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									YOUTH RESOURCE CENTRE (ORC) TUZLA; YOUTH NETWORK OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA MONTHLY INFORMATIVE BULLETIN AUGUST 2008 – e-mail/ WEB edition Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an informal group of non-partial organizations, groups and individuals that fulfill the needs of young people in both entities, actively involving them in building democratic values and strengthening of civil society. (Mission of hCa Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, established on workshop from strategic planning in Kulasi, 11-17 July, 1999.)Today Network has 115 member-organizations and 37 individuals from 65 cities in B&H. Dear friends, this is the July edition of monthly informative bulletin of Youth Resource Centre (ORC) Tuzla and Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bulletin is published on Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian and English language. It contains information about the activities of Youth Resource Centre (ORC) Tuzla and Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina, information about monthly activities of youth organizations and groups-member groups of this network, their plans for the coming period, and other useful information (about donors, scholarships, stipends, invitations for attending seminars and conferences, etc.) If you want to be on the mailing list for the next editions of the monthly informative bulletin or if you have questions or suggestions, contact us. You can find the monthly informative bulletin and archive of former editions on the web site of Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Enjoy your reading!

Activities in August 2008 During last month hCa/ORC Tuzla was working on regular activities - information processing selection of interesting information for youth activism and distribution of the same to youth organizations and to the members of Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina mailing list, and work and distribution of monthly bulletin of Bosnia and Herzegovina Youth Network, with regular work and update of web site: Helsinki Citizens Assembly / Youth resource center Tuzla as part of project “You(th) can make changes – if you(th) get a chance“ supported by Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD) and National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Washington, and in partnership with HAZ Mostar has organized seminar: “Importance of exchanging experience among young people who come from different ethnic and cultural minorities/majorities groups. Seminar took place in hotel „Mostar“ in Mostaru , 28- 30. 8. 2008. godine

20 young people took place on this seminar (representatives of youth NGO and non formal youth groups): Trebinje, Mostar, Stolac, Nevesinje, Konjic, Jablanica, Sarajevo, Brčko, Sarajevo i Milići. Lecturers were: Mr. Vehid Šehić , president of Forum Citizens Tuzla, Mr. Goran Bubalo, director TERCA. Trainer and facilitator was Mrs. Jelena Kuzmanović.

Seminar was conceived to encourage participants in exchanging their experiences based on different backgrounds. Some of Seminar aims were: - providing possibilities to young people of different backgrounds to understand purpose and advantages of mutual work and activities - promoting democratic values and needs Active youth participation in local communities

PLANED ACTIVITIES FOR SEPTEMBAR 2008 Continuation of work of hCa/ORC Tuzla on regular distribution of information to youth organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and work on arrange and distribution of monthly bulletin of Bosnia and Herzegovina youth network.

Work on project „You (th) can make changes- if you (th) get a chance": Evaluation of third seminar in Mostar. Preparing and organizing pre election youth campaign in B&H, in cooperation with three partner organizations MCM Zvornik, KULT BiH (office Gradacac) andHAZ Mostar.

Working on preparations and organizing “Regional expert conference about Partnership for peace” supported by USA Government.

Invitation for participation on pre election youth campaign 2008 Respected friends, As part of project «You(th) can make changes, if you(th) supported by National endowment for democracy (NED) Washington, USA, Balkan trust for democracy and Canadian embassy Sarajevo (CIDA) hCa/ORC is organizing pre election youth campaign during September and October. Main aims and focuses are: 1. young people in B&H – encouraging youth in B6h to vote on these elections 2. political candidates – pointing on importance of keeping election promises made by political parities and politicians With this campaign we will try to cover all B&H along with youth organizations members of youth network B&H and with you participants in this year project. As part of campaign we will organize “central street campaign – manifestations” in three regions covered by this year project (Podrinje, Posavina and Herzegovina). During these street camping’s we will distribute materials, and organize cultural events. We are using this opportunity to notify you and your organizations, participants in this project. At this point we are welcoming every ideas, initiatives, concrete suggestions which can elevate our mutual pre election youth campaign on higher level. We are looking forward for your suggestions, propositions, ideas, and initiatives for participation, concrete programs pr activities and offers for cooperation. Your propositions

