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									Top Criminal Lawyers in Surrey
Top Criminal Lawyers in Surrey - Representing defendants and the plaintiff class, our company has extensive skill in class
actions. We have even acted as coverage counsel, on major class actions suits in both the U.S. and Canada. This depth and
breadth of knowledge in class actions gives our company a well-rounded view of all aspects of a class action.

In the year 1993, after the voluntary breast implants recall, our company was involved in various class action lawsuits which ware
the resulting litigation commenced versus different breast implant manufacturers. Class action legislation was newly changing
during this period in time. Since then, we have been through a lot of product liability class actions. We represented defendants in
actions initiated versus the Federal Government about temporomandibular joint implants, actions commenced against the maker
of the Hepatitis B vaccine, and actions commenced versus the Federal Government concerning silicone gel breast implants.

Class action lawsuits may consist of numerous different concerns like product liability, environmental contamination, investment
advice, medical treatment, property insurance, car insurance, and travel claims. We have likewise represented defendants in
connection with class actions initiated following major aviation and other transportation disasters.

Our Coverage Counsel Group's expertise includes behind-the-scenes participation with primary, excess, and reinsurer entities
regarding liabilities faced by major commercial entities and their executives in class action litigation. This comprises cross-border,
local and national litigation. Our group advises and offers monitoring counsel services for insurance interests in various
cross-border class actions.

Our company has experience before various courts, that consist of the Court of Appeals, Federal Court, and the Supreme Court
with Leave Applications.

In class action cases, our Class Action Group will navigate during all the stages of the dispute. We help you comprehend the
pressures that whichever class action lawsuit could place on either the plaintiff class or the defendant. Defendants in these types
of cases can be pressured by time and money. We have methods so as to lessen disturbance, and to move the issue to
successful resolution in as efficient and timely a manner as possible. Our very first method representing defendants is to try to
limit the action or have it dismissed entirely at the pre-certification phase. We have a track record of accomplishing this for our
clients, which means that our clients are let out of actions without ever having to partake in a certification hearing. Our goal is to
resolve the litigation and prevent the need for a class action trial. We have been successful at negotiating favorable class action
settlements for many of our defendant clientele. This gives them peace of mind and frees them from future claims of unknown
class members.

Our first step, for the plaintiff class clientele, is to properly limit the class while drafting the claim to lessen the certification period
early on within the procedure. Our great knowledge helps us to correctly decide the most appropriate case whether it be a large
loss or class action proceedings to acquire the very best results.

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