Randall Reed The Science Underlying Sensory Function by hcj


									Pain Day – The Basics of Pain

           Randall Reed PhD
       Director Center for Sensory Biology
   Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
          Department of Neuroscience
      Department of Otolaryngology – HNS
Our Senses Share Many
Common Properties
                  The IBBS Center for
                   Sensory Biology

                  •   Randall Reed - olfaction
                  •   Paul Fuchs - hearing
                  •   Michael Caterina - Pain/touch
                  •   Xinzhong Dong - Pain/touch
                  •   Craig Montell - vision/taste
                  •   Elisabeth Glowatzki - hearing
                  •   Jeremy Nathans - vision
                  •   King-Wai Yau - vision/olfaction
                  •   Angelika Doetzlhofer – hearing
                  •   Michael Deans - hearing
Classic View of the Senses
n   The Five Senses - Provide Information
    n   Vision
    n   Smell
    n   Taste
    n   Hearing
    n   Touch
n   Also Provide Protection
  The Spectrum of Sensations

  Pain from a Broad Perspective:

Touch            Itch              Pain
TRP Channels: Molecular
Gatekeepers for the Senses
              TRP Channels Mediate:

              •Thermal Sensation / Pain

              Some aspects of:

    The Senses: Targets of
    Environmental Assault

Sensory Systems lie at interface between our
inner and outer world – Subject to Damage
•Hearing Loss
•Olfactory Loss
•Light Induced Damage
Key Opportunities/Practical Implications
of Advances in Sensory Biology

nStrategies to modulate (up or down) sensory
perception (Pain/Auditory/Chemosensory)

n   Organization/Interaction of cells in tissues

nMolecular and cellular genesis of specialized

nUnderstand processes of neuronal damage, repair and

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