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 Keep the information coming in and we will keep you informed at

                         TCPA 2009/2010 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

President:                                    Treasurer:
Scott Rhodes         Grapevine PD             Daniel McCool         Harris County SO
307 W. Dallas Road                            P.O. Box 891111
Grapevine, Texas 76051                        Houston, Texas 77289-1111
Wk 972-724-2126        Fax 972-724-2239       Wk     (832) 876-8285
Email:              Email:

First VP:     Legislative Affairs
                                              Cheryl Garst
Steve Garst          Little Elm PD
                                              129 Cottonwood Lane
100 W. Eldorado Parkway
                                              Little Elm, TX 75068
Little Elm, Texas 75068
                                              (Cell) 936-203-4360
Wk 972-294-4525                               Email:
                                              Sgt. at Arms:
Second VP: Training                           Lennon Evans         Harris County SO.
Mike Thielen Hay County Sheriff’s Office      17923 Rolling Creek
1307 Upland                                   Houston, Texas 77090
San Marcos, TX 78666                          Wk 713-759-9454
(Office) 512-393-7792   Fax 512-393-7368      Email:
                                              Civilian at Large:
Third VP:     Communications                  Laura "Kat" Tobias
Doug Sisk           Duncanville PD            KUFFS-Keeping Us Fear Free & Safe
P.O. Box 380280                               10317 Vigilante Trail
203 E. Wheatland Rd.                          Converse TX 78109
Duncanville, Texas 75116                      (Cell) 210 381-7995
Wk 972-780-5027         Fax 972-780-6420      Email:
                                              Past President:
Secretary:                                    Tammy Snider                 Plano PD
                                              909 14th Street
Rosie Salinas
                                              Plano, Texas 75074
Community Liaison, Austin Police Department
                                              Wk 972-941-2060       Fax 972-941-2519
311 Burton Hill Rd
Austin, Texas
(Office) 512-974-4736
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The President’s Message

Dear Fellow TCPA Member,

Our 35th Anniversary Conference has come and gone and it was a great success.
Thanks to “Cat” Tobias for serving as chairperson and all the Alamo Area mem-
bers for their hard work. Congratulations to all the Annual Award Winners and the
CCPS recipients. I’d like to remind everyone Texas and TCPA are one of the few
states and organizations to offer a CCPS certification and it’s an accomplishment to
be proud of. Everyone must remember in order to maintain a record of your CCPS
certification you must keep your membership in TCPA current. Finally congratula-
tions to our new board members, Cheryl Garst, Rosie Salinas, and Mike Thielen.
All have accepted a great volunteer responsibility and need your support.

A new committee has been formed to find an affiliate to sponsor our start-up costs
for the promotion of Artie ‘Dillo. Mark Brazelton from Gainesville has agreed to
be the chairman of the committee and is actively seeking companies to help get a
campaign off the ground. Mark was instrumental in the inception of Artie ‘Dillo and
I appreciate his continued support.

Doug Sisk is busy keeping the web site up-to-date and the information for the Mid-
Winter conference in Galveston is on the site. Information for our summer confer-
ence in El Paso will soon be added. The TCPA by-laws have been up-dated and
moved to the public section of the web site to make them more accessible to every-
one all of the time. Our policies and procedures have also been moved on the web
site for the same reason. I’d like to remind everyone to make use of our training cal-
endar on the web site. All of the dates and locations for your monthly meetings can
be posted there. You can also post TCPA regional sponsored training on the site for
free. Agencies can also post training and web links on the calendar for a small fee.
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Effective July 31st 2010, all memberships and membership funds, except those made online,
should be sent to the State Membership Chairman. Cheryl will then add the members to the
“official” rooster and forward the membership applications to the appropriate regions. The
membership chairperson will also send the membership funds the State Treasurer who will then
send the funds to the appropriate region. Our goal is to streamline the process, create less confu-
sion, and ease the record keeping load of the regional treasurers and membership officers. Our
by-laws state this is the process we should follow and if we adhere to it should make the pro-
cess less complicated for the majority. I’d also like to encourage everyone to join and re-new
through the web site. It’s the most efficient way to streamline your payment.

The International CPTED Conference is coming up in November in San Antonio hosted by
NICP and Griffin Research. A link to it is on our web site and I look forward to seeing some of
you there. It’s getting close to regional election time and I hope some new members will consid-
er running for a position on their regional board of directors. New board members always bring
fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the entire organization. Our next state board meeting is scheduled
for Sunday, January 9th 2011at 3:00 p.m. in Galveston. Contact your regional President for
items you would like have discussed. I encourage everyone’s input.

I wish everyone a successful Texans Against Crime or National Night Out depending on your
areas choice. October is Crime Prevention month and an excellent time to make new contacts
and ask someone to join TCPA. Remember, any agency or member affiliated with TCPA can
use Artie ‘Dillo to promote their crime prevention events. Artie ‘Dillo stands for truth, justice,
and the TEXAS way. He’s also armored against crime! If I can help your region in any way,
feel free to give me a call, 972-724-2126, Thank you all for every-
thing you do.


Scott C. Rhodes
Grapevine Police Department
TCPA President 2009 – 2011
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Texas Crime Prevention Association
Sergeant Steve Garst, L.C.C./C.C.P.S.
1st Vice President – Legal Issues
September, 2010

Just a brief update on the status of the Legislative Proposal to get criminals to fund,
through fines, the training for all crime prevention and school resource officer train-
ing in the State of Texas.

At the direction of the TCPA Board, a committee of TCPA members from around
the State was formed to revise the proposal as written, primarily to make it more
concise. While all of the information contained in the original proposal was per-
tinent and useful, it was felt that legislators would not take the time to read it all
unless something immediately caught their attention. The need to reduce it substan-
tially to bullet points was deemed appropriate, with that condensation supported by
the complete document for further reference.

