in and check-out points, that if possible are physically separated from one another. Providing this separation provides space for the inevitable “stacking-up” of incoming and outgoing trucks as the necessary information and paperwork is captured. Operation needs to lead because they have to live with flow. This is coordinated with Logistics for coning, signing, support facilities. Second Critical Rule: Designate Deck Space, Designate USCOE space and Garner contractor space on deck to facilitate their work and support traffic to eliminate interference with on-going deck receiving and distribution activities. Decide where state and federal trucks will park. Allocate parking space for trailers by product (Ice, Water, MRE’s, Tarps, plastic sheeting). Plan on parking minimum of 500 trucks/trailers. Third Critical Rule: Consistent Recording of Inventory. All personnel need to assure quality of inventory by thorough recording of load information on state or federal (consistency) form, identify State or Federal trucks and trailers with load info using flagging and duct tape with permanent marker. This has to be coordinated with the Plans Section. Determine times to report inventory on paper and physical lot count by product. Distribution First Critical Rule: Consistent Recording of Inventory departing. All personnel need to assure quality of inventory by thorough recording of load information on state or federal (consistency) form. This departure needs to be consistent with State “tracker” request or FEMA “tasker”. Also recognize 24 hours operations including standard tracker “push packages” to the County Staging Areas (CSA) and ultimately the Points of Distribution (POD’s). Timing of truck movement to the PODs must consider the planned operational period of the PODs. Warehouse Operations This can be separated by Federal and/or State operations. State operations usually include ESF 8, and 11 operations. Operations usually support warehouse efforts to download trucks for small order missions that are reloaded on trucks. Transloading operations include moving products from one trailer to another. Moving aircraft delivered products to dry warehouse storage or uploading to truck trailers. Points of Distribution (POD) POD’s are located throughout the affected area. Locations are specified by county officials, and generally are easily accessed public facilities. They are drive thru

operations where volunteers, county officials, National Guard, local police or type 2 crews distribute water, ice , MRE’s and tarps to needy individuals. A Forklift operator(s) is a necessary resource to facilitate unloading of trucks. Air Operations The air operations liaison and coordination with military airfields is critical to understand on-going military and incident operations both fixed wing and rotorcraft. Expect that relief supplies may be received and delivered via both fixed wing and rotorcraft thru military operations. Assure taxi ways and fixed wing parking or rotorcraft helispots are as close to warehouse as possible, without endangering the safety of aircraft, warehouse personnel or truckers. You may be required to up-load to trucks to facilitate movement to a warehouse for down-load. Avoid running air operations without a clear designation of authority, specific geographic area, temporary flight restriction, communication.

Safety Eglin AFB, Safety Officers: Elizabeth (Ellie) Martin – Occupational Safety and Health Specialist 850-882-7357; Tommy Salter – Ground Safety Manager 850-882-7385 Incident Medical is provided by Eglin AFB Fire Dept. #4 in building (#3040). Supplies needed due to environmental concerns are, sunblock, straw hats, shade canopy, bug and wasp spray, rain suits, medication for insect/sting bites, ice and drinking water, Supplies needed due to safety hazard concerns, reflective vest, flashlights with cones, traffic cones, ear plugs, flashing strobe lights, light sticks, generators with light kits, golf cart, porta toilets with hand washing stations, hand sanitizer, portable hand held radio’s (king), spill dry/shovels/push brooms for a spill kit, fire extinguishers. Operational safety needs: MSgt Keith Free, is the person to work with for speed limit/traffic control signs and traffic marking cones. He is also the person to contact for safety concerns with buildings used for ICP, Medical (#3120), Warehouse (#3040), Ground Support and Hanger for sleeping crews (#3087) A safe traffic plan for trucks entering and exiting the truck/equipment staging area. Duke Field is a active base and the receiving and distributions of products mix a lot of big trucks/trailers and equipment with pedestrians, small vehicles, air craft, golf carts.

Air Operations Branch Director is needed to coordinate with Base Operations for Safety Concerns associated with the staging of vehicles on the tarmac, and to keep the team informed of in coming or departing aircraft operations and keep a safe day to day working relations.


