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                 NAME: Alex Aronowitz-OCEANIA (1750-1914). DATE: 1/30/12

POLITICAL                       Maori Wars-British settlers vs Maori (1845-1872) (destruction of villages)
    Leaders, Elites           King Kamehameha-open to foreigners Hawaiians fall to Western diseases.
    State Structure           The Great Mahele-royal edict imposing Western ideas of private property on
    War                       Hawaiians.
    Diplomacy, Treaties       1893- Last Hawaiian monarch Queen Liliuokalani overthrown in Hawaaiian
    Courts, Laws              Revolution.

ECONOMIC                       Subsistence lifestyle based on fishing, hunting, or agriculture.
    Type of System            “Spice Islands” Portuguese, Dutch, and English wanted the spices
    Technology, Industry      because they were very valuable.
    Trade, Commerce           Australia- sheep-ranching fueled British wool industry.
    Capital/Money
                               New Zealand- Timber and resting place for whalers.
    Types of Businesses
                               Hawaii- sugar
RELIGIOUS                       Maori adopted Christianity-spread by British missionaries.
    Holy Books                Maori nationalism-result of British as they scrambled to retain control
    Beliefs, Teachings        of their tribal lands
    Conversion
    Sin/Salvation
    Deities

SOCIAL                         No immunity to European diseasespopulation loss, social
 Family                       disintegration, and suffering.
 Gender Relations             New Zealand Maori people experienced a period of disruption with the
 Social Classes               arrival of Europeans such as disease, alcoholism, prostitution, and
 Inequalities                 firearms.
 Life Styles                  Inequalities between Europeans and natives.

INTELLECTUAL , ARTS            No written records
    Art, Music
    Writing, Literature
    Philosophy
    Math & Science
    Education

NEAR: GEOGRAPHY                Islands of southern Pacific- Australia, New Guinea, Micronesia,
    Location                  Melanesia, and Polynesia.
    Physical
    Movement
    Human/Environment
    Region

    NOTES: Magellan was the first European to wander into the South Pacific in 1521. First
    European James Cook-Hawaiian islands, King Kamehameha I used British help/firearms
    to unify his kingdom.

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