The Board asked that the 1st V.P. for Legal Issues (me) to chair the committee and
to recruit at least three (3) participants. TCPA members circulated the word and a
total of six (6) people offered to help. Rather than limit the input to only the mini-
mum of three (3), I elected to have all six (6) volunteers comprise the committee.
Those folks, and the region they represent, are: Al Aranda - Texas Gulf Coast,
Bernie Garza - South Texas, Jose Milan - Far West Texas, Michelle Lanham – Ch-
isholm Trail, Paul Gonzalez – Alamo Area, and Ron Cook – North Texas. I applaud
them for their involvement and willingness to help in getting this important legisla-
tion sponsored and passed.

I have since received input back from the majority of those individuals and a con-
densation of the original proposal has been made. Redundant wording was eliminat-
ed and even the math has been verified and corrected where necessary. The proposal
is pretty much in final format and over the next couple of weeks will be finalized. It
is already in a form sufficient to present to legislators.
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A meeting was scheduled for Tuesday September 24, 2010, with Senator John
Whitmire, at his Houston office. His office called and postponed it to Wednesday
September 25, 2010, to better accommodate his schedule. Unfortunately, his office
called again on the afternoon of the 24th to say the Senator had a death in his family
and needed to cancel all his appointments for the remainder of the week.

Needless to say this was disappointing, but understandable. We offer our condolenc-
es to Senator Whitmire and his family.

His office was subsequently contacted and they asked that we re-schedule the meet-
ing for early October after the Senator has returned to his Austin office in anticipa-
tion of the upcoming legislative session. We are presently working with the Sena-
tor’s office to set a definite date for that meeting.

As a reminder, if any of you have contact with any Senator or Representative, we
can use your help. We chose Senator Whitmire because of his chairmanship of the
Criminal Justice Subcommittee. We do not need, nor do we want, to limit our con-
tact to him alone. I urge each and every one of you to get involved. If you can open
a door, the better chance we have to make this happen. The more the better. Please,
please get with me ASAP if you have contact with any State legislator. Then keep
your fingers crossed and the prayers coming. We need this funding in these hard
economic times.

Thanks for your help. As always, I am at your service. If there is anything I can do,
don’t hesitate to contact me
Steve Garst, L.C.C.
Certified Crime Prevention and CPTED Specialist
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TCPA Members…..

First let me say thank you for your vote of confidence in electing me as your new
2nd Vice President of training. I will do my best to do you and TCPA proud!
Seems immediately following the elections, new ideas and new directions began in
regard to training for TCPA . And let me say it all seems for the better. Those most
concerned about standardize statewide training have stepped up and taken frontline
action to help bring the entire association to the same page.
On behalf of ICJS, George Little has offered approaches for teaching Crime Preven-
tion I & II, and CPTED, that will drastically lower the student cost for such classes.
It will make it possible to use local sanctioned instructors working through agencies
to conduct classes, thus lowering overhead cost. As the final details are ironed out,
we will pass the instructions on to the membership.
I see the potential for tremendous progress in the area of training for and acquiring
the CCPS certificate. My hat’s off to all who have participated in the sometimes in-
tense, but proving to be fruitful debate and discussion. I believe the conclusion will
be well worth the efforts.
I still can use a rep from each region for the TCPA Training Committee. Please see
the following request I made to Region Presidents in September. Of our nine re-
gions, I have four reps. Please let me know if you would like to help. I feel most, if
not all our duties can be accomplished via e-mail or over the phone.
Please contact me with any training concerns and I will attempt to answer or seek
out the answers to your questions. Gulf Coast Crime Prevention Association is ac-
tively planning a great Mid-Winter Conference, so plan to attend. Your time there
will be well spent.

Thank you again,
Deputy Mike Thielen, CCPS
2nd VP Training, TCPA
Hays County Sheriff’s Office
September 6, 2010

Regional Presidents and Membership,

As the newly elected 2nd Vice President of Training, I begin my term
seeking assistance. I am charged with heading up the Crime Prevention
Training Review Committee. As outlined in the by-laws, the committee is
comprised of myself, each regional president or a designee, and an adjunct
instructor appointed from ICJS.

Therefore Regional Presidents it is either you or someone dear to you who
chooses to serve. Please select and chose, or decide and let me know how
to communicate with them. I prefer e-mail if possible.

ICJS is allowing TCPA some latitude in the curriculum/format we chose to
teach for all three levels of Crime Prevention needed to acquire the CCPS
title. The main provision is that it aligns and follows the curriculum/format
of ICJS. As a committee our job will be to compare, judge and make a rul-
ing as to acceptance, or make recommendations as to what may be needed
to be acceptable.

Inquiries have already begun to arrive, so your service is urgently needed.
We will proceed with training into the future, just as TCPA will proceed in
promoting Crime Prevention for today, tomorrow and future generations.

Focused on the Task,

Mike Thielen
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Dear Friends at TCPA,

To all of you who thought I would never do it...that day has come... I am
RETIRING from the Attorney General’s Office on September 30, 2010.

During my career, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with
many extraordinary people - and my TCPA family falls into that category.

I have been a member of TCPA for “a few years” and over those years
have been honored to serve on the State Board, Regional Board of Cen-
tral Texas CPA and be named a Lifetime Member as well as receive some
wonderful awards - for all of this I thank each and everyone of you.

Thank you for your friendship, the laughs, the tears, so many good times
and all those birthday truly has been a GRAND RIDE!!

I appreciate all of you and the job you do each and every day. Good wish-
es and be safe.

Nancy Gresham
“the Asphalt Princess”
I want to send a heartfelt thank you to all who voted me into the TCPA
Secretary position. I’ve completed an inventory of all materials and
equipment and have stored the list on a thumb drive. I want to thank
Deputy James Kitchens for assisting and being witness to this inventory.
In keeping with the times, we must decide to find the best way of storing
these documents for future reference but also have them readily available
upon request electronically.

I’m looking forward to the many challenges ahead and thank you all who
have extended your hand to assist me. I would also like to inform Alamo
area for a great conference.

