Contemporary Non Globalised Societies - Geog-On2IB by hcj


									Contemporary Non Globalised
           IB HL
The Amish Community In The USA
                 The Amish
• The Amish keep themselves separate, but not
  exclusive, following the Biblical text "be not
  conformed to this world" (Romans 12:2).

• Amish live like this not because they dislike or
  fear other human beings but because they
  believe that salvation comes from the
  redeeming power of living a loving life in a
  pure community of believers who live in
  separation from the world.
• Using Geography For The IB Diploma P240-
  243, answer the following…
1. Why can much of rural be considered to be a non-
   globalised society?
2. What do the 2 pictures on P240 and 242 tell you
   about the society in Mongolia?
3. What are the environmental issues that have
   affected their quality of life?
4. What does Figure 5 (P243), tell you about school
   life for the people that live in this area?

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