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					Classification Title: Web Developer & Graphic Artist

Definition Of Position

Under general direction, design, develops, and produces a variety of, websites and/or
multimedia graphics, animation, video production, sound and/or content materials to
support program needs; performs related duties as required.


Appropriate department administrator


None; however, may provide technical direction to other staff.

Services Required

Web Design/Maintenance

Designs and creates computer-based, Web-based, or multimedia-based layout, graphics,
animation, video, sound and/or content for use in presentations, video productions,
multimedia programs, Web sites, CDs, DVDs, emails, and other electronic media;
designs Web interfaces; develops layout design and concept, selects and secures
appropriate illustrative materials to be used; maintains and updates Web sites; ensures
consistency, accuracy and compliance with required standards; proofreads copy;
maintains internal posting of policies, forms, and related data as provided.

Design/Print Materials

Prepares and provides print-based training manuals, flyers, tests, forms, logos, letterhead,
event programs, training materials, newsletters, packaging, and other print documents
using professional page layout and graphic design software tools; composes and edits
copy; consults with commercial printers regarding format and print processes.

Photo/Video Production

Performs technical duties in the production of video products for broadcasts, CDs, video
streaming, and other field and studio video productions; operates and maintains video
editing equipment including edit controllers, video cameras, hard disk video recorders,
video distribution switchers, and audio mixers; determines and edits special effects,
composition, and overall design of video productions; serves as producer/director as
needed; takes photos at organization events for Web and print publications; edits and
manipulates photos; maintains server for digital photograph archives.
Technical Support

Provides technical consultation to staff and customers; researches new technology and
trends; troubleshoots, tests, and analyzes complex computer and system problems and
determines solution; contacts vendors to research products and resolve technical
problems; makes recommendations to department for software and equipment purchases.

Compensation Structure and Payment Schedule

Mac Productions will compensate Contractor on a multi-tiered basis as follows:

                  Starting Rate       Rate 90 Days        eSuite Website*   Corner Office
                                      After 1st Project                     Website*
Hourly Rate       $16.00 Per Hour     $26.00 Per Hour

Flat Rate                                                 $350.00           $675.00

Contractors are paid on the 15th day of the month. Contractor will be issued a Diamond
Blue Payroll card where compensation is electronically deposited onto the payroll card.
For more information on the Diamond Blue Payroll MasterCard® Card, please visit

* - 4 payment points (initial phase, review phase, review phase 2, and launch phase), the
combined phases are equal to the compensation to be paid out. For example
compensation on an eSuite website is divided into 4 payments of $87.50 or 25%.

Mac Productions reserves the right to make modifications to this exhibit. Mac
Productions will give at least 30 days notice of any pending modification to the

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