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screenplay by Sam Bass

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"GRANDMA GUNNER" FADE IN: INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME - NIGHT EDITH VEIN, a very neat elderly and athletic woman in her seventies relaxes with her husband CHARLES VEIN, a youthful and handsome man of about eighty with a bright smile. They sit in a Scottish plaid love seat watching the David Letterman Show on television. Charles and Edith laugh as Letterman goes through his Top Ten List. CHARLES This guy is so funny. Edith smiles and looks at her husband. MS. VEIN I really love times like these. Charles smiles and pats her on the leg. Suddenly they hear a noise outside. They look toward the noise. Charles gets up. He goes to a corner of the room and gets an oak baseball bat. Charles walks to the back door. Just as he steps to the door it blast open and Charles swings his bat over his head striking an intruder on top of the head. The intruder stops dead in his tracks and falls stiff legged back through the door and into the yard. CHARLES P.O.(V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE – The attacker lies in the yard for a moment then he begins to move while holding his head. He sits up dizzy from his head wound. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME Charles walks down the back porch stairs moving toward the intruder. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Edith watches from the back door of their house with her head sticking out. MS. VEIN Be careful Charles. Charles smiles at her as he moves on the attacker. The attacker gets to his feet and turns to run as Charles strikes him across the butt with his bat. A smack is heard and the intruder squeals from the pain. He manages to run across the yard and onto the sidewalk finally going out of sight. Charles turns to Edith. CHARLES Those bastards. This neighborhood is going to hell. Edith nods. MS. VEIN Should I call the police? Charles is disgusted as he moves toward her and the back door. CHARLES No sweetie, they won’t do anything. This neighborhood is crap as far as they are concerned. Charles and Edith go inside. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CITY STREET, FALL - DAY Edith adjusts her cashmere overcoat around her neck because of the cool breeze while she walks arm and arm with Charles. He tucks his plaid winter scarf into the blue, wool overcoat he wears. Charles takes his pretty wife’s hand as they walk. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Edith looks up and smiles at her husband. Her impeccable makeup and bright red lipstick frame her still pretty aged face. The Vein’s laugh and talk inaudibly, still happy after sixty years of marriage. They stroll easily, enjoying each others company down the long narrow sidewalk next to an aging city street, lined with beautiful mature oak trees near their own well kept Victorian stone home. The picturesque neighborhood shows its age and decline by the poor maintenance of the surrounding buildings, further marred by a few old and beat up cars that sit on the once majestic street. Suddenly, two burly and generally nasty looking twenty something gang members, attired in black leather and spikes grab the couple from behind holding them in place. RAT, the larger one holds Charles. RAT Give us you money grandpa. I know it’s Social security checks day. The elderly Charles is brave and strong. CHARLES Piss off, punk. The second gang member, TURBO holds Ms. Vein throws her to the ground. He then turns to Charles, hitting him in the ribs while his partner holds Charles arms. Charles is strong in his defiance; he just glares at the grinning, ugly man with bad teeth. TURBO What about it now, old man? Still want us to piss off. Charles suddenly head butts him in the face. Charles readies himself to defend. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Turbo falls back and grabs his bleeding nose. In the distance a woman across the street looks out her window and dials the telephone. Ms. Vein gets up. MS. VEIN No, Charles, give them the money. The two Gang Members attack Charles and beat him to the ground. The thugs kick him in the head, then the back and ribs while he is down. Charles grabs Rat’s leg and jerk. He falls hard on the concrete sidewalk next to Charles. Turbo moves and kicks Charles in the chin. He turns to Ms. Vein and hits her in the eye as hard as he can, knocking her to the ground. Ms. Vein has a serious cut below her eye that is bleeding profusely. Rat is up and over Charles beating him. He stops and goes to Turbo looking back at Charles. Turbo grabs Ms. Vein’s designer purse and dumps it on the old sidewalk. Rat stands watching. Turbo takes her money from the pile of personal effects. The violent Turbo bends over Charles and calmly takes his wallet as if he has had a personality change. Rat watches. RAT You had to make it hard. Nobody can stop me, stupid old man. The brutal men walk down the street dividing the cash. Ms. Vein lies near Charles watching the thugs go. She moves next him. Charles bleeds from the mouth, coughing and gasping for air. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Edith sits up and leans over Charles, crying. A drop of blood from her bleeding head falls on Charles face. Edith wipes it off. Sirens can be heard in the background. He blinks from his pain and smiles at her. Charles elderly hand awkwardly caresses her cheek. CHARLES Get the son-of-a-bitches, baby, you know what to do. Edith’s kind eyes fill with tears and she nods to Charles hoping to comfort him. CUT TO: INT. AMBULANCE Ms. Vein rides next to her ailing husband as he gasp for breath behind an oxygen mask. The emergency attendant puts an I-V in Charles arm and gives him a shot in the tube. The man looks at Edith. ATTENDANT Hang in there ma’am, he’s strong. She smiles and rubs Charles arm. MS. VEIN I know. Charles blinks his eyes. CUT TO: INT. HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM Two doctors and three nurses stand over Charles working fast and hard to save his life. The heart monitor begins to beep slower and slower. Suddenly the lead doctor turns to a nearby nurse. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: DOCTOR He’s crashing. Get the cart. The nurse turns and grabs a blue crash cart and moves it next to Charles. The doctor immediately begins to apply the electronic paddles to Charles chest. There is no response from Charles. The doctor quickly does it again. Nothing happens. DOCTOR (continuing) Again! He tries the electric charge again. The heart monitor’s lifeline jumps then goes flat and stops beeping. The doctor lies the paddles down and looks up at a clock on the wall. He speaks as he turns to leave the room. DOCTOR (continuing) He’s gone, time of death threethirty-two p. m., I’ll inform the widow. EXT. HOSPITAL WAITING ROOM Ms. Vein sits staring out the window with two-butterfly band aids covering the cut on her eye. The doctor emerges from the operating suite hall and goes to Ms. Vein kneeling next to her. Ms. Vein looks at him hopeful. DOCTOR (continuing) I’m sorry Ms. Vein. Edith breaks down crying. She is inconsolable. The doctor tries to comfort her. DISSOLVE TO:


EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME - LATE SUMMER MORNING The beautiful old home sits on a low ridge over looking the street below. Summer flowers are in bloom and the leaves are bright green. CLOSE ON - A brass street sign bolted to the ornate wrought iron front gate reads, “CHARLES AND EDITH VEIN, 1500 BROADWAY, WELCOME”. INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME Ms. Vein relaxes in a high-back overstuffed red leather chair. She is reading a large print book while dressed in casual khakis and white tee-shirt. Mrs. Vein lies her book down and adjusts her designer eyeglasses revealing a red scare under her eye. She begins to softly cry and takes a tissue to dry her eyes. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - TWO YEAR LATER Her Dog, HERCULES, a stocky built, apricot colored, male Chihuahua sits on the arm of the large leather chair watching Ms. Vein and glancing around the room, like the powerful and awesome guard dog he knows he is. His small spike collar sets him apart. The ever vigilant and handsome Hercules' ears perk up. He jumps from the chair to the hardwood floor and runs barking to the open front door, secured by a locked metal screen door. He stands in front of the door just looking for a moment. HERCULES P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - Hercules sees a dirty black toothed street person going through his mistress mail inside her mailbox next to the front door. BACK TO SCENE Hercules looks him up and down. The tiny dog moves to the brass-framed doggy door in the wall next to the front door, barking again. Hercules pushes it open with his little nose and runs out sounding the alarm (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: with his deep, but small voice. Hercules' squeal can be heard as the bum kicks him. Ms. Vein drops the large book and gets up. MS. VEIN Oh my God, Hercules. She rushes as best she can to the front door. MS. VEIN P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - Ms. Vein sees the man rushing from her front porch leaving her mail scattered across the terrace and yard. BACK TO SCENE The grotesque man kicks at Hercules while the small dog barks and chases him down the street. The bum cuts across the street and Hercules runs into the street after him. Suddenly a vehicle locks its brakes to stop. Hercules squeals. EXT. MS. VEINS (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME Ms. Vein moves outside in shock speculating the horror of Hercules being run over by the car. She feebly rushes to the street. The well-dressed young woman that drives the expensive European sports sedan gets out looking to see if she has hit the dog. Suddenly Hercules runs to his loving mistress from the rear of the car, frightened from the experience. Ms. Vein is very relieved to see Hercules is okay; she slowly sits on the street curb to take care of her best friend. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Hercules crawls in her lap and she pets him. The woman from the car approaches. WOMAN Is he all right ma'am? Ms. Vein smiles and nods yes, hugging Hercules, looking across the street. MS. VEIN I’m sorry if he up set you. Ms. Vein sees the filthy street bum lurking near a huge oak tree, grinning in victory. Ms. Vein looks back at the woman. The woman tries to console her. WOMAN It’s okay. A city policeman drives up and turns on his emergency lights. He gets out and walks to Ms. Vein. He looks at her as she holds Hercules. POLICEMAN What happened? Ms. Vein points to the bum. MS. VEIN That man was on my porch stealing my mail and he kicked Hercules. Hercules chased him and nearly got killed. The policeman glances at the bum down the street. The bum looks away. The policeman looks back at Ms. Vein uninterested taking a note pad from his shirt pocket. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: POLICEMAN Who is Hercules? Ms. Vein smiles and looks at the little dog wrapped in her arms. Hercules barks. MS. VEIN He is, my best friend. The policeman rolls his eyes. POLICEMAN Did you see him steal your mail, the bum, I mean. Ms. Vein shakes her head, no. POLICEMAN (continuing) Sorry, nothing I can do without a witness. Looks like everything else is okay here. The policeman goes to his cruiser and drives away. Mrs. Vein watches him go. The attractive woman driver of the European car that is standing nearby shrugs her shoulders and walks away. Ms. Vein watches the policeman and the woman leaving the scene. She still holds Hercules lovingly. MS. VEIN The wonderful and great have spoken, but, it’s not okay and it’s not all right, you uncaring asses. She weakly gets up from the curb and walks to her home with Hercules in her arms. Ms. Vein shows concern as she glances at the grinning bum still near the oak tree. He just lurks in the distance, staring at her. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Hercules barks at him. The greasy bum leans his skinny body against an the old tree grinning and glaring. The petite Ms. Vein goes into her large Victorian house and locks the massive front door. DISSOLVE TO: INT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOUSE - NIGHT Ms. Vein is up late, dressed in a large and heavy cotton man’s shirt accented with leopard house shoes. She is watching late-night television in her overstuffed red leather chair. Her large wide screen television blares out David Letterman making jokes from his Top Ten List again. Ms. Vein laughs and claps with glee from enthusiasm for her favorite entertainer. MS. VEIN Good one. She cuts cheese with a long slim butcher knife from the plate on her lap. Hercules sits on the wide arm of Ms. Vein's overstuffed chair, happily sampling her handouts. MS. VEIN Don’t eat to much, Hercules. You’ll get constipated. She happily pats her best friend and continues watching television. MS.VEIN (continuing) I miss Charles don’t you Herky? Hercules suddenly looks behind himself and starts to bark and growl. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The room is dark and Ms. Vein is concerned. She sets her plate down and picks up the long and slim bladed butcher knife, she was using. Ms. Vein gets up to turn on the light. Hercules jumps to the floor and moves into the darkness, still barking. Ms. Vein cautiously moves toward the light switch that is at the edge of the dark room, trying to be brave. MS. VEIN (continuing) Is somebody there? I warn you, I’m deadly. I can’t afford to move that makes me mean and desperate. Edith nervously holds the sharp knife in front of herself close to her body in a timid manner, just in case someone is there. The ugly bum that kicked Hercules rushes hastily forward to grab Ms. Vein. When the man grabs Edith from the front the unsuspecting goon runs directly into her long cheese knife driving it deep into his stomach. He abruptly stops. The criminal is totally startled. His eyes get wide and the man’s mouth opens with a gasp. Ms. Vein is also startled. She freeze for a moment then pushes him away. Ms. Vein stumbles backward and almost falls, pulling the long bladed knife out of the man’s body. Ms. Vein panics and out of instinct slashes across the bum's broad body in an involuntary defensive reaction. He starts to do it again. The bum is shocked by her second assault and falls backward to get away. She swings wildly again with the knife. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The startled bum puts up his grubby hand to protect his face. Ms. Vein swings again with her razor sharp cheese knife and severs a finger at the middle joint from the criminals defending hand. The dirty finger falls to the floor. Hercules barks at the filthy finger lying on the polished hardwood floor near him. The bum bleeds profusely from the deep stomach wound and his severed finger. He reels backward from the shock of his experience. The bum takes a moment to stare at his cut-off finger and then realizes he now has a long open cut across his chest. BUM You bitch, you cut me, bad. The deep, gapping chest wound now flows more blood down and over his bloated stomach. The weakened bum looks back at Ms. Vein, obviously now afraid of her and her ability to defend. Ms. Vein is considering her next move, staring at the bum waiting. Hercules stops yelping and grabs the bum's severed finger and shakes it, then, takes it to Ms. Vein, holding his head up for her to see. She looks down at Hercules for a moment and makes a grimacing face. MS. VEIN Herky, Drop that nasty thing, you don't know where it's been. He may have wiped his nasty butt with it. The ruthless bum is partially recovering. He awkwardly stumbles toward her. Ms. Vein is startled. She gets her nerve up and slashes at him again in a panicked fury, cutting the bum across his scruffy ear and down across his neck nicking the man’s (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: jugular vein. The bum’s ear falls off and his neck spews blood. More blood spurts onto the clear-finished oak floor. The bum turns to run. Hercules drops the dirty finger and grabs his ear from the floor. Ms. Vein is braver now, seeing the predators weakened state. She slashes again as hard as she can. The large knife cuts a gaping wound across the bum’s immense back. He squeals like a young girl from the pain as he tries to get out. Ms. Vein puts on a brave face and slashes the bum again. She rips across his shoulder blade and the backside of his ribs. The bum is finally able to escape and stumbles out Ms. Vein's back door, moaning. EXT. MS. VIEN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOUSE The bleeding bum falls to the cool dark ground as he moves across the backyard, struggling to get up. Hercules is on him biting and snapping at the man's face and arms while he tries to get up from the damp lawn. Ms. Vein slowly comes down the back door steps with her protruding butcher knife, walking slowly and positively toward the weakened bum. He turns to see her. The man’s eyes bug out looking toward the back door of the house. He is panicked when he sees Ms. Vein. Edith continues to slowly move toward him. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The bum is badly wounded and still bleeding profusely. He is weak but manages to get up and stumbles across the backyard to the wrought-iron gate that leads to the alley. The criminal exits into the alley with Hercules still clinging to his leg, biting and snapping. EXT. ALLEY BEHIND THE VEIN HOME Ms. Vein continues to tediously follow the bum watching him closely and deliberately. The bum slows down looking back. He stumbles and gets up trying to move on. He can see Edith directly behind him steadily walking. The bum stumbles again and grabs the backyard iron fence for support. He continues to struggle moving slowly down the alley. Ms. Vein is still directly behind him. The desperate thug has to pause hoping to gather strength but he can hardly move. When he does try to move again he stumbles and falls. Edith is standing over the bum. She gets down beside the man. Ms. Vein smiles and quickly severs his Achilles tendon with her knife. The green toothed man screams out and squirms on the overgrown alley floor. Ms. Vein slowly cuts his other Achilles tendon of the weakened man. The bum groans again. A voice sounds off from a house in the distance. MALE VOICE (O.S.) Shut up, you drunk asshole. Ms. Vein smiles and looks at the bum. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The dirty bum weakly tries to move as he lies on the cluttered alley’s rough black tarmac floor. The black tarmac is colored with his very red blood about a hundred feet from Ms. Vein's well-kept backyard. Ms. Vein stands watching. To the bum’s horror, he can see her dainty feet next to his dirty head. The criminal looks up. She still stands over him just looking down, smiling. Hercules snarls and growls beside her. He moves in on the bum biting at his arm, neck and bloody face. The man puts his wounded hands over his faces, trying to protect himself. Ms. Vein raises her knife up in a threatening manner. The bum opens his pale eyes wider looking through his fingers. He is panicked. BUM Wait, why are you doing this? She stops and looks at him casually amused at his statement. Ms. Vein puts on a fake kind face. MS. VEIN I've lived a very long time and I have always been decent to all people. I haven't uttered a curse word or thought of doing a bad deed for a lot of years. You, you sorry bastard have changed all of that. You have caused me too like hurting you. The bum looks up at her with a pitiful expression. BUM Are you going to kill me? Ms. Vein smiles. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS. VEIN You violated my home, you deserve it. Besides, I think I already have. She leans over a little and begins to saw on the dying man’s neck where he is already cut. He weakly struggles and gurgles. The neck wound squirts more blood. She wipes her slender deadly knife on the bum's shirt sleeve and walks away. MS. VEIN (continuing) Come on, Hercules, let's go home, we're missing Letterman. As Ms. Vein walks she speaks out in general. MS. VEIN (continuing) That was for Charles. DISSOLVE TO: INT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOUSE, UPSTAIRS BEDROOM - MORNING Ms. Vein gets out of a plush feather bed and puts on her expensive robe. She looks out her bedroom bay window facing the alley. MS. VEIN P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - Ms. Vein sees a police car and an ambulance in the alley behind her house. BACK TO SCENE Ms. Vein picks up the cordless telephone and dials. she listens to the ringing on the phone. The strong voice of MORTON FISHBEIN, an elderly cheerful man answers. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MORTON (TELEPHONE V.O.) Hello. Ms. Vein is solemn. MS. VEIN Good morning, Morton. Morty's happy voice answers. MORTON (TELEPHONE V.O.) Good morning, love. Ms. Vein is sad. MS. VEIN Morty, I… There is abrupt quiet. MORTON (TELEPHONE V.O.) Edith? Edith's voice is sweet and calm. MS. VEIN It's nothing, I just wanted to hear Your voice. Morty wants to cheer her up. His voice is kind and happy. MORTON (TELEPHONE V.O.) You don't sound to chipper. How about having lunch as the special guest of Morty Fishbein at the Excelsior, the restaurant that is fit only for a queen? Edith is touched by his consideration. MS. VEIN Oh, Morty you're so special. Is Tomorrow at twelve o'clock okay? Morty is happy. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MORTON (TELEPHONE V.O.) Twelve it is, love. Ms. Vein hangs up and is silent for a moment. She just looks out her oversized dark oak trimmed window into space. She walks from the plush bedroom. INT. UPSTAIRS HALL, VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME Ms. Vein moves down the long hall, the walls are decorated with gold framed English hunt pictures. She pauses at the foot of the dark oak stairs and looks up slightly. An oil painting of her beloved husband Charles hangs alone, lit by a single brass light. Ms. Vein pauses to caress the frame, then moves down the well finished broad stairs. INT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOUSE, DOWNSTAIRS LIVING ROOM Ms. Vein continues down the stairs and onto the polished dark oak floor into the living room. She picks up a dirty bag full of bloody rags from her clean up the night before, and walks out the back door. Hercules proudly follows. EXT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOUSE Ms. Vein casually walks across her backyard toward the crime scene caring her bag. Edith opens her gate and moves into the alley. She stops at a wide storm drain that is cut into the street curb. Ms. Vein drops the dirty bag next to her ankles and Hercules directly in front of the open drain. She kicks it in, out of sight. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Edith turns with a smile on her face and walks toward the murder scene. Two paramedics zip up a body bag that encases the dead bum and loads him into the awaiting ambulance. Ms. Vein stops watching the scene. She sees the policeman from the day before. Ms. Vein picks up Hercules. The policeman walks to her. POLICEMAN Hey, lady, come look at this guy. See if you know him. Ms. Vein walks to the ambulance. The paramedic stops his work and pulls the ambulance gurney out from the back of the vehicle far enough for Ms. Vein to see. He unzips the black body bag to reveal the bum’s bloody face. The face is contorted and ugly. Ms. Vein glances at the man from where she stands leaning forward slightly. She shakes her head, no and turns away putting on a show for the policeman. The policeman looks closer at the dead man's face. It is pale and blue with his eyes still open. He turns to Ms. Vein. POLICEMAN (continuing) You sure? Hercules barks and Ms. Vein looks down at the little dog. She shakes her head for him to be quiet. MS. VEIN Yes, I’m Sure. He’s probable just another bum that lives around here. The nonchalant policeman smiles and turns to the paramedic holding the body. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: POLICEMAN (continuing) Load the grease ball. (turns to Ms. Vein) Go on lady nothing more to see here, just one less freak to deal with. Ms. Vein is casual, she turns and walks away, uttering under her breath. MS. VEIN Butt hole. The arrogant policeman turns back to Ms. Vein with a mischievous smile on his face. POLICEMAN Hey, lady that dog got a license? She keeps walking steadily and rudely speaks to the smiling policeman. MS. VEIN You got one? With a face like that you need more than a license. The ambulance people laugh. The policeman is amused. She and Hercules continue to walk proudly to their home and go inside their yard. The policeman is still grinning and goes about his business walking toward his patrol car. POLICEMAN Feisty, old girl. INT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOUSE Ms. Vein opens the heavy ornate iron back door and walks inside her home with Hercules. She stops and lets Hercules jump down on the floor. He runs to the living room. Ms. Vein walks to the room following her dog.


