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screenplay by Sam Bass

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HONOR FADE IN: EXT. JUNGLE, HONDURAS - DAY A warm Leaves of the pound, breeze ripples through the thick jungle undergrowth. on the trees rustle, covering the immediate sounds jungle. SAMUEL SEVIER, A six feet tall, two hundred blonde man moves cautiously through the foliage.

SUBTITLE APPEARS - HONDURAS, SOUTH AMERICA, 6:OO P. M., DECEMBER 1999 Sam turns his head up to look. He sees a Huey helicopter is flying very high above him. Suddenly sparks fly from the cockpit of the chopper and then smoke. The helicopter wobbles and losses power. It begins to drop nose first. The helicopter is so close to Sam he can smell the oil and hot metal of the burning U. S. Marine Corps aircraft smoldering in the sky as it goes out of sight into the jungle. Sam moves toward the crash location. SAM (V.O.) My name is Sam Sevier, this hell on Earth is my life. I was like every other person once and I want to be again. Sam is heavily armed; his sharp blue eyes scan the area for any possible trouble. Sam quickly and quietly moves through the thick green jungle. In a minute he is at the crash site. Sevier cautiously stops outside the perimeter of the wrecked smoking black Huey helicopter. His cautious eyes scan the thick foliage. He alertly moves to check the still bodies in the chopper. The Marine pilot, a young Captain is dead. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The pilot is curiously heavily armed with an m-16 rack beside his seat and a nine millimeter strapped to his shoulder with four ammunition magazines hanging from the strap. Sam quickly checks the weapons and goes to the passenger, a middle-aged diplomat, he is also dead and armed as heavy as the pilot is. The dead diplomat‟s bleeding hand clutches a cast aluminum briefcase with a USMC and State Department seal on the exterior. From the way the case is sealed with locks and “Top secret tape”, this pouch is important. Sevier attempted to take the pouch from the dead man. He pulls the case and it comes to the end of a chain bolted to the case and the floor of the helicopter. Sam fishes in his camouflaged pants pocket for a key. He takes the key out. Suddenly gun fire rips thorough the metal of the chopper next to him. He falls back from the shock of the attack. Sam goes back to the case. He struggles with the key to unlock the case from the floor over the body of the diplomat. More bullets riddle the area next to him as he finally unlocks the case and crashes into the jungle bush. Sam powerful middle aged body slides to a stop and pauses behind a huge tree while he regroups, trying to figure out what happened as he begins to put his weapons on the ready. He un-slings his rifle and raises it, aiming in the area the bullets came from. He waits. An old enemy by the name of KAUFMAN, becomes slightly visible. He is a strong one eyed East German that is aging, but still very rugged. Sevier sees another enemy, the right hand man of the East German. PEUTIGOT, is a tall dark man, his face is always covered by dark sunglasses and his head with a black beret. He is a renegade French secret service agent. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The duo are relentless and today they have help, Cuban Security Men. SAM (V.O.) (continuing) My old enemy Kaufman, is an out of work East German agent. He is here to take this valuable pouch and sell it via the Cubans, his new best friends. This day will end badly for one of us. The German yells out in very good English with a German accent. KAUFMAN Sevier, give us the pouch and we‟ll call it even. Sam looks toward the East German‟s location as he answers. SAM Sounds good, except for the pouch part. I see you brought your turn coat Frenchman. I‟m sure his country is proud of him. The German is confident. KAUFMAN Let‟s not get personal. I could remind you of your lack luster career. But, let us forego the insults. The expression on Sam‟s face tells that he enjoys toying with Kaufman. SAM Mr. Kaufman, did you just insult me? Kaufman is irritated. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: KAUFMAN If you don‟t give me the pouch, I‟ll let our Cuban friends kill you, then I will kill you for putting my eye out. That was not right. Sam is amused. SAM You‟ve become so harsh. Kaufman‟s eye squint as he becomes more irritated. Kaufman and his partner look at each. Kaufman yells out. KAUFMAN Laif wille enden hierin. They charge with three Cubans across the jungle floor, straight for their old enemy. Sevier is calm as he fires his automatic rifle. He hits two Cuban Security Men running with Kaufman and Peutigot. They roll to the ground dead. His two old enemies immediately take cover. Sevier hears a twig crack, and turns. A Cuban security man is behind him. They fire their weapons at the same time. The Cuban goes down, mortally wounded. Sam is hit six times across the flake jacket, chest area and one time in the head. He falls and lies still. The German moves within thirty feet of Sam. He stands behind a huge tree, partially visible. Sam is recovering. He sits up ready to fire his weapon. SAM Sorry about your bad luck, Mien Kaufman. I thought we could just walk away. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sevier quickly shoots two times for effect. The German is hit in the kneecap and forearm. He goes down wreathing in pain. The Frenchman quickly takes cover. Sevier checks his own wounds. A piece of shrapnel from the jacket is imbedded in his chest. He pulls the three inch long sliver out with considerable pain. Sevier checks the area quickly. The German still squirms on the ground from the pain. He crawls for cover away from his weapon that is too far to recover without being shot again. Sevier touches his head. Today he is very lucky, the bullet has torn a small part of his scalp away, but he is still strong and alive. He bleeds freely from the wounds. Sam compresses the blood flow while watching the area for a target. The wounded German and his partner are the only ones left. The ambitious dark man tries to move closer. Sevier fires at him keeping the man pinned down. The dark man tries again. The American„s marksmanship pays off, as he hits his target in the shoulder. The dark man falls to the ground clutching his wound. SEVIER Hey, Mien Kaufman, don„t follow me, leave it here. You should never have done this. Kaufman has a determined tone as he grits his teeth in pain KAUFMAN We will get the pouch. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam smiles. SAM Maybe I should just shoot you now. Kaufman looks at his wounds and his injured friend, then back at Sam. Kaufman is in thought. KAUFMAN I see what you mean. Your point is taken with great enthusiasm. Sam takes a moment to criticize Kaufman before he leaves. Sam stares at Kaufman‟s position. SAM You are suppose to be discrete. You idiots are going to cause an international incident. By the way don‟t follow, I‟ll put a bullet in your weak ass heads. The German and the dark man nods in agreement. Sam moves out hoping there are no further wrath from this unexpected affair. SAM (V.O.) (continuing) I don‟t want to take their lives over a damn case filled with today‟s secret bullshit that be tomorrows discard. Unlike in movies, I will only take a life if absolutely necessary. EXT. DEEP JUNGLE Sevier moves swiftly through the jungle, as if he is not wounded. One thing he has always had is a constitution like (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: a mule, and, he is trained well. Sam follows the rushing blue river just inside the tree line of the jungle. The sounds of the jungle keep him on alert. He moves around a small hill in the bend of the river. Suddenly, He is face to face with three men. Everyone is on guard clutching their weapons. They appear to be either Bandito or Rebels. Their rifles are unslung and pistols struck in their belts. The leader speaks in good English. BANDITO NO. ONE Are you the German, we are suppose to meet? Sevier looks at them not speaking, just thinking. BANDITO NO. ONE (continuing) Sorry, we‟re late, what happen to you? Sevier answers in English with a German accent. SAM I had a harder time getting this pouch than I thought. The bandit looks him over. BANDITO NO. ONE Why do you speak English? Sam is cool when he answers. SAM That was our agreed on language, one we both understand, were you not informed? The bandit smiles and nods suspiciously. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: BANDITO NO. ONE Where are your men? Sam is still cool about his answer. SAM Dead. The bandit warms up to him a little. BANDITO The American? Sam looks him in the eye. SAM Dead. The bandit has an easy manner. BANDITO Then it is over, you don‟t need us? Sam nods, yes. SAM I have to go. You will be paid for your trouble. Sevier turns to walk away, hoping he has pulled it off. The Honduran speaks almost perfect English without and accent. BANDITO We do not believe you. Sevier turns to the bandits. They raise their rifles. Sevier goes for his shoulder holster and comes out with his forty-five automatic as the Bandits fire their weapons. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam fires his automatic pistol, hitting two of the men in the chest. The leader dives for cover behind a clump of rocks, he has dropped his rifle. Sevier moves cautiously toward his enemy. The Bandit stands and fires his automatic pistol, four times but misses. Sevier fires twice more at the same time. The Bandit is visibly scared. Sevier moves closer staying covered and fires his weapon one time more. The Bandit shoots four more times and his trigger clicks, he is empty. Sevier moves to him. The Bandito surrenders. SAM I don‟t know who you are, but you should get a different line of work. Sevier puts his pistol to the man‟s head. The man closes his eyes and sweats. Sevier turns his pistol to the ground and fires. He hits the bandit square in the foot. The man screams and grabs his wounded foot as he sits on the ground rocking in pain. Sevier speaks as he turns and walks away. SAM (continuing) I see you again, I‟ll aim higher.


EXT. JUNGLE, ALONG RIVER AT THE FOOT OF A HIGH RIDGE AFTERNOON Sam makes his way out of the jungle nursing his wounds. He walks along the side of the rushing riverbank. Sam stops and takes his key out to open the case and check its precious contents. He cuts the tapes with his knife and opens the case. There is a schematic and two computer chips in a heavy brushed aluminum case. Sam puts it away and moves up the steep ridge over looking the river to a small knoll. Sam is at the top, he locates a good spot for cover and sits overlooking the river below. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - HONDURAS, SOUTH AMERICA, FEBRUARY 2000, TEN MILES NORTH OF THE SOUTHERN BORDER SAM (V.O.) All of this for two tiny ultra high speed computer chips developed by two Brazilian computer nerds to speed the war machine. These men will change the face of warfare, this month. Everybody wants the chips and this crash, is anyone‟s opportunity to get them. I am two thousand miles from home, waiting on my pick-up. I feel vulnerable and weak nursing my wounds, not good for a man that survives on his strengths. I am fifty-one years old, a very old agent is forty. I sit here past my prime in a South American jungle, hoping to sell information to the United States Intelligence Community or anyone sanctioned by them. I now realize life is so very important and not to be wasted. Today, I have broken all the rules. I was not discreet, leaving bodies unburied and people alive to tell the story. This lonely time makes me think (MORE) (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM (V.O.) cont‟d of home and old loves. I always remember, Suzanne. We have kept in touch since we were twelve. I passionately love her, still. Suzanne is married with two children, we still talk often, it keeps me going. My life has taken many roads and she has always been there for me. Not with me, but for me. I miss her. This peaceful, but dangerous valley reminds me of the good old days. INT. HOLLYWOOD HIGH SCHOOL TEENAGE SAM, a good looking blonde teen sees a dark blonde small girl go by. SUB TITLE APPEARS: TWELVE YEARS LATER. TEENAGE SUZANNE GREGORY, passes smiling at him. Sam is heart struck, he watches her with a passion. EXT. HOLLYWOOD HIGH SCHOOL Sam walks from the school building to the parking lot. He passes a black nineteen sixty-five Chevrolet Malibu super sport convertible. Suzanne gets out and walks to Sam as he passes. She stops him smiling and kisses him deeply. Then stops and looks into his eyes. SUZANNE I had to do that. I have a thing for you. Teenage Sam smiles. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM I had it for you too. They kiss again and hear a male anonymous voice. ANONYMOUS VOICE Get a room. Suzanne Smiles and looks at him. SUZANNE Listen Sam, I‟m sorry we didn‟t get together sooner, but, I‟m moving. My father has been transferred. Sam looks like he has lost his best friend. SAM Suzanne, I‟ll see you again. Suzanne smiles. SUZANNE We won‟t. That only happens in the movies. Time will pass and you‟ll find someone else. Sam shakes his head, no. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. GROCERY STORE - DAY An eighteen year old Sam walks to a nineteen-sixty-three Chevrolet Super Sport and gets in. INT. SIXTY-THREE CHEVY SHIELA, a very pretty, brunette girl, sits in the drivers seat inside the car. She smiles and they drive away. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SUB-TITLE - GLENDALE CALIFORNIA, NORTH LOS ANGELES, 1965 INT. APARTMENT Music plays on the stereo-”Wild Thing”. Sam is on top of the pretty girl. He pushes hard against her and she pulls him closer, breathing hard. They relax and roll over on their backs. Sam smiles. SAM You‟re the best teacher I ever had. She smiles. SHIELA I‟m a substitute teacher. Listen Sam, summer is almost over and I‟m going to Texas to teach. This will be our last time together. Sam rolls over on her and kisses her deeply. SAM I‟ll come see you. Suzanne looks at him passionately. SHIELA No Sam, I‟m to old for you. Let‟s part friends. Sam nods and smiles. She smiles and starts making love again. INT. DRAFT BOARD OFFICE Sam sits in an interview with the draft board, board members. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SUB-TITLE APPEARS: GLENDALE CALIFORNIA, 1968 MR. PAINE is the leading draft board member. He is a middle-aged man with a short haircut. MR. PAINE What do you think of the armed services. Sam is casual. SAM Don‟t know, never been there. The draft board member smiles. MR. PAINE Do you want to be? Sam looks at Mr. Paine. SAM No. MR. RILEY, The second in charge board member is in his thirty‟s, a handsome young man. MR. RILEY Are you in school? Sam nods. SAM Yes, senior at the university. MS. ELLIS, the middle-aged lady that managers the draft board office smiles at Sam. MS. ELLIS Thank you, we‟ll let you know. Sam nods and walks out. DISSOLVE TO:


