The Truth About Bad Credit Loan Refinancing by MelanieMathis


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									What Exactly is Bad
   Credit Loan

Reasons why consumers steer clear
from bad credit personal loans ...

is the steep rate of interest..
BUT due to limited financial prospects, a lot
of consumers today still decide to apply for
these high-interest credit accounts.
  If you are looking for ways to reduce the
    you are
Ifpayments looking for ways to reduce
the payments..
● not just on interest but also on your monthly
  installments then, we have the answer – apply
  for bad credit loan refinancing.
Reasons for Getting the Refinancing Option
 1. Consolidate bills.
 - you can prefer to combine or merge your
 debts into a single refinance loan
 1. Opportunity to get lower rates.
 - lower your monthly payments and cut
 interest costs from your loan.
Tips in Getting Bad Credit
 Tips in Getting Bad Credit Loan
        Loan Refinancing
1. Get a copy of your credit report.
● This is important since your credit score
  will determine the rates of interest that
  will be charged on your loan.

● You can do this online or receive it via mail.
2. Prepare the necessary documents.
- be sure to have a copy of your proof
of employment and your last two tax
returns documents.
3. Get help from credit counselors.
● A competent counselor can discuss with you
  the benefits and drawback of taking this
  alternative to reduce your monthly
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Bad Credit Loan Refinancing

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