INT. LIVING ROOM, MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOUSE Edith stops in front of a large portrait of her husband hanging high on the pecan paneled wall in her living room. The massive oil portrait has a unique antique gold frame and is draped with a large black ribbon. Ms. Vein thinks while looking at the magnificent oil portrait. She touches the picture frame tenderly. Edith looks down for a moment and back at Charles. MS. VEIN Charles, I miss you, so. I've changed today, I killed a bad man and thought it was good. I should have remorse. But, I don't. I guess you knew me best, when you ask me to avenge your death. She turns to a closet near the front entry and opens the door. Edith takes off her robe and puts on a freshly dry cleaned dress hanging in the closet and puts on a pair of black heels sitting inside. Ms. Vein hangs her robe on a brass hook and shuts the door. She moves to a coffee table and takes a long sharp hairpin from the top of it and pins her hair up. She turns and walks to her large red chair and sits. Hercules jumps into her lap and onto the arm. Ms. Vein gets that blank stare again and looks into the distance. MS. VEIN (continuing) You know, Herky, we need to go shopping, it always helps a heavy heart. She stands and picks up her large black purse beside the chair. Ms. Vein opens it, takes out red lipstick and looks into a hanging mirror on the wall. She puts on the crimson lipstick and smoothes it by pressing her lips together. Ms. Vein puts (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: the lipstick away and holds the purse open, lowered near Hercules. He jumps inside. MS. VEIN (continuing) Good boy, Hercules. She walks from her home and shuts the front door behind her. EXT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOUSE Ms. Vein locks the door while Hercules head hangs out of her purse looking around watching his turf. EXT. DRIVEWAY, MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOUSE She walks to the drive way from her pristine house moving to the nearby Victorian garage. Edith opens the old wooden doors swinging them back. Inside is a classic, black, nineteen fifty-seven model, Cadillac coupe in show room condition. She gets inside her car and starts the powerful engine. Ms. Vein turns her head and slowly backs out. Her rude neighbor, CAL PORTER, a chubby middle-aged man, dressed in a tan leisure suit, rushes to the side of her moving car as she clears the garage. He leans forward speaking harshly. PORTER Hey, Vein. You're bushes and trees are growing into my yard again. Can't you get someone to cut them? You're becoming a pest. She stops her big car and looks out the window at the unkept, cross eyed, bushy haired neighbor. MS. VEIN You know, Mr. Porter, I told you, I am on a retirement income and I have to wait until I can afford it. I gave you my word, it will be done. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Porter is rude. PORTER Well hurry it up Grandma Moses. My place is losing value with you as a neighbor. She smiles and turns her car's huge front wheels a little and continues to back out. Ms. Vein’s huge car tires slowly run over Mr. Porter's venerable toes. He screams out and starts hopping and holding one ugly foot then the other. PORTER Vein, help. Oh shit help! He falls to the ground sitting on his butt holding his feet looking in her direction. INT. MS. VEIN’S CAR Ms. Vein continues backing out, smiling as if she doesn't hear. MS. VEIN That was good. (smiling). Call nine-one-one, you idiot. EXT. EXPRESSWAY – NOON Ms. Vein drives cautiously down the interstate highway at a low speed in the proper lane. INT. MS. VEIN’S CAR MS. VEIN You know Herky, this revenge thing is so under rated. What a stress reliever, I feel so relaxed and when I let out a, What the hell or son-of -an-ass. Boy, do I feel great. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Several fast cars pass her as she putts steadily down the highway in her Cadillac. EXT. EXPRESSWAY A heavily tattooed biker suddenly rides up behind Ms. Vein’s Cadillac on his flamed out Harley. He is close on her back bumper trying to pass. Traffic is too heavy for the biker to move around Edith. He honks and curses at Ms. Vein while he rides her bumper. All of the noise is making Ms. Vein nervous. She taps her brakes and looks in her rearview mirror. The biker quickly slams on his brakes smoking his tires to avoid a rear end collision. Ms. Vein glances up to look in her review mirror again and keeps driving. The biker starts cussing more and honking at her for going to slow. Ms. Vein taps her brakes again from all of the noise. The motorcycle’s front tire taps her bumper, but he doesn't go down. The rude biker is furious. He waves his arms and fist in anger at Edith. Ms. Vein looks in the rearview mirror and slowly pulls to the broad shoulder of the expressway and stops. The angry biker stops right behind her. She gets out of her car and calmly moves to the ranting biker. The man sits on his motorcycle cussing at Ms. Vein and generally being rude. BIKER I'm callin a cop, you old bitch, you're a road hazard. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein is shocked at the level of anger and his rudeness. She tries to make peace. MS. VEIN I'm sorry young man, but you were too close to my bumper. The man smirks and puts his kickstand down. He glances down. THE BIKER’S P.O.V. He sees a deep rocky ravine below him. BACK TO SCENE He looks back at Ms. Vein. MS. VEIN P.O.V. She can see the biker has stopped at the end of a guardrail and has no protection from a fall into the ravine. BACK TO SCENE Ms. Vein smiles at the biker. He glares at her. BIKER Get off the road, you are a dam disaster. You’re old, go to a old codgers home. Ms. Vein is patient. MS. VEIN Know need to be mad, I'm sorry. The biker is meaner. BIKER Shit, people like you should be put away, you rickety old bag. Hercules starts barking and growling from the driver’s side car window. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein looks at Hercules. MS. VEIN Yes, Herky I know he is a rude bastard and an ass. The biker starts to get off of his bike to speak. Ms. Vein steps forward and puts her small foot on the motorcycle, she pushes, nothing happen. The biker is surprised. She quickly recovers regaining her balance and slams into him with her shoulder. The big man is caught off balance, He and his powerful machine plummet over the edge and down the ravine wall. The motorcycle and biker continue to fall down the side of the rough ravine rolling, bouncing and tumbling to the bottom, fifty feet below. Ms. Vein smiles. She speaks to herself as she gets in her car to drives on. MS. VEIN (continuing) Looks like his tattooed rickety ass has finally hit rock bottom. Ms. Vein shuts her car door. She starts her Cadillac and drives on. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. MALL Ms. Vein stops her big black car in the parking garage. She pulls her things together and gets out with Hercules inside her designer purse. Ms. Vein locks her shiny car and walks toward the giant mall. Edith is the picture of elegance as she strolls toward the glass front doors. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: A harsh looking man slowly drives by looking at Ms. Vein, then at her classic car. She moves on toward the mall speaking to herself smiling, while Hercules growls and stares at the man. MS. VEIN (continuing) Bring it, scum. I feel good today. INT. MALL Ms. Vein enters the very modern and clean mall. She walks toward the nearby knife and cutlery shop. Ms. Vein walks inside. INT. MALL CUTTLERY SHOP She looks around the well-stocked store. No clerk is in sight. Her elderly, but sharp eyes continue to scan the area. Ms. Vein peers toward a twenty-something, arrogant female clerk that is dressed in dirty jeans and a cropped teeshirt. She slumps behind a hunting knife display listening to hard rock music on the radio. Ms. Vein walks to her. MS. VEIN Could you help me please? The clerk is put out. She glares at Ms. Vein. Ms. Vein smiles. The clerk snips her words out. CLERK Yeah, soon as this song’s over. Ms. Vein continues to look at the merchandise in the display cases on the counter. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Hercules sticks his head out of the purse. The sight of Hercules puzzles the slow clerk. CLERK (continuing) Hey, aren’t dog’s illegal or somethin in stores, especially the midgets. Ms. Vein looks at her. MS. VEIN I guess it depends if you are talking about mental midgets or just plain challenged people like you. The clerk is lost in the statement. CLERK (continuing) Okay, you want somethin? Ms. Vein is nice. MS. VEIN Yes, I would like to see that self -defense shocker thing. The challenged clerk takes out a self-defense high-amp stungun and puts it on the counter top in front of Ms. Vein. The clerk forces a weak smile at the prospect of making a commission sale. CLERK There it is. Touch this baby to the bad guy and he drops like a sack of hammers. Ninety-nine ninety-five worth of security. Ms. Vein looks it over. She points it at the clerk and pulls the trigger a couple of time and puts it back on the counter. MS. VEIN This thing is working. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The clerk is relieved. Ms. Vein continues her shopping. MS. VEIN May I look at the pepper squirter also, please? Ms. Vein continues shopping. She is frustrates with the bazaar clerk. The clerk takes the pepper spray out and plops it on the counter. CLERK Yeah, this is the most powerful spray in the business, it'll take an elephant down. A small person like you, should have the best, makes you feel like a thousand pound gorilla for thirty-nine -ninety-five. Ms. Vein looks it over and lays it back on the counter. MS. VEIN May I see the big folding pearl handled knife there? The clerk is a little more put out, but gets the big knife out and opens it for Ms. Vein then puts it on the glass counter top. CLERK This big boy is a Gerber. Navy Seals use Gerber's. Cut ya in half. Solid defense for eighty-nine dollars. You gonna buy somethin? Ms. Vein is sweet. MS. VEIN Yes, I'll take all three. The clerk gathers the three items, rings the cash register and puts them in a bag. Hercules watches intently. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein is looking in the shopping bag at the items while holding her money out ready to pay. CLERK That's two-hundred-fifty-four dollars and sixty-four cents with tax. Ms. Vein counts out thirteen twenty-dollar bills. The clerk impatiently takes the money and gives Ms. Vein an uncounted handful of change. CLERK (continuing) Thanks grandma. Ms. Vein has the stun-gun out and touches it to the rude clerk's wrist. MS. VEIN Is this thing charged now? She pushes the button. The greasy haired clerk's body is jolted by the electric charge. The clerk nearly falls to the floor from the ordeal, but manages to weakly stabilize herself holding onto the counter. Ms. Vein puts the powerful stun-gun back in her plastic bag and quickly takes out the pepper spray looking it over. She points it at the weak clerk. MS. VEIN (continuing) Does this button discharge the fluid? Ms. Vein pushes the button and the clerk gets squirted in the face and screams out. Hercules retreats into the purse. Ms. Vein keeps spraying the pepper as the clerk holds her hands up to defend. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS. VEIN (continuing) This thing is really good, very strong. She wipes her elderly eyes smiling at the clerk and puts the strong pepper spray back in the bag. The clerk’s red and bloodshot eyes roll as she wilts to the dirty floor. Hercules looks out of the purse. Ms. Vein takes out a pink tissue from her purse as Hercules looks on. She drops it over the messy counter onto the inconsiderate downed clerk. MS. VEIN (continuing) Here's a tissue; it will help, unlike you. Oh, I’m not your grandma, nor is anyone else in the human race. Ms. Vein takes her paper bag of defense tools and casually walks from the small cutlery shop smiling her alwayspleasant smile. She looks down at Hercules. MS. VEIN (continuing) What a great experience and shocking too. INT. MALL Ms. Vein is moving toward the food court. CONNIE POOL, a very attractive forty something woman that is dressed in an expensive and conservative dark business suit steps beside her. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: CONNIE Ms. Vein is that you? Ms. Vein looks at her little closer with a question on her face. Connie smiles a beautiful smile that fits her bubbling personality. CONNIE (continuing) It's me, Connie Pool. Ms. Vein still has a question on her face. CONNIE (continuing) I'm Loraine Pool's daughter. Ms. Vein understands now. MS. VEIN Yes, how is your mother, she is such a sweet person. Connie appears sad. Her dark eyes well up with tears. CONNIE She passed away two months ago. Ms. Vein is sad. MS. VEIN I'm so sorry, When you’re old, people forget about you and you don't know these things. Your mother was a wonderful person. I loved her dearly. Connie smiles. Ms. Vein pats her. MS. VEIN (continuing) Let's have lunch and talk dear. Connie smiles and they walk toward the food court.


INT. MALL RESTAURTANT Connie and Edith sit across from each other eating and relaxing. CONNIE So, since Charles passed away you've been alone. Ms. Vein nods. MS. VEIN Yes, it's hard. The other night I Had a break in. I felt so defenseless. Connie is sympathetic. CONNIE You need a gun. Ms. Vein smiles. MS. VEIN I bought a shock gun and pepper spray. Connie is sincere. CONNIE I understand your concern. I had a burglar that tried to rape me a few months ago. Ms. Vein is caring. MS. VEIN I'm sorry, Connie. Connie is confident. CONNIE Don't be, I stopped him. I grabbed a butcher knife and when he was about to have sex with me. I stabbed him, but the bastard lived. He’s in jail now for a long time. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein understands. MS. VEIN You know honey, I can relate. I have (she smiles to herself) come to realize, some people just don't need to live. To bad he did. Connie has a slight smile. CONNIE I don't feel bad about it. I'd do it again. There's a lot of people that should be terminated. Since my experience I feel different about these things. Ms. Vein smiles. MS. VEIN Me too. Connie is curious CONNIE Have you had an experience like mine? Ms. Vein realizes she has said too much. MS. VEIN No honey, I just agree. Suddenly the haggard clerk from the cutlery shop rushes toward Ms. Vein and Connie with a Mall security guard in tow. She points boldly. CLERK That’s the old witch that electrocuted me and peppered my eyes. Ms. Vein and Connie look on unruffled. The guard steps forward. SECURITY GUARD Ma’am, did you pepper and shock her? (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Connie and Ms. Vein just look at them. The guard gestures for an answer. CONNIE This woman is with me and we have been together all morning. I’m a police officer may I help. The guard smiles. SECURITY GUARD No, everything is all right, the clerk just made a mistake. The clerk speaks up. CLERK She did it, look at me. The guard pulls her away. CLERK (continuing) Do something Carl or you’ll never get between these legs again. The guard continues to pull the clerk away. Connie looks at Ms. Vein. CONNIE What was that? Ms. Vein smiles. MS. VEIN I confess, the woman was the clerk that waited on me and I accidentally spurted her with the pepper spray and accidentally shocked her. Thank you for covering for me. Connie is kind. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: CONNIE I understand, but I’m a police officer, so, I can’t do it again. Ms. Vein smiles and takes a drink of her beverage. MS. VEIN I understand sweetie. I just have had so much trouble in my life I don’t know how to handle it anymore. Connie nods in agreement. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME – LATE AFTERNOON Ms. Vein turns into her long driveway and drives to her garage and moves inside. INT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN GARAGE Edith gets out of her Cadillac and locks it. She hesitates for a moment thinking she has heard something. Ms. Vein goes about her business and walks outside. EXT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME Ms. Vein closes her heavy garage doors and walks toward her house. Rat and Turbo come from a dark corner of the garage and grab her purse. Hercules jumps out in the process and starts barking. The thugs knock Edith to the ground. They go through her purse while casually walking down the driveway. The men turn onto the sidewalk and move down the street. Ms Vein watches them leave from her property while still on the ground. Ms. Vein manages to stand and make her way to the front door with Hercules quietly following.