INT. FEDERAL BUILDING Sam stands in his underwear along with fifty other men in a line against the wall. SUB-TITLE - THIRTY DAYS LATER A military doctor stands with a large and bold looking army sergeant looking over a clipboard with a list of the men‟s names on it. The middle aged, tough looking Marine is GUNNERY SERGEANT CARL VAUGHN. He walks to the group of people and glances up and down the line. Sam glances at the sergeant. In Sam‟s background, the sergeant moves to the front and starts pointing and talking to each person as he walks down the line. He passes out draft information to the people he speaks to. CARL You‟re in the Army, You‟re in the Navy, You‟re in the Marine Corps. A young looking agile kid behind Sam, counts down the line as the sergeant counts and figures out who is going to be in which service. The kid speaks to Sam. KID Hey, I want to be in the Marines, switch places with me. Sam looks at him like he is crazy. SAM What, are you nuts? The kid rushes. KID Come on man, hurry. Sam is only to glad not to be in the Corps. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: They switch places. The sergeant stops in front of the kid. CARL You‟re in the Marine Corps. He looks at Sam and hands him a slip. SERGEANT (continuing) And you are too, asshole. Sam looks at him and speaks quietly. SAM Thanks shit head. The sergeant glances back at him and smirks as he moves on down the line passing out slips with draft information on them. CARL You‟re in the Army, you‟re in the Navy, you‟re in the Marine Corps. Sam is disappointed. SAM Shit, I‟m going to Canada. EXT. GOVERNMENT BUILDING Sam walks outside, with his head down. A beautiful frosted blonde girl grabs his hand smiling. Sam turns to her. It is Suzanne, his best friend and lover. SUZANNE Hey, lover, what‟s the problem? Sam is grime. They hug and kiss. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM The son-of-bitches are drafting me and that damn sergeant, put me in the Marines, I got two weeks. She smiles very big. SUZANNE We had better make the best of it. Sam smiles and they walk down the street hand in hand. Suzanne reaches over and playfully pinch his butt. Suzanne looks up at Sam. SUZANNE (continuing) I missed you Sam, still love me? Sam smiles and nods, yes. EXT. THE WHEEL MOTEL The motel is a blaze in spring flowers and custom cars. The local hang out for teenagers breaking in their new found sex drives. SAM (V.O.) I kissed her good by. I then did my duty so my family wouldn‟t be embarrassed. I went to the Marines and that is where my life changed. CUT TO: EXT. CITY STREET Sam stands near a parked recruit pick-up bus bound for Camp Pendleton, California. Suzanne pushes his long hair back over his ear and kisses him passionately. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: A barking Marine Sergeant yells out to Sam. SERGEANT Come on recruit. The entire Marine Corps is waiting on you. Sam kisses her again, rush to the bus and gets inside. The bus starts and pulls away while Sam waves to Suzanne standing on the street curb watching him go. EXT. U.S.M.C. RECRUIT DEPOT, SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, FRONT GATE The recruit bus moves through the front gate and stops near a parade ground. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT, SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA Two drill sergeants emerge from the building and start yelling inaudible phases. The recruits pile off the bus. The sergeants form the men into a rough platoon, all standing on yellow footprints. The drill sergeants scream obscenities at them to march right and stand up straight. DRILL SERGEANT NO. ONE Move out, you low life civilians. Follow the sergeant dead ahead. They march into a receiving center. INT. MARINE CORPS RECEIVING CENTER, CAMP PENDLETON CALIFORNIA DRILL SERGEANT NO. TWO Sit. The men sit on the concrete floor in the gymnasium. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: A strutting gunnery sergeant walks out and stands in front of the men. GUNNERY SERGEANT All right, scum bags, strip. We going to send your skuzzy civilian clothes back to mommy and get you some brand new green ones with little designs on them. They all strip down. The two drill sergeants walk and watch the men to keep order. The gunnery sergeant watches and coordinates. GUNNERY SERGEANT (continuing) Move out to the supply room, through the door with the sign on it for you simple people. The young men follow one another to a supply room just off the center of the building. INT. MARINE CORPS RECRUIT SUPPLY CENTER, CAMP PENDLETON CALIFORNIA Young men are walking down a long line made up of raw recruits. Marines behind a counter are asking them their sizes and handing them oversized pants, shirts, boots and underwear. The gunnery sergeant yells out orders as he struts back and forth. GUNNERY SERGEANT When you get your shit, get out. Sit in your last location. Move it ladies this is not a social. DISSOLVE TO DAWN:


EXT. INFANTRY TRAINING REGIMENT, CAMP PENDLETON CALIFORNIA Three hundred Marine recruits wearing utility uniforms run up a steep hill. At the top of the hill, a sergeant yells and starts calling names. SERGEANT Mail call. Anderson, Albright, Gold Dowell, Sevier. The men gather around and take their mail. Sam takes his letter and opens it. He reads. A tear rolls down his cheek. CLOSE ON LETTER - DEAR SAM, I KNOW WE HAD SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL BUT BECAUSE OF OUR SEPARATION, I HAVE FOUND SOMEONE ELSE. I AM SO SORRY. WE ARE TO BE MARRIED IN JUNE. LOVE, SUZANNE. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. DECORATED TENT, MARINE RECRUIT DEPOT The sides of the tent are rolled up and rows of folding chairs sit waiting for friends and relatives of the recruits. People are being seated. Sam is in Marine dress uniform waiting in a standing formation to be called to receive his graduation certificate. A Colonel calls name after name and the recruits go to him to pick up the certificate and reseat themselves. COLONEL Private Larry Colburn, Private Jerry Daniels. Congratulations, gentlemen. Sam stands motionless. He looks across the crowd. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: COLONEL (continuing) Sam Sevier. Sam walks to the podium. Sam‟s mother, father and uncle applaud and smile. ANTHONY, Sam‟s mid forties uncle, a picture of a Marine is in full sergeant major uniform stands and applauds his nephew. Sam smiles and acknowledges them as he leaves the podium. The colonel concludes. COLONEL (continuing) Many thanks to all of the families that came today. Refreshments are in the back and all of the graduates are free for the rest of the day. The recruits stand and begin to mingle with their families. Sam goes to his family. His father and Anthony shake his hand and his mother hugs him. Anthony hands Sam a paper and speaks softly to him. ANTHONY Take that to the commanding major at building four eighty two tomorrow. You‟ll be taken care of. Sam has a blank look on his face. CUT TO: INT. MARINE HEADQUARTERS MEETING ROOM, BUILDING FOUR EIGHTY TWO, CAMP PENDLETON Sam walks into a large office with chairs around conference tables for seating. Fifty Marines sit at the tables. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The commanding major sees him. MAJOR McCORMICK Come in, get seated. You are here today to be interviewed for officers candidate School. Sam is surprised, but seats himself as the major looks on. Cut TO: INT. OFFICE, HEADQUARTERS, CAMP PENDLETON Sam sits with Major McCormick. MAJOR Vietnam is taking a toll on our Officers Corps. This opens up fields of opportunity for you as a candidate. Sam smiles. SAM No thanks, Major. I just want to do my time and go home. The major had been nice, He is now cold and coarse. MAJOR Typical hippie type. The major stands. In walks Uncle Anthony, decked out in his dress Sergeant Major uniform. Sam smiles. SAM Hey, Uncle Brownie. The major looks at Anthony. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MAJOR Sergeant Major, I thought your Name is Anthony. Anthony smiles. ANTHONY Yes sir, nickname from back home. The young major excused himself with great respect toward Anthony large card of battle ribbons on his chest, the badge of a real warrior. Anthony steel blue eyes spark with pride and ability. His eyes hone in on Sam. ANTHONY (continuing) Hey, Sam boy, how the hell are you? Sounds like you‟re having a little problem here, making up your mind. I‟m sure we can work this out. Sam shakes his head, no. Uncle Anthony is nice, until he speaks. He pats Sam on the back and grins like the cat that cornered the mouse. ANTHONY (continuing) I love you, boy. You‟re my brother‟s youngest and my favorite nephew. I‟m going to help you be the man you are meant to be. I gotta give you the speech. So listen up. You have two brothers in Forced Recon. Stand tall. You are going to use that one hundred and seventy I. Q. God gave you to be everything you can be. Today Sam, is your day. You will be an Officer in this man‟s Marine Corps. A decision you will never regret. Sam is reluctant. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM Right. Why start, then I won‟t have to regret it. Anthony pats him on the back. ANTHONY It‟s all planned for you boy. All you have to do is be there. Sam is totally against it. SAM I‟m not interested, I don‟t even understand the concept of I. Q., much less the one hundred seventy part and this war stuff, I‟m out. This sucks. Anthony smiled and signed Sam‟s name then patted him on the back. ANTHONY Hang in there big boy, it‟s worth it. EXT. MARINE CORPS FORCED RECONNAISSANCE SCHOOL Sam walks into Force Reconnaissance training camp, the facility that molds the Marines Corps elite Special Forces troops. CLOSE ON - Sign over entrance: ”MARINE CORPS FORCED RECONNAISSENCE SCHOOL. HELL IS A PLACE ON EARTH, FOR THE ENEMY OF FORCED RECON”. Sam speaks to himself and another recon recruit standing next to him. SAM You gotta be kidding. I‟m not elite. Dam, I‟m not even average, but I‟m sure this is hell on earth.


