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									                                             A Publication of the ZCHS PTO


from the principal...                                         project is to give the playing grass three full growing
                                                              seasons before we start to use the facility. This means
                                                              that by the middle of this month they want to have the
CHRIS WILLIS                                                  grass planted and the care program started. In my walk
cwillis@zcs.k12.in.us                                         through I feel that this MAJOR goal is well within
                                                              reach. The weather has been great and the contractors
Well, 2009-2010 continues to be off to a good start. We       have really maximized their opportunities. The overall
have received information about how well the 2008-09          facility at 875E is a great addition to our school’s
finished with another great report of performance on          programs and for our students.
both the SAT and the Advance Placement Tests. We
have seen fall athletics get off to a great start, teachers   The second construction zone is here at the Mulberry
report that students are bringing strong focus to the         campus. It is this construction that not only brings new
classroom, our musical groups are continuing to gear          excitement to the building; it is also the source of most
up for fall contests, concerts, and trips and preparations    of our angst. If you have attended a home football
have started for the fall musical to be performed in          game or needed to drop your child off in the mornings
November. In other words ZCHS is in full swing and            you have felt the burden of this project. The project’s
our students and teachers are continuing to do fantastic      main feature is a new multipurpose stadium that will
things. We have also seen great progress on our               have support spaces and field design that will facilitate
construction projects. I would like to use this article to    football, soccer, track and field, and lacrosse. We are
provide you with an overview of these projects and a          excited about the space and how it will help these
status report.                                                programs, the marching band, and our physical
                                                              education classes have access to spaces that are better
Last year the school board decided to move forward            sized for our school and programs. Throughout this
with the construction of new outdoor facilities to help       school year we will feel the pinch of this expansion.
support multiple programs at ZCHS. This planning as           The loss of the far south and west parking areas has
well as the securing of the funds for these projects          pressed us on student driving space and parent drop off
started back in 2005. To put that in perspective, the         areas. I really appreciate how many of you have used
funding and planning for these projects was done at the       the southwest staff lot for drop off in the mornings. It
same time that Union Elementary and Zionsville West           has made a difference on Mulberry. I have heard of a
Middle School were planned and funded. The final              few instances of parents using Colony Woods and
plans included this project to be completed in two            Colony Square subdivisions for drop offs and having
locations, the school’s property located on County            their students walk across the road to campus. I would
Road 875 East and here at the Mulberry campus. The            strongly suggest against this practice. We do not
goal of this project was to provide enhanced facilities       employ crossing guards at the high school and these
that are more appropriately sized to match the growth         streets are full of cars. We all would hate for something
of our programs and community, as well as, provide            to happen to a student.
opportunities for newer programs at ZCHS.
                                                              This construction project will expand at the end of the
Early last spring work began at the 875E site. This site      fall sports season as we move out of the old stadium.
will be home to both JV and varsity softball and              The field, bleachers, track, and concession and
baseball teams, when completed. This site will also           restroom building will be demolished to make room
have five multi-purpose practice fields. These fields         for additional parking and practice/field event areas.
are intended to provide ZCHS soccer and lacrosse              This next phase of the project will reduce the student
teams with consistent practice facilities. The site will      parking area by about 10-15 spaces but we have
also include all of the parking, restrooms, locker            calculated for that loss in our sales of passes. The fall
rooms, and concession areas for those teams and               of 2010 will produce another level of excitement for
programs. Just a few weeks ago, ZCS administrators            our campus as we open our new facilities, bask in the
and I walked this site. I am happy to write that the          number of parking spaces we have, and finally have a
progress made on these facilities is good. The major          home field for every team.
goal that contractors are attempting to reach on this
The PTO’s View
Thanks to each family that has joined the ZCHS PTO this
year!                                                             PTO COMMITTEE CHAIRS
Thanks to everyone who donated snacks or beverages for the
Freshman Orientation and to those who volunteered their
time to help with registration and/or serving refreshments to        OFFICER/
our 9th graders.                                                    COMMITTEE

Thanks to everyone who donated water for the ZCHS Open           President           Mindy McLarren
House! All of your time, support and contributions are greatly
appreciated—THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
                                                                 Vice-President         Jo Denne
Join PTO: It’s not too late to join the PTO. You can find the
membership/volunteer form on the PTO web site. Our primary
goals are to express appreciation to our teachers and staff,
                                                                 Treasurer             Laurie Lefko
encourage our students, enhance the educational experience for
everyone in the building and promote communication between
school leadership and parents.                                                          Jill Buckley
                                                                                      Blanca Houston
PTO Meeting: Mr. Willis will be at the next PTO Meeting to
answer questions and provide updates on things happening at      Student              Michele Duncan
the high school. Everyone is welcome to attend this morning
meeting on Monday, October 19 at the Drees Model home in         Appreciation          Linda Flynn
Brookhaven at 9:00 a.m. PTO meeting dates and times can
always be found on the PTO web site.                             Teacher
                                                                                       Jan Rhodes
Thanks ZCHS Alumni Association: The ZCHS PTO received
a $75 check from the ZCHS Alumni Association to be used for
student assistance. Thank you alumni for your generosity and     Newsletter Editor     Melinda Heim
                                                                                       Karlee Moore
Thanks in advance for your continued support and                 Editor
involvement throughout the months ahead~
                                                                 Web Editor            Terry McCain
                                         MINDY MCLARREN
                                          ZCHS PTO President