Rosie Salinas
Community Liaison,
National Night Out Coordinator and
TCPA Secretary

              Reminder TCPA Awards Nomination forms and
           the Louise Bocock Scholarship application are on the
                       TCPA website at this time.

       They have to be post mark by June 1st, 2011 and mailed to
           Deputy Claude Gamez who has been appointed by
       President Scott Rhodes as Awards Committee Chair person.

                         Deputy Claude Gamez
                Williamson County Sheriff’s Department
                508 S. Rock St. Georgetown, Texas 78626
                           Fax 512-943-1495
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September, 2010

Letter from the President:

I’m closing in on the end of my first year as President and have learned
a lot in a short periodof time. The need for committees just keeps com-
ing but fortunately the NTCPA members have stepped up and performed
exceptionally. I understand that much of it was for house cleaning needs
but necessary none the less. I cannot thank our members enough for doing
such a great job of representing in all facets of Crime Prevention.

The summer conference was a great venue at the Riverwalk in San Anto-
nio and I want to thank the Alamo Area Crime Prevention Association for
doing such a good job of hosting. I thought it was the most user friendly
of all the conferences that I’ve attended. From personal experience I’m
sure it didn’t seem like it went that smoothly to them but it really did on
our end. Hosting the event is definitely a labor of love with much reward
but during the week I could tell some of the AACPA crew was a little
stressed out. Many kudos to them. That being said I look forward to the
2011 Summer Conference in El Paso. You can’t help but love those guys
from the Far West Texas Crime Prevention Association. When I asked
them how it was coming along they smiled and simply said “don’t worry,
you’ll have a great time”.

Many congratulations are in order for much of the North Texas region
which was represented well during the Awards Ceremony. The list is long:
                        Close-Up Newsletter
Neal Katz                                         Outstanding Crime Prevention Citizen,
Large Agency
Chief Scott Kniffen, Trophy Club PD              Outstanding Crime Prevention Manager,
Small Agency
Captain Mark Brazelton, Gainesville PD             Outstanding Crime Prevention Manager,
Medium Agency
Sgt. Lindy Privett, Plano PD                      Outstanding Crime Prevention Manager,
Large Agency
The Strengthen our Youth Foundation, Sgt. Lindy Privett, Plano Pd     Outstanding Crime
Prevention Business, Large Agency
Officer Tammy Snider, Plano PD                    Outstanding Crime Prevention Specialist,
Large Agency
Sgt. Steve Garst, Little Elm PD                  Outstanding Crime Prevention Specialist
Gainesville Police Department                      Outstanding Crime Prevention, Medium
Plano Police Department                           Outstanding Crime Prevention, Large

And congratulations to those across the state who won awards as well.

We just held our September monthly meeting/training and I was encouraged by the membership
who seemed dedicated to holding and sponsoring Crime Prevention Basic, CPII and CPTED
courses in the North Texas region before next summer’s conference. I see a lot of good things
going for our region and I like the direction it is headed. We are addressing the issue of shrink-
ing training budgets with many of our local departments and fund raising is hopefully going
to help. We just started a gun raffle that we plan on drawing for at the Mid-winter conference.
Next year I would like to see NTCPA sponsor more attendees than ever before at the confer-
ences and our membership seems to be on board.

We look forward to the Mid-Winter conference with Texas Gulf Coast and the way they are
growing I’m sure they will have something special for us when we get there.

Steve Caldwell
NTCPA President
  Close-Up Newsletter
         Make sure you check out
                Artie ‘Dillo
     He is looking for a sponsor and
he is also looking forward to assist in the
         crime fighting in Texas.

     made his appreance
       (in a way) at the
        Summer 2010
    at San Antonio, Texas
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Texas Gulf Coast Crime
Prevention Association

By Jeffery McGowen, President 2010

The members of the Texas Gulf Coast Crime Prevention Association are hard at
work to make the 2011 Winter Conference in Galveston, Texas, January 10-12, a
huge success. Committee Chairman Tony Valdez of Dickerson Police Department
has assembled a great committee to bring you the best training and entertainment
for the conference. Early conference registration is underway, early registration is
$95.00 through December 15, 2010. Moody Gardens Hotel rate is set at $119.00 per
night. CPTED training is currently $245.00.

Training is being coordinated by Rene Dennis of the Harris County Sheriff’s Of-
fice. Pre-conference training; CPTED will be held January 8-10, 2011, at the
Moody Gardens Hotel. The following conference training has been confirmed for
the conference; Organizing Citizen’s Police Academy, Organizing National Night
Out, Avoiding Police Officers Burn-Out, Internet Safety, Organizing Neighborhood
Watch, College Campus Security, Help End Auto Theft, Intro to Arab Culture and
Islam, Car seat Distribution Program, and Human Trafficking.

The following training classes are scheduled, but have not yet been confirmed;
Gangs or Graffiti, Funding for Crime Prevention, Dealing with Diplomats, Nui-
sance Abatement, Child Passenger Safety for Law Enforcement, Financial Fraud,
100 Club, Triad/Salt, TASER Less Then Lethal, How USAA Can Help Crime Pre-
vention and Concerns of Police Survivors.
We have confirmation from the following vendors, Galveston Island Convention
and Visitors Bureau, Republic Print and Mailing, Texas Municipal Police Associa-
tion (TMPA), and Texas Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority. If you know
of any Vendors that may want to participate in this year’s conference please have
them contact TGCCPA at

TGCCPA is still selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a .45 cal. Springfield
XD(M) handgun, 36 inch Flat Panel TV, or $100.00 Visa Gift Car. The tickets can
be purchased from members of TGCCPA for $5.00. Drawing will be held at the
winter conference.

The Hospitality Committee has several activities scheduled for the conference.
These activities include; Ice breaker/ Luau, Patch and Pin swap night, Texas
Hold’Em tournament and great door prizes. Each night in the hospitality room a dif-
ferent police comedy or drama movie will be showing with snacks and drinks you
could win a framed movie poster.