EXT. CONDUCE VIRGINIA OFFICER‟S TRAINING CAMP Sam and a group of twenty men run and jump across a large mud hole. CLOSE ON – a nearby sign: “MARINE CORPS OFFICERS ARE METAL OF ALL MEN. INT. FLAMINGO HOTEL AND CASINO, LAS VEGAS NEVADA Sam has a short hair cut. He is at a poker table playing cards with a very pretty woman sitting with him, another young woman walks up and sits beside him. Sam smiles and lays his hand down. Everyone throws in their cards. Sam smiles and rakes in the poker pot. EXT. FLAMINGO CASINO Sam walks out alone. He sees a woman he knows and reluctantly smiles at her. She come to Sam and hugs him. LINDA Oh Sam, it‟s so good to see you. I really missed you since we broke up. Sam smiles. SAM Kind of hard to miss me, while you were sleeping with all of those other guys. She tries to be sincere. LINDA I learned my lesson. I‟d do anything to get you back. Sam looks into her eyes with suspicion. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM You knew I was here, how could you know? She smiles. LINDA I‟ve been looking for you, you leave a wide trail. I want to make things right between us. Linda puts her arms around him. Sam just stands there uninterested. SAM Things are right enough. CUT TO: INT. FLAMINGO CASINO HOTEL ROOM Sam and Linda lie in bed. She looks at him. LINDA Let‟s make a family and start the good life. Sam smiles and rolls over. CUT TO: EXT. LAS VEGAS WEDDING CHAPEL Sam and Linda leave the chapel. She holds a bouquet. They get in a cab and drive away. INT. CONDUCE VIRGINIA SPECIALIST DISPATCH CENTER Sam is in a test booth his eyes are being examined by a doctor. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The doctor is talking to an assistant that is taking notes. DOCTOR Extreme night vision, fear factor is not present, probably due a birth defect. One hundred percent on his physical condition. Recommended for specialty operations of some sort. Sam frowns. DISSOLVE TO: INT. BAR, OKINAWA JAPAN Sam sits at the bar drinking a beer. Sam goes the pay telephone and makes a call. A male voice picks up. MALE (TELEPHONE V.O.) Hello. SAM Suzanne, please. A male voice answer. MALE (V.O.) Hello, I can hardly hear you. Sam looks at the phone and slowly hangs up. EXT. JUNGLE, FIELD RECONNAISSENCE, SOUTH VIET NAM Sam is in the jungle with a troop of eight Marines on patrol. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - SOUTH VIET NAM, MARINE RECONNAISSENCE MISSION (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM (V.O.) I have found pride in what I am doing, but I hate the discipline. I have the pride of the Corps now. Once a Marine, always a Marine, Semper Fi. I hope the hell I don‟t get killed trying to live up to all of that. Sam wades through the thick jungle, his eyes search the area. Sam and his eight men break into a clearing. EXT. MARINE BASE CAMP MCKENZIE, STEALTH OPERATIONS COMMAND CENTER, JUNGLE, SOUTH VIET NAM Sam and the Marine patrol move past well-armed sentries and into a Marine camp in the middle of no where. Heads of the enemy decorate the front gates. A group of twenty Navy Seal Team members sit in a circle around their commander just inside the gate. The Marine patrol passes as the officer speaks. SEAL TEAM NAVAL OFFICER Listen up, I‟m giving a fifth of your favorite booze for the head of any Charley and a crisp new hundred. The Marine patrol moves on to their quarters. INT. TENT MARINE BASE CAMP MCKENZIE, STEALTH OPERATIONS COMMAND CENTER, JUNGLE, SOUTH VIET NAM Sam lies down on his cot and relaxes. A man lies across from him with his cap over his face. He is the newly promoted SERGEANT MAJOR, CARL VAUGHN, and the man from the draft physical. He speaks to Sam. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: CARL I‟m Sergeant Major Vaughn, Call me Carl, when the men aren‟t around. Sam smiles and nods unable to see his face. A buck sergeant walks in. MESSENGER SERGEANT Lieutenant Sevier, your up, they drew your name at headquarters. Got a quick recon of enemy movement, North of here. Sorry about your luck at this early date. Sam nods. SAM Gather the patrol, I‟ll be there in a minute. The sergeant leaves. Sam sits on the side of his bed and checks his rifle, then his pistol. CARL Nice to meet you Lieutenant. Sam smiles. SAM Call me Sam, when the men are not around. Carl, half-asleep doesn‟t look up from under his cap and speaks. CARL Good luck today. Sam smiles and speaks as he leaves the tent. SAM Thanks.


EXT. DEEP JUNGLE, SOUTH OF BASE CAMP MCKENZIE Eight men troop through the jungle on patrol deep in enemy territory. A soldier, second from the front of the column draws a map as he move through the jungle and writes notes. Sam walks with a captain. CAPTAIN Look sharp, we‟re a long way from help. The patrol moves across a small creek when a Platoon of Viet Cong open up, with automatic weapons fire. Suddenly, they rush forward firing almost in the Marines faces. Four Marines go down almost immediately. The remaining Marines moves to the side and into the jungle to recover and return fire. Two more Marines are cut down as they fight. Sam looks around and he realizes he and another Marine are the only ones left and have been pushed into a trap in a last stand on a peninsula with a ten feet deep pool of water surrounding them. A sniper begins to shot at them and keeps them pinned down. Sam jumps up and tries to return maximum fire, but is deterred by the sniper bullets hitting all around him. He gets off two shots. Sam and the soldier take cover the best they can behind some washed up logs. The gunfire on them is relentless. The two Marines counter the waves of attacks and successfully hold them off. Suddenly a wave of ten enemy are advancing firing their weapons. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam‟s‟ partner is hit almost immediately. Sam puts a magazine in his rifle and positions to fire. The enemy attacks again. Sam fires his weapon very accurately. Three Viet-Cong soldiers fall, then two more. Sam keeps firing. He stops and changes magazines in his rifles and fires again. It‟s down to Sam. He has ten rounds plus five in his forty-five pistol. They attack again. Ten men charge. Sam fires into the charging mob. Man after man falls as they get closer and closer. Six of his enemies have fallen. Sam counts his bullets. He has three bullets for his rifle and five for his pistol against four enemy left. He lies there in firing position watching. The sniper he forgot about, fires two shots right beside him. Sam wheels around and starts to do rapid fire, then stops, remembering he has three bullets in his rifle. The sniper‟s head pops up. Sam fires one shot. The man is hit and falls from a low branch. Suddenly he jumps up wounded and runs toward Sam firing his weapon. Sam fires again. The sniper goes down. Sam quickly checks his magazine. He has one bullet left. At the same moment the four remaining enemy troops charge Sam. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam fires his last rifle bullet and throws his rifle down. The bullet takes one man down, the remaining three keep coming. Sam waits for them to get closer into a quality pistol range. He waits as they get closer and closer screaming and firing their weapons. The first attacker is within fifty-feet. Sam fires and hit him in the chest. The remaining two men are right behind their fallen comrade. Sam fires at the second and misses. His enemies return fire. Sam fires again and hits the nearest enemy, he drops. The last man stops and stalks him from cover to cover. Sam looks at his pistol and checks it. He has one bullet and his survival knife. Sam speaks to himself. SAM I gotta get out of this business. His enemy is moving closer. He is close enough but all he can see is his leg behind a bush. Sam aims at his kneecap. He fires. The enemy yelps and begins to fire at him wildly. Sam hears the man‟s rifle click. The man begins to reload. Sam charges him. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The enemy soldier is frantically trying to load. Sam is on him. He kicks the rifle from his hands and stand over him. The enemy soldier tries to get up to fight. Sam thrust his survival knife deep into his chest to be sure he doesn‟t get up. Sam goes to one of his men and ponders for a moment what has happened. He picks up his rifle and moves to a radio lying next to his dead radioman. Sam gets on the radio. SAM Base camp Zebra. Come in Base Camp Zebra. Sam lies the radio on the ground. It is getting dark. Sam picks up his enemy‟s weapons and ammunition, then moves to a large tree in the distance and sits with his back against it. DISSOLVE TO NIGHT: Sam is dozing off. He awakes abruptly. Sam can hear people moving through the jungle near him. He sits perfectly still. DISSOLVE TO MORNING: Sam wakes up and cautiously looks around. He hears people moving toward him. Sam locks and loads an AK-forty seven. He waits ready for a fight. A patrol breaks out of the jungle. They are an American Army recon patrol. Sam grins real big. DISSOLVE TO:


EXT. CAMP KCKENZIE From high on a hill Sam leaves the reconnaissance army patrol and walks toward his own camp in the distance on the next hill. INT. CAMP KCKENZIE A very young Marine private sits inside a ring turret with twin fifty caliber machine guns mounted on it. His nervous eyes scan then area. Suddenly a sniper fires at the young boy. The bullet hits near him. The young soldier goes wild and begins firing in the general direction of the sound. EXT. CAMP MCKENZIE Sam is nearing his camp when suddenly fifty caliber bullets begin to hit all around him. He dives for cover into the dirt. INT. CAMP MCKENZIE The young private is still firing into the thick woods and the general area. Trees are flying apart and falling to the ground. He stops and looks. It is quiet. EXT. CAMP MCKENZIE Sam looks up from the ground. INT. CAMP MCKENZIE The kid-private sees him and cheerfully waves for Sam to come on in. EXT. CAMP MCKENZIE Sam just lies there watching and shakes his head, no. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The young private jumps from his guns and runs to Sam and picks him up. PRIVATE Come on man, hurry, there‟s a sniper That‟s been shooting at me for two Months. Sorry I shot at you, I was nervous. Sam just looks at him. They get up and run for the camp, as the sniper shoots at them again. SAM Nervous my ass, you‟ve moved on to paranoid. CUT TO: INT. SAM SEVIER‟S TENT, CAMP MCKENZIE Sam walks into his tent. His friend is lying on his cot in the same position he was when Sam left. FRIEND Glad you‟re back asshole. Sam smiles and sits on the side of his cot. SAM Thanks, shit head. A MAJOR PARKS walks in with a Red Cross representative following. Sevier this is Stone. You are complained you child needs to MAJOR PARKS Red Cross representative, to write your x-wife. She are to write her, your hear from you. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam smiles. SAM I write my child all the time. I don‟t write my x-wife, whore. The major is commanding. MAJOR PARKS Write it and end this. The major hands him a post card. Sam takes a pen from the Red Cross person and writes on the post card. CLOSE ON THE CARD - “Wish you were here.” Sam Sevier. The major smiles and takes the card. Sam nods as they leave. Sam‟s friend still lying on his cot speaks. FRIEND Domestic problems? Do you need anything asshole? Sam Smile. SAM No thanks, but thanks for the thought Dumb ass. EXT. NAVY RIVER PATROL BOAT Sam rides on the speeding riverboat with his five-man team. He watches the shoreline. SAM Look alive, there is cong out there. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: At the same time Sam finished speaking, mortar rounds exploded in the water near the boat and machine gun fire strafed the hull. Immediately the boats gun crew returned fire with fifty caliber machine guns mounts on the deck of the ship and a rocket crew fire rockets. The fight last about a minute and it is silent. Suddenly two separate mortar rounds hit the deck of the boat blowing up the gun crew, leaving gapping holes in the deck and side of the boat below the water line. Water pours in. The boat commander turns for shore. Sam men lay down rifle fire as they move closer. The boat slows and is sinking. Sam looks at his men. SAM Take only weapons and ammo. Swim to shore. When you hit the shoreline form on me. Gunfire hit the water and the sinking boat. Sam‟s men are over the side and swimming for shore. Sam follows. A Navy man on the sinking boat takes a fifty-caliber machine gun and fires at the shoreline covering the men in the water. EXT. JUNGLE SHORE LINE They come out of the water shooting. Sam follows yelling to his men. SAM Flank‟em, swing left. He points to two men. Sam fires his weapon to defend. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM (V.O.) We rode up river with the Navy to retrieve some prisoners for C-I-D questioning, that day I learned to swim with a rifle and ammunition and I might add I was quite good. Sam hears gunfire and sees Viet Cong soldiers falling from cover after being shot. A Marine Force Recon team comes out of thicket. The team leader of the other recon team walks to Sam. is his brother, Matthew, nick-named, Pig. Sam jumps up and hugs him. SAM I never thought I would see you here. Pig smiles. PIG Me either little brother. Rall is here too, I heard he‟s up North of here on an operation with the C-I-D capturing prisoners for interrogation. Sam hugs his neck. SAM I miss you guys, Pig. Pig is serious. MATHEW Call me Mathew, now. Sam nods. (CONTINUED) It


