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									4045 Lancer Circle, Manitowoc, WI 54220                                          August 2010

Thaddeus Baneck                           Kristin LeClair     Colt Nicklaus       Amber Schnelle
Stephannie Blish                           Max LeClair        Kendal Novak        Ray Schwalbe
  Kelsi Daffner                            Cheoleon Lee       Emily Pankow        Jordan Siegler
Michael DeCleene                          Joseph Liermann                          Stuart Storm
  Emily Eckley         Kelly Hauf        Melissa Lindemann                      Jenessa Strathmann
                     Ashley Hecker         Dana Luisier                             Jared Styka
                     Carlton Heling      Margaux Machut                            Lisa Thielbar
                      Phillip Jindra                         Rachel Petersen      Martin Unthan
                    Alexander Kasten                          Serena Pippin       Katelyn Warner
 Keith Evenson      Russ Kieselhorst                         Tyler Prochnow     Rebecca Williamson
  Lisa Franzen        Jordon Klein                             Haley Ring
 Kelsey Gaedtke      Hilary Kleinert      Katelyn Malley      BriannaRobley
Casie Gospodarek       April Koch         Caleb McCargar     Katrina Scheuer
 Brittney Gossen   Danyelle. Kohlmeier     Brianna Miller    Kimberly Schmill
Who We Are…                                  From the Principal                                                                    Dennis Steinbenner
                                                 Two hundred four students (56 freshmen) began         project at this time. If the recommendation is to
Manitowoc Lutheran High School               the 2009-2010 school year. Eight of the students          proceed with a Phase III project, the committee is
is affiliated with the Wisconsin             were international students (China, South Korea, and      mandated to recommend the scope of that project as
Evangelical Lutheran Synod.                  Germany).                                                 well as the scope of the capital campaign.
In an age of anxiety, we still believe           The ―Makeover‖ project selected by the physical              Fifty freshmen are
that peace comes from Jesus Christ, the      plant committee was to replace the bleachers in the       registered for next year.
Son of God.                                  gymnasium. The projected cost was $60,000.                Eleven international students
In an age of confusion, we still believe     Over $ 34,000 was realized from Sunday Showcase           are also registered. For the
that the Bible is the Word of God,           with the remaining funds raised through a ―$100 Buy       2010-2011 school year, our
inerrant and infallible.                     a ―Feature the Bleacher‖ Seat Promotion. The new          55th year, we anticipate a
In an age of doubt, we still believe that    bleachers are being during the summer.                    student body numbering 204.
Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit,          The Federation authorized the creation of a              The theme for the 2009-10
and born of the Virgin Mary.
                                             Phase III Exploratory Committee. The purpose of           school year is: Living Our
In an age of guilt, we still believe that
Jesus died on the cross to remove the        this committee is to determine if the Federation          Faith, ―Love each other as I
                                                                                                                                           Dennis Steinbrenner
power of sin and Satan from our lives.       should begin a Phase III Expansion/Renovation             have loved you‖ (John 15:12).
In an age of reason, we still believe that
God is at work in the sacraments of Holy
Baptism and Holy Communion.
In an age of constant change, we still
believe in the unchanging Holy Trinity—
                                             From the Board Chairman                                                                         Jerry Haupt
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.                    Another school year has quickly passed us by.          football field. The gymnasium bleachers will be
                                             Once again we were privileged to close out the year       replaced during the summer months. A special
MLHS is truly a Lutheran school based        with our graduation service held on June 6. ―Surely       thanks to Bill Jindra and Jim Reis and all of the
on the apostolic, Christian faith.           goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of         Lancer supporters who assisted with these projects.
                                             my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord           May we never take our High School for granted.
In this Issue:                               forever.‖ (Psalm 23: vs. 6) If you had the                We have so much to be thankful for. God’s
Class of 2010                         1      opportunity to attend the graduation service, I hope      blessings to our faculty and staff. Thank you for
                                             you left the service as I did with a renewed              your love and dedication to
Who We Are                            2
                                             confidence knowing that we have a Savior that will        those young people that have
From the Principal                    2      be with us wherever our paths may go. God’s               been given to us by our Lord.
From the Board Chairman               2
                                             blessings to the class of 2010! May God bless you            If you have any questions or
                                             with a rich measure of the Holy Spirit so that you will   concerns, please do not
From the Admissions Director          2      remain strong in the Lord.                                hesitate to contact me.
From the Development Director         3         Plans are already under way for the 2010-2011             Have a safe and blessed
                                             school year. Tiling has been completed on the             summer.
Letter to the Class of 1960           3
                                                                                                                                               Jerry Haupt
New Website                           3