August 23-27, 2010, TGCCPA hosted a CP1 course at the Harris County Sheriff’s
Academy. I want to thank ICJS and the Houston area ICJS Adjunct Instructors for
conducting the class free of charge to the 33 students. TGCCPA is planning to host a
CP2 course November 8-12, 2010 in the Houston area. Check the ICJS website for
more details.

February 2011, the TGCCPA will host a seminar for local Apartment Managers. The
training will cover local ordinances, nuisance abatement, graffiti, gangs, courtesy
officers, evictions, trespass affidavits, etc. I would like to thank the Houston Apart-
ment Association ant Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce for helping coor-
dinate the seminar. We plan to continue the program in other parts of the unincorpo-
rated areas of the county on a quarterly basis throughout the year.

I would like to send out a heart felt THANK YOU, to the members of TGCCPA.
You have all supported the efforts of our organization and without your hard work
and dedication; TGCCPA would not have accomplished the goals we have set for
the organization. For more information about TGCCPA please visit our website at, email, or call 713-24CRIME.
                                     THE FIGHT TO PROTECT TEXANS
                                     by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

                     POINTS TO REMEMBER                THE FIGHT TO PROTECT TEXANS

   ALL TEXANS BENEFIT WHEN LOCAL, STATE and federal law enforcement agencies join forces and
combine our resources to protect the communities we serve. As all peace offi cers know, battling crime is like fi
 ghting a war that never ends. Far too often, as soon as one threat to the public is neutralized, another one pops
                                                   up to take its place.
   Fortunately, Texas peace offi cers readily repeat this never-ending cycle for one purpose: to keep Texans
safe. And occasionally, a milestone comes along that gives law enforcement offi cers a chance to take stock
                                           of the good work they have done.
   In July, the Offi ce of the Attorney General (OAG) marked one of those milestones when the peace offi cers
 in our Cyber Crimes and Fugitive units made their combined 2,000th arrest. And though we are very proud of
 our successes, we know that those arrests would not have happened without the help and cooperation we
  received from city, county and federal law enforcement offi cers, who helped our teams serve warrants, make
                                     arrests and hold these offenders accountable.

 The 2,000th arrest involved a suspect recently arrested in Austin after he violated his parole by being in contact
with a young female. Muller was paroled after his 1993 conviction for sexually assaulting four young girls, ages
  four to nine. As with the 1,999 arrests that came before it and the arrests that will come in the future, Muller’s
                      apprehension makes our neighborhoods a little safer for Texas families.
 The Fugitive Unit works with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and other law enforcement agencies
to locate and arrest fugitives with a history of sex crimes against children, specifi cally those offenders
who have violated parole or sex offender registration requirements. Parole violations include failing to report to
parole offi cers or being present in areas that might allow them access to young children. Since the Fugitive Unit
                            was launched in August 2003, it has arrested 1,900 fugitives.

  The Cyber Crimes Unit is tasked with patrolling virtual neighborhoods online and fi nding sexual preda-
 tors that use the Internet to prey upon children. This initiative has resulted and convictions against more than
  100 child pornographers. Cyber Crimes Unit offi cers recently arrested Robert Eugene Dobbins. According to
investigators, Dobbins initiated an online chat with someone he believed to be a 14-year-old male. Investigators
say Dobbins sexually propositioned the purported child, arranged to meet him in downtown Austin, and planned
  to travel with the boy on a metro bus to Dobbins’ south Austin apartment. When Dobbins arrived at the down-
town meeting point, he encountered Cyber Crimes Unit offi cers – not an underage child – and was taken into
From the Attorney General’s Offi ce to a rural sheriff’s offi ce to an urban police department, the fi ght to protect
  Texans is never really done. All Texans are fortunate that so many dedicated peace offi cers bravely put them-
 selves in harm’s way so they can keep children and families safe. So though we may have to continue fi ghting,
    with dedication, hard work and continued multi-jurisdictional cooperation, we will continue to win the war
                                                   against crime.

                                       Cyber Crimes and Fugitive units
                                            1,900 fugitives arrested
                                       115 online sex predators arrested
                             Convictions against more than 100 child pornographers
         2011 Mid-Winter Conference
                Moody Gardens
Get your registartion and reservation in now!!!!
                      2010 TCPA AWARD WINNERS
                                                   Small Agency
The recipient of Outstanding Crime Prevention Citizen Award Small Agency is a retired Officer that has initiat-
ed the establishment of the Community Outreach Center and developed a campaign to combat family violence.
His can do attitude and people first disposition along with his exploring vision is why Bob Murphy is TCPA’s
Small Agency Outstanding Crime Prevention Citizen of the year.

                                                  Large Agency
The recipient of the Outstanding Crime Prevention Citizen Large Agency Award volunteered over 800 hours
during the nomination period. This person worked diligently issuing over 1000 crime risk notices and hun-
dreds of handicap parking tickets. He was also a daily volunteer during the Mid Winter Training Conference
volunteered at numerous safety fairs, TLEAA, and weekly CPA classes and meetings. His dedication to Crime
Prevention volunteer work is admirable. The recipient of the 2010 Large Agency Outstanding Crime Prevention
Citizen Award is Neal Katz.
                                     Outstanding Crime Prevention Program
Many of us have been a part of the Shattered Dreams programs that gives a real life education to educate stu-
dents to the dangers associated with drinking and driving. The program involved the dramatization of an alco-
hol related crash on campus replete with police, EMS response personnel, emergency room treatment, family
notifications and the consequent arrest and booking of the driver. Then they took it to another level reaching out
to online community. They made a three-part video documenting the program. Since it has been posted online
the video has received more than 6,500 hits! The recipient of the 2010 Outstanding Crime Prevention Program
is San Marcos Baptist Academy.
                                    Crime Prevention Manager Small Agency
This recipient has shown that even in lean times and in a small town you can still offer big programs and have
excellent results. He continuously strives to put crime prevention in the forefront of town initiatives and in the
minds of community members. It is due to his commitment to excellence in community policing and crime
prevention that Chief Scott Kniffen of Trophy Club Police Department is the recipient of the 2010 Outstanding
Crime Prevention Small Agency Manager Award.