CONTINUED: Mathew smiles and roughly hugs his brother‟s neck. CUT TO: INT. TENT, CAMP MCKENZIE Anthony walks in. Sam and his friend are lying on their cots. Anthony walks to Sam. He looks at the friend. ANTHONY Give us a minute. The friend gets up and leaves. ANTHONY (continuing) Sam, Rall and Mathew were killed this morning on a mission. Sam is in shock. He stares straight ahead then begins to cry like a baby. SAM Do mother and dad know? Anthony is very sad. ANTHONY I‟ll call them, when I leave here. Sam is grieved. SAM This will crush mother. Anthony pats him on the back. ANTHONY A chopper will pick you up, so you can go home. I‟ll see you there. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Anthony hugs his nephew and leaves. Sam makes the sign of the Catholic cross and sits with tears in his eyes. Carl comes in. CARL Sam, the coppers early, get your stuff together. Sam doesn‟t move. CARL (continuing) I‟ll help ya. Sam smiles through his tears. SAM Thanks Carl, you‟ve been a good friend. The friend is packing Sam‟s sea bag. Sam takes it and finishes. He smiles at his friend and turns, walking out. CARL I‟m sorry. Sam turns and looks at him nodding. CARL (continuing) Be safe. Sam walks out. CARL (continuing) Asshole. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam smiles and speaks as he walks. SAM Thanks, Carl. His friend smiles. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Sam walks from the airport. A car pulls to the curb. Sam looks in. Suzanne is there to pick him up. SUZANNE Your mother told me you were coming. I told her I‟d pick you up. Sam smiles and gets in the car. Suzanne drives away. She abruptly turns into a parking garage. INT. PARKING GARAGE Suzanne‟s car stops in a remote area of the parking garage. INT. SUZANNE‟S CAR Suzanne sets the parking brake and looks at Sam. SUZANNE I missed you baby. She leans over and kisses Sam deeply. Sam pushes her back. SAM Where is your husband. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Suzanne looks deep into his eyes. SUZANNE Not now Sam, I need you as much as you need me. She pulls Sam to her and kisses him again with more passion. Sam returns the kiss. In a moment Suzanne in sitting on top of Sam unzipping his pants and pulling up her skirt to reveal her naked body. She squirms with a passion over Sam. CUT TO: INT. FUNERAL PARLOR Sam sits with Suzanne, his father, mother and Anthony while a priest talks about his brothers in the caskets before him. PRIEST These fine young brothers, were always dedicated to family, nation and their religion. You will be missed, old friends. Sam sadly looks on as Suzanne comforts him. People in the parlor stand and pass the bodies in review. Sam stands with his family. He moves past his brother‟s coffins, expressionless while tears roll down his cheeks. Sam walks out the side door of the viewing area. CUT TO: INT. SAM‟S TENT, CAMP MCKENZIE Sam walks back into the tent fresh back from the United States still dress in a summer dress uniform. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam‟s friend lies on his cot as if he had never moved. SAM I‟m back. Carl doesn‟t look. CARL Welcome home asshole. Sam smiles as he puts his sea bag on his cot. SAM Thanks dumb ass. EXT. MOUNTAIN TRAIL, NEAR CAMP MCKENZIE Sam drives a jeep inside the camp. He stops at a large tent with a small hand painted sign beside the entrance. CLOSE ON THE SIGN - “WELCOME TO CAMP MCKENZIE, HOME OF THE NAÏVE.” Sam smiles about the sign. A Marine Captain walks out. He pulls the sign up and tosses it inside the tent. CAPTAIN Dam comedians. The captain gets in the jeep. The handheld radio Sam is carrying is full of radio traffic. Sam drives through the front gates and on into the jungle. Sam stops on a hill overlooking a valley. CAPTAIN (continuing) Drive down in the valley. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam looks at him. SAM The Navy is getting ready to shell that area, anytime now. The captain is firm. CAPTAIN That‟s an order, drive. Sam shakes his head, no. The captain is angry he gets out and walks into the valley. CAPTAIN (continuing) I‟m court marshalling your ass when we get back. Sam just watches him go. SAM If you get back? The captain is down in the valley looking around. Suddenly shells begin to blow up all around him. He is blown into the air. Sam watches and picks up the handheld radio. He keys it. SAM (continuing) Headquarters, able one, come in. A loud male radio voice comes over the speaker. RADIO (V.O.) Go ahead. Sam looks toward the injured captain. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM This is Lieutenant Sevier. I am at grid seven, map three twenty nine on recon, order three thirteen. I need a medivac for a casualty. The Navy blew up the captain, Camp McKenzie‟s C.O. The Radio is silent for a moment. RADIO (V.O.) Roger, grid seven, map three twenty nine, order three thirteen, blown up captain. Will do lieutenant. Sam smiles. CUT TO: INT. LOS ANGELES AIRPORT Sam gets off of the airplane in full uniform with a very pretty Vietnamese woman, SUZY NYUGEN. They walk to the front doors. Sam‟s father, mother and Anthony meet them. They all hug. Sam‟s mother looks at her son with relief. MOTHER I‟m so glad you‟re home. (Looks at Suzy.) Welcome to the family, Suzy. I‟m so glad Sam and you are going to make a home together. DISSOLVE TO: INT. LUXURY HOTEL - DAY Sam walks into the hotel lobby. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SUB-TITLE - LUXURY RESTAURANT, N. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA He sees his friend Vladimir and Vladimir‟s cousin, Urie. They sit at a dining table in a remote corner. Sam goes to them. They greet each other and Sam sits down. VLADIMIR Glad you could come, Sam. When Anthony told me you were back. I told Urie, (Points to his cousin.) this is my cousin Urie Peraskin, you‟re the man for the job he has. Let me first say, I am your father‟s accountant only. I am referring you. I am not involved. Sam shakes hands with Urie. Urie is kind and almost meek. He speaks in broken English. URIE Vladimir, said you are the man that can solve my problems. Sam smiles and listens. VLADIMIR Urie, is a good man and he has made loans to men of poor character that have threatened him when he ask for payment. I think, they will pay you without threat. You are a man of high character and grit. Besides you have watched your father conduct business and know these things. Sam smiles SAM Let‟s see, these guys are local con men, and they screwed Urie around. What makes me the perfect choice is, I‟m a friend, with no money and uncle Anthony ask you to help me out. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Vladimir smiles. Urie nods energetically. URIE Yes, they are in Las Vegas and I will pay five thousand dollars upon collection. Sam smiles and nods. EXT. APARTMENT BUILDING, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MORNING Sam stops his inconspicuous dark Chevrolet sedan in front of the apartments. Suzy Nyugen walks out of her apartment and gets in the car. The car drives away. INT. VEHICLE Suzy smiles at Sam and caresses his cheek. SUZY Dam, where have you been? I haven‟t seen you for so long, baby. You should have stayed married to me. Sam is glad to see her. SAM I was around. When Vladimir called and offered me this job, I thought of you, he said you were still around. She grins. SUZY Why me, love? I‟m just you x-wife. Sam looks her over. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM You‟re tough and I could always depend on you. She smiles. SUZY Let‟s make these monkeys pay and get back, so we can party. Suzy is tough, fun and loyal. She smiles lovingly at Sam. EXT. CITY STREET, LAS VEGAS Sam stops his car across from the pawnshop that the two brothers own. Urie walks to Sam‟s window as he and Suzy wait. URIE Hello, Sam, I will ask for money and they may refuse, if they do, I will turn it over to you. Ah, why do you have a girl. Sam grins. SAM She‟s my back up. Urie nods with a question on his face. URIE Okay, let‟s try for know violence? Their names are Horace and Izard. Sam nods and smiles. SAM With names like that they‟re probably mean as hell from all of the harassment they got from birth. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam, and his friend get out of the car. He and Suzy walk to the front door of the pawnshop with Urie and enter. INT. PAWN SHOP HORACE, a big man is cleaning a Colt automatic pistol. He looks up with a smirk as Sam, Suzy and Urie enter. IZARD is looking over some jewelry before him. His smile is arrogant. Urie is a gentleman. URIE Gentlemen, I have come to be paid for the loan I made to you. The brothers are silent for a second then break out laughing in his face. Sam feels the act is insulting. He reaches over the counter and slams Horace, into the counter top two times and holds him by the hair of the head. The other brother reaches for a shot gun. Sam reaches inside his coat for him nine-millimeter automatic, before he can get it out. Suzy passes in front of him. Suzy has Izard covered, very quickly and discretely from under her coat, with a three-fifty-seven Colt revolver. She gives him a look and a choice. The brothers decide Urie is right. They nod to each other. IZARD You operate on Mafia tactic now? You charge like it too. Damn foreigner. Izard holds his hands in plain sight as he goes into his (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: cash box to pay. He counts down one hundred thousand dollars. Sam and Suzy are surprised. Urie takes the money and looks at Sam. URIE You are two quick to act. Sam cracks the brother‟s head on the counter top again very hard and lets him drop to the floor. SAM You want me to talk them to death. He moves to Urie and counts five thousand dollars from his hand full of money. He then turns and takes five thousand form Izard‟s cash box for Suzy and hands it to her. Urie starts to speak. Sam holds up his finger for him to be quiet. Sam looks at the brother that Suzy has covered. SAM (continuing) Late fees. Urie is quiet. Izard kneels to help his downed brother. Sam, Suzy and Urie back out of the shop watching the brothers. HORACE AND IZARD‟S P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - The brothers‟ watch Sam and Suzy get into the car and drive away from their storefront window. Then Urie drives away in his new Mercedes.


INT. VEHICLE Sam is smiling and looking at Suzy. SAM Damn foreigner. She kisses him and grins. SUZY He‟s just timid. Let‟s party. They drive on. DISSOLVE TO: INT. SAM‟S APARTMENT - NIGHT Sam lies in bed with Suzy. She has taken charge and is ravaging Sam. Suzy gets on top of him and laughs. SUZY I love this. Sam laughs. SAM Yeah, it‟s perfect, for the moment. Suzy kisses him deep and passionately. The telephone rings. She picks up the phone. SUZY Hello, Urie, you weasel. Sam takes the phone and listens for a few seconds. SAM Okay, sure, I‟ll be there. Suzy smiles. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SUZY Is he pissed about that extra five grand you took for me. Sam shakes his head, know. SAM He‟s pissed because you called him a foreigner. Suzy smiles. SUZY Son-of-a-bitch is a damn foreigner. Only loyal to George Washington. Me I‟m a loyal American, thanks to you marrying me, my Lion. I kinda wished we had married for love, instead of a green card. Suzy kisses him passionately again. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. SHIP YARD, LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA - NIGHT Sam talks with Vladimir and Urie while waiting on a launch to pick him up. SAM I‟ll bring him back that‟s what I do. First, let‟s get something straight, Urie was an asshole about the way I handled Vegas, so I charged him for his bad attitude. Vladimir smiles. VLADIMIR Urie is not mad about the money he made a mistake saying anything. Right, Urie. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Vladimir looks at Urie. Urie reluctantly nods in agreement. Sam smiles. SAM Glad you care so much, Urie. You… Urie looks at him. URIE I am sorry Sam, please bring my uncle home. Sam smiles and pats Urie on the head. His boat arrives in the background and Sam turns to go. VLADIMIR Sam, our uncle is important to us, bring him back safe. Sam nods and moves on to the launch. SAM (V.O.) That night I almost felt sorry for the heartless bastards. Vladimir and his family operated like the Mafia, without the reputation. I‟m on my way to get their thug uncle out of jail in Haiti. He is being held indirectly for the Russian Government on some kind weak charges to detain him. They had appealed to the U. S. Government but got no help. These men are wealthy and they want their brother safe in the States. They did say the Government told them if the uncle was able to get to the States they would give him asylum. There was not much time, so the assholes offered me the job. DISSOLVE TO:


EXT. SHIP DOCK, HAITI Sam helps unload cargo from a rusted older ship. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - HAITI CLOSE ON - over head sign on the dock: HAITI, STAR OF THE CARIBBEAN. Sam looks at the sign, then at the ship and a crudely armed dock guard. He smiles. The guard nods. EXT. PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI NATIONAL JAIL Sam stands in the dark of a building across from the Port Au Prince main national jail. Sam walks across the street wearing a Port au Prince Policeman uniform. Everything is quite. Sam walks inside the jail. INT. PORT AU PRINCE JAIL A desk sergeant and one guard are on duty. Sam smiles and breaks out a thermos and pours coffee in to their cups. SAM Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. The two smile an sip. POLICE SERGEANT How did you get this job? We don‟t have white policemen. Sam smiles and pours coffee. SAM It‟s a long story. When I first moved here and got married, I… (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The Haitian policemen drink their coffee. Sam sips at his. The men go to sleep. Sam opens the cell door and explained to Joseph. SAM (continuing) Come on, Urie and Vladimir sent me. Joseph quickly follows. EXT. HAITIAN STREET They move quickly to an old car and get in. Sam drives toward the coast in the distance. EXT. HAITIAN OBSCURE PORT Sam gets out of the car and jumps on board a thirty-foot cigarette boat. Joseph is directly behind him. They motor from the bay and head for Jamaica. A Haitian patrol boat tries to come along side, but is not fast enough and quickly falls behind firing their ancient deck weapons. Sam looks up and sees another patrol boat moving directly in front of him with men firing automatic weapons at he and Joseph. Sam cuts to the left and scraps across the bow of the patrol boat creating a high wake. Three of the men on desk fall into the water. Sam speeds on. The sun is coming up in the distance. Sam can see the city and Montiego Bay, Jamaica in the distance.