Mission Statement                     3      From the Admissions Director                                                                      Kevin Buch
Board of Control                      4
                                                 What an exciting first year for the Admissions        free ―MLHS Alumni‖ t-shirt. We will also have
Education Committee Report            4      Department! We continued many of the fine                 several displays set up including one that promotes
Mission Advancement Committee         4      ―recruitment events‖ that our high school has done        our ―Academic Voucher‖ program. That program is
                                             over the years and we added some new things as            a great incentive to grade school students that
Admissions Committee                  4      well. Our educational association called                               participate in the Academic Fair which
General Fund                          5      Lakeshore Lutheran Schools is up                                       MLHS hosts each year.
                                             and running and working hard for our                                       Our freshmen enrollment percentage
Endowment Fund                        5
                                             schools on the lakeshore.                                              is at about 55% this year which means
Scrip Report                          5          We also have a website                                             that our 9th grade class will be at 51
Help Support MLHS                     5      www.lakeshorelutheranschools.net that                                  students, if nothing changes between
                                             is up and we invite you to check it out.                               now and the start of school.
MLHS Administration                   5      This website is a resource for those not                                   We thank the
Members of the Federation             6      familiar with our school system and will                               Lord for all of His
                                             also be helpful for communication with                                 blessings on us. We
In Memory/Honor of                    6
                                             our existing families too.                                especially thank Him for all of
Second Semester Honor Roll            6          We are looking forward to the alumni event that       our MLHS students, both new
International Student Program         7      will take place in conjunction with homecoming this       and returning, whose families
                                             year. All alumni are invited to a reception before the    have made Christian Education
Spirit Store                          7      game and during halftime on September 17th. Each          a priority. To God alone be the
The Year in Review                   8-11    graduate from a year ending in zero will receive a        glory!                                 Kevin Buch
When You Move                         12

From the Development Director                                                                    Scott Reinhard
    The Class of 2010 presented us with MLHS’ 50th               Finally, as with many Lutheran schools, MLHS will
graduating class. What a blessings to have these             face a challenge this year to replace the dollars
young adults among the 3,200 Lancer alum. In                 received in past years by the GivingPlus program
connection with this milestone, we invited our pioneer       through Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. MLHS has
graduating class of 1960 to join us for                      received more than $80,000 each of the last four
commencement and be recognized at the service. In            years through this matching funds program. The
addition, a reception was held beforehand and some           GivingPlus program has been discontinued by
tremendous stories & memories were shared of                 Thrivent. Beginning with the 2010-11 fiscal year,
MLHS’ earliest days. A copy of a letter from one of          MLHS will be eligible to receive funds through
these first graduates is included in this issue of           Thrivent’s new Choice program, although we estimate       PREFACE
Lancer Legends; please take a look and join us in            a significant decrease compared to past years. I ask
reflecting on the tremendous blessings so many               you to prayerfully considering making a gift to MLHS      The Christian education
families have experienced through the years!                 this year to help us continue offering all our programs
    Planning is underway to celebrate MLHS 55th              to students without further increases to tuition. On a    of children is first
Anniversary during the coming school year. Along             positive note, we continue to see God’s grace in          and f orem ost t he
the way, please mark your calendars to join us as we         providing for us as MLHS receives notice of planned       responsibility and
host the WELS National Choral Festival the weekend           gifts from MLHS friends and alumni through their wills
of Nov. 12-14, 2010, and culminate the year with             and through life insurance & IRA beneficiary              obligation of parents. The
the 55th Anniversary Celebration Banquet on                  designations. I am available to help with any such        church also has a
March 26, 2011.                                              arrangements, to answer questions, or to brainstorm       command from God to
    The 2009-10 fiscal year also showed positive             ideas that might fit your
status regarding our current capital appeal which has        situation; please call me at                              provide Christian
gone toward the Music Center constructed in                  any time!                                                 education and training.
2008. Highlights:                                                Until next issue, please
           $2,237,106 Total Pledges & Outright Gifts         keep MLHS, our students
                                                                                                                       As an extension of area
           $1,938,828 Paid                                   and faculty in your                                       WELS congregations,
           $ 298,278 Receivable                              prayers. God’s blessings to                               Manitowoc Lutheran High
   Of the 370 households that made pledges, 224 are          you and your families!
paid in full, with 97% of pledges received on schedule                                                                 School exists to assist
(ie. just 3% are behind schedule).                                                                Scott Reinhard
                                                                                                                       Christian parents in
                                                                                                                       meeting their obligation to
Letter to the Class of 1960                                                                                            provide a comprehensive
                                                                                                                       Christian education for
Dear members of the class of 1960,                           years were spent being boarded by the Paulman and
   How can it be 50 years?! Certainly we aren’t that         the Brick families. They were such a blessing to          their sons and daughters.
old! Of course, my white hair says otherwise. I’m            me! When Karen started her freshman year, we ar-
sorry I won’t be able to join you for the class              ranged rides with people who worked at the ship
reunion. I look back with such fond memories of my           yards or taught at the Vocational School. Those rides     STATEMENT
four years at MLHS! I remember being the student             didn’t always get us home at an early hour, but we
representative at the Board meeting after the first          were happy to just have a ride!                           “Manitowoc Lutheran
year. I was unable to speak as the tears                        What a blessing MLHS was to me and has been to
flowed. When I was embarrassed about this, Pastor            the students who followed our ―pioneer‖ class. It is
                                                                                                                       High School develops
Seim told me that a picture speaks louder than               with joy that I hear how the school has flourished! I     young adults spiritually,
words. And look where the school is today!                   pray that the school will continue to preach the un-      mentally, and physically
   I did not want to attend the public high school in        changing message of Christ to our changing world.
my town, and was delighted at the news that the                                                     Love in Christ,    through a Christ centered
school would open in time for my ninth grade! It was                                            Judy (Zink) Gartner    education.”
with great financial sacrifice that my parents sent me                                               Class of 1960
and then my sister, Karen, to MLHS. My first two

New Website                                                                                                            Lancer Legends is published
Check out the new www.mlhslancers.com! New, info, new pictures & videos, and more. Set it as a                         three times per year, including
improved, bigger, better – all the right adjectives! favorite and check back often for all things Lancer!              an annual report each August. If
Interactive calendar, class reunion & missing alumni                                                                   you have any questions or
                                                                                                                       comments, please contact the
                                                                                                                       editor, Nancy Froehlich at
                                                                                                                       (920) 682-0215, x 100 or