    Newsletter                                                               important dates
     Deadline                                  21	     end of 9 weeks
                                               23	     parent teacher conferences - no school
      Submit all articles to                   26-27	 fall break
        Karlee Moore at
      karleeb@zchspto.org                      november
                                               25-27	 thanksgiving break
         Friday, Nov 20th                      december
                                               21	winter break begins
      for Early Winter Issue
                                                         seen unbelievable growth in the last few years,
                                                         which is a tribute to the great work that these
  Fall is a busy time for clubs, sports, and all sorts   clubs do and to the dedication of the faculty
  of activities at ZCHS. On Friday September 18,         members working with those students.
  the school held its second annual Club and
  Activity Fair. This event was held in                  In athletics and the arts, ZCHS students continue
  conjunction with activities where the Freshman         to impress and perform at exceptionally high
  Students work with their upperclassmen mentors         levels. The Marching Eagles earned first place
  on skills that will help them become successful        at Lafayette Jefferson in September and look
  high school students. At the club fair, every          forward to advancing deep into the ISSMA
  student has the opportunity to peruse the various      contest series later this fall. The cast of Disney’s
  extracurricular opportunities that exist at the        “Beauty and the Beast” is hard at work
  high school Student representatives were on            preparing for shows in November, and the fall
  hand passing out information, answering                sports teams boast numerous squads ranked
  questions, and getting new members connected           highly in the state polls.
  with organizations.
                                                         ZCHS is a great place to be a student! We
  As is the case every year, new and creative clubs      simply could not offer all of these things to our
  and groups are formed based on student and             students without the tremendous support from
  faculty interest. So far this year we have seen        parents, the community, and staff. Come over to
  the emergence of a Fashion Club, Business              1000 Mulberry and chances are you will find
  Professionals of America, and Helping Hands            something entertaining to watch or to join.
  – a service club focused on making blankets for
                                                                                               MATT WALTER
  winter for those in need. Best Buddies and                                                ZCHS Assistant Principal
  Robotics represent two organizations that have

       A “GRAND”
Your ZCHS PTO Board voted
unanimously to give $1000
directly to ZCHS student clubs/
activities. Matt Walter will make
disbursements as needed to student
groups that request funding.
Pictured (right) is Jo Denne, PTO
vice president, presenting the
$1000 “check” to Matt Walter,
ZCHS assistant principal, and
some student representatives.

       Calling all                             Homecoming Festivities
        Parents                             The Student Council is working hard on preparing
Volunteers, parents-as-leaders,             another successful Homecoming weekend.
and chaperones are often
needed for school-sponsored                 Festivities include:
events, such as those listed for
Homecoming, and many more                     ✴Dress      Up Days at school the week of
throughout the school year. Your                 Homecoming, Sept. 28-Oct. 2
help would be greatly
appreciated at these special
events, which are organized for
                                              ✴The      Powder Puff Game Wednesday,

the entire student body to enjoy.
                                                 September 30
If you are able to offer the gift of
your time as a volunteer in this              ✴An     All-School Pep Rally at the end of the
w a y, p l e a s e c o n t a c t M r s .         school day Friday, October 2
Va n d e r b u r                    at
avanderbur@zcs.k12.in.us.                     ✴Class floats, which will be on display before
                                                 and during the Homecoming football game
                                                 Friday, October 2
  Student Council
      Retreat                                 ✴Nominations and election of Homecoming King
                                                 and Queen and court, who will be announced
A total of 50 members of the ZCHS                during halftime
Student Council attended a retreat
at the Flat Rock YMCA camp on                 ✴The Homecoming Dance, Saturday, October 3
Tu e s d a y, S e p t e m b e r 1 . T h e
wonderful weather and picturesque
campground was the perfect setting                             Spirit Wear!!
for team-building and camaraderie
among these fine student leaders.                      Monday: Pajama Day
Parents of ZCHS Student Council
members, Mrs. Vanderbur would
                                                       Tuesday: Tie-Dye Day
like to extend heartfelt thanks for            Wednesday: 80's Workout Wear Day
raising such amazing young                    Thursday: Dress Like a Lumberjack Day
people! It was terrific to watch their
caring, responsible, helpful, and
                                                   Friday:  SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY!
respectful behavior.
                              PTO Reflections
                      •••                           ♦ Published a regular, informative newsletter

