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					A Multimodal Goods Movement
Strategy for Ontario
Canada-United States Transportation Border Working Group
Fall Plenary
November 7 – 8, 2012

James Perttula
Manager, Goods Movement Office
Overview                            Transportation Policy Branch   2

§ Goods Movement and Trade in Ontario

§ Multimodal Goods Movement Strategy for Ontario

§ Partnership and Cooperation

§ Moving Forward
    Goods Movement and Trade                                    Transportation Policy Branch   3
    in Ontario
§    Ontario is a goods movement and trade powerhouse.
       § Its strategic advantages include access to a large population base, strong connections
           to international markets, and the presence of four well-developed modes – road, air, rail
           and marine – operating individually and in a multimodal manner to serve business
§    Ontario generates over 50% of Canada-U.S. trade, valued at $284 billion in 2011.
§    Ontario’s economy is closely integrated with Great Lakes states.
§    The top three Canada-U.S. border crossings are located in Ontario. This represents 57% of
     the total trucks crossing the border.
§    Key state trading partners for Ontario include Michigan, Ohio, New York, California and
Trade is Important for the   Transportation Policy Branch
Economy of all Regions
Multimodal Goods Movement                              Transportation Policy Branch   5
Strategy for Ontario

§   Over the past several years, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has
    undertaken significant work on goods movement, on its own and in
    partnership with the federal and Quebec governments

§   The culmination of that work will be the release of the Multimodal Goods
    Movement Strategy for Ontario.

§   Ontario’s long-term vision for goods movement is to capitalize on the
    strengths of the transportation system to drive economic competitiveness
    and become a world class connection for global supply chains.

§   The Ontario Multimodal Goods Movement Strategy works toward this vision
    by providing a fiscally responsible, long-term plan to drive economic
    competitiveness through a strong multimodal transportation system.

§   Public consultations on a draft of the strategy were just completed, with the
    intent of releasing a final strategy and associated action plan in early 2013.
                                             Vision & Objectives
             Capitalize on the strengths of Ontario’s transportation system to drive economic
              competitiveness and become a world-class connection for global supply chains.
System Objectives: Well connected between modes and to domestic and global markets
                   Agile and competitive, providing cost-competitive transportation options to business
                   Reliable and efficient, reducing supply chain risk

                                              Guiding Principles

                                  Public Interest
       Shipper Interest                                            Partnership            Evidence-Based Action
                                    & Benefit

        Maintain a
                                                     Foster                 Improve           Promote our
         modern,             Advance a
                                                partnerships for         integration of       strengths and
       efficient and        streamlined
                                                 a system-wide            sustainable          successes to
          reliable        and competitive
                                                  approach to               practices         maximize the
        multimodal           regulatory
                                                transportation             into goods             value of
      transportation       environment.
                                                    planning.              movement.         our investments.

                                         Rolling 3-Year Action Plan

                                Specific action items to support areas of focus.
Partnership and Cooperation                                 Transportation Policy Branch     7

§   The strategy recognizes the vital role that transportation plays in the North American
    economy, and provides a basis to forge strategic partnerships with municipal, federal
    and neighbouring governments to advance common goods movement interests.

§   Understanding the unique role that each government plays in the transportation
    system allows for improved coordination of initiatives, and stronger partnerships.

§   Working together results in more targeted and streamlined plans for the benefit of the
    system as whole.

§   Ontario has been involved in a number of initiatives involving coordination between
    provincial, federal and state governments, which have shown the benefits of
     § Canada-U.S. Beyond the Borders Partnership
     § Ontario-Quebec Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement
     § Bi-national Strategy for the Niagara Frontier
     § Windsor-Essex Parkway/Detroit River International Crossing
Partnership and Cooperation                         Transportation Policy Branch   8

§   Ontario’s transportation system is only one
    part of an integrated North-American and
    global system, as evidenced by the supply
    chain example for Lumber, Paper and

§   This is just one of many sectors that operate
    as integrated North American industries.

§   Through consultations on the strategy,
    stakeholders have highlighted that strong
    connections between the modes and with
    neighbouring jurisdictions are essential for
    the efficient and seamless movement of
Stakeholder Push for Greater                     Transportation Policy Branch
Partnership and Cooperation

§ Stakeholders are pushing for Ontario to pursue strengthened
  partnerships and cooperation on a number of fronts:
   § ITS corridors
       § More streamlined operations with real-time traffic information.
   § Vehicle Weights and Dimensions
       § Improved harmonization between jurisdictions, including
         Long Combination Vehicle standards.
   § Ballast Water
       § Uniform regulations to facilitate inter-jurisdictional operations
         and ensure a level playing field.
   § CNG/LNG Natural Gas
       § Development of natural gas corridors for trucking.
   § Beyond the Borders
       § Push to accelerate progress on this initiative.
Moving Forward                                        Transportation Policy Branch   10

§   The Multimodal Goods Movement Strategy for Ontario is the first step in
    building the transportation system of the future.

§   It will ensure that our transportation system responds to changing markets
    and changing business needs as our economy continues to recover and
    grow over the long term.

§   MTO is excited to look for new opportunities to build partnerships with
    neighbouring jurisdictions that support a strong transportation system.

§   We are very interested in ideas on how we can work together.

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