                               Education Committee Report                                                                   Mark Murphy
                                  The education committee is comprised of the           equipment that would be useful for each department.
                               following members: Mr. Grant Barthel, Mr. Mark               Much of the work of the education committee
                               Murphy, Mr. Keith Wakeman,         Mr. and Mr. Mike      this past year was dedicated to the re-accreditation
                               Wisniewski. Mr. Robert Sonntag, Mr. Dennis Stein-        renewal process. Our committee has reviewed both
                               brenner, and Mr. Joel Ungemach serve as ex-officio       the curriculum and instruction areas of the self
                               members.                                                 study. I appreciate all the time and efforts of the
                                   This year we explored ways to store all              faculty, committee members, and parents who
    Mr. Jerry Haupt            transcripts and student records in an electronic         helped us with this process. We are very blessed to
       920-682-5954            format to take up less space and allow for easy          have parents, staff, and students that are dedicated
   lakelandldscp@att.net       retrieval.                                               to Christian Education here at MLHS!
                                    Mr. Ungemach has finished work with each of             We continue to work on job descriptions for the
                               the department heads. Some of that work included         registrar, assistant principal, and the guidance
   Mr. Lynn Messer             creating a 7 year textbook rotation for each depart-     department. Our goal is to map out duties of each of
      Vice Chairman            ment, evaluating department offerings in light of the    these departments to improve communication and
      920-467-2718             state standards and our MLHS Mission and Vision          have a written record of responsibilities to assist new
                               Statements, and prioritizing a list of resources and     called workers for an easier transition.

    Rev. Tom Unke
       920-467-3659            Mission Advancement Committee Report                                                       Robert Barthels
                                    Committee members includes: Chairman Robert             We are assembling a comprehensive list of the
                               Barthels, Rod Scheuer, Amy Muench, Pastor David          groups and organizations that are connected with
Mr. Peter Lindemann            Waege, Deb Troge, Bob Blattler, Amy McCargar and         MLHS and do fundraising of some type. The goal is
 Treasurer/Financial Affairs   Scott Reinhard. We may be adding one or two in           to coordinate and focus the fundraising to prevent
       920-758-2258            future and welcome anyone who is interested to           overload on any particular donor while maintaining
                               please contact any of the committee members. We          each group’s ability to meet its goals.
  Mr. Mark Murphy              will likely be forming several subcommittees to focus        We have begun organizing for the 55th
        Education              on individual projects. Please let me know if you        anniversary celebration this coming year. It will not
      920-756-9498             have a passion for any of these projects.                be quite as big as the 50th but will include a thank
m.murphy@trinitybrillion.org       Each month, MLHS Development Director Scott          offering for a special project not yet determined.
                               Reinhard, provides committee members with a list of          We have begun the initial steps toward forming a
                               recent donors to the high school along with a info       committee to lead the Phase III Capital Campaign.
    Rev. Ted Olsen             about where the donation was applied. Committee          Details will unfold as the Federation decides the
        Admissions             members place phone calls to the donors to give          appropriate next steps in our building improvement
                               them a personal thank you for their generosity. This     program.
                               is also an opportunity to ask individuals if they have
                               any questions or suggestions about the high school.
   Mr. Rob Barthels
   Mission Advancement
   rkbarthels@charter.net      Admissions Committee Report                                                              Pastor Ted Olsen
                                   This past year was quite an exciting year for the    Council on ways to improve school spirit at sporting
   Mr. Jim Dittmar             Admissions Committee.          That excitement was       events. Beyond all of this activity, Mr. Buch was
   Student/Staff Services      created mainly by the fact that our new Admissions       also the point man in organizing Lakeshore Lutheran
        920-565-2639           Director, Mr. Kevin Buch, came on board July 1,          Schools, an organization incorporating all of the
                               2009. Mr. Buch has been incredibly busy during his       grade schools in the federation.
                               first year with us. He began by setting up the              The committee also worked on alumni relations,
    Mr. Bill Jindra            Admissions office – no small task since one really       hosting a reception for alumni in the commons
       Physical Plant          didn’t exist before. He then jumped right into his       before and at half time of the homecoming football
       920-682-3891            visitation schedule, visiting with every grade school    game, worked together with the Academic Voucher
    billjph@charter.net        principle in the federation, visiting every grade        Committee in giving out over 70 tuition vouchers at
                               school in the federation, visiting church councils       the Academic Fair, and began to study the issue of
  Rev. Louis Sievert           along with Board of Control members and                  transportation, especially where students from the
       Circuit Pastor          Mr. Dennis Steinbrenner and Mr. Scott Reinhard,          outlying areas of our federation are concerned. As I
       920-553-1793            visiting churches on MLHS Sundays, and visiting          said, this was an exciting year for the Committee,
    ljs45@lakefield.net        Sunday Schools when possible. In addition to his         and one that the Lord richly blessed. We look
                               visitation schedule, Mr. Buch also arranged Future       forward to the coming year and pray for the Lord’s
                               Lancer Field Trips for all the grade schools, gave       continued blessing on our committee and on our
                               numerous tours, and worked with the Student              high school.