please send on e-mail and, or on fax number 035 258 077, or you can come to our office in person. All this is necessary so young people can finally after more then 10 year of abstinence do something that will lead to positive change and better life for them selves. Don’t hesitate all ideas are welcome. Those most active in campaign will be adequately rewarded for it.

NETWORK MEMBER ACTIVITIES NVO MDD – Muslimansko dobrotvorno drustvo Merhamet Doboj Address: Kralja Aleksandra 17, 74000 Doboj Tel/fax: 053 226 886 Web: - accepting new members, - typing texts, - coping, - distributing information’s, - distributing humanitarian aid. Donor was Merhamet Zavidovici. - Internet club Continuation with projects: - Implementation of project: “Providing help for those who are living alone” - Project “Providing health care for people without health insurance” is continuing - Project “starting small business by credit” During August we have completed preparations for project in partnership with Dutch organization Holland Hart Huis, project is center for protection of women’s interests, and center will also work with children with special needs. For September we are planning to continue with our everyday activities and projects, and we are hoping to start project with Dutch organization. We are also planning to start some new projects as well. OMLADINSKI CENTAR "PINKLAND“ Address: Branilaca Banovica 37, 75 290 Banovici Tel/fax:035 871 145 E-mail: Web: Contact: Elvira Mahmutbegovic Beside regular activities, we have been focused on realization of festival “Bosna Faces”, our activities were: - contacts with bands who applied for festival - posting posters - contacts with media - manufacturing masks for festival - Transportation and accommodation of participants, representatives of organization from Finland and their bands.

Festival lasted for two days 15th and 16th.08.2008 - August 15th 2008 – tournament volleyball on sand - Same day we organized for parents and children from music school small concert - At 20.00 hours in Club “75” music performance of bands from B&H and Finland. August 16th 2008 – 15.00 hours salsa school in our center, trainer was Habacuc El Possu from Columbia. - 18.00 hours in center of our town we organize final concert “Bosna Faces” On this festival third in a row organized by our center and organization Etnocult from Finland and university “Humak” also from Finland following groups took part: Finland: VANITY INK I TROUBADOUR Bosnia and Herzegovina: Black Tattoo- Zivinice, Impulse – Novi Travnik, Metro – Tuzla. Impuls – Banovici, Sasi – Srebrenica, “DO” Doboj. Beside our staff in organization of this festival participated volunteers from Finland Johanna Malmi, and from Slovenia Marusa Vukelic and Maja Zabota. Plans for September are: - enlisting new members - participation in organization of municipality day of Banovici

KULT Central office Sarajevo Address: Banjska. 2, 71210 Ilidza / Sarajevo E-mail:, Tel/Fax: 033 637 290 Organization KULT has four offices. We are trying to create democratic environment in which authorities will be partners to NGO-s. Together we will make life of citizen’s easier and better quality. Office Gradacac Address: Reufa Huseinagica PP/IV 76250 Gradacac E-mail: Www: Tel. /fax: 035 818 472

KULT Gradacac- Summer youth camp MOST

On Sunday, 03.08.2008 summer youth camp “MOST 2008” started, it lasted until 10.08.2008. Summer youth camp is traditional manifestation, this year was fourth in a row, organizer is KULT Gradacac, this camp is par of project “Summer youth camp MOST” supported by SDC and municipality Gradacac. Camp is taking place on Lake Hazna Gradacac. On camp participated young people from 15 organizations from all B&H with over 80 young people. Also we had guests from Germany from WOLFRATSHAUSEN about 20 young people. Aim of this year camp was exchanging experiences with other youth organization in

order to improve youth organizations and their activities. Also aim was to have fun and participate in educative and creative workshops.