                            Outstanding Crime Prevention Manager Medium Agency
The recipient of CP Manager Medium Agency is responsible for maintaining numerous programs and supervis-
ing several divisions. He manages to complete numerous security inspections, organize new Neighborhood
Crime Watch groups and coordinate existing groups along with running two Citizens Police Academies per year
all while serving on a regional board and state board. He has shown a true dedication to Crime Prevention the
recipient of outstanding CP Manager Medium Agency is Captain Mark Brazelton Gainesville Police Dept.

                             Outstanding Crime Prevention Manager Large Agency
The recipient of OCP manager Large Agency is responsible for supervising over 30 Crime Prevention Education
Programs and during the nomination period also ran two citizens police academies, Citizens Handicap Parking
Patrol, volunteered as a Judge at TLEAA, and numerous other events. The recipient of outstanding CP Manager
Large Agency is Sgt. Lindy Privett Plano Police Department.
                           Outstanding Crime Prevention Manager Specialized Agency
The recipient of OCP manager Specialized Agency is responsible for coordinating multi-faceted programs to re-
duce crime. He has promoted programs including public safety alliance, Mobile Surveillance, Theft Reduction
report cards. These crime prevention education programs resulted in an amazing 12% drop in crime rate dur-
ing the nomination period. The recipient of outstanding crime prevention Manager specialized Agency is Mark
Hubenak Director, Westchase District Public Safety.
                            Outstanding Crime Prevention Business
                                        Small Agency
The recipient of Outstanding Crime Prevention Business Small Agency developed multiple
PSA’s during the nomination period including scams, vehicle burglary and warrant roundup.
The PSA’s had an immediate effect on the crime rate and were well received by the community.
The Psa’s received The American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards out of 60,000 entries
they took two of the awards. This was awonderful victory for crime prevention. The recipient of
the Outstanding Crime Prevention Business Award small agency, nominated by Victoria Police
Department is Michael Cloud of Bright Idea Media.

                                        Medium Agency
The recipient of Outstanding Crime Prevention Business Medium Agency is responsible for
taking over one million dollars worth of narcotics off of the street, recovering over 900 stolen
vehicles, delivering over 7000 crime prevention educational materials during the nomination pe-
riod. The recipient of Outstanding Crime Prevention Business Medium Agency is Greenspoint

                                          Large Agency
The recipient of Outstanding Crime Prevention Business Large Agency has traveled over
20,000 miles and contacted over 25,000 students delivering a knock out message along with
high flying excitement teaching children how to be buddies not bullies, how to stay drug free
and about choices and consequences. This dynamic team is dedicated to reaching children
and teaching them the fundamental traits of good character including Honesty-Compassion-
Courage-Perseverance. They leave every group with a desire to do the right thing and make a
positive difference. The recipient of the Outstanding Crime Prevention Business Award Large
agency is The Strengthen Our Youth Foundation, Lindy Privet and Christopher Bianez.

                                   Outstanding Media Award

                                            Small Agency
The recipient of the Outstanding Media Award Small Agency is a previous Crime Prevention
Officer and TCPA member who has worked diligently to help the Chisholm Trail region devel-
op, update and train their staff to keep the site up to date and accurate. They have gone above
and beyond to help with this Crime Prevention effort. The recipient of the outstanding media
small agency award is KB Media Solutions, Keith Bilbrey owner.

                                        Medium Agency
The recipient of Outstanding Media medium agency has gone above beyond to help get the
word out on crime prevention issues and training for the community. Including revitalizing a
neighborhood park to supporting church safety training for the Longview Police Department.
This person is always ready to assist with the crime prevention effort. The recipient of the Out-
standing Media medium agency is Wilton Johnson with KYTX CBS.
                                                   Outstanding CPS
                                                      Small agency
The recipient of OCPS small agency has helped with 12 new crime prevention programs during the nomination period
along with helping to develop national award winning Public Safety Announcements and a monthly newspaper column to
educate citizens on crime prevention issues. This person was awarded the American Legion Law Enforcement Commen-
dation for outstanding public service in the community and the Victoria PD Civic Achievement award for his work on the
public service announcements For this and much more the Officer Chris Guerra is the recipient of the Outstanding Crime
Prevention Specialist Award for small agency.

                                                     Medium Agency
The recipient of OCPS medium agency is involved in numerous crime prevention programs including running personal
safety seminars, citizens police academies, Handicap parking patrol training and support, he also takes initiative to set up
a community response office in neighborhoods to give crime prevention information. He works with 4 schools and helps
counsel troubled students, He sets up a crime prevention education table in stores on a regular basis and has developed a
relationship with the community. This is just a sample of what he has achieved during the nomination period. The recipi-
ent of the Outstanding CPS medium agency is Officer James McCraw, Tyler Police Department.

                                                      Large Agency
The recipient of OCPS large agency has been called a true champion of crime prevention and during the nomination peri-
od has completed numerous presentations including home security, personal safety, and internet safety, senior safety, iden-
tity theft, scams and more. This person continues to be the go to person for business security assessments and is asked for
help on a regular basis by other agencies and businesses from around the state, nation and even other nations. During the
nomination period she received more than 20 commendations for her crime prevention work. She helped coordinate the
mid winter training conference and currently serves on the Crime Prevention Coalition of America’s executive board and
as immediate past president for TCPA; for this and much more Officer Tammy Snider of the Plano Police Department is
the recipient of the Outstanding Crime Prevention Specialist Large Agency.

                                                   Specialized Agency
The recipient of OCPS Specialized agency has been involved in Crime Prevention for many years and serves on a regional
board. He is the only person assigned as a community oriented police officer for Tarrant County. He is responsible for
running multiple programs and during this nomination period has presented stranger danger presentations to almost 6000
kids. He is also very active with S.A.L.T. The recipient of the Outstanding Crime Prevention Specialist for a Specialized
Agency is Tim Tramel with Tarrant County SO.