EXT. REMOTE DOCK, JAMAICA Sam motors into the dock slowly. His eyes check every detail. Sam docks at a fuel pump. An attendant comes out. ATTENDANT Yeah man. Sam smiles. SAM Top it off. The attendant begins to fill it. ATTENDANT Where you headed man. Sam is friendly. SAM If the weather holds, the keys. The attendant smiles. ATTENDANT In Florida, man? Sam nods. ATTENDANT (continuing) Long haul man for such a small boat, you gotta fuel in Cuba probably. No worry the weather is good. Don‟t dally man, that weather may not hold. Sam agrees and gives the man his money. He and Joseph motor on. Sam motors into the keys. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Suddenly a United States Coast Guard shore boat motors behind him and a loud speaker blast out. COAST GUARD LOUD SPEAKER (O.S.) Boat number R-one-four-five-eight-nine, slow and follow this craft. The Coast Guard boat cuts in front of them and speeds on. Sam follows. The Coast Guard boat makes a quick turn into a small inlet. They motor to a Government slip and dock. A Coast Guard sailor motions for Sam to dock next to them. Sam motors in and ties off. Three men in black suits come and take Joseph away. Sam watches. Urie and Vladimir get out of a limousine and greet Joseph. Joseph and the men get in the limousine and drive away. The young sailor walks next to Sam. COAST GUARD SAILOR The men in black, must be in trouble. Sam smiles. SAM No, he‟s rich. He‟ll be with his own kind in Washington. The sailor nods. EXT. COWBOY BAR - NIGHT Sam walks from the bar. He is tired and depressed. Sam has been drinking more than he should. He is in a bad mood. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SUB-TITLE APPEARS - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA SAM (V.O.) I hoped for a rebirth when I got home. I can‟t seem to settle. I just want something to change my life. I quit the work with bastards like Vladimir and Urie, thinking, this is know way to live. Now, I‟m just getting by, both monetarily and mentally. I really need to get my life going in a quality direction. Sam gets in his truck and sits there for a moment just staring ahead. A cowboy stops at his truck window and taps on the glass. COWBOY Hey, Get out of that truck, I‟m gonna kick your ass. Sam rolls his window down. He pulls a Dan Wesson threefifty-seven magnum from under his seat and puts in the man‟s mouth. SAM Say your prayers, big mouth. It‟s your lucky day if you‟re looking to commit suicide. The cowboy‟s eyes get big and he shakes his head know. Sam smiles. SAM (continuing) I don‟t hear you praying. He speaks in garbled tone. COWBOY Now I lay me down to sleep. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam smiles. SAM I could shoot you with ease. I am enjoying your fear. You think you should screw with people like me? The cowboy shakes his head, know. Sam puts his gun away and the cowboy leaves. Sam drives away. INT. SAM‟S VEHICLE Sam is sad. SAM Sorry, man. I‟m a little out of it now. A police car pulls in behind Sam with the lights on. Sam pulls over and gets out. EXT. CITY STREET The policeman gets out with his gun drawn. POLICEMAN Put your hands on the truck and spread‟em. Sam complies. The cop pulls his nightstick out and punches Sam in the ribs. Sam turns from the pain. The cop pushes him back into position on his truck. SAM Come on man, I‟m stressed out. This is not good for me or you. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The cop hits Sam again and doubles him over. He takes out his handcuffs. POLICEMAN Not so big now, are ya little man. That was my brother you drew down on. He slaps Sam across the back with his stick. Sam flips. He quickly turns and hits the cop as hard as he can in the mouth and temple. The cop goes down and spits teeth on the ground. Sam removes his weapon and throws it in the street gutter. Within seconds, police cars slide to a stop and ten cops are on Sam beating him within an inch of his life. Sam, gets his licks in. He knock a cop down and then another. Suddenly ten cops are on him beating and kicking Sam. INT. LOS ANGELES COUNTY JAIL Sam woke up sore and hurting all over. His face is swollen and cut all over with a huge bruise around his blood shot eye. He looks up and in comes three police officers. They beat him again. Sam breaks free for a moment and hits an officer knocking him down and then another. He turns to the remaining officer and one comes from the floor and grabs his arms as the standing officer hits his face and stomach. DISSOLVE TO AFTERNOON: SUB-TITLE APPEARS - TEN DAYS LATER Sam has a beard and his face is beginning to heal. He lies on his back and reads a book. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: A jailer comes to Sam‟s cell door. JAILER Sevier, get cleaned up. You‟re going to court in ten minutes. Two cops come in and grab Sam. He jerks away and has a harsh stare for them. The closest cop starts for him. The second pulls his arm. COP Don‟t, he‟s due in court. He turns to Sam. COP (continuing) You know the drill. Sam puts his hands on the wall and the guard pulls them down one at a time to hand cuff him. The two officers walk out with Sam. INT. LOS ANGELES COUNTY COURT Sam moves into the courtroom. He walks to a chair escorted by two Sheriff‟s deputies and sits down. Sam sees his old friend‟s Vladimir and Urie seated near the front with Vladimir‟s attorney. The judge turns to Sam. A bailiff speaks. BAILIFF Defendant Samuel Sevier will rise. The Judge looks at Sam from his perch. JUDGE Samuel Sevier you are charged with seven counts of assault and one of attempted murder. How do you plead. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: A legal aid lawyer stands and is interrupted by another attorney. ATTORNEY Excuse me your honor. May I speak? The judge nods yes. ATTORNEY (continuing) I now represent Mr. Sevier and I will enter his plea. He looks at the legal aid attorney. The attorney shrugs her shoulders and sits, looking over her files. The judge is curious. JUDGE Mr. Wayne I don‟t doubt your credentials. When did this representation begin? The attorney smiles. ATTORNEY This morning your honor. If you have an interest in saving the court time, I will continue. The judge nods. ATTORNEY (continuing) We have come to a plea bargain with the district attorney‟s office. The district attorney stands. DISTRICT ATTORNEY We have your honor. In view of the defendant‟s good civil and war record we have agreed to two years probation. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The judge slams his gavel down. JUDGE So ordered, you‟re free to go, Mr. Sevier, next case. Vladimir, Urie and the attorney follow Sam outside. INT. COURTHOUSE HALL Sam turns to Vladimir, Urie and his attorney. Sam smiles at Urie. SAM Thanks for your help. Vladimir nods. VLADIMIR Slow down, Sam, you‟re on a bad road. EXT. CONVENIENCE STORE Sam drives up to the front, stops his car and goes inside. INT. CONVENIENCE STORE Sam is picking up some snacks. A rude dirty looking guy bumps into him hogging the isle. Sam‟s temper is flaring. He stares at the guy. DIRTY MAN What you lookin at bitch. Sam turns without warning and sweeps his feet from under him with his own leg and when the man tries to get up. Sam straight arms him, head on in the face and back down the dirty man goes slamming onto the concrete floor. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The rude man starts to get up again. Sam gives him an elbow to the temple. His eyes roll and down he goes. Sam stands over the rude man for a moment waiting for him to get up. Everyone in the store is staring. Sam puts his snacks back and looks at the people. SAM He was rude. Everyone nods in agreement. Sam walks out of the store. EXT. POOL SIDE VLADIMIR‟S APARTMENT Anthony walks from the street next to Sam, Vladimir and Urie lounging beside the pool. Sam looks at him as he stops beside Sam. ANTHONY Sam, I need to speak to you. Sam nods. Anthony is impatient with Sam. ANTHONY (continuing) Privately. Sam nods. Vladimir and Urie excuse themselves. Anthony sits next to Sam. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: ANTHONY (continuing) Listen Sam, you are running with a bad crowd. I want you to get away from them. I‟ve been working for the president. I want you to come to work for him too. Some days we are soldiers, other days we are agents. We special handle discrete situation. Aren‟t you tired of doing nothing with your life? Sam shakes his head know. Anthony stands. ANTHONY (continuing) You think about it. I‟ll get back to you. Anthony walks away. Sam stares straight ahead. DISSOLVE TO: INT. VLADIMIR‟S APARTMENT Sam, Vladimir and two other men sit around drinking and talking with the pool visible through the large front window. SAM You want me to collect from that low-life dealer on fifth street? Urie smiles and starts to answer. A knock is heard at the door. Sam gets up and answers. He opens the door. Carl, Sam‟s old friend dressed in a dark suit stands in the doorway. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: CARL Hello asshole. Sam smiles and nods. The other men are silent, staring at Carl. CARL (continuing) You are to come with me, per Anthony Sevier. Sam looks at him. SAM Okay Dumb ass. CUT TO: EXT. MARINE CORPS AIRBASE, EL TORO CALIFORNIA Carl and Sam are boarding a military plane at the air base. The aircraft door closes behind him. EXT. WATERGATE BUILDING WASHINGTON D.C. Anthony greets Carl and Sam as they exit a black government suburban at the Watergate building and walk inside. INT. WATERGATE BUILDING, WASHINGTON D.C. Sam walks down the hall with Anthony and Carl. He suddenly sees Suzanne. Carl and Anthony pause. Anthony pulls on Carl, and goes into an office across the hall. SUZANNE Sam? Suzanne moves to Sam and hugs him as if he is the only person for her. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Suzanne stops and looks at Sam and then kisses him. She stops and looks at Sam. SUZANNE (continuing) Where have you been. I tried to find you. I missed you so much. Sam is not as enthused as she is. SAM The last time I heard from you, you were married. Suzanne takes Sam by the hand and leads him to a vacant conference room. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM, WATERGATE BUILDING, WASHINGTON D. C. They are inside and the door closes. Suzanne gets close to Sam and kisses him deeply. She stops and looks into his eyes. SUZANNE I could never resist you. Sam smiles. Suzanne kisses him again, then stops looking into his eyes. She touches his face. SUZANNE (continuing) You still love me? Sam just looks at her. Suzanne kisses him again. She stops and looks at him. SUZANNE (continuing) Well, I still love you. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam still is just looking at her thinking. SAM You are married. Suzanne kisses him again. SUZANNE Don‟t spoil it Sam, This moment is so perfect. Like a fairy tale. Suzanne kisses him. SUZANNE (continuing) I want to see you again. Sam just looks at her. CUT TO: EXT. TRAVEL LODGE SUBURBAN WASHINGTON D. C. A nearly new Lincoln sedan stops in front of a room. Suzanne gets out and unlock the front door. She looks back at the car and goes to the car‟s passenger door and opens it. She takes Sam by the hand and pulls him from the car to the room. INT. TRAVEL LODGE SUBURBAN WASHINGTON D. C. Suzanne shuts the door and turns to Sam embracing him. SUZANNE Now‟s the time Sam, show me you love me. Sam looks into her eyes. Suzanne kisses him. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SUZANNE (continuing) I love you. I always have. Sam kisses her and they lie on the bed. He stops and looks at her. DISSOLVE TO: INT. WASHINGTON TRAINING FACILITY Anthony is with Sam. The department head, DIANA McCARTY, a very attractive middle aged woman comes in to give him orientation. DIANA Hello Sam, I‟ll up date you. The training is in counter espionage. After two years of foreign service you may come back here to train. You will work full time or be on call. You work by contract only. That means you are an independent not a government employee. Sam understands the disassociation. She smiles and hands Sam a brown envelope. DIANA (continuing) Your first assignment. EXT. AIRPORT, MUNICH GERMANY Sam and Carl leave the airport in a rented car through the gates of the rental company. EXT. AUTOBAHN Sam and Carl‟s black sedan drives onto the autobahn via an entry ramp.


INT. BLACK MERCEDES Carl drives down the autobahn. Sam sits silently. SAM (V.O.) We are on our way to pick up a high level defector. The man and his wife are to be guaranteed safe passage per our government officials and the powers on Wall Street. This defector is some kind of financial genius and both Wall Street and our government want him for our economic wars and our own economy. Carl looks at Sam. CARL You‟re new, so let me take the lead on this. Sam nods. DISSOLVE TO: The rental car turns off the Autobahn onto a very rural road and with in a short time they arrive at a border crossing out post between East and West Germany. SUB-TITLE APPEARS – EAST-WEST GERMAN BORDER The East German‟s guard building sets on the banks of a small creek next to a stone bridge spanning to the West. One West German Guard mans his post, while across the long bridge are four East German Guards. Sam‟s partner paces in front of the car, keeping the Guards attention. Sam waits in the dark near the narrow creek that runs under the bridge, about four hundred yards from the crossing. He hears guard dogs moving through the woods across the border. Sam sees a car stop at the East entrance to the border bridge. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: A beautiful woman gets out dressed for sex. She shows her papers and has the entire attention of the Eastern Guards. She is okayed to cross and the walk begins. At the same time a man surfaces on the West Side of the creek, in the dark shadows of the trees. I gave him the password. SAM Four. He answered. DEFECTOR Leaf clover. Sam helps him out of the water and he moves toward the rear of his car. Sam reveals a cut down M-fourteen, full-Automatic rifle slung over his shoulder by a leather strap, under his overcoat as he quickly moves to the car. Sam‟s eyes are glued on the guards. The woman finally has crossed the bridge. All guard‟s eyes are on her slinky dress and fine body. She begins to kiss Carl wildly. Carl loves the moment. The guards appear disappointed turn and go about their business. An East German agent in a dark suit appears and quickly walks toward the two of them with one hand in his pocket. The West German guard steps from his guard shack. The East German pulls out a large caliber automatic and fires at the guard, he takes cover, and then the agent fires at the woman. Sam opens his coat and let go five rounds. The splinters fly from the bridge. One hits the German in the eye. The German fires back at Sam and he shoots back hitting him in the hand. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: He goes to his knees in pain. The guards including ours are yelling for us to stop. The East Germans pick-up their agent and go back to their side. The West German urges them in perfect English to go quickly. WEST GERMAN GUARD Go, I know who you are, go. Carl and Sam look at him curiously. WEST GERMAN GUARD (continuing) I speak English this well, because my Father is from Queens. Carl and Sam grin and smile. Sam and his partner and the woman get into the car and they quickly drive away. INT. VEHICLE Carl has lip stick all over his face. CARL Where‟s the guy? Sam is suddenly aware. SAM Dam, I forgot him. There is silence. A muffled voice comes from the trunk. DEFECTOR Let me out.