   NEWS, TREATS, AND MORE!                             with news from administration, faculty,
                                                       students and staff.
        thanks to our volunteers!
                                                    ♦ Donated funds to be administered for specific
Some of the programs and activities your ZCHS          educational needs, left to the Principal’s
 PTO has accomplished in the last year include:        discretion. Allowed for the purchase of a
                                                       Dukane projector; paid for conference
♦ Assisted with Open House and Freshman                registrations for student trainers, ZCHS
   Orientation using PTO parent volunteers.            Robotics Club competition, and Junior
♦ Provided an active and current PTO website           Engineering Tech Society competition; paid
   at www.zchspto.org.                                 for wall hooks to hang art/posters in the

♦ PTO parent volunteers provided luncheons, a          cafeteria; purchased 10 DVD/VCR players
                                                       for teachers to check out for classroom use;
   Holiday Cookie Box, and other treats
                                                       helped purchase a geiger counter for the
   throughout the year to express appreciation to
                                                       Science Department; purchased software/web
   ZCHS teachers and staff.
                                                       access for the music theory classes; and
♦ Sponsored student appreciation events, such
                                                       purchased a cot for the health clinic.
   as Homecoming treats, Halloween treats,
                                                    ♦ Join us this year to help our school thrive!
   Valentine treats, exam week treats (fall and
                                                       Membership form can be found online at
   spring semesters) and St. Patrick’s Day treats
   with the help of PTO parent volunteers.

          PTO Plans Student Appreciation
                      •••                       We will also have FREE treats to celebrate the
                                                fall season on October 30th. Parent volunteers
                                                will be contacted the first week of October.
                  go eagles!                    Please feel free to contact Michele Duncan
                                                (mduncan1@mindspring.com) or Linda Flynn
The Student Appreciation Committee will hand
                                                (lflynn@indy.rr.com) if you did not have a
out green beads to each student on October 2nd
                                                chance to sign up and would like to contribute.
during each lunch period. Students are asked to
wear their beads to the homecoming game to
                                                Thank you!
show our school spirit. GO EAGLES!
                                                Michele Duncan and Linda Flynn
School News
                                                                   During this time, members can either tutor for free
                PEP ACCOUNTS                                       to obtain service hours, or they can charge up to
Parents: Please email Lisa Thacker at                              $10/hour. If you would like a list of members
lathacker@zcs.k12.in.us or Carrie Roush at                         who have signed up to tutor, please contact Amy
croush@zcs.k12.in.us if you do not have your                       Zapp at azapp@zcs.k12.in.us. Members will tutor
PEP account username or password. These are                        any ages, from kindergarten to high school.
needed to view all student grades including mid-
term grades.                                                           SPANISH TRIP TO PERU IN
       SENIOR YEARBOOK ADS                                         ZCHS Spanish teachers Laura Haehl and Jennie
                                                                   Galasso will be taking a small group on a nine-
              Attention Senior Parents, 
                                                                   day trip to Peru during Spring Break of 2011. On
Please remember that if you purchased a senior
                                                                   Tuesday, October 20, a student meeting will be
advertisement in the yearbook, all materials
                                                                   held after school in room 306. Additionally, there
including photos and text are due to the school no
                                                                   will be a meeting for parents during the week of
later than November 2. A $20 late fee will be
                                                                   November 2nd at a time to be announced. During
attached to any materials submitted after this date.
                                                                   this meeting, a representative from the travel
This is imperative so that the yearbook staff can
                                                                   company being used, NETC, will be present to
meet its deadlines. Instructional mailings are
                                                                   share his experiences from a recent trip to Peru.
being sent out the week of September 14-18.
Instruction sheets and other information may also                  During the ZCHS 2011 Peru trip, students will
be picked up in the ZCHS front office. You will                    tour Machu Picchu, Lima and Cuzco, as well as
be able to proof your ad over the December                         some other smaller villages and a Peruvian
holiday break. Please contact Ms. Chickedantz at                   school, and stay for two nights in an Eco-Lodge in
jchickedantz@zcs.k12.in.us with any questions.                     the Amazon rainforest. The cost of the trip is
                                                                   estimated at around $3,200 per student, which
                                                                   includes flights, transportation, a full-time tour
  NHS OFFERS FREE TUTORING                                         guide, all meals (except lunches), as well as
National Honor Society can provide tutoring if                     accommodations in three- or four-star hotels.
your child is struggling. National Honor Society is                Parents and other family members are welcome to
a group of juniors and seniors who excel in                        attend as well. No school days will be missed for
s c h o l a r s h i p , c h a r a c t e r, s e r v i c e , a n d   the trip. For more information and to have your
leadership. Members tutor for free on Tuesdays                     name added to the email list, please go to www.
and Wednesdays in the high school library from                     Educationtravel.com. (log in: Zionsville,
2:45-3:45. You can also set up a time for your                     Password: Peru2011).
child to meet with a member at your home.
                                                           couple who can't be together, they can still enjoy
    Chinese Moon Festival
                                                           the night by watching the moon at the same time so
                   by Wendy Yuan                           it seems that they are together at that hour. A great
              Chinese Teacher at ZCHS, ZWMS, ZMS
                                                           number of poetry has been devoted to this romantic
Our Chinese students will celebrate the Moon               festival. (http://chineseculture.about.com/library/
Festival on Friday October 2. The Chinese Moon             weekly/aa093097.htm)
Festival is on the 15th of the 8th lunar month. This       Our Chinese students will study the legends, make
year it is Saturday October 3 on our calendar. The         Chinese food and sing a moon poem, as well as
Moon Festival is also known as the Mid-Autumn              bake moon cakes this year.
Festival. I compare Moon Festival to our
Thanksgiving in class, so our kids will feel the           If you are interested in tasting moon cakes, they
traditional Chinese culture.                               can be found at the following Asian markets:

There are a few legends about the Moon Festival.           Asian Mart, 6103
When I was young, I learned from my grandma                E 86th St.,
about Chang Er Ben Yue (Lady Chang Er Flew to              Indianapolis, IN
the Moon). When I was in school age, I learned             46250 (317)
from the book about Zhu Yuan Zhang Chuan Xin               845-8892
(Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang Spread Messages in the
                                                           Oriental Market
Moon Cakes).      No matter what legends you
                                                           2604 Lafayette
believe, the Chinese celebrate the Moon Festival
                                                           Rd., Indianapolis,
with the full moon, eating moon cake, and sing
                                                           IN 46222 (317)
moon poems.
The Moon Festival is also a romantic one. A perfect
                                                           Saraga                 A student passes moon cakes
night for the festival is if it is a quiet night without
                                                           International         out during last year’s Chinese
a silk of cloud and with a little mild breeze from
                                                           Grocery, 3605           Moon Festival at ZCHS.
the sea. Lovers spend such a romantic night
                                                           Commercial Dr.,
together tasting the delicious moon cake with some
                                                           Indianapolis, IN 46222-1681 (317) 388-9999
wine while watching the full moon. Even for a

                     Moon Festival Fun – Student in Chinese play a game of Kung Fu Fan.
                       BREAST CANCER BRUNCH
                       SPONSORED BY STUDENT COUNCIL

Date: Saturday, October 17th                   Bagels, muffins, and breakfast pastries, along
                                               with fresh fruit, coffee and juices will be
Time: 9:30 am
                                               served. Everyone is welcome. Please RSVP to
Place: Freshman Center Cafeteria               Claire Mattison at cmattison@indy.rr.com.

Cost: FREE (donations for Susan G. Komen       We are also looking for speakers who would
Foundation accepted)                           be appropriate for this occasion, be they
                                               survivors, family members, doctors, or
                                               researchers whose work is related to this
Please come for food and fellowship as we      cause. If you or someone you know may be
celebrate survivors and remember loved ones    interested, please email Mrs. Vanderbur at
who’ve lost their lives to breast cancer.      avanderbur@zcs.k12.in.us. Sponsored by


                                       COUNSELOR                     EXTENSION

                A-Da                Mr. Greg Kirkham                    12980

              Db-Hi                Mrs. Melissa Ludwa                   12991

             Hj-Mc                 Mrs. Cassie Petrocelli              62982

             Md-Sc                 Mrs. Melinda Stephan                 62981

                Sd-Z                Mrs. Laura Weaver                   12982

       College Specialist          Mr. Harry Pettibone                  12983

     Guidance Secretary             Mrs. Lisa Thacker                   12990
                       Guidance News
                  SENIORS                          involvement in an activity is often more
It’s that time of year again – our offices are     important than breadth of involvement; in
filled with senior student requests for            other words, students will do best to consider
transcripts, recommendation letters, and yes       being heavily involved in a few clubs rather
– even the seniors themselves! We have             than signing up for a slew of clubs. The
started meeting with seniors and will              opportunity to have leadership roles or be key
continue to do so into October and                 people on committees and share responsibility
November. At this “senior meeting” we              with others is important. Also, sophomores
discuss several aspects of life after high         will take the PSAT in October, which will
school. Many of our students plan to attend        expose them to a college admissions test.
college after graduation, so our focus is often                    FRESHMEN
on topics that pertain to the college search       And what about our freshmen? It’s never
and application process; however, know that        too early to start. Help them to realize that
we are also well informed on other options         colleges will look at their cumulative GPA by
should your student not be considering             the end of junior year. This means that their
college at this time.                              freshman year represents one-third of that
                  JUNIORS                          GPA. Consider: Every “C” a student gets
We often say that junior year is the               must be balanced by an “A” in order to get a
“exploration year” for students: take time to      “B” average. Colleges are reporting average
explore their college interests, go on some        GPAs for their current freshmen are over 3.0
college visits, start preparing for the SAT        – that’s a “B” average. Take freshmen along
and/or ACT, and start thinking about likes         with older siblings on college visits.
and dislikes, potential areas of study and         Encourage involvement in activities that
career options. Now is a great time to begin       interest them. Learn good study skills, time
a student resume of activities and awards.         management practices, and self-advocacy:
The GPA students have at the end of their          help them create study environments without
junior year is the GPA sent to colleges, so it     distractions like Facebook, television, or the
is important that the grades this year stay        constant beep of text messages; encourage
strong or improve from past years. Colleges        the use of the school planner or another
will consider a student’s grade trend – that is,   calendar to plan in advance for major
their GPA from semester to semester. What          projects and exams; include them in
we all want to see is a positive grade trend       conversations with teachers when there are
where grades improve semester to semester.         questions about course content or their
                                                   grades. Start collecting information from
              SOPHOMORES                           colleges regarding required courses for
For sophomores, this year is really about          admission so that we can all appropriately
grades and starting to get involved.               plan their schedule choices for the next few
Sophomore year is a great time to continue         years.
developing good study habits (turn off the
computer, video games, and TV during study
                                                   Find articles from the National Association of
time) and to continue involvement in student
                                                   College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) at
organizations. Finding an activity can often
                                                   its website, www.nacacnet.org. Take a look; it’s
lead students to discovering their strengths.
                                                   chocked full of helpful tips, articles, timelines,
It’s important to remember that depth of
                                                   and more.
                  SENIORS!!             HOW TO APPLY TO COLLEGE:
All college bound seniors should have a college application on file by Thanksgiving!