INT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME - NIGHT Ms. Vein walks inside, locks the door and sits in her favorite chair. She reaches for the telephone and hears someone tinkering with the kitchen window. MS. VEIN Does it never stop? She quietly gets up and takes Hercules to the closet and puts him in. She takes out a pellet gun and checks the gas cylinder. Ms. Vein loads the gun. She then goes to the table and opens the bag from the cutlery store. Ms. Vein takes out the stun-gun. Ms. Vein carefully moves outside. EXT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME Ms. Vein comes out of the back door with her stun-gun and pellet rifle. She sees Rat and Turbo trying to break into her kitchen window. MS. VEIN Those bastards. Ms. Vein raises the pellet gun and fires. She hits Rat in the neck. The pellet breaks the skin and he screams out. Blood begins to run from his wound. Before either of the thugs can move she shoots again. This time hitting Rat in the eye. He screams and drops to the ground squirming. Turbo runs toward her. Ms. Vein takes out the stun-gun and when Turbo is close enough she slams the stun-gun against his balls and pushes the button. Turbo falls back shaking from the shock. Ms. Vein smiles as she goes to Rat while he ties to get up. She touches the back of his neck with the stun-gun and pushes the button. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Rat goes stiff from the shock. She holds it on him for a few seconds. Ms. Vein moves to Turbo and touch the stun-gun to the top of his head as he tries to get up and pulls the trigger. She holds it for a few seconds. His body goes straight and stiff from the shock. She pulls a cell phone from her pocket and dial nine-oneone. It rings. EMERGENCY OPERATOR (V.O.) Nine-one-one. Ms. Vein puts her foot on Turbo as he weakly tries to get up. MS. VEIN I have two men lying in my yard. They fell trying to break into my house. EMERGENCY OPERATOR (V.O.) Stay on the line, the police are on the way. Ms. Vein smiles. MS.VEIN Okay. The two men just lie on the ground moaning. She goes to each of them and shocks the men again. Edith steps back from the two criminals. She takes aim with her pellet gun and shoots each of them in the balls. They scream out from the torture. Ms. Vein then goes to the thugs and alternates between the men shocking them on their heads. MS. VEIN Please stop these ugly things you do. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Edith shocks them again. She looks up. Four policemen are walking toward her across the yard. DISSOLVE TO: INT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME - MORNING The doorbell chimes. Ms. Vein moves to the front door from the living room and looks out the peep-hole. She then opens the large door. SUB-TITLE: ONE MONTH LATER. Connie is standing in the doorway. Ms. Vein invites her in. MS. VEIN How nice to see you, Connie, come in. Connie moves inside with a package in her hands. Ms. Vein is happy. MS. VEIN (continuing) I have a television cable man coming to put in cable, will you stay until he is finished? Connie is happy as she unwraps the package she brought. CONNIE Sure, I'm off duty today. Look what I brought you. Connie takes out a brushed aluminum nine-mm automatic pistol from the paper package and holds it out for Ms. Vein to see. Ms. Vein smiles and takes the pistol. MS. VEIN You don't know this about me, but I was in the army during world war two and I know how to shoot. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Connie smiles. CONNIE The low-life’s around here will be calling you Grandma Gunner. Ms. Vein is pleased. She lays the pistol on the counter. Ms. VEIN Thank you, Connie. I really need this. You know they never caught my husband’s killers, but I encountered two men that I am almost sure they are the ones. Ms. Vein smiles with gratitude. She shows Connie the breakfast nook table. MS. VEIN (continuing) Come on sit down. Connie sits at the table. Edith then hears a knock at her front door and goes to answer it. She opens it while Connie waits. A harsh looking chubby man stands in the doorway wearing a Western Pacific Cable uniform caring a small tool box. CABLEMAN Western Pacific Cable Vision, ma’am. Ms. Vein smiles. MS. VEIN Of course, come in. The man enters. CABLEMAN I’ll just check behind the television for a hook up. The cable man walks on. He goes directly to the den next to the kitchen looking behind the television set. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein has shut the front door and goes back to Connie and sits down to talk. The Television man walks to Ms. Vein. CABLEMAN Almost forgot, you owe a deposit of one hundred fifty, before I can start. Ms. Vein stands. MS. VEIN I already did all of that over the phone with my credit card. The stubby cable man is uncaring. CABLEMAN Sorry, no deposit no cable. Connie stands and steps beside Ms. Vein. CONNIE Put the cable in Bubba, she paid already. The cable man turns to leave. Ms Vein is mildly angry. MS. VEIN Don't you care that your company may be wrong? The cable man is walking out. CABLEMAN No, I get paid the same right or wrong. Hercules comes from the back room barking. Connie is angry also. She grabs the pistol from the table and fires it into the floor near the man's feet. Edith is shocked. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Herky is also shocked and gets quiet. He just looks at Connie. The cable man freezes in place. CONNIE Fix the cable, dumb ass. The man cautiously turns toward Connie. CABLEMAN Don’t do anything rash. I’ll do it. Ms. Vein suddenly and out of no where, takes the stun-gun from her purse. She touches the cable man’s stomach with it and pushes the button. The man jerks and gyrates from the shock. MS. VEIN This little machine always gets their attention. The man is still jerking. Edith stops. He drops to the floor in a quivering fit. Connie smiles. CONNIE What’d you do that for? He said he would do it. Ms. Vein looks at Connie. MS. VEIN Sorry, but he needed an attitude adjuster. Connie is amused. CONNIE It's all right, Edith. This is just a part of being sick and tired of shit heads like him. When he gets up he will finish your cable. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein concentrates on the cable man and kicks him hard on his broad butt while he lies on the hardwood floor recovering. MS. VEIN Get up and fix my cable or I'll give you another shot. The chubby man weakly gets up from the floor. CABLEMAN You bitches are crazy. I told the company, we shouldn't even come into this shit-hole neighborhood. Connie smiles. CONNIE You’re right, we are crazy, crazy about good service. (she looks at Ms. Vein) Right, Edith? Ms. Vein smiles and nods. MS. VEIN Damn right. DISSOLVE TO AFTERNOON: The cable man is tuning the television and connecting a cable in the back. Connie holds the automatic pistol on him casually while Ms. Vein has her trusty stun-gun ready at her side. CONNIE Looks like you're finished. The cable man nods. Connie discretely takes the stun-gun from Ms. Vein. The cable man is packing up his tools. Connie moves to the man unnoticed. She abruptly sticks the stun-gun to the back (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: of the man's neck and pushes the button. The man goes to the floor in a convulsion. Connie goes down with him holding the gun to his neck. She then puts it on his chest over his heart and holds the button down. The man is still convulsing. She stops and turns the charge up on the gun and starts shocking him again. Connie stops and listens to his heart, suddenly he sits up right with a blank look on his face. She abruptly touches the gun to his heart area again with the button held on. The man convulses slightly and falls back to the floor with a thud. Connie stops and listens to his heart. She stands and hands the gun to Ms. Vein and smiles. She takes out her cell and dials, it to ring then an answer. CONNIE (continuing) This is Detective Sergeant Pool. I'm at fifteen hundred Broadway. We have a deceased party with a heart attack. I'll standby for an ambulance. She hangs up the telephone and puts it away. Connie looks at Ms. Vein in an approving manner. CONNIE (continuing) I'm sick of assholes in this world. How about you, Edith. Ms. Vein looks at her. MS. VEIN Me too, honey. Screw him, the worlds a better place without’em. I thought I smelled bacon from his big ass when you fried him. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Connie smiles. CONNIE You’re getting pretty feisty, Edith. I like the change I see in you. Don’t You worry I'll protect you. I know about the bum in the alley. He's the burglar that broke into your house isn't he? Ms. Vein smiles. MS. VEIN You know Connie; I stabbed that bum and liked it, because he was evil. But, you know I’m afraid I’m going straight to hell for all of the bad I’m doing. Connie smiles and nods in agreement. CONNIE AND MS. VEIN P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - They look out and see an ambulance and a police car stop on the street out front. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME - MORNING Ms. Vein prunes her small scrubs in her front yard near the sidewalk with a hand pruner, while Hercules lies in the browning winter grass, watching his mistress. Her neighbor, Mr. Porter hobbles down the sidewalk with bandages on his feet and wearing sandals to confront his elderly neighbor. PORTER Hey Vein, It's been three months and you haven't done a damn thing about the trees and bushes. My property is going down fast and don’t you think I don’t know you ran over my feet on purpose. I just can’t prove it. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein tries to be patient while he rambles. MS. VEIN I'm sorry, Mr. Porter, it is not my intention to deceive you, I simply have not accumulated enough money to complete the task. Porter is rude. He leans into her. PORTER Listen, I get the part that you are on a tight budget, but you gotta move on this. If ya don't, I'm callin the city code enforcement people. You got a week. Ms. Vein nods. Porter turns and hobbles back to his house. Ms. Vein appears very sad. She has lost interest in her gardening; Edith drops her pruning shears on the ground then turns and goes into the house with Hercules close on her heals. INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME Ms. Vein goes and sits in her overstuffed chair and looks at Hercules standing in front of her. She suddenly appears cheered up MS. VEIN Let's call Connie, she'll know what to do. Ms. Vein dials her very old telephone and waits while it rings. After several rings the answering machine picks-up. CONNIE'S ANSWERING MACHINE (V.O.) Sorry, can't come to the phone. You know what to do. I'll call you back. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein hangs up. She looks at Hercules. MS. VEIN Come on Hercules, let's go check on Connie. I've tried to talk to her for a week. Ms. Vein gets her purse. Hercules jumps inside the big purse and she leaves the house shutting the door behind her. The sound of the door locking is heard. CUT TO: EXT. CITY STREET Edith drives her big Cadillac slowly from her driveway to the street. INT. MS. VEIN'S CADILLAC Ms. Vein glances up at her rearview mirror. She sees Mr. Porter in the mirror, yelling out while he moves toward her slow moving Cadillac. PORTER Hey, Vein. Ms. Vein looks back to the front of her car and again in the rearview mirror. MS. VEIN P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - She sees his chunky image close in the rearview mirror. BACK TO SCENE Ms. Vein happily shoots him the finger as she slowly rolls out of her driveway and down the street. Porter stands in her driveway with his hand son his hips watching. CUT TO:


EXT. CONNIE'S SUBURBAN HOME Ms. Vein stops her Cadillac in the driveway and gets out. She looks at Connie’s car sitting next to her. It is obviously dusty and not driven in a long while. Ms. Vein goes to the front door of the house and rings the doorbell no one answers. Ms. Vein knocks on the door, still no one answers. Ms. Vein moves to a side window, looking inside. She sees the house is torn up and in a mess. Edith calls for Connie hoping to raise someone. MS. VEIN Connie, are you here? Connie? Ms. Vein tries the front door it is locked. She goes to the side door in the carport and tries it. It is locked also. Ms. Vein, takes a key out of her purse and opens the side door. She cautiously moves inside. INT. CONNIE'S SUBURBAN HOME, KITCHEN Ms. Vein yells out for Connie as she looks around the room. MS. VEIN Connie, are you here? Ms. Vein moves to the master bedroom. INT. CONNIE'S SUBURBAN HOME, MASTER BEDROOM Ms. Vein is suddenly shocked. She see Connie's battered body lying in the bed before her. Connie’s hands and ankles are bound with duct tape and a piece of it is across her mouth. Connie's bloody face is swollen and beaten almost beyond recognition. Ms. Vein goes to Connie. MS. VEIN (continuing) Oh Connie dear, what has happened? (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein gently takes the tape from her mouth. Connie is beaten so badly she can hardly speak or move. Connie mumbles to Ms. Vein. CONNIE Be careful, he is still here. Ms. Vein has a curious look. MS. VEIN Who dear? Edith quickly turns to meet a fist knocking her to the carpeted floor. Hercules brakes from the purse, barking and snarling, biting at the attacker. The big pearl handled folding knife purchased by Ms. Vein at the mall rolls out of the purse when Hercules hits the floor. Hercules bites the attacker's leg, distracting him while trying to protect Ms. Vein. Ms. Vein's aged hand grabs the big knife and opens it. She awkwardly stabs the man’s foot all the way through to the wooden floor. He yells and bends over to grab the knife. Ms. Vein jerks the knife out of his foot and stabs him straight down, deep into the valley of his lower neck while he is bent over. The evil looking man screams out and grabs his neck spinning around the room in pain, bleeding profusely. Ms. Vein stands and as he passes by. She grabs the big knife from his neck and methodically jams it between his ribs as he turns to weakly attack her. Everything slows down as he falls to the floor, his eyes wide open with the huge knife protruding from his rib cage. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS. VEIN (continuing) That'll top your night off, you crazy bastard. (turning to Connie) Who is this nut, Connie? Ms. Vein pulls the knife from the crazy man and wipes it clean on his shirt. She goes to Connie and cuts her tape loose then sits on the corner of the bed. Connie weakly speaks. CONNIE He's the rapist. The bastard got outta jail and trapped me here. He beat and rape me everyday. Then the S-O-B broke my nose, making me call into work. Ms. Vein is sympathetic. MS. VEIN It's all right now, I'll take good care of you. Your going to my house and I'll come back and clean up this mess. Connie nods weakly. She looks at Ms Vein’s face were the criminal hit her and touches it. CONNIE I sorry you got hurt. You’ll need to call the cops, Edith. Ms. Vein helps her up. She appears surprised at Connie’s comment. MS. VEIN Sure, call the cops. DISSOLVE TO:


INT. MS. VEIN'S (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOUSE – MORNING Ms. Vein and Connie sit at a table in the breakfast nook drinking tea. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - THREE MONTHS LATER Connie looks at Ms. Vein kindly. Her wounds are almost completely healed. CONNIE You're the only family I have. I'm so lucky to have you for a friend. Ms. Vein smiles. She has no signs of an injury and is very happy. MS. VEIN I too am lucky to have you and Morty. The two of you mean the world to me. Connie continues to be serious. CONNIE The people we encountered deserved what they got, but I feel remorse now. I’m sad about it. Ms. Vein looks at Connie with a sweet expression on her aging kind face. MS. VEIN I once felt bad, but now, I feel like I've done a service to the community. The bad guys would never have been stopped unless someone did something and I’m glad I did. Connie is in thought. She appears to be depressed and remorseful. CONNIE I acted out of anger, but when you put it that way. I believe we are probably contributing to society. Ms. Vein smiles. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS. VEIN There's know question that we are considered murderers by society, but I've lived a long time and just now I am beginning to understand society has never really changed. We just cover up survival of the fittest with laws and big talk by politicians. It's still survival. Connie nods in agreement. CONNIE We will surely be executed for what we have done. We may as well clean up society as much as possible. Ms. Vein kindly smiles at Connie. MS. VEIN I always thought, my life would end differently. I hope Morty doesn't find out. It would kill him to know I'm a murderer or is that murderess? Connie nods. They hear a knock at the door. Ms. Vein goes to the door. Connie watches Edith. She can hear Ms. Vein's inaudible voice talking cheerfully to some one then the door close. Ms. Vein moves to the kitchen doorway with a short stocky man that is grinning. He is dressed in a crumpled gray suit constantly pressing it with his hand. MS. VEIN (continuing) Connie, I want you to meet Pastor Blaine. I go to his church when I'm able. Connie smiles. She weakly stands and shakes his hand, then quickly sits. The preacher sits without invitation. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein turns and gets a cup of coffee and sits with him. He looks at Ms vein and pats her on the wrist. PREACHER BLAINE Well, Ms. Vein, I haven't seen much of you lately. She smiles. MS. VEIN I've been very busy. The pastor smiles. PREACHER BLAINE You know we depend on your financial contributions. I'm out today too save the church. We need money to continue. Ms. Vein smiles. MS. VEIN Of course pastor, (she goes to the counter and opens her purse) I'll write you a check. Connie speaks up. CONNIE Edith, You don't need to give him money, he's just gathering cash. There is no emergency. The chunky preacher is insulted. PREACHER BLAINE What do you know about my church? Connie is course. CONNIE Plenty, You don't care about Edith. You just care about money and if she is still alive to pay. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The preacher fires back. PREACHER BLAINE Miss, You need to mind your own business. Ms. Vein knows me. Ms. Vein looks at him. MS. VEIN You know, I’ve never heard you ask, how I am. The preacher looks at Connie and speaks harshly. PREACHER BLAINE See, you have up-set Edith and turned her against me. You’re evil. Connie grins. CONNIE The evil sits with you, you greedy bastard. I've arrested you for pandering before, you're not even a preacher. The preacher raises his finger to make a point. Suddenly an iron frying pan makes a thud by striking the man’s head. His eyes get big and he falls to the floor. Ms. Vein stands over him with the pan in her hands looking down. MS. VEIN I'm okay, how are you? Connie looks at Ms. Vein. CONNIE You killed him. Ms. Vein drops the pan and looks at Connie. The frying pan hits the preacher in the head again. He moans. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS. VEIN Now I killed him. Connie is remorseful. CONNIE I thought this was behind us. We can't do this anymore. Ms. Vein is disappointed. MS. VEIN I’m going to lose my Social Security. Connie smiles and gets up, she weakly hugs Ms. Vein. CONNIE I'll take care of it, don't worry, but we gotta quit. Edith nods. DISSOLVE TO: INT. MS. VEIN'S GARAGE - DAWN Connie rolls the preacher's body into a throw rug and tapes him in it with duct tape. Ms. Vein stands and watches. She suddenly breaks down and starts crying. Ms. Vein leans against her car as tears roll down her face. MS. VEIN I've committed every sin in the book and I'm a killer. Why did I do this? He was a man of God. I’m going straight to hell. Connie rips the last piece tape and stands to comfort Edith. CONNIE He was a man of, in God we trust. It's okay, the sorry bastard had it coming. We gotta get it together. Don’t let emotions rules our day. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein looks at Connie with kind face. MS. VEIN Thank you, Connie. I'm reforming. This is it, I'm over my head and I can’t take it anymore. Connie hugs her. You're right it me get this rug truck so we can this and not do CONNIE needs to stop. Let out to the garbage quit dealing with it anymore.

Ms. Vein has stopped crying. MS. VEIN What if they open the rug? Connie smiles as she grabs the heavy rug and begins to drag it outside. CONNIE They won't. I've seen and heard of a lot of bodies at the city dump, but I've never heard of a garbage guy finding one. EXT. MS. VEIN'S GARAGE Connie drags the rug across the yard to the garbage pick up area in the alley. The garbage truck turns the corner and moves quickly down the alley, puffing diesel smoke while two men ride on the back waiting for the truck to stop. The garbage truck driver starts stopping making the air brakes squeal. The truck finally rolls to a stop next to Connie and Ms. Vein. The two men on the back get off and dump the garbage cans and grab the rug. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The driver looks down at Connie and Ms. Vein. DRIVER Good morning ladies. They smile at him. The two garbage pick-up men are at the back truck trying to stuff the rug in the compactor, but it is stuck on the side of the truck. Garbage man no. one looks at the driver. GARBAGE MAN NO. ONE George, try the top hydraulics. The driver pulls a lever and the garbage truck rear compactor doors begin to close from the top on the rug. The two garbage men watch and wait. Suddenly, a foot pops out of the rug. GARBAGE MAN NO. TWO Stop, stop George, we got a foot. George stops with a curious look on his face. Connie and Ms. Vein look at each other. Connie draws her pistol and shoots. The driver is hit between the eyes. She quickly turns and shoots both garbage men. One falls over hanging out the back bin of the truck, the other on the ground. Connie eyes search the area as she puts her weapon away. She sees know one. Then Connie can see a bum is in the alley just down from them. She goes in her pocket and pulls out a twenty-dollar bill, holding it up. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The bum rushes to her. Connie looks him over. CONNIE Put those two guys in the back. The bum looks at the bodies. Connie pulls her badge and flashes it at him. The bum blinks. BUM What the hell happened? Connie is kind. CONNIE They were murdered. Get to it, if You want this money. The bum shoves the first body on into the bin. He picks up the next one and is struggling to put him in, but is finally successful. BUM Hey, Ain't there somethin about Not moving the evidence? Connie turns to him and shoves her pistol into his chest and fires. There is a muffled sound and the bum drops back into the bin. Connie picks up his legs and puts them in. She turns to Ms. Vein. CONNIE Edith, get your car and follow me to the dump. Ms. Vein nods and moves toward the garage. Connie gets into the truck and shoves the driver's body over into the passenger floor. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: She fumbles with the switches and gets the hydraulic doors to work. She looks in the rearview mirror hanging off of the back so she can see the garbage truck doors close. CONNIE REARVIEW MIRRORS P.O.V. The thick doors steadily close pressing down and in to the bed of the giant truck packing the bodies inside and out of sight. BACK TO SCENE Connie drives away. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CITY DUMP FRONT GATE Connie stops the truck two hundred yards from the guard shack at the front gate. She surveys the area, know one is around, except the shack attendant. Inside the dump two people work on a mountain of garbage in the far distance. She looks into the rearview mirror. CONNIE REARVIEW MIRROR P.O.V. Ms. Vein waits patiently in her big black Cadillac holding her nose from the smell. Connie smiles. INT. MS. VEIN’S CAR Edith waits patiently. MS. VEIN P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - Connie puts the truck in gear. She look s for a moment and speed toward the garbage dump guard shack. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The man in the shack looks up as the truck is roaring down on him. The huge truck crashes through the tiny shack mashing him flat. Connie drives on, to the dumpsite. BACK TO SCENE Ms. Vein slowly drives around the debris and follows. EXT. CITY DUMP Connie drives the garbage truck to a secluded area and gets out. Edith follows in her car. Connie gets into the car with Ms. Vein. They drive to the two workers on the ridge above them. The worker’s in the distance don’t notice until the old Cadillac stops near them. Connie gets out and walks within a few feet of the men. She shoots both of them point blank. Connie walks back to Edith’s car and gets inside. Ms. Vein drives away. INT. MS. VEIN'S CAR Connie and Ms. Vein ride down the city street silent, just looking quietly ahead. MS. VEIN I guess we screwed up going straight again? We’re real hypocrites, first we're killing only assholes and then we're not. Now we’re killing to cover-up. Connie nods staring ahead. There is silence for a second. CONNIE We had a narrow miss and I'm still not sure someone didn't see us or something that could put us away. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein is consoling. MS. VEIN I'm old. I'll take the blame if anything comes of this. Connie smiles and pats Edith as they drive on. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME Connie and Ms. Vein pull into the driveway of Ms. Vein's home. They see CARL FERGUSON, a police detective standing next to his police car. He turns to see them. INT. MS. VEIN'S CAR Ms. Vein stops the car. MS. VEIN What do we do now? Connie watches the detective while speaking to Ms. Vein. CONNIE Let me talk. Connie discretely checks her weapon. Ms. Vein acknowledges. They get out of the car. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME The frumpy looking, but expensively dressed middle-aged detective smiles at them. CARL Hi Connie. I came by to see how you are doing. Connie smiles. CONNIE Glad you did, Carl. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The detective is friendly. CARL Are you coming back soon? Connie is confident. CONNIE Yeah, a couple of days. Oh Carl, This is Edith Vein. The detective smiles and acknowledges. CARL The chief just wanted me to check on you, to be sure you're okay. Connie smiles. CONNIE Thanks for caring. The detective has a warning tone. CARL Remember those gang bangers you arrested a while back? They got twenty-five years for the drug deal. Connie smiles. CONNIE They shoulda got a hundred. The detective is casual but serious. CARL Just thought you might want to know, they live around here. Those freaks were also suspects in Mr. Vein’s murder. Anyway, the gang is out of control. A couple of snitches said they are talking about retaliating, you should be careful. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Connie is confident. CONNIE Those punks are all talk. I can take care of myself. The detective smiles. CARL That you can, Connie. Call me if you need anything. The detective gets into his car and drives away. Connie and Mrs. Vein wave. The detective’s car moves down the street. They walk toward the house. INT. MS. VEIN'S CIRCA 1900 VICTORIAN HOUSE, LIVING ROOM Ms. Vein sits down in the living room. Connie goes to the kitchen. CONNIE (O.S.) He knows something. Ms. Vein has an innocent tone. MS. VEIN He seems like a nice man. What could he know. Connie is amused as she enters the living room with a hot tea set and places it on the coffee table. She pours each of them a cup of tea. CONNIE They never check on people. They just ask administration when you are coming back. Connie sits down and serves the tea. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein smiles. MS. VEIN I wouldn't worry we’ve been careful. Oh, I almost forgot Morty is coming over to have dinner with us. I've got to get everything ready. Connie stands and turns toward the kitchen as Ms. Vein gets up. CONNIE I'll help. Just remember we need to be careful. Ms. Vein smiles sweetly. MS. VEIN Maybe we should get them first. Connie has moved into the kitchen CONNIE (O.S.) Now, there’s a thought I could get into. If we do it, we got to quit after that for sure. Ms. Vein nods and smiles as she walks into the kitchen. DISSOLVE TO DUSK: INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, KITCHEN Ms. Vein looks up from preparing a meal, when she hears a car in the driveway. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, KITCHEN MORTY FISHBEIN stops his classic red, nineteen sixty-eight, ninety-eight Oldsmobile in Ms. Vein’s driveway. CLOSE ON – Morty’s front license plate reading: FISHBEIN ONE. Morty Fishbein is a colorful and happy, late seventies, (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: athletic man that has a constant broad smile. Morty is dressed in a Hawaiian shirt carrying a bouquet of white Carnations and a bottle of good French wine. Morty whistles as he walks. INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, KITCHEN Ms. Vein looks at Connie. MS. VEIN Could you get the door, that's Morty? Connie smiles and walks to the front door. INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, FOYER Connie can see Morty through the glass door about to ring the doorbell. She smile and opens the front door. Suddenly, a gang member appears from behind the hedge. He shoots at Connie. The thug misses and hits Morty in the side of the head. Morty blinks and falls to the porch floor bleeding profusely. Connie quickly turns and gets her service revolver from the drawer of a table in the foyer. She wheels around and fires her weapon. Her bullet hits the gang member squarely in the chest. He drops to the ground. Another gang member shoots at her and hits Connie in the ribs. Connie turns and fires at him. The second gang member is hit and drops to the ground with a bullet in his head. Connie stands holding her wounded side. Ms. Vein rushes to her aid from the kitchen. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: A low-rider car drives by and a shooter in the car fires his pistol six times at Connie and Edith. The vehicle speeds away. The bullets from the shooter hit Connie three times in the chest. She drops. Ms. Vein has fallen to the porch floor trying to dodge the bullets. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, FRONT PORCH Connie lies beside Morty. Morty still has the expensive wine bottle in his hand, but it is broken. Another gang member on the ground runs toward Ms. Vein to attack her. Quickly, Ms. Vein grabs the broken wine bottle by the neck and gets up stepping out onto the porch. She suddenly stabs the gang member in the face with the jagged bottle as they collide. Edith pushes forward grinding the razor sharp bottle into the criminal’s face. Ms. Vein backs off. The bad boy screams in agony. The blinded gang member lurches backward in pain and falls off of the porch into the yard. His nine-millimeter automatic pistol has fallen to the porch floor. Ms. Vein grabs the gun. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, FRONT YARD Edith coolly walks to the pain stricken bleeding gang member that is now on his knees in the yard. She calmly puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. MS. VEIN That's for Morty and Connie, you sorry bastard. The gang member falls dead. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: She looks around and sees the other two dead gang members lying in the yard. Ms. Vein walks to each of them and shoots the men in the head just for good measure. She holds the gun at her side. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, PORCH Edith walks back on her porch. Suddenly a gang member is behind her standing on her porch steps. It’s Turbo, the man that helped kill Charles. He points a large handgun at her back. TURBO Give it up, Grandma. She freezes in place. The man moves onto the porch and turns her around. Turbo grabs her pistol and throws it into the bushes. He slaps her across face. Ms. Vein falls to the porch floor looking up at him. Her expression shows she recognizes the criminal. The amoral man cocks his automatic pistol and points it at her head. She blinks waiting for the bullet. Ms. Vein has fallen on Connie’s pistol. Edith discreetly takes it in her hand and cradles it under her. She slowly moves and sadly looks up at Turbo. Turbo smiles, her desperate gesture is just what he is waiting for. Ms. Vein puts on a begging look. MS. VEIN Please don’t kill me. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Turbo smirks and relaxes a moment enjoying her grief. TURBO Beggin’s not your style granny. Ms. Vein smiles very big and then suddenly moves to avoid being shot. She shoots Turbo in the shin. He screams out from the pain and fires his weapon into the porch floor. Ms. Vein shots again from the porch floor hitting him in the other shin. The man falls to the floor in pain. She stands next to the thug and looks down at him pointing her pistol at his head. Ms. Vein moves her neck working out the pain from the blow to her face. The man has his weapon in his hand. He is deciding if he can shoot her before she can shoot him. Ms. Vein shakes her head, no. She suddenly shoots his hand and kicking the gun away from him. He wrenches in pain. MS. VEIN Pain’s not your style, moron. She turns her neck again working out the pain while looking at Turbo with her pistol trained on him. MS. VEIN You hit like a little girl. She kicks him in the side. TURBO What are you doing lady, you're a grandmother? (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein puts on an evil smile. She nods toward the edge of the porch. MS. VEIN A grandmother with a gun. Move over there, you’re the bastard that killed Charles. The frightened gang member crawls to the edge of Ms. Vein’s porch. Edith takes her small foot and kicks him over the side of the high terrace. He falls to the hard ground with a thud, six feet below. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, SIDE YARD Ms. Vein walks down the steps and around the front of the porch to the wounded gang member. He struggles to crawl away from Edith afraid of her next move. She kicks him again. MS. VEIN (continuing) Over there, killer. Ms. Vein points toward a basement door. The man crawls to the basement, while Ms. Vein prods him and kicks him. Edith opens the metal door, pointing her pistol and motioning for the gang member to crawl inside. Ms. Vein kicks him again. The bloody gang member crawls inside the basement. INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, BASEMENT She closes the door and turns on a light. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Edith gets an old oak chair and sets it up next to the man. The frightened man stares up at her from the dirt floor. MS. VEIN (continuing) Sit. The man struggles to pull himself up, He finally sits in the rickety chair. Ms. Vein takes a roll of duct tape and raps it around the man's chest pinning him to the chair. She bends him forward and tapes his hands to his bloody legs, then tapes his bullet-riddled ankles to the chair. MS. VEIN (continuing) That should do it, killer. The gang member is angry. GANG MEMBER What the hell are you doing, you old bitch? She smiles and takes and old greasy rag from the counter, then stuffs it in his mouth. He struggles to speak. She puts tape across his mouth. MS. VEIN Patience, justice is coming, bitch. She turns and leaves, shutting the door. It is totally dark. The man is silent. Then suddenly the door slams opens and Ms. Vein stands in the dark doorway. MS. VEIN (continuing) Silence is golden. If you want to keep your balls. She leaves the room and shuts the door leaving him in the dark again.


EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, SIDE YARD, BASEMENT AREA. Ms. Vein walks toward her front porch. She puts on a somber face as sirens are heard in the distance. Ms. Vein goes to her water hose next to the porch and turns it on. She washes away the blood from the grass and the basement area. Ms. Vein puts the hose up and walks toward the front of her big house. She wipes her fingerprints from the gun and tosses it into her bushes next to the porch. Edith moves on to the front of the house. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, FRONT YARD Police cars quickly arrive with their bright emergency lights flashing. Policemen get out with guns drawn. A policeman grabs Ms. Vein and takes her for cover behind a nearby police car. A policeman yells out from the porch. POLICEMAN All clear, everyone is dead. The policeman stands and leaves Ms. Vein. He goes to the porch with other policeman. Ms. Vein stands and watches the police circus with a tear drop running down her face. Two ambulances with paramedics arrive and begin to bag bloody bodies. Detective Carl Ferguson the police detective comes to Ms. Vein’s side. CARL Are you all right, Ms. Vein? (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein nods, yes. CARL (continuing) Connie Pool stayed with you is that right? Ms. Vein speaks quietly. MS. VEIN We were getting dinner ready when Morty arrived and all hell broke loose. The detective smiles and pats her on the shoulder. CARL The people that attack you were gang members that had a grudge against Connie and probably you. She looks at him with a pitiful stare. CARL (continuing) I'm sorry about Mr. Fishbein and Connie. He pats her on the shoulder, turns and leaves. The ambulance crews load the last of the bodies. Ms. Vein looks at the bodies. MS. VEIN I’m sorry too. The police cars are leaving and Ms. Vein sadly walks toward her porch steps. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, FRONT PORCH Edith sits on the steps looking into space thinking about her future. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS.VEIN P.O.V. The detective gets into his police car and waves as he leaves. CARL We’ll be in touch. The last police vehicle drives out. BACK TO SCENE Edith stands and turns. She walks toward the basement. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, BASEMENT Edith enters the basement and turns on the chain pull light. The gang member is concerned. He tries to adjust his eyes to the bright light as he looks toward Ms. Vein in his hunched over position. Ms. Vein rummages through an old toolbox on the shelf next to the man. MS. VEIN I know it's here somewhere. She comes out with a razor knife. Ms. Vein opens the blade and moves to the back of the man. He is pitched forward from the way she has taped him. Ms. Vein takes the knife and cuts the back of his shirt down the middle. The man struggles and protest in a muffled tone. His bare back is exposed. Ms. Vein is quietly reserved. MS. VEIN (continuing) What's wrong are you sad about being a killer. That doesn’t help Charles and Connie or poor little Morty? But, I'll make it all better, killer. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: She takes the razor knife and begins to carve on the man's exposed back as he breaks out in muffled screams. Edith stops and looks at him. MS. VEIN (continuing) I know, I’ll carve a monument to my loved Ones on your low-life back for all to see. (she starts to carve on his back again) Let’s start with the letter "I". I am Sorry for killing. (the man screams out as she carves the entire sentence) What, to many letter? (she carves again) Charles Vein, Morty Fishbein and Connie Pool (the man screams). (she continues carving) The best people in the world. Oh, I forgot to dot the “I” (she stabs him in the back). Dot! The man is exhausted and in shock. He grimaces in pain from the shallow stab wound and the carved letters, but he is still alive and looking back at her. Ms. Vein proudly observes his back. She pulls the razor knife out and starts to carve again. MS. VEIN (continuing) Rest in peace my beloved husband (carving) and best friends. She lays the razor knife down on the table and walks in front of the killer. Edith picks up an ice pick as she passes the toolbox. Ms. Vein stands directly in front of Turbo. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: He looks up sweating and grimacing in pain. She scratches the pick across the top of the man’s exposed head. Edith stares at him for a moment. She then suddenly thrust the ice pick into the top of his head. His eyes get big and roll as he dies. She smiles. MS. VEIN Period, punctuation mark, the end. Ms. Vein hears Hercules barking from the house. She looks toward the sound and walks out. DISSOLVE TO: INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, BEDROOM - MORNING Ms. Vein wakes up. Hercules also wakes and licks his mistress face. She smiles and pats him. Ms. Vein gets up and hums a tune. She looks out the large antique window. Edith sees two gang members driving low rider cars cruising by looking at her house. She smiles and speaks as she leaves the room. MS. VEIN Will this never end? CUT TO: EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, BASEMENT Edith walks in wearing her yard working clothes. Ms. Vein takes an eletric chain saw from the wall and plugs it’s extension cord into the wall socket. She pulls the trigger to be sure it works. Edith looks at the dead man sitting in his chair. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: He is puffy and flies are on him. Edith holds onto the saw and goes to the front of the man. She kicks his chair backward. Ms. Vein lays a tarp over the body. She pulls an arm out and saws it off and tosses it to the side behind her. She saws a portion of a leg off and tosses it with the arm starting a pile. Edith looks up when she hears a little voice. The neighbor Porter’s four year old child, SHARON, stands looking through a slightly open door. Ms. Vein stops and looks at the little girl while hiding the body as best she can under the tarp. She also conceals the body parts behind her. Sharon stares SHARON What ya doing? Ms. Vein has a nervous smile. MS. VEIN Cutting firewood Sharon nods and smiles. SHARON My daddy does that. A limb fell on his head. Edith smiles. EDITH Didn’t hurt that head. Sharon shakes her head, no in agreement. Ms. Vein pulls the trigger on the saw to break in loose from a bone and a small spurt of blood squirts out. Ms. Vein looks at the child and then at the blood. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS. VEIN (continuing) Redwood. Sharon smiles and speaks as she runs away. SHARON Bye. Ms. Vein smiles. She gets up and locks the door. She looks out the window. MS. VEIN P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - Ms. Vein sees another gang member's car cruising past, checking out her home. BACK TO SCENE She smiles and returns to her cutting. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, BACKYARD - NIGHT MS. Vein throws the last part of the gang member’s body, an arm, into a freshly dug hole at the edge of her cultivated flower garden. She looks into the hole. Several body parts lie on top of Turbo’s torso already partially filled with dirt. She takes her shovel sticking in the ground next to her and begins to shovel dirt into the hole. A cat walks up and rubs past her leg. She jumps and squeals, then sees the cat. MS. VEIN Dam Kitty, you almost killed me. My heart is racing like a derby champion. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: She throws more dirt on top of the almost filled shallow hole. Suddenly a gang member walks toward Ms. Vein from the corner of her house. GANG MEMBER It’s over now, granny. Ms. Vein takes her narrow bladed planting shovel in a firm grip. The thug smiles while he moves around her with his pistol held down to his side. GANG MEMBER (continuing) You got guts grandma, but there’s money on your head. Twenty-five thousand. Ms. Vein is serious. MS. VEIN Whatever for? The gang member is amused. GANG MEMBER I don’t know some dude downtown put it out. I just want the money. The cop was personal. The man moves quickly toward Edith. She swings hard sideways hitting the man on the side of his head. He halts and has an amazed look on his face with the shovel sticking out of the side of his head. The gang member falls, face up dead. Ms. Vein turns and rushes to her house. Two more gang members rush toward her from a car sitting on the front street. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein opens her back door and a gang member grabs her. INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, ENCLOSED BACK PORCH She falls forward inside the back porch with the gang member on top of her. Suddenly Hercules is on the man as he positions himself to choke her. Hercules jumps up and bites the man’s face. The man panics from the sharp pain and jerks backward with Hercules hanging onto his bloody snout. Hercules snarls and gnaws at the man’s nose. He is thrown to the side as the man gets up. Herky hits the floor with a thud. Hercules recovers he quickly trots to Ms. Vein to protect her and starts barking at the man. The gang member stares at the dog and Ms. Vein. Edith stands and grabs a gas powered hedge trimmer as the man rushes her. She quickly pull starts it. The cutter fires up. It’s blades move and rattle that harsh metal cutting sound. The man stops and looks. He quickly reaches for Ms. Vein. She slams the motorized terror machine across the man’s fingers and hand. The thug's fingers drop to the floor like severed branches from a bush. He screams and stares at his mutilated hand. The second man rushes past the first in the cramped quarters trying to get at her. Ms. Vein racks it across the man's face cutting off a part of his ear and his nose. He screams and falls back next to his friend. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: They are face to face, each missing parts of their nose. Their expression is pure horror. Then suddenly the blade of an ax cuts into the first mans shoulder, he bleeds and screams while he dies. The second man jumps up, Hercules grabs his pants leg tripping him. Ms. Vein grabs the running cutter and swipes it across his neck cutting small holes along its path. Blood spews from the wounds. He grabs the machine and looses his remaining fingers. The man screams and trips over Hercules under his feet. He falls to the floor. Edith hits him in the head again and again with the running machine. Everything is silent. Ms. Vein hears her rude neighbor, Cal Porter, in the darkness. PORTER (O.S.) Hey, quiet down or I'll call… She hears a gun shot and there is silent again. She sees another gang member rush over the hedge toward her from the Porter property. Ms. Vein steps over the bodies, hurrying inside with Hercules and locks the door. INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, KITCHEN She goes to the kitchen cabinet knife drawer and pulls out a broad bladed long butcher knife. The man slam into the heavy-duty wrought iron back door trying to get in. For the first time Ms. Vein’s face shows real concerned for her life. She goes to her breakfast table and grabs the pepper spray, then positions herself beside the back door of the kitchen. Edith has knife and pepper spray in hand, ready for the aggressive intruder.


EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, BACK PORCH The man has a helper now. The two men slam into the back door again. The door finally break through and they enter over their friends bodies. The first one comes in the back kitchen door, Ms. Vein stabs him in the back of the neck as he enters with the large butcher knife. The blade comes out the front of his neck. He falls to the floor choking and dying. The second man grabs her. She sprays him directly in the eyes at close range. He falls back. Ms. Vein grabs her well used cast iron grease container that sits on her cabinet top. She slams the heavy container on the side of the lawbreaker’s head. The grease pours over him and he is addled. She grabs a cast iron frying pan from the stove and hits him again and again until he falls to his knees. He rises up to grab her. She squirts him again with the pepper spray. He wipes his eyes trying to get up. Ms. Vein hurriedly grabs a large metal meat-tenderizing hammer laying on her counter top and hits the man on top of the head. He stops moving and blinks. The gang member falls forward face down. Ms. Vein hits him again for good measure in the back of the head. Suddenly her massive front door is kicked open, another gang member stands in the doorway. He raises his pistol and begins firing at her. Ms. Vein ducks and crawls behind the cabinets. The man moves forward toward her and fires two more shots. He stops to reload. Ms. Vein reaches into her pocket and brings out the large pearl handled pocketknife she purchased. Ms. vein opens it with a sharp click. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Suddenly she stands and runs screaming toward the man that is loading his weapon. He looks up and she collides with him. They separate. He looks at her then down at his chest. The big knife is sticking from his chest right in the heart. He looks back at her and smiles painfully amused at his predicament. He falls to the floor. Ms. Vein is exhausted. She wilts in a chair near him. Edith looks down at her victim. MS. VEIN What next? Hercules sniffs the body. Ms. Vein gets up and picks up the phone dialing 9-1-1. MS. VEIN Hello, I have another emergency. Ms. Vein puts the telephone on the table and tries to catch her breath. DISSOLVE TO: INT. POLICE STATION Ms. Vein sits in an uncomfortable chair beside detective Carl Ferguson's desk. The detective walks up and puts a cup of coffee in front of her. He sits down. CARL Ms. Vein there have been numerous killings in and near your house, just this week. What’s up? Ms. Vein looks at him in a grime mood. MS. VEIN Bad neighborhood. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The detective smiles. CARL If I didn't know better, I'd say you had something to do with it. Connie always said you are a strong woman. Ms. Vein shrugs him off. CARL (continuing) You should think about moving. Hell, they've killed you're Next door neighbor and all of your friends, it could have been you. Ms. Vein is sad. She nods at the detective. MS. VEIN Yes, I guess I am the last one. The detective smiles at her. CARL (continuing) Go home get some rest. Ms. Vein gets up and speaks as she walks out. MS. VEIN Thank you detective, I’ll probably see you soon. The detective shakes his head and watches her go. CUT TO: EXT. CITY STREET Ms. Vein walks from the police department front exit across the quiet street to her car sitting in a parking lot. She gets inside and shuts the door. Edith sits for a moment staring ahead exhausted.


INT. MS. VEIN'S CAR Ms. Vein starts her big Cadillac and drives out of the lot and down the City Street. Edith looks in her rearview mirror and adjust it. MS. VEIN P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE, THROUGH REARVIEW MIRROR - Two motorcycles follow close behind. BACK TO SCENE She steadily motors on. Ms. Vein turns a corner down a dark narrow street. MS. VEIN Not again. Suddenly a biker speeds beside Edith and pulls out a automatic pistol to shoot her. Ms. Vein automatically becomes aggressive. She turns her car wheels into the biker. EXT. MS. VEIN’S CAR The biker is surprised and dodges from her attack. He is to late, his motorcycle slides down when hit by Ms. Vein’s huge black Cadillac. The car’s back wheels run over the top of the man’s body and parts of the motorcycle with a thud and the crash of metal. Ms. Vein drives on. Another motorcycle speeds up behind her. She slams on her brakes. The biker slams into her Cadillac. He flips from the bike and lands on her top, still rolling. He finally rolls onto her hood and on to the road in front of her car. INT. MS. VEIN’S CAR Ms. Vein pushes hard on the gas pedal. She runs over the man with a bump under the front and back wheels. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: She is still watching her mirrors and the area around her car. Ms. Vein turns her concentration back to the road and slowly motors toward her home speaking to Hercules hanging out of her purse. MS. VEIN What next Herky? This is wearing me out. DISSOLVE TO: INT. MS. VEIN'S CIRCA 1900 VICTORIAN HOME, BEDROOM – MORNING Ms. Vein gets up. She takes a nine-millimeter automatic from under her pillow and walks out of the bedroom with it in her hand. INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, LIVING ROOM Edith walks down the long stairs checking out the house as she goes still carrying her pistol. Hercules lies on a padded Victorian print step stool watching television. He glances at her and back at the television. MS. VEIN Thanks for watching out for me Hercules. What are you watching, animal planet? Hercules barks and goes back to the television. Ms. Vein moves on to the refrigerator and pours orange juice into a glass while looking at Hercules. She drinks the juice as she moves to her best friend. Edith sits down in a chair next him. MS. VEIN (continuing) Well old boy, what are we going to do now? I’ve killed a dozen people and we are still in deep (MORE) (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS. VEIN (CONT’D) do-do. Soon as those gang assholes figure out I ran over their people last night, they’ll come here again. Then there’s the twenty-five thousand. But, rain or shine, we got to go to the grocery store. DISSOLVE TO NIGHT: Ms. Vein is asleep in her easy chair. She wakes up to a sound of a breaking window. Hercules wakes and starts to bark. Ms. Vein signals him to be quiet. She gets up and he follows. INT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, FOYER - NIGHT Ms. Vein goes to the foyer closet, opens the door and pulls out a green Navy sea bag. She opens the bag and takes out a Mossberg twelve-gauge pump shotgun. Edith pumps a shell in the chamber. MS. VEIN (continuing) Thank God for Army surplus. Ms. Vein stalks down the long hall. Her hair-sprayed blue hair is mashed flat on one side from sleeping in the big chair. She grins from the shear joy of the hunt and positions her shotgun for the encounter. EXT. VEIN (CIRCA 1900) VICTORIAN HOME, EXTRA BEDROOM Edith turns into a dark bedroom from the hall and scans the room. It is silent. Hercules suddenly turns and barks then he growls. Ms. Vein awkwardly spins around, hitting the barrel of her gun on the door facing. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The harsh looking green teeth, Rat is behind her. He grabs the gun while it is against the door facing. The man smiles an ugly grin and grabs Ms. Vein by the back of the neck. RAT Got ya now you evil old wench. I need a little revenge for the electric balls you gave last time I saw you. Ms. Vein squeals from the sharp pain. Rat drags her down the long hall. Hercules is biting and barking at the man’s thick boot leather to know avail. Rat kicks him hard and Hercules is rolled to the hallway wall. He gets up and backs off to a dark corner still barking at the outlaw. The bad man continues to roughly drag Ms. Vein to the living room. He slams Ms. Vein into the easy chair and pulls the coffee table next to her. Rat sits on the ornate table in front of her. He leans into Ms. Vein. RAT (continuing) You are a wanted woman. The bounty’s gone up, fifty big ones and I’m here to collect. Besides we can’t have you getting away with killing our people. It looks bad. He grabs her hair, pulling her head back. The gang member takes out a razor sharp knife and cuts across her neck lightly. Just enough to bring blood. RAT (continuing) Hurt baby? (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Edith bits her lip in pain and fights a scream. Rat smiles a big green tooth smile. He holds her silken gray hair tighter and begins to slice her skin across the top of her chest, grinning like a psycho. Edith’s eyes roll looking around the room and at Rat as she fights the pain. The gang member stops and relaxes. He takes the short barreled shotgun and holds it under Edith’s chin. Rat laughs. RAT (continuing) Bang! Edith jumps from the sound and anticipation of being shot. Her eyes search the area. The criminal smiles and rest his chin on his hands that rest on the shotgun barrel. He is still grinning like a nut as he stares into her eyes. Ms. Vein sees her opportunity. She slowly moves her toe toward the trigger of the gun. MS. VEIN You don’t want to do this it can Be more trouble for you. The man grins looking at her, amused. He takes his chin off of the shot gun leaving his hands on the weapon. RAT (continuing) Life’s a bitch, right little granny. For an old broad you’re in dam good shape. Edith smiles. Ms. VEIN You’re bastard that killed my husband. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Rat leans forward slightly looking at her. She quickly puts her toe on the trigger and presses. The shotgun blast rips through his hands and tears the side of the gang member’s face off. He screams as he falls backward on the hardwood floor holding his face with the stubs of his hands. Edith gets up and grabs the shotgun. She jacks a shell in the chamber. Rat squirms on the floor. Hercules attacks the man’s arm, biting and growling. She is composed now. MS. VEIN You can’t imagine how tired I am of you ass holes, but just to give you some idea. Ms. Vein harshly sticks the shotgun barrel on the desperate criminal’s crotch. Just as she pulls the trigger it slips off. The shot hits the floor, but is close enough to give him the idea of his poor situation. Hercules quickly moves behind his mistress. Ms. Vein smiles. MS. VEIN (continuing) Get the picture, Mr. No Balls. Edith pumps another shell in the Mossberg pump and sits down in the easy chair. Hercules jumps to the arm of the chair beside her. They sit there like great hunters posing with their prey. MS. VEIN (continuing) Well, Mr. Hercules, I think we should take the hunt to hunter. The man screams out still in pain. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: RAT Don’t kill me lady, I got kids. I’m bleeding to death here. Edith smiles. MS. VEIN I know for sure that your children will be better off in a foster homes scum. Even when I win I lose, my conscience is eating me up. Rat begs. RAT I got information, it’ll help you. Edith pauses looking at him. MS. VEIN Like what? The man is scared. GREEN TEETH Let me go and I’ll tell you. Edith smiles. MS. VEIN Okay. Rat is nervous. RAT Ah, this guy, Leonard Holts, wants your property. He said you got no heirs, so he’ll come up with a deed when you croak, but you didn’t croak quickly enough, so he hired us. Edith is curious. MS. VEIN Why my property? (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Rat is eager to make her happy, so she will not kill him. RAT He owns all the property around you. Your place sits in the middle of a proposed factory of some kind he wants to get built. So, it’s you or fifteen or twenty million bucks. Edith banters. MS. VEIN Image that, giving up twenty million for a human life. Although, I would have paid that to get rid of my neighbor. The Gang member is scared. He is getting weaker. RAT Can I go? Edith looks at him curiously. MS. VEIN Like I said, Mr. no balls. Today is your unlucky day. Rat looks at her with a question and suddenly realizes her intentions. He grabs his crotch with his stubs as Edith pulls the trigger on the shotgun pointed at his balls. She jacks another shell in the chamber and fires again. The man is dead with his entire crotch blown out. Edith likes herself more now, because of her new found courage against her powerful enemies. MS. VEIN Sorry, I can’t let you live to tell. I will say hello to your low life boss for you. Edith stands and moves to a large ornate chest of drawers. She opens the top drawer and pulls out a large box of shotgun shells. She sets them on top of the chest. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Edith looks further down into the drawer and pulls out a very old shoebox. She drops it on the floor. Ms. Vein kneels to pick it and the contents up. An old newspaper clipping lies next to the shoebox with a very young picture of Edith. CLOSE ON – A newspaper clipping that is dated December 15, 1939, “YOUNG WOMAN SUSPECTED OF MUTILATION MURDER OF FIVE RELEASED, D. A. SAYS, NO EVIDENCE.” Edith smiles, picks up the papers and puts them in the box, replacing them in the drawer. MS. VEIN I almost forgot, those bastards tried to screw me over for doing the right thing then. Rain or shine, Mr. Land man you will pay for what you have done. CUT TO: EXT. TEN STORY CITY BUILDING Edith drives her big Cadillac a half block down the street from the front entrance of the ten-story building. She gets out wearing a janitor’s uniform and carrying a large bag. Edith walks to the front door. INT. TEN STORY CITY BUILDING, LOBBY Edith walks inside and toward the elevator. A security guard sees her. GUARD (O.S.) Hey, where are you going? Edith has already pushed the elevator button and the doors open. She looks around and walks inside.


INT. TEN STORY CITY BUILDING, ELEVATOR The guards arm stops the door from closing. Edith stares straight ahead. The guard pulls her from the elevator. GUARD You can’t go anyplace without checking in. Come on. The guard pulls her toward his station. INT. TEN STORY CITY BUILDING, LOBBY Edith is quiet and looks straight ahead as she walks with the guard. The guard pulls her to his lobby station and seats her next to him at the front desk. GUARD (continuing) What are you doing? This is a secured building, you can’t just go where ever you please. Edith smiles. MS. VEIN Sorry, I’m just an old woman trying to make a living, sweeping up. The guard smiles. GUARD All right, get with your company and have them orient you to the rules here. You can go now. Ms. Vein smiles. She gets up and moves on to the waiting elevator. MS. VEIN Thank you, sweetie. The guard smiles and waves her on.