During camp we had following workshops:   Creative workshops: comic workshops, divining, creativity and orientation in nature Round table on subject “Exchanging experiences and opinions with representatives of youth organizations” and educative workshop on subject “Tolerance and accepting differences”.

Camp ended with concert of domestic groups on Saturday along with party of electronic music HAZNAMAN 2008.
2. Second year in a row GTZ in cooperation wirh partners from Germany is

organizing from July 17-27 trip to Germany. This trip is for young people from municipalities which have already youth policy and youth advisors in municipalities. This year we made exchange were young people from B&H went to Germany and from August 2nd – 10th young people from Germany visited B&H. Hosts were KULT Gradacac and young people who went to Germany. Donors are GTZ Sarajevo, municipality Gradacac.
3. From August 16

– 30th 2008 Alter Art Travnik is organizing tour of bands “A dog called Ego” (Germany) and ORION from Jablanica in 14 cities of B&H. As part of this tour these bands were playing in Gradacac on August 25th 2008.


4. Our members were in ECO camp 2008 in Bratunac

Office Sarajevo Banjska ul. 2 71210 Ilidza Tel./fax: 033 637 290 After our holidays we started preparations for official opening of our youth center SPAJALICA. As part of project Healthy environment for young people, on the day of opening of our center we have placed eco board in front of our center. Board was made by one of our volunteers Elmedin Musto. On this board young people can find useful information about protecting life environment. Prepared and printed new issue of bulletin LICA, were one can find our activities in last three months and interview with municipality mayor Mr. Amer Cenanovic. Mayor descriped cooperation with KULT with these words: “I must say that cooperation with KULT is very good and that organization KULT can be example of organization which is very active and very imposing. I would say this is one of the most active organizations in municipality Ilidza. This cooperation will surely continue in present form”. Starting with this issue bulletin LICA will have column “Are you concerned with something…” were one can find results of research about healthy life conducted by KULT in municipality Gradacac.

Official opening of SPAJALICA occurred on August 26th 2008. On opening were mayor of municipality Ilidza, Federal minister for health, representatives of authorities, partner organizations and friends of organization KULT and SPAJALICA. From August 26th till 29th in SPAJALICA we organized new module of training for youth leaders, Learn, Think, Act. Subject was communications and lobbing. Trainer was Marko Davor from Media Plan Institute. Guest lectures were Adnan Burazerovic expert for cooperative communications, Tatjana Ljubic leader of Public relations in NGO ACIPS and and Igor Kamocaji advisor for mayor in municipality Center, Sarajevo.

Announcement for September In second half of September we will start with second phase of project Maslacak – say YES to healthy life. We are planning to conduct activities in community, visiting organizations and institutions responsible for this area, and to exchange ideas and experiences with similar projects. Courses and trainings should begin at mid of September, more information about courses you can find on our web page

UDRUZENJE "MLADI TUZLE" TUZLA Address: Mije Kerosevica 3 (BKC building), 75000 Tuzla Tell/fax: 035 280 026, 061 804 691 Web:

- Public presentation of drama studio activities On August 14th 2008 in Tuzla drama academy faculty we organized public presentation of our activities, presentation started at 19.30 hours for 60 students. In this was students passed on higher level of education, next presentation is planed for October 2008.

- Press conference – On August 14th 2008 in BKC Tuzla we held press conference in occasion of starting with work on our performance with ecological theme and message financed by Federal ministry of ecology and tourism. Performance is being done in cooperation with BKC TK. - Working on coo production contract with BKC TK for preparing performance with ecological theme “I write you from 2007” - Regular organization meetings for preparations of youth theatre days of Tuzla 2008, planed for September. - Work on performances: “I write to you from year 2007” and “Cat in Boots”. Rehearsals are conducted in faculty of drama art in Tuzla.