 General Fund Summary Report
 Operating Revenue
 Support from Federated Congregations                              $ 537,538
 Tuition and Fees                                                  $ 879,105
 Gifts and Memorials                                               $ 48,090
 Elementary Music Program                                          $ 18,255
 Other Operating Revenue                                           $ 349,402
 Total Operating Revenue                                           $ 1,832,390

 Total Operating Expense                                           $ 1,834,197
 Net Operating Balance                                             $ (1807)                                                    Dennis Steinbrenner
 Liabilities                                                                                                                    920-682-0215, ext 101
 Line of Credit balance on June 30                                 $ 0 (as of July 30)                                        dsteinbr@mlhslancers.com
 Phase II Bank First National Loan                                 $ 1,391,485 Phase II Music Center
                                                                                                                                     Tim Lindloff
                                                                                                                                    Assistant Principal
                                                                                                                                    Dean of Students
 Endowment Report (July 1-June 30)                                                                                                920-682-0215, ext 102
     The purpose of the endowment is to provide a financial base to generate earnings to supplement the
 financial support of the ministry of Manitowoc Lutheran High School. The principal remains intact. Only the
 annual earnings are withdrawn. Individuals contributing to the endowment determine the use of the                                Joel Ungemach
 earnings of their donation.                                                                                                       Assistant Principal
                                                                                                                                 920-682-0215, ext 380
 $ 1,640,934– Value of the endowment on 6/30/09                                                                              jungemach@mlhslancers.com
 $ 1,787,266– Value of the endowment on 6/30/10
                                                                                                                                   Scott Reinhard
 Accumulated Interest: $ 38,976 – MLHS Tuition Assistance
                                                                                                                                 Development Director
    7/1/09-6/30/10     $ 28,487 – General Operation
                                                                                                                                920-682-0215, ext 103
                        $ 8,299 – Worker Training
                       $ 1,167 - Capital Improv/Building Trust
                       $ 76,929 – Total Accumulated Interest
                                                                                                                                     Kevin Buch
                                                                                                                                Admissions Director
                                                                                                                               920-682-0215, ext 420
 Scrip Report (May 1-April 30)                                                                                                kmbuch@mlhslancers.com

 $2,643,592 - Total Scrip Sales (almost $87,000 of the previous year record)
     54,819 - Tuition Credits Accumulated in 337 Family Accounts                                                           If you have any questions or
                                                                                                                           concerns, or for more information,
                                                                                                                           about the high school, please
                                                                                                                           contact any of the members of the
                                 Help Support MLHS                                                                         MLHS Administration by e-mail or
                                                                                                                           by telephone.

www.goodsearch.com              Use this search engine powered by Yahoo! Log
on and type ―Manitowoc Lutheran High School‖ into the ―I support‖ box, and
MLHS will receive a donation each time you search the Web using GoodSearch.
                                                                                                                                Our Faith
Scrip     When you purchase a gift certificate through MLHS, a percentage of that amount stays at Lutheran High.
Proceeds go toward tuition assistance and non-budgeted items. An order form can be found on the MLHS website. For
more information, please call the Scrip office at (920) 682-0215, ext 189 and talk to Beth or Cathy.                        “My command is this:
                                                                                                                             Love each other as
                                                                                                                             I have loved you.”
Repeat Performance                 This non-profit resale store is located at 4341 Enterprise Court in Manitowoc behind
                                                                                                                                 John 15:12
Verlo Mattress and is run entirely by volunteers. Proceeds of over $50,000 a year support MLHS. You can find clothing
for the entire family as well as household items and furniture, all new or gently used. Hours are 9AM-5PM Monday through
Saturday. For more information please call the store at (920) 769-0017. Donations and volunteers welcomed!

                                                                                                         MLHS was blessed to receive gifts between March 1, 2010
                                     In Memory Of:                                                            and June 30, 2010, in honor of the following:
                                           David Abramovich                  Dorothy Gutschow                         Alice Krutzek                     Ralph Schultz
                                            Dorothy Bartlein                  Arno Hackmann                           Adeline Kunz                     Virginia Schultz
                                           Barbara Berchem                     Ruth Hardrath                           Leon Kutz                  Ernest & Irene Schwantes
                                            Alton Borgwardt                      Arlie Haupt                   Henry & Meta Menges                     Allan Shambeau
                                            Chris Borgwardt                     Dan Hennig                            Jane Menges                       Eugene Stuebs
                                           Walter Borgwardt                   Norbert Huebner                         Todd Menges                     Ora Mae Valleskey
      Bethany, Manitowoc                 Laverne Brandenburg                   Anna Hutterer                          Bernice Meyer                 Harold & Elda Vetting
       Calvary, Sheboygan                   Russell Brodtke                     Kathy Jaeger                    Roland & Ruth Meyer                    Jeanette Waegli
    First German, Manitowoc               Virginia Bruckschen               Nicholas Kappelman               Elmer, Norma & Ron Nagel                  Harvey Wagner

       Grace, Manitowoc               Emmet C Rodewald Family                 Paul Kappelman                           Helen Obry                      Walter Wesener

       Immanuel, DePere                      Billy Engelland                   August Kasten                            Karl Olp                        Regina Wessel

