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Claire Henley


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									                Tel: 01789 261868   E-mail: grogan.henley@btinternet.com

I am a freelance designer, illustrator, and author, working from my studio in
Stratford-upon-Avon. Over the last twenty years, more than a hundred of my books
have been published in this country and elsewhere.

Since my daughters were at primary school, I have really enjoyed doing occasional
‘school days’ and have developed a series of workshops that seem to work well with
young people from nursery age to Key Stage 4.

Because I also design greetings cards, ceramics, toys, and textiles, I have devised
further workshops around these and have found that students of all ages really enjoy
coming up with their own creations in classroom situations.

Should you ever want me to visit your school, or would like to hear in more detail
about how my workshops link in with the curriculum, please feel free to contact me.
My fees are £250 per day or £125 per half day, and you can rest assured that I am
fully CRB checked and can supply additional references if required.

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