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									Engineering Jobs in the Space
         Program -
   Easier than you would think
         Lauretta M. Nagel
          and Dave Adler
Who am I to be giving this talk?
n   Started here as a Technical Assistant in User
    Support back in 1989.
n   BA in Astronomy from Boston University.
n   Switched to Data Analyst on an Instrument
    Calibration Team.
n   Became a Software Test Engineer in 1999.
n   Became a manager in 2002.
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n   What is an engineer or technical staff member?
n   What kind of background do they need?
n   How do they accomplish their job?
n   What can YOU do to position yourself for this
    kind of work?
Definition: Engineer or Technical
n   “Professional” Engineers
    u   Software Engineer/Computer Scientist or Test Engineer
    u   Electrical, Mechanical or Thermal Engineer
    u   System Engineer or Project Manager
n   Graphic Designers, Web Designers or Visual
    Animation and Production, IT support, Writers
n   Specialists, Analysts, Technical Assistants,
    Telescope Operators/’Night Assistants’
Different Backgrounds
n   What do engineers and other technical staff
    members study?
n   Logic is important – think of the folks on all those
    police dramas (e.g. CSI, Law & Order).
n   Ability to read and comprehend critical!
n   Communications skills extremely important too –
    good requirements are hard to come by.
n   Creativity goes hand-in-hand with problem-
    solving, not just mission design.
How do they accomplish their
n   Open to learning – on the job training or second
    u   New concepts
    u   New software languages
    u   New methods/processes
n   Ability to use computers and their applications.
n   Ability to express yourself clearly in email, IM, or
    on the phone.
n   Know when to call in an expert!
Summary – How do YOU become a
technical staff member?
n   Get as good a grade point average as you can.
n   Get into a college. Do NOT give up.
n   Study hard/learn a lot in college – this develops
    good study habits!
n   Take a physics or astronomy class, if you can.
n   Volunteer for scientific or technical-related
    projects. Intern if you can. It all goes on the
n   Apply for jobs. Do NOT give up.
Do Not Give Up

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