     Immanuel, Manitowoc                     Arline Fischer                  Jerome Kieselhorst                       Eugene Olson                    Priscilla Wilharms
                                             Eric Forsberg                      Roy Kluenker                           Arno Pleuss                  Cassandra Williamson
     Our Savior, Two Rivers
                                              Donald Frish                    Esther Kohlmeier                         Lila Roland                       Harold Wolf
     Rockwood, Manitowoc
                                              Glenn Gates                      Donald Kracht                           Elton Rusch                     Armond Wunrow
          St. John, Gibson
                                            Robert Glaeser                     Joyce Kraemer                    Sara Schlernetzauer
          Legends is published
LancerSt. John, Maribel
three times per year, including an
       St. John, Newtonburg
annual report each August. If you    In Honor of:                                                         MLHS was blessed to receive gifts between March 1, 2010
                                                                                                               and June 30, 2010, in honor of the following:
       St. John, Two comments,
have any questions or Creeks
        contact the editor, Nancy
please St. John, Two Rivers              Michelle Blievernicht                    Katie Malley                    Norman & Pat Reichardt                 Nate Verlinden
Froehlich at (920) 682-0215 x 100            Ruth Dowling                  Randy & Jona Miller Family                   Scott Reinhard                 John Wentker, Sr.
orSt. John/St. James, Reedsville
   nfroehli@mlhslancers.com.                 Emily Eckley                         Beth Neuser                     Casey, Kyle, Marty, Max,         Parents & Grandparents of
   St. John/St. Peter, Cleveland                                                                                  Mick, & Katrina Scheuer             Richard & Charlotte
    St. Paul, Howards Grove
                                     Dennis & Marilyn Eirich Family           Vern & Leila Nicklaus              Lyle & Leanne Schneider                  Class of 1975
        St. Peter, Chilton
                                       Aaron & Beth Hirschmann              Gerhold & Doris Noeldner             Ray & LaVerne Schroeder                  Class of 1980
       St. Peter, Mishicot
                                          Rebecca Jungwith                        Grace Olson                          Audrey Shambeau                    Class of 1989
         Trinity, Brillion
                                             Carisa Keller             Elizabeth, Stephen, Sarah, Matthew,      St. Peter Lutheran Church &       Faculty, Staff & Class of 1975
           Trinity, Kiel                                                        & Susan Potthast                      School, Mishicot

         Trinity, Liberty             Danyelle & Karlie Kohlmeier                 Erle Raduenz                    Paige, Haley & Marshall
       Zion, Louis Corners
   Zion, Morrison (Greenleaf)
                                     Second Semester Honor Roll
      Immanuel, Kewaunee
       Advisory Member               The following students have earned a 3.5 or higher grade point average for the first semester of the current
                                     school year. A 4.0 average is indicated by an asterisk.
     St. Peter, Sturgeon Bay             Freshmen                  Smith, Elizabeth              Muench, Megan *             Menges, Luke *                  Hauf, Kelly
        Advisory Member                  Barthels, Julia         Steckmesser, Jacob               Nass, Leah *                 Menk, Joel *                Kleinert, Hilary
                                         Buss, Lindsey             Tienor, Nathan               Neumeyer, Brianna           Miller, Stephanie           Kohlmeier, Danyelle
        Christ, Denmark                  Gries, Anna *           VanAlstine, Katherine             Oh, Danielle             Mleziva, Rebecca               LeClair, Kristin
             Friend                     Habermann, Eric            Weyer, Jocelyn               Schuette, James *          Moldenhauer, Ryan *           Liermann, Joseph
                                           Hahn, Molly                Sophomores               Schwede, Marissa *             Peronto, Chad             Lindemann, Melissa *
       Messiah, Green Bay                Herzog, Sara *              Arndt, Jordyn *           Ungemach, Megan *            Rabenhorst, Taylor            Machut, Margaux
             Friend                      Krahn, Philip *               Gast, Zak                Unke, Zachary *               Schuette, John               Miller, Brianna
                                        Liermann, Devon             Habermann, Paul *            Winter, Audra *            Sickinger, Michelle            Pankow, Emily
        St. Paul, Algoma
                                        Menges, Peter *          Kappelman, Meghan *                Juniors                 Spencer, Elizabeth           Prochnow, Tyler *
                                         Menk, David                Knutson, KateLyn           Bruckschen, Nathaniel         Ungemach, Anna                 Ring, Haley
        Zion, Egg Harbor               Neubauer, Kane *             Kohlmeier, Karlie           Demsien, Hannah *           VanAlstine, Steven           Schmill, Kimberly *
             Friend                    Peterson, Katlyn          Lindemann, Rebecca *               Doro, Tyler             Wallander, Emma               Schnelle, Amber
                                       Rehbein, Connor *            Markowski, Ethan            Fitzgerald, Jasmine                Seniors               Siegler, Jordan *
                                        Roberts, Tiffany            Messman, Kaylee *            Herzog, Benjamin             Eckley, Emily *                Styka, Jared
                                       Schetter, Sydney              Miller, Benjamin            Kappelman, Erin *            Franzen, Lisa *             Warner, Katelyn
                                         Schultz, Kara *              Miller, Katrina            Lindemann, Rose             Gossen, Brittney *         Williamson, Rebecca
                                        Sheahan, Taylor

