YOU is a family feature film created by friends and loved ones

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             A feature film from our family to yours.

      My name is Melora Hardin and you may know me from “The Office”,
      “Hannah Montana: The Movie” or “17 Again”. YOU is my directorial debut
      and it is quite a family affair. My husband Gildart Jackson wrote it, I
      directed it, we co-produced it and both star in it, our children are in it, my
      parents (my Dad is well-known character actor Jerry Hardin) , and our
      good friends (who are fortunately also wonderful actors) Brenda Strong,
      Allison Mack, Amy Pietz and Joely Fisher. One of my best friends, Paula
      Cole, wrote the title song and lots of other great musician friends gave
      YOU it’s fabulous soundtrack.

YOU is a love story. It spans 21 years, bouncing around in time, creating a kind
of family quilt that wraps around a father as he struggles to overcome the grief of
losing his beloved wife and raise their daughter alone. A coming-of-age journey
for both the father and his daughter, YOU is filled with the magic of life and love
and family.

We made this film in 18 days with our own money and in our own home as
well as many locations donated by friends and family. Though it was fast
and furious, we were determined to make it a great experience for all.
Gildart and I frequently scrambled eggs in the morning -- simultaneously
getting hair and makeup -- so that everyone would have a hot breakfast.
Our friends brought their signature dishes for lunches and dinners.

Needless-to-say a lot of heart went into making our film and I am so proud
that audiences seem to be moved by the story, leaving the film inspired to
call their spouses or loved ones to say "I love you”. Our first review – In
Boulevard Magazine – was fantastic:

      “Melora has given us more than a cool indie film. She has
      succeeded in gently reminding us that every moment in
      life is a gift – with all its frustrations and hardships and
      imperfections.” (Boulevard Magazine)

YOU is one of the first movies to ‘Open’ on the internet. We are very proud to be
pioneering this new world and would love your support. Please visit us at and if you like what you see please buy YOU from Itunes,
Amazon or from Please watch it with your family and friends.

Thank you so much.


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