INT. TEN STORY CITY BUILDING, ELEVATOR Ms. Vein rides the express elevator to the tenth floor and gets off. INT. TEN STORY CITY BUILDING, HALL Edith stands in the hall as the elevator doors shut. She surveys the hall and sees a brass sign at the end of the long hall that gets her attention. MS. VEIN P.O.V. CLOSE ON THE SIGN - “HOLTS, COMMERCIAL DEVELOPER”. BACK TO SCENE Edith smiles and walks toward the office. A PRETTY YOUNG WOMAN comes out of the Holts office looking at Edith. YOUNG WOMAN Hey lady. Dump this when you clean up. Ms. Vein smiles and acknowledges. She walks toward the trash bag. The woman is shutting the door. INT. TEN STORY CITY BUILDING, HOLTS’ OFFICE Ms. Vein stops the door and enters. YOUNG WOMAN (continuing) It’s not time for clean-up, you’ll have to come back. Ms. Vein smiles and opens her large purse. She puts her hand inside. MS. VEIN Are you related to Mr. Holts. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The woman is indignant. YOUNG WOMAN Yes, why? Why does a janitor carry a purse? Ms. Vein is kind. MS. VEIN Just checking to see if this is your lucky day. The woman is curious. YOUNG WOMAN Of course I’m lucky to be his wife. Ms. Vein is still kind. MS. VEIN Not today, the luck is being as far from him as possible. (Edith pulls an automatic pistol) He caused my Charles to be killed, now he will loss everything like I did. That’s your bad luck. The woman is scared and panics. YOUNG WOMAN He’s in there (pointing to his office) you want him not me. Ms. Vein smiles. MS. VEIN I can see the two of you are a loyal and loving couple. Just what I would have expected from your kind. Edith steps into the woman, puts her pistol muzzle against her chest to muffle the sound. She fires two shots, hitting the woman in the heart. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: She turns toward Holts’ office. HOLTS, a man in his sixty’s rushes out. Ms. Vein is ready. She holds her gun on him. MS. VEIN Freeze asshole. Holts stops and looks at his wife on the floor. HOLTS What have you done? Ms. Vein is kind again. MS. VEIN An eye for an eye, you sorry dog. Holts is concerned. HOLTS Let me get her and ambulance. Ms. Vein is still kind. MS. VEIN Doesn’t need one. (motions with her gun for him to sit in a nearby chair) Sit. Holts sits. HOLTS You killed my wife. Ms. Vein is short with him. MS. VEIN And she was so loyal. You killed; Charles, Connie and Morty. We’re almost even. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Holts is angry and braver. HOLTS What the hell are you talking about. Ms. Vein is still kind but getting angry. MS. VEIN You don’t even know me. You don’t even know the people you kill. I am Edith Vein, your latest victim. Holts remembers. HOLTS You’re the old woman holding out on the sale of your property at Fifteen Hundred Broadway. I read that in the paper. Ms. Vein is confident. MS. VEIN Bull shit, I’m Edith Vein, not that old woman. Edith takes duct tape from her purse and awkwardly tapes his hands holding her pistol on him. She then tapes his legs to the chair. Edith stands looking at him still holding her pistol. She tosses the tape into her purse. Holts is nervous. HOLTS Lady, I didn’t kill anyone. Ms. Vein smiles and takes out her big folding knife from the purse and puts her gun inside. She opens the knife with a loud click. MS. VEIN Right, your man told me, you ordered it, when I was shooting his nuts off. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Holts yells out. HOLTS Help, she’s going to kill me. Edith sits and puts her big knife on the desk. She takes a piece of paper from the desk. Edith wads it up and lies it down on the desk next to Holts and then tears off a piece of duct tape. Ms. Vein turns and looks at Holts while standing over him. He starts to scream out for help. Edith stuffs the paper ball into his mouth and tapes it. He is silent. Edith looks deep into his eyes. MS. VEIN I have much experience in this type of thing. I’m going to enjoy this you dam murderer. Holts struggles against the tape. Tears run down his face from fear. Edith smiles. She takes the sharp knife from the desk and cuts off Holts ear. MS. VEIN (continuing) Thou shall not kill, but I am. You cutthroat. She smiles. MS. VEIN (continuing) It’s time to die low-life. Suddenly Connie’s friend, Detective Ferguson burst in holding a gun on Ms. Vein. CARL Stop Ms. Vein. Put the knife down and we’ll get you some help. Ms. Vein is kind and sweet. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS. VEIN This is a simple revenge case, Carl. The only difference between others and me is, I take revenge on my enemies instead of thinking about it. Someone has to stand up. The detective is firm. CARL Put it down Ms. Vein, it’s all over now. Edith smiles and drops the big open knife on the wooden desk. The detective is cautious. CARL (continuing) Come over to me. Edith steps toward the detective. MS. VEIN Why do you want to save this scum? The detective smiles. CARL I don’t. He’s a grease ball. Probably should be in prisoner or strapped to a lethal injection table. Holts muffled expressions are full of anger. Ms. Vein watches the detective closely hoping to see a weak point in him. MS. VEIN How did you know I was the one you were after? He watches her with care. The detective is still very serious. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: CARL It was easy. I knew Connie was warped and you two hung out that equals something bad. Then I checked your background, when you were in the army, they discharged you for mutilating enemy prisoners and in nineteen thirty -nine you were a suspect in a multiple murder case. But you know, what caused me to think it was you? It was the fact that you are in good enough physical condition at your age to pull it off. Suddenly Edith catches a moment that the detective is off guard and grabs the knife from the desk next to her. She pushes into him and slaps the detectives weapon to the side. Edith then thrust the knife into the top of his head to the hilt as he grabs at her. MS. VEIN You’re right detective I’m blessed with good heath. But then who would suspect and old woman except you. The detective convulses and stumbles across the room dropping to the floor dead. MS. VEIN (continuing) Such a nice boy. She turns to Holts. In his frightened state he flinches from her gaze. Edith is almost angry because of all of the problems she is having. MS. VEIN (continuing) Look what you caused. Trouble follows you, you unlucky bastard. Now I got to cut this short. Edith takes her knife from the detective’s head. She looks at Holts. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS. VEIN (continuing) You know what, I’m glad this is about to be over. Holts panics and squirms. Ms. Vein is comforting. MS. VEIN (continuing) Don’t panic, we’ll just say you killed yourself by your own actions. She backs up and suddenly cuts his exposed throat. Holts gurgles and dies. Edith is smiling. MS. VEIN (continuing) Oh, know what a nasty cut, you need medical attention. Edith leaves the office. EXT. TEN STORY CITY BUILDING, HALL She goes to the lady’s restroom. INT. TEN STORY CITY BUILDING, BATHROOM Edith takes off her oversized uniform and stuffs them in a trash can. She turns to the sink and washes her hands. Edith checks her face and fixes her hair. Edith leaves the bathroom elegantly dressed. INT. TEN STORY CITY BUILDING, HALL Edith almost bumps into an express mail delivery woman as she comes from the bathroom. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS. VEIN Oh, excuse me. The delivery woman is nice. DELIVERY WOMAN That’s okay. Hey, do you know were Holts developer is? Edith shakes her head, no. DELIVERY WOMAN (continuing) Ooh, my bad. This is Holts’ developers. The software people. Holts developing is across the street. They do real estate. Edith is in shock. The delivery woman smiles and walks on to the elevator and gets in. Edith looks back at the office and then at the exit. She sadly moves toward the exit. Edith has tears in her eyes. Then she realizes she is to old for the stairs and moves to the elevator doors, pushing the buttons. The door opens and Edith gets on. INT. TEN STORY CITY BUILDING, LOBBY The lobby is empty. Edith is walking past the guard. He smiles and looks at her. The guard then begins to stare as if he knows her. Ms. Vein goes in her purse and pulls out her automatic and shoots the guard three times. He is shocked and falls to the floor. Edith walks on. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: MS. VEIN This tragedy just never ends. Ms. Vein walks outside. EXT. CITY STREET Edith exits the building and looks across the street. She sees a sign. MS. VEIN P.O.V. CLOSE ON – The sign: “HOLTS DEVELOPING” She can see a gang member go in the side door of the building in the alley. BACK TO SCENE Edith appears sad. She gets a determined look and walks across the street. DISSOLVE TO: INT. HOLTS OFFICE BUILDING Edith gets off of the elevator and walks toward a “Holts” sign. MS. VEIN P.O.V. A large sign hangs from the wall, “HOLTS”. BACK TO SCENE She open the door and walks inside. INT. HOLTS OFFICE LOBBY A sweet elderly lady looks up from the large oak reception desk. ELDERLY LADY May I help you? (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Ms. Vein is courteous. MS. VEIN Yes, I’m here to see Mr. Holts. The lady smiles. ELDERLY LADY I’m sorry, he’s tied up today. Would you like an appointment? Edith is kind. MS. VEIN I really hate to do this. The elderly lady appears helpful. ELDERLY LADY What Ma’am? Edith steps to her and with a single stroke she comes out of her purse with the pistol. Edith buries it in the woman’s chest and fires. The elderly woman jerks and wilts to the floor. The woman slides to the floor gurgling. Edith is sad. MS. VEIN I’m so sorry, but I have to do this. Ms. Vein walks down the hall. She sees a man in his office. Edith looks on the door. MS. VEIN P.O.V. CLOSE ON - a sign: “LEONARD HOLTS, PRESIDENT” BACK TO SCENE Two women near Edith step out of their offices looking around. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: Edith abruptly shoots them. They drop to the floor. Ms. Vein walks into Holts office. INT. LEONARD HOLTS OFFICE She is within three feet of the man as he is trying to get up and get out. MS. VEIN Sit. Edith takes the electronic shocker from her purse. She quickly connects with him and takes the man to the floor with her stun-gun. She takes out her folding knife and opens it to cut his throat. A gang member comes up behind her with his pistol drawn. GANG MEMBER Hold it lady, freeze right there. Mr. Holts walks up. LEONARD HOLTS Ms. Vein, what a pleasant surprise. You just killed three very good secretaries. I almost forgot, I’m Leonard Holts. Ms. Vein just looks at him. LEONARD HOLTS (continuing) We locked the front door to cover for your little mess. Holts nods for the gang member to take her. The thug puts his gun in his belt and hand cuffs Ms. Vein then slams her in a chair. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: LEONARD HOLTS (continuing) I hear you’re a real tough old bird. But unfortunately for you today is your unlucky day. Holts nods to his thug. The Gang member takes out his revolver and cocks it, pointing the weapon at Edith’s face. Her eyes get wide and she gasp with her mouth partially open over and over again. Ms. Vein begins to drool. She falls out on the floor still gasping for air. She stops and is unconscious just panting lightly. GANG MEMBER Dam she’s having a heart attack. Holts looks at her closer. LEONARD HOLTS Take the cuffs off we don’t want her marked up. This could be good. The thug goes to her and unlocks the handcuffs. LEONARD HOLTS (continuing) Leave her there. Get rid of the cuffs. This is perfect she has a heart attack killing Ms. Adams and the girls. Take her outside with her victims. Holts smiles. The gang member gets her under the arms and drags her down the hall to the lobby. Holts looks over at his groaning accountant. INT. HOLTS OFFICE LOBBY The thug drops Edith beside Ms. Adams bloody body. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: He turns to walk away. The criminal hears a noise behind him. The man turns. Ms. Vein is standing behind him smiling. Suddenly she slams a large brass Ram’s head bookend against the side of his greasy head. As he drops she pulls the trigger on the automatic pistol in his belt and then pulls it out from his belt as he goes to the floor. Holts yells out from down the hall. LEONARD HOLTS Scar, what the hell is going on. The man groans holding his bloody lower stomach. Edith shoots him again. She walks toward Holts’ office. Edith stops at his office and aims her weapon inside. She scans the room. It is empty. Ms. Vein relaxes a little looking around. Suddenly Holts comes from behind the door firing his automatic pistol at Edith. Edith is ready, she fades back and starts firing her automatic weapon too. Ms. Vein is hit in the side and the second shot hits her arm, but she keeps firing. Holts is hit in the stomach and shoulder, then abruptly in the head. They both drop to the floor seriously wounded. Edith looks over at Holts and can see he is dead. Edith rolls over and gets her purse. She struggles to stand. Edith is up and moving down the office hall. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The gang member raises up and takes out a gun from his ankle holster and fires at Edith. Edith turns quickly and fires back. The man is hit in the head and falls dead. Ms. Vein smiles big and blows the smoke from her pistol barrel. MS. VEIN Six-gun justice. Edith struggles to leave the office. Sirens ring out in the background. She stumbles in the office hall and then moves out the Holts office front door. INT. HOLTS BUILDING, HALL Edith stumbles and slides down the wall finally sitting on the floor. A man comes from an office across the hall and goes to Edith’s aid. OFFICE MAN It’s all right. You’ll be fine, Ma’am. Two ambulance attendants rush off the elevator with a gurney. The office man motions for them. The first attendant nearest Edith and the man moves too them and checks Edith. The office man speaks up. OFFICE MAN Take her first. She’s a bystander. someone had a shoot out in that flake’s office, over there and (nodding to the location) stray bullets hit her out here. (CONTINUED)


CONTINUED: The attendants load her up. Edith smiles at the man and they take her away. She is wheeled past police and more medics as they get off the elevator. AMBULANCE ATTENDANT What’s your name, ma’am? She looks up. MS. VEIN Jane Smith, two-twenty three third street. The attendants smile at her. ATTENDANT NO. ONE You’re going be just fine, Ms. Smith. Edith nods and smiles. FADE OUT.


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