International Student Program                                                                         Mrs. Julie Nass
    The 2009-2010 academic year was certainly a               Information Class taught by Mr. Steve Hahnke. Our
year of blessings for Manitowoc Lutheran’s                    program also began offering English as a Second
International Student program, a growing area of our          Language (ESL) classes this past year. Our ESL
ministry at Manitowoc Lutheran.                               classes were taught by Miss Kristina Wessel and
  This was the first year that we actively recruited          helped our students strengthen their English in the
students to our program. We started the year with             areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
eight students: four from South Korea, three from               One of the more enjoyable aspects of our program
China, and one from Germany. We welcomed                      is sharing American culture, sights, and activities
another Korean student at mid-year. Our Korean                with our international friends. Highlights of the year
students come to us from the Canaan Language                  included visiting places of interest in Manitowoc,
Institute in Seoul, South Korea as well as other              going to a Milwaukee Bucks game, visiting college
agencies. The Chinese students come to MLHS                   campuses, a tour of our state’s capital as a day in
through the WELS CHOICE program. We also work                 Madison, and a Chicago weekend trip with
with ASSE as a source for our European students.              international students from Fox Valley Lutheran High
At the beginning of second semester, we added                 School, Winnebago Lutheran Academy, and
another student from South Korea. The students
ranged in grades 9th-12th. Seven of the international
                                                              Wisconsin Lutheran High School.
                                                                We welcome the opportunity to share our program
                                                                                                                            Show your
students this year were male and two were females.
  One of the greatest blessings of our program is the
                                                              with you. If you are interested in hosting an
                                                              international student or having us share our
                                                                                                                           Lancer pride!
chance to share the message of the Gospel with our            international program presentation with your school
international students. While our MLHS host families          or church group, I would love to speak with you!
have this mission opportunity in their homes, our             Please contact me at (920)682-0215, ext. 105 or              New items have been added.
international students learn about Jesus in the Bible         e-mail at jnass@mlhslancers.com.                             Orders may be placed and gift
                                                                                                                           certificates are available in the
                                                                                                                           MLHS Scrip office.
                                                                                                                           Shop early for special occasions,
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 Back row: Martin Unthan, Germany; Rachel Cho, South Korea; Danielle Oh, South Korea; Guy Gao, China; Vincent Sun, China
            Front row: Terry Lee, South Korea; Chan Park, South Korea; David Yoo, South Korea; Peter Lu, China

         International students visit the state capital            Host parents Steve & Ruth Hahnke, Joyce Yeung
                          in Madison                              (Class of 2009), and Rev. Maurice Hoppe, St John,
                                                                   Gibson after Joyce’s confirmation earlier this year.
                      The Year in Review
    Fifty seniors graduated from MLHS on June 6, 2010. The class of
2010 chose as their class verse Psalm 23:6 – Surely goodness and
love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house
of the Lord forever.” All but two seniors indicated that they will be
either furthering their education or will be entering military service.
Three seniors ended their high school years with a 4.0 grade point
average for eight semesters. The median GPA for the class was
3.32. Twenty-six seniors received scholarships totaling $569,450 at
the annual senior night celebration.

                                                                                         Valedictorian Emily Eckley, co-salutatorians Kimberly Schmill, Lisa Franzen

Fall Sports
Volleyball                                                                        Football
   The varsity volleyball team was the undefeated Olympian                             The Lancer football team finished in 3rd place in the Olympian/
Conference champion for the second year in a row. The team earned                 Packerland conference play and qualified for the State playoffs for a
an appearance at the state tournament at the Resch Center in Green                fifth consecutive year with a 5-3 regular season record (6-3 overall).
Bay. They lost by two points in the fifth game of the state champion-             Football players named to an all-conference team were Ray
ship.Kelly Hauf was named Olympian Conference player of the year.                 Schwalbe, Jacob Luebke, Keith Evenson, Tyler Doro, Tyler
Brianna Robley, Kelsi Daffner, Libby Spencer, Emily Pankow,                       Prochnow, Mike DeCleene, Joel Menk, Alex Kasten, and Jered
and Brianna Neumeyer received all-conference and HTR ALL-                         Styka. This was the final season for longtime lay coach Steve Eck-
Manitowoc County honors.                                                          ley. We thank Coach Eckley for his many seasons of dedicated ser-
                                                                                       ―The 2009 season also was special because we had our 4th 1000
                                                                                  yard rusher in school history. Sophomore Jacob Luebke became the
                                                                                  youngest 1,000 yarder and also the 3rd one in the last four
                                                                                  seasons. He joins Dan Habermann ’06 and Sam Sullivan ’08
                                                                                  in the Lancer
                                                                                  Thousand Yard
                                                                                  Club,‖      said
                                                                                  head coach Jim

       Brianna Neumeyer, Amber Schnelle, Michelle Sickinger, Kelsi Daffner,
      Kelly Hauf, Erin Dittmar, Emily Pankow, Libby Spencer, Rebecca Mleziva,
               Katrina Miller, Leah Nass, Brianna Robley, Katie Malley
                                                                                                                          Jacob Luebke, Class of 2012

Winter Sports
Girls’ Basketball                                                                 Boys’ Basketball
     The MLHS girls’                                                                 The boys’ basketball team progressed to the WIAA Regional finals
basketball team                                                                   before ending their season. Chad Peronto earned Olympian
finished the season                                                               Conference honors.
with a 15 – 11 record
and won the WIAA
Division 4 champion-
ship. Brittney Gossen
earned Olympian
Conference and HTR
Manitowoc County
honors.                        Lancers Erin Kappelman, Kelsi Daffner, Leah Nass       Michael DeCleene, Ray Schwalbe, Joe Liermann, Tyler Prochnow, Jordon Klein