                                     Outstanding CCPS OVERALL FOR THE STATE
The recipient of outstanding ccps overall for the state doesn’t just walk the walk, and talk the talk. He takes it to an-
other level. If he sees a need for something he will get it done even if it means working hours and hours developing new
training curriculum or teaching new comers what crime prevention and CPTED are all about, for so many hours he has
no voice left. He brings his knowledge back to his own community where he has developed numerous crime prevention
programs. He also works with other agencies to help educate students on the dangers of impaired driving. The accom-
plishments of this person are too long to list but everyone here knows him and knows the kind of work he does. For these
reasons and many more the Outstanding Crime Prevention Specialist Overall for the state of Texas is Sgt. Steve Garst with
the Little Elm Police Department.

                                    Outstanding Crime Prevention Small Agency Award
During times when some agencies are cutting their crime prevention budgets this agencies crime prevention unit contin-
ues to grow. This agency has numerous crime prevention programs and is very active on both the regional and state level
of the Texas Crime Prevention Association. They developed a new business crime prevention initiative to partner with
citizens, businesses and civic organizations to facilitate crime reduction measures and also were one of the first to fully
implement the Crime Free multi housing program in their community. For this and more the Grapevine Police Depart-
ment is the Outstanding Crime Prevention small Agency of the year.
                                   Outstanding Crime Prevention Medium Agency Award
This agency has been a long time supporter of TCPA. This agency continues to develop new crime prevention programs
along with offering 2 citizen police academy classes, weekly senior citizen classes, citizens on patrol are just a few among
numerous other crime prevention programs. This is just a sample of why The Gainesville Police Department is the recipi-
ent of the Outstanding CP Medium agency award.

                                    Outstanding Crime Prevention Large Agency Award
During the nomination period the recipient of the OCP large agency award issued almost 6000 crime risk notices present-
ed 647 crime prevention presentations and currently coordinates over 250 neighborhood crime watch groups, over 900 Mc
Gruff houses, 32 ongoing crime prevention programs including vacation safety school, cafeteria cops, child safety puppet
shows, senior safety programs and two citizen police academies yearly with over 100 graduates and the majority continue
on to join the Citizens Patrol Program. This agency placed 5th in the nation for participation in National Night Out and
received the National Award for excellence in Law Enforcement from the National Sheriffs Association for their neighbor-
hood watch program 2010. For this and more the recipient of the Outstanding Crime Prevention Large agency award is
The Plano Police Department.

                                  Outstanding Crime Prevention Specialized Agency Award
The agency receiving started 28 crime watch groups during the nomination period developed a County Wide Citizens on
patrol group holding the first academy this year they also increased participation in national night from 0 to 7 and pre-
sented stranger danger to over 5000 kids and attended numerous safety fairs. They were active in their region and with
S.A.LT. and the DARE program. The outstanding crime prevention award for a specialized agency is the Tarrant County

                                                 Above and Beyond Award
The above and beyond award is presented to a TCPA member whose actions of notorious service of merit requiring valor,
honor, heroism was above and beyond the call of duty. Many of us have faced tragedy and many of us have saved lives
and every one of us watched as the tragic events at Fort Hood unfolded November 5th 2009 when 13 lost their lives and
30 were wounded. This person was there and faced it head on within seconds of the first call and through clear mind and
sound judgment conducted a high risk two person search and cleared the emergency site ensuring that there were no other
threats making it possible for medical teams to get in and evacuate the wounded. When the evacuation was complete he
organized a 96 hour work schedule for the mobile command and established a memorial site so that people could leave
items in memoriam. Officer Andrew Sammarripa Jr. truly went above and beyond without regard for his own safety and it
is an honor to present him with the TCPA Above and Beyond Award for 2010.

                                                       Horizon Award
The horizon award is presented to an individual or agency that is either starting up in Crime Prevention or Restarting a
Crime Prevention Program at their agency. The person receiving the individual award has been a member since 2009 and
took off running getting involved on the regional and state level. He is also active with Citizens Police Academy, Citizens
on Patrol, and many law enforcement, charity, social and community groups. He has used his contacts to recruit ap-
proximately 30 new members to TCPA. He is a Master Peace Officer, Certified Crime Prevention Specialist, TCLEOSE
Instructor, RAD instructor and child safety seat technician and many more. During this nomination period he developed
graffiti abatement education program, completed CP 2, CPTED, and got his CCPS, attended a 40 School Based Law
Enforcement training and developed meth and teens presentation and helped coordinate the 2009 crime prevention summit
in the Gulf Coast region. The recipient of the 2010 Horizon Award for vision and growth in crime prevention is Daniel
McCool Harris County SO.

The Horizon Agency award is being presented to an agency that has developed from a community services division to a
newly formed Crime Prevention Unit. They set their sites on educating citizens of their community and active crime pre-
vention strategies. Implementing Lock, take and hide, Neighborhood watch and Burglary report cards and many more and
got the media involved to get the word out on their crime prevention programs and strategies winning two national media
awards for their PSA’s. This agency has taken major strides to improve and their vision for growth in crime prevention is
why the VICTORIA POLICE DEPARTMENT is the recipient of the 2010 Horizon Award.
         Your Windows or Your Stuff!
  Steve Wallach, President/CEO, MetroStar Resources
I was sitting at my desk the other day reading some burglary reports. As I read the
reports, I discovered and interesting trend...break-in’s through windows and glass
doors. Now let’s be real; this type of burglary isn’t new, and some folks have glass
sensors on their alarm systems, but is there another way to protect yourself. Actu-
ally, another crime prevention tool that is often overlooked...Security Window Film.
So I began a research project to find out more about this crime prevention tool.