Step 1: Complete an application for admission.
Most colleges and universities have online applications available, and many will waive the application
fee if you complete an online application vs. a paper application. The best place to start is to visit the
college/university’s website.

Applications may require some or all of the following: letters of recommendation, essay question
responses, personal statements, and secondary school/counselor reports. All colleges/universities
require a transcript (see Step 2.)

Step 2: Complete and submit a College Application Cover Sheet
Once you have completed the paper or online application, bring a stamped (2 stamps or more if you are
sending a lot of materials) addressed envelope to the High School Guidance Office or the Freshman
Center office. Complete a College Application Cover Sheet and attach all materials to be sent with the
application/transcript . A separate pink cover sheet must be completed for each college/university to
which you are applying.
Your counselor will attach a transcript, a school profile, and any other supplementary materials. Your
counselor will mail all materials attached to the cover sheet directly to the college/university.

Step 3: Plan Ahead
Your counselor may take up to ten school days from the date you submitted your application to
complete and mail your application. Please plan ahead by submitting your materials well ahead of
application deadlines. Vacation days and weekends do not count as part of the ten days needed to
process your request. (Note: this is also true for scholarship applications.) Use the following chart to
help you plan ahead:

 If Application (postmark) Deadline is:               Submit to your counselor no later than:

                 October 1, 2009                                    September 17, 2009

                October 15, 2009                                       October 1, 2009

                November 1, 2009                                      October 14, 2009

               November 15, 2009                                     November 2, 2009

                December 1, 2009                                     November 12, 2009

               December 15, 2009                                     December 1, 2009

                 January 1, 2009                                     December 7, 2009

• By this time you should know what types of schools you are looking for. It is not in your best
 interest to apply to 10-15 schools. NARROW YOUR SELECTION TO 4-6 SCHOOLS. If you
 need help with this selection process, see your Guidance Counselor.

• Go see the COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVES who visit ZCHS during the school day, individually
 and during college fairs. Listen to the announcements for dates and times.


• If you plan to participate in a COLLEGE ATHLETICS, download NCAA forms at www.ncaa.org

• If you need a LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION, ask for it at least 2 weeks in advance. Many
 teachers and counselors are asked to write several letters. Be sure to give them enough time
 to write a personal letter just for you.       Also plan to submit a resume or recommendation
 information sheet to help the letter writer.

• If you need assistance with WRITING APPLICATION ESSAYS or personal statements, don’t
  hesitate to ask your guidance counselor.

• Regarding Class RANK: Zionsville Community High School does NOT report a student’s rank
 on the transcript. Students, with authorization from parents, can request that rank be included
 on the transcript by completing a release form.

• Most colleges and universities will accept new or updated SAT/ACT scores. If you need to
  send out your application but are afraid to do so because you are not satisfied with your test
 scores, apply anyway. You can request that your new scores be sent once you receive them.

• Regarding FINANCIAL AID: Be sure to download the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.gov. Complete and send in after you’ve completed your taxes, but be
 certain to submit it by March 10th in order to be eligible for aid from the State of Indiana. Many
 colleges/universities have their own financial aid forms that must be completed before you are
 considered for aid. Be certain to check with the college of your choice for this information, and
 be aware of deadlines.
                     COLLEGE APP HELPFUL HINTS (CONT’D.)
• If you need TRANSCRIPTS for scholarship, grants, or loan applications, you should account

• Some colleges require a 7TH SEMESTER TRANSCRIPT. If yours does, you will need to
  bring in a stamped/addressed envelope and request that Guidance send out the transcript.
 The ten school day processing time still applies to these types of requests.

• Zionsville Community High School’s CEEB Code is 153900.                          You will often need to
 include this information on applications.