UDRUZENJE GRADANA „EKO-Leonardo“YOUTH CLUB, Priboj Address: Priboj bb, 75 249 Priboj Tel: 065/538-494 E-mail: Building eco camp Majevica 2008/2009, theme is youth volunteer’s camp. We have set location and from founds received from government we are making info boards for the camp, acquiring tents, preparing space. We have animated 30 young people to work on this task and we have 7 young people who are trained to be leaders of camp. We are aiming to gather young people from Priboj, Snjieznica, Teocak and Rastosnica in one mutual activity on this cam for young people in Majevica. Organization Behar from koraj is ready to work with us, with UGRIZ we have planed to form local action group (LAG Majevica), this group would work on rural development, protection of life environment and development of eco tourism.

Su Lee PRODUKCIJA Tuzla adresa: 16. Muslimanske brigade 47, 75000 TUZLA, BiH Tel/fax: + 387 61 954 841 E-mail: Web: Movie fifth identification card is in final stage In period from June till July 2008 our team has worked on movie “Fifth identification card”. Movie was made on streets of Tuzla (Slana Banja, Ilincica, trains in Miladije, Big park …). We are currently working on editing of the movie and we should finished it at the end of September.

Movie crew: Direction: Emir Sulejmanovic Producers: Emir Sulejmanovic, Denis Krdzalic, Vedran Jahic Screen play: Senad Zukic Main actor: Armin Celikovic Other actors: Aldin Joldic, Andrea Tesanovic, Vedrana Bratanovic, Midheta Numanovic, Merlin Muminovic, Jasena Atlic, Vahid Mandzic, Mirza Kamberovic, Fuad Ljubuncic, Midhat Sulejmanovic, Adel Fazlic Painters: Sara Matar, Jasena Atlic, Dragana Juric, Emir Ramic Music: Damir Ahmetovic Year: 2008 More information on Premiere is planed for September 2008.

We are using this opportunity to express our gratitude to youth Bank Tuzla, Drama academy Tuzla, organization “Lotosice” high medical school Tuzla and all others who help shooting this movie. NEW MEMBERS Dear member’s youth network received new members: Organisation ,,Benevolentia'', Banja Luka Srpskih ustanika 48c, Banja Luka 065/902-528, 065/911-755, 051/436-379 Contact: Borislav Buljic, member of board Valentina Vukmirovic, member of board Organization Benevolentia was founded by three high school pupils, and it is active from February 2008. First project was humanitarian action „Young people for Young people“. Aim is collecting founds for young people- As part of action on August 5th we had first manifestation, art show. Show lasted for 4 days and we organized auction, all collected founds will be given for scholarships to young people from „Rada Visnjic“ which is home for abandoned children. I n September we are starting new cultural manifestation which will help to young people in our city. Main program aims are: 1. Humanitarian activities. 2. Promoting humanitarian activities. 3. Encouraging people on humanitarian work. 4. Organization of humanitarian activities with other organizations/institutions. 5. Collecting found for helping individuals or community. 6. Organizing humanitarian actions with cultural or other content.


Aleksandar Dragicevic Zivojina Misica 37 Banja Luka 065/691-223 Education: Pupil in Banja Luka gymnasium I am currently working on project #Youth conference” and “Young people for young people”, also I am planning project “Days of Esperanto in Banja Luka”. I have participated in program of American embassy in Sarajevo, Youth Leadership which includes trip to USA for one month and workshops on leadership, democracy and youth activism. I have been volunteering on international festival of short movie. I think young people in B&H don’t have enough motivation for activities. But conditions are getting better every year. This country don’t have much to offer young people so young people must find other ways for motivation. Situation is improving and will keep improving and I want to part of that improvement.

Also big problem is unemployment. May young people have ideas and will to do something but in most cases they don’t have support.

