WWB Chapters 8-11 - CSU Chico by jianglifang


									    Why We Buy
  by Paco Underhill
        Chapters 8-11:
 Men are From Sears Hardware,
Women are From Bloomingdale's
Chapter 8: Shop Like a Man
n   Move faster through stores
n   Less time “looking”
n   No joy in process of “finding”
n   Dressing room: fit is what matters
     u 65% buy vs. 25% of females

n   Less attention to price tags
n   Lists: under 25% (male), “almost all” (female)
Ch. 8, continued
n Man’s Impact on Women (Time in Store)
   u Woman with female friend

   u Woman with kids

   u Woman alone

   u Woman with Man

n “day care” center for men??
Chapter 9: What Women Want
n Psychological & emotional aspects of
n Want “experience” and “environment”
n Example: Greeting Cards
n Example: Home Depot
n Women’s role in workplace impacts
Chapter 10: The Elderly
n 2025: 1/5 of Americans will be over 65
n Improved Health & Medical Advances
n Vision: Font Size & Color
n Navigation
Chapter 11: Kids
n   If store is unwelcoming to kids, parents will stay
     u Restaurants

     u Strollers

n   Meet needs of kids
     u Products within reach (or childproofed!!)

n   Entertainment for kids
     u Zany Brainy

     u Coloring Books at restaurants
n Chapter 8: Men
n Chapter 9: Women
n Chapter 10: Elderly
n Chapter 11: Kids

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