INT. REMOTE CABIN Sam, Carl, the woman and the defector sit around a wooden table in the middle of the room of the remote cabin in the woods. CARL Shouldn‟t have used your weapon. Sam looks at Carl earnestly. SAM Well Romeo, What was I suppose to do let him shoot you? Carl just looks at him then at the defectors. CARL Okay, are you declaring anything. The defector puts his hands in his pockets and begins to pull out diamonds, hands full of perfect diamonds. The woman begins to take diamonds from her underwear and the man more from his coat. Carl counts the diamonds and give the man a receipt. CARL (continuing) This receipt will get your property back when you hit New York. EXT. LAGARDIA AIRPORT, NEW YORK CITY Carl and Sam arrive in New York from Germany and are exiting the airport. A sign is visible as they exit. CLOSE ON SIGN - “THANKS FOR FLYING WITH US, LAGARDIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, NEW YORK.” A man comes to Sam. DRIVER Sir your car is here. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam looks at the man with a question on his face. The driver opens the door for Sam and turns to Carl. DRIVER (continuing) Sir your car is there. He points to a limousine behind the one Sam is waiting to get into. Sam shrugs. SAM See you at the office, dumb ass. Carl smiles. CARL Okay, asshole. Sam gets in the limousine. INT. LIMOUSINE Suzanne is smiling dressed very sexy in a low cut black dress. Sam sits. SAM Where is your husband? Suzanne looks at him lovingly. SUZANNE Don‟t spoil it Sam. We are going to the Plaza for the night and dinner, then to a beautiful thoroughbred horse ranch for the weekend. Just love me baby. Sam just looks at her. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Suzanne pulls Sam close to her. She kisses him passionately. INT. PLAZA HOTEL ROOM, NEW YORK CITY Suzanne and Sam are kissing in bed. They stop. Sam looks at her. Suzanne becomes serious. She looks into Sam‟s eyes that are gazing for a moment. SUZANNE I love you baby, Love me back. My life is complicated now, but it won‟t always be that way. Sam kisses her lightly on the cheek. EXT. THROUGHBRED HORSE RANCH, RURAL, UP STATE NEW YORK Sam kisses Suzanne leaned against a tree in the woods. They stop. SUZANNE What you going to do Sam. Since you got back. Sam smiles. SAM This agent stuff is not really for me. I think I‟ll take a leave of absence and go to Fort Worth Texas. That‟s where our family came from. I just want a normal life. Suzanne caresses him. SUZANNE You were never normal honey. DISSOLVE TO:


INT. PHOENIX SAVINGS AND LOAN, FORT WORTH TEXAS Sam sits at a desk listening to an elderly lady speak as he takes care of her business with the saving and loan. ELDERLY WOMAN You are so lucky to have this job. The senator has managed this place for five years now. I‟m sure you two will be great friends. Welcome to Texas, boy. Sam smiles. The manager, Bob Meadows, a state senator and probably the sneakiest back stabbing individual that lived this century, but he is rich and gets away with it, stops at Sam‟s desk, as he starts to speak Sam‟s phone ring. Sam pick‟s it up. SAM This is Sam, Sure dad. I‟ll be there. The senator is rude. SENATOR Speak to your pop on your own time, son. Sam looks at him. SAM That‟s my father you are talking about. Shut the fuck up and another thing, my brother just died. I‟m taking funeral leave. No, fuck you, I quit and if you say anything about my father again, I‟ll break your nose, sir. Sam steps forward and pushes him out of the way as he walks out. SENATOR You can‟t talk to me that way. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam smile and talks as he walks. SAM Yes I can, I‟m a tax payer asshole. when you abuse your office, you get abused. The senator looks at him. SENATOR To hell with you and your… Sam abruptly turns to look at the senator. The senator cowers and hold his hands up. SENATOR (continuing) Don‟t go nuts. Let it go. Sam walks out the front door. INT. FUNERAL PARLOR Sam is at the funeral, sitting with his mother and father and his brother‟s two daughter. His brother‟s oldest daughter speaks. DANA Daddy loved you. I‟m sorry we didn‟t have a better relationship with you. Sam smiles and pats her with large tear in his eyes.. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. POOL SIDE, FRONTIER HOTEL, LAS VEGAS NEVADA Sam sits poolside at the casino. A waiter tells him he has a phone call. Sam goes to the outdoor bar and picks up the phone. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM This is Sam. Sam‟s mother speaks to him. MOTHER Sam, Dana is dead. Come home. Sam stares into space. SAM All right mother, I‟ll be there tonight. EXT. FUNERAL HOME Sam walks to the door. His mother and father are there with a young man. Sam‟s mother hugs him. His father pats him on the back. His mother looks at him presenting the young man. MOTHER This is Murphy, Dana‟s husband‟s son. (She looks at Murphy.) Tell him Murphy. Murphy is a quiet introvert. MURPHY I over heard my dad say, he killed her. Sam studies Murphy. Sam‟s father looks at him. FATHER The police can‟t do anything, we got to do something. Murphy here is a convict and the police won‟t take his word. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam‟s mother intervenes. MOTHER Honey, take Murphy to the car. I want to talk to Sam for a moment. Sam dad smiles. He and Murphy leave. Sam mother looks at him with love in her eyes. MOTHER (continuing) Sam, I never ask you to do wrong, but I ask you now to take revenge against the bastard that killed our grandbaby. She starts crying. Sam comforts her. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. REMOTE AREA, DESERT NEAR LAS VEGAS NEVADA DANA‟S HUSBAND a slim greasy looking man sits in sedan. His hands are wired together and attached steering wheel with clothes hangars. Another man background pouring gasoline all over the car and DANA‟S HUSBAND Why are you doing this. What the hell do you want? A splash of gas hits him in the face. The man gasp. In a moment the car and the man are suddenly on fire. He screams at the top of his lungs. The man in the background walks away. INT. WATERGATE BUILDING, DIANA‟S OFFICE, WASHINGTON D. C. Sam walks into the foyer. A secretary holds out a greeting card for him. (CONTINUED) a Ford to the is in the him.


CONTINUED: Sam takes it and acknowledges her. He opens the card. CLOSE ON THE CARD - “Welcome back asshole! We got a job, come see me. Carl” Sam smiles and speaks to himself. SAM Thanks dumb ass. The secretary gives him an angry looks. Sam looks at her with apologetic eyes. SAM (continuing) Not you. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CITY STREET, JUAREZ MEXICO Sam and Carl walk down the street. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - JUAREZ, MEXICO CARL Our job is to stop the Colombian drug flow and live to tell. Sam smiles. SAM I love Mexico, everyone is so, normal. Carl smiles. CARL Listen they got a tunnel from this side of the border to the U.S. side. We gotta plug the hole. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Carl and Sam turn the corner. They see a large house sitting on a ridge with the United States in the background. The house is dark looking and heavily guarded inside and out. Sam and Carl walk toward the residence, then stop and watch casually from a hundred or more feet away. Sam sees a backpacker. The backpacker walks to a side gate of the house grounds. Sam and Carl walk behind him as he buzzes for a guard. Sam shoots the guard as he opened the gate with a silencer. They drag the backpacker with them. INT. RESIDENCE Sam walks to the back door of the house and has the backpacker buzz. A guard opens the door and Sam shoots him. They move inside and through the house and as Sam leaves the kitchen, he dispatches two more guards and two back packers. A guard that Sam does not see comes out of the tunnel and shoots Sam in the rib cage, his vest stopped the bullet. Sam shoots the man in the throat. Two more backpackers come from the living room. Sam drops them with single shot each. INT. GARDEN ROOM Sam burst into a garden room, ready to fire his weapon. A man, a woman and two young children sit at a table eating. They all freeze. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Suddenly the man goes for his gun under his belt in the small of his back. Sam hits him with the barrel of his weapon and takes the gun away. Sam takes some duct tape from his bag slung around his neck and begins to tape the man to the chair. He looks at the woman and children. SAM You understand English? She nods, yes. SAM (continuing) I don‟t want to hurt you and your children. Sam tapes her and the children to the chairs. The man looks at him with anger. Sam moves into the tunnel. Carl‟s sees him and moves to the tunnel entrance to guard and wait. Sam yells out from deep in the tunnel. SAM (OS) You still there shit head? Carl yells back. CARL Got ya covered asshole. A few seconds passes and Sam exits the tunnels. Carl waits on the guard. A man comes through the front door. He sees Carl and Sam and raises his hands. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam takes him and duct tapes the man to a nearby chair and searches him for papers and/or I. D. Carl watches impatiently. CARL (continuing) Come on we don‟t have much time. Sam smiles and looks at his watch. SAM We got four minutes. Carl nods. Sam moves to the woman and children. He opens his knife. Their eyes get big and the man protest from behind his taped mouth. Sam cuts the woman and children loose. The woman sits still looking at Sam. Sam is kind. SAM Go with your children. Quick now. You‟ve got three minutes to clear the area. The woman speaks in a pleading voice. WOMAN What about my husband? Sam is firm. SAM Know, he stays. You are the widow of this cartel boss. Go, do better next time. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The man mumbles and protest under his taped mouth. She takes the children and leaves. Carl urges. CARL Come on Sam, It‟s gonna blow. Sam exits with Carl. The men tied to the chair scream out, trying to get loose. EXT. RESIDENCE Sam and Carl rush from the house and quickly move down the street. They turn and sees two packers buzzing the bell by the back door. Suddenly the tunnel blows. The front of the house is blown out and the back packers are blown into the street. Sam smiles and looks at Carl. SAM Happy Cinco DeMayo. Carl smiles curiously. Sam and Carl walk around the corner out of sight. The residence burns huge and high. EXT. JUAREZ STREET. Sam and Carl are standing at the airport watching airplanes taxi to their hangars. Sam leans against and old car and reads the newspaper dressed in an airport maintenance man uniform. Carl sits in the driver‟s seat watching and eating a burrito also (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: dressed in an airport maintenance uniform. CLOSE ON NEWSPAPER - “AMERICAN AND MEXICAN AUTHORITIES UNCOVER A SECRET DRUG TRAFFICKING TUNNEL.” SAM Carl do you ever wonder if we are the bad guys. I mean we kill and maim for a living. Carl speaks without looking at Sam watching the airport. CARL Hell Sam, I‟m a soldier, that‟s what we do. Although, I will be glad when I‟m out of this shit. It‟s getting to, stupid. Sam nods. SAM Me too, buddy. Carl looks at his friend. Look, their we‟re I was CARL those dopers have changed traffic pattern. I guess still on for this. I mean told to get rid of em.

