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Please Don’t Eat the Forks.pdf by johncaparros


									Please Don’t Eat the Forks
Here is another good marketer at the All Things Organic Show. This one promotes plates and
things. You eat the food; the worms will eat the plates and utensils. That is, of course, if you are
using Ultra Green utensils that are 100% biodegradable, compostable and sustainable according
to Ultra Green CEO Phil Levin. These remarkable paper products will breakdown in a landfill in
about 90 days. The cornstarch and seashell-based plastic will be gone in about 150 days. You
don’t even have to throw them away. They will breakdown in a regular backyard compost pile
with regular kitchen waste.
                                                          Phil Levin, CEO for Ultra Green

A complete place setting will run you
about $1 if you use the Ultra Green
Picnic/Party Pack which retails for $11.99
and comes in a package that doubles as a
tray for chips and dip.
The company, based just outside of
Minneapolis, MN markets a complete
line of dining and paper products
including napkins, paper towels,
tissueand toilet paper. All the products use very earth-friendly materials such as cornstarch,
sugarcane stalk, and seashells. And, even though regular paper plates and cups will also
biodegrade, they consume forests and use harmful chemicals that are not only bad for the
environment, but also slow the degrading process.
For a Zero-Waste Lunch program these products will work in a pinch. Reusable containers are
preferable, but not always the most practical. Composting your place setting is the next best
thing to reuse.
Our hat is off to Ultra Green products and the company. A great product from a dedicated
Listen to our interview with Ultra Green


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