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									Motivational Ideas to Support SuccessMaker
The following ideas were collected by Pattie Stepbach and Becky Sutherland

Quick and Easy Ideas
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Students receive personal note from teacher, lab manager or principal Parents receive letter about child’s success Student recognition on the morning or afternoon announcements Students with most total correct exercises get to keep a “Wise Old Owl” or other type of stuffed animal on their desk for the day Students receive coupons such as free homework pass Students are rewarded with stickers to keep in a sticker book Student has a punch card punched every time a certain score is achieved List students’ names on a wall chart and place a star by the name for getting a certain score on a daily basis

Bulletin Board Ideas
1. Travel the Road to Success – Display a model of a highway on the board or wall. Provide each student with a pattern of a car. Students move their cars along the road stopping at designated areas for rewards. Teachers can target gains or total correct exercises. 2. I’m a Blooming Success – Student success is measured by gains. Each week a Gains Sort in the Custom Report Routines is run to track student progress. Students receive parts to build a flower for each level of success achieved. 3. Going Bananas - Student success is measured by the % correct. A jungle theme using a banana tree is displayed on a bulletin board. At the end of the day students scoring 70% or above are given a banana cutout with his session score to place on the tree. On Friday, five students who have achieved the highest scores receive a prize. 4. Step Towards Good Gains – Patterns of feet with total correct exercises are placed on the bulletin board. Students place their names on the feet. Students progress along the trail to the class goal. 5. Build a Sundae to Success – Students are given a sundae dish and patterns for sundae toppings. Each topping represents a gain or set number of correct exercises. When the student reaches the goal, they place a topping on their sundae. At the end of the month or semester, students who have reached their goal enjoy an ice-cream social. 6. The Main Attraction – Students earn theatre tickets for gain. Each month a movie is shown to students who reach the monthly gain. The bulletin board can be decorated with movie posters obtained from the video store. Serve the students popcorn and soda. 7. Write for Success – A computer and pencil are used as the background for the board. Students who are working in a notebook course are given a journal for writing. As assignments are completed, the students add the titles of their writing to the board. A class journal can also be kept to include students’ writing samples. 8. Bee All You Can Bee – Patterns of bees are placed on the board. Students receive a bee each time they get a score of 70% or above. When a designated number of bees are in the hive, the students receive a special reward from the teacher.

Other Ideas
1. Percent Correct Lottery – Every time a student makes a certain score they put their name in a hat for a possible chance to win a prize. 2. Challenger’s Club – Students are given time to do additional sessions before or after school to reach a personal goal they have set for themselves. Students meet with the lab manager or teacher to determine their goal and to write their plan of action for the club. The club is voluntary. 3. Game Day – Students who have maintained a course average of 70% or above in all courses are given a game day one Friday per month. Educational games are used as incentives for students to maintain their percentage. 4. Lunch With the Principal – Teacher selects a student who has met the goals for academics and behavior to enjoy an outing for lunch with the principal. 5. Mentoring for Success – Allow older students to assist younger students in the lab. Students who are maintaining 70% or above and who exemplify good behavior will be given the opportunity to help others. 6. Gains Honor Roll – A class chart displays students who reach the targeted gains. A school awards assembly would be a great way to honor these students. 7. Success Chain – Paper strips in different colors for different percentage scores (70-79% = yellow; 80-89% = blue; 90-99% = green; 100% = red). Each student adds a link to the chain for scores of 70% or above. Have students write their names on the links. The class with the longest chain wins.

1. Pep Rally – To begin the year, a Pep Rally can be held to motivate students and to kick off the new year. The school cheerleaders or the technology club can be responsible for this project. This is an excellent opportunity to launch the school-wide motivational plan. 2. Open House - Parents are invited to attend a Technology Open House to observe what the students are doing in the lab. Parents can be assigned demo numbers to work a mini session or they can observe their child take a session. This is a good time to share the motivational plan with the parents. The open house gives the parents an opportunity to become more familiar with the SuccessMaker program. 3. Newsletter – Students can publish a CCC School Newsletter as part of their writing requirement. Articles will feature student success stories. The journalist will be given the opportunity to interview students, teachers, and parents. 4. Right On Target – The school should decide how many correct exercises the students could complete in a year. Running total correct exercises for the previous year would provide a benchmark as to the number needed to set the goal. Progress could be charted with a thermometer placed on the school grounds visible to the public. Each week the goal would be updated. Once the school gain is reached students, teachers and parents celebrate. 5. Awards Ceremony – Hold an awards ceremony to recognize student achievement at the end of the year. Parents, school board members, and district level personnel could be invited for this special event. Refreshments could be served as a thank you for a job well done. 6. Competitions – Classrooms or grades can compete against each other for most total correct exercises, most gain, or most time on. This would be best as a monthly activity. The principal can award the winners free ice cream. 7. Top Ten Trip – The top ten students in each class (based on class/school goal) are rewarded an end–of-the-year celebration field trip. 8. Camp Out for Success – Students who reach the school goal will have a slumber party at the school to celebrate reaching their goal. A local fast food restaurant could be asked to donate breakfast and special activities could be set up for students to do prior to settling down for the evening.

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