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									Construction Technology 3
               D39 TA

  Lecture 3: Types of offsite production

           Dr Mohamed Abdel-Wahab
        Edwin Chadwick Building, Room 1.16
What are the drivers for offsite production?
Lecture Outline

        1. Volumetric                      s
                         nstruction system
        2. Panellised co        n
        3. Hy  brid constructio            ts
                           s and componen
         4 . Sub-assemblie
Can you think of a type of project where it would
be crucial to use volumetric construction?
Would you live here?!
How long did it take to construct Container City 1
and how long it would have taken if constructed the
traditional way?

                    Container City 1
What could be the practical considerations
for volumetric construction?
Volumetric construction: bathroom and kitchen pods

                                      Bathroom in a box
Practical considerations for volumetric construction
Summary of Pod cost data
Panellised construction systems
Types of panels

                    Open panels

                   Closed panels

                  Concrete panels
Composite panels

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
Can you identify the 11-step process for the
manufacturing of OSBs?
       Advantages of using SIPs

•   Pre-assembled from the factory
•   Three times stronger than conventional stud walls
•   Allowing for design flexibility
•   Protection of the insulation material
•   Using recycled wood chips instead of newly-cut lumber
Unitised curtain walling
Practical considerations for panellised construction system
Hybrid construction
Practical considerations for hybrid construction
Sub-assemblies and components

 Pre-fabricated foundations
 (e.g. ground beams)

  Floor cassettes
Pre-cast stairs

 Roof cassettes

 Pre-assembled roof structure
Practical considerations for sub-assembly

1. Volumetric
2. Panellised construction systems
3. Hybrid construction
4. Sub-assemblies and components
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Steel framing walls assembly video
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