Sam looks at Carl. SAM Don‟t you know for sure? Carl nods. CARL Yeah, let‟s go. Carl and Sam move to the airport gate and enter by showing a guard, an I. D. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam and Carl go to a row of very expensive Beechcraft twin engine airplanes. They begin to check the engines. Carl quickly installs pipe bombs in three airplanes and activates them. They exit the airport and go to their car and get in. INT. CARL AND SAM‟S CAR Carl drives away. Sam looks at Carl. SAM Drive ten miles South, I‟ll show you where. EXT. DESERT, TEN MILES SOUTH OF JUAREZ Carl and Sam‟s car stops behinds a hill and they get out. The two of then walk to a plateau and sit down. SAM Well they should start showing up anytime. I feel good, we‟re blowing about forty million at a pop out of the sky. Carl nods. An aircraft flies low in the distance. Suddenly it blows up and falls to the ground in a fire ball. Carl watches calmly. A second plane flies from the distance. It blows up into flames and falls to the ground. CARL That‟s eighty million. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: A third plane is on the horizon. It blows up and falls in flames. Carl looks at Sam solemnly. CARL Let‟s go home. EXT. FORT BLISS ARMY BASE TEXAS, FRONT GATE Carl and Sam drive into Fort Bliss Army base front gate. A guard looks at their I. D. cards. His phone ring in the guard shack. Another guard looks at them then back to the phone and back to them again as he speaks on the phone. He walks to them. ARMY GUARD Gentlemen, report to the ranger unit Commander, building four fourteen. Carl and Sam nod and drive on. INT. FORT BLISS ARMY BASE, BUILDING FOUR FOURTEEN, OFFICE OF THE COMMANDING OFFICER Sam and Carl shake hands with an Army Ranger that is a full colonel. COLONEL Gentlemen, I understand you are the men to know in South America. Carl and Sam look at each other. COLONEL (continuing) Your boss has loaned the two of you to me, I have a very important job for you. CUT TO:


EXT. JUNGLE, BELIZE SOUTH AMERICA Carl and Sam drive across county in an old one/half ton army truck. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - BELIZE, SOUTH AMERICA CARL You‟re the man to see for South America, that gets us baby sitting for the Army, because they don‟t want to do it. Sam smiles. SAM The boss said this woman is important to the free world. So, we gotta help her. Carl smiles. CARL Right. They are always the important one. What about us aren‟t we important. Hell. I‟m important. Sam smiles and rolls his eyes. SAM Okay Carl. You are very important. Don‟t melt down. Carl nods in his moment of importance. CARL Dam right. I‟m somebody. FRANCHESCA MARCOS, a beautiful woman stands beside the dirt road wearing pheasant clothes, she waves for Carl and Sam to stop. They look at each other and shake their heads know and drive on. They pass Franchesca and leave her in a cloud of dust. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: She stops her foot and mutter to herself. FRANCHESCA Stupido. Sam and Carl drive into Belize City. They stop at a hotel, get out and go inside. INT. BELIZE CITY HOTEL Sam goes to the desk as he starts to speak, Franchesca walks in. FRANCHESCA Are you Sam? Sam nods. She looks at Carl. FRANCHESCA (continuing) Are you Carl? Carl shakes his head, know. FRANCHESCA (continuing) Come with me. They follow meekly. She goes to a semi-private area of the hotel bar and sits. Carl and Sam sit with her. FRANCHESCA (continuing) I am the person you are to help. My name is Franchesca Marcos. The colonel you met at Fort Bliss is my brother. My father is Senator Alfredo Garcia. your job is to retrieve my son from Cuba. He is there with his grandmother. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam and Carl look at her for a moment with a reluctant gaze. EXT. CUBAN MOORING DOCK Sam and Carl stand on the deck of a small sea going fishing boat. Carl looks at Sam. CARL Watch this fisherman. Francesca Says he‟s okay, but it pays to be careful. Sam smiles and nods. SAM Life really rich when you‟re around Carl. Don‟t ever change. The small fishing boats captain come to them. BOAT CAPTAIN We are coming into Cuba now, remember you are East German tourist on a fishing trip. We‟ll fuel up and do some maintenance while you pick up Francesca‟s son. His grandmother will bring him. You know where to go? Sam and Carl nods. EXT. CUBAN PORT, DOCKING AREA The boat docks. The crew ties it off. Carl and Sam get off and go after the boy. EXT. CITY STREET They walk and see an old woman watching them. They stop and she stops. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Carl and Sam split up. The old woman follows Sam. Sam turns a corner. The old woman turns the corner. Sam stops and turns. Carl come up behind her and put his hand on her mouth as he holds her arm. Sam looks deep into her eyes. SAM Who are you? The old woman speaks. OLD WOMAN Eee knee meanie. Sam and Carl look at her. Sam and Carl are a total blank. Then a light comes on for Sam. SAM Minee moe. Carl doesn‟t understand. CARL What? Sam smiles. SAM Let her go. I forgot there is a pass word. Carl lets her go and shakes his head. OLD WOMAN Come, let us go. She walks on. Carl and Sam follow.


EXT. CUBAN PORT, DOCKING AREA Carl, Sam, The young boy and the grandmother stop next to the fishing boat. The boy hugs his grandmother. She holds back tears. Sam and Carl get on the boat ramp. Sam takes the boys hand. A local policeman yells out. CUBAN POLICEMAN Alto. Everyone freezes in place. Two lower ranking policeman join the policeman that first spoke. Sam and Carl are looking around considering going for weapons stashed on deck. Suddenly the fishing boat captain steps in. BOAT CAPTAIN I‟m sorry sir. We are just fueling. I Don‟t speak Cuban, I am Jamaican and these two are East German‟s they don‟t understand anything. Do you speak English. The policeman is curious. CUBAN POLICEMAN Yes, Who is the boy? The captain is confident. BOAT CAPTAIN He is working for me today, to help with these two tourist. His grandmother needs the money. Grandmother tries to look innocent and poor. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The policemen looks each person over and their eyes scan the boat. CUBAN POLICEMAN Have you paid for your fuel? The captain nods. CUBAN POLICEMAN (continuing) Get underway. (He looks at grandmother.) I‟ll walk you home, grandmother. Sam, Carl, the boy and the captain get on board the fishing boat. Grandmother and the policeman walk away. The two remaining police watch the boat leave. EXT. BELIZE PORT The fishing boat is docking. The boy jumps from the boat and runs to his mother Franchesca. The boy hugs his mother. The captain gets off the boat and takes a sealed message. He looks at it and passes it on the Carl. Carl opens the letter and reads. He looks at Sam with disappointment in his eyes. CARL The agency is not funded. They are out of money. Sam is surprised. SAM So does that mean we are fired. Carl smiles and takes Sam to the side. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: CARL Know, It means we do one of two things to keep us going. It‟s a tradition. We either sell drugs or rob a bank that has drug money. Sam looks at Carl. CARL (continuing) Are you crazy? That‟s against the law. Carl is patient. CARL (continuing) Sam, we shot people, blow things up and generally piss on the law everyday. We are agents, we don't go by those laws. We need money to operate on. It is sanctioned by the department. Hell, we don‟t even have money to get home. Sam nods. A government car stops near them. Sam and Carl get into the car and it drives away. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. FIRST NATIONAL BANK, PRINCE PORT FLORIDA Sam and Carl walk toward the bank. Sam casually looks around the area to be sure there are no problems. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - PRINCE PORT FLORIDA, SUBURBIA NATIONAL BANK SAM This is wrong. We‟re criminals. This is going to put a cloud on my Government Service. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Carl is calm. CARL Know body will know, this place just has a thousand people in it. The bank is tiny. Know one will give a shit. Sam rolls his eyes as he and Carl wearing dark and long wool overcoat and redheaded wigs, pull their black ski mask down over their faces and walk inside, bordering on the ridiculous. INT. BANK Sam‟s heavy overcoat opens slightly to reveal a short barrel model twelve, Winchester, pump shotgun slung from over the shoulder. Sam also keeps his trusty forty-five automatic slung under his arm with plenty of magazines attached to his shoulder holster. Carl locks the ancient door behind them with a chain and pad lock. Sam quickly shows his shotgun. SAM Get on the floor in the middle of the room. Sam looks at the teller. SAM (continuing) Teller stand where you are, if you set the alarm I will shoot you. The teller grins nervously in compliance. TELLER We don‟t have any alarm. No body would steel these guy‟s money, except you of course. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam smiles. SAM I love honesty. Sam takes the teller to the safe, they go inside the large vault. INT. VAULT Sam starts filling all of the bags he has with cash, showing the teller how he wants her to help bag it up. When he finishes. He sits the woman on a stool in the vault and pulls her dress up revealing her stocking covered legs. She appears frightened. Sam takes a bound stack of one hundred dollar bills and stuffs them in her stocking next to her thigh. She smiles and pulls her dress down. Sam turns and gets another bag and begins filling it. SAM Lot of money in here for a small bank. She nods. TELLER Drugs, Dealer‟s deposit here, Colombian. Probably fifty million. Sam smiles. SAM That‟s what you meant, get you some more then. The teller smiles and pulls up her loose fitting dress stuffing bound packets of one hundred dollar bills in her stockings and panties. She pads her butt heavily with the bills. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The teller smiles and looks at Sam. TELLER This is the nicest robbery. I ever been in. Sam is amused. Sam comes out of the vault, looking back at the clerk signaling her to stay behind. He looks at Carl. SAM Let‟s go. Sam and Carl exit the bank. Sam looks at Carl. SAM (continuing) This is too much. When this is over I‟m getting out. I hate it. Carl nods and they get in their very fast four door Ford Fairlane car. INT. FORD FAIRLANE While Carl drives they both take off their red wigs and hoods. Suddenly Carl the driver turns off the highway. In a minute they are next to their regular federal agency car on the shore of a lake. They both jump out and open the trunk of the agency car. Carl and Sam dress in suits looking the part of federal officers. CARL I hate this shit too. This is not right. Sam looks at him with remorse. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM I thought you said this is right. Carl composes. CARL I did, but I was lying to you and myself. Sam smiles. SAM Like you said, we are government types shooting people, blowing things up and now robbing for the better good. Robbing is probably better than shooting it out in a jungle somewhere. Carl is amused. Another agent drives up and gets out not speaking. He takes the bags from the robbery car. The agent writes out a receipt. And throws it in the car seat. The agent drives away. Sam watches him go and opens the trunk smiling. SAM (continuing) Oh, you forgot, to late. (Two bags of money lie in the trunk.) I guess we‟ll just keep this for operating capital. Carl smiles. CARL Yeah so long turd. I forgot to tell you Sam, we got an assignment in Honduras. Sam smiles. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM Okay, let‟s go first class. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. JUNGLE HONDURAS, SOUTH AMERICA Sam and Carl stand on tree covered rim over looking a beautiful valley chewing on unlit big cigars and wearing Hawaiian shirts. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - HONDURAS, SOUTH AMERICA Carl looks at Sam. CARL This is where I get off. I‟ll pick you up in thirty days right here. Sam smiles. SAM All right, I want to go home after this for good, so show up. I depend on you. Carl smiles. CARL I‟ll be here. Listen training rebels is a touchy business be careful. You don‟t know who your friends are. Carl departs though the jungle taking off his Hawaiian shirt and throwing it on the ground with his cigar. A monkey is on the cigar and shirt checking it out. He smell the cigar and throws it away. The monkey takes the shirt up into the tree with him. Sam walks into the quiet valley. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam cautiously meets a rebel on the trail. Sam takes his shirt off as they walk away down to a camouflage tee-shirt and puts it and the cigar in his backpack. EXT. VILLAGE The man and Sam arrive in the village. A quiet and clean looking middle-aged man, ALFRED LOYA, sees them and walks toward Sam and his new guide. Alfredo shakes Sam‟s hand. ALFREDO You are our America Trainer? I am Alfredo Loya, leader of this freedom army. Sam looks him over. SAM I am Sam. Alfredo is cordial. He guides Sam to a place to sit in an open cabana. ALFREDO Please sit. We will eat. They sit and two women serve food. Sam looks them over. ALFREDO (continuing) Do you know when the money comes to pay the soldiers. We need weapons too. Sam is formal. SAM Yeah, the money is in the bank in Jamaica. I will get cash to pay your soldiers and weapons will be here before your attack on that weasel dictator Horrea. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Alfredo smiles. ALFREDO They have been moving against us at every opportunity. We must hurry. Sam hears a limb crack near the cabana. He pulls out his forty-five automatic. Alfredo positions himself with his rifle. The dictators Government Troops attack the village with full force. There is gunfire from almost every direction. The fight was on. Alfredo‟s troops begin to fight back. Alfredo‟s men stand and fight like professionals. Sam looks around the area as Alfredo shoots at the enemy soldiers. Sam moves for better cover. A Government Soldier rips five rounds in front of him. Sam turns into a one room shanty. He steps out the back of the shack, a bullet hits him dead in the shoulder plate of his flake jacket. Sam falls back into the shack. INT. SHACK Sam checks his shoulder. He realizes his armored vest stopped the bullet. Sam waits for the soldier to check his kill. Right on schedule, the enemy soldier enters the small room looking around. Sam turns and puts two bullets in his chest, then cuts out the back door.