The more I read, the more interesting it became. It got so interesting; I had to con-
sult and expert in the area of Security Window Film. I learned a lot. There are so
many options that it’s mind bending. For example, a basic window film on your
windows will stop the glass from shattering inside your home and protect anyone
in the home from flying glass. This includes breakage from thieves, windstorms,
and hurricanes. I also learned that as you increase the strength of the film, the pro-
tection increases. Today, there is a film that is bullet resistant and is being used by
government buildings, airports, police departments, and others. In fact this product
has been shown so effective that a major city police department put the film on their
patrol cars. I watched a video presentation of the film’s ability and it was amazing.
So, does this mean that your home or business should use this type of film? Maybe,
maybe not. This decision is yours to make after you gather all the facts. Keep in
mind that the goal of a crime prevention tool is to harden the target. Nothing can
absolutely, positively, prevent crime or injury. There are several factors are in-
One thing I discovered in my research is that not every window film company can
do this work. It takes a company that specializes in residential and commercial
films and installation. It is my opinion that your local auto window tinter is not
equipped to install this type of protection nor to offer the warranty necessary to add
another level of protection to your project.

The next issue that I raised was the cost of installation and any time consuming
issues to the client. What I found out was stunning. The cost of installation of Se-
curity Window Film in many cases, is less than the cost of new windows, and instal-
lation takes only a few hours, depending on the size of the project. Also, warranties
on your project are important. It is always best to do business with a well estab-
lished company who will work with you and provide an excellent warranty. Always
check their references.

The weak economy has some turning to crime to make end’s meet and some resi-
dents are fighting back with a new concept in a home security methods and protec-
“You shouldn’t have to go to these lengths to protect yourself,” said Kurt Howell,
a principal of AmeriTint, of Arlington, TX. AmeriTint is a provider of services for
Security Window Film.

“People don’t want to be the next victim, so that’s why they’re installing our prod-
ucts” he said. Howell is referring to security window film that is up to 15 mil thick,
and can stick to any window, and is touted as being able to prevent intrusion, by
hardening the target.

“It makes it harder to break the glass, and if they do break the glass, then it holds all
the glass together making it that much harder to get inside the home or business.
On the day I visited with him, Howell is working with a homeowner whose home
has been broken into twice. The homeowner doesn’t want to take any more chances.
Along with this installation, AmeriTint also provides a security sticker in each pane,
advising that the windows are protected with security protective film.

AmeriTint says with the warmer weather and the sluggish economy, they are ex-
pecting an increase in burglaries and robberies
                  Howell says the security sticker puts an extra barrier between the crimi-
                  nal and your belongings.
                  "They're just going to try one window and hopefully when they see
                  something like this on there, they know what it is and just move on."
                  The security stickers don't come inexpensively. One square foot of
                  the clear protective security window film costs an estimated $6.00 per
                  square foot; and a square foot of the tinted protective security film costs
                  in the range of $7.50-$10.00 per square foot. Most professional win-
                  dow tint companies do offer the protective security film service.
Close-Up Newsletter

                  Let’s take a look at some of the details about security protective win-
                  dow film. A great place to start is understanding just what this crime
                  prevention tool is all about.
                  Safety and security window film...just what it is:
                  Safety and security window films are polyester films that are applied to
                  glass & glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered
                  (similar to laminated windows, the main difference between film and
                  laminated glass is that the film can be applied to the glass or glazing
                  after manufacture or installation, i.e. it is a retrofitted product. These
                  films are used widely all over the world, they can be found on trains,
                  buses, cars, and buildings.
                      Structure and physical properties

                  The films are adhesive coated to bond them to the glass. The better
                  safety films are smooth-coated, as they have far superior optical clarity.
                  Certification and testing
                  Safety and security window films are designed to perform under ad-
                  verse conditions. As such, standards and standard tests have been de-
                  vised to ensure that these films will perform in such a situation. It is
                  advisable for any prospective user to ensure that their supplier can
                  produce certification for such codes and standards. There are four best
                  known organizations that produce standards and guidelines for how a
                  film performs under impact.
                        Close-Up Newsletter
Additional protection from hurricanes and windborne debris
Safety films can be used as an additional protection against flying glass when glazing is
broken by windborne debris. By helping to prevent windows from shattering, or retaining
shattered glazing in its frame, these films help maintain the “weather seal” of a building.
This helps reduce damage from water and high winds. If the seal can be maintained, roofs
are less likely to be blown off, and it is more likely a building can be saved.

Protection from burglary, vandalism, or smash and grab theft
Deter thieves by making it more difficult for them to break in to your home or business.
Foil vandals and graffiti artists by using a film that provides a special coating to retard the
damage that these folks can do. If you have interior store glass cases, use clear security
and safety film to deter the smash and grab thieves. Protect your home from burglary
through windows by making it more difficult to break windows and storm doors.
Protection from spontaneous glass breakage
Toughened glass (tempered) windows can be and often are subject to sudden failure, for
no apparent reason.
This is caused by contaminants (such as a nickel sulfide) embedded in the glass dur-
ing manufacturing can cause this explosive failure months or years later. Such failure in
homes and commercial buildings can cause a sudden opening in the building, exposing
its contents to the elements, with wind and rain causing far more damage than the simple
cost of replacing a window pane. Protective safety films are an ideal remedy to maintain
the weather seal of the building and prevent the massive rain of glass pellets that would
otherwise instantly fall from tempered glass breakage.”
Personal safety
When float glass is broken (normal annealed glass), it breaks into sharp shards that are
dangerous to anybody in the vicinity. This is particularly hazardous if the window is
broken by human impact. Toughened (tempered) glass can produce showers of small
glass pellets that can cause serious injury; especially in the event of a car crash (as most
automotive side glass is tempered). The building codes of some countries specify require-
ments for personal safety in architectural glass and glazing. Certain films, with correct
certification can be used to upgrade existing glass and glazing to meet the safety stan-
dards specified in the building codes.
How does security window film work?
Does it really stop someone, or something, from breaking the glass and entering
your home or business?