  10/6:    Calvin College                                10/15:   University of Evansville
  10/7:    DePauw University                             10/16:   Bethel College
           Rose-Hulman Institute of                      10/21:   Denison University
           Technology                                    10/22:   Wabash College
  10/8:    Hope College                                  10/29:   St. Mary’s College
           Miami University of Ohio                      11/16:   NACAC College Fair Field trip
  10/9:    Northern Michigan University                  11/17:   Samford University
  10/13:   Indiana University                            11/18:   Sewanee University of the South

                                 NATIONAL COLLEGE FAIR

This year the NACAC is again sponsoring a national college fair in downtown
Indianapolis at the Convention Center on Monday, November 16th. We will be taking
students to the fair as a field trip during the morning.

                        Students may sign up in the guidance office to go on this trip.

The fair is also open to families from 6-8 pm, and we strongly encourage you to attend as
a family! And yes, take your freshmen too! IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY TO BEGIN
THINKING ABOUT COLLEGE. In fact, over the past two years, when asked “what
would you do differently?” our seniors have overwhelmingly responded that they “would
have studied/tried harder during their freshman and sophomore years.”
                            COLLEGE SEARCH RESOURCES
1. www.nces.gov/collegenavigator- Recently revamped Department of Education website
   offers a searchable database of nearly 7,000 colleges and universities
2. www.Collegeresults.org- Created by the Education Trust, this website enables viewers
   to find or compare overall graduation rates and how those rates have changed over time;
   and by gender, and race. Data is based only on first time full time freshmen
3. www.Collegedata.com- College match, calculates chances of admission, and financial
   aid and scholarship opportunities
4. http://www.campustours.com- Virtual campus tours of over 800 colleges
5. http://www.campusdirt.com- Students’ opinions and ratings on a variety of campus
6. http://www.studentsreview.com- More student opinions and ratings on a variety of
   campus issues
7. www.collegeconfidential.com –Lots of students sharing information and opinions about
   all aspects of applying, campus visits, and campus experiences
8. http://connection.naviance/zionsville - EXCELLENT RESOURCE FOR COLLEGE/

                          FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS
1. www.bccn.boone.in.us/cf/scholarships.html --This site provides information about
   local scholarships for Boone County students. Many scholarships will be posted after the
   1st semester. Check back frequently for updates.
2. www.fafsa.ed.gov- The Department of Education’s Free Application for Federal Student
3. www.fastweb.com - Create a free log in, use to search for colleges, scholarships,
   careers. Sends emails to you when scholarships are posted that match student’s profile
4. www.finaid.org – Lots of information about college financing, accurate family contribution
   calculators, links to numerous informational sites
5. www.profileonline.collegeboard.com – Financial aid form required by some colleges
6. http://www.scholarshipcoach.com – Free scholarship site
7. http://www.lunchmoney.com – Free scholarship site

1. http://www.world.std.com/edit/tips1.htm - Great ideas for brainstorming topics, crafting
   your essay and points to keep in mind when writing
2. http://www.collegeboard.com/students/apply/essay-skills/9406.html -          Same as
   number one
3. http://www.apps.carleton.edu/admissions/overview/apply/essay - Same as number

1. http://www.catholiccollegesonline.org – Information about Catholic colleges
2. http://www.hillel.org - Guide to Jewish life on over 500 college campuses
3. http://www.ldaamerica.org – Information about learning disabilities, diagnosis, and
4. www.christiancollegesearch.com –Information about Christian colleges
5. http://www.ncaa.org – Initial eligibility information for Division I and II
                                  SAT AND ACT TESTING
PARENTS & STUDENTS – Visit the CollegeBoard website and sign up to receive “The Official
SAT Question of the Day.™” There is a new question every day with a detailed explanation and
hint. This website can help with more than the SAT….you and your child can explore colleges and

Nearly every college accepts the SAT or ACT and ZCHS counselors recommend that you take one
or both.
          2009-2010 SAT Test Dates                    2009-2010 ACT TEST DATES

   Register online at www.collegeboard.com               Register online at www.actstudent.org
                  October 10*                                        September 12*
                  November 7                                         October 24
                  December 5*                                        December 12*
                  January 23*                                        February 6*
                  March 13                                           April 10
                  May 1                                              June 12*
                  June 5*                                *Indicates test will be given at ZCHS
     *Indicates test will be given at ZCHS

                          PSAT TEST PREP OPPORTUNITY
On Wednesday, October 14, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors at ZCHS will take advantage of a
college admission test preparation opportunity during the school day.

All freshman, sophomores and juniors will take the Preliminary SAT (PSAT). The PSAT is a
standardized test that provides practice for the SAT reasoning test. For juniors taking the PSAT,
their participation provides an opportunity to qualify for National Merit Scholarship Corporation
scholarship programs. The PSAT measures critical reading skills, math problem solving skills, and
writing skills. The primary purpose of the PSAT is to provide exposure to the format and questions
on the SAT, but students can also gain information about college readiness, identify how their
scores compare with others for college admission purposes, and receive information from colleges
based on their results.

