COMMERCIAL ART Greeting Card Questions - by yaofenjin


									POWERPOINT : Greeting Cards
         Worth 25 points if completed and clipped into your notebook.
 1.   Who typically purchases the most greeting cards?

 2.   This term refers to a particular segment of the year

 3.   Some of the various styles of cards?

 4.   Some of the various categories of cards?

 5.   Which famous inventor and illustrator is responsible for the first color wheel?

 6.   What Percentage of greeting cards are designed by freelancers each year? What does this mean?

 7.   Describe what the Verse Is in a greeting card.

 8.   What functions do Design and Verse play in influencing someone to purchase a card?

 9.   Some of the different illustration styles used in greeting card design include?

 10. If you aren’t the best illustrator, this term refers to pictures and images that anyone is free to use:

 11. A typical, single fold style card.
12. Cards with three panels

13. A tool used to manufacture or “punch out” shaped cards.

14. Please describe three different styles of specialty cards.



15. Describe some of the specialty card design tips

16. Traditional greeting cards which are sent through the mail face competition from a variety of new greeting
    methods. Please list two.

17. What is a BLEED?

18. Describe some of the current popular trends in greeting card design.

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