                      The Year in Review
Spring Sports
    The girls’ track team broke six school records and three                     high jump and third in the 100,
conference records this season. Audra Winter now holds the school                Leah Nass finished fourth in
record in the 100 & 200 metered dash, and high jump. She also holds              triple jump and fifth in discus,
the conference record in the 100. Leah Nass holds the school record              Kristin LeClair finished third in
in discus and triple jump. Kristin LeClair now holds the conference              the long jump. The 800 relay
record in the long jump. The relay team of Audra Winter, Leah                    team finished in third place and
Nass, Kristin LeClair, and Michelle Sickinger hold the school and                the 400 relay team finished in
conference record in the 800 relay and they hold the school record in            sixth place.
the 400 relay. The following girls finished first at the conference meet:
                                         Audra Winter 100 and high               Baseball
                                         jump, Leah Nass triple jump,               The baseball team finished        Michelle Sickinger & Leah Nass
                                         Kristin LeClair long jump,              the season with a 2 – 15 record. Ray Schwalbe received 1st team all
                                         Michelle Sickinger 300 hur-             -conference honors. David Menk also earned all-conference honors.
                                         dles, and the 800 Relay team
                                         of Nass, Sickinger, LeClair,            Softball
                                         and Winter.                                 The softball team finished the season tied for 2nd place in confer-
                                            The track team ended the             ence play (11-5; 13 – 8 overall). Erin Dittmar, Emily Eckley, and
                                         year by finishing in fourth place       Margaux Machut were named to the all-conference 1st team.
                                         at the state track meet. Audra          Danyelle Kohlmeier, Kelsi Daffner, and Katie Malley also earned
       Kristin LeClaire & Audra Winter   Winter finished second in the           all-conference honors.

    The team, consisting of eight students, competed in the Olympian     State competition in April brought one Gold medal to Megan
Conference, Sub-district, District, and State levels. MLHS earned the Ungemach for her Prose performance. The other competitors were
plaque at Sub-district competition for Highest Team Average.          Brianna Miller, Jordan Siegler, Dana Luisier, Hillary Jung,
                                                                      Hannah Demsien.

The Fine Arts
   Our co-curricular drama club, ―The Roundtable,‖ sponsored two
plays this past school year.
   In fall, ―The Canterbury Tales,” directed by seniors Brianna Miller
and Phillip Jindra, was presented.
   In the spring, the musical, “Little Women,” was directed by
Mrs. Renee Schmill. Both presentations were highly successful and
well received by their audiences.

               Brianna Miller                  Phillip Jindra                          Little Women: Kimberly Schmill, Devon Liermann, Megan Ungemach,
                                                                                                        Melissa Lindemann, Audra Winter

                     The Year in Review
The Fine Arts, continued
Visual Arts
   Seven students from the MLHS Art class were selected to          In the 2010-11 school year, MLHS will be offering a new art
participate in the 2010 Olympian Conference Art Show at the curriculum. The students will be able to select from classes including
Rahr-West Museum. They were seniors Kelly Hauf, Brianna Miller; Introduction to Art; Sculpture; Drawing; Painting; and Mixed Media.
juniors Rachel Cho, Rose Lindemann, Chan Park, Emma
Wallander; and sophomore Gina Fischer.

    The music program at MLHS is an active part of the quality                            Zach Unke (10) had his composition
Christian education offered to our students. The choir program is                          The Hunter chosen as the best
made up of the Freshmen Choir, Cantate Choir, Concert Choir, and                           instrumental composition in Wisconsin
the Lancer Singers. Our band program consists of the Symphonic                             by the WSMA student composition
Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Pep Band. MLHS also offers an individual                          project judges and was honored in
band lesson program and performance opportunities to all the stu-                          Madison at the Wisconsin State Music
dents of our area Lutheran elementary schools.                                             Teachers convention.
    These ensembles performed in the four school sponsored concerts                       Musicians honored with first-place
(Fall, Christmas, Easter, and Prism), at MLHS Sundays in association                       rankings and qualifying for the state
congregations, and various other performances throughout the                               solo/ensemble festival sponsored by
community.                                                                                 WSMA are listed below. The students            Zachary Unke
    This year, we began an elective lesson program which offers                            have either qualified individually or as
voice, keyboard, and instrumental lessons to our MLHS students.                            part of a group. Seniors: Stephannie Blish, Michael DeCleene,
What a blessing this program has been to our students as they grow                         Emily Eckley, Lisa Franzen, Kelsey Gaedtke, Phillip Jindra,
musically! We thank our lesson teachers for their wonderful                                Hilary Kleinert, Melissa Lindemann, Caleb McCargar, Emily
leadership in getting this program underway and helping it flourish in                     Pankow, Kimberly Schmill, Jordan Siegler, Rebecca
its first year. Our lesson teachers are: Natosha Cole (St. John-                           Williamson; Juniors: Rachel Barthels, Luke Bramstedt, Tyler
Maribel), Jenn Knutson (Bethany-Manitowoc), Joshua Wendt (St.                              Doro, Josiah Headrick, Sam Klein, Alex Liermann, Joel
Peter-Mishicot), Jon Hermanson (Trinity-Kiel), and Michael Stadelman                       Menk, Richard Richmond, Naomi Schwark, Jon Schwede,
(Immanuel-Manitowoc).                                                                      Zach Smith, Anna Ungemach; Sophomores: Meghan
                                                                                           Kappelman, Ethan Markowski, Kaylee Messman, Ben Miller,
Wisconsin State Music Association                                                          Marissa Schwede, Megan Ungemach, Zach Unke, Matthew
   Our students once again participated in Wisconsin State Music                           Wegner, Audra Winter; Freshman: Garrett Buch, Devon
Association festivals throughout the year. Not only did this benefit our                   Liermann.
students’ musical growth, but their performances earned many of our                       The Lancer Singers qualified for WSMA State. That makes for
students special honors:                                                                   14 years out of the last 15 that the Lancer Singers have gone to
                                                                                           state! This is quite an accomplishment by our students.