It is important to note that students will not have an opportunity to make-up this test if they are not
present at school on October 14. Parents are encouraged to avoid scheduling appointments that
day. As always, students are encouraged to get a good night’s rest and eat breakfast prior to the
test. Students and parents are encouraged to approach the test as a practice opportunity for later
admissions tests. The best way that a student can prepare for this experience is to merely strive to
do their best work.
                        For more information about the PSAT test please visit:

  For more grade-level specific info about the college process, please visit the websites below:
                 http://www.knowhow2go.com/ or www.learnmoreindiana.org
ZCHS Robotics

   Steel Eagles Rock!

The ZCHS Robotics Club took seven
teams, 38 students, to the three-day
VEX Robotics World Championships
last May. ZCHS teams wound up
being ranked 9th in their division of
130 teams, and 16th out of the 260
teams that competed. ZCHS also won
the Support Award. (Picture opposite.)

The ZCHS Robotics Club has grown
to include 76 students on 19 different
teams this year. The teams are
building and many have the chassis of    THE STEEL
their robot complete. Students will be
working on scoring mechanisms and
programming in the coming weeks.

With the addition of so many
members the Steel Eagles are looking
to host multiple competitions for
which they need volunteers. They are
also looking for increased
sponsorship. Students still looking to
join a team should leave their name
and number on the message board in
the robotics room. If you are
interested in volunteering to referee,
judge, inspect at a robotics
competition, or donate to the club,
please contact Jed Wandland the
robotics club sponsor.

For further information regarding club
membership, meeting times,
donations, etc. please contact Jed          Robots pictured being built/repaired were for a
Wandland by e-mail:                         game called “Elevation,” which involved
jwandland@zcs.k12.in.us.                    stacking red and blue cubes in triangularly
                                            shaped goals.
Zionsville Education Foundation News
Congratulations to ZCHS educators on receiving the following grants in Spring 2009:

 • Wii Love to Learn! ($388.96) Jennifer Davis. Purchase of a Wii system and games for the
  Life Skills students which will aid them in improving social interactions, cognitive abilities,
  problem solving, physical fitness, gross and fine motor skill control, and eye-hand coordination.

 • Lights, Camera, Action: Viewing the Hispanic World Through Cinema ($974.20) Lindsay Alessandrini and Laura Haehl.
   Purchase 18 videos from seven different Spanish-speaking countries to enable Spanish students to see the grammar and
   vocabulary they learn in class used in a real-world setting.

The annual ZEF scholarship raffle is moving. The next raffle will kick off at the 2010 InStyle Fashion show next

“The Scholarship Raffle has been and continues to be a wonderful fundraiser for ZEF and a great opportunity
for our community. In the spring, parents and students are thinking more about college and scholarships and it
seems like the ideal time to stage the raffle,” said ZEF Board President Julie Redman.

Selection of a volunteer raffle chairperson and ticket sales representatives is currently underway.                To be
considered, please contact the ZEF office.

                                                    ZEF PARTNERS WITH DONORSCHOOSE.ORG
                                                    The Zionsville Education Foundation has partnered with
                                                    DonorsChoose.org to provide $5,000 in additional funding for
                                                    Zionsville teachers to fulfill classroom needs.

DonorsChoose.org is a national online resource for teachers and other front-line employees such as librarians and
counselors to obtain funding for innovative educational opportunities. Items that can be requested include books,
technology, equipment, manipulatives and games.

“With challenging economic times upon us, the work that ZEF does to provide funds for innovation in the classroom is more
important than ever,” according to ZEF Board President Julie Redman. “This new partnership gives Zionsville parents and
supporters of education across the country the opportunity to provide a direct positive impact on education in our

Educators can post projects with a materials cost up to $400 at www.DonorsChoose.org/teachers. Donors in Zionsville
and across the country can go online and make a contribution to a particular project of their choice. At the discretion of
ZEF, once half of the funding is secured from private donors, ZEF will provide the other half of the funding to make the
classroom wish a reality.

For more information about DonorChoose, please visit www.DonorsChoose.org. For additional information about ZEF or
this funding effort, please visit www.zionsvilleeducatoinfoundation.org or contact Executive Director Lynn Kissel at
lkissel@zcs.k12.in.us or 733-4805.
                  ZCHS Band, Orchestra
                and Guard Patrons – Z’BOP
                              Invites you to the

              Annual Homecoming Tailgate Party
         Featuring “Mr. Pig’s BBQ” – best in Boone County!