Asmir Agic G. Lukavica-Zivinice 061/954 – 519 I am currently board president of student Association on economy faculty in Tuzla, also I am president of assembly for student union in university Tuzla. I was also president of youth association in Gornja Lukavica when I was only 15. I have participated on many seminars and trainings.

Emir Delalic Strajka Mitrovica 3, 75000 Tuzla 061 496 497 Have many years of experience in youth sector. I have been working in Youth Center Tuzla and participated on many seminars and workshops in B&H and abroad. Youth sector in B&H is in very bad shape, certain step must be done if we want to improve it. There are no laws which could open new possibilities for young people. Many towns don’t do anything in order to help young people. Because of this situation young people are not interested and have tendency to do bad things. Only if we act together we can improve certain things, so it is imperative for young people to be active and give their contribution.

Competition Best idea for materials Youth pre election campaign 2008 Tuzla, September 1st. 2008. Dear friends As we have announced in past months, Youth Network B&HM Helsinki Citizens Assembly Tuzla and Youth Resource Center Tuzla are organizing youth pre election campaign. Youth pre election campaign is part of project “„You(th) can make changes – if you(th) get a chance“. Main aims of the camping are young people (increased participation of young people on elections) and political parties and candidates on local elections.

As part of camping we are going to print and distribute in B&H towns: posters, postcards (stickers and booklets). We are inviting you to take part in this campaign by sending your ideas for campaign material. Posters Postcard, (stickers and booklets). And idea for the slogan which will be written on t-shirts of our volunteers in cities were camping is going to take place. This competition is opened for 10 days from the announcement day. All your ideas (finished preparation is e-mail format) you can send on postage or e-mail address of hCa/ORC Tuzla, at latest until September 10th 2008., when commission will look at all proposals and for selected solutions will reward authors. Rewards are: Poster – 250 KM Postcard, (stickers and booklets). – 200 KM Slogan foe the t-shirt – 200KM Commission will select those ideas which on creative, provocative and visual way promote: participation of young people on the elections, messages to political parties, politicians and political candidates to fulfill their promises and fulfilling promises given to young people of B&H, solving current problems of young people on local and state level, and or describe current situation in B&H. Ideas can be: paint mode, textual or combined. Solution for poster, Postcard, (stickers and booklets) can be in full color, and solution for t-shirt can be done in two colors (on black tshirts). Your proposals with your postage address, and contact data (Nam, surname, phone, fax, mobile phone, e-mail) you can send in all acceptable forms for printing. In exceptional case (quality, provocative, visual, and simplicity of the message) we will select TWO solutions for poster. For more information you can contact us: and 035 258 077 or e-mail address:

Sincerely, Miralem Tursinovic hCa / ORC Tuzla

Invitation to firms and organizations from Mostar: Volunteer – Financing 2008

We are inviting you to join our project Volunteer-Financing and hire students from secondary schools on Social day 10.10.2008! This day is unique opportunity for: Young people – to show their potentials and to see how work is done in firms/organizations

Employers – to help young people and see potential employees Organization INFOHOUSE Sarajevo with partners has started last year this project, 76 companies has hired 380 pupils for one day (Social Day). This year we are conducting this project in 6 cities (Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Mostar, Sarajevo, Siroki Brijeg and Tuzla), with 56 secondary schools! In this project 11 secondary schools from Mostar are participating: Gymnasium Mostar, Secondary construction school Jura Dalmatinac, Traffic school, Medical school Sestre Milosrdnice, Second gymnasium Mostar, Secondary medical school, Machine - traffic school, Electro technical school, Agriculture school, Construction school and music school 1 and 2 degree. Our main partner is city of Mostar, department for education, culture, youth and sport. Firms and organizations willing to participate in this project should accept pupils on one day for practice on Social day 10.10.2008. Payment per diem is 15KM, and it has to be paid on account UG INFOUHOUSE 1610000041690223, name is Social Day, Raiffeisen bank. All founds are for pupils projects for IDEA FAIR on 08.11.2008 in Sarajevo. For more information on Topic VK2008. Please support this project in order to support young people, so they could gain some experience. For detailed information please contact INFOUHOUSE ON 033 22 76 14, or Anitu Simunovic on 036 32 14 31 and Sabina Memic on 036 31 66 00 Dzenana Alduz, director Partners of this project are: GTZ, CITY MOSTAR, MUNICIPALITY ŠIROKI BRIJEG, USM BIH, ECONOMY DEPARTMENT CANTON SARAJEVO, ECONOMY DEPARTMENT REGION BANJA LUKA, ECONOMY DEPARTMENT REGION BIJELJINA, ECONOMY DEPARTMENT CANTON TUZLA, RADIO VESTA, RADIO STARI GRAD, MAGAZINE START B&H.