                   Lancer Singers: Fourth Row: Jon Schwede, Emily Eckley, Marissa Schwede, Megan Ungemach, Michael DeCleene, Luke Bramstedt
 Third Row: Ben Miller, Anna Ungemach, Hillary Kleinert, Zach Unke; Second Row: Jordan Siegler, Lisa Franzen, Kimberly Schmill, Phillip Jindra, Kelsey Gaedtke, Rebecca
  Williamson, Caleb McCargar; First Row: Joel Menk, Emily Pankow, Rachel Barthels, Alex Liermann, Zach Smith, Melissa Lindemann, Naomi Schwark, Matthew Wegner
                 The Year in Review
   Our choirs did an outstanding job at each concert and enjoyed the          Arizona. They truly appreciate the outpouring of kindness showered
opportunity to sing with the Lakeshore Lutheran Chorale in a joint            upon them this last spring! THANK YOU!!!
Easter Concert. The Concert Choir had the privilege of participating              Please join us this coming year as MLHS hosts the 2010 WELS
in worship services at nine area WELS congregations and concluded             Regional Choral Festival in the MLHS gymnasium on
their year with an outstanding concert ―The Church Year in Song‖              November 12th – 14th. Guest clinicians will be former MLHS directors
at First German in Manitowoc.                                                 Paul Kassulke and Jonathan Pasbrig. We are very excited to have
   The Lancer Singers highlight of the year was participating in the          these wonderful musicians and friends back in our midst. We hope
WELS National Choral Festival in April at Arizona Lutheran Academy.           you can be a part of this very special weekend!
They would like to heartily thank the many congregational groups and              Emily Eckley, Kimberly Schmill and Phillip Jindra received the
individuals who generously supported them as they journeyed to                National Choral Award.

    The Olympian Conference held their annual Honors Band again     Our representatives at the WELS’ National Band Festival were
this year. The MLHS attendees were Juniors Rachel Barthels, Phillip Jindra (12), Meghan Kappelman (10), Kimberly Schmill
Rebecca Mleziva, Zach Smith; and sophomores, Megan Muench, (12), Naomi Schwark (11), Jordon Siegler (12), Anna Ungemach
Michael Stadelman, and Megan Ungemach.                          (11), Megan Ungemach (10), Audra Winter (10).
                                                                    Phillip Jindra received the John Phillip Sousa Band Award and
                                                                Jordan Siegler was awarded the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.

Support Organizations
Repeat Performance                                                            Scrip/Tuition Assistance Program
    Repeat Performance, the resale store affiliated with MLHS, for the           In the period from May 1, 2009 – April 30, 2010 scrip sales totaled
2009-2010 school year, has provided over $58,572 to the general               $2,643,592.73. Those scrip sales allowed the Scrip Committee to
operational fund of our high school and $6,225 in tuition assistance.         place $54,818.52 in the tuition accounts of 337 Lancer families. In
In 2009 the store realized $162,149 in sales and supported MLHS’s             addition, revenue generate from this program allowed the Scrip
operation with $53,574 and $6,006 in tuition assistance. This satellite       Committee to make the following gifts to MLHS from the ―Wish List‖:
organization has grown over the past five years beyond our grandest           $7800 - MLHS budget support; $1000 – website design; $2000 tuition
dreams. The store is overflowing with quality donation to sell to the         assistance; $6400 - wireless internet; $5600 – gymnasium sound
community. The volunteers that operate Repeat Performance find                system; other smaller projects.
this service to be a labor of love. Many more volunteers are needed.
If you could give a day or two or more each month to help with this           Friends of the Lancer
mission please call Repeat Performance at 920-769-0017.                          The FOL is an organization of people that love MLHS and work to
                                                                              provide non-budgeted items to support the high school ministry. They
Pizza Ladies                                                                  generated revenue this year in the amount of $16,500. The revenue
   Every Wednesday noon the ―Pizza Ladies‖ sell pizza slices to               sources were from the canteen, spirit store, fish fry, Lancer cards, and
students, faculty and staff. They use the proceeds to purchase                operating a concession stand at the Packer games. Following are the
non-budgeted items that will benefit the entire student body. Their           major purchases by the FOL from the MLHS wish list: $3,700 -
2009-2010 school year project was to re-equip the second floor                gymnasium sound system; $3,300 - high jump mat; $2,700 -protective
computer lab with new computers and monitors. Thanks to this                  gym floor covering; $2,000 - gym bleachers; $1,150 - technology;
$10,000 donation, this lab is now state of the art!                           $1,000 website redesign.

Jr. Lancer Sports Programs
   Entering its second year, Jr. Lancer Sports Programs continue to
grow. The Jr. Lancer program was begun to provide students in the
MLHS Federation congregations and grade schools with the
opportunity to play together in various team sports, and to feel part of
Lancer family. In doing so, we strive to further build their skills as well
as their attitude of Christian sportsmanship. Offerings expanded from
just football in 2008 to include wrestling and boys’ & girls’
basketball. Participation in football grew from 26 to 50 boys and
expanded to three separate teams for 5th & 6th, 7th, and 8th grades,
and the teams joined the Between the Lakes League with other area
school districts. Wrestling and basketball teams participated in
several weekend tournaments during the winter and spring. In all,
over 140 area youth participated in one or more of these teams.
                                                                                                                              NON-PROFIT ORG.
Manitowoc Lutheran High School                                                                                                  U.S.POSTAGE
4045 Lancer Circle                                                                                                                  PAID
                                                                                                                               MANITOWOC, WI
Manitowoc, WI 54220                                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 66


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