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					                      $55 GIFT CARD VERBIAGE


“Ladies, wouldn’t it be exciting to get a guilt-free shopping spree to your
favorite store?” Ask the guests to tell you the name of their favorite store –they
usually throw out names like Target, Ann Taylor, Kohl’s, Steinmart, etc. Then ask a
couple of the ladies, “Susy and Tammy, if someone gave you a gift card to Kohl’s
or Steinmart, would you use it or just tuck it away in a drawer somewhere and
forget about it?” They always say, Oh I’d use it right away!

“Well, this is your lucky day then ladies, because I’m going to give you each a
$55 gift card for Premier Designs that you can use toward those items on your
wish list!” Pass out gift card to each guest – they usually look shocked and very
excited! To redeem this gift card, you just have to do two things: (1) select a
date TODAY for your very own Premier style session and don’t change the date;
and (2) invite a few friends over and collect just $100 in sales and you are
guaranteed to receive $55 in free jewelry! It’s that simple - it doesn’t have to be
a big production to earn free jewelry!

But you don’t have to limit yourself to just $55 in free jewelry! Flip over your
gift card to see how you can receive even more! My average hostess receives
about $200-250 in free jewelry! By hosting your own Premier Designs style
session, you will receive 30% of your total retail sales in free jewelry, so, for
example, if you collect $500 in sales, you will receive $150 in free jewelry. In
addition to keeping your original date, when 10 friends join you for your
Premier style session, you will receive an additional $25 free jewelry bonus;
when you pass the catalog around to your friends who can’t come and you
collect $100 in pre-orders before your style session date, you will receive
another $25 jewelry bonus; and when 3 of your friends schedule their own
Premier style session, you will receive an additional $25 jewelry bonus! It’s that
easy!! Plus, on top of your free shopping spree, you can earn 4 to 8 items at
Now I need two volunteers to help me with a quick demonstration! Don’t
worry, there are no speaking parts and you will be generously rewarded with
more Diva Dollars for helping me out!

Optional way to show a visual of the amount of free jewelry a
hostess can earn!
I use two trays of jewelry. One has the Botanical necklace and earrings, and the
other tray has jewelry that when combined with the Botanical ensemble totals
between $200-250. I personally use Spectrum necklace, earrings and bracelet
and Lifestyle necklace and earrings, and Fab 5 bracelets.

Ask for two volunteers and each one holds a tray. Each tray has a price list card
standing up in the back of the tray showing the total with tax & shipping of the
jewelry in that tray.

Turn to volunteer holding tray with Botanical necklace and earrings:
Now Susy loves the jewelry but she said she is just way too busy over the next
few months to host a style session, so for now she is going to purchase her
favorite ensemble which is the Botanical necklace and earrings. Pick up the
necklace and just show it or put it on Susy to model. Susy has great taste because
the Botanical necklace is our #1 selling item! The Botanical necklace and
earrings are so affordable at just $27 and $19, so with 8% sales tax and $4.00
shipping, Susy pays $54. You’re excited about your new jewelry aren’t you,
Susy? Susy, of course, says yes.

Now over here we have Tammy who has been going crazy over the jewelry all
evening and her wish list is a mile long, so she already knows she wants her own
Premier shopping spree! As I said before, my average hostess receives about
$200-250 in free jewelry, and I want to show you an example of what that looks
like! Remember that our hostesses can choose whatever items they love, and
this demonstration is just an example! Just like Susy, Tammy also loves the
Botanical ensemble, so she knows she wants these two pieces for free. In
addition, she can receive the fabulous Spectrum ensemble because as we
learned earlier, 3 matching pieces will give you a pulled-together look, and
Spectrum goes with everything! Tammy will definitely make a statement in this
bold piece! Tammy also likes the classic style of the Lifestyle necklace and
earrings, so she has chosen these pieces for free and because 2 is good, but 3 is
better, she’s going to add the Fab 5 bangle bracelets to complete this look. The
total of all of this jewelry in both trays comes to $238, but as a Premier Designs
hostess, Tammy will pay just shipping and sales tax for a total of just $23.04!
Turn back to Susy -- So Susy paid $54 for the Botanical necklace and earrings,
while Tammy paid just $23.04 for everything in both trays. So who is the smart
shopper here ladies??

So if you’d like to redeem your gift card for a free Premier Designs shopping
spree, just circle “Yes, I would love free jewelry” on your style profile sheet (or
guest survey, whichever you are using) and bring your gift card with you to
check-out and we’ll schedule a date for your style session today. If now is not a
good time, that’s okay too -- just circle “Later” on your style profile sheet and
indicate what month might be a better time for you, and you can just leave your
gift card on the table.

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