No, the film is a clear flexible polyester sheet that is affixed to the inside of the win-
dow. If someone outside, e.g., a would-be intruder or a vandal hits the window hard
enough or if the window is struck by a stray golf ball for instance, the glass will
shatter, but stay together.

With an unprotected window a thief could break the glass to gain entry into your
home or business. With window security film fitted, he could break the glass but
still not be able to get in. The shattered glass would still be in front of him, the
shards of glass held in place by the film.

So does that mean that a burglar can’t make a hole in a window protected with secu-
rity film?

Protective window security film is not absolutely intruder proof, but then again,
what is. With repeated heavy blows with a hammer or crowbar a housebreaker
could make a small hole in your film-protected window, then reach in and slip the
catch. But that would involve two things, noise and time. Burglars hate noise; it is
apt to attract the attention of neighbors and passers by. Time is also a burglar’s en-
emy; the more time they spend on a break-in the more chance they have of being

Very few burglars would risk the time needed to successfully attack the glass. Once
they realize they are up against security film they would likely move on and find a
home that is less protected.

A determined burglar though, or perhaps a novice who doesn’t know what he is up
against, may succeed in getting through your window which is why security film is
best as just part of an overall security system. It is another tool in your perimeter
defense system.
So would I still need a home alarm system
if I installed window security film?
Every home or business owner’s security
needs are different; you have to decide the
level and type of protection that your home
or business requires.
No form of defense against intrusion is
perfect in isolation whether that be alarms,
quality locks, window security film or even
surveillance cameras. Protective film can help
 prevent a burglar getting in your windows but
 you still need secure locks and fittings on your
 doors. Likewise, an alarm system can alert your
neighbors or the police but would not stop entry
through your windows.

Does protective film take the place of window security bars?
Security film is an alternative to window security bars, grills or shutters are all high-
ly visible methods of protecting windows. These however, rarely enjoy the approval
of firefighters or other first responders because they can trap a victim inside the
facility. The thief can see the bars, which in many cases will deter him from even
trying to enter your home through your windows.
Window security film is in most cases virtually invisible, the housebreaker won't
know it is there until he has taken a swipe at the glass - a hard enough swipe will
break the glass but the thief still can't get in.
From this, you might conclude that security bars are better because your window
is less likely to get broken in an aborted break-in. Fire Department rescuer’s worry
about someone inside a building protected by bars. Exit may be difficult in an
emergency. On the other hand many homeowners find security bars to be ugly and
prefer the discrete protection of security film.
Should I fit protective window security film to all my windows?
You certainly may want to fit window security film to all your windows that are
particularly vulnerable such as those not overlooked by neighbors or passers-by. If
you would want to fit burglar bars to the window then you could fit window film as
a more attractive alternative.
No residential or commercial security measure can be truly regarded as expensive
as it may save you the expense of a break-in, but protective film, like everything,
does have a cost. You may not wish to cover upper story windows unless those win-
dows can be easily reached without a ladder.

You should be aware though, that not all window film is security window film.
Some film may insulate against heat but be of no use for security, be sure that the
film you chose is intended to withstand force.

It is possible to install the film yourself but care must be taken and the correct in-
stallation methods used. Based on our research, we do not recommend self instal-
lation of Security Window Film. Having a professional install your window secu-
rity film will ensure you get you a manufacturer backed guarantee against peeling,
cracking, and adhesive failure. We are also talking with insurance specialists to
determine if insurance companies would be willing to offer additional reductions in
premium for installation of Security Window Film.

Attaching to the frame as well as the glass increases the effectiveness of the film to
withstand attack. Several window security film manufacturers offer framing support
components to fasten the film to your window frame.

We have also been made aware of the excellent warranties on the films when it was
installed by a qualified professional dealer only.

That about covers our series on the Crime Prevention Tool known as Security and
Safety Window Film. We’ll keep you updated on our findings. If you need more
information, feel free to call our office at 817-993-9379.

It’s a lot to review, but if you are serious about Crime Prevention, take the time to
read this information. If this new Crime Prevention tool is able to deter even one
burglar, the message to the criminals is clear...we will not be victims and we will
take any and all means necessary to protect our stuff!
  Steve Wallach, President/CEO, MetroStar Resources
            2011 Mid-winter Host
                   Texas Gulf Coast

2011 Summer Conference Host
                          Far West Texas
        Let’s help them out and support these
        regions, we all know how hard it is to
              put a conference together.

       Thanks Gulf Coast and Far West Texas
                 for Stepping up,

                      Good Luck
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    from each regional president covering your regions
   activities for the quarter. Please send your newsletter
 information to me at, thanks!
        Doug Sisk, TCPA 3rd VP Communications,
     Crime Prevention / Community Relations Officer,
               Duncanville Police Department
                       (972) 780 - 5027
                                     TCPA Listserve
The TCPA board is working on trying to make communication to the members easier and more interactive. We
want all members to be able to be able to communicate with other members, request informa-
tion, ect. so a list serve has been created. You can join the list serve by going to Yahoo Groups
and look for the Red TCPA logo and the following spelled out: texascrimepreventionassocia-
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There is another Texas Crime Prevention one there that is like from 7 years ago, unknown who
even started it.

So go to the above location and request to join, if you are a current member you will be accept-

Do not release this information to the general public.

Some things that the TCPA list serve can be used for:
1. Relay suspect/ suspect veh. descriptions, full or partial, of those arrested, detained, or escap-
ing capture. 2. Relay new methods of operation used by the criminal element. 3. Relaying cur-
rent crime trends and preventative measures. 4. To ask for help in finding contacts with those
unusual problems. 5. To share ideas relevant to the security and safety of our areas. 6. To advise
of meetings, schools and seminars that may help educate us.

Some things that TCPA list serve should not be used for:
1. Jokes or E-mails intended to seek applicants to fill positions within a company or members
seeking employment opportunities. 2. Chain E-mails that have no bearing on crime, hardening
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As with all e-mail lists, some other rules apply:
1. Beware attachments that may contain viruses.
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