Resource Unit Status/Check-in Recorders provide staffing at points of entry and exit “Gates” for trucks arriving and departing from the LSA. In our experience at Duke there was one Check-in and one Check-out location. These points were staffed with a minimum of two personnel. During peak activity, teams of three workers checking trucks in, works efficiently. Teams of two working at the check-out gate has proven to be efficient. Match staffing numbers to expected volume of business and plan for a 24-hour operation. A write-up explaining the process of check-in and check-out is attached as are samples of forms used for information collection at these points. It is strongly recommended that information from the check-in and check-out sheet be entered into an Access database. Reports, spreadsheets, etc. may then be generated to meet upward reporting requirements. It is further recommended that a Data Base Manager be ordered to support this portion of the operation. IAP Production A copy service for duplication of the Incident Action Plan was set-up with: The UPS Store #3498 1328 North Ferndon Blvd. #10 Crestview, Florida 32536 Phone: 850-683-9169 A Field Observer (FOBS) position may be needed to help recon routes prior to directing trucks and crew buses to PODS.

Logistics Facilities Needed The following facilities are needed to support a mission assignment of operating a receiving and distribution center.

         

Office facilities for the Incident Command Center of approximately 7,200 sq.ft. with climate controlled conditions. Sleeping facilities for approximately 200 people, approximately 15,000 square feet, with climate controlled conditions. An area located within walking distance from the ICP and the sleeping area for a catering operation. Approximately 1 to 1.5 acres. An area near the catering operation for shower set up. Approximately .5 acres Areas for the caterer and the shower operations should be near potable water. Parking area for 50 to 60 vehicles. An area near the sleeping area for the placement of 20 porta pots and 4 hand-wash stations. Sleeping area on the base (approximately 40 double or 80 single rooms ). An area with setting capacity for approximately 100 people for use as a briefing area. Approximately 6 portable light towers for use at the catering and shower areas and one at each check point.

Ground Support Needs Duke Field Entrance Gate Pass- Agencies Should work together to develop a single Pass for all agencies. If Access to Destin is required start early to obtain a letter to exempt drivers from the Toll. Base Maintenance and use of Buildings- Work through MSGT Free -850-685-8889 Golf Carts - Dixie Electricar -850-678-4603 Ben Rentals Fuel CONTRACTOR MILITARY POLICE EGLIN MILITARY POL DUKE Fuel and MOGas AmeriGas Propane Sun Coast Resources,Inc Ordered by SERT CONTACT Sgt Wells Sgt Wilcenskie? Sgt. Donnelly? Sgt Dambrino CONTACT # 882-2159 COMMENTS Diesel Fuel only. Service Island. For Fed and State, agency & rental. Can service Fork lifts when called.

883-6360 682-2777

A. Ambulance Services
Name Address Phone Paramedics Yes No

Okaloosa EMS Life Flite

1250 N. Eglin, Crestview, FL Pensacola, FL B. Incident Ambulances

850-689-5766 850-434-4814




Paramedics Yes No

96 CEG Fire Protection Div. Eglin AFB Fire Dept. #4


Duke Field Building #3040 850-883-6272 850-883-6378 911 - Emergencies 7. Hospitals




Travel Time Air Ground


Helipad Yes


Burn Center Yes No

North Okaloosa Columbia Twin Cities Baptist Hospital

151 E. Red Stone Ave Crestview, FL 2190 Hyw 85N Niceville, FL 1000 W. Mereno Pensacola, FL

5M 7M 15 M

15 M 18 M 45 M

850-869-8300 850-678-4131 850-434-4814



Security All security operations are consistent with most ICS operated incidents with the following comments.  Operations on a Military Base bring questions of jurisdiction and authority to enforce regulations and incident policy. The Base security should be the lead in all major security incidents. Duke Field does have an Officer and that coordinates base security needs, but dispatch of Duke Field patrols are done through Elgin AFB Security dispatch desk. The phone # for the dispatch desk is 850-882-2502 which should be the first point of contact for requesting Base Security Police. Second point of contact is the Base Front Gate who has hand held radio contact with local patrols, ph# 850-883-7002. There are a lot of things going on with the truckers in the staging area that we don’t know about and probably most we don’t want to know about. A CB radio may be a useful tool to stay abreast of information such as disturbances or potential disturbances, drugs, alcohol, weapons, or others issue that may be of interest to us or Base Security Police. To make it more convenient for Base Security Gate access for incident personnel a gate windshield pass should be issued upon initiation of base LSA.



