401(k) Loan Application


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									401(k) Loan Application
This application can be given to employees that want a loan from their 401(k) account.
This application requires employees provide pertinent information, such as their
personal information, the 401(k) information, the loan amount, the repayment amount,
the due date, and more. In addition, but the employee’s spouse and the 401(k) plan
administration must approve the loan by signing this application. This application is ideal
for small businesses or other entities that want to provide a means for employees to
take a loan against their 401(k) account.
                                       401(K): LOAN APPLICATION


         a.       Full Legal Name: ________________________________ (“Participant”)

         b.       Date of Birth: ________________________________

         c.       Social Security Number: ________________________________

         d.       Address: _______________________________________________________

         e.       Email address: ________________________________

         f.       Phone: ________________________________

         g.       Name of Spouse: ________________________________ (“Spouse”)


         a.       Name of Company: ________________________________ (“Company”)

         b.       Employer Identification Number: ________________________________

         c.       Plan Administrator Name: ________________________ (“Plan Administrator”)

         d.       Plan Name: ________________________________ (the “Plan”)

         e.       Plan Number: ________________________________

3.       LOAN

        a.      Participant desires for the Plan to loan to Participant the sum of
___________________________ (the “Loan Amount”), in the form of a check to be mailed to
Participant at the address set forth above, by or before ________________________________.

         b.     Should the Loan be consummated, Participant promises to pay to the order of the
Plan, the Loan Amount, together with compound interest, accruing from the date hereof until
paid in full. All computations of interest on the Loan Amount will be made by the Plan on the
basis of a three hundred sixty five (365) days year, for the actual number of days elapsed in the
relevant period. In no event shall interest on the Loan Amount to be paid hereon exceed the
maximum rate permitted by applicable law and, if, for any circumstances whatsoever fulfillment
of any of the provisions hereof shall require exceeding such maximum rate, the obligation to be
fulfilled shall be reduced to the limit thereof; any sums received by the Plan in excess of such
maximum rate shall be applied to the unpaid principal balance of the Loan Amount.

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        c.      Until paid in full, for whatever reason, the unpaid principal of the Loan Amount
and all accrued interest shall be payable in bi-monthly installments (each an “Installment”) of
________________________________, which shall be made by payroll deduction for each bi-
monthly pay period, commencing on ________________________________ and continuing
until the entire balance, including the principal and all interest accrued, is paid in full. The
entire balance of the Loan Amount, including the principal and all interest accrued, shall be due
and payable in full on or before ________________________________. Participant reserves the
right to prepay the Loan Amount, in whole or in part, with no prepayment penalty.

      d.      Principal and interest on the Loan Amount hereunder shall be payable in lawful
money of the United States of America. All payments, when paid, shall be applied first to the
payment of accrued interest and then the balance thereof to principal of the Loan Amount.


By signing below, Spouse: (a) voluntarily consents to Participant’s use of the Plan account
balance, as requested herein, knowing that Participant’s request is not valid without such
consent; (b) acknowledges that Spouse may be giving up Spouse’s right to receive assets that
would otherwise go to Spouse upon Participant’s death; and (c) acknowledges that Spouse
cannot take back Spouse’s consent unless Participant allows Spouse to, and files a new form.

Dated: ________________________________

Spouse’s signature: __________________________


By signing below, Plan Administrator: (a) acknowledges that Participant’s use of the Plan
account balance, as requested herein is permitted by Company’s Plan; and (b) certifies that Plan
Administrator is authorized to sign on behalf of the Plan.

Dated: ________________________________

Plan Administrator’s signature: __________________________


By signing below, Participant: (a) authorizes Participant’s financial institution to act on all
instructions given herein; (b) accepts all terms and conditions described herein; and (c) certifies
that all information provided herein is correct to the best of Participant’s knowledge.

Dated: ________________________________

Participant’s signature: __________________________

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