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WP3 software.ppt - SEDENTEXCT


									   WP3.2 Software design,
implementation and validation
       Ruben Pauwels (KUL)
        Guozhi Zhang (KUL)
         Pavel Nyvlt (LTO)
        General software design
1) Graphic user interface
     - opening CBCT datasets
     - viewing in 3D
     - selecting regions of interest for analysis
2) Analysis tool
     - automated matching CBCT ↔ insert model
     - measuring image quality parameters
           1) Graphic user interface

                             Change main window
                           (axial / sagittal / coronal)
Insert selection tool

                                         Pavel Nyvlt (LTO)
2) Analysis tool

            Start coordinates +
                 Insert list

                         Pavel Nyvlt (LTO)
2) Analysis tool

      Pavel Nyvlt (LTO) & Guozhi Zhang (KUL)
2) Analysis tool

      Pavel Nyvlt (LTO) & Guozhi Zhang (KUL)
                 Forward planning
1) Initial software testing
   - number of bugs identified
   - other improvements to design and workflow
2) Implementation of second prototype insert
   - Create technical drawings
                                  Insert manager
   - Define measurements
3) Continued software & phantom testing
   - Large number of scans obtained from 2nd prototype
    Accuitomo XYZ       Accuitomo 170      Galileos          I-CAT Next Generation
               Kodak 9000         Kodak 9500         NewTom VGi         Pax Uni 3D
    Picasso Trio        ProMax 3D          Scanora 3D        Skyview
    Veraviewepocs 3D

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