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									                Motorcycle insurance up-to-date
We are a family of riders. Leslie Kay and family attend all the big Motorcycle Rallies
across the country. No one knows Motorcycle Insurance better than Leslie Kay’s
Insurance. Let us assist you in finding the right motorcycle insurance to meet your

We are the experts in Motorcycle Insurance and know how to get you the
most insurance coverage for the best price.
                      RECREATIONAL VEHICLES
Leslie Kay’s Insurance provides your motorhome with the specialized RV insurance
coverage needed to ensure your investment is protected. Leslie Kay’s Insurance
Agency is one the top RV insurance agencies in the United States.

Let our experts at Leslie Kay’s Insurance assist you in finding the specialized coverage
needed for each and every type of motorized RV. Our customers count on Leslie Kay’s
experts to make shopping for RV insurance much easier and less costly.You know your
RV is more than a car, and your RV insurance should cover more than what car
insurance covers. Find out if insuring your RV on its own policy is right for you.

Using the right tool for a job is key to success in any profession. Experts say the same
principle applies when selecting an auto insurance policy. Having the right type of
policy can help ensure that you, your employees and your business are all protected in
the unfortunate event that one of your vehicles is involved in an accident.If you’re a
business owner and you or your employees use a vehicle for business-related
deliveries or to carry certain materials to and from a job site, you may need a
commercial auto insurance policy that’s tailored to more closely suit the needs—and
risks—of a business vehicle operator.
Here are some questions that can help you determine if you might need a commercial
auto policy instead of a personal auto policy, courtesy of Leslie Kay’s,.

Take to the water and relax knowing you’ve got the protection you need. Our boat or
jet-ski policy gives you complete coverage that’s designed for any watercraft in mind.

Our program can cover 95 percent of all boats on the water today including fishing
boats, runabouts, personal watercraft and boats up to 50 feet in length and $250,000
in value.

Address : 2419 Quantum Blvd , Boynton Beach FL 33426

Phone : 561.736.5400

Visit My Website : http://www.lesliekays.com/

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