General The base exchange has been available for incident personnel use, but as a courtesy, permission should be requested to use the facility. The facility is small and has basic supplies available. Care must be taken with the Ramp. Wooden pads should be placed under the trailer legs to avoid puncturing the Ramp. Respond to any fuel or solvent spill as rapidly as possible. Allow no BBQ grills Finance  

Expect to Purchase items not normally procured on an incident since we purchase for FEMA (i.e. printers, jump drives, etc.). Always have FEMA sign the general message form. Maintain close coordination with the Buying Team since there is not an actual “Agency Administrator” on Hurricane assignments. Information

Key Considerations
FEMA and military base public affairs units generally control all media coverage. Team Information officers are generally limited to talking about their team’s role. Military base public affairs units must approve news releases that discuss the base. An escort from the base must be present at all media briefings; if possible they should contribute to the interview(s). Remember to respect any military base protocols.

Relationship with local media
FEMA prefers little or no media coverage. Although there is generally slight to moderate interest shown by the local media, direct contact with the media should be limited and controlled. Contacts with print and mass media must go through the military base public affairs unit. The military base and FEMA generally limit Media access to the incident, and they must be escorted at all times.

Protocol for the release of information
You may NOT release information related to FEMA. Please try to represent only your team’s role in the incident. All questions related to FEMA activities need to be routed through news desk. The military base public affairs unit also may need to be involved in any release of information.

Audiences are generally internal with the military base public affairs unit and truck drivers. An information board should be set up on the deck for truckers early on, a daily information sheet provided, and changes, updates, or other messages conveyed on a trucker CB channel. Incident

personnel, because they generally stay in hotels or the like which have television, don’t necessarily need to be provided information. Crews may need to be provided info if they are housed on the base.

Appendix A Hurricane Dennis, Duke Field Liaison Contacts Elgin Air Force Base COL. Dean R. Clemons, Vice Cmdr. 9th Airbase Wing 401 West Van Matre Avenue, Suite 106 Elgin Air Force Base, FL 32546-6802 COL M. Kyle, Commander 919th Special Operations Wing/CC 506 Drone Street, Suite 6 Eglin Air Force Base Field 3, FL 32542-6644 MAJ Richard Ash, Civil Engineer Cmdr. 919the CES/CC 506 Drone Street, Suite 6 Eglin Air Force Base Field 3, FL 32542-6644 SERT Connie Nunn Florida Division of Emergency Management 2555 Shumard Oak Blvd. Tallahassee, FL 32399-2100 850-528-7517 850-528-7517 (Cell) Florida Division of Forestry 3125 Conner Blvd. Tallahassee, FL 32399 850-488-6111 Florida National Guard Department of Military Affairs Joint Forces Headquarters Public Affairs Office Major Eurydice S. Stanley Depty, JFHQS, Public Affairs Office Commander, 107the MPAD Office: 904-823-0170 Cell:904-669-4189 eurydice.stanley@fl.ngb.army.mil

LTC Kevin Mennuti 927th CSB Florida Army National Guard 5629 State Road 16 West Bldg. 2100 Starke, FL 32091 FEMA Jeff Bezore 703-463-1251 Bryan Toman 703-946-2160 Mike Miller 404-909-1782 Cell

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District 701 San Marco Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32207 904-232-2403 U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District 109 St. Joseph Street Mobile, AL 36628 251-690-2400 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Ice/Water) Kertz Hare Advance Team Leader ISCPE 6045 Forsyth St. SW Atlanta, GA 30303 404-909-0408 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Generators) Jeff Hill Emergency Power Action Officer USCOE P.O. Box 889 Savanah, GA 31402-0889

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration AGL-1 2300 East Devon Ave. Des Plaines, IL 60018 U.S. Department of Transportation Mike Foran Southren Region Representative (includes FL) P.O. Box 20636 Atlanta, GA 30320

Other Contacts Facilities Kati Curle Dale E. Perterson Vacations 321 Harbor Blvd. Destin, FL. 32541 GIS Support Chadwick Avery and Kerrin Mock Jackson Guard Fire Management 107 Highway 85 North Niceville, FL 32536 Mason Masou Southeastern Environmental Engineering Co. 365 W. James Lee Blvd. Crestview, FL 32536


Landstar (FEMA) Office 270-338-3291 Mitchell Gunn Region 8 Manager Landstar/Carrier Group 2208 SR 181 North Greenville, KY 42345 270-779-4333 (Cell) Landstar (State) Office 904-390-4846

Thomas Larson Landstar/Express America Vice President 13410 Sutton Park Dr. So. Jacksonville, FL 32224 904-390-4846 (Cell)

IAP Worldwide Services (FEMA & State Ice/State Water/FEMA Generators) Doyle McBride President/Owner 413 Western Lane Irmo, SC 29063-9071 Garner Environmental Services (State Generators/Lighting/Forklifts) Joe Miller Cell (713-817-8116) Business Development 1717 West 13th Street Deer Park, TX 77536 Lipsey Mountain Spring Water (FEMA Water) Joe Lipsey, Jr. 770-449-0001 (Administrative Office) Owner 1701-D Oakbrook Drive Norcross, GA 30083-1800

