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The Flower Industry with a Face to the Future - a Public
   As a result of the crisis in the Flower Industry and in order to facilitate the
     industry's recovery, a Steering Committee was formed in 2011, which was
     intensively involved for approximately one year in deliberations pertaining to
     the flower industry’s future; the committee presented its findings to the
     ministry's management, which endorsed them. At the beginning of February
     2011 a public administration for the flower industry and its top leaders was

The Role of the Flower Industry Administration
  o The administration will serve as the industry's representative in Israel. It will
     be charged with determining industry policy and directing its R&D activities,
     maintaining contact with the relevant organizations, growers, plant nurseries,
     exporters and any other organization or body that can advance the industry,
     concentrate various economic and marketing materials and tailor training to
     the industry's needs.
  o The industry's administration comprises 15 members - representatives of the
     Ministry of Agriculture, the farmers and industry exporters.
  o The administration's chairperson is Hanan Bezeq, Director of the Agricultural
     Extension Service; Coordinator: Israel Galon, Director of the Flowers and
     Plant Engineering Division.
The Role of the Flower Industry's Executive Management
  o Make recommendations pertaining to professional development policy and
     goals [long /short term], prioritize industry research, appoint industry-wide
     and professional committees, provide consulting services to the ministry and
     the administration on professional matters, maintain contact with the Chief
     Scientist and allocate research funding.
  o The industry's executive committee contains 15 members - representatives of
     the Ministry of Agriculture, the farmers and researcher representatives. The
     Chairperson of the Executive Management Committee is Eliezer Spiegel
     Acting Manager of the Flowers Division.

   The primary goal is to generate change in the mood in the industry,
    increase grower profitability with the objective of maintaining the flower
    industry as a profitable industry, and to encourage and strengthen the
    next generation of growers. The recovery plan for the flower industry
    relates to a number of issues:
         o Identifying and encouraging positive turnover crops - encourage
           farmers to transfer to economically feasible crops by means of
            support from the Investments Services Administration in the
            Ministry of Agriculture [a publication will be issued shortly and
            posted on the Ministry of Agriculture website].
         o Allocate research funding by means of the growers' interest desks
           from the Ministry of Agriculture budget through the Flower
            Industry Administration and Executive Management Committee.
            A call for research proposals will be published shortly.
         o Ventures for the industry's advancement such as - participation in
           the funding of reproductive materials, investments in the
            introduction and development of new crops, etc. by means of the
            Office of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Agriculture. A call
            for new ventures will be published shortly.
         o Increased research budget for short and medium range studies
         o Newspapers and Advertisements
The industry's administration and Executive Management Committee will meet
to define the industry's goals and working plan and to prepare a working plan
and budgetary framework for approval by Ministry of Agriculture management.
    Information will be provided to growers on the Ministry of Agriculture
     website, the Agricultural Extension Service's website and by email
    A national growers' conference is planned for June of this year
    A document titled "The Flower Industry Directions - 2010 " will be
     uploaded shortly to the Ministry of Agriculture website and may be
     downloaded from
For additional information, please contact:
Israel Galon, Director of the Flowers and Plant Engineering Division at
Eliezer Spiegel, Acting manager of the Flowers Division at
Dubi Wolfson, Manager of the Economics and Product Quality Section at

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