NVO GARIWO Sarajevo Open competition Award for civil courage “Dusko Kondor” And Award for affirmation of civil courage “Dusko Kondor” These awards are founded in memory and honor on tireless fighter for civil courage and symbol of civil courage “Dusko Kondor”. ( mid=55) NVO GARIWO Sarajevo gives these awards to people witch have affirm civil courage with their actions, ideas etc

For this award you can nominate: - individuals which have stated their civil courage - individuals which have affirmed their civil courage


individuals who are fighting injustice individuals who opposed to negative authorities individuals who help to you or to others

Deadline for submission is October 1st 2008, with all documentation and depositions of potential witnesses

NVO GARIWO Sarajevo Branilaca Sarajeva 39, 71000 Sarajevo E-mail: Tel/fax: +387 33 202 976


CfA: European Regional Master Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe THE EUROPEAN REGIONAL MASTER’S DEGREE IN DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN SOUTH EAST EUROPE The European Regional Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democracy in South East Europe is an intensive one-year course established through the joint efforts of the participating universities and coordinated by the Universities of Sarajevo and Bologna. The Degree is co-founded by the European Commission and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Master’s Program is structured in three terms – I) November 2008 – June 2009: Lecturing period at the University of Sarajevo; II) June – July 2009: Internship work across South East Europe; III) September – October 2009: Master’s Thesis writing-up period at the University of Bologna. The teaching activities involve renowned Faculty members coming from more than 25 European and other countries. Internships take place at various regional NGOs, IGOs, think-tanks and research institutes dealing with issues of human rights and democracy in South East Europe. The third term is hosted by the University of Bologna in Italy. This academic year the Program enrolls 30 students from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, and the European Union. THE APPLICATION PROCESS FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2008/2009 IS NOW OPEN. Interested candidates should submit the filled in application form and all other required documentation to the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies of the University of Sarajevo. The Program is able to offer study grants based on the merit of each candidacy. The application form and additional information are available at:

The deadline for submitting the full application package is: SEPTEMBER 7, 2008, Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies, University of Sarajevo Zmaja od Bosne 8, Student’s Campus, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Tel: + 387 33 668 685 ¨Fax: + 387 33 668 683 E-mail: coordination@, mariana@cps.

Dear friends, If you are interested in posting: your invitations for common activities and cooperation; information about the activities; tenders for jobs; appeals for help or support; public announcements and all other non-commercial advertisements; in the monthly bulletin of Bosnia and Herzegovina Youth Network and Youth Resource Center (YRC) Tuzla, you can contact us at one of the addresses below. The deadline for sending your information for the next edition is the 30th of that month. Addresses for sending your information for monthly bulletin: Fax: 035 258 077 WEB Site update: sCh design studio Tuzla Contact person: Web site: Mailing list: hCa Tuzla Hadzi Bakirbega Tuzlica 1, 75000 Tuzla Tel/fax: 035 258 077, E-mail: hCa Banja Luka Krfska 84, 78000 Banja Luka Tel: 051 432 751, Fax: 051 432 752 E-mail:

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