Appendix B

Resource Tracking Procedures Gate Check-in and Check-out Functions

SUPPLIES NEEDED         Traffic cones Colored flagging – several colors Duct tape and masking tape Clipboards (at least 4) Pens (black ballpoint ink) Markers (permanent wide – 2-3 colors) Folders to separate copies Window placards – o Colored signs preprinted in large bold letters (ex: MREs, ice, tarps, plastics, water (H2O) o Blank sheets for miscellaneous items o Paper durable for use in rain and to write on Tarp or tent for shade and keeping out of the rain Ice coolers (at least 2) Sunscreen Hand sanitizer Paper towels Bug spray Wide brim hats Large cooler sized, Rubbermaid, waterproof container to keep items dry when showers hit Plenty of ice and water Chairs Tables Trash cans Buckets of sand to stabilize tent from wind

            

AREA INFORMATION    Maps Information board (covered with plastic overlay to protect from weather) What’s in area for hotels, restaurants, etc

IDENTIFICATION INSTRUCTIONS   Use two people to do this One person is responsible for documentation and letting second person know how to identify tractor and trailer.


FLAGGING: Goes on drivers side mirror and trailer o o o o Red – MREs Orange – Plastics Blue – Misc. (baby food, generators, tarps, etc) Yellow/green – water (H2O)

 

Tie a piece of flagging to driver side mirror Tape w/identifier on front corner of trailer also on driver’s side o Ex: ICE/S for state ice o H2O/S for state water o ICE/F for federal ice Give driver the identifier sheet with tape to place on upper inside of passenger side window so it can be seen from outside of truck


THE FOLLOWING LIST GIVES A GENERAL IDEA OF WHETHER TRUCKS WILL BE FEDERAL OR STATE MRE’s – Federal Sam’s warehouse is normally Federal product Showers – Federal Seal # listed on invoice is Federal maybe if you can’t tell by any other means US Xpress – Federal more than likely Federal property transfer – Federal DACW-64 # on manifest documentation is Federal DACW-33 is State (State Contracted) Generally Lipsey Water is State FPO for PO – Contracted by State (Field Purchase Order) Landstar is State possibly unless it is MRE’s State Order ESF 11 and ESF 8 Generators – States will be from Garner Company name IAP – might have a contract # IAP 140337…… FEMA – Generally Federal products

ACRONYMS AND TERMINOLOGY LSA – Logistical Staging Area MRE’s – Meals Ready to Eat FPO – Field Purchase order ESF – Emergency Support Function (EFS1 – DOT, ESF 8 – ICE, ESF11 – Water) Fema – Federal Emergency Management Agency IAP – International American Products PTR – Property Transfer Report MT – Empty trailer (this is on Duct tape) TYPES OF TRAILERS AND TRACTOR Bobtail – tractor with no trailer Flatbed – Trailer above tires and axle Lowboy – Trailer below axle, mid-tire Step down –higher in front lower behind front set of tires Dry – Detachable boxed trailer Straight box – non-detachable trailer (ex: FedEx box trailer built as one unit)




Ship Origin (F or S)

Location:_________________________ Page:__________of_________

Item #

Ship Date

ShipTime (i.e: 0735)

Mission #





Destinatio n Cty.

Destination City











9 10

Shift: _______________________________ Hurricane: Eglin AFB – Duke Field
Trailer # UOM (Pallets,Liters, etc) WayBill #

Recorder: ___________________________

Date: _______________________________

Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Origin (S / F)

Date (Ex: 9/4)

Time (Ex: 1700)

Tractor #


Cargo / Trailer type


Appendix C: Off-Post Housing COMFORT INN Crestview SUPER 8 CRESTVIEW COZY MEDITERANEAN Beach Point Grand Caribbean DAYS INN DEFUKIAK SPRINGS BEST VALUE INN Super 8 Defuniak Springs
850.423.1200 FAX 850.423.1210 Crestview Crestview Destin Destin Destin Destin

850-682-9649 850-682-9649 850-682-9649 850-682-9649 850-689-2378
850-892-3125 FAX 850-892-5072

Defuniak Springs Defuniak Springs Defuniak Springs

850-892-3125 FAX850-892-5072
850.892.1333 FAX 850.892.0970

USCOE Space Garner Space

State Trucks

Federal Trucks

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