EXT. SHACK Sam moves out the back. Three more soldiers open up on him. Sam goes back inside and retrieves the dead soldier‟s A-Kforty-seven, checks it for load and moves out to flank the three soldiers. The first one sees him and opened fire. He and Sam go Wyatt Earp, face to face, heads up. Rifles‟ blazing it was Sam‟s lucky day. The second and third soldiers fire at Sam as he drives behind a stone wall. Sam now can see twelve Government Soldiers, five dead and seven still fighting. Sam‟s eyes scan the area. He sees none of his rebel counterparts dead. Sam aims at the soldier‟s location waiting for them too pop up to shoot. Up they come and he makes short work of them. The soldiers fall to the ground dead. More gunfire can be heard out front of the village. Sam looks toward the front. He sees two of Alfredo‟s men dead. Sam moves out and skirts the Government Troops. He gets close enough to fire, they see him and opened up on Sam. Alfredo and his two men see and blazed away at the government soldiers. Sam sprays the area of his enemy. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: It is quiet the smoke clears all of the Government troops are dead. Alfredo and one of his men are left standing. Sam smiles at them and holds up his pistol in a sign of victory. Alfredo smiles. Alfredo looks at his dead men and back at Sam. Sam speaks out as he stands. SAM You still want to be a freedom fighter? Alfredo nods. ALFREDO We will fight to the last man. Sam goes to him and pats Alfredo on the back. SAM Combat gives you the best men and future leaders for your new democratic country. It‟s a game of attrition, survival of the fittest. You‟re a good leader and you have fine soldiers everything will turn good for you. EXT. AZULE MISSION HONSURAS SOUTH AMERICA Sam travels home through the deep jungle. He can see the Azule Mission in the distance. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - AZULE MISSION, HONDURAS, SOUTH AMERICA He can see a small boy, running toward him from the mission in the distance. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam puts his hand on his pistol. BOY Sam, Sam, Papa said, bad men are going to take the nuns and priest hostage, come, help. The boy pulls on Sam. SAM Go back, I will follow. The boy takes off running back toward the village. Sam rushes through the thick jungle. When he arrives, the rebels are already there, but haven‟t done anything, they are just sitting in the plaza talking. He can‟t believe what he sees. The bandit Sam had shot in the foot is there with a bandage on his foot. He appears to still be the boss. Sam shakes his head, knowing he should have shot him in the head instead of the foot. Sam stays stealth in the tree line waiting and watching the activity. The bandits began to lock and load, the priest and nuns come out of the Mission under guard from a bandit. The leader raises his pistol toward them. Sam immediately takes aim, he fires The bullet hits the bandit leader in the ear. The bandits three men scatter. Sam shoots two more before they can get away. The third man runs. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam follows, blasting through the thick jungle. He stops to see if he can hear the running man. The jungle is silent. The man has stopped and is hidden. Sam gets off the trail and begins to hunt. He hears a leaf brush against a limb. Sam stops and listens, it does it again. Sam can finally see his hip pocket through the leaves up in a tree. Sam aims and fires. The soldier falls from a low tree limb. Sam fires again as he falls. The man is dead. Sam walks to the location of the leader with the lame foot. He is gone. Sam‟s eyes scan the area. He is cautious, then moves on to the priest and nuns. SAM Are you all right? They acknowledge. PRIEST Thank you. Sam smiles at the holy people. He turns to jungle and nearby people. SAM There will be know more killing of religious people or I will have your ass on a stick for all to see. Heathen on a stick, dead. And the bastard that got away. I will be hunting him until he is dead. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam walks away. EXT. JUNGLE Sam goes to a concealed cave and enters. INT. CAVE Sam removes some rocks from a pile next to the cave wall and pulls out a radio. SAM Honduras one to Sarratoga four-four. Honduras one to Sarratoga four-four. A radio voice comes on. SARRATOGA (RADIO V.O.) Go ahead Hondo one. SAM Do you read go code, two-four-nineseven-three. The ship quickly answers. SARRATOGA You have a go, Hondo one. Project Harpoon is operational. I say again, Project harpoon is a go. Sam answers with a reluctance. SAM Roger, Sarratoga. This is my last job, Maybe I‟ll see you around. The ship answers. SARRATOGA Looking forward to it Hondo one. Enjoy your retirement. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM (V.O.) The coded message from the Sarratago is clear. I am on my way to Kuwait to a safe point for a meet. Sam checks his weapons and picks up some concealed ammunition. He leaves the cave. DISSOLVE TO: INT. U.S. MARINES HUEY HELICOPTER – DUSK Sam is strapped into a back seat, on an the old Marine Huey helicopter. His eyes survey the various pitched battles below. The helicopter radio sounds off. HELICOPTER BASE CAMP (V.O.) Chopper three eight one. Irqaui Troops have invaded Kuwait. Operation Desert Storm is on. All Allied air traffic Proceed to you launch and/or safe point. I repeat, Desert Storm is on, it is a go. Operation Desert is a go. SAM P.O.V. Sam can see Iraqi troops massing all along the border between Iraq and Kuwait, while a few others are motoring by in caravans out of Kuwait. BACK TO SCENE The helicopter lands and Sam gets out. EXT. KUWAIT, PERIMETER OF BATTLEFIELD He quickly goes to ten men standing by a tent a hundred feet away. A military commander is talking to them inauditably. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM (V.O.) The plan is for my group of specialty agents to move into Kuwait to determine what is happening with the Iraqis. My part here is to pick up one of our own, a captured American agent that could be used for propaganda and maybe killed if they find out what he has been doing in their country. The men disperse and move across the grounds toward all terrain vehicles. They get in the vehicles and speed toward the border. EXT. KUWAITI DESERT, WESTERN BORDER Sam moves into Kuwait driving an Iraqi military jeep. He is disguised as an Iraqi courier soldier. SUB-TITLE APPEARS – KUWAIT-IRAQI BORDER, LATE JANUARY The occupying Iraqi Army is moving in on the main border highway to Kuwait. Sam turns off the highway and drives toward a remote building about a half mile from the troop movement. He stops his jeep on the side of the building and looks around. An American made helicopter, painted with Iraqi makings sits a hundred feet away. It has landed with a politician of some kind. The Iraqi men get out and talk on their way inside the building. SAM (V.O.) They say the Americans and the British are moving against them. They say many other countries are getting in the fray too. Fighting is all over Iraq. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: In seconds bombers and fighter are over us in full force, the fight is on, ground to air, air to ground and hand to hand. Sam takes this opportunity and moves to the chopper. The politician and the pilot pull pistols to fight. Sam fires his automatic pistol as he walks. The two men go down. Sam gets in the waiting chopper and flies away from the fight. An American Huey helicopter gunship falls in behind Sam dead on his tail. Sam tries to evade the American. Sam flies into a deep valley between two hills and cuts left and then left again. He flies down an old hillside dirt road, the American has been lost. INT. IRAQI HELICOPTER Sam pulls maps from a pouch on the floor of the chopper and flies West. EXT. MOUNTAIN CAMP, IRAQI INTELLIGENCE FORCE Sam lands his chopper while the camp is under attack. Sam can see a man tied to a truck in the distance. He rushes toward the man. Sam can see it is Anthony. Two armed Iraqi men come from a tent. He can sees the men are headed for his chopper. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam and the two men have a shoot out with pistols, gun fighter style. Anthony Yells out to Sam. ANTHONY Stop Sam, they are friendly. Stop. The shoot out stops the men and Sam stare at each other. Sam moves slowly to Anthony and cuts him loose. SAM You all right Uncle? Anthony smiles. ANTHONY Hell, yeah, you‟re here. Anthony and Sam move toward the helicopter. Anthony motions for the two men to follow him. They all load on the aircraft. INT. HELICOPTER Sam flies away from the U.S. aircraft attacking the camp. He gets on the radio. SAM American aircraft this American agent, Samuel Sevier. Please do not fire on this aircraft. Please do not fire. I have Iraqi markings, but I am friendly. Please do not fire. I am American agent Samuel Savier. An F-fourteen drops in behind Sam‟s helicopter, twenty miles back and closing. PILOT F-FOURTEEN We read you. If you are friendly land You will be taken as a P-O-W. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam smiles and looks at Anthony. He turns his attention to flying and speaks on the radio. SAM Agreed, thanks man. Sam lands the helicopter in the desert near some high rocks. A platoon of Marines overtakes them. Anthony and Sam get out of the helicopter. ANTHONY We are American agents. These two men are friendly‟s. They are defectors, asking asylum. The Marines do not speak they take all four of them into custody, binding the men with plastic straps and lining them up. The officer in charge is on the radio. He looks at his top sergeant. OFFICER Check that one for a scare on his chest. (points to Sam) Right side. The sergeant looks at the scare on Sam‟s chest and nods to the officer. The Captain puts his radio speaker to Sam‟s head. Carl is on the radio. SAM Thanks, Carl. CARL (RADIO V.O.) No problem Asshole. Sam smiles. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM Well thanks anyway dumb ass. The captain looks at them. CAPTAIN Let‟em go. The soldiers cut them loose. CAPTAIN (continuing) Good luck, we gotta move out you‟re on your own. I sorry, but we gotta take the chopper out, orders. (He points.) Base camp is that way, three miles. Sam acknowledges. They all turn and start walking. The helicopter blows up in the background. EXT. AMERICAN MARINE BASE CAMP Sam and the others walk toward a hidden sentry. Before they can say anything the secluded guard speaks from his fox hole. BASE CAMP GUARD (O.S.) Halt, are you agent Sevier? Sam yells back. SAM Yeah, two of us. Plus these friendly‟s. The guard is amiable. He stands and points. BASE CAMP GUARD Come on in, Some guy named Carl said you would be here. You are to move over to the flight area and wait. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Sam and his people walk into the fortified camp toward the flight deck. SAM (V.O.) From the base camp we were moved to a ship and debriefed. They finally gave us a chopper ride to Saudi So we could get a ride back home. When I arrived back at my own base camp in Saudi, I had a message to immediately go to a previously specified meeting point for an assignment. This is my final final mission. I have had it. Can‟t go any more. I hate this business. It never ends. The killing and deceit are more that a man can bare some days. EXT. AIRCRAFT CARRIER Sam and the others get out of a helicopter and are escorted toward the ships helm. EXT. HONDURAS, SOUTH AMERICA The bloody Sam sits on a ridge waiting to be picked-up by his contact. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - HONDURAS, SOUTH AMERICA, EARLY FEBRUARY SAM (V.O.) I have finally made my way back here to meet my counterpart to go home for good. My job here is security for a diplomatic air transport. I set up ground agents along the flight path in my area, in case the aircraft goes down, so we can recover any secret or top secret diplomatic papers or (MORE) (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: SAM (V.O.) cont‟d goods being transported as well as personnel. Now, the job is done, I sit here waiting for my ride. This is my last job for the government. I am tired and ready to go home. All of my life I searched for who I am and why our world is like it is. After everything, I never discovered the world‟s answers, but, after all of the bad and good, I now know the most important thing is family and honor. I am an honorable man and life is best lived with honor in it. Sam‟s radio sounds off with helicopter blades beating the air in his foreground. CARL Where are you ass blossom? Sam smiles as the helicopter comes over the horizon directly in front of him. SAM Right in front of you, dummy. Suddenly Sam is shot and falls over. CARL (RADIO V.O.) Sam, are you there. Sam! Sam lies on the ground his eyes open. Blood runs from under his body. The bandit Sam had shot in the foot and ear, hobbles to a standing position over Sam. He raises his pistol to shoot Sam in the head to be sure he is dead. Suddenly Sam rolls over and shoots the bandit in the throat. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The bad man grabs his throat and stumbles, falling to the ground. Carl hovers his helicopter over head. Sam shoots the bandit in the head. The bandit falls to the ground dead. Sam looks down at him and speaks on his radio. SAM Come and get me meatloaf. We‟re going home. Carl‟s cheerful radio voice speaks. CARL Roger, let‟s go home. Carl lands the helicopter. FADE OUT:


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