   BBQ                Friday, October 2, 2009                               Chips

   Brats                                                                    Drinks

   Hot Dogs
                               5:00-7:00 p.m.                               Sweets

              ♪Bring your family for a meal before the Homecoming Game
              ♪Donations of drinks, chips, desserts, supplies, & volunteers accepted
              ♪Contact Ann @ althrasher1@yahoo.com or 317-506-0798
              ♪All proceeds benefit ZCHS Bands, Orchestra & Color Guard

                                     Save the Date

                       2!9 ZBOP Gala

                     PHIL DIRT & THE DOZERS’
America’s premier "Rock 'N R'oldies" review and the most popular vintage rock and
roll show in the nation. With their musical talent, high energy and contagious sense of
humor, Phil Dirt & The Dozers will transport you to another time and place. namely,
the 50's, 60's, and 70's of Rock and Roll! The PHIL DIRT & THE DOZERS' nostalgia
show encompasses three decades of great music and is performed absolutely live with
a sophisticated yet light-hearted approach that creates an atmosphere all age ranges
will enjoy.
                                November 7, 2009
                        Zionsville Performing Arts Center

                        Silent Auction and Patron Party following
For more information, click on http://zbopgala.org/
                                                               Market Day is Here
                                                               October’s sale offers a free 1 lb. of ground
 beef when you spend $40. You can also get a free order of shrimp when you spend $90. Please remember
 to place your order online by 11:00pm Wednesday, October 14th at http://www.marketday.com/ using
 account #5941. If you prefer, you can pick up and drop off an order form at the Hussey-Mayfield Library
 before the October 14. Forms can also be found in all school offices.

 Order pickup will be at the high school cafeteria from 5:00-6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 19th. Adult
 and student volunteers are always appreciated from 4:00-6:00 p.m. on order pickup day; band and
 orchestra students earn $15 for their ZBOP accounts for working.

 Please contact any one of the names listed below with questions or to volunteer. Thanks so much!
 Deirdre Moore zeemoores@yahoo.com 732-4360
 Liz Qua         elqua@yahoo.com            769-1161
 Diane Weddle gregndianew@mac.com 769-3789

                           ZIONSVILLE YOUNG LIFE
                               Come Join the Zionsville Young Life Fun!

       Young Life Tailgate at every home football game! Everyone is welcome, including families!

Zionsville Young Life Club meets every Thursday at 7:34 p.m. On Oct. 1, it will be held at Mulberry Fields
          Park (shelter house). For locations of remaining Clubs, check zionsville.younglife.org!

                                           Attention Parents:
                 Want to be apart of our adult committee that helps support Young Life?
                                         Next Meetings: Oct. 18
               Contact Molly McKelfresh (317) 650-2376 or molly.mckelfresh@gmail.com

                              Another opportunity to meet and learn
                                      Campaigners - Bible Study
            Every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. (until about 8:45) at the Millers’ (210 N. 6th Street)
                                          All are welcome!
                          Community Conversation
                                      Town Hall Meeting

         Wednesday, October 14th                     decisions with your children. Your child may
            7:00 pm – 8:00 pm                        not enjoy these conversations, but they are
           Zionsville Town Hall                      critical in establishing your expectations up
        1100 Oak Street, Zionsville                  front. We all want our children to be safe!

You are invited to attend a Town Hall Meeting        We encourage you to get to know your child’s
designed to focus on teen decision making in         friends and their parents. It is not offensive to
our community. The topic for this Town Hall          call the home where your son or daughter is
Meeting is addictions. Dr. Mann Spitler will         visiting or staying overnight. We hope that this
present on this issue by sharing the sad events      will be expected and welcomed by all! We have
that led to his daughter’s death of a heroin         found that many of our children’s poor
overdose. Dr. Spitler’s presentation is powerful     decisions have been the result of
and we encourage you make plans to attend.           miscommunication. Please call or visit to
                                                     ensure that your child is in a safe environment.
In addition to this evening presentation, Dr.        Please do not be offended when others call or
Spitler will be presenting to students at            visit you. We all want our children to be safe!
Zionsville Community High School during the
school day on October 14. The evening                Good kids make bad decisions when given the
presentation provides parents an opportunity to      opportunity; this is part of the growing-up
share a common experience with their children        process. It is our responsibility as adults to
on the important topic of addictions.                limit the opportunities for bad decisions as
                                                     much as possible. Stay in communication with
You can visit Dr. Spitler’s web site at              your child. Know whom they are with, where
www.mandasstory.com                                  they are, and where they are going next. Limit
                                                     access to unhealthy or unsafe items in your
                                                     home. Do not assume that they will make the
Community Conversation Vision Statement              right decision on their own. We all want our
                                                     children to be safe!
Zionsville is a great place to raise a family. Our
community is committed to encouraging                Support our local law enforcement. They are
healthy living and providing resources for           working hard to protect all of us from the
positive learning experiences.        “It takes a    harmful effects of poor decisions.   Please
village to raise a child,” and the Community         support them and the laws they are hired to
Conversation Group offers these core principles      enforce. Consider using them as a positive
to promote this concept.                             resource in your efforts to encourage good
                                                     decisions by your children. We all want our
We cannot overstate how important it is to           children to be safe!
discuss the process of making safe and healthy
                                                     We encourage you to take some time and use this vision

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