2010 Jostens Manitoba High School Athlete of the Year _ “Super 8

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					2010 Jostens Manitoba High School "Athlete of the Year" & “Super 8 – Super 8”
This award recognizes students that exhibit athletic excellence. A female and male "Athlete of the Year" will be selected from school nominations, and the winners will receive an attractive plaque, and a ring, courtesy of Jostens. Note: Each school is only allowed to submit one male, and one female nominee, and the nomination must be submitted by the school Physical Education Department. Eight (8) athletes, a male and female from each category will be selected as the Super 8 Athlete of the year in that category, and the Jostens Athlete of the Year winner will be selected from that group of 8 athletes. Criteria: • • • • Grade 12 graduating student Minimum sixty-five (65 %) percent average Must be taking a full course load Have played a minimum of two sports at the varsity level (2009-2010 school year only) INCLUDE FOUR COPIES OF THIS APPLICATION Athlete’s Name Home Address School Name School Address School Contact Courses enrolled in Graduation date (if known) Email.: Postal Code Postal Code Academic Average

Athletic Background (school sports participated in (2009-2010 year only)

School Sport Achievements (All-star, MVP, Captain, Top Scorer, etc. (2009-2010 year only)

List other school activities, clubs, etc. that you participated in: (2009-2010 year only)

List community activities and sports that you participated in and achievements: (2009-2010 year only)

Letters of Reference: Please include two (2) letters of reference (one must be from your Principal).

I acknowledge, to the best of my beliefs, that the information stated above is correct.

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Submit FOUR copies of the application and all supporting documents to: MHSAA "Athlete of the Year" 145 Pacific Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6 Phone: (204) 925-5640 INCOMPLETE or LATE applications will not be considered Application deadline: 4:30 p